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Crosswords Buzz Answers 2019-1-6

Large reptile in the Everglades for short
State of deep unconsciousness
It holds a football for a placekicker
Opposite of below
Actor Alda of M*A*S*H
Tribute that usually rhymes
2003 Worst Actor Razzie winner for Daredevil Gigli and Paycheck: 2 wds.
A thousand thousand for short
Tell untruths
Loafers and sandals lack them
Emerald or ruby for example
___ assets (figure for an accountant)
Someone who comes into an estate
Online announcement for a party
___ Thurman (2015 Fall Out Boy song)
Undersea ships for short
Enchanted ___ Room (Disneyland attraction)
Thin part of a wineglass
Actress Taylor of Mystic Pizza and The Haunting
Vehicle pulled by huskies
Play on words
Put an odometer back to 000000 for example
___ Tyler Moore
Unexplained overhead sighting: Abbr.
Lambs mama
Arrange like hair
___ Vegas
Jump ___ shark
1995 Worst Actor Razzie winner for Jury Duty: 2 wds.
___ the ramparts we watched …
Actress Pataky of the Fast and the Furious franchise
Dial ___ (sounds heard on older phones)
A Nightmare on Elm Street director Craven
Talk nonstop
President Lincolns nickname
Shipping weight unit
Shape of a throw rug often
Remove impurities from like ore
Where San Jose and San Bernardino are: Abbr.
Grand ___ Opry (live music venue in Nashville)
Big ___ (alternative to a Quarter Pounder)
___ bracelet (jewelry worn just above the foot)
2017 Worst Actor Razzie winner for The Mummy: 2 wds.
Womans name that rhymes with speedy
Long slithery swimmers
Payment to an attorney
Division of a supermarket
Understands as a joke
The devils work
2008 Worst Actor Razzie winner for The Love Guru: 2 wds.
Ballerinas skirt
___ and Swiss on rye
___ wave (large crest of water)
List of dishes
Tried to extinguish birthday candles
Place on the Web
Person who smuggles government secrets
Events featuring good-natured insults
Drive back like enemy forces
Zoom through the air like Superman
Put away like a suitcase
With this ring I ___ wed
Took a photo or fired a pistol
India pale ___ (beer style popular at craft breweries)
Born in the ___ (1984 Springsteen hit)
Place for a napkin
Yoko ___
Member of Congress for short
blank page inside cover
a horses front foot
impervious to flame
land held by a feudal lord
Shakespeares Sir John
19,000+-foot Peruvian volcano
Husband of Lara in ‘Doctor Zhivago
That’s way better than I can do
As we speak
Moisturizer brand
*Stereotypical movie outcome
Instigated, with ‘on
The Matrix’ character
[Poor, pitiful me!]
Contact’ org
*Startling disclosure
Demands serious effort (of)
Vacation spot offering a warm welcome?
Fig. usually expressed as a percentage
___-Town (city nickname)
Gave a thumbs-up
*Bringer of cold weather
*Law enforcement target
Grammy winner Morissette
Constitutional Amendment about presidential election procedures
Get soaked, say
Duke and others
One of eight in ‘Old MacDonald Had a Farm
Polish off
___ Valley
Pilot follower, maybe
According to
*Battery boost
___ makes man wiser and clear-sighted’: Vladimir Putin
Fish dish that Nobu restaurants are noted for
Ref. works that can run $1,000+
Bill Clinton or Barack Obama
March ___
Like priests
Morning fix, slangily
Like Benadryl: Abbr
Ticks off
*Moved closer to home?
*Help for users
Plains tribe
Ticked off
Rain-___ (bubble gum brand)
Continental trade grp., once
Without principles
*Very soon
Nirvana, e.g
Biblical son who was nearly sacrificed by his father
Woman famously evicted from her home
No way!
Things used for dumping … or a literal hint to the answers to the starred clues?
Adorable sort
Sun block?
In a perfect world …
Sitting posture in yoga
Enter again, as data
Many East Asian World Heritage Sites
Suffix of ordinals
Bird with blood-red eyes
Big name in notebooks
Houses that may include tunnels
Sushi sauce
Triple-A jobs
Massive star
Stock holder?
Mead ingredient
That’s so kind of you!
Course rarity
Continuing source of irritation
Radio City Music Hall has a famous one
Caterpillar alternative
Box ___ (tree)
Beat by a nose
Pieces of three-pieces
Pricey mushroom
Roughly estimated
Many a craft brew
Common email attachments
Height: Prefix
Prison weapon
___ anchor (stay still, nautically)
Sounds good!
Sea whose Wikipedia article is written in the past tense
It’s in your jeans
The Browns, on scoreboards
Increasingly outmoded circus roles
All thumbs
Rust, e.g
Course halves
Hand-carved Polynesian statues
Empire once spanning three continents
Lopsided win
Range rovers
I know the answer!
