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Crosswords Buzz Answers 2019-1-5

Charlies Angels actress Cameron
Subsides like the tide
Forgot About ___ (2000 rap named for its lead artist)
Unit of land measure
Dirty stuff on the inside of a chimney
Michael ___ the Boat Ashore
Beauty is only skin-___
Succulent plant used as a burn remedy
Country north of Mexico: Abbr.
The Sting star who received the Hersholt Humanitarian Award at the Oscars in 1994: 2 wds.
___ salts (bath additive)
Target score for a hole of golf
Generous ___ fault: 2 wds.
Pop singer Levine
Cape ___ Massachusetts
Maleficent star who received the Hersholt Humanitarian Award in 2013: 2 wds.
British actor Patel
Cut the rind off of
Survivorman creator and star Stroud
Cleans the shelves with a rag perhaps
The Nutty Professor star who received the Hersholt Humanitarian Award in 2009: 2 wds.
___ de parfum (fragrance)
Very small opening in the skin
Veep costar Tony
Kick-___ (2010 action movie)
Rotten to the core
People who have divorced each other
To the ___ degree (to the utmost)
Button to press when youre done writing an email
Gather from the fields
Frozen cubes
What ___ the chances?
Marx brother who typically had the role of straight man
One of Isaacs sons in the Bible
___ weevil (insect that feeds on cotton)
Unexpected blessing
Very hard to climb
Percussion sounds that are used to build excitement
Civil rights icon Parks
McGregor of Christopher Robin
First name of George Clooneys wife
Texas city between Dallas-Fort Worth and Austin
When your Uber is due to get to its destination: Abbr.
Small body of water for fishing
Western plant thats the state flower of Nevada
Quick swim
People of Earth actress Gasteyer
Do minor damage to
Try to get skinnier
Thats the silliest thing Ive ___ heard!
Knight in the Star Wars franchise
Suffix for baron or lion
Hunts and pecks on a keyboard
Singer whose #1 hits include U Remind Me and U Got It Bad
Billie ___ (Michael Jackson hit)
___ Coast (states bordering the Atlantic Ocean)
___ Me Do (Beatles song)
Dancing With the Stars cohost Andrews
Join together securely as girders
Lizzie Borden took an ___ …
___ & Perrins (steak sauce brand)
capital of Uzbekistan
animal from the Andes
animals refuse for gardens
chemists In
hard to believe
hard to solve
scenic neighborhood in Rome
___ shoes (ballet wear)
Museum installations
Asok in ‘Dilbert,’ e.g
Farm feed holder
Holds back, for now
1972 hit with the lyric ‘You can bend but never break me
Nail site
Strong objection
It. is in it
Spinning out of control
Historic town in SE Connecticut
___ Kapoor, ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ actor
Design of park land requiring minimal water
Gymnast who won all-around gold in Rio
Computer crash cause
Word after half or before size
What a jam is packed with
Labrador greeting
Lived in a love nest
Lord Byron, notably, in his personal life
Rose Bowl and others
Tampa-to-Naples dir
Big part of Greenland
Knee injury common among athletes
Ready to face another day, say
Rubes, north of the border
It has a stigma
Like some bagels and dips
Grp. troubleshooting a 33-Across
Platform for early Zelda games, for short
Travel in large numbers
Feeling akin to Weltschmerz
Group that 5-Downs
Its spirit may be broken
In a bit, to bards
Fast times?
Classification for violent video games
Ecclesiastical jurisdictions
Pasta dinner staple
To whom a conductor reports
Like much locker room humor
Go through
Pre-hosp. childbirth aide, often
Graceful antlered animals
Intifada grp
Petroleum substitutes
It blows across the Mediterranean
One who’s blackballed
What a pop-up link might lead to
Shade akin to chestnut
Interstate numbers
Widely used antibiotic brand
Wife of Mike Pence
Italia’s Casa d’___
High ___
Death Becomes ___’ (Meryl Streep film)
Unofficial judgement at the zoo?
Five-sided enclosure with label on
Bar for ale accommodating ten
Live temporarily with politician carrying broken cane
Notice girl going to court with devotee
Eve and Les take turns to hold the record
Point of provocation?
Spoils the sound of the instrument
Demon Den coming back round the Orient for an old coin
Entertainer not in good shape?
