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Crosswords Buzz Answers 2019-2-9

Love Dont ___ a Thing (Jennifer Lopez hit)
Current events
Hit the ___ (go to bed)
Actress Lucy of Pretty Little Liars
Tehran is its capital city
Schweppes ginger ___
Major elevator manufacturer
___ Skeeter (Daily Prophet reporter in Harry Potter books)
Under the strike zone to an umpire
Classic horror author who wrote The Call of Cthulhu: 3 wds.
Today I ___ man (what a boy says at his bar mitzvah): 2 wds.
___ WANTED (store window sign)
Let sleeping dogs ___
CNNs Cabrera or Navarro
Points a weapon
Classic horror author who wrote The Cask of Amontillado: 3 wds.
___ this moment (starting now): 2 wds.
___ machine (largely outdated piece of office equipment)
Thats nasty!
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo actress Rooney ___
Coffee alternative that may be served hot or iced
Classic horror author who wrote Frankenstein: 2 wds.
Person in a jail cell
French fashion designer Christian ___
Pocket-sized Apple device
American Housewife actress Wong
___ Mode (Pixar character who makes super-suits)
Assistant on Capitol Hill
Who Wants to ___ Millionaire: 2 wds.
Fishing pole part that unspools
CAT ___ (medical test)
Comedian Margaret who appeared in Sharknado 5: Global Swarming
Solemn pledge
Sales ___ (receipt)
Car company that debuted its first vehicle the Roadster in 2008
Band with the albums Bleach Nevermind and In Utero
Lake on the border of the US and Canada
What a Fitbit resembles
Type of drum used for a drumroll
Olympic snowboarding event won by Shaun White in 2018
Youre in ___ of trouble!: 2 wds.
Tree with bendable wood
Actor Dorsey of Queen Sugar
Dancing With the Stars dancer Bersten
The Grand Budapest Hotel actress Seydoux
Cards that contain personal information: Abbr.
Narcissists unhealthy self-centeredness
Title alien in a 1986-1990 sitcom
Trim the lawn
Do some needlework
Bearing gifts we traverse ___ (We Three Kings lyric)
Sideways like a quarterbacks pass
Skaters leap
Actress Winona of Stranger Things
You two need to set ___ your differences
Spys false name while working undercover
Blemish also called a beauty mark
Remove the dullness from like a blade
___ fail (big screwup)
Two-foot-tall Jedi master
Vehicle that might take you from the airport
having large particles
chewing gum brand
Knott’s roller coaster
showy pink Crayola color
Wordsworth’s green bird
like darts and ice picks
Hospital attachment
Get in the last word?
Novel opinion?
Small square
Servant to Queen Amidala
Bit of baby babbling
Its PAC is the Political Victory Fund
Some couples
Gossipy schoolmate on ‘The Facts of Life
You’re killin’ me!
The Entertainer,’ for one
Lid bump
Taking a stab at?
It takes the cake
Some preparations for the Olympics
That guy’s pathetic!
Statue in Piccadilly Circus
Former publishing nickname
Fiercely criticize
How plots are measured
Leave in a hurry
Carrier seen in ‘The Aviator
Orange ball
Top prize at the Berlin International Film Festival
Bit in some Japanese soup
Manor occupant of yore
Best Play and Best Moment
Goldman Sachs and Citigroup, casually
Dickens’s ‘Little ___
Field of flowers
Fox rival, once
Something picked up at a coffee shop
Give way
Abbr. in a job posting
Popular 1950s vehicle making a comeback in the 2010s
Prefix with spore or sperm
Team with the longest active World Series drought (as of 2018)
Chinese snack with marblelike patterns on the outside
Much of Chile
Tree pictured in van Gogh’s ‘The Starry Night
Patchy pattern
Competitors of Grand Ams
Part of a cornstalk
Beginner’s piano exercise
Help out
Setting for an Agatha Christie mystery
Swings and misses
Adult, say
Lucky Rabbit’s name in early Disney films
Can hardly believe what one sees, say
To this point
Sound barrier?
Big Apple’s ‘bravest,’ briefly
Actress Headey of ‘Game of Thrones
Has too much, for short
Stole from a drag show?
Not queues of couples at the Register Office!
One with high aspirations, but its not the same after I do business
A social occasion for the bounder
Man upset about the church music
You could find us to be dim-witted
Routed another way for this
One in French river connected with the sea
Part of a solid, old-fashioned image
What he produces appears in the magazine
Their work will assist those who operate on joints!
Could it be a triumphant caper by a sporting enthusiast?
Some of the formalities for African state
The others need space for a place of relaxation
Put up large stake for a scaffold
Its a household word for long-term loan
They could be ones star administrators
Just the thing for removing ill-feeling
The boy to adopt a prayerful attitude, we hear
Once more
Spiky plants
Failed to notice
Relation by marriage
OBEs, knighthoods, etc.
Punctuation mark
Pasta dish
Canal boat
Leg joint
Building material
Musical instrument
Formal accusation
Lie back
Female monster
Russian mountains
Freshwater fish
Girls name
Mediterranean island
A passenger in a plane with all seats taken would be!