Symbols of sovereignty
Can’t stand
Shade of gray
Leave thirsty
Peru’s ___ Chávez International Airport
Some intersections
Dream up
Hasta ___
Works in a museum
One keeping a secret, metaphorically
Apollo 13 commander
Drain feature
Up to it
Pitcher Hideo Nomo, e.g., by birth
Be a good designated driver
Flag thrower
Pitchers’ awards?
Certain keg attachment
Female friend: Lat
Oyez! Oyez!,’ e.g
Princess Charlotte, to Harry
Lead-in to ‘-ville
Came from on high
Give up
First name in courtroom fiction
___ Bravo
Image file extension
Pro ___
Method: Abbr
1992 film drama starring Mel Gibson and Jamie Lee Curtis
Racecourse at which the Grand National is run
Light fabric with a fine ridged or crinkled surface
Paul , Swiss artist whose works include 1928s Cat and Bird
See 6 Down
SI unit of luminous flux
Olaf , East German cyclist; 1988 Olympic individual road race gold medallist
Victor , Chilean theatre director and singer-songwriter murdered in 1973
Peter , Best Director Oscar nominee for Breaking Away and The Dresser
Sea, body of water between Australia and SW New Guinea
1954 film Western starring Joan Crawford and featuring Sterling Hayden in the title role
Robert , Austria-born sailplane designer; first pilot to fly a glider across the English Channel
Chris , winner of the US Open womens singles tennis championship from 1975-78
City in Bouches-du-Rhone, France, housing a Roman amphitheatre
1996 Ben Elton stage play; 1998 Laurence Olivier Award for Best New Comedy winner
2006 musical film drama starring Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova
US architect whose designs include Fallingwater, Price Tower and Unity Temple
2009 action-comedy film starring Donald Faison and Mike Epps
Tributary of the Narew River forming part of Polands border with Belarus and Ukraine
John Wyndham novel published posthumously in 1979
The , 1967 comedy-drama film starring Anne Bancroft and Dustin Hoffman
Catlike mammal such as the banded or spotted
2010 romcom starring Emma Stone and Penn Badgley
River that flows to the Atlantic at Lisbon, Portugal
Barry , co-creator and co-writer of BBC Radio comedy show Round the Horne
Writing implement
Sports match
Loose flowing garment
Eight-legged predatory arachnid
Unit of purity of gold
Keep quiet or unseen
At no time
Method of restraining someone
Motorway verge
Easily bent, pliable
Any animal with two feet
Untidy state
Overly sentimental film or book
Feeling unhappy
Card suit
Turning tool
Love affair
Calf meat
Pound for a flour mixture
Most unexcited about song
Picture one prisoner
Brigade in lone arrangement with soldier
Hand fits awkwardly
Drunkard gets loud, then quiet
Betting journalist was rushed
Wander out of terror
Partners painting
Got up like a flower
Damn vermin
Left atmosphere in burrow
Purpose of camping?
Yearn for a tree
Bound to change diet
Flexible game
Fashion a slab of wood
Got a new dress
Remove soap from broken siren
Tenor leaving to peer
Joined the team
Come in from barren terrain
Does translate some verse
Left some wine
Band unsettling priest
Distribute a great deal, say
Rosie damaged tree
Croat turned performer
Raid failed without water
Overburdened with a word
Strike repeatedly
Religious image
Military division
Clenched hand
Romantic gift
Tree product
Type of wood
Roman gown
Wash out
Aristocrat, informally
Go in
Action word
Poison ____
____ House
Alpine sound
Knock down
Adjectival suffix
Editors word
Tree nut
Guernsey, e.g.
Firmly packed
Bath need
Quite smart
Geologic ages
Cover charge
Social skill
Young fish
Fruit drinks
Plant juices
Army group
Thick mud
Lion or tiger
Room style
Wearing boots
Bunnys jumps
Boss ____
Struggle (for)
Fas follower
Cooking herb
Sacred image
Blow a horn
Frozen wasteland
Teen bane
Flock mamas
Blushing shade
Bowling center
Key letter
Baseball side
Song syllables
Ohm reciprocal
With 123-Across, speaker of the quip
Hybrid tableware
Black Sea country
Poke holes in, as a lawn
Judge of the Yankees
Start of a quip
Beauty goddesses
Crunchy snack
Big Apple restaurateur
Chefs amts.
Wedding Bell Blues soloist Marilyn
Org. with an Acid Rain Program
Three before kappa
Quip, part 2
Monotony metaphor
Heads of the Sorbonne
Evil Luthor
Bring out
NYC line that stops at Yankee Stadium, familiarly
Quip, part 3
Glee club member
Expected results
__ so you!
Out of shape
Boises st.
Email afterthoughts
Quip, part 4
Short alias?
European carrier
Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge denizen
Safari beast
Maestro Ozawa
Shrek creator William
Quip, part 5
My moms gonna kill me!
Air traffic mgmt. group
Arts section regular
Either of two hearth borders?
