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Crosswords Buzz Answers 2019-2-2

Rock singer Seger
Highway entrance or exit
___ Lovegood (classmate of Harry Potter)
What a drone or weather balloon might be mistaken for: Abbr.
Come from ___ (travel a long distance)
1995 hurricane name thats also a precious stone
Black and ___ (drink that combines dark and light beers)
Assuming thats true …: 2 wds.
Egg layers on a farm
The Disaster Artist star whos an accomplished painter: 2 wds.
___ FireBall (hot cinnamon candy)
Movie archaeologist Jones for short
Dangerous stuff that comes out of a volcano
Crash ___ Dummies (1990s band)
Member of the British royal family whos an accomplished painter: 2 wds.
Smooth-talking villain in Othello
See 47-Down
Like clothing patches that arent attached with stitches: Hyph.
I Left My Heart in San Francisco singer whos an accomplished painter: 2 wds.
Poses a question
Highest pair in Texas holdem
Legolas of The Lord of the Rings for one
Hersheys chocolate-and-caramel candy
Seldom seen
Most recent Summer Olympics host for short
Double ___ (figure skating move)
Weekend Edition broadcaster
Nothing ___ trouble
At the drop ___ hat: 2 wds.
Livin on a Prayer band: 2 wds.
Sam who directed three Spider-Man movies
Had an impact on
Catholic ritual
College lecturer for short
Actress Lindsay
Overturn as a table
Jazz singer Wilson who died in December 2018
As well
Take it like ___: 2 wds.
Emmy/Grammy/Oscar/Tony winner Moreno
Austrian mountain
La Brea ___ Pits
___-conscious (environmentally aware)
Fraternal order whose members wear red fezzes
Grooming implement with teeth
Prison uprising
Campers portable light source
Saturday Night Live featured player ___ Nwodim
Like father like ___
Beantown baseball team for short
Foot-to-leg joint
Brand that makes Mold & Mildew Blaster
Button that starts things over
Actress Reid of American Pie
___ of Grantham (Downton Abbey character)
Organization with a big tournament every March: Abbr.
With 36-Across ChapStick product
former diamond mining town
Robert Scott’s middle name
weaving a chair’s seat
sink stealthily
flaws, metaphorically
1930s slapstick trio
Football franchise since 1899
Where the term ‘jazz’ as applied to jazz music originated
Them’s fightin’ words
Part of WarnerMedia
The Good Samaritan,’ e.g
Company that once owned Capitol and Virgin Records
Evoker of dirty looks, maybe, in brief
Not versed in
Kind of music
Place for markers
___ make history and not the other way around’: Harry Truman
Anise-flavored liqueur
Magnetic intensity unit named after a Danish physicist
Shot of minors?
Informal slip-on
Requirement for some downloads
In the direction of
Digs too deep
Natural blanket
Outing spoiler
Some hotel freebies
___ Larsson, author of the ‘Millennium’ novels
Island formed by two shield volcanoes
Great ___
Natural seasoning
Pentagon letters
Stock spreads
Enthusiastic greeting
Professorial, e.g
It’s done on hands and knees
Polite turndown of a proposal
Some work at hair salons
Mythical hybrid
Spy’s shooter, say
Raiding grp
Main ingredient in the dish lechazo
Not ___!
Classic product in a cobalt blue jar
One never ends on a low note
Hit list?
Find a position for
Overseer of trains, for short
Place to get wired
Bud to chill with?
Like tired muscles at a massage parlor
Dog and cat food
Italian white wine
Garage requests
They may be raised (hmm …)
Most-watched TV drama in the world for a record six years
Music genre
Word after gay or American
Flavorful seed
Group of values
Things to learn in kindergarten
Passing concern?
Longtime TV curmudgeon
Dirty, in a way
Auntie, to one’s parent
Deal with
One guarded in football
Tower stack
Final Fantasy or Dark Souls, for short
Not completely how the football fan behaves!
Delivers a mural decoration, we hear
Damp ring encircled by water vapour
A series about the capital of Norway is transmitted
What takes place in the seventies
Its a bit of a bloomer to give a good man the last word
The site I name could show pleasing features
A highlight, as far as explosives are concerned
One who transmuted St. Michael!
Gives permission for vetoes
In Ottawa you will be removed from home territory
The sort of view the shortlisted candidate gets
Lends elegance to the Greek goddesses
Take steps to reform nuisances
Religious instruction is absorbed by distant holy man
One of those confections – we taste em for a change
Spectator without a seat
Extract from Drake at Sea will reveal the poet
Lathe worker famous for his artistic work
The letter is a source of irritation
Send out – and the precise moment to return
Dispose of the abode of a brother, one hears
Cigarette seller
Special clothing
Cuban dance
Minor diplomats
Foul smell
Musical instruments
Medical practitioner
American footballer
Switchboard operator
Pudding ingredient
Neckwear item
Zodiac sign
Make a start
Way out
More seasoned type of artiste
Its laid down by our betters
One or more, but not all that many
Letting in – or out
Perhaps nothing is as surprising
A pointer for those needing water
Such speed could be fatal
In addition to love
Like a layer of wood
Arrange to order
Find me in a confused state
Didnt drink fresh tea
Metal and a strip of leather
Wrong headcover? Dont you believe it!