Tease us on return and youll get the cane
A certain amount of spirit, but the abstainer will take in nothing
Devotes ones attention to present-day clothes
What the yacht needs is associated with the painter
A toilet requisite is going up
All he does to alter the tenure
Commerce receives a set-back in manufactured articles
It may show cordial relationship
Gave hand signals?
Unable to communicate properly – I let a curtain fall!
Make slow progress to keep out the frost
Remote advertisements for electrical units
Profoundly affected when Im harassed
Doesnt like being found in that escapade
Educated at home?
The dress material of one who takes the chair is!
The degradation of a room below street level
A student of English may find this a trial
The pattern of the Jewish law?
A number of identical ways to cause astonishment
Some of the frail ligaments requiring medical treatment
Historical region of Spain whose capital was Burgos
1954 musical film starring Doris Day and Frank Sinatra
1990 action film starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman
See 22
Kimiko , 1992-94 and 1996 Japan Open womens singles tennis tournament winner
Don , singer-actor who played Gunner Sugden in BBC TV sitcom It Aint Half Hot Mum
Standard unit of currency of Ethiopia
Author of novels The Guts and Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha
See 3 Down
The , 1958 film drama starring Tony Curtis and Sidney Poitier
2012 and 2016 Olympic track cycling omnium and team pursuit gold medallist
See 9
Continent around the South Pole
2010 novel by Joanna Trollope
1963 hymn with words written by English songwriter Sydney Carter
Port in the DR Congo; capital of the Belgian Congo until 1926
See 21 Across
See 16 Across
See 4
Thomas , English author of 1675 stage play Alcibiades
Fourth period of the Palaeozoic era of geologic time
Ancient kingdom in the Old Testament east of the Dead Sea
Small brightly-coloured parrot of Australia and Indonesia
George , Liberia president since 2018; 1995 FIFA World Player of the Year
Plane figure with 10 sides
Jeans fabric
Large French country house or castle
Fungal timber decay
Over or on top of
Operating room
Eight furlongs
Doing words
Shoots from cover
Public showing
Set in motion
Shaped like an egg
Monies owed
Enrolled as a member
Opposite side to tails
Drives backwards
Trace amount
Quiet at back of tunnel
Land is small nuisance
Label a game
Three become solvent
Panic that wakes you up
Wanting to include tiny creature
Kitty is a dish
Father may explode
Ready for collection
Escaped to form a union
Language in another sentence
Work into soup recipe
Look at overgrown garden
Appearing to have food
Sign from galleon
The golfers conceit
Father left as a friend
Cracked code with right ornamentation
Throw away support
Fired with fury
Woman has space to finish
Relaxed and stopped, not having started
Principal design for plates
Laugh about a large ring
A stage constructed of stones
Time for some music
Form new heaps
Swan enclosure
New star of painting and music
Following from main exterior
Suggest old tree
Bemused with creature
Member of whole group
Animal gives party energy
About to have nothing but eggs
Outline is almost exact
Sorted out and packed
Everyone at home is very tired
Venetian prince has daughter to avoid
Dont answer, just overtake
Collapsed around part of church
Note blood group, regarding blood
Talented with a drink
European country
Flammable liquid
Sudden terror
Cooking vessel
Ran off to wed
Work of art
Male goose
Zodiac Lion
Metal fastener
Ring of light
Banded minerals
Musical speed
Utter a view
Flightless bird
Female deer
Church recess
Cozy couch
Strong dude
Hardly short
Regular beat
Ms. Ferber
Ratite bird
Funny Burnett
Old card game
Noisy breath
Curved path
Tent meeting
____ off steam
Movie preview
Beer mug
Farm measure
Mexican snack
Brown pigment
Canyon effect
Key in, as data
Sworn promise
Floating ice sheet
Llamas kin
Down-under bird
At no time, in poetry
Make free (of)
Lodging house
Tiny legume
Copier necessity
Basic food
Fender flaw
Unit of length
Honey badger
Heavy metal
Baby room
Goldfish, e.g.
Become broader
At ____!
Feel pain
Fraternity letter
Bakery pastry
Paving goo
In the vicinity of
Trial and __
Taxi driver
Mother __ (Nobel Peace Prize winner)
Perform, as a poem
Public speaker
Like some martinis
Large vessel
In honor of
Site with a Pill Identification Tool
Tried hard
More substantial
Sea of Azov peninsula
When many photos are taken
Some therapeutic applications
Didnt get in the way of
Brand with an orange-and-yellow bulls-eye trademark
Conversation on the go
X or Z preceder
Stella Artois product
Waiters stand in them
Product of sugar and heat
Real go-getter
Retrieved at an airport carousel
Pet holdable in one hand
Critical sounds
Took turns
Cleanser compound
Saint, in Brazil
What youd better have if you miss work
Highest Italian peak south of the Alps
Like yummy desserts, sooner or later
Fit to serve
Metaphors, e.g.
Homicide official
Event associated with a blue moon
Concrete-reinforcing rod
Kind of question
Heart chambers
Nonessential decoration
Siberian industrial center
Big event lead-in
What John Wayne and Cary Grant werent
Dinner party amenity
Painters aid
A/C letters
Flavor that pairs well with chocolate
Harbor hauler
Brand on Barbie boxes
Cashed in
Stretching muscle
Trimmed, in a way
Bay Area city
Female R&B group with the 80s hit I Miss You
MIT part: Abbr.