Altar constellation
Quip, part 6
Rhyming boxer
Work with thread
Calrissian of Star Wars films
Putting out
Laker or Raptor, briefly
Bass-baritone Simon
Trolley sound
Lowest points
End of the quip
War of the Worlds target
Play areas
Entered stealthily, perhaps
__ tie
See 8-Across
Letters-to-the-editor writers
Indian titles
State admitted to the Union after Texas
Hosp. room
400+ million of them are produced daily
Draw in
Insignificant point
Príncipes island partner
Former ACC Cavalier rival
Old-fashioned editing tool
Little sucker?
Seine summer
Loch with a legend
Circus security
One may be left in a copier: Abbr.
__ IRA
One in a sailors repertoire
Dressy pasta?
Creepy looks
Fast sailing ships
Subjects of many online videos
Balkan capital
Geographical measure
Think (over)
Elec., e.g.
Mount Olympus VIP
Town line sign abbr.
1950s tennis great Lew
Dior creations
Shakespearean title city
Applies, as pressure
Whse. unit
Chain with syrup choices
Shortest mo.
Eng. ship title
__City: computer game
Refuse to bargain
Lethargy cause
Pain reliever
Daiquiri liquor
DDE opponent
Cooking show title word
Barely open
Köln cooler
Mariners home
Lord, is __? : Matthew
Matchless ones question
Many a political party
Giant in nonstick pans
Call from the curb
Six-sided state
Country name that includes its own abbreviation
Permanent mark
Splish Splash singer
Con artist, often
Street shader
City east of El Paso
How uncut grass goes
Law & Order: SVU actor
Sandwich side
Indian garment
Work on, as a bone
Buddy, in slang
No. 2
Bit of defiance, in slang
Gulf States prince
Last four ID verifiers
Sea-Tac abbr.
Agnus __
Oil-rich fed.
Trim meat
Piercing tools
Wipe out completely
Actor John ____
Bar bills
Average grades
Gem weight
Legendary boxer
Give to charity
Weight measure
Musical sound
Blasting substance (abbr.)
Doing nothing
Yes votes
Actor Sean ____
Pull behind
Da Vinci portrait (2 wds.)
Raw metals
Rock star ____ John
Marsh grasses
Summer coolers
Castros land
Jo ____ Messina
Corn serving
Univ. club
Tack on
Silversmith, e.g.
The Way We ____
Hawaiian garlands
Narrow opening
Oolong, e.g.
Similar things
Without company
Owners proof
Make amends
Circus shelter
Loafer ornament
Gelatin form
Shoe part
Writer ____ Christie
More pleasant
NBCs rival
Burrowing rodent
Kind of exam
Current events
Opening bet
Doughnut feature
Indicate agreement
14th letters
Religious leader muffles anguished cries of overseer
Gemstone and silver put away
Setter finally meeting old politician for sexy fun
Encountered silence about beer rejected for large bottle of wine
Price paid by Trotskys first supporters?
Turned-on bird badly disrupted date
Commune dismissing Torys literary offering
Communist leader adopting finest revised set of political proposals
Concern about texture of ornamental tablet
South American worker leaving despot for oversexed fellow
Used part of watch
Cold boy gets dressed
Upset as noose traps swan when hunting rules are relaxed
See 29 Down
Expensive pickle
Spoil hybrid seed container
Gradually destroy heartless expensive nursing staff
Motivation provided by setters favourite American
Arrive on time to see heavenly body
See 8
Missile thrown by German soldiers destroyed Dane
Old penny turned up in channel for milk in drinks dispenser
Nick has almost clean cut of meat
Sign outside hospital found by a body part
Guard ignoring Southern door
Steer clear of notorious fruit picker eating apple dishes for starters
Mates pass away surrounded by flowers
Slaughter big cat beneath walls of tower
One pointing the finger with a chapter about addict
Dull chap in dull church
See 30
Handy suggestion about small and very good place where car can be serviced
Look into bishops office before a match
Temporary stay
See note
Foot part
Falsely incriminated
Buddhist principle
Transuranic element
Hawaiian greeting
As a result of
Assumed name
Accounts book
Zodiac sign
So far
Bird of prey
Cutlery item
Put ones foot down
Arafats org.
Book before Romans
Fossil resin
Mother of Apollo and Artemis
Thelma & Louise actress
Run away
Tennis star Nastase
Treat successfully
Knight __
Plain homes?
Great Helmsman follower
Supped at home
Huxleys __ in Gaza
Singer Orbison
Pale yellowish brown
Connecticut campus
Deserving a medal
List shortener
Grievers exclamation
Eye-brain link
Big swig
Like an ostrich
Straight as __
Emit smoke
Mal de __
Its a long story
Federal agents
Countenance a crime
Capital on the Vltava
Carpenters tool
Son of Jacob and Leah
Elevator inventor
Soundtrack album, e.g.