Art panel causing concern for father
Chief took hat off for her
Boast about a game of cards
Travelling unfit on a jet
He came round to see Ronald
Its spoken in Scandinavia, or a Latin country
Crumbling Empire about to get first showing
Everyone back into the thicket for a breakdown
Being made of tin, yet falling apart
Darren goes off on a short trip
The honour of holding a circular instrument
Vessel lacking in colour, we hear
Call forth
Co-operate deceitfully
Win back
Sugar coating
A sword
In excited eagerness
Evergreen tree
Sitting room
Sharing risks
Cattle pen
Put back
Prone to steal
Golf club
This kind of hitch provides a little spice
Ive changed the decoration all round – its centuries old
The skill is to attempt aesthetic workmanship
An expert gets the right genus of trees
Weapon used to do some looting
X is after a summons thats been recorded
Made an erasure permitted in the document
Catalogues of old-time tournament sites
Showing signs of having been engaged!
Discloses nothing writers appended
Bird restricted in flight by control line
We hear the chief works of Schubert
Its expedient to show diplomacy by one short call
Developed naturally – went round topless!
Add to the private strength
Odious fault he made in a different way
Mob round the east raised shouts of triumph
Makes quotations – spectacles needed, we hear
2008 novel by Alex Scarrow
Name from 1973-2001 of Papua, aka Western New Guinea
US humorist whose volumes of poetry include 1931s Death and Taxes
See 1
Third son of Adam in the Old Testament
Henry David , US author of 1849 essay Civil Disobedience
Comedian and performance artist who played Latka Gravas in US television sitcom Taxi
Leader of Sinn Fein from 1983-2018
1985 fantasy film starring Tom Cruise and Mia Sara
See 15
See 16
Tam , Labour MP from 1962-2005; 2001-05 Father of the House
2018 novel by Anne Tyler
David , winner of the 2008 Comedy Award at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe
2006 novel by Michael Connelly
Multihull sailing vessel of the South Pacific
See 4
Deep inlet of the Pacific Ocean in northwest Washington, US
English actress who played Dr Felix Gibson in BBC TV drama series Waking the Dead
See 9
1972 crime drama film starring Ron ONeal and Carl Lee
Andre , French author; 1947 Nobel Prize in Literature winner
Former gold rush town in Alaska; finishing point of the Iditarod trail sled dog race
See 7 Across
Have a conversation about
Stay clear of
Develops gradually
Difficult, intricate
Severe pain
Dark red or purple-brown
Bend forward
Down payment
School student
Chart of the twelve months
Fat used in cooking
Six balls in cricket
Flat circular plate
Jewelled headdress
Form of martial art
Stopper for a sink
Very dry
Arrange letters for a while
Copper bed in pieces
Pass out of recollection
Remove a seer forcibly
Panic that wakes you up
Rushed out of France
More polite with salesman
Removal includes eggs
Drink of character, say
Points to terribly neat upper chamber
Sketched prince without article
Profit from a gin cocktail
Chief rioted unexpectedly
Regard for diocese
Bother at a party
Number of contents
Rubbish in grotto
Fruit thats round, as it happens
West and East confused over dessert
Its a new way to relax
Concurred missing front is in vice
Vigorously sacred, with time
Acres destroyed by deforestation: initially alarmed
European staff
Please move and go by
Left omen about something sharp
Carriage contains a quantity of diamonds
Refusal to include land
Inclination to be corrupt
Attorney volunteers information
Virginia finds cover correct
Delighted with name
Fewer around animal
The golfers conceit
Very excited about whiskey
Performers unusual traits
Tinny performance with English digits
Old-fashioned appointment with daughter
Canine, excessively hot, returns without ring
Boy finds key for tune
Language in another sentence
Wickedness in the village
Now employees have to be obliged
Magic formula
Mountain pass
Rub out
Sudden terror
Egg cells
Government assembly
Newspaper boss
Decimal number
Martini garnish
Take a pew!
Pass by
Citrus fruit
Unit of gem weight
Mans name
Female sheep
Large number
Be indebted to
Canine treat
Roses love
Tuscan river
Camp treat
Ms. Winslet
Listen to
Like a hermit
Hearing device
Monstrous giants
Steamy spot
Above, in poems
Sly person
Yule decoration
Hose holder
Ginger ____
Track loops
____ up (botch)
Luxury boat
Gyro bread
Hot drinks
New England coast
English waterway
Easily perused
Furnishing with weapons
Search blindly
At any time, in poems
Bread maker
Jot down
Large jug
Pack animal
Put out
Basketball basket
Send electronically
Mr. Reiner
Without reservation
More conceited
Mooses cousin
Japanese entertainer
Hirsch sitcom
Divas tune
Butter squares
Wooden piece
Feed-bag bit
Everything is ruined!