Of concern to the Weather Channel
Twelve-step helper
Start the day
Requirement for statistical analysis
Tried to catch
Massive group
Flat-topped straw hat
Davis with a recurring role on Greys Anatomy
Denvers __ Field
Remove from the bulletin board
Take care of
A football field is about 32% larger than one
Not take well
Female name thats a body part backwards
Light tan
Take as ones own
Exclamation of woe
Cows comments
Of the moon
Minestrone, e.g.
Criminal burning
Go wrong
Heavy burden
Juneaus state
____ surgery (face lift, e.g.)
Debt memo
Compass pt.
Taken illegally
Rip apart
Narrow channel
Batters stats
Picnic nuisance
Fork features
Tulsas state
Gambling term
Rise up
Come together
Wheat ____
Repairs lawns
Long-legged bird
Wise about
Send forth
Secret language
Rocks partner
Church table
Fencing event
Tap gently
With a leg on each side
Passenger vehicles
Star ____
Eves mate
Many (2 wds.)
Fragrant flowers
African lily
Beatle ____ McCartney
Serving perfectly
Tuna container
Understood! (2 wds.)
Went by train
Steeped drinks
Singer ____ Turner
Very busy (3 wds.)
Tiny particles
MTV feature
Not tipsy
Poes middle name
Gambling game
Draft animals
Bullets, for short
Cheer sound
Before, in poems
Catch-22s cover recalled earlier novel
Worships priest omitting Latin from passages in church?
Applies pressure to produce broadcast without director
Setter catching right bus having lost case for cheap fare
Hoard stone and wood
Pleaded with soldiers wanting leader dealt with
Pass on acknowledgement according to audiences size
Start to abandon issue and come together
See United beaten in the end in shock result
Went to belt around here? Probably not!
Instructions hinge essentially on wearing pants
Labour leader entering into deal upset one in 10?
Respond badly to care when deprived of oxygen
Giant mice poisoned with mysterious substance
Be on top of story following coverage released from prison
Insubstantial tune composed by Sousa discovered
Corrupt act involving short singer
Animal everyone reared to eat in the morning
Unfortunate business with fluid mechanics
Overhauled interior of mud dwelling
Regret writer keeping number in reserve
Dispute source of apparently irrational urge
Silence speaker being prone to repetition
Odds on place for hunter making a big splash
Chew gum and eat bananas
Hollow grains in cereal bars
Intermediaries suggesting preliminary role for King and Queen?
Trading restriction consequently limits degree of business
Gets right to the heart of constituent parts?
Thick porter perhaps finishes early, making one late
Dress is raised over top of head with feet
Effusive author had brought up the same thing
Organ of sight
US monetary unit
Woody plant
Arctic plain
Maiden (Archaic)
Overwhelming defeat
Stick together
Wading bird
Green gemstone
Lay waste
Record of a voyage
Book of maps
Night club
Drink or eat noisily
1908 novel by E M Forster featuring the character Lucy Honeychurch
Gabriello ___, Italian anatomist who first described a pair of slender tubes through which ova pass from the ovaries to the uterus
In the Roman Catholic Church, people who confess their sins to a priest and submit to a penance imposed by him
Port city in California situated around the Golden Gate
British dance music act whose 1980s top ten hits include Superfly Guy and Hey Music Lover
The former fishing trawler Sir William Hardy, acquired by Greenpeace in 1978 and sunk by the French intelligence service in 1985
English music producer, born Daniel Stein, responsible for the UKs first dubstep number one, Louder, featuring Sian Evans, and first drum and bass number one, Hot Right Now, featuring Rita Ora
In Greek mythology, a Sicilian shepherd who loved the nymph Galatea
French city on the Deûle River, near Frances border with Belgium
___ Matsuhisa, Japanese celebrity chef and restaurateur who has appeared in the films Casino, Austin Powers: Goldmember and Memoirs of a Geisha
1986 Peter Weir film, based on a novel of the same name by Paul Theroux, starring Harrison Ford
Bird of tropical and subtropical marshy regions also called a lily-trotter
Italian city that is the setting for most of the action in Shakespeares The Taming of the Shrew
The chief port of Spain
Free newspaper launched in London in 1999
Athol ___, South African dramatist whose plays include Sizwe Bansi is Dead
Mexican-American actor who played Lt Martin Castillo in the TV series Miami Vice
Nickname of American jazz musician Charlie Parker
Vladimir Ilyich ___, first premier of the Soviet Union
Feline mammal with grey-brown mottled fur, tufted ears and a short tail
US state whose capital is Tallahassee
1981 British film that won four Oscars, including Best Picture
Leader of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Additional dishes served as appetisers before a main meal
Area of Birmingham that is home to Warwickshire County Cricket Club
Tree or shrub cultivated for its white, pink, purple or yellow showy flowers
2004 animated film featuring the voice of Holly Hunter as Helen Parr/Elastigirl
Drink consisting of liqueur poured over crushed ice
Conservative MP for Salisbury since May 2010
Media player computer program launched by Apple in 2001
Dutch city associated with a treaty that led to the creation of the European Union and the Euro
1960 collection of short stories by Roald Dahl
Pokémon monster that evolves into Piloswine
Novel by Ernest Hemingway set during the Italian campaign of World War I
See 2
A ___ brain was conceived by science fiction writer Isaac Asimov as a central computer for a robot
Character in Dantes Divine Comedy second to none that ever lived for inordinate gluttony
1985 Peter Weir film starring Harrison Ford
A solid having a polygonal base and triangular sides that meet in a common vertex
Bassist in Blur who produces the cheeses Blue Monday, Farleigh Wallop and Little Wallop
Pope for 34 days in 1978
An extensive grassy treeless plain, especially in South America
The most southerly of the Munros in the Scottish Highlands
A dish of leftover boiled cabbage, potatoes and sometimes cooked meat fried together
Antonio ___, Italian composer who in 1568 became Kapellmeister at the court of the Electors of Saxony in Dresden
1994 film, based on a book of the same name by Tom Clancy, starring Harrison Ford
Another name for the mountain ash
Winged sandals such as those worn by the Greek messenger god Hermes
See 29
Czech javelin thrower who won the gold at the 1992, 1996 and 2000 Olympics
Irish province whose counties include Dublin, Kildare and Kilkenny
The large feline mammal Panthera pardus
An oriental pipe also called a hubble-bubble
Département of the French First Republic, and later the First French Empire, whose capital was Luxembourg City
In the Old Testament, any of the 12 precious stones used in the breastplates of high priests
The capital of Norway
A valved brass instrument of bass pitch
Wee dollop
I smell —!