Frozen rain
Medical prefix
Big band leader Tommy
Narrow inlets
__ Little Tenderness
Got a load of
Innermost parts
Language of Kuala Lumpur
Once again
Maiden loved by Hercules
Russian refusal
Needle case
Weight lifters lift
Christmas crackler
Mystical incantation
Cartoon Viking
Give the slip to
Peak in the Bernese Alps
Fruit with a stone
This Is The __ (Billy Joel song)
Singer McEntire
Brandy letters
Punta del __, Uruguayan resort
Needing immediate attention
Slow down
A sculptors work
Separate by sifting
Head count
Opening ploy in chess
Mark left by wound
Owing money
Languid, apathetic
Shot just wide of target
Young person
Sweet and thick
Come down to earth
Multiplication in sunday school for youngsters
Summary of Jacks pamphlet
Egypts river would be nothing without Egypts capital
Wicked revolutionary not pre-recorded
Dressed for a foray, we hear
Funny name for ship?
A kiss for someone inflicting punishment
Work or play using symphonic leaders
Be first with a metallic element
Paint or lime on us, perhaps
Modern Christmas?
Weapon needed to sort out wild bears
Keeps dissolving in tears
Quietly consume fuel
Break in and travel out
Italian city in deluge Noah discovered
Claim knotty legal point
A portrait I know less about
Shakespeare play seen in small village
Against having work set?
The wood Edward loaded into a vehicle
So, toy could be a glove puppet?
Go and change
Cantina orders
Golden Age poet
Leave unmentioned
________ my case
Venice beach area
Renounce responsibility for
Mean mien
Early computer game name
Seasonal worker?
LBJ successor
Examines hastily
Tarzans Cheeta, e.g.
Inscribed pillar
Scatters, as seed
Sculpted form
Bearded bloom
Light meal
Easily duped
Seashell seller?
Agonize inconsolably
Place to get pampered
Strike sharply
Small anchor
Bends all the way over
Coin issued in 2002
Flight component
Historical periods
Wish earnestly
Puts an end to
Female whales
________ for All Seasons
Shines partner
Colorless, flammable liquids
Cookie holder
________ Si Bon, Kitt hit
Part of the Labor Dept.
Van Goghs The ________ Night
Shop-class gripper
American ________
Remove, as a hat
Rigels constellation
City near Arles
Itty-bitty biter
Words of denial
Small civet
Once ________ Mattress
Unused to
Waist-length jackets
Fergie, formally
Bordens bovine
Left-hand page
Root of diplomacy
Calibrate anew
Large barge
Kumquats shape
Potato nosh
Estrada and Satie
Rock on the edge
Part of a process
Come down in buckets
Wirehair of moviedom
Newcastle surplus
Mend, as a bone
Nickelodeon explorer
First, second or third
Being, to Cicero
Hesitant sounds
Alcatraz Island locale, for short
Subjective paper pieces
Yeshiva student, e.g.
Land, in Italy
Fast Amtrak service
Salsa singer Cruz
Pal, in Nice
Concerning the effects of drugs on the mind
Maestro — -Pekka Salonen
12:00, half of the time
South, in Spanish
Flinch in fear
Squid feature
Chill out!
Amply skilled
Belief in a national power structure
Acting signal
Blarney Stones land
Sometimes you feel like —
Get moving
Org. for tooth drillers
Bullfight yell
Official endorsement via an amendment, say
Savings acct. addition
Days before holidays
Ornamental hairnets
— Pointe, Michigan
Gazpacho, e.g., in Spanish
Cookie for 100+ years
Hes a doll
Ear, nose and throat doctor
B-ball official
Sneak off to say I do
The same: Prefix
— Carlo
Street — (popular acceptance)
Video file format, in brief
Wrestling win
Quality among identical things
TVs Griffin
Swiss city on Lake Geneva
Shelling out
Moo goo — pan
Short comic sketch
Fist bump, colloquially
Machine for a brain test
Palme — (film award)
Chinas Zhou
Mil. officer
Taunts in fun
Nation south of Sicily
Fla. Gulf city
Admits guilt, with up
Kobe of hoops
Curved path
Boo- —! ( All right! )
Port southeast of Roma
Canyon comebacks
Stop nursing
35mm camera type
Thanksgiving staple
Like mystical practices
City in Illinois
Added wing
Fashionable Christian
Stuffing herb
I, Claudius star Derek
PC-to-PC letters
Actor Dafoe
Aunts spouse, in Paris
Sorry, already have plans
Cantina snacks
Bordered on
Roman 901
Above, in verse
Country crooner Randy
Fire output
Mother of Don Juan
Magical glow
Clip out, as a coupon
Imply in its definition
In addition to
Gorged on
Fluffy floor-cleaning tool
Walking aid
They cant be taught new tricks, in a saying
Raincoat material
Most baggy
Pact among nations
ER hookups
Bit of land in loceano
Mink relative
In smart garb
Eastern spiritual path
Crew tool
Salon goop
Suitemates, say
Like one of a batterys terminals
Pal of Piglet
That girls
How did — this happen?