Felipes assent
Teacher and student in one
On __ streak
Gray day feature
Red-and-white hat wearer
Weed-gathering org.
Put your wallets away
Rich beverage
They need receivers
A parade may require one
Word before stand or hold
Snow __
Mounted, in a way
Word from the Arabic for friend
Homophone for a word of permission
Deceive on the ice
Being so great, I have no __ to beg : King Richard II
Cattle drive figures
Timon of The Lion King, e.g.
Panamanian pronoun
USN bigwig
Bad lot
Unskilled workers
Hippie era activity
Site for old wheels
Strike zone, at times
Where love doesnt conquer anything
Remove an apostrophe from, say
It may be the best thing to do when youre stuck
Their 1943 manual said, Be Ready To Take Over
Entertainment with swaying
Very much
Praise extravagantly
Cartoonist with an Edgar Award
Podium fixture
Tokyo, long ago
Drinks it all in
You couldve fooled me
Exclusive source
Words of concord
Hearty fare
Ornamental shrubs
Common chord
60s music conspiracy theory
Dating clarification
Smooth shift
IBMs __ exhibit
Like some big entrées
Backpack carrier
Drones, e.g.
1856 Stowe novel
Specifications on vials
Cartesian connection
Name of five Norwegian monarchs
Northwestern U.S. city
Analog of -ist
64-Across need
23andMe test subject
Frequently complex traffic pattern: Abbr.
Norwegian city
Most excellent
Rental agreement
Laboratory bottle
Band instrument
Deserving great respect
Family member
Military cafeteria
Woodsmens tools
Olympic award
Umpires cry
Marry clandestinely
Gold fabric
Chorus voice
Notched like a saw
Unrefined metal
Sharp blow
____ Thurman of Kill Bill
City in NY
Door hardware
Water whirl
Cry of sorrow
Igloo dwellers
Track shapes
Tibetan monk
____ Twist
Long scarf
Fly alone
50s monogram
Room theme
First man
Pagan gods
Fry lightly
Singer ____ John
Capri or Wight
Paid athlete
Headache pill
Verb forms
Our planets
Walk pompously
Passed effortlessly
Engrave with acid
Limas country
Country road
You there!
Boy moves around on Boxing Day heading for Santa
Horse entering desolate Epsom Derby is a well-known one
Key figure half dismissed third part of Forsyte Saga?
Victory follows as a result of a set piece
Romanian tennis star seen cycling, showing character
No special threats here?
Big names running a race, display of great fun
Raging seas undertow having contrasting flavours, …
… the first two characteristic for this area?
Barman is what may become of Timothy Dalton after losing voice
Citadel demolished by decree
One used to cut tea breaks during test? Must be reversed!
Play with old army vehicle?
One drunks slightly unwell state, unvarying with direction
Perhaps Spanish defender lacking depth when tackled by Italian
Educational body expelled fellow for leaving university
I will leave 11 in disarray and set off for Lancashire?
Clever, gripping performance of Mr Eddington, full of determination
Dangerous creature blocking pubs entrance
Language once briefly adopted by John Lennon
At last, James Milner flourishes – about time one entertains
Spurs into mess, Tottenham initially shocked: take action!