Recoil from being made confined again
Trying to avoid a punishment
One doesnt hear them when theyre dropped
Tore in, perhaps, from the East
A catty female!
Inferior choice of directions
A lofty approach, of course
Choose a ring to take brief exercise
1924 story collection by George Goodchild
See 13
Roger , English philosopher; author of 2015 novel The Disappeared
Mountain in Gwynedd, Wales, whose summit is Penygadair
Actress who played Nanny in ITV sitcom Father, Dear Father from 1968-73
Very hot red sauce made from matured capsicums
Elisha , American inventor of an elevator safety brake in 1852
See 6 Down
1942 memoir by Antoine de Saint-Exupery
See 2 Down
2001 film drama starring Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron
See 17
The , 2008 romcom starring Uma Thurman and Colin Firth
The , rock band featuring Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart whose eponymous debut album was released in 1979
The , 1908 novel by Jack London
Small constellation in the northern hemisphere containing the star Vega
Singer-songwriter whose hits include 1980 no 3 single Stop the Cavalry
See 1 Across
Scotland and Derby County midfield footballer born in 1988
The , 1820 novel by Walter Scott
See 22 Across
US state; capital Des Moines
See 4
Board game whose name derives from Latin for ‘I play
Forsake, desert
Sheeps cry
Book division
Martial art
Biting insects
Birthday food
Game played on a green table
Hooked claw
Off the right path or route
Runs naked
In prison
Favouritism towards relatives
Forearm bone
Code word for the letter P
Army colour
Criticise or reprove
Imaginative or inventive
Tinned fish
Teenagers skin problem
Move into underwear
America has time for employment
Tin from Tuscany
Sovereign for stationery item
Search for a weapon
Whip pet
Talented with a drink
Faced with expert
Sylvester is briefly crafty
Engineers flag and cease work
Pleased with simplicity
Tax on small barrels
Key, say, to storage unit
For every experience has it
Prohibit British article
Concurred with dog
Verse from Roderick
Remove a seer forcibly
Glue to fix a step
Study of cadences
Reportedly noticed setting
Origins of Wimbledon favourites
Wild capers produce tricky situation
Greet the weather
Concludes fern is damaged
Handle a nice surprise
Cruel sort of complaint
Lose argument about the Baltic, say
New star of painting and music
Coven vying with deadly sin
About Arctic disintegration losing time
A great deal of flotsam
Swimmer feeling around
Level with first woman
Wonder in drawer
First character raced around some shops
Rinses out warning devices
Round bees, terribly fat
Keen to run small joints
Dont answer, just overtake
Groped around for fastening
Employed American journalist
Man upset nowadays by North
Feline mammal
Playing card
Stop working
For every
Rub out
Fake jewellery
Play section
Plant ovules
Frozen rain
Deal with
Painful affliction
Body of water
Auction item
Long fish
Previous day
Shopping street
Leg joints
Judo grade
It precedes dee
Not fer
Cabbages kin
Be a model
Part of a set
Emulate a king
Seagoing craft
Bad actor
Word expert
Chip enhancer
Gunners need
Oft-misused pronoun
Clerical garment
Conger or moray
Spyris Alpine lass
Garlic sausage
Birds beak
Not pretty
Roadies equipment
Moisten gently
Loud uproar
Go very fast
Days of ____ Lives
Hot rock
In full view
Future sign
Examine a sentence
Poor me!
Golf ball stand
Remove peel
____ and crossbones
Maui patio
Lay odds
Lingerie item
Supermans symbol
Toe woe
Man or Wight
Bards contraction
1,760 yards
Bell sound
Hard labor
____ the Lonely
Catch a phrase?
Spanish pot
Storage crate
Office message
Coffee container
Stagehands item
Cordwood measure
Down-under animal
Hoofbeat sound
Metallic cloth
State firmly
Christmas tree decoration
Kitchen appliance
More rational
Sacred Zoroastrian writings
Wrestling hold
Opposite of right
Choral voice
Green side
Fruit named for a horticulturist
Target Field athlete
Smart timepiece
That cant be good
Reason for a case
Neck and neck
Chicken __: fast food nuggets
Special nights
Hot spot
Ski carriers
Jordanian dough
Disney dog
Unpaid assistant in many offices
Weather-sensitive stat, often
Get ugly with
Da Vincis The Last Supper, for one
Policy affecting returns
Scrapes (out)
Beethovens Rage Over a Lost Penny, e.g.
Light wash
Han River city
Bits of thread
Resonated, in a way
Place to find the Silk Road
Left out to dry
Film with dangerous jobs
Gallic gal pal
Game whose heroine was played by Angelina Jolie in a 2001 film
Goes (for)
Beachgoers specs
Biblical verb
Spring __
Org. for women drivers
County where the Golden State Warriors play home games
Drops off
Diamond foursome
Some games end in them, for short
Ugly film
Republic in southwestern Russia
Pizza roll brand
Cats with light blond coats
What an extended thumb might indicate
Silent signals
Results of some press releases?