Close by
Fixin to
Longtime Honda model
Rock or jazz
Thanksgiving staple
Suffix with host or lion
Mickeys dog
Kevin of Aliens in the Attic
Maytag products
Rocker Ted
Big pianos
High-pH substance
Skipped out (on)
Ultimate purpose
Be short with
Old compact Kia model
Abbr. on a food carton
Clipper, e.g.
Sure, in Soissons
Pointy part of Mr. Spock
Links gp.
Ruby or onyx
Stuff in some viral genes
Gauzy fabric
Draw level
New York state capital
Course outlines
Film, TV etc (colloquial)
Short choral piece
Is one at Billingsgate to get such after 27?
Some fantastic wine
Peruvians once home get lots of money
Belittle lad with one good grade
Ride posh car to Ascot — travelling with royalty
Once more found wagon capsized in long grass
University chief backing brilliant work in Latin
Old chief died leading kingdom
Good shot behind farm building bags large kind of goose
Rehoboam carries good book
Finally ruins ragout with an awfully bitter substance
Scoop on a boat contains small plant
Unlit rescue vessel behind dam
When beastly Del might be rotten
Shorten intro to Catch 22
1D only contains rear view of actor
After surgery lips are initially luminous — becoming yellow
Almost swim under anchor to get fishy meal
Clobber group of workers going to French city endlessly
Place with vermin about is a new business
What one on bender at one could be later?
A gunboat may be travelling around an American naval base
Cheeses cut by daughter — and nuts cracked by one for wedding guest
Game some shops kept under cover
Mark’s fury about a boss
On top of chimney Santa broke a game
Condiment well spoken of
Left snooker club without tip
Killing amongst some Londoners?
Geordie Jack, commonly, reckoned by Dog Star at last
Kinship behind daughter’s flirting
Quebec caught by helluva do covering for hotel visitors there
Refit at sea is never on the table in some quarters
Is round German on brown jugs?
Wanting a treat I selected rare cheese
PC controller’s title which doesn’t distinguish functions
Your therapy heading away from right units
Amongst les légionnaires the fit ran together for 5km or so
Antique used before flood
Rowdy inn in Treasure Island ultimately abandoned
Accumulated debris in South Africa reveals stone slab
Press release released prior to cheer
Zero in on Nestor, one in cap
Het up son in claims for mere trivialities
Non-smoker as part of characteristic passage
Old Crown tenant again downing gallons
Married brother getting into feed of drumsticks or similar
Macron’s muddle, say, are les hommes on it?
Gloomily threatening fish is, on reflection, removed
Dreadful unease on US steamship causes ____?
Coloured jeans into which tackle is pushed
Brood over opinion covering demand for disposal unit?
We sing for old guys
Old grave contains record which is comparatively clumsy
Bring up cold cargo ship whilst offloading first of three
You’ll get a bill for this cycle, unfortunately
What cobblers do wrt tipping?
Dare chap to have a prince whirling around in Catalan dance
Star checking broad is a blister
Earl flogs ranks to the French
Early sailor deprived of success as a foreign fighter
University fee: stinging
Takeaway’s delivered, ergo each can ____
English buff holds tablet up making a fist of the Bard
Structure which carries US Route 101 between San Francisco and Marin County
Device used to pull two skiers uphill
“A little ____ now and then keeps life from stagnation” (Fanny Burney)
Having equal “pulling power” of induction
Yiddish term for non-Jews
Situated between the two branches of the lower jaw
1965 new wave French film based on the 1962 novel Obsession by Lionel White
Virtuoso pianist and composer, student of Beethoven and teacher of Liszt
Mischievous and sometimes evil god Norse god
1995 sci-fi horror film starring Natasha Henstridge as Sil
Actor who said “A good review … is just another stay of execution”
Germany’s armed forces of 1935-45
Old musical instrument, typically with frets and six strings
Actor celebrated (as dead) in a 1979 single by Bauhaus
Passed on (information, for example)
A reading desk
A dog collar which tightens when pulled
Outdoor swimming pool, named after a beach near Venice
River which joins the Tigris at Shatt al-Arab
Australian swimmer who won three gold medals at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing
“A thought is an idea in ____” (Pythagoras)
Esteban ____ will be the reserve driver for Mercedes in 2019
Actress who said “Deep down, I’m pretty superficial”
The first golfer to reach $1 million in career earnings on the PGA tour
Actress who portrayed 24 Down
The Tonton Macoutes once terrorised this country
The ability of a vehicle to remain stable, especially when cornering at speed
Photocopying process based on a compound’s decomposition when exposed to light
South coast resort with the oldest seaside pleasure pier in the world, opened in 1814
Actor who played Superman in the 1978 film
Racing game which has been exclusive to the PlayStation since its launch in 1997
Resembling an earthworm
The protagonist of Pride and Prejudice
Birth name of Pope Clement XI, whose ancestors came to Italy from the other side of the Adriatic
Warty amphibian of the order Anura
UN secretary-general who said “There can be no ‘plan B’ because there is no ‘planet B’”
1976 gothic horror novel by Anne Rice
Small lizards noted for their ability to climb
Gulf on which France and Spain have extensive coastlines
Fleetwood Mac’s most successful album
Another name for cassava
Name given to the stretch of promenade between Blackpool’s North and South piers
Medical prefix pertaining to resistance to infection or disease
Of a government, to transfer powers to regional administration
Harry Potter character whose Patronus is an otter
Larval amphibian also called a pollywog
Exam between the School Certificate and GCSE in educational history
Hungarian conductor long associated with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra
____ was hanged for piracy after being assigned to protect British shipping in the Indian Ocean
Tennis player who won the 1973 men’s French Open without dropping a set, the first to do so
The Labour Party’s first parliamentary leader
Small songbird native to heath or scrubland
“Numerous are the academic chairs, but rare are wise and noble ____s” (Einstein)
From Greek, the ruler of a district
As well as fictional gangsters, Damon ____ wrote about baseball
Creamy paste of clay and water used in pottery
Sit and say whew!