In this place females carrying out a simple task, to begin with
In my opinion, unchanged relationship ending in divorce should be reviewed
Being free from danger? In Canterbury, maybe, you are while texting
Manic Mondays something electrifying
A French kiss: boring indeed, standing for not stimulating libido
Come to the right conclusion: start to have sex twice
Protective covering
Noncommissioned army officer
Wall pass
Unusual characteristics
Small marine fish
South American river
Open sore
Move swiftly
Flat oven-baked Italian bread which may be topped with herbs or other ingredients
The oldest national football competition in the world
The second largest city in Colombia
1992 comedy film, starring Kid n Play, based on Mark Twains The Prince and the Pauper
Mineral also called heavy spar
The alto of the violin family
The only known decapod crustacean to reproduce only by parthenogenesis
A mythical creature such as Smaug in J R R Tolkiens The Hobbit
Pseudonym of the lyricist and novelist Archibald Thomas Pechey, father of the TV cook Fanny Cradock
The East African burrowing rodent Heterocephalus glaber, also known as the sand puppy
A Spanish sparkling wine similar to champagne
Portuguese footballer who was top goalscorer in the 1966 World Cup
1969 film, based on a novel by Evan Hunter, for which Catherine Burns received an Oscar nomination
City and port in Emilia-Romagna, Italy, that was capital of the Western Roman Empire from 402 to 476
The former name of Tasmania, 1642-1855
1986 French film, starring Gérard Depardieu, Daniel Auteuil and Yves Montand, based on a novel by Marcel Pagnol
1983 Christmas number one single by the Flying Pickets
1964 Top Ten hit for Cliff Richard
American rock band whose single More Than Words reached number in the US
Alexandria-born British Marxist historian who died in 2012
BBC documentary series written and presented by Kenneth Clark
British author whose novels include Birdsong and Charlotte Gray
1968 animated film based on the music of The Beatles, directed by George Dunning
The ___ Quest, novel series by Bernard Cornwell beginning with Harlequin in 2000
The technical name for sugar
Freshwater fish of the subclass Dipnoi that is able to breathe air
See 39
Rufus Wainwrights second album
City in northeastern Zhejiang province, China, formerly known as Kuaiji and Shanyin
The best known novel by Russian writer Ivan Goncharov, first published in 1859
Horse that won the 2014 Derby
1992 biopic directed by Richard Attenborough and starring Robert Downey, Jr in the title role
The first Sherlock Holmes story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, published in 1887
Delicate gold and enamel ware, especially jewel-encrusted eggs, made in Imperial Russia
Opening track of the classic 1970 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young album Déjà Vu
Dutch striker who shared the Golden Boot with Savo Miloševic at Euro 2000
The second most populous city in Iran
American golfer who won the 2001 USPGA Championship
American businesswoman nicknamed the Queen of Mean who served 18 months in prison for tax evasion
US state whose capital is Boise
Bertie ___, Taoiseach of Ireland from 1997 to 2008
Port on the Firth of Clyde whose racecourse hosts the Scottish Grand National
1971 Christmas number one single by Benny Hill subtitled The Fastest Milkman In The West
1984 film starring Eddie Murphy as Axel Foley
___ Coleman, American saxophonist whose album Sound Grammar received the 2007 Pulitzer Prize for music
Blank verse autobiography by John Betjeman first published in November 1960
Tennis player who won the first of her five Wimbledon singles titles in 2000
Emil ___, German Expressionist painter and printmaker born with the surname Hansen
Cristo si è fermato a ___, memoir by Carlo Levi published in 1945
Israeli submachine gun designed by Major Gal in the late 1940s
Binomial name for the silver fir
English actress best known for her role as Dr Nikki Alexander in the BBC series Silent Witness
Widely cultivated herbaceous garden plant of the family Cruciferae with clusters of small yellow or white flowers
Group on the right of American politics espousing views articulated by, among others, Jeane Kirkpatrick and Leo Strauss
Irving Berlin song from the movie White Christmas in which it was sung by Rosemary Clooney
American rapper who is the daughter of blues musician Buddy Guy
Carl ___, Danish composer whose works include Symphony No 4, The Inextinguishable
Horse that gave trainer Fred Winter his fourth and final Grand National victory in 1966
Saudi native
Job-safety org.
Old CIA foe
Shoe width
Watch chains
Away from SSW
And so on (Abbr.)
Tackles weeds
Hearty quaff
Castors twin
Silents star Mary
Country singer Shelton
Dancer Charisse
Trio after Q
Raw minerals
— Domini
Damn Yankees vamp
Tale teller
Maui meal
Golfer Ernie
Track circuits
Oaxaca water
Reddish brown
Thatll Be the Day singer
Coin aperture
Wheel cover
Six-pack muscles
Vegas game
Hereditary unit
Honey bunch?
Louis Armstrong song
Hotel area
Suits network
Disco guy on The Simpsons
Young fellow
Guitars kin
Ballot marks
Aslans land
Oscar contenders
Russian river
Some wines
Crisp cookie
Mideast airline
Author Bellow
Quarter, e.g.
Piña —
Last Stuart ruler
Gushing review
Sheet material
Not flimsy
Tees, e.g.
