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Crosswords Buzz Answers 2019-2-3

Actress Kudrow of Friends
Lily ___ (part of a pond plant)
App whose website includes a fare estimator
Love to pieces
___ you sure about that?
___ over (read carefully)
Justice Sotomayor
Keyboard key thats to the left of Q
Amphibian with horned and tree varieties
Shameless singer who is 33-Acrosss husband: 2 wds.
Not rapid
Nancy Wilsons sister and bandmate in Heart
Feel crummy
Missing part as in an audio recording
Moved like goo
Country singer who along with her husband helps build houses for Habitat for Humanity: 2 wds.
Paint finish thats not glossy
Avatar star Worthington
Marine ___ (US presidents helicopter)
Grime in a chimney flue
Ex-president and longtime Habitat volunteer who honored 33-Across for her philanthropic work: 2 wds.
Ant-Man and the ___ (2018 movie)
10 from ___ (top score from a Dancing With the Stars judge)
Reverse sides of coins
Just sitting around
Its frequently framed
Touch of Evil actor/director Welles
Rapper whose 2018 album was his first in six years
Get cash for
University of Nevada ___ Vegas
Vow in a chapel: 2 wds.
Operatic solos
Possible routes in a maze
Saudi or Syrian person typically
An Officer and a Gentleman star Winger
So far: 3 wds.
It might be a hardback or a softcover
Momentous time periods
English nobleman
Loose-fitting garment of ancient Rome
Would you like the light ___ off?: 2 wds.
2018 J. Cole hit named for a bank feature
Alternative to a 401(k) plan: Abbr.
Held a match to like a cigarette
Poor farm laborers of medieval Europe
We Bought a ___ (Matt Damon movie)
Span of a billion years
Initials of the president before JFK
Walked very heavily
Command post on a ship
Spanish word for love
The Maze Runner star OBrien
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina actress Miranda
Sad people shed them
Green gemstone
Place like Maui or Kauai
Juno actor Michael
___ and shine!
Take first place
Thats hilarious! in a text
spy’s trade
accessible to a select few
make into a king or queen
someone working at a company
slip by
like (most) fridge contents
Patron of the high seas
Metric in digital journalism
Some marble works
Den mother
Make less stuffy
Reason for an ejection in the M.L.B
Reason for an ejection in the N.B.A
Bank takebacks, for short
Snug as a bug in a rug
Make mention of
N.F.L. star ejected from 102-Across
Right on!
Actress/singer Janelle
Treats, as a sprain
Reason for an ejection in FIFA
The Bronx Bombers, on scoreboards
Student taking Torts or Property
Snowshoe hare predator
Brian with the album ‘Before and After Science
N.B.A. star ejected from 105-Across
Sound heard in Georgia?
Musician’s skill
Onetime Sprint competitor
Burn a perfume stick in
Meursault’s love in Camus’s ‘The Stranger
Reason for an ejection in the N.F.L
Love, when we met, ___ like two planets meeting’: Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Sepals of a flower
Rolls up
M.L.B. star ejected from 87-Across
Belief in one’s role as a savior
Anatomical lashes
Drum held between the knees
On fire
___ milk
English dialect in which ‘food shopping’ is ‘makin’ groceries
Aries and Taurus
Result of a judicial conflict of interest
Kabuki sash
Polish up, in a way
Actually, come to think of it …
Part of a ‘fence’ in the game Red Rover
Seeming opposite of ‘Ignorance is bliss
Mends, in a way
Some flaws in logic
Plays charades, say
Tweeter’s ‘Then again …
Set down
Fruity soda brand
A Musketeer
Entry fee
Stew that’s decidedly not very spicy
Durkheim who helped found the field of sociology
Browned at high heat
Hit from behind
Array in a cockpit
Butterfly-attracting flowers
Actress Jean who played Joan of Arc in ‘Saint Joan
Receiving poorly,’ in CB lingo
Grazing land
Organization of Afro-American Unity founder
1960s group with a fabric-related name, with ‘the
Joe can provide it
Bell-shaped flower
Writer/critic ___ Madison III
Hebrew ‘shalom’ to Arabic ‘salaam,’ e.g
Seven Samurai’ director
Drop from one’s Facebook circle
They may hit the ground running
Head turner?
It gained independence from France in 1960
King of morning TV
Poet who invented the terza rima rhyme scheme
Bay of Biscay feeder
Easter activity
Move on already!
Rodeo ring?
Politico Abzug
Members of the flock
Of base 8
One getting onboarded
Made into law
Bargain hunter’s delight
Margaret Atwood’s ‘___ and Crake
Standard of living?
