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Crosswords Buzz Answers 2019-2-10

Gun like a cars motor
His and ___
Increased in height
Word that can go before struck or some
1970s Romanian tennis champion ___ Nastase
Velvet item outside of an exclusive nightclub
Transformers actress who left Twitter in 2013 saying she thought it was pointless: 2 wds.
It shares a landmass with Europe
Find the tally
Natural ability
Succeed in the end like a scheme: 2 wds.
___ Talks (online lecture series)
Actor Mahershala who voices Aaron in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
Shaun of the Dead star who left Twitter in 2014 saying it just wasnt for him: 2 wds.
Talk nonstop about how great something is
___-fat diet
Triple ___ (jump thats rare in womens figure skating)
La La Land actress who left Twitter in 2013 after her account was hacked: 2 wds.
Savings plan for old age: Abbr.
Desperate Morse code message
___ to appear (scheduled as a speaker)
Survive on ones meager earnings: 2 wds.
Lend support to
Soreness after strenuous exercise
Orange Is the New Black actress who left Twitter in 2018 because of online abuse: 2 wds.
Item of apparel made by Manolo Blahnik or Christian Louboutin
Event thats believed to predict the future
Call of Duty: Black ___ 4 (2018 video game)
Angry drivers noisemaker
Walk through water
Example of vermin
Male sheep
Female sheep
The practice of eating no animal products
Worshipers of Brahma and Vishnu
2003 movie where Ed Asner played Santa Claus
Second-largest Brazilian city for short
On the Basis of ___ (2018 biopic about Ruth Bader Ginsburg)
Dirty ___ (2016 Zac Efron comedy)
Parks of the civil rights movement
Like a three-hour movie perhaps
Lacking strength
Without further ___ …
Male doll in the Barbie line of toys
___-turner (absorbing book)
College graduate briefly
Is askew like a picture frame
Places that are larger than villages but smaller than cities
What cows say
Way out with an illuminated sign above it often: 2 wds.
Internal Affairs star Richard
Formerly famous person whos now largely forgotten: Hyph.
___ milk (what tofu is made from)
Comedian Boosler
Up in the ___ (George Clooney film)
Deep cut
Unwanted sound effect from a microphone
Hammer-wielding member of the Avengers
Line of seats in a movie theater
Batman & Robin actress Thurman
Pull-out sofas hidden feature
Place you might go to spoil yourself
actress and singer Justice
landlocked African nation
home of Wolverines football
Managua is its capital
Pulitzer-winning poet Gluck
well above average
where 38% of Canadians live
Parabolas, essentially
Part of a wedding 9-Across
See 5-Across
Trophy winner
He planned for a rainy day
Sled dog with a statue in Central Park
Jewish month before Nisan
Corolla part
*Result of a foul on a long basketball shot
Bandleader Shaw
Start of Euripides’ signature
See 92-Across
Took off the board
Popular jeans
Does, as an animated character
A, B or C, in Washington
*Albino orca, e.g
You’re on!’ and others
Country singer Chesney
It was all ___
Chops down
Places for toasters and roasters
Word after sock or bunny
Subjects of some New Year’s resolutions
Deli order
When repeated, emergency cry to a fighter pilot
Pub orders
On base, say
*Part of a department store where people sit
Legally confer, as a power
Kind of joke
Lilac color
High regard
Certain intersection
Andrew Jackson’s Tennessee home, with ‘the
Family reunion attendee, informally
One taking inventory?
___ Pueblo (World Heritage Site)
Expensive outing
Philadelphia art museum, with ‘the
With 29-Across, source of a famous smile
*Home of the world’s only 14-lane suspension bridge
Atonement’ author Ian
Old barracks decorations
Catches up to
Bollywood instruments
Man Ray’s genre
Ham it up
Wine orders
Good servers
*Timekeeper on the Emerald Isle
Free ___
Text message status
Assists in a way one shouldn’t
One getting the red-carpet treatment
Diary passage
Scottish caps
Hill and tunnel builder
Architect Mies van der ___
*What a dairymaid does all day long
Poi plants
Chaiken who co-created ‘The L Word
Printemps follower
Source of a deferment in the 1960s draft
Big fan
Yamaha competitor
Formerly, once
Tim ___, frequent collaborator with Adam Sandler
Ancient Greek state with Athens
The Marvelous Mrs. ___’ (award-winning Amazon series)
I beg of you
A sharps
Aer Lingus destination
Performances for Hawaii tourists
Plane, e.g
Column in soccer standings
Picket line crosser
Hobbes’s favorite food in ‘Calvin and Hobbes
Text message status
Leading characters in ‘Mad Max
Matter in court
1984 Olympic gymnastics sensation
___ Boston (noted hotel)
___ de leche
Put an edge on
Hey you!
Writer Stieg Larsson, e.g
Hard way to say the answers to the starred clues in this puzzle (good luck!)