Burning the midnight oil
Stop signal
Six-sided item
Homers bartending pal
Bouncy tune
Bar bills
Inverted v
Lotion additive
Funny stuff
Sly signal
Come into view
Spring holiday
Massage target
TVs Mandel
By the way
Unspoiled spot
Writer Brown
Seasonal song
Just for fun
Party guest
Not optional
Period of time
Wee hooter
Kenya neighbor
Impulse senders
Now and then
Showy parrots
Onions kin
Turn away
Police ID
More cunning
Capital of Italia
Bee follower
Marina sight
Chamber piece
Hindu deity
Come to pass
River of Russia
Shaped like a half-moon
Frances patron saint
Get snug
Mountain nymphs
Giant with a hundred eyes
Harsh cry
Painter Jackson
Go in Glasgow
Storied lioness
Type in again
Tips off
Ballet position
Goddess of peace
Indian axes
Meat avoider
In the know
Chinas Xiao-ping
Treaters words
Sharp side of a blade
Monster loch
Dancing Astaire
Voting group
Cry of pain
Canadian prime minister
Arabic name of Sri Lanka
Muslim leader
Clair de Lune composer
It happens
Tennis star Agassi
Romanian monetary unit
This __ laughing matter!
Folktale monster
Look Whos Talking actress
Indian peasant
Model Macpherson
Lump together
Stand in line
Chest muscles
Finnish epic poem
Put in order
Began again
Ordinal number ender
Diane or Michael
Piano piece
Surrounded by
Dots in the ocean
Grow less
Basinger and Novak
Seed covering
Hawaiian goose
Perceive by touch
Sweet almond paste
Gets back
Kitchen herb
Sheep noise
Winding downhill ski race
Stop speaking
By oneself
Foolish person
Large bird of prey
Striped quadruped
River of Egypt
Young cat
Formal speech
Pigment made from clay and iron oxide
Bluish-white metal
One who grows red with anger, perhaps
Fish found in wheelbarrows
An audience for bingo?
Gin with battered fish
Its tiresome wandering outside
We must be in a group – its adorable
Consented to produce article on avarice
Friend joins expert in grand house
No arm twisted in policemans territory
Storing bits of pine in a small cask
A walker? Thats right, a walker
The capital of Thailand, Im sure, is somewhere in Asia
Taking the first left, I would go behind cover
Find record finished
Separated, as below
Money, we hear, for a female deer
We sent out the most up-to-date
Put back in control, say?
The best part of Chinese literature
Boxers – people of little importance
Butterflys innocent officer
Rude lover may be countermanded
Being of a sweet and friendly disposition, I question my proficiency
Goes round in womens clothing
No crazy wanderer
One less than a crowd?
Assessment of show involving Stevie Wonder
At the heart of the storm in Government with watching brief
Bad blood between Meg Thatcher and the revolutionary
Badly hurt, the sense is writer is emotionally affected
Bar staff?
Begins to leave agribusiness in Eastern Europe
Breakdown of cover for Zimbabwe epidemic
Bruised rib removed – was it previously owned by someone else?
Characters raised in California put out by nuisance
Corporate division produces endless amount of drinks
Course starting with exam referring to whats on reef
Curmudgeonly dumped lemon curd produced by one of gals partners?
Deirdre got this from bar and it went to her head – one is advised to think about that a lot
Express disapproval over a doctor offering grass
Flexible type from A-list working in Clare bends over backwards
Genius admits it is what our neighbours are expected to live on
Go ballistic without the bits of sound
Got to hate leaving head teacher
Neighbours dismiss region in the Australian outback
Nietzsche releases sheet with galvanising material
Old Germanic race took over most of mine at end of war, by Jove!
One of those in the plot takes in America by banger
Outlet for posh model
Ramble by Magicians Bar with Erris Head on right
Reconnect a refrigerator inside for the honey producers to collect
Relish for starter of lobster is missing – wheres the gratification in that?
Shame one of The Stones joining Yes
Some Felixstowe beach synonymous with surfing
Someone will have to use this to relax, as sage like Shatter isnt finished with whatchamacallit
Sporting paper is half read by coach
Tear the dress in the gate
Test probe?
The benefit of Dell embracing university
The most popular stolen goods given to judge
Theyre under a lot of pressure looking for the oceanliner?
Throw out on Fourth of July – is that creditable?