Country south of Sicily
Amazon Prime competitor
Ireland, to poets
Rainbow’ fish
Tax pros, for short
They’re located between Samoa and Vanuatu
Entrance to a cave
Revolutionary group
Language family that includes Xhosa and Zulu
Monastery garb
Metonym for local government
They’re only a few stories
Noted Belle Epoque locale
Psyche’s beloved
Typical summer intern
Forming an upward curve
Like oral history
FIFA star ejected from 65-Across
Choice of cheese
___ Stark, Oona Chaplin’s ‘Game of Thrones’ role
Russian ethnic group
Church title
Partitioned, with ‘off
People of south-central Mexico
Director Coppola
Author Jonathan Safran ___
Land parcel
___ Moines
Literary fairy queen
1857 semi-autobiographical novel by George Borrow
2003 Rugby World Cup Final winners
Island of the Inner Hebrides southwest of Coll
Republic on the Persian Gulf; capital Baghdad
Buster , 1932 Olympic 400m freestyle swimming gold medallist who later acted on screen as Tarzan, Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers
1981 MP for Fermanagh and South Tyrone portrayed by Michael Fassbender in 2008 biopic Hunger
2009 mystery film starring Cameron Diaz and James Marsden
Singer-songwriter born Mark Feld in 1947; leader of rock band T. Rex
Method of detecting the position of aircraft using radio pulses
Rare orange-red mineral that occurs in Romania and Utah, US
See 6 Down
Capital and largest city of Serbia
See 16 Across
See 14 Across
1989 comedy-drama film featuring musicians Screamin Jay Hawkins and Joe Strummer
Danny , actor who plays Mick Carter in BBC TV soap EastEnders
1890 novel by Oscar Wilde featuring the character Basil Hallward
Author of novels Bliss and Illywhacker
Charles , British Whig statesman who served for three periods as Foreign Secretary in 1782, 1783 and 1806
Business organisation formed in 1965 whose current Director-General is Carolyn Fairbairn
1960 film drama featuring Gillian Hills in the title role as Jennifer Linden
Whiskey distilled from maize, malt and rye and aged in white oak barrels
See 4
Judy , Northampton-born actress; regular cast member on US television series Rowan & Martins Laugh-In
Raoul , French painter whose works include 1930s Chateau and Horses
Smooth progress
Soft leather
Outer cover of a tree
Drawing implement
Smoke and fog
Sign up for a course
Rigid or unyielding
Bar of gold
Holy person
Adhesive strip for covering cuts
Poker stake
One who carries a coffin
Failure to take proper care
Mountain pass
Womans under-bodice
Inflatable rubber bag
Our planet
Sloping sharply
Disastrous defeat
Abandon at the beach
Greet ship with jeer
Were off to get a jug
Declare at cricket match
Snack in trolley
College may be a mess?
Race around some land
Spinning around pub
Heard couple as well
Observe a sound
Employers new ruse
Bore about dress
Dive in – terribly delightful
Feeble sort of meal
Owing to student conflict
More sentries get to feel bitter
Some insects are small and affectionate
Damn vermin
Put off animal, with time
Conqueror of the Romans
Caustic – like metal?
Loans arranged at the hairdressers
Contented with accommodation
Acne treatment is a punishment
Problem doesnt start as money
Tried working, exhausted
Arrange by command
Spy uncovered in magenta
Animal is close
Item moving in the fourth dimension
Sound of escaping air
Public school
Unit of area
Group of locusts
Large room
Canvas shelter
Bamboo stem
Currency unit
Aquatic mammal
Pharmacy item
Float upward
Paying guest
Help a hood
Nuns attire
Cloth eaters
Lab vessel
Withdraw gradually
Having blemishes
Evanss series
Asian official
January event
Office workers
Made a boo-boo
Give freely
Certain crystal
Ends opposite
Storage room
Puffy do
Chapel seats
Hill insect
Cry of pain
Informed of
Sticky material
Jars cover
Insecure feeling
Larger ____ Life
Pilots garage
Not as difficult
Building annex
Scottish hat
____ the bill
Show feeling
Pigs food
Lively gait
Far down
____ Maria
Decimal base
Raised trains
European capital
Milks Favorite Cookie
Grow molars
Type of light
Canoe, e.g.
Gaelic language
Linger idly
Loafer, e.g.
Baroque music family name
Busy months for CPAs
Lays into
AAA part: Abbr.