Willow twig
San ___, Calif
Having a frog in one’s throat
Building direction, briefly
What ‘btw’ means
Mess (with)
Spanish direction
Book before Deut
Extend a hand to after a fall, say
London’s Old ___
Beyond that
Listens attentively
Jane the Virgin’ actress Rodriguez
Wine: Prefix
Was on the verge of collapse
What ‘light’ cigarettes are lower in
Not so hip
The Garden of Earthly Delights’ painter
App release
One of the B vitamins
Electrician’s concern
Like the smell of some bread
Where something annoying might be stuck
Less welcoming
What a headache might feel like
Start of a classic Christmas poem
James of jazz
Ponzi scheme, e.g
Wilbur’s home in ‘Charlotte’s Web
Box score inits
Time sheet units: Abbr
Castle, site in East Sussex of The Royal Greenwich Observatory from 1948-90
Andre , French Marshal in the armies of Napoleon awarded the title Prince dEssling
Lemuroid primate of Madagascar also called a babakoto
US jazz singer who played Maggie Jackson in 1955 film drama Pete Kellys Blues
1974 fantasy film starring Sean Connery and Charlotte Rampling
Colourless radioactive element; symbol Rn
Denis , 1980-83 Deputy Leader of the Labour Party; Chancellor of the Exchequer from 1974-79
Ballet step in which a dancer springs from one leg and lands on the other
2010 Tim Burton fantasy film starring Mia Wasikowska in the title role
Greek wine flavoured with resin
See 19
Capital of Brazil
Alloy based on iron containing carbon and small quantities of other elements
Kenny , 1992-2003 Scotland wing who played club rugby for Glasgow Warriors, Wasps and London Scottish
Romance language of Europe also known as Langue doc
Douglas , Conservative MP for Witney from 1983-97; Home Secretary from 1985-89
Shark of chiefly warm waters with flattened extensions on either side of the head
See 10 Across
Legendary foster brother and steward of King Arthur
I, King of Albania from 1928-39
Latin hymn of the 13th century describing the Last Judgement whose title translates as day of wrath
Screen or wall decoration at the back of an altar
Collective noun for a group of lions
Howard , US radio personality who played himself in 1997 biopic Private Parts
Island in the Inner Hebrides; site of an abbey founded by St Columba
Going between places far apart
Extremely dirty and unpleasant
Decide on
Push gently
Exact copy
By chance
Cruel, brutal
Less important song on a vinyl record
Line in darts
Forgets how many
Poised for use or action
Military waking signal
Beginning or origin
Traffic light colour
Batsmans score of zero
Trade British craft with hesitation
Same sort of stitching
Spoken of morality
Emphasis on pronunciation
Attentive to wrong part
Leave out of room itself
Dog really captured monster
Wander out of terror
Insect of character, say
Doctor finds the French spy
Question what time wife will meet bride
Get a new entrance
Make an effort on a tune
Pleased with simplicity
Arrange by type
Deal with one outburst
Brian turned out to be a thinker
Eric prepared some food
Reversible hub?
Possibly airs a dress
Happy to be told not to start
Heath has time to get car
Lame sort of dinner, say
Willing bird
Wept about queen getting tin mixture
Fake coach has to go back
Start playing notes
Feeling that may be common
Hate adjusting temperature
Long story about a gas
Symbol on a letter
Drone, eg
Burrowing mammal
Question word
Angry speech
Cereal plant
Helicopter part
Indian dress
Prose narrative
Move in water
Price label
Commandment start
Highway divider
Geologic ages
Right now!
Literary piece
Sad look
Robbers run
Up to now
Touch on
Gamma follower
Tango numero
Common tree
Makes like a mule
Once around
Ranis attire
Chooses by vote
Crude metal
Heat again
Crib or cot
Wet, as grass
Line of fashion
Hewing tool
Editing mark
Atomic bit
Art gallery
Koppel et al.
Met solo
Like some meat
Saw wood
Write down
Plaster coating
Romantic song
Painters tripods
Salon treatment
Aquatic mammal
Fur pieces
Nails kin
Naval yes
Murmur amorously
2,000 pounds
Fertile soil
Crossword direction
Destination of Marco Polo
Vocal range
Rodeo rope
Peninsula near the Red Sea
Food scrap
Clue for hounds
Pen pals?
Complexion enhancement
Email subject abbr.
Get to smile
From square one
Steam up
John, to Paul, George and Ringo
John, Paul, George and Ringo
Chefs directives involving sieves?
Travis of country
Tennis Goolagong
Kia HQ city
Old pool people
One splitting firewood?
Violin stroke
Big chamber group
Candidates aim
Yearbook sect.
Chance for Obi-Wan to play?
Quaint oath
Bar quaff, briefly
YOLO, in ancient Rome
Actress Staunton of Harry Potter movies
Lemony, say
PC bailout key
113-Downs last words
Take in or let out
Broadways Hagen
Hirsute Himalayan humanoid of myth
Crossed (out)
Therapists technique using poetry?
Compress, as a file
Pop duo __ & Him
Signs of shock
Curriers partner
Andrea __: ill-fated ship
City, informally
Magoos malady
Cooperstown charter member
Prov. at one end of the Ambassador Bridge
Dental image
Social event for British tavern keepers?