Lose it
Chantilly, e.g.
Vitamin stat
— Misbehavin
Improbable, unexpected wonders
Squid squirt
Song of praise
Lion actor Patel
Dinner for Dobbin
Crazy Horse, for one
Mountain pass
Hot tub
Insignificant sum
Who —?
Fashion magazine
Multipurpose truck
Bottom lines?
Campus digs
The King —
Hindu retreat
Hotel units
Jai —
Fill with intense fear
Not taut
Hammer target
Teens woe
They give a hoot
Busy insect
Bit of butter
Knightly address
Actress Adams
Feedbag morsel
Pair with an air
Outback bird
Many Woodstock attendees
Guys date
Sudden bursts
Long-legged shorebird
Stubborn beast
Molecule part
Norways capital
Jazz singer James
Satchel part
Toy store section
Sweet liqueur
Bond, e.g.
Critic, at times
Puccini opera
Venus love
For each
Suits you right!
Id —
Irons target
With fervor
Pate cover
Airport sched. abbr.
Cops foes
P look-alike
Curators concern
In debt
Pound parts
Boxer Liston
Tough situation
Market events
Snappy answer
Church reply
Sub feature
Neatniks no-nos
Concert bonus
Copier features
Observatory feature
Cow chow
Corrida star
Going awry
From that place
Highway exits
Blown away
Opposite of oui
Take a stab at
Roman apparel
Holy terror
Say for sure
__ Island
Capital of Togo
American Fur Company founder
Canvas cover
Cape of Good Hope explorer
Least affluent
Drowned girl in Hamlet
Continental prefix
Foe of the Sioux
Tape deck button
Border river
Bruins Bobby
Ore deposits
Indian prime minister 1991-6
Church council
Get back
Roman poet born in Spain
More daring
Saint Catherines birthplace
Questioned relentlessly
Goyas The Duchess of __
Make dirty
Antipasto morsel
Clock face
Dorothys dog
Valentines Day gift
__ buco
Unpleasant smell
Like fans
Comparatively calm
Please in Potsdam
Genetic material
Kinky coif
Push over
How spaghetti should be
Curtain material
Internet messages
Express again
Paid athletes
Open to breezes
Versatile vehicle
Mrs. Charles
Maple, e.g.
Elliot, of the Mamas and Papas
Sea veteran
Piece for two
Final year students
Mild-flavored onion
The Count of Monte __
Things to worry over
Stans pal
Biblical father of Rachel and Leah
Inuit home
Murmurs tenderly
Actress Virna
__ My Party
Unwanted e-mail
Cains brother
Member of the family
Cake-burning king
Large wasp
River of Egypt
Hereditary class in India
Invalid, not binding
Made level
One who makes a will
Formal speech
Boat with two hulls
Autumn month
Bring back
Listened to
Capital of Peru
Animal about to suffer for bloomer
Attempt – to get a lot?
A lies found out on the way to the altar
Small change for policemen?
Residents at home with partners
Lover gives a capital ring
Animal concealed in red bag
If coming back in poor visibility, you may find a square peg
Animal left by Tibetan monk
Asian capital formerly managed by board
A sportsman gets the tale wrong
This set of rooms sounds charming
Hankering for Japanese currency
Dried fruit as seen by eastern ruler
Perhaps Medusas taken for granted
The day before a girl is found
Pest left scout movement
A slur and no praises, perhaps
Fish that may be amber
Stopped making deductions in error
Natural history man on TV may be mad, bad, lively
Between twelve and twenty people?
The state of a girl Id embraced
Free loader for trial?
Pale-faced, like a bird
A little Spanish resort
A period of time going all the way back in early adulthood
Abbey in old city surrounded by couple of religious institutions
British said oh to Royal hideaway
Charming centaur ran away
Confesses to father perhaps, the vampire slayers lost the head with most of them getting criticism
Dawns leaving Wednesday – how is that viewed?