Head huggers
Obeyed a triangular sign
Mountain dew source
Reaches via plane
Salad greens
Royal title
Toyland notables
Poets palindrome
Common Market letters
__ shall live your epitaph to make : Shak.
One-time filler
First-ranked competitor
Polyester fabric
First hit, perhaps
Org. concerned with brownfields
Class with angles
Step down
Longfellows bell town
Eye care brand
Pampering spot
Was in front
Painful sequence
Suffix with ball
Fred or George Weasley
Brush fire op
NBA scoring stat
Corn holders
Minimally adjusts
Aden Youngs Rectify role
Its fixed by a bank
Milk sources
Tabloid material
Lord in a Christmas song, e.g.
Busy, as decor
Casual Friday surprise
Pack animal
Parasite in the dust
Kids summer fun spot
Bit of broth
Do some carpentry
Symbolic uncle
Words with bow or scarf
Winter glider
Amphibious assault troop carrier
__ bar
Flow blocker
War hero/actor who played himself in To Hell and Back
Menu listing
Belgian diamond center
The Mustangs of Dallas coll. football
When doubled, a hip-hop dance
Friend of Pooh
Kinda-sorta cousin
Dark side Darth
Item on the housekeeping checklist, or a hint to completing five puzzle answers
Steep slopes
Gather dust
Give ones address, maybe
Took the deal
Western Wyoming county
Sign of alertness
Hard rain metaphor
Email folder
Big do
Spumante source
Forensic detectives, briefly
A Study in Scarlet detective
Porridge veggies, old-style
Went off on Twitter
Racing series including the 500
Agenda, e.g.
Upright swimmer
Floor support?
Mythical voyager
Arabian Nights character
Contraction with two apostrophes
Denim purchase
60s antiwar gp.
Red wine choice
With 67-Down, controversial MLB period
Hecklers input
Garr on screen
Slanted column
Its usually easy to see through
DJs collection
Cartoon frame
Perfect spot
Saint-__: Riviera resort
Transcript no.
Besides Jan., only month with two federal holidays
Open, in a way
Union setting
Rolls into a ball
Gorsuch predecessor
Pole emblems
Two-nation peninsula
Shapely leader?
See 21-Down
Specks in a river
Topples (over)
Packaging abbr.
Minor league baseball level
The Untouchables studio (1959-63)
John in court
Photo tint
Defunct carrier
Opposite of fast
Hill staffer
Senior __
Seat of the Bishop of London
Vital vessels
Juin preceder
Peak in France
Propellant developed to replace gunpowder
Do some craftwork
Sweaters comment
Come out
Pool toy
Start of the fire?
Big-eyed baby
Brandy bottle letters
Crop unit
The Hagues home: Abbr.
Beatty and Kelly
Thames campus
Wreck reminder
That, in Tijuana
Abbr. on some business cards
Nest eggs (abbr.)
Angels headwear
Italian city
____ of Two Cities (2 wds.)
Not idealized
Large truck
Eating away
Walk leisurely
Stainless ____
Slangy negative
Buffalos waterfront
Wipe out
Station wagon
Beauty and the ____
Map book
Ohio port
Make bigger
NH time zone
Squirrels treats
Festive occasion
Apple part
Got it! (2 wds.)
Pond growth
San Antonio shrine
Compass direction (abbr.)
Excessive pride
____ a girl!
Pavarotti solo
Fails to exist
High explosive (abbr.)
Emerald ____
Of the mouth
____ Kudrow of Friends
Group of three
James ____ Jones
Road curves
Made believe
Cry loudly
____ Sea Scrolls
Navy officer (abbr.)
Kitchen appliance
Engrave with acid
Change direction
Rods companion
Originally called
Small bit
Word is we cavort with King George when his wifes away
Convenient opportunity to make left turn thats safe
Look in to collect small flier
Very much against overturning result
Remove unruly brats in turn
Development of prime lots around old capital
Taken from Ganymede napping in garden
Steals darts
Photo of Spice Girl getting something to eat
Ammunition recently stolen by young men
Including all fifty books wrapped by volunteers earlier
Is inevitable after fellow discovers crack
Award by university occupying writers of many different things
Head of Obstetrics happens to employ a variety of large visual aids
Excellent machinist originally brought in to let out garments
Part of guitar made from solid wood
Went west upriver
Type of spanner?
Most unpleasant in defeat
Organ repaired at last after the woman returned and tried again
Maybe Pews getting fit for game
Good to put on oldish pants transformed by thorough cleaning
Poem, circa the end of 1640, revised by Milton perhaps
Affects to be in film after priest objects
Artists photo to fool Oberleutnant at first
Great number on board
Pickled meat or duck?