Latin art
Triangle product
Tots rebuttal
Role for Liam
Dusting goal?
Banded metamorphic rock
Big Sur institute
Cambodians neighbors
Film frames
Knighted British actor Hawthorne
License to search for the Holy Grail?
The Canterbury Tales pilgrim
Blast cause
Washington city
Enterprise counselor
Portfolio part
Collecting Soc. Sec.
Virgo/Libra mo.
Project for Poirot
Student of Seneca
TV dinner brand
Xena actress OConnor
Hush-hush maritime org.
Java holder
Witty bit
Sensitive issues for directors
Wells title foes
Bobs and buns
Bloody Civil War battle site
Actress Maples
Inuit boats
Volleyball position
Fragrant compounds
Put up
Roosters last word?
Involve with reluctantly, as a tough situation
__ bene
Yellowish tone
Answers the call
Pollen carrier
Erie Canal city
One who has class?
Benjamin of Law & Order
Kicks out
Govt. org. with a Media Bureau
Calendario square
Mil. roadside danger
2017 Best Director Oscar winner Guillermo __ Toro
It may be held in a deli
Southern Calif. airport
Roller in Vegas
Put in
MLKs title
Voice artist Blanc
Shakespearean cries
Pop of punk
Snoopys nemesis
Northern Calif. airport
Jane Rochester, née __
Uncouth types
Its misleading when its red
Ming most look up to
Spot at the prom?
Climbing greenery
Iron pumpers pride
Versatile utensil
Historic nautical trio member
Dionysus devotee
Red or White
Little trickster
Aladdin monkey
Club component
AOL alternative
Patients ID
Fill to the max
Nikkei index currency
Blog updates
Gretzkys NHL record 1,963
Supreme Egyptian deity
Bar in TVs M*A*S*H
Play grounds?
Bring into harmony
Parisian 37-Down
I never give anything without expecting something in return speaker
Western treaty gp.
NBA legend Thomas
Little fight
Euro forerunners
Programmers endless problem
Peevish state
Game div.
Barely make, with out
Fjord kin
Ships records
Met solo
Voice range
Ancient Peruvians
State flower of Ohio
Pile up
House addition
Having rows
Poker payment
Florida city
Pub drink
Corn serving
TV host
Suez or Erie
Ambulance alarms
Marsh plants
Horses home
Musician ____ Wonder
Raw material
Come together
Beer mug
Give over
Old Glory
English noblemen
Bullring cries
Young lady
____ Diego
E.T., e.g.
Itinerary word
Reads quickly
Test for flavor
Item of value
Natural reduction in staff
Urban air pollution
Coal source
Bridge seat
Pub missile
Pay attention
Rowing implement
Skin woe
Not fatty
Slithery swimmers
The Red Planet
Soup legume
Fishing nets
Christmas visitor
Towns announcer
Rise up
Folded tortilla dish
Cut grain
Naval officer (abbr.)
Frequently, to Keats
City outside Tunisia turned into part of the Roman Empire
Inaccessible spot where setters entertained by Jane?
Missile trailing special bird
Sailors pretend to bear north then do a runner
Dutch pigpens not cleaned thoroughly
Animal crossing ploughed up acre in credit with fixture in field …
… has learnt legend about children abandoned in forest
Publicity surrounding liquid used for washing material found in fabrics
Located wings of albatross in part of garden
Special cart distributed churchs cash
Vans breaking down in shed curtailed campaign
Language used in Berlin government
9 accepting new crate of fruit
Get rid of officer during cut in firm with restrictive hiring policy
Killer of topless girls getting home
Rough old soldier hiding in farm building
Partners attending opening of observatory with cocaine
Tool encasing buddhist monks portable stove
Space in M&S used by women getting attention for some of its clothing
Passion in letter unyielding
Insensitive wife finally accepted by relative
Vehicles turned up with mostly fake electronic device
Daily news broadcast about Tinseltowns foremost film producer
Choice made by evangelical leader reading in church
Tense Australian male entering troubled Asian island state
Health professional protecting lower part of airway in soft part of neck
Small soldier has trimmed ribbon on cap
Deposit is returned to lieutenant
Bird in small pile of hay
See note
Ornamental carp
Make out
Type of camel
Metropolitan Police HQ
Not one or the other
Lowest point
Put forward
French wind
UK historical period
Weather map line
Muse of love poetry
Fabric made from flax
Criterion: Abbr.
Frozen fare
Astronomical sighting
Air pollution
Surveying instrument
Where to go for the jugular
Empty areas
Grabs some shuteye
Old-time actor Wallace ___
Whats to become __?
Some Balts
Movie production giant
Grammy category
South Pacific island group
__ Small World
Singer Dee
Marx collaborator
Begin again
Meryl of movies
Hail at sea
Solemn observance
Brat Pack actor Rob
Yarn irregularity
Cowboys home
Out of line
Foot fraction
A head of Time
Sung softly
Ranch worker
Pursue stealthily
Author Morrison
Place for balloons
Bring to mind
Wise ones
Touched by an Angel star
Medical practitioner
Jacket parts
Sonic the Hedgehog maker
Cool off
1940s South African P.M.