Describes whats in 21 down as suspect
Drain head off jug of beer perhaps
Elevated part of the Taj Mahal building is as dull as dishwater
English revolutionary locks up leader of yeomanry? Sounds like you might have heard that a few times!
Fabulous bird upset by most of the phone message – the brainy bit in particular
Group no longer dismissed by Rolling Stone
High praise for endless stockings given to woman
Institute in old capital set up at the end of day in an easy way
Its a relief in a way producing Olivier play
Jubilation putting out job for the swimmers
Keep that under your hat or veil?
Kick up a fuss about receipts from bar in around Ring
Lorraine lets out roar in bar
One in a cast is familiar with 13 across
Part of the circle raised in theocracy
Plans to get away from cold snap to fish
Poor Kate gets answer from strict bar – dont move even an inch
Put on the programme for one of those crafty types making a spectacle in Sky
Question Ulster politician from the assembly bringing up an uneasy feeling
Reserves, in the journeyman sense, on all sides today
Road, etc., designed in the 1920s
Searches for missing human novel and good books
Serves up a grape juice with a top slice of orange
Show the ropes to guide
Skiers travelling across Austrian summit and over Germany in the past
Some control a temper – its long overdue
Speculate Im missing muscatel for dessert
Take stock of awful result
Those at The Bar reject petty argument
Ulster politician – a poster boy perhaps for a lot of them, numerically speaking
What a shame it describes the man downstairs
Workout for two of the clubs, for instance, around Dublin
Absolutely necessary
Accepts as true
Acquire by effort
Applies colour
Between blue and yellow
Breakfast food
British peer
Centre around which something rotates
Commend, laud
Containers with cells producing power
Depressingly dark
Dictates, commands
Distinctive clothes for particular groups
Exhausting or tedious
Gesture that encodes a message
Give advice to
Graceful and stylish
Grant, confer
Huge destructive waves
Is the sea rife with these strange flowers?
Literary composition
Longest river of China
Military land forces
One plunges head first into water
Person blamed for the wrongdoings or mistakes of others
Really existing
Refill or make complete again
Relating to tiny particles
Resists, stands up to
Separate into portions
Silky fabric with thick pile
Territory over which rule or control is exercised
Toughen by heating and cooling
Weapons and limbs
Flammable gas
Where goods are stored
Surrounded by
What protects London from flooding
One decorating with glassy coatings
Membrane lining the abdominal cavity
Things taken for granted
Venomous African snake
Belief of Wycliffe’s followers
Lover in A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Trojan opera by Sir Michael Tippett
French river known from First World War
Merciful, lenient
Irritating self-assertiveness
Computer’s quiescent state
Salary, fee
Sender of electronic messages
City, the traditional site for crowning French kings
Adherence to formal rules in art or literature
Indulge, spoil
Is more numerous than
Deep resonant sounds; periods of great prosperity
Naval officers
Monetary unit of Uruguay and Panama
Soon enough
Weaving machine
Unexpected serious situation
Falsely adopted
Chess ending; pal
Skilled worker
Breed of dog
Involve deeply (in a difficult situation)
Road lighting
Conflicts between Britain and China
Mild Indian curry
Computer networks allowing general accessibility
Oppressive atmosphere
Name of several Scottish kings
German city after which element 110 is named
Jane Russell and Marilyn Monroe film of 1953
Able to be created
Land attached to a manor
Diagrammatic outlines
Equality of measure
Show feelings very openly
Benign tumour of muscle tissue
Strong feeling
Inflicting severe pain
Befitting a respected politician
Based on observation or experience
Punctuation mark
Property of having the same formula but a different arrangement of atoms
Object kept as a souvenir
Blind spot
Authoritarian government
Tolkien’s dragon
Honeyed drink
Bombing attack
Colour of coal
Coil of hair at the back of the head
Brought together
Size of book page
Linkage; affair
Participant in, eg, a race
Satellite’s path
Loss of life
Place of protection
Something comparable to another
Wash through
At whatever moment
Official order
Scottish child
Loss of memory
Sort; considerate, friendly
Electronic calculator
Disinclination to change
Accept or forgive (bad behaviour)
Gap in continuity
Covered in water
Custom; clothing
Conscious action
Members bound to keep to themselves, even?
Gradually, Post Office couple refusing to serve grasping pensioner
Undergarment picked up for revel
Groom footballer for award?
Smart men dressed down — one found in bed?
Depleted after too many catches dropped by some cricket girl
After skirmishing ok — the rest on stretchers
With this tweet, mean to be heard?
See tailless sloth’s burying its head in squalor
A month from Quebec to the Alaskan port
A way to colour match — with pronounced finish
Villain’s Irish accent putting off British
Peter out of luck at first, if at races
Old single guys dig tarts bursting with pizazz in the East End
After present, left watch for sculptor
In theory, little time to intercept an enemy, presumably
Baker in a suit
She’s example of one backing demise of world body?
Roughly, American grabs one ancient jurist
Pressing obsession to contain evil spoken of
Son in light blue tee, crouching
Declare capital of Venezuela just the thing for royal assignment?
European champion missing out on gold is put out
Confusion resulting from action of forge: what’s new?