Loathsome Foreign Office bully oddly ignored
Every two weeks
See note
US university
Group of countries
See 10
Sculpted idol
Clerical cap
Surrounding area
Short-lived insect
Very cold
More than enough
Rolled slice of meat
New Age therapy
Mountain route
One of those
Conductor Zubin
Pottery from Japan
Juicy fruit
Steady and dependable
Made replete
Now you __ …
I can take __!
Best-selling PC game of the 1990s
Brief lives?
Actress Winger
Egg cells
Small change
Brainy group
Actress Lollobrigida
Hotel capacity
Great Lakes whitefish
Oil source
Erle __ Gardner
Positive Thinking proponent
Wispy clouds
Land of Hope?
Federal agent
Moll Flanders author
Spandaus last prisoner
Coke alternative
Actress Berger
Recipe amt.
Wheel shaft
Years of youth
Showing a lot of feeling
Fit to be lived in
Ligneous plant
Wife of Esau
__ Lingus
Barbed remark
Part of a crossword
NYC museum
Painter Tanguy
Type type
__ of Eden
Longtime Indonesian president
Fertilizer ingredient
Mil. officer
Cavalry weapon
Inventor Howe
The Second Coming poet
Gulf War missile
Japanese wrestling
Polit. designation
Floor covering
A shade of purple
Slimmed down
Small prawn
Intense or violent effort
Of the nose
Voted into office
Strike lightly
Gross mistake
Monetary unit of Portugal
Native of New Zealand
A branch of mathematics
Farm animals
Where Dots clan gathered?
Face attack brutally
A fraction that is separate
Outside America Herb provides a meat product
A performer giving a painter a note
A small bird, an old giant
A secondary highway overseas
All the fluid causing death
Girl with exercises to modify
Reticence? Keep it for future use
Dealing with jazz in Gateshead
Look happy when getting fresh limes
Heavy demand for a ladder
Produce electricity from teenager?
Hire map-maker?
Child going both ways
Solution provided by politicians we reject
Certainly dont be so sceptical
Average temperature, as intended
Colourful record covers for an old song
Like one who supplies bowlers and bats?
To begin with fish is quite unexpected
Rap hits, possibly, for a musician
Start or take one drink
A profit? Another time!
Knights address
It can be draining
Adriatic peninsula
In-a-pinch sleeper
Start of a poser
Part 2 of the poser
Universal-donor blood
Shelled out
Poli ________
AAA jobs
Congressional leader?
Vatican treasure
Architect ________ van der Rohe
Part 3 of the poser
River, often
Furniture wood
Top kick
Like some vbs.
Narrow shoal
The minds I
Servants of the East
Nabiscos ________ Wafers
Part 4 of the poser
End of the poser
Updated: prefix
Old Toyota
Blue Eagle gp.
Company count?
Airwaves abbr.
More nuts
Does ________ any easier?
Psychoactive fungus, familiarly
Fairway prop
Balance sheet abbr.
QB stat
________ fair in …
Certain pop container
Proctors charge
________ will be done…
Equinox mo.
________ treatment
U.S. Pres.
Many map dots
Days of Grace author
Old Olds
Sweeps sweepings
Biblical prophet
Lyon and Grafton
To the point
Strait between Italy and Albania
Yeah, thatll happen!
Early bird?
________ Speedwagon
Pellagra treatment
Checkers players words
Alpine region of Austria
Succession network
Judicial position
PC hookup
Queue before O
Its in the cards
Land on the Arctic Cir.
The Walking Dead network
Lux. locale
T-Rex blueprint
TV ET from Melmac
Puncturing tool
Restrained like Rover
To a … poems
Road gunk
Zodiac beast
Course taker, e.g.
Actress Carter
Start of a riddle
Singer Fitzgerald
Grove sight
Certain boxing stat
Mil. bigwig
Riddle, part 2
Kilmer of film
Alley- —
Lions foot
Fellows wig
Actor Estevez
Segas hedgehog
Look up to
Riddle, part 3
Lyric-writing Gershwin
Take this
Parsley bit
Riddle, part 4
Kay Thompson title girl
Native Kiwi
Fluctuated greatly
Riddle, part 5
French port in Brittany
Outing ruiner
Inflated self
Riddle, part 6
TV talker Phil
Slipknot loop
Andress of Dr. No
Highest volcano in Eur.
Mil. bigwig
Mumbai Mr.
Cotillion girl
End of the riddle
Throat affliction, for short
To the — degree
Western Hemisphere gp.
McEntire of song
Hair removal brand
Riddles answer
Deli sandwiches, for short
Grow pale
Oct. follower
OHare approx.