Chair parts
Carry on
New York City section
Like a Cyclops
Cash for Czechs
Heroic tales
Author Welty
Garment size
Deepest lake in the continental USA
Queens land, once
Dickens girl
Stole, perhaps
Plant from which linen is made
Ski slope
In that place
Gentle wind
Fully developed
Venomous snake
Preliminary period
Stubbornly persistent
Small island
Flute player
Stop sleeping
Drive back
Severely simple
Sea between Greece and Turkey
Bring back
Jasons ship
During breaks scatter bread for birds
Horrible rogues turning on me
Story time followed by drink
Shelter king with vegetable
Stable men are upset by less rot
Night-club looked grim, having changed hue
A jumper for the captain?
Powder used in post-natal care
Mark is back in a famous school
Suffered anguish in San Diego?
Straightforward, but not straight forward, we hear
Initially rounding up runaways at large in the country
A river with female swans becomes less shallow
A chamber in space
Dislike upsetting Rose and Ivan
Sum for child, adding one and fifty
Royal Frederick is only partially an English king
Traces of strange prediction
Knock out facts and figures about a state of the USA
Studying in a Berkshire town
Christmas entertainment on tap, perhaps
Cold warmth? Thats a fraud
Performer rode madly
Aleutian island
Mil. installations
Earthy shade
Eat, Pray, Love locale
My bad!
Fugards A Lesson From ________
Unwanted plant in the incubator?
Taxi customers
Soviet head of state Mikhail
13-Across, for one
Way out
Kinky Boots composer
Bean on screen
Court fig.
________ buco
Famed orca
Splice, as film
Palin portrayer on SNL
Pulls up
More just
Italian entree word
Three-time Masters champ Jimmy
Italian dessert word
Detroit baseballers bloom?
Colonel Tibbets mom
Sundries holder
Mrs. Ernie Kovacs
Ed Nortons workplace
9-Down, e.g.: abbr.
Easy marks
Good Morning America network
Morse unit
Larter of Heroes
Dogpatchs ________ Joy Juice
Broadway actress Beth
Nail at an angle
Pooped out
McCaskill of Missouri
Root at Hialeah?
Feels dizzy
Lots of sass?
Reagan prog.
Memorable Carpenter
Dated jacket
Dissect grammatically
Felines favorite shrub?
________ People, song from Gypsy
Miss the eagle by two
Pre-Xerox copy
This is only ________
Bergens bumpkin
Biblical letters
I Like ________
More tender
Delphic seer
Cousin of thereat
Poops out
Lacking backing
Nice season?
Canal site
Greek peak
Last word of Ulysses
Ill will
Accepted blame humbly
Mafia code of silence
Person of the hour
Bill Clintons #2
Formalwear imparting a pleasantly optimistic feeling?
Flier Earhart
Tricky rascal
Some pipe shapes
Model of iPod
Weasels kin
Room, in Spanish
G-men, e.g.
Appropriate underwear in a law court?
Gemini, e.g.
Unwanted plant growth
Oh, sure!
Neckwear making people unable to move?
ICU tubes
Burnt residue
Yellow hue
With 72-Across, 1920s-30s design style
Royal flush card
A Marx brother
— Zedong
Ukraine city
Toadstool-shaped headwear?
Kilt wearer
Stew sphere
Moral errors
Actress Perlman
Womens wear encircling a magazine?
Tooth filler
See 49-Across
Abbr. of fair hiring
Go bonkers
Beach where everyone dons athletic wear?
Do a tally of
Abbr. in personal ads
Sir Andrew — Webber
— Day Will Come
Be in debt to
Writer Joyce Carol —
Frequently, to a poet
Pull sharply
Waist wear inscribed with images of sun-orbiting bodies?
Castle trench
Sit as a model
Outerwear with huge pockets to hold LPs?
Verbal gems
9-to-5ers relieved cry
Telegraphic code creator
Slave away
Inside info
Pro at taking dictation
Frozen spike
Summer wear depicting cartoon scenes?
Weasels kin
Looked scornfully
Messenger of the gods
Rains cold pellets
Mean rulers
Big bother
Oven brand
Sherpa land
Deep fissure
An Amerind
Brit. mil. fliers
Get — of (obtain)
Closing parts
Homer Simpson cry
Rusty color
Singer — Marie
Sheeps call
Rum Punch novelist Leonard
Yeah, makes sense
Nick of film
Angie star Davis
Tommy actor
E-I linkup
Royal flush card
Theyre shot from air rifles
Modest reply to kudos
Comical sort
Scots toppers
Many Apples
Paperless novel, e.g.
Turkic language
Bit of lifting lingerie
I, to Freud
Curved line
Mani offerer
Quick trip
Helper: Abbr.
Gardening implements
Stock up on
As is fitting
Grabs the attention of suddenly
Cut to bits
Buckeye State sch.