Luxury fitness center
Medicine unit
On the Pacific waterway
Not feel too good
Certain woodwind in a pit
Like 20-hours-per-week workers
Speak using ones hands
Give a yank
Mountain peak
Opposite of liability
Roll back, as a tide
Ear part
Way off in the distance
Legendary Stand By Me singer ___ King
Sardine container
Canal thats 51 miles long
Stick or cling
Enjoy gravy and onions
Start a poker pot
Sprouted up
Boat docking place
Word for a time in the past
Type or kind
Money unit in Albania
Eye diaphragm
Part of 26-Down
Apartment payment
Shop ___ you drop
___ of Green Gables
Final chess check
Chocolate tub
Word with pillow or book
Absorbed in
Genesis twins name
Army rank
Rat-a-___ (drumming sounds)
Feature of some boats
Acne unit
Ginger ___ soda
Varmint chaser in the Old West
Wadingbird of warm regions
Theater mezzanine section
Advanced, as a library book
Computer keyboard key
Son of Adam
Cars front-end cover
Twice divided by two?
Powerful jungle creature
Govt. air-safety grp.
North or South in the U.S.
St. or blvd. relative
Not yet opened
Common delivery
Hens output
Questions for some contests
Crafting must-have
Alternate name indicator
Not sagging at all
Room size calculation
Give slight color to
Melodic tune
Billion-year time divisions
A human joint
Off-roader, for short
Bounty captain
Driving Miss Daisy Oscar winner
Farm animals
Speak up!
66 Across servings
Actress Russo
Admits, informally
Allure in the air
Ancient, in a 1/1 song
Approach maturity
Assumed name
Awaited instead of sleeping
Babe Ruths 1919 league-leading homer count
Back-wheel connector
Barbecue hardware
Bard comedy title starter
Bard tragedy title starter
Basketball venue
Being a nuisance to
Berry from palms
Bugs Bunnys voice
Cafeteria carrier
Cant find
Carousel carving
Casts a spell on
Celebrity elite
Choir attire
CIA operatives
Cinema counter purchase
CNN medical reporter
Coated with chrome, say
Come to terms about
Common Swedish name
Cooked for too long
Cry of disapproval
Den __, Netherlands
Dinesens real surname
Disinclination to act
Dispose of for cash
Disposed (to)
Dog biscuit shapes
Dollar sums, for short
Draw forth
Elevator innovator
Empty talk
Episodes second showing
Erstwhile Heathrow lander
Erstwhile Heathrow lander
Family nickname
Far-from-gourmet fare
First woman in the House of Commons
First-century despot
Florists accessories
Formation fliers
Foundation donation
Front of a ship
Give an address
Golf magazine staple
GPS reading
Grand Bahama, for instance
Grand Ole __
Greenish hue
Gusts of air
Hardwood tree
Have a lapse
Hilton alternative
How some chocolate is sold
In __ against time
Indian attire
Induced improperly
Land on the Caspian
Lasso loop
Latin explanation opener
Look sulky
Major nuisance
Major silents star
Makeup exam
Mask cutouts
Measures of work
Mechanical learning
Minor anomaly
Needle producer
New Haven student
Novelist Carr
Novelist Nathanael
Novelist Segal
Of hearing
Old-time accomplish
One with no hope
Ordinary writing
Painter of ballet scenes
Part of QED
Performance in un ballet
Piercing tools
Proscribed thing
Pull to pieces
Rebel leader at the 1919 Battle of Juárez
Repetitive cries
Somewhat dry, in wine-speak
Spider or scorpion
Star in Cygnus
Stationed (in)
Still in contention
Subatomic particle
Supply whats needed to
Supreme joy
Symbols of Australia
Talk-show group
Teachers org
Teammate of the Babe
Throat bug, for short
Timely benefit
To pieces
Top-level dwellings
Traveled by bus or bike
Unpretentious pub
Was 60 Across
Water far from land
Wind-powered spinner
Woodcutter Ali __
Writer Wharton
Like antiques
90 percent, say
Attack online
Neither fish ___ fowl
Animator Tex
Purple flower
Test that involves a lot of writing
Walled Spanish city
Pie chart piece
Clinches, as a win
Road crews supply
Shameless channel, for short
Bill Murrays Ghostbusters co-star
Language suffix
Tenn. athlete
Virgil masterpiece
Fish ladder locale
With 41-Across, causes of hung juries … and a hint to whats hidden in 17-, 25-, 51-, and 64-Across
Make a mistake
See 38-Across
That, to Juan
Budapests river
Celebrity chef Garten
Not yet decided (Abbr.)