Compact figure?
Makes out too much, say
Words of reinforcement
Looks amazed
Laudatory lines
Farm structure
What an extended thumb might indicate
Half a two-island country
Dish cleaners
London locale
Mo. named for an emperor
Choir elevator
Gentle sorts
First female Asian-American Cabinet member
Slight amount
Home of the Iowa State Daily
Split up
Global financial org.
Army post
Turn aside
Fairy-tale fiend
Greek mythology figure
Radio and newspapers, e.g.
Humorist ____ Barry
____ Keillor of radio
Naval off.
Hot sauce
Most frigid
Hold tightly
Author ____ Tolstoy
Formal necktie
Chinese, e.g.
Fish eggs
Canvas covers
____ water
Gets up
Performs alone
Musician ____ Clapton
____ upon a time…
Actress ____ Hayworth
Provide food
Titanic foe
Coffeehouse selection
Off kilter
Kill a bill
Genesis location
More flavorful
Most peculiar
Black bird
Reviewer Roger ____
Not appropriate
Tricky curve
Keaton and Sawyer
Injury memento
Jerusalems locale
Pinocchio, e.g.
Old West lawman
Wallet fillers
Fall bloom
Enduring novel
Untidy conditions
Before, to Keats
Feudal estate
Brothers daughter
Intense beam
Bed board
Quality of sound
Hurons neighbor
Ceremonial act
Out ____ limb (2 wds.)
Reluctant to hurry up the wall along our American borders
Of popular vote, over a third for Australian PM
Stepfathers, once separated?
Covers dispensed with to give more chances for slips?
Next, I negotiated in style with going concern
Breaking news, one more Danish composer
Judge with some land admits that Parisian secured impressive bower
New order for 2 half-cuts of meat and 10 eggs to be delivered here?
Required, once head of Hull, to make every second count
Sweet-smelling superior?
Strings player cancelling her top spot
Outstanding poetry recital
The tone of Oh! How I Hate to Get Up in the Morning ?
Stop (for 6?) to give a hand with hock joint preparation?
Inversely, almae maters like St Hildas now, but not St Trinians!
Take off pair of stone fragments; replace with hard, black pipe
Having intermittent doses of X-ray radiation finally prepared Ellington for one drink
Fun originally with Listener? Accepting failure, withdraw
On the job, coaches shot out in a spurt
Open note – lets rip foully
Second go, in fear of what scanner will do
Mobilise forces and get rid of good for nothing
Evidence of snoozing in line, military failure
Official permit
Large sea
Climbing plant
Tropical lizard
Voice communication
Serving spoon
Wet dirt
On purpose
Rule out
Money (Slang)
Looking at
Very many (Informal)
Word puzzle
Spiders construction
An extended essay by Virginia Woolf first published in 1929
Genus of flowering plants in the family Rubiaceae also known as Gambier or Cats Claw
Sigrid ___, Norwegian novelist awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1928
Autumn ___, 1967 number three hit for The Kinks
British model who designed collections of clothes for Topshop in 2007 and 2014
Another name for a horsefly, especially one of the genus Haematopota
In Greek mythology, a Titan represented as an enormous river encircling the world
The largest island in the Cyclades
Former England fly-half who was the leading Zurich Premiership points scorer in 2003 when at Wasps
Van Morrison album released in 1978
A hymenopterous insect of the family Vespidae
The capital of Russia
American actor who found fame in the 1980s US TV series 21 Jump Street
Mozart opera, K 208, with a libretto by Metastasio
State capital of New York, situated on the Hudson river
Friedrich ___, German philosopher whose works include Thus Spoke Zarathustra: A Book for All and None
The ninth of Edward Elgars Variations on an Original Theme for orchestra ( Enigma )
American actress who received Oscar nominations for The Age of Innocence and Little Women
French actress born Françoise Sorya Dreyfus in Paris in 1932
In Greek mythology, a deity whose Roman equivalent is Luna
City called Eboracum by the Romans
Danny ___, midfielder in Leicester Citys Premier League-winning team who joined Chelsea in 2017
See 20
Paul ___, English theoretical physicist who shared the 1933 Nobel Prize for Physics with Erwin Schrödinger
Jean-Antoine ___, French painter famous for his fêtes galantes
A goatlike bovid mammal of the genus Hemitragus
Group of serif typefaces including the font in which the Dr Seuss books are set
1979 Top Ten hit for Edwin Starr
The ___ Quartet was founded by violinist David Harrington in Seattle in 1973
A type of percussion orchestra common in the East Indies
French singer, model and actress who became a child star at 14 with her single Joe le taxi
Herbaceous plant also known as self-heal
The second largest settlement on the Falkland Islands
Bernard ___, officer who successfully commanded Allied forces at the Battle of El Alamein
Popular name for the 1958 song Nel blu dipinto di blu, originally recorded by Italian singer-songwriter Domenico Modugno
Dog also called an Alsatian
See 48
The large nonvenomous snake Eunectes murinus of tropical South America which kills its prey by constriction
The large bovid mammal Ovibos moschatus
American golfer who won the US Open in 1987
Peninsula on the northern coast of the Black Sea incorporated by Russia in 2014
1943 film starring Roddy McDowall and Pal, based upon a 1940 novel by Eric Knight
Founding member of the Eagles with drummer Don Henley
A highly seasoned sausage used especially on pizza
Alter ego of Ororo Iqadi TChalla, née Munroe, in the X-Men series, played by Halle Berry in the first three films
Pop group formed by Roy Wood whose hits included See My Baby Jive and I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday
Hospital-based sitcom that starred starred James Bolam, Peter Bowles and Richard Wilson
German composer whose works include Der Rosenkavalier and Salome
1976 musical based upon a comic strip by Harold Gray
The state anthem of Connecticut
White supremacist group founded in 1865 by Tennessee veterans of the Confederate Army
UK and Commonwealth Games mens 400m record holder who appeared on Celebrity MasterChef in 2009
The South American rodent Kerodon rupestris
African country whose capital is Addis Ababa
Thomas ___, English merchant who opened Britains first known tea room in the Strand in 1706
TV pundit and former manager who made a cameo appearance in Boys From The Blackstuff when a Liverpool player
Any of the three former administrative divisions of Yorkshire
Area of London famous as the birthplace of Bob Hope
Jolly laugh
Lustrous black
Zero, in tennis
— glance
Border on
Reply to Shall we?