That familiar person embraced by Tokyo, UK, now wholly
City once through hesitation allowing unknown enemy to enter
One providing a flavour of scripture lessons with Irish in school
Had lilies regularly dropped round for girl
Crustacean’s shortened tongue put out, briefly
Criticise “daft” clothes? They might
In Ancient Greek, no end of grammar
Lady jockey in the news, almost always
No half measures from lowdown artist, female, and lowdown artist-poet
Spanker, maybe, was made to pull up bloomers
One doing handouts allowed in chap to feed baby
Nice area where young retire in western Europe: endless astonishment
Dish when warm emits aromas at the outset
Switch positions with English girl: promotion wasted
It’s a gas using axes to slice melon!
Pay to have hotel for vacation in Irish town
Issue pack that’s easily handled
Out-of-tune shepherd-tenor would ruin opera
Native of Channel Islands, note, descending on Japanese school
Skimpy attire Keith gingerly covers up
Remain behind brook
Journalist’s heading to court on business
One staring too long: will he disappear, finally?
Patois of old boy one had easily picked up
Restless energy in reverse kicking action?
Hosting plays at time of presentation
Sailor on watch may start to sleep, outrageously
Alternative to banger, maybe displaying zip
Proposal by board that can be put to bed?
After short taste of Broadway, courts certain opera lovers
Flag Nazi’s stolen originally now national property
Bright bird one missed from different late quiz shows
Departs from New Zealand port after time, having found the station?
Cheerful girl, by and large
No leaves left? Park closed
The likelihood of only smaller bras being available?
Tot’s initial reprimand for crying
Blimps regularly track aircraft
Brief all guards in Washington, first line of defence
Stop someone telling joke
Ran out of drink and cursed, half-cut
Officer pulling wings off lady beetle and termite
Volatile vet is fearless and forceful
Anxiety about millions leaving huge country
Oddly neglected fiances kiss saucy amateur
Quiet old man hiding in an under-fire vessel
Badly want to lose weight
Father got us bananas, much in demand
Man perhaps stops crazy fool
Sanctimonious, before experiencing pain
Grab food and beer, heading off
Poor sap treated suitably
Order gal to feel pulse
Feline couplings can be heard
Make revolting violet-coloured biscuit
Maud sheds clothes after endless lager and spicy rice
Answer four consecutive letters about a new currency
Without leaders we might see an age of maturity
Pretty good routine that holds attractions
Restore control over country
Mostly working with university, in one’s element
Winds up unnecessary contracts
Advancing relatives turn up gaping and twitching
Greener gym conserves power
Dads ultimately get some stick
Tea party excluding Bohemian fellow
Cognoverunt, senserunt
To urge, advocate: “tantum religio potuit ____ malorum” DRN 1.101 of Iphigenia’s death
A grand parade, not to Cicero’s taste: “molesta haec ____ lictorum” (ad Fam 2.16.2)
Maxime notus, frequens
Maesti, infelices, poor chaps!
For the master; non magistro, sed ei qui servos possidet
This lady has come out (deponent participle)
Serpit; it crawls
The men themselves (acc)
A return (acc); “maturum ____ pollicitus” (Horace Od.4.5.3): you said you would!
Mulieres summa dignitate
You will become: [Bandusia] ____ nobilium tu quoque fontium (Horace Od.3.13.13)
To have gone; contracted form, perf infin of eo, ire
Dragging; non aliquid taedii plenum, sed aliquis ducens vel rapiens
Gladly, happily
Exiit ut panem ____: she went out to buy bread
Believe [me] the expert: I know!
Elm tree (acc); home to monsters and apparitions in Virgil’s underworld (Aen 6.283)
We carry across
Power, authority; Jupiter’s promise (Aen 1.279) for Rome “____ sine fine dedi”
Repugno; I stand up to. . …
. . ..the enemy’s attack; hostium ____
The fatherland, pro qua dulce et decorum est mori?
She laughed, vel 3, vel ut derideret
30 Rock, for one
World Beaters producer
Age-old navigation aid
Ago, abroad
Altimetry aid
Apple __
Area of activity
Bad stuff
Beast held by a Leonardo Lady
City once called Shahjahanabad
Clue card designation
Commuter belt
Depict or deduce
Dispensed with, in a way
Doing the crocodile pose in yoga
Empty rhetoric
Entry points for many admissions
Even if its coming down
Famous ruer of consumption
Fig pollinator
Flight problems
Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic __
Fragrant bunch
Gorilla safari locale
High grade for a vineyard
Illinois Watch City
Isnt rejected
It has three- and four-letter homophones
Legendary Grail Maiden
Many a seal and elephant
Marine otter descriptor
Metaphorical concession
Military Mach 5 flier
Mountain-dwelling monster in Dungeons & Dragons
New York NASCAR venue
Ninjas stock-in-trade
No longer wobbling, say
Not so small
Oslo Accords participant
Person unlikely to sing
Positive feedback on a course
Printer mentioned in Sleigh Ride
Puts together
Request for repetition
Response to a roadblock
Smartphone series
Some Southwestern ceramics
Something may be in front of it
Sporting, with in
Supremely sympathetic
They may nest in diners
They stand in stands
Theyll produce gallery ovations
Theyre guarded in numerous sports
Top-selling aircraft brand of the 1970s
Very remote
Western master of disguise
Where Theodore Roosevelt Jr. led troops
Without charge
Word from the French for slang
__ leak
What the sun did yesterday
Easiest putt
Choose for office
1900-present, in baseball
“Lemonade” singer
Lemon, for one
“Wonder Woman” or “Aquaman”
Former reality star/political aide
Talks up
Series of wins
Make a wrong turn
Marina del ___, California
Browser division
Makes a decision
Uncles’ wives
Types of people
Make things right
What’s thrown after a dumping?