Anatomical sac
Porkers place
Water barrier
Element statistic: Abbr.
Oz lion player Bert
Ascend a rock face without aids for support
Done in the style of
Vanished as if by magic
Tilt the head skyward
Big Brit. lexicon
Houston-to-Dallas dir.
Actress Nicole — Parker
Vowel sound in game
Born first
Alicia of ballet
Use stitches
— a Rebel
Like a single-part process
City of India
Barkin of The Fan
Street talk
Prefix with colonialism
Auction unit
Mars, to the Greeks
Move around in confusion
Pleistocene, for one
Spout off
Axis-vs.-Allies event
Singer Tina
Bill blocker
Eros, to the Romans
Young girls
Be logically connected
Letters after had a farm
Ache for
Subdued with a shock
Lead-in to lateral
Classic soda brand
Coach Parseghian
Very hot star
Anti-alcohol measures
Oct. exam for many juniors
Home: Abbr.
Compound in wine
Greedy type
Indigo, e.g.
Fix firmly
One of the Florida Keys
Cineplex — (former theater chain)
Hurt severely
Following loyally
Zodiac beast
Plum used to flavor gin
Roman 1,051
Commercial lead-in to -gram or -matic
Shivered in fear or revulsion
Frilly veggie
Wild guess
Lewis of rock
Apt to pry
Artist Vincent van —
Master marksman
Actress Moran
Calvin Coolidges college
Beginning of a web address
Papal envoy
2017 World Series winners
Gives rise to
Rachel Maddows channel
Romes land
Ground corn dish
Burn — in ones pocket
Chili holder
Foul up
Version being tested
Eden evictee
Im less than impressed
Who am — argue?
Cave in
Siouan people
A small number of
Trellis plant
Shield boss
Water jug
The lot
Free from confusion
Conked out
Maori war dance
Herpes zoster
Contrived plot solution
Opera’s words
Anthropoid cryptid
I like this pub. It appears on some maps
Old man’s weakness — old variety of pinball
Waster wanting something worthwhile on the house
Buzz first over moon
Cellist gutted after awful show?
Drive home after accident, no doubt
Bullet shot
Part of back is supporting neck
See prize increase
Like skin turned out?
Stood our ground? Is that great?
Serious crime providing a dodgy dealer’s proceeds
Fly is not flying around dump
Brownie hurt crossing river
Witnesses to rising sea, being at sea
Footwear accessories line, one stocked by chemist
In lift, hide American redhead
It is what it is
Old measure made with wood?
One given task, mostly divine stuff!
Constant part of family
Pirate in combat announced attack
Returns to harvest fruit
His new right to keep name gets man over the line
Are spades blocking door?
Words in plural form
Fear the sound of a blade
Latin-American in USA cutting his grass
Chief servant of explorer down under keeping quiet
Element of sung Mass needs change — Latin omitted, American included
The weather, listener admitted, is frightening
Dublin’s crossword compiler? A dog!
Essay don constructed about epic poem
Plant with burs left in shelter
Whole performance attracting little interest at first
Women beset by coldness of manner and fustiness
Idler to gossip, therefore kept on the outside
One contemplating acquiring a rifle
This writer’s seen going around in brown fabric
A supreme newly built temple
Greasy stuff gets a young animal stuck in channel
Good Swiss writer — rough judgement being “rarely read these days”
Silly person had briefly to be treated with medicated cloth once
Black deer spotted in Scottish town
Perform somersaults in river? A farce
Patronise silly supporter of former South American president
Protein I had detected in a French wine
And also not wanting whisky — not needing to drink it
Strutting leader, idiot in that long garment
The man wears casual shirt, making one chuckle
Like, for instance, a metallurgical test
Bristly clique of upper-class types, almost all bad
One sailor and another endlessly depressed
Old-fashioned awards as special treats
Antiseptic medic tries out, without sulphur content
Fatty substance, as is evident in spiritual leader
Move to join another plane offering speed for carrying flyer
Suppressing exclamation of surprise, capture a rare bird
Charm of a stubborn person taking time
Hopes possibly to pen ewe finally?