Rug cleaner, briefly
Gestation location
Goats plaint
Roman censor
Medit. nation
Cellist Pablo
Keep perusing
Muscat resident
Sky blue
Lively dances
Be that as it may …
Sch. URL ender
Atty.s title
Priestly garment
Tiny bit
2016 Olympics city
Composer Bartok
Figure skating leap
Mideast gulf
Helens home
Timber wolf
Baker Street sleuth
Classic theaters
Empty talk
Hosp. areas
Coup d—
Mexican entree
Homer classic
Penn and Connery
Police officer
I love, to Livy
Bando of baseball
Gee, ya think?
Spanish gold
Just out
Filled in
Sea off Greece
Old salts
Author Wiesel
PlayStation alternative
Vogue rival
60 minutes
Beetle Bailey dog
Lawyers org.
Followed the path of
Gets on
Atlas section
Spelunking site
Early primates
Large family
Zellweger of Chicago
Crossword diagrams
Some votes
Masked man
Vincents brother
February 2 VIP
Sailing site
Buttes kin
Travel document
Lesson leader
Some surreal art
Rural sight
British party
Addition column
Power problem
Comfy place
Lion groups
Visibly sad
Indian coin
Gladiator setting
Wakes up
Foils kin
Comfy place
Ghana port
Pisa genius
Steering clear of
Trait carriers
Comics forte
Bona fide
Danish cheese
Homer work
Long attack
Cart pullers
Spinning toy
Mrs. Flintstone
Roasting rod
Truckers haul
__ with a View
__ Domini
__ dixit
Actor Sean
Improve in quality
Its capital is Mérida
String quartet member
Richard Strauss opera
Where found
Track event
Region of Malaysia in northeast Borneo
Reproductive cells
English cathedral city
Of course!
Arab, for example
Moroccos capital
Made watertight
One of the Redgraves
How Sweet __!
Norse fire god
Provide with funds
Better than good
Folksinger Burl
Traffic tangle
Actress Swenson
Vernes captain
Movie shots
Ayatollahs land
Scottish lake
Czech region
Great Expectations hero
Bitsy beginning
Born in __
One of the Canaries
Youre __ talk!
Former French protectorate in Indochina
Death Be Not Proud poet
Legal setting
St Petersburgs river
Wooden piece
Archaic bidding
Greek war god
Greek b
Actor Baldwin
Part of a split personality
The Lion King hero
Young Clinton
Give a toot
Least generous
Heinleins genre
Dine at home
Dispatch boat
Peace emblem
Minn. neighbor
Cobblers tools
Commodities offered for sale
Ive found it!
Refuse to acknowledge
Female in religious order
Capital of the Czech Republic
Game bird
Childrens card game
Stringed instrument
Great disturbance
Drink in
Smell strongly
Is it an end to transport?
Be round in time for discussion
Second appearance for guard
Charm a stubborn person tried first
Dance, then return to vote
A poem sounds due
Redhead in love provdies protection for warrior
A birds complaint
Hark! Its oddly silent
Leave the vehicle burning
Informer, so they say, getting short prison sentence
Lied about doing nothing
Serial involving a country
Id rise before clergyman or board member
Plenty of luggage
Marshal aligns indicator
Some wren or mouse could be huge
Alarming disturbance on the border!
Shopped, yet bread has been ordered!
Get a bin to spin
Growin dried fruit
Some paper money of distinction?
Conceal skin
Negotiators dont include Gore – RTE
Stewardess kicks out Swedes – The Sun
A job for the scouts on all sides today
A noble sort having an influence on The Speaker is a lightweight involved in The Rising
Across the sea, university with the foreign engineer is played by the musician
Amidst retiring farewells for The Libation Bearer
Autopilots lost lots of more work?