A bit drunk
Regretted deeply
Lysol target
Jon who played Napoleon Dynamite
Join together
Studio prop
Earring part
Im Real singers nickname
Kiss go-with, often
Seal schools
Mel who wore #4
Helpers in crime
— Mahal
Painters studio
Used a sofa
Elected (to)
Platform for Apple devices
Biceps, e.g.
Brunch dish
Slightly off
Hush money
Slide on a sled, say
Polyphonic choral piece
Opinion pieces
Lysol target
Its gathered in recon
Pippin director Bob
Mend, as socks
Mets former stadium
Ending for lion or seer
— culpa
Zip it!
Shellfish soup
Imagined situation
In ____, playfully
Less transparent
In a servile way
One suffering memory loss
Story resumption
Crushed ice drink
Femmes fatales
Ringed planet
Friendly greeting
Walk lamely
Wall decoration
Wildly belt more radical party member
Sexy and glitzy, not ugly essentially
Praise honourable answer hospital enters
Place key on seat
Vehicle close to crash with lorry
Sleeping male is surrounded by insects
Can of cocktail?
Holy man graduates without mortar board?
She might have helped with fertility problems found in A&E
Too much of this and she’ll have to stitch up your trousers!
Aquatic bird seen briefly over mass of ice
Swag stuffed aboard transports close to Kiev
Smelly old dons hit yours truly after beginning of seminar
I turn and circle Crete at sea
Young guys protecting European stars
Brow rubbed with cloth, being by this?
Fleece or jumper with a bit of khaki?
A way to punch hooligan and survive
Old beer in case from Harrods expires
Attentive person in the employ of Eton alumnus?
Hot under collar after giving a lift to queen with long legs
Somewhat geared to changes, ultimately adaptive
Half of France’s gloomy, but fit to be leased
Witness where cricket side might play six-footer
Communication system that’s a bit dotty?
First-class cases old magistrate deduced
As Racine’s plays
A thing seen behind ship tossing and turning?
Caller made a speculation on radio
He might do sailor’s knots and I might draw
The Green Party’s first MP who has held the Brighton Pavilion seat since 2010
A ____’s Ring is received by each pope at his inauguration
British-born, but naturalised US poet who wrote Funeral Blues
Port on the Gulf of Guinea: its country’s capital until 1991
Not ‘England’s green and pleasant land’!
Maurice ____, French vaudeville actor whose dancing partner was Mistinguett
Lacking generality
Group of Dutch artists and architects of the 1920s which included Mondrian and Van Doesburg
In Dad’s Army, William Hodges is a greengrocer and ____
Fourth estate
Takes off a cape
Characters such as Molière’s Alceste
____ of Spring is the third of Sinding’s Six Pieces for piano
As Geoffrey Crayon, ____ wrote a Sketch Book with stories including The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
2018 historical drama film starring Saoirse Ronan as the eponymous royal
Small sandpiper with a brown back and black breast in summer
Nickname of the Second World War RAF commander-in-chief who oversaw attacks on Berlin and Nuremberg in 1944
Codename for the Allied operation to invade Normandy which began on D-Day in 1944
As quick as lightning!
An alternative name for the Book of Revelation
The setting for Twelfth Night
Tallis’s ‘Spem in Alium’ is a ____ with 40 singing parts
Employed or found on dry land near a coast
Eurasian swallow with white and bluish-black plumage
Dutch or Huguenot colonists who settled in South Africa
English silver coin worth four pence, only rarely issued after the 16th century
Radio producer Douglas ____’s work included the premiere of Under Milk Wood in 1954
The ____, Nathaniel Hawthorne’s novel about the adulteress Hester Prynne
A drawing pencil made of an amorphous form of carbon
The Five ____ is one of the Lord Peter Wimsey mysteries by Dorothy L Sayers
Undeciphered writing system, used in ancient Crete
Gertie Gitana’s famous musical hall song, with a chorus starting “There’s an old mill by the stream”
Part of the northern Mediterranean, between Corsica and the Italian Riviera
Large cooking apples
MP for Aberavon, married to former Danish PM, Helle Thorning-Schmidt
Bread dipped in egg and milk, and then fried
Mushroom-shaped arrangement of pieces of rock supporting a haystack or other food store
The ultimate recipient of a product being sold
The USA’s ‘Magnolia State
Metal ornamentation, with engraved areas filled with a black compound
Likeness of embryonic tissue
Art Nouveau designer René ____ was noted for frosted glassware
____ whales are those with throat grooves, including minkes and humpbacks
Home town of Strictly Come Dancing’s Kevin Clifton
Hanna-Barbera cartoon series combining 1960s lifestyles with a prehistoric setting
The ____ Protectorate became Botswana in 1966
A series of related novels, like The Forsyte Saga
County town on the River Nene
A painting which gives a convincing illusion of three-dimensional reality
Civic leader of Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, or Dundee
Frank Hornby’s mostly metal toy patented in 1907
Segment of the spine
Insectivorous bird with long downward-pointing bill and long pointed wings and tail
Nationality of the inhabitants of Streymoy and Eysturoy
A dish made with sheets of pasta
Composed of stone
Fenced with royal support so to speak
Driver has week in Glasgow, thoroughly wet there
Leader retiring can secure backing re early transitional period
Reveal lady’s bust
Shock as before leaving New York is concerning
Sulphur left out, paint mostly blended as before
Makeshift court house during stoppage accepted
Character well-informed on refined oil in tin
Take tea before noon and you fancy ceremony with it
Adult view in Pennsylvania shows a clumsy type
Potter role put in play
Ma in concert edition was very unsettled
Kid tucking into last pieces of delicious sponge cake
Growth in wine-making? Look in France and Florida
On Metropolitan line, former chief’s one up front
Flatter fairway, champion’s flourished
Master bitten by dog — what language!