What major employer might do with a couple of notes on clever scheme
Withdraw a regiment immersed in a series of battles
Abominable snowman
Adherent, of a particular religion, say
Agate with alternating bands of colour
Asian medicine man
Came into view
Continue, move ahead
Expels from a property
Fake, mock, false
German Miss
Get the better of
Gold and silver, say
Have no faith or confidence in
Member of a company board
Most up-to-the-minute
One circumstance that contributes to a result
Pale complexion because of poor health
Place in peril
Place of incarceration
Primary social groups
Reaction, reply
Repeat aloud from memory
Rupture of a blood vessel or extreme anger
Seldom, not often
Small fish usually canned
State capital of Ohio
Stick to
This is for the birds
Touch up a photograph
Ugly, offensive sight
Uprising, rebellion
Way of doing something
Workers cafe and cutlery box
Wall built to prevent flooding
Daring adventurer
Tapering stone pillar
Fishing boat
Consumes; food
Hackneyed phrase
Without a join
You can teach an old dog new tricks
English dialect
Public disgrace or shame
Strict, harsh
Head of military police
Expressing blissful happiness
Seaward end of landing stage
Device keeping aircraft on course
Reaping tool
Forward movement
County officer
I’m no more informed than you
Lord Chancellor’s court
Bile; growth on a tree
Hindu deity
Do away with
Public bidding sale
Fine foods shop
Highly-specialised subjects
Opening in an ice sheet
Fixing spike
Pacifist slogan
Hard-skinned fruit
Carnivorous pack animal
Winding, twisting; mineral
Monstrous creature
Cover for domestic light
Level in a hierarchy
Tired, unhappy
Time of public revelry
Natural blue dye
Evergreen shrub
Weaken, undermine
Provocative promoter of debate
Edible lymph gland
Slow-moving, inactive
Tampering with information to mislead
Travel document
Involving 3-D photography
Cause to feel happy
UK wartime leader
Blissfully happy
Self-employed worker for hire
Strong liking (for)
Slide (on slippery ground)
Area; belt
Mark left by a wound
Jump on one foot
With each note detached (music)
Not set apart
Greek letter B
Point by point
Reuse (old ideas)
Bone at base of spine
Mediation, stepping-in
Drama venues
Agreed ceasefire
Edible tropical root
Suffering greatly
Lyric poem
Move easily without power
Desirable feature
Moral or cultural decline
Wide open area
Document reproducer; imitator
Permission for school absence
Jousting weapon
Animal doctor
Close to the Dutch shore, not in any trouble
Startling approach adopted by barber?
Terrible months around zero Kelvin
May beauty defeat crowd circling around
Concerned with walrus, revealing compassion
Able to hold glass at last, one’s ready for punch
Poor and simple, holding a grudge at the outset
Going round meadows is unalloyed joy
What’s needed, as pharmacist, when ill? That’s rough justice
Man on board ship needs so much water?
In its turn it picks up loads regularly that trades, say, collect
In no hurry to give one away, it’s plain
Ample librarian reinvented as athletic star
Wander round trench, half quivering
Was dragged along by dogs and killed for crying out
Penniless, short journeys by public transport convenient for gentleman booked
Feeble Luddism a labourer embraces
Figure closely confined with endless pain
In a way, keeping muscle in check
Overreaching at law, estate lost — no one understood it
Great circle is right one to split in the middle
Niggardly, parting with pound creates distress
Dope back from the six counties
After sailor died, submariner’s return shows guts
I despise small, cosy position
As one in feud, I get stirred up
Having been sent to prison, going down very angry
Villain with the Midas touch?
So get pet bird fed without delay?
Cool about holding box by broken side? Content here is not secure
What signifies a number to chop up
The only organised man calls round in southern town
Eye monk up
Urgently whisper part of this speech
Appears to admit poetry’s beauty
Look likely to have small card briefly over a higher one
Take a host from kibbutz, maybe, including one pet
Tribesman is artist, top drawer
Rank particularly cherished by soldier at first on the up
Anticipated wood cut has been executed
Presumably one properly left an intangible asset
A mark, good? It’s the reverse — a bad one
Spirit of country seen in vacation
Tough article in early edition
Reason to support marking familiar territory
Stop immediate use of information on envelope
One taking part in regimental ceremonies which don’t occur often
Being indisposed, doctor indelibly writing “overindulgence”
Subsidiaries of British farms
Appalling arrogance, in which old Frenchman is showing classical influence
Washing down accommodation university’s not used
Ridiculously, grapes came a huge distance
Detectives order fools to turn up in bursts
Look into playing on computer in the half-dark
Demand for giraffes perhaps that is hard to fulfil?