Reason for a safe call
Capital southwest of Muscat, Oman
Paper or plastic? item
Troop entertainment grp.
Cuba, por ejemplo
Fortune cookie sayings, often
Gal of Wonder Woman
Do some lengthy storytelling
Battery terminal
Poes middle
Midafternoon, on a sundial
Reduced to rubble
What ___ can I say?
Badminton court divider
Vending machine bills
Gives up
Foot care brand
BLT condiment
Late, as a library book
Masters study subject?
Prepare for a competition
Holders of spirits
Actress Tyler
OConnor successor
Kuala Lumpur native
JibJab greeting
Family rec center
Resting on
Scoped out
Sleep clinic concern
Give another shot
Walgreens rival
Pulled up a stool
Coastal eagle
Self-congratulatory shout
Causing more trouble
Animal house
Teensy amount
Doggie doc
Boxes on a time sheet
Fruits in a bunch
Prepared a hook
Online auction site
Mary Poppins spoonful
Mountain pose, e.g., in yoga
Aid for all-nighters
Frozen queen
Syrup source
Copenhagen resident
Petulant mood
Keats offering
Out of sorts
Ancestor warning creature in woods
Apply bandage
At this point land appears
Beautiful bird small and pale
Bird mine in pilots enclosure
Board game
Bring under control
Carriage is transformed with cedar
Cob or pen
Cool sort in journeys to Iceland
Corn spike
Cry from one grabbed by amusing ogre
Drinks hard being dissolute
Excellent service
Expert fighter pilot
Exploit shares on move around noon
Fetching sliced cheese at last
Flashy or dissolute
From Rattle a rare musical gift
Furniture item
Gifted boy in marquee with news boss
Horrible statue one in place
Imperial measure
Instant employer wants house cat
Intuitively understand meaning
Kept woman
Man with kilo at work station
Mistress, caught at the right moment, carries bin
Motorbike attachment
Museum custodian
Note opera singer voiced
Official tempted woman after scripture class
Old magistrate
Pirate in reportedly crude song
Planes front cabin
Prepared to kiss – managed rude peck
Rat caught by copper or keeper
Rodent-catching feline
Shift ends in regard for the pits workers
Substance or content
Team prepared to show heart
The mating game?
This holds cat Ronnie tamed
Weight given for snow leopard
Zero point for map heights
Can-Can author Burrows
Disney on Ice move
Funeral Blues poet W.H
Little Dickens heroine
1945 battle site, briefly
2014 merger partner with Chrysler
56-Down product
A fan of
Acts the ham
Australian folk hero Kelly
Average Joes
Banana peel mishap
Barn hatchling
Boston Marathon month
Capital in which kroner are spent
Cause ones jaw to drop
Central idea
Changed color, as leaves
Conk with a fastball
Consult, with to
Curators collection
Cut with a razor blade
Divinity school subj
Earths oldest form of ecosystem
Exemplar of thinness
Eye parts with rods and cones
Fateful time for Caesar
Fish, its said
Form a scab
Get the ball rolling
Got along
Greased auto part
Harassed, as an umpire
Having the right stuff
In the old days
Issued, as invitations
Italian wine city
Jabs from most boxers
Lea female
Leslie Caron title role
Like a harmonicas tone
Like Olive Oyl
Like some diet-friendly drinks, briefly
Made two-by-fours, say
Most volcanic rock
Musk who shares a name with a university
Obey the coxswain
Out of sorts
Particle with zero mass
PC whiz, e.g
Photo caption in diet ads
Play a song you dont know, say
Portfolio parts, briefly
Reporters question
Right on the money
Rocks ___ Oyster Cult
Sax larger than a soprano
Say Boo! to, say
Send out, as a vibe
Shaqs longtime org
Signs of spoilage
Slow time for a business
Taiwanese PC giant
Three-wheeled Harley, e.g
Tick off
Toy gun ammo
Tracys Trueheart
Travel like a biathloner
Truckers enclosures
Uses a blowtorch on
Very, on a score
Vitamin abundant in tuna
Wine tasters concern
Worth an F
Wrapper for leftovers
___ car (circus vehicle)
___ Paul (guitar model)
Advancing in amount or intensity
Enthusiast; fancier
Replace or repair equipment as part of a general overhaul
Fashion; mode
Flat-topped upland
Compact; concordat
Latinised abbreviation for Cambridge (University)
Deposit: cabin
Get the better of
Of an Asian people or language (variant of Parsi)
(Knowledge of) the sexual activity of conceiving and bearing offspring
Lt Reece? (anag)
Sudden; brusque
Deep inner layer of the skin; corium
Eccentric; quirky
Act submissively and apologetically, admitting an error
Get very angry: make a lot of noise
Adaptable; flexible
Interest; sake
Steak —: thinly sliced with Worcestershire sauce
A Confederacy of Dunces author
Cool singer Stefani
Dont miss out on this great bargain!