Baritones disregard bias of male singer
Busy architect gets rid of art
By no means lose money in bars
Central to the crowdsourcing of old capital
Confirm clip is of leading rider
English learnt solution is everlasting
Heath reviews volume
Instrument for graduates one of these days
Inventors dismissing iron, as it lets off steam
Its said at mass meeting about copper with common sense
Key to playing Gaelic produced by mournful type, as the linesman sees it
Local crazy guy promotes academic research of river rat
Mob were wrong to give shelter according to the literati?
Oriental reader gets to decide who goes to the park?
Parody of burlesque
Press release from Sierra Leone?
Problems for Car Capital
Sample of Grand Cru incomparable to scotch
Sample of gumbo heating up on the cooker
Simon is rewriting assignment
Some agents of the actors thrown out of Costa Rica
Some conundrum – a nuisance for one board member?
Station managed by keen beginner
Theyre looking out for somebody in distress at church socials
Toast on top of coffee is hot to order – those keen to locate the hot stuff need it
Tough time to show affection
Try to find car parts in the likes of chrome?
Turns up, its about opposition to one of those in underground plot
Upsets elitist to broadcast clip from one little plant
Warm spot for Central Hotel
Youd expect them to come to someones rescue perhaps meeting in the bar about parade not starting on road
Songs of … and Experience (William Blake)
An old type of wheat
Angular unit and college award
Annoying constantly
Associate that provides assistance
Call off or invalidate
Cause annoyance
Dark and gloomy, like the mythological river Styx
Decorates cake with sugar topping
Fabric from flax
Fictional owner of a magic lamp
Fruit and colour
Gloucester or Emmental, say
Gold or copper, say
Grows old
High regard, respect
Indefinitely short time
Informal or cursory
Its used in jam-making
Most advanced in age
Most offensively curious
Never ending
On ones feet
Periodic ebbs and flows of the sea
Poking gently with the elbow
Powder produced by some plants
Produce from nothing
Produced a sound by forcing air through the lips
Rodent with sharp black-and-white spikes
Ship that supplies other ships
Social or professional standing
Thin slab of ceramic or slate
Those not already mentioned
Took a sharp breath
Refuse to be associated with
Bare-knuckled fighting
French city on the Loire
Atypical, exceptional
Watery liquid in blood
Discriminating in favour of one side
Forcible subduing
Probably extinct doglike marsupial
Underground passage
Parade, cavalcade
Individual object
Wander aimlessly
Penal; crippling
Sounding sad and mournful
Weak, purposeless
Sounding part of a word
Go by; mountain route
Situated inside
Non-conducting covering material
Small travelling bag
Harshly criticise
Litotes for instance
Fair, impartial
Political agitator working on crowds
Rub hard so as to clean
Newspaper opinion piece
The avoidance of commitment
Bitterness; indignation
See 41 Down
Rainer Maria —, poet
Person who reconciles enemies
Word blindness
Look for; be in store for
Excessively self-absorbed person
Building level
Too great to be overcome
Off guard, trustful
Sly, underhand
Sporting contest entrant
Long speech by actor
Short current affairs cinema film
Feeling; thrilling person or thing
Person excessively concerned with their appearance
Light, delicate, translucent
Following a model
Police rank
Rude, disrespectful
Able to be rebuked or upbraided
Quiet, calm
Uncomfortably hot
In confrontation
Provider of relieving 57 Across
What Americans call sidewalk
John —, US tennis player
Restore to life
Rounded swelling
Happening quickly
Unit of electromotive force
Feed from a teat
Voluntarily leave office
Enter uninvited
Stranded hair
Roman date
Climbing plant
Moving staircase
Electronic calculator
Victor —, French author
Part of the personality
Agreed, corresponded
Cannabis cigarette
Typical mood; ghost
Praise highly
Eg, Baghdad native
Soothing, calming
Correct in all details
Unvarying programme
Cream cake
Start of working week
Cereal plant
Parasitic insect
Toast to show support, perhaps, then drink
Scare makes close friend conceal identity
Sketch by artist depicts hurly-burly of competitive work
Girl I love close by, not a type to preach at people?
Nick turning a hundred, in need of companion
Comprehensive cellar big man organised
Avoid getting drunk with beer when entertaining university philosopher
Financial process (singular, not variable, internally) that makes some characters look big
Supports British activity in court
Dissonant composer is not consistent, leaving out one note
Bitter speeches an encouragement to audience, accompanied by illustrations
Fellow must keep quiet in wood
Man in game is cheat
Headline: ‘Ship has crossed river
Identification of woman, ‘orrible one, no relation
Conservative politician hiding nothing and within the law or guilty with others?
Importance of small foreign church
Artist of major importance making comeback
Excellence of top female in American university
One can detect a certain amount of bluster
Sports official from West ‘am’s annoyance and anger
Getting on, accepting the conclusions of proper debate?
Number half-resigned after change offering words of reconciliation
What parliamentary candidate can lose almost? Politician maybe safe
William and I broadcasting news periodically — we’ve made a packet?