A Parisian female upset and embarrassed must be toughened up
Computer network used with little hesitation in physics unit
Female to deteriorate a bit once
Scentless plant of woods and hedges
Friends character played by Lisa Kudrow
Adjective describing email that you don’t want
People or things of the same age
Portuguese footballer whose record of 127 caps was broken by Cristiano Ronaldo
State whose dominance of southern Greece was ended by the battle of Leuctra in 371BC
Groups of bones in the feet of vertebrates
The only overseas territory given to Castile rather than Portugal by the treaty of Alcacovas in 1479
An exile, especially for political reasons
A subsidiary of the ____ transport company operates most Thameslink rail services
Second largest lake in the Lake District
Sitcom whose opening theme was called The Ballad of Jed Clampett
Author whose short story collections included Bliss and The Garden Party
Sicily’s active volcano
Distinctive atmosphere, from a Latin word for “breeze”
Rock band whose bassist is known as Flea
Codename for operations by the US and allies before the combat stage of the Gulf War
The brightest star of the constellation Taurus
Industrial city of Belarus, approximately 300 km south-east of Minsk
Thomas ____’s inventions included the microphone
In music, the “fundamental” or lowest note obtainable from a length of wind instrument tubing
TV writer who created The Liver Birds, Butterflies, and Bread
Island whose king was Odysseus according to Homeric legend
The capital of Finland
Vertical bar which separates window panes
Historic home of the Gordon Highlanders, formerly called Milton of Strathbogie
Equally suitably
A change to a proposed bill
Month shared by the astrological signs Sagittarius and Capricorn
Charlie Chaplin was Adenoid Hynkel in The ____
Russian author of Fathers and Sons
Ancient Turkish city where the apostle Paul is said to have met the disciple Timothy
1990s game show hosted by Phillip Schofield and, latterly, Claudia Winkleman
Arthurian comic strip created by Hal Foster in 1937
The final work of Jacques ____ was the unfinished opera The Tales of Hoffmann
1986 martial arts comedy film starring Kurt Russell and Kim Cattrall
All-rounder Nigel ____ made over 200 appearances for Somerset
Filippo ____, Italian author of the Futurist Manifesto in 1909
Feature of She Loves You by the Beatles
The UK’s best-known ____ pact lasted for about 18 months, starting in March 1977
La ____ is a tight right-hand bend near the end of the Monaco Grand Prix circuit
The only Central American country with English as its official language
State lying between Kansas and Texas
Eye duct which drains aqueous humour from the anterior chamber
The ____ or Rongkup people are believed to be the earliest inhabitants of India’s state of Sikkim
1972 novel by Frederick Forsyth
With arms and legs stretched out
A period of leave, often to undertake a different project
Pain-inhibiting peptide produced by the brain
A name for a hostile attack, rarely seen in singular form
French novelist who wrote The Mysteries of Paris
London’s first ____ café opened in 1994
Original spelling for a unit defined as the weight of a cubic centimetre of water
“____ consists in believing what reason cannot” (Voltaire)
Feats in mouth person, per Henry Ford
From Dresden surname
I prefer to __ with Plato . . . than to be right: Cicero
Inconvenience preceder
This way!
Youre getting on that plane with Victor speaker
50-state summer camp sponsor
Barely make
Big name in brush heads
Choral contingent
CNBC Garage guy
Common toll-increase opponent
Computer connector
Connected, as in Copland
Core group
Dark __
Direct effort
Dont go quietly
Encouraging words
Far from fulsome
First US outlet for Monty Python
Fully resistant
Funny business
Go slowly
Guilty party
He won his fourth term during Typhoon Lan
Home of Walesa Airport
Intelligence collections
Its south of Detroit on I-75
Its main inlet is the Detroit River
JFK confidant
Kind of account
Lacking enthusiasm
Land O Lakes butter ingredient
Make an extended delivery
Metaphor for suspicion
Move smoothly
Name on the cover of Kinsey and Me
NBA point man
NBA team formerly from Minneapolis
Needing repairs, perhaps
No-nonsense on the job
Not quite all-stars
Oaf or loafer
Platforms about two inches high
Power source for seven states
Pretentious question
Protection for polo players
See 25 Across
Site for a small cinema
Something heard too much
Something taken by the tired
Song title literally, My Sunshine
Spaces around a Trivial Pursuit board
Start to color
Tacitus and Cicero
Tears down
Traces of discredit
Traditional diner name
Unlikely to 55 Across
US Womens Open conductor
Washington general at Valley Forge
West __ (Darjeelings region)
What anatomists call minimus
Winging it?
With 23 Across, traditional school sound
__ João Batista
Get a C, say
Bases, briefly
Part of a foot
Illinois Rivers largest city
Yes, to Yvette
*Be the first, fashion-wise (find a pair of antonyms in each starred answer!)
Scuff up
Up and about
Graceful bird
Mani partner
Author Anais
Temporary refuge
He preceded Johnny Carson
Polo shirt producer
Queens hub: Abbr.