Happy ___ year!
Ive ___ just begun!
Nevertheless, ___ persisted
No argument from me
Point Break star
Volcano singer Brickell
Wanna play with the laser pointer?
We ___ to talk
Well, ___ you full of surprises!
___ Gospel (song by Tupac Shakur)
0, on a soccer pitch
2009 horror TV film to watch while having an edible ear
74 Across supply
A pealing sound
Actor Alan whose last name is a homophone of a synonym of dense
And others, to Cicero
Animals with hoofs
Animated kids show to watch while having dinner rolls
Animated sitcom to watch while having sliders
Appreciative words
Arctic, avian creature
Back of a barge
Bagpipes emanation
Baton Rouge inst
Beach party site
Beer store purchases
Big savanna hunter
Big thing on a trip?
Bill of Ghostbusters
Booby trap, e.g
Brand of gas in compressors?
Brownish songbird
Castor and Polluxs ship
Certain car deal
Channel that does not broadcast this puzzles programs, surprisingly
City north of Pittsburgh
Colorful body part
Compress, informally
Computer-animated kids show to watch while having lettuce and carrots
Copy editors marking
Country star McEntire
Couple on an ice cream date, perhaps?
Cry at a counter
Currency in Finland
Custard ingredient
D&D item
Demo cassette
Despicable sort
Drug in crystal form
Emulates the sirens
Emulates the sirens
Enclosure with hogs
Ernie with irons
Expanse under the icy crust of Saturns moon Enceladus
Fabric flaw
Facebook wall feature
Factory ___ (restore option for a smartphone)
Fall back, water-wise
Fall ___ line
Familial rival, for short
First nation in the Western Hemisphere to abolish slavery
Flicker of light
Following faithfully
Font embellishment
Freshwater catch
Gives a tip to
Goat with mohair
Gomez Addamss cousin
Graduation time, often
Had a TV dinner, say
Hailed vehicles
Have on the payroll
Hollow-fanged snake
Internet access letters
IT takes all sorts of people to fix them
Its complicated
Kissing on a kiss cam, e.g., for short
Left ventricle outlet
License granter, briefly
Lightened (up)
Like a tasty cake
Like freshly made fries
Like lutefisk, for many
Like one undergoing surgery (hopefully)
Lutz-landing Midori
Maiden name intro
Many OR VIPs
Measure of resistance
Midrange jumpers point total
Minor protest
Muay Thai move
NFC South pro
NPRs URL ender
Occupied a throne, say
On top of the facts
Owned by that dude
Panelist, often
Peeling implement
Perón of Argentina
Physically weak
Play the sax really well
Pops, informally
Potential answer to Wheres the beef?
Proceeds clumsily
Protagonist of a vampire video game franchise
Pyramid, to a pharaoh
Quick and energetic
Quite often
Reality TV series to watch while having canard a lorange
Rejection in Dundee
Salivate, like a puppy
Santa ___ winds
Scraped (out)
See 95 Across
Select while online
Semisoft Dutch cheese
Shake and bake, e.g
Shankar performance
Show that isnt part of this puzzles theme (but you can watch it while having a late dinner)
Sketchy sort, in slang
Some bank claims
Some clan members
Source of maple syrup
Stick used for driving
Stop-motion sketch comedy series to watch while having poultry
Surreptitious utterance
They have little lambs
Three-sided sword
Took the A train, say
TV schedule abbr
Uses needles, in a way
War or Diplomacy, e.g
Weasel family member
When connected to 103 Across, animated kids show to watch while having beef spheres
Workplace known for its prospects
Epochal part on popular series
Can nearby girl face isolation?
Labourer sent out with flag has fun
Farm behind rebuilt Estonian place
Live band back from a town in Scotland
Fan of country/pop group set back
Indict porter for peculiar speech
Man anti construction or reduction
Lights Bill heard about strobe initially
Relocated many a confused dove
Insects having to run off animals
Cast from Battleship Potemkin, perhaps
Fling with girl married to neutral custodian formerly
Paper erudite scholar starts to read
Crooked edge left level, say
Airhead with overtime gets on
Scandinavian worn out like Scotsman
Denounce a lady in authority
Careless worker is wrongheaded
Leading lady, by Jove (second inspiring female)
Occupant of jar wont thank you!
Satirist oddly supporting legends complaint
Coating a cloth cover with film is sensible
Girl in front with Bella worked out
Quarters occupied by sailors on duty looking up pubs
Bread topping? Its cooking now
A wading bird thats part seabird
Sharon freely admits Penny strays
Search for water in widows estate
Crafty promoter embraced without joy