Journal agreed Hard Times novel for comic
Morse with two idiots wanting leads
Creased skirt in reproduction, nothing excluded
Indifferent couple of broadcasts heard
General coming from local, left in charge
Jam sandwiches soft for a little girl
Southern Ireland introduces rolling maul that’s feigned
Relish removing top recently? Long ago
Record damned poet’s revealed
Former simply vile rule ignored
A row right away over the French watercolour
Timber producer okays different screening type
Illicit whiskey (term for it even in Chambers)
Bugle-call from large room on American Long Island
One vote’s nothing for this looker
Shelter mentioned earlier taking cases
Join pieces of wood, say, dropping over for ditch outwork
Dismal old blunt head in Lancing
Units on a royal ship
Cutty ___ (historic ship)
Fancy pins and needles holder
Luxury fitness center
Admit openly
“A Girl With a Watering Can” painter
Tapped container
Reach home safely?
Angel topper
“Well”-financed grp
Accepted by hand
80s Ford Crown Victoria
ind of collar
A Santa
Clinic supplies
Genetic letters
Hammer and anvil place
“Queen ___ Day”
Like old, damp showers
Suffix with “professional”
Sounds that quiet
One of the four Gospels
Type of parrot
Violin’s big brother
Black, sticky road substance
City in Texas
Valuable rocks
“To ___ a Mockingbird”
Plum or orange producer
Greek sandwich
Mr. Flanders in a cartoon
IOU verb
60ths of mins
Noah made it
Attempted a jumper
Place to look down from
22nd letter
Guitar clamp
“Go on, now” (2 words)
No-cholesterol spread
Young fox
Number for the show?
Clerical robe
80s “way cool”
Land with water all about?
Strap for stopping a horse
Costing nothing
Prefix with “place”
Arizona tribe
Natty or dashing
“What ___ you up to?”
iller whale
Some shady trees
Blacken, as barbecue
Little bit or young boy
Roused from slumber
Letter of the Greek alphabet
Hen’s output
Bittersweet covering
By a small margin
Jail room
___ out a meager living
Be dressed in
Norway city
Clothes colorer
Taro root
Sesame Street grump
We wanna go also
131 Becomes fixed
132 Windshield extra
20, in Turin
2016 Olympics host
22 Across part
32-piece game
90 Down wool source
Air race marker
Alpine song
Ancient Peruvian
Annoying a great deal
Annoying one
Appear suddenly
Application abbreviation
Attach a button, say
Bakers spice
Barely defeats
Be in a bee
Beatniks Got it
Beer holder
Beetles on the road, for short
Big name in kitchen wrap
Bonnie of blues rock
Casual shirt style
Certain bar serving
Comparative ending
Conks on the head
Cook-off creation
Cornwallis, at Yorktown
Deep-sea predator
Depend (on)
Did weed work
Didnt allow
Draped attire
Drink demurely
Dull noise
Electric fan setting
Electronic document format
Fairy tale monster
Flat-pack furniture store
Formal attire
French state
French word for word
From a South American range
Gather the grain
Gave the nod to
Get acquainted with
Get some seasoning
Goulash, for instance
High bond rating
High IQ society member
Highly skilled
Holders of valuables
Houston baseballer
Infomercial brand
Interoffice communication
Is durable
Italian Riviera city
Itinerary term
Japanese cartoons
Japanese soup noodles
Laced up
Lauder of cosmetics
Little bit
Little laugh
Long-legged wader
Many a microbrew
Many a prof
Melville title starter
Mink cousin
Muscle car option
Mystical glow
Name-list shortener
NASA outfit
Needing repair
Neither here __ there
New version of an old film
Non-studio, for short
Norse Zeus
Not following through with
Novelist Wharton
Oklahoma city
Opt (to)
Out of style
Paid athletes
Parents road safety org
Phrase of finality
Picturesque cave
Place a bet
Pull back, with in
Readily available
Recommend highly
Refined 5 Across
Rip off
Salt additive
Savory jelly
Scholastic stat
School for Charles sons
Sense of style
Sheep sound
Sierra Club cofounder
Slick, as a road
Small flies
Snakelike swimmer
Social media phenomenon
Sources of shade
Splinter groups
Staff of stagehands
Staying out of trouble
Stir-fry request
Sudden silence
Takeover announcement
Telegraph inventor
Ten C-notes
Testifying for prosecutors
Texters Enough said
That is: Lat
Took cover
Towers above
Trade org
Traditional tale
Transition period
Tune for a twosome
Type of sparkling wine
Vaccine regulator
Volleyball team complement
Was winning
Waterproof covering
Where some kids spend summers
Wilders __ Town
Winter garb
Work the aisles, informally
Yellowstone grazer
Soothing stuff
Mine, in Marseille
Cozy corner
Diner song player
“Coming soon” ad teaser
Jockey or cowboy
Make amends
Kobe coin
Test for some IRS workers
Moment of forgetfulness
Snacks that can be dunked
Crook, in cop lingo
Clumsy fellows
Late-night great Jack
“Buy It Now” website
Food court’s place
Nile queen, familiarly
Billionaires’ planes
Ben and Jerry, e.g
“Four score and seven years ___ …”
Mojito alcohol
Basset’s floppy features
Slipper or sneaker
Ranch employee
Lemony Snicket’s evil count
Mentally sound
Most crusty, perhaps
Account checker
Practice boxing
Not-so-cute fruit
French wine valley
Santa’s little helpers
“King Lear” daughter
Pale yellow colour
Spike Lee’s “She’s ___ Have It”
Samsung product
Oliver Twist’s request
Tree known for its scent
Big first for a baby
Bachelor’s last words
“SNL” network
“Oh! Susanna” instrument
Seek divine guidance
Hoof sound
French for “love”
Bar mitzvah, e.g
Use a peeler
Check all the boxes, theoretically
Apt name for an emcee
“You said it, brother!”