Gore and Capone
Frat buddy
Perfectly fine
___ de la Cite
*Washing machine lump
Forbidden fruit eater
General ___ chicken
Not tickled
Soak up
___ Schwab tires
Soy-based soup
Escaping air sound
City northeast of Lincoln
Is that true about me?
*No longer sober
Decide in court
Game of Thrones throne metal
Logging show projectile (var.)
Like an easy meal
Its better than never
Italian tower town
Raisins on a celery log
Get lost!
Psychiatrist, informally
Lagunitas beer initials
Shrimpers gear
Send along an email
Just a ___ (barely)
Family reunion footage
Brown green?
Alexa, on an iPhone
The Godfather author
Worlds smallest republic
Enjoy a Popsicle
Hunger Games star, to fans
Shoelace tip
Troll commenters name, often
Probe (into)
Make a salary
Like Queen Elizabeths family
Thatching plant
Double ___ (cellos cousin)
Timber wolf
Rave rhythms
Cats Feed me!
Post office letters?
Yippee … not
Weapon in Westerns
Papas partner, perhaps
Where to see the big picture?
Get lost!
Taj Mahals home
Owl sound
Henry VIII wife Boleyn
Conquistadors quest
Sinus M.D.
Best boy sent back into warehouse
Box containing valuables is guarded
Bus station
Confidential assistant from Maidenhead
Confused and cross about theologian and daughter
Conscript hiding tear
Debilitated having joined company?
Doreens injured back
Dry air circulating by delta
Endanger in drive around Rhode Island
Enrols unfortunate introverts
Famed outlaw Kelly stores books
Fat lip yours truly had
Fatty compound
Frail or feeble
Free from danger
Glide over snow
Global police force
Grouse nearly arrived on the steppe
Involve in late changes
Jayne -, actress
Klee as eligible keeps artistic support
Letter also featured in comical write-up
Meat in grass is exposed
Meshed nylon cap
Painters tripod
Police in river to reach conclusion
Political adviser
Put at risk
Require or necessitate
Roofing stone
Rubbish turned up in metal skip
Runner somewhat unskilled
Shaping toe-nail brings delight
Six-footer traps extremely gullible spy
Solitary persons
The rain ruined overhead protection
To be fair, Im not all there!
Top-liner trained for crime fighters
Upset caused in horrendous tirade
Upstanding character in new chalet is moral
Womans work never done in this Notts town?
Beetle Bailey bulldog
Nolo contendere, e.g
On your feet!
Stronger than dirt cleanser
The front page of the internet
A Bonanza brother
Accompaniers of some migraines
Advil competitor
Ali, when he dethroned Liston
As one wishes
Auto manufacturers headache
Backpedalers words
Beyond tipsy
Big name in bananas
Bit of gossip
Body shop fig
Bring home after taxes
Catches 40 winks
Christopher who played Superman
Civilian garb, for a soldier
Close out
CNN reporter who doesnt socialize much?
Cockneys present
Conservative skirt
Costa del ___, Spain
Dance that may incorporate a chair
Daybreak, in verse
Direct-sales cosmetics giant
Dresdens river
Esau, to Jacob
Fearsome dinos
Financial aid criterion
Fit-to-be-tied feeling
For all to see
Golden State, informally
Harry Chapin classic
Has the blahs
Have the answers
Heckled from the bench
Hitchhikers hope
Its repeated after Que, in song
Late-blooming flowers
Like The Twilight Zone
Like an O. Henry ending
Like folklore
Like most garage sale wares
Mad as a wet hen
Major sewer lines
Many russet potatoes
Marilyn Monroe facial feature
Milestone for a flight student
Mullally of Will & Grace
Mushroom prized by gourmets
Of interest to Audubon
Orders from on high
Part of a chain, perhaps
Partner of anon
Party planners digital aid
Permit to sell Drakes Cakes?
Piano piece for four hands
Place for prehistoric art
Poker great Ungar
Red, Yellow and Black
Relieve, as anxiety
Reunion attendees
Rip to shreds
Senate candidates prize
Serpents place, in Genesis
Sharapova of tennis
Some craft brews
Spyris Swiss miss
Stitchs adopter, in a Disney movie
STP logos shape
The latest on a Family Ties actor?
Thin layer
Worth a C, maybe
YouTube button
___ gin fizz (cocktail with egg whites)
Hand tool for grinding spices in a mortar
University administrator: cleric
Logically valid: came to a conclusion
Field event in Athletics
One prejudiced and intolerant of differing views
Little people; tall people! (Tolkien)
Resident; inhabitant
Personal magnetism
Offensive to ones sight or other senses
Frown; stare angrily
Stagger this way and that
Greek goddess of youth and spring
Exclamation of surprise or shock
Wrestling hold
Trite; humdrum
Place of wickedness: gambling joint
Place of pain and turmoil
Fine: dead ball situation in football, rugby, etc
Vegetable, an emblem of Wales
Boys star Winona
Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn swordsman
If anyone ___ …
If nothing ___ …
Just Because singer Baker
La ___ Vita (1960 film)
So, this means …?