In the same ___
Messed around
Crackle and Pop’s partner
Mischievous sprite
Snobs put them on
Highway patrol figure
Raggedy doll
Michelangelo masterpiece
“KOD” rapper
Mister, in Monterrey
Nail board
___ in the grass
It covers the field
Great Plains tribe
Place for relaxing and waxing
Rower’s propeller
Cherry discard
Close pals, for short
Catchall survey answer
Angel’s cap?
Vowel-heavy Great Lake
Demi of “G.I. Jane”
Pundit’s column, briefly
___ log (Christmas cake)
Singing cowboy Gene
Inapt anagram of “protectionism”
Contest participant
The “P” of USPS
Lester Holt employer
A human is a great one
Inapt anagram of “evangelist”
Cocktail recipe direction
“A mouse!!”
Cheerios ingredients
Inapt anagram of “antagonist”
“___ port in a storm”
Zest source
U.K. flying aces’ org
Habanero, e.g
Ones to keep up with
Inapt anagram of “commendations”
Cartoonist Edward
At the summit of
Highest draft status
Singer LuPone
Part on stage
Knife’s companion
Indo-___ people
Leather boot brand
Join the spin class
Tribe in some logic puzzles
Cry from a crib
What you used to be?
Small world
Available, in a way
Name of a Dominican diamond dynasty
Small stream
Force to be reckoned with (Barry Manilow, 1974)
Recurring theme
Evangelist’s target
Workout souvenirs
Reef residents
Vacation homes, perhaps
Ski shop buy
A little night music
Comfortable computer accessory (Toni Basil, 1982)
Gun on the streets
Interpol headquarters city
Soldier on horseback
Colony crawler
Chill to the bone
Took a rolled newspaper to
Lady Bird’ director Gerwig
Sinus rhythm trace, for short
Tom’s ‘Mission: Impossible’ character
Living off of
The Round House’ writer Erdrich
Left at a crossroads, e.g.
Go along with
First veep
Deli loaf (The Four Seasons, 1962)
Vive ___!
Pusher’s product
Three-part snack
Magic Johnson’s first name
Oscar winner for ‘Cocoon
Milwaukee brewer Frederick
Rocky Mountain ruminant
Scott of ‘Charles in Charge
Multicolored play area
Seat of Florida’s Marion County
Short snooze
Planetary reflectivity measure
Jet stream heading
Chilly Scenes of Winter’ writer Beattie
Longtime Big Apple mayor (The Kinks, 1970)
Catering dispensers
Sent secret messages to, in a way
USMC sergeants, e.g.
Nothing to worry about
Taylor of ‘Bones
Bark used for bitters
Observable area (Dionne Warwick, 1967)
Caught on camera
Amatory archer
Budget-friendly, in brand names
Bankruptcy filer of 2001
Largest city am Rhein
Blush wine color
Proverbial battlers
Writing assignment
Western PA city, to locals
Difficult to grasp
Sunday in Santiago
Leaves high and dry
Instant Karma!’ songwriter
About six trillion mi.
Charge carrier
Supermarket worker
Like stags and stallions
Brewpub selections
Exclamation of feigned innocence
Artistic filmmaker
Disruptive forum poster
Inadvertently mentions something upsetting (Starship, 1985)
Manning of the Giants
Keebler’s Ernie, e.g.
Pinochle scores
Cow chow
Cartoon collectible
Historic caravel
Decorator’s contrasting touches
Pattern on a pie
Canton that holds a capital
Surrealist Tanguy
Course with lots of problems
Not now, and probably not soon
Guitar great Ry
Mazola competitor
Thriller, e.g.
Party in Pretoria
Concluding passage
Personal protector (Paul Anka, 1957)
Jacques, par exemple
Trattoria treats
That’s fine with me
Interjections akin to ‘oops!
Hard labor
Sow sound
Ceremonial robes
Broom brand
Like calves, to cowboys
Small bit
Adoption of a cause
Handle hard times
Go over like ___ balloon
Bearer of a st. no.
Punt, e.g.
Dermatologist’s case
Sculpture material
Some are steep
Frizzy dos
Statue spots
Big fans
Mexican state with a major drug cartel
Price indicator
Foot part
Dog food bag abbr.
Cash charge
Hoops powerhouse, familiarly
Waffle maker
Arty New Mexico community
Way to get answers
Classical prefix
Canton that shares a border with 35-Down
They’re red in Boston
Arles article
Sen. Schumer’s designation
Be less serious
Block son attending party
British survive explosion
Clasp loose on the Spanish knife
Conservator takes drunken actor round old city
Damage or spoil
Divine beverage
Doctor urges pub to show dreaded lurgy
Former British PM
Grand assortment in country residence
Italian city information going over all our heads
Job with security as hairdresser?