Greek fable writer
Gross, financially
Unfulfilling occupations
Money put aside, for short
Siri, to Amazon
“Aw, shucks!”
Blend together
Grateful response to a surprise party
At a ___ for words
Appear menacing
Baseball’s Hank
Pat-down org
Jumped over
Say hi, in slang
Environmental sci
Small demons
Ignore the advice at the starts of 17-, 23-, 39- and 51-Across
___ leches cake
It may hit a bull’s-eye
Sleeveless garment
Most draftable
Move surreptitiously
10 tons in canvas shelter
80s hairstyle
A senior teacher winning
Acts, say, as reserve
Asian peninsula
Baltic state
Be present at
Bivouac structure
Black gold from Chicago, Illinois
Charity leaflet
Come together
Ducks first teal out in river mouth
Fail to notice one on purpose
Fat landlord losing heart
Firm, good, supplies machine gear
Fourth Greek letter
Fruit I found in entrance, pulped
Gem sent out is cut up
Grand confession from show-off?
Horse on inside of lovely corner
Household tools
Hungarian capital
Insignificant worker
Kitchen implements strangely silent in US
Large branch purchased? Not quite!
Northern nation into sea after eruption
Note grim emotive cases
One feels soldier needs girl back
Out in front
Pasta strand
Peach-like fruit
Publicity campaign
Pushing for proposal
Safe not having weapon around hospital
Satirical work polo man rubbished
Say how to heat wine and fish
Scotsman with gold in gambling mecca
Shallow recess
Shoot a trouble-maker in European city
Simpleton: silly old one
Single element: energy needed to make one
Single man coming in punctually
Tome or edition
Tree limb
When news is on, daughter to listen
Written reminder
American Sniper setting
Hamilton star ___-Manuel Miranda
NFL Live channel
Pipe down!
The Duke of Westerns
Told ya!
Untouchable feds
Winning ___ everything
A Trump son
Area meas
Balm additive
Beehive State tribesmen
Big to-do
Blue Stater, for short
British Prime Minister May
Campus gathering spot
Carrot or beet
Celestial bear
Cornell of Cornell University
Cyranos protuberance
Displayer of a marked-down price
Division word
Does better than
Dory propeller
Dwarf planet beyond Pluto
Eggs, to biologists
Far from encouraging
Folklore beast
Gain through 32-Across
Graftons ___ for Malice
Honorees at some school dances
Humorist Bombeck
Ice skating figures
Jim who sang Time in a Bottle
Junkyard stock
Letters on bitter 6-Down
Like a sourball
Lists of jobs sent from PCs
Luau keepsakes
Medication vial
More, on a score
Myanmar, as its also known
Need ibuprofen
NFC or AL division
One serving as a dupe
Ox-drawn vehicle
Pancakes served with sour cream
Possible response to Youre a stinker!
Potential customers requests
Praiseworthy quality
Prison uprising
Prove helpful to
Prozac maker ___ Lilly
Pub pints
Repulsive sort
Return, as a favor
Risking everything, at the poker table
Save for later
Saver of the day
Scrabble 10-pointer
SEALs mil. branch
Shepherds pie veggies
Sign after Aries
Simons partner in publishing
Sings like Michael Buble
Sitar accompaniment
Sources of cranberries
Students surprises
The 78 in this diagram
The Auld Sod, in poetry
Tom Bradys team, for short
Tribal emblem
Unforeseen glitch
Use sandpaper on
What metronomes do
When doubled, super-enthusiastic
When spring training actually begins
Wolfs look
Look after the shop
Patron saint of Norway (variant spelling)
Paper version of something created electronically
Strait of — separates Sicily from mainland Italy
Legislate: carry out
Means of restarting play in rugby
Narrow footway over a stage
Fleet of (small) craft
Verdi opera (1870)
Guiding (someone) as a mentor
Indian dish made of legumes, mainly lentils
First king to unite the Franks in 509
Get inch? (anag)
Put down
Bird known for its large colourful bill
Irregular; unusual
Intensify; step up
Mosquito-transmitted disease
Understanding; learning
Apparition; phantom
Russian buckwheat pancake
Ulster county
Don Quixote setting
Family Guy character with red hair
Fresh ___ (longtime NPR program)
Go ___
Its about ___ big
Last Week Tonight host John
Levon singer John
M star
My Lord, in Hebrew
No ifs, ___ or buts!