Gentleman returning, greeting wise man
This writer’s book of sayings — no book for those not yet perfect!
Anecdotes by this fellow full of energy in Californian city
No good territory for Scot to occupy — so he emigrates to here?
Like some dates ending in kiss? Lacking style
Something risky — the Spanish people may chew on it
What could make one irate: smut — a shock
Don’t allow botanical body to admit blunder
Tree French author climbs
Job somewhere in Africa in a time of new life
Two islands in river
Offer facility for steam train
Car-makers there organised test of customers’ requirements
Knight about to enter final scene, saying something’s wrong
Walked with external support, a bit of electronic apparatus
Come out with holiday insurance
Troublesome types rush around a ship, taking risk regularly
My friend entertaining soldiers is one of them?
Agent set up yesteryear’s entertainer?
The crew is shipwrecked with last character aboard a theologian
Leader of orchestra, one may surmise, is young and green
Rider to send wild beast across island
Thinking to act’s tricky — keep trying
Big beast gets post keeping little old fellow under
Brats and the like spouting nonsense
Arrive, having ditched English chap, to meet the German boss
Key command in move against thieves
Mix in a Spanish city, having abandoned a friend
Former French friend observed turning up — they’d have testing time
Move of company northwards noted in chronicle
Ceremony embracing sailor’s swift comeback
Spirit of good old man accepting modern style of music
What cowboy uses, see, for catching animal
Music-makers overwhelmed by greed sometimes
Proceed with commercial that provides motivation
Fair idea, say, settled heretical one
Was brilliant in golf, then made a mess
Community leader to go on endlessly
Almost left magical place, back in wild
Fancy coral and gold adornment for the cloth
Handle British money on tick
Quality of vessel with stone from the east
Extra swell? Quite!
True love overwhelms singular stage hero
Drinks and drugs experience going both ways
Listen to the French horn
Mind introducing new terms
Prying about the setter’s conspicuous quality
Supply moving elfin girl is present
Sign union’s promised to hire staff somewhere in Herts
Rising star drinking mixed gin in European city
Keen on catching Mahler’s last prelude
Short notice to include game
Like ring topped with cool colour
Drugs business jerks earlier sped up
Replacement programme drops current story
Cook comes with crisp or golden chip
Copper on drug affair turned up dead ends
Saturated fat
Fit to include half of rulers’ praise
For one leader of gang, place for punishment that could become life?
State of book, one containing old letter
Coming round, I love British or Russian food
Videtis, conspicitis, intellegitis
____ Iulia, Caesar’s family; populus, natio
Emollit, a bello vertit
You are all being washed; I have released more than half of the least amount
Sic, eo modo
She thinks out, invents; fingit
I have taken, received
A Roman mile = mille ____
Opposite, facing; adversa et ____ vulnera, honourable wounds (because not in the back)
Haud, nullo modo
Let them breathe; exhalent, vivant
He had gone (eo, ire, ii)
Wings (aut avium, aut aedificiorum, aut exercitus)
Cunctantur, haesitant, cessant (deponent)
A female prisoner; ea quae in carcere tenetur
Straight, without delay: “tendimus hinc ____ Beneventum” (Horace Satires 1.5.71)
“Gallia est omnis divisa ____ ____ ____”, ut (fere) scripsit Caesar (BG 1.1)
Ad eum locum; huc ____ this way and that
You (pl) have driven, done (ago, agere)
Let her know (pres subjunctive)
Verba quibus Romani utebantur
Pale, fair, white; “Quintia formosa est . . . ____, longa, | recta est” (Catulllus 86)
Unus illorum qui in Curia rem publicam regebant
Pure; Iphigenia the ____ hostia for an appalling sacrifice (Lucr DRN 1.98)
Away, backwards; “fugit ____ . . .iuventas” (Horace Odes 2.11.5-6
No traitor, he knew or had discovered a shortened form
Feats in mouth person, per Henry Ford
From Dresden surname
I prefer to __ with Plato . . . than to be right: Cicero
Inconvenience preceder
This way!
Youre getting on that plane with Victor speaker
50-state summer camp sponsor
Barely make
Big name in brush heads
Choral contingent
CNBC Garage guy
Common toll-increase opponent
Computer connector
Connected, as in Copland
Core group
Dark __
Direct effort
Dont go quietly
Encouraging words
Far from fulsome
First US outlet for Monty Python
Fully resistant
Funny business
Go slowly
Guilty party
He won his fourth term during Typhoon Lan
Home of Walesa Airport
Intelligence collections
Its south of Detroit on I-75
Its main inlet is the Detroit River
JFK confidant
Kind of account
Lacking enthusiasm
Land O Lakes butter ingredient
Make an extended delivery
Metaphor for suspicion
Move smoothly
Name on the cover of Kinsey and Me
NBA point man
NBA team formerly from Minneapolis
Needing repairs, perhaps
No-nonsense on the job
Not quite all-stars
Oaf or loafer
Platforms about two inches high
Power source for seven states
Pretentious question
Protection for polo players
See 25 Across
Site for a small cinema
Something heard too much
Something taken by the tired
Song title literally, My Sunshine
Spaces around a Trivial Pursuit board
Start to color
Tacitus and Cicero
Tears down
Traces of discredit
Traditional diner name
Unlikely to 55 Across
US Womens Open conductor
Washington general at Valley Forge
West __ (Darjeelings region)
What anatomists call minimus
Winging it?