Let loose
Mad pub welcomes old swine
Meat product
Mild oath
MRSA, for example
Museum custodian
North African country
Not caught, relative remains free
Not private
Old woman on run gets hurt
One making secure fasteners
Ova or roe
Piano, one in jazzy club known to all
Quiche base say with gorgeous crusts?
Ritual correct its said
Roofer who became Prime Minister
Ruse complicated for certain
Sausage girl meets friend in Paris
Seaport in Liguria
Small booklet
Some two-edged unhappiness
State regalia remade
Sue fan misbehaving and dangerous
Surgical instrument
Sweet drink close by when holding court
Thick slice
Tusked animal
Unwind the flexes with plug in
Vegetable plants
Wartime submarine
Way mod limits the dancing
Wobbling base accommodates new food
Wolfpack member about to disintegrate
Woman at local allowed brochure
Camelot composer Frederick
Death Be Not Proud poet John
Piece of cake!
Sapphos Leap novelist Jong
4 p.m. Wall Street event
A big fan of
Adidas subsidiary
Aided a pitchman
Barely runs?
Be overdramatic
Browns, Blues and 37-Down
Bugged incessantly
Candies on Christmas trees
Capital west of Stockholm
Cheer for a matador
Chem room
Cinders of old comics
Close in on
Common melt ingredient
Complete Topps collection
Diplomats skill
Direct deposit, briefly
Drop the ball
Embattled Yemeni city
Flowers in Van Gogh paintings
Grace ender
Greeting that doesnt need postage
Harbor skyline feature
Have a hunch
If-all-else-fails ploy
Ill-gotten money
Immunologists fluids
Innsbrucks land
Insiders lingo
Its symbol is Fe
Jessica of Driving Miss Daisy
Kid-___ (book genre)
Korans almighty
Lake in a classic mnemonic
Leave thunderstruck
Lessen, as fears
Levin who wrote The Boys From Brazil
Like a milquetoast
Like xenon or radon
Many sitar tunes
Millennials parent, for short
More than occasionally
MTA part
Oater necktie
One-man band, e.g
Preserve, in a way
Produces hen fruit
Ready to explode
Roses County Kerry home
Rottweilers warning
Schoolyard stoolie
Semester enders, often
Sgt. or cpl
Sharply dressed
Social goofball
Speak haltingly
Spill ones guts
State bordering Alberta
Stick up
Suffix with hard or firm
Swampy ground
Take a stab at
Takes a board game turn
Tire with new life
Toils in a galley
Travolta chin feature
Trendy Brazilian berry
Trivial gripe
User of products and services
Whom Pete Rose managed
Xbox competitor
___ dancer (1960s night club employee)
Warehouse vehicle
Snow Whites self-consciously timid assistant
First notes
Respite and a cuppa
Agile quick
Spiny shrub with clusters of yellow or white flowers
Cistern floater
Fine fabric senior barrister
Wipe the floor with
Phone selling and promotion
Speakers platform
Queue of traffic
Disappointing rejection
Clean using a pressurised jet salt bands (anag)
Guitarists aid
Italian wine
Large duck corset (anag)
Shoe part lone
Cooked breakfast staple
Pontius __, once the prefect of the Roman province of Judaea
See 6 Down
Comedian, actor and writer who played the vicar of Dibley
A state and a musical?
See 8
Patti __, singer-songwriter whose albums include Horses (1975)
See 22
Encoding system used by the Macintosh OS to transmit binary files
Founder and lead singer of The Pretenders
City on the French Riviera
Peter Paul __, Flemish artist (1577-1640)
Lead singer for Fleetwood Mac
__ Turner, American rock legend
Singer whose albums include Lemonade (2016)
__ for Doomed Youth, poem by Wilfred Owen
Obelixs pet?
The lead singer of the Eurythmics
Disney character whose dog is called Stitch
The __, collective noun for baptised Catholics
Nickname for the US city of New Orleans
Harvey __, one of the stars of the Quentin Tarantino film Pulp Fiction
See 18 Across
Shorthand for Cliff Clavins employers?
The muse of history
Gear sent off for officer
Weighing device used by first of slimmers getting cold drinks
Writer having lent Rob, the actor, novel
Prizes taken from untidy drawers
Not sharp or flat ” to be expected
Words of welcome from short conservationist before sound of bell
Rinse off plant secretion
Containers hidden by Incas especially
In favour of part of play, say, as predicted
Mythical creature, a French one, with grain
Drop wild bull, e.g., swallowing nothing
Surprising mates for a fat cat, actually
Tiny toddler initially wanting to scratch
Principal originally getting listeners hat
Second Eastern remedy, safe
Staff with compositions getting round a nuisance for drivers
Unexpected general increase
Jottings from small school turning up
Museum custodians dog seen with a short Conservative
Recluse left one with royal
Moving stealthily and shoplifting
Young person brewing green tea
Popular fellow in most of article, endless
Please cut out conjecture
Resident of county lifted trophy before worker
Small man with endless pain in belly
Mocked, having eaten greedily
Some marmoset terrifying dog
Popular, a part thats not suitable
Leave, about to collect small shrub