Peer Gynt playwright Ibsen
Thats exactly right!
We need to stop this!
Well, now! to a bloke
49ers great Ronnie
Absolute rulers rule
Academically banish
Annual athletic awards
Apply badly
Ask for sensitive info
Asp holes
Backs out of a deal?
Bacon or facon pieces
Blazers worn while ringing church bells?
Broncos, e.g
Business attire worn while making a sudden leap for cured salmon?
Canine pal of 78 Across
Carrier thats grounded on the Sabbath
CBS NFL analyst Tony
Certain recluses home
Cheerleaders quality
Choice for Hamlet
Clairvoyants decks
Coral reef predators
Cry before Go!
Cry while looking through binoculars
Denim garment worn by author Judy?
Digitizer of documents
Domains for carriers and cruisers
Don of a TV advertising agency
Dress bottom worn by an editor of a mens magazine?
Extremely impressed
Facilities with Jacuzzis
Farrow of Dark Horse
Feline pal of 53 Across
Figure skating mishap
First name in fashion
Fishing need, often
Flirt with, verbally
Florida setting of Moonlight
Footwear worn by an amoeba?
Foreboding occurrence
Former prime minister Barak or Olmert
Free from liability
Fringe-___ lizard
Get the facts mixed up
Goes (for)
Goes kaput, as an engine
Goyas nude subject
Grandma, in kid-speak
Grp. concerned with Common Core standards
He has antlers
Heels of a loaf
Heroine of 1990s TV
Household spray brand
Image of a flexed arm or a thumbs-up sign, e.g
Is defeated by
It features works adapted for the screen
It may detect motion
IT titan
Its mined in RuneScape
Like a full-moon viewing?
Like some lab solutions
Locks in a den?
Make embarrassed
Marges father-in-law
Mega Stuf cookie brand
Militant movement opposed to far-right-wing ideology
Mint products
Name on Irish euros
NBA star who starred in Kazaam, familiarly
Negate, as in writing
Neglect to mention
Netflix star Kemper
NFC participant in Super Bowl LIII
Noise from a kennel
On point
Opposite of a flop
Originated (from)
Outdoor garments worn while checking the inventory at Madame Tussauds?
Part of a belief system
Petty criticisms
Pickle or jam
Place for inedible spam
Police station?
Pops, affectionately
Porcine quarters
Prepares, as potatoes
Publicly criticize
Quadruple double?
Quality of being simple
Release, as energy
Restaurant collection
Safety ___
Sage or cilantro, e.g
Sandwich sign-off
Screenwriter May
See 67 Across
See 8 Down
Semisolid dessert
Shade of many cookies
She has no antlers
Six-legged worker
Slacker Radio offering
Slinky shape
Some sci-fi rebels
Sonata specification
Source of Pew data
South African kingdom subjects of the 1800s
Standing Rock people
Statement with a meter reading
Suffering eternal torment, so to speak
Summer wear worn by one who reeked?
Take care of
Think the world of
Trousers worn while having a nip of vodka?
Turquoise and others
Type of blood clot
U.K. highway measures
Uber or Lyft alternatives
Very poor, as chances
Weisshorns range
Window frame
With 107 Across, regular order
With 76 Across, attire worn by some models, and an alternate title for this puzzle
Woolly creature
Word from a toddler
___ blond (hair color)
___ League
___ over (consider)
___ song
Charlie follows this villain
Ugly crocodile mouth lacking teeth
One works in a play area
Food GP makes with five ingredients
Short kid making a war end
Place a Spaniard has left empty after backing down
Curry possibly a Christian dish
High admiral in command, one gathers
Lout perhaps turned away from a state do
Overwound timepiece in the US
Playing ball with murder, a man is finally silent
Cleric beating short jape with lively quip
Tough polymer has to be put back
Bread crumbs a person consumed
Im in deep for a reason
Its hard to zip up, mother admitted
Caught up, run into dome
Angry post about conned…
…sceptic where robberys taking place?
Water condensed, getting nothing wet
Country flag raised by soldiers after dawn
Really evil aces inside bank
A politician can specialise stateside
A metal bottle holds two quarters (half of it)
Stores fools close in the morning
Scottish scientists always held back
Indicate a flower now rubbish
Weapon one abandoned on an island almost holds her back
A little devil some angels constrain
Man artistic after weight is lost