With 23 Across, traditional school sound
__ João Batista
December ditty
Rolex rival
Pink Lady alcohol
Gladiator star Russell
Waste time
Spanish year
Double agent?
Streets: Abbr.
Seamless transition
Toothed tool
Dart like a butterfly
Media mogul with a noted book club
Baseball great Satchel
Bruce Banner portrayer
Ticket agent?
Mil. base truants
Law firm visitors
Morning drops
Chicken ___ king
Fully prepared
Just as I suspected!
Like some expensive produce
Van Gogh city
Collection agent?
20 dispensers, briefly
Brush with the law
Wide awake
Mineral sources
Cornfield call
Helicopter part
Mazel ___!
Field agent?
Three, in Tuscany
Skin care giant
Boxing great Pacquiao
Boathouse stick
Sleep study subject
Ill will
Includes on an email
Martial ___ (judo, etc.)
Don Juan sort
Soccer blunder
Lessen in intensity
Poetic homage
Fire station figure
Frozen snow queen
Radiant look
Atlas Shrugged author Rand
Two-ingredient seasoning
Dark blue shade
Airplane wing warning
Indisputable statement
Understood by few
Nina sister ship
Past the expiration date
Impress greatly
This is your only chance!
Of financial matters
Cancellation cost
Cosmos author Carl
Skype annoyance
___ and haw
Big-eared equine
Stats for cleanup hitters
Not news to me
Seedy stopover
Blue ___ (Capri sea cave)
Northern sky sight
Spongy ball brand
Gads about
Dorito or Pringle
Long, long time: Var.
Marriott competitor
Patronize Airbnb
Org. for pugilists
Drink infused in Chinese culture
Whiskey variety
Plow pullers in Amish country
To Kill a Mockingbird’ setting
Common soccer score
Indians, for example
For what matters most’ sloganeer
Stockholder’s holding
A chef may have a problem if she ___
Handouts at la brasserie
#1 hit for Kenny Rogers
George’s wife
Geometric calculation
___-majeste (treason)
Home of Athena, Artemis and Aphrodite
Word added to a Realtor’s sign
Grilled fish seasoning
Adrien of skin care fame
A window washer may have a problem if he ___
Brassy sound
Children’s author Enid
A doctor may have a problem if she ___
Punt path
Conclusion for Descartes
Graafian follicles
Rosencrantz or Guildenstern, e.g.
Salon supply
Trade-overseeing org.
Temperature at which water vapor begins to condense
A baker may have a problem if she ___
New additions to some families
___ Lanka
Puts on the pounds
What the fourth little piggy had
Scrollwork shape
ABBA’s ‘___ Marionette
Opens the door to
A deli worker may have a problem if he ___
Shift positions, in volleyball
Salon supply
Ferrell’s cheerleading partner on 73-Down
A farmer may have a problem if she ___
Chip to dip
Cryptographers, often
Jorge Mario Bergoglio, now
Ollie’s partner
Heist haul
Wrap again, as an ankle
Tennis great Nastase
A fisherman may have a problem if he ___
Dogie catchers
No longer occupied
Itinerant mender of pans
Overalls pair
Prose pros
Password creators
Danny’s daughter
Jitterbug variant
With 119-Down, Nestle chocolate candy
Fabric finish?
Alternative to Ubers
Even if, for short
NYC home of Dali’s ‘The Persistence of Memory
How good drivers drive
Movie star’s affirmation, familiarly
FDR’s mtge. plan
Winter hat feature
Salsa brand
Liam of ‘Widows
Ancient Jewish ascetic
State concisely
Zap, in a way
Bridge position
Was in control
Outstanding things
Mazes and Monsters’ writer Jaffe
Studio section
Frozen’ queen
Tomb Raider’ heroine
Bumper-to-bumper occurrence?
Newsdealer’s spot
Common craps throw
___ visit (drops in)
Capital of Cyprus
People on pedestals
Manicurist’s tool
It became Spike TV in 2003
B train?
Suit materials
Dogie catchers
Forcibly snatch
Random criticisms
Houston sch.
Do an injustice to
Gate attachment
NBC staple since 1975
Little piggy
Livy’s love
Alternative to an Uber
Division dramatique
Docile bunch
Like Voldemort, in the Harry Potter films
Rivendell resident
William and Harry, e.g.
Edible corm
Old-fashioned letter salutation
Engrossed, informally
Vector’s counterpart
Hyundai model
Tried to rip apart
Workout count
Green sauce
Highly flammable solvent
Cut from the same cloth
Kitchen gadget
Malicious looks
Tongue-flicking critter
Lends a hand
See 5-Down
Bot. or bio.