What a tasty entree!
___ made a terrible mistake
___ of Tomorrow (2014 sci-fi thriller)
Acupuncturists item
Arrangement with a mobile phone carrier regarding messages
Arthur with Emmys
Bearded antelope
Big skin care brand
Blade stuck in water
Chive relative
Clearly demonstrate
Clintons running mate
Cold cuts option
Colorful nickname on Orange Is the New Black
Construction worker of the 19th century
Covellite, e.g
Currency in Ankara
Cut covered by a SpongeBob Band-Aid, e.g
D.C. college athlete
Daisy-like perennial
Derby-sporting character of 1960s TV
Did as requested
Dismissive sound
Drawing locale of old?
Early 2010s foreign policy controversy often cited by Clinton detractors
Elia or Zoe of Hollywood
Elicit laughter from
Employing the secret service?
End piece?
Fake sickness to shirk work
Fallopian tube cells
First U.S. college to admit women
Five-time figure skating world champ Michelle
Flue powder
Form 4506-T issuer
Got weepy, with up
Grp. opposed by the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence
Gun, as a motor
Has regrets over
Having a distinct scent
Having control over
Heat ___
Heavy metal fan?
Hummus or salsa, e.g
Image quality
Important compound in protein synthesis
Indy 500 unit
It published an article in 1999 titled Archaeological Dig Uncovers Ancient Race Of Skeleton People
Join a course
Like Arctic regions
Like bikes that have long been abandoned
Like one identifying with their sex assigned at birth, briefly
Like some opposites
Like Tajiks
Luxury hotel company
Made sobbing noises
Main hazard
Major commotion
Mario Party party
Meeting matters
Memorable party
Mendes of The Women
Meta solvers cry
Metallic, ringing noise
Missile repository
Most Bahraini citizens
Most in need of ice
Mustangs easy pace
Mustangs feed
Nary a soul
Navel varieties
Nina Simone, e.g
One visiting many sites
Opposite of plentiful
Order superior
Org. that prohibits cross-checking
Parks born in Alabama
Pattern of tire ridges
Perform really well
Pertaining to syndromes that affect both the heart and kidneys
Place for a cap
Political agency kingpin
Powerful fighter?
Quiet periods
R&B singer once known as tha Kyd
Reach an agreement
Reasons why some people have no class
Reject disdainfully
Result of bartering
Roof part over a soffit
Rough guess
Salamanca shawls
Soap actress Hall
Stop abruptly
Straight, at a bar
Style of 30 Rockefeller Plaza
Summer grilling spot
Suppressed, as coughs
Swamp stuff
They have sharp teeth
Tomb painting symbol
Toothpaste form
Traveled with a school
Trucking unit
TSA checkpoint requests
Tuning woodwind
Turned green, e.g
Type of oil
Vanderbilt in fashion
Verbally skips over
Versatile thermoplastic
Very peculiar
Voice of Barney Rubble
Weapon in 1 Samuel
Weasel out of
Where a certain curtain hangs
Where to see the Lincoln Memorial
Where yoga originated
Winwood in Traffic
Woolly mammal
Word before battery or power
___ mix
___ out (apportion)
___ square
___ welcome
___-Hulk (Avenger)
Judges are breaking bonds
Quantity raised to satisfy
One may take flyers down
Empirical Christie novel grips you
Consider recovering rubbish
Extracted note was in italics
Radish perhaps written about as required
Soldiers gave up and withdrew
Mean demand of short American
An expert needs face protection
Modernised city with really irate, dour residents
Chicken taking hare with it wild about ˜fowl queen
A protector is unarmed, oddly
Some more nets on a metal flap
Refuse a shirt with spots on it
Barge in Turin is off to Derby
Still, most of a note is posted
Just mentioning starter agitated dieter!
Fitting a fellow in bears fruit…
…(ineligible fellow in a squad)
Boffin perhaps slicing final loaf
Joke about daybreak performed by king goes through
Angry flock scattering, all but the last bird
Ignorant student is almost invisible
Keeper, in short, after lead and gold
Sin concealed by accomplished American thinker
Deception practised by nurse, say
Cast argue to make people angry
Point taken by agreeable relative
Odd end to first game extremists avoid