Lucy of ‘Elementary
A wicket taken in one African state or another
Abominable snowman
Against the law
Aquatic mammal
Baked pastry dish
Brass component
Celebrated new coin I caught
Certain measures taken about student in Armada
College janitor wants dark beer
Country neighbouring Zambia
Cricketers headgear
Dicky idle in the shop
Drive away duck circling one small lake
Dumplings coaching without a stew?
Earthly paradise
Failure among Hindu deities
First-rate leader trained dog
Funny Raglan with his utopia
Hard border control is something prickly
Hard felt hat
Hospital worker unlikely to be disorganised
Instrument, not easy, finally abandoned by girl
Italian potato dumplings
Metal from Biarritz in containers
Mouth organ
Music of The Stones?
Neat and tidy
Occasionally in the two cricket sides
Old costume a male one in Japanese art
One writing to the French thunder god
Outcast one left in river
Outlet selling exotic foods
Paper-folding skill
Sick bird we hear? Thats wrong!
So far to meet one legendary creature
Some okapi eating savoury meal
Songbird was first to be named
Spiny creature
Terrier breed
Try hard to catch glimpse of Romeo — stick around
Wading bird
Wizard beheaded beast in river
. . . and ___ well!
. . . ___ I saw Elba
At Last singer James
Coming soon ad
M*A*S*H extras
Nessie, e.g
Peter Pan dog
Spy vs. Spy publication
___ making a list . . .
46-Across student
A brother of Michael Jackson
Added stipulations
Adds flavor to
Artwork of bits and pieces
Assemble, as troops
Attorneys org
Barbecue skewer
Birthplace of St. Francis
Classic cars with horsecollar grilles
Deliverer of stemwinders
Drainpipe bend
Eggs on canapes
Fish-eating raptor
Frozen daiquiri insert
Go and Go Fish
Having a tiff
In a gentle manner
In-demand real estate listing
Island near Mull
Key with no sharps or flats
Kick out of the country
Latte ingredient
Laurel of Babes in Toyland
Like 1943 copper pennies
Lodging for yachters
Mardi Gras king
Maze-running rodents
More bummed
Mork and kin, for short
Nitrous oxide, e.g
On the job
Orbison who sang Pretty Woman
Paleozoic or Mesozoic
Parmesan alternative
Pasta sauce buy
Phone call cost, once
Pinafore letters
Race on a strip
Rock concert gear
Sacrificial spot
Sling mud at
Some zesty dips
Something to second
Spare no expense
StubHub offerings, briefly
Sudden-death periods (Abbr.)
Tate Modern display
The cornea covers it
Throw for a loop
Title bestowed on Jagger
Toon hunter of Bugs
Tree surgeons tool
Used a firemans pole
Utopian spots
Vine, to Hollywood Boulevard
Volcano near Catania
Watches a neighbors pooch, say
Where the Whiffenpoofs sing
Where to earn a finance degree, for short
Whiff king Nolan
Word before rage or hog
Words before 10-Down
Writing tablets of old
Yoga class accessory
___-hit wonder
Hot breakfast food
Egyptian peninsula
Daring and romantic adventurer
Unspecified person
Foot-operated boat
Too informally clothed for the occasion
Metal cutter
Loud and rude
Affectedly creative
Start of the financial year
Purple vegetable
Difficult to reach
Elderly Russian woman
Gardeners tool
Old gold coin
Units of electrical resistance
Shorthand for the contest between the British and Russian empires over 19
Port in Yemen
The capital of Malaysia
Whence came Ali Gs Massiv?
Russias real objective in 7/21?
Jacob and Wilhelm __, German collectors of folk tales
Arthur __, prime minister 1902-1905
Country bordered by Iran and Tajikistan
See 7
A suburb in London but a province in Canada?
__ 21 – how Pele described football?
South American rodent
Eric __, producer of Darkest Hour and Four Weddings and a Funeral
European country that became a republic in 1946
Opera by Bizet
See 1
Trademarked polystyrene used for insulation – or disposable coffee cups
The Hindu goddess of wealth
Composer whose works include Das Lied von der Erde
__ Fail, Irish conservative political party
Mountain range in South America
__ Star, also known as Sirius
Thug giving hag no oil, possibly
One Labour leader had returned with a plant
Speak in vain now the beasts are straying
Building I cede if worried
In French grotto, about 50 from San Marino, e.g.
Impudence from defender about to get headgear
Discover the whereabouts of a small quantity
Part of rare national sports venue
Group of spectators giving Diane cue unexpectedly
First of shoppers with silver in road wanting pasta
Fire makes us conclude number
Officer I once let out for time of voting
Attempt to grab object in vogue
Attendance for scene rep disturbed
Dogs mistake?
Stubborn set in boat, damaged
Skating area used by Eric, possibly, in Kent originally
Part of Italian nieces musical
Cop, Rita, spoiling fruit
Beast of burden left with the French graduate
A Greek character always with high-flyer
Agreed when posted with journalist
Wonderful European in place of refuge, extremely lively
Agreement with one on musical instrument
Supporter with lamp in window
Article on German man, enraged
Eastern fellows with strange sects personal property
Bachelor getting a small quantity in spring
Feeling revealed by famous ensemble
Layabout producing identification left with hesitation