Signs of drug depravity around where you would expect?
Dry course with a dull instructor, principally
A time to reflect, but not to change
A mouse is heard in vehicle
Letter Cecil only half finished
See managers can provide space for posts
Surprising outburst, a little lacking in volume?
Telegraph, perhaps, has cut wire that’s bent
Dram on board cutter
Some attached to beginning a nation of Europe
Style of harmony for choirs involving five hundred
Passage is guarded by porter, say
Outsource working like civil service?
Note a lot of commission on house
Sneak unused to follow society
Old hand editor’s passed over
Rue A to D conversion in data retrieval
Figure where daughter must be parking to see gorge
Not believing he’s interrupting classic speech
Tear drop regularly includes one
Runs into perhaps Duke Ellington’s most successful offering?
South leaving card game to sleep
Make use of skin of inferior animal
Part of dress has to hang down in middle
The man pursuing corporation account to complain
Note sons mostly choose jelly
Play about where the voyage across the Styx ends?
Unable to see shade on pen
Celebs not so spoilt, losing currency
Talk about right one looking to buy jumper
Review total jazzman not using small piano
Dug up in Passau — near the Danube
Sailor turned up on time on hotel boat — a large vessel
Figure freeze will do for maritime plant
Raising a duck, but not all play
Set up daughter at company group
Find fault has cut power in vehicle
XVI, ‘Dulcis Parva ____’ Carolus Berrius cantabat
The tittle-tattle of the chattering classes, cf. rumor, ~is
Clouds, comoedia Aristophanis
Ars ____: the art of speaking (gen. gerund)
Quot homines, ____ sententiae: as many opinions as men, Terence Phormio 454
He had started: te debet forma verbi ‘incipio’ uti
Alone you protect (cave ne confundas ‘servo’ et ‘servio’)
I encourage (dep.): incito
I’ll make it happen’ that he delay his wedding, Terence Andria 313
C’mon then!
Vehementer, animose: keenly
They’re going to be
Natus matris patrisque sum
Sad, gloomy, unhappy: tristis, lugubris
Most holy Roman Catholic hymn to the Virgin Mary
It will be given
They dress down and tick off: puniunt, multant
To go with measured step: ____ gradu ire, Plautus Poenulus 522
Just do it! ____ simpliciter!
I threaten (dep.) and smaller (nom. sing. common gender)
He’s been iced, rubbed out, fitted with concrete boots etc: ____ est
To display, to put forward
Drag: esseda multisonora fortes muli ____
Bull: non facile est ____ visa retinere iuvenca, Ovid Rem. 633
Harbour, haven (4th m., abl. sing.)
How many times? Three: Quotiens? ____
Good one! elicitor
9 Across, essentially
A lot more than a minute
Adaptable eater
Alternative to Chrissie
Alternative to Tessa
Antonym of tolerator
Aristotles waking dream
Arrange artfully
Big structural changes
Bloom with rays
Botanical vessel
Camera choices
Clarifies, perhaps
Committed to
Common contractions
Common MBA prerequisite
Current inhibitor
Descended, in a way
Director who sued Viacom over Spike TV
Economic resource
First course
Flareups heart
Give a shout-out to
It may mean modified
Its under a cup, typically
Menu of a sort
Monte Carlo sidekick
Nicely polished
Not optional
Old-school carrot harvesters
One rescued by Rambo
Only veep born in DC
Outdo all
Perform as promised
Pre-euro Portuguese money
Range rover
Reaction to the unexpected
Register on a register
Related group
Right-spun yarn term
Robotics company with a swell name
Sales __
School that teaches chanting
Societal lawlessness
Something found around the house
Something said with a slap
Special Agent employer
Start of a updated auric adage
Sudden rush
Surprisingly contradictory
Term from the French for a newbie
They scared Churchill, by his own admission
Title like Czar
Tool used by Paul Revere
Totally worn out
Town with a Penn State law school
Turns sheerer
USPS delivery rounds
Vigorous crusades
Voice of the dean in Monsters University
What Rhapsody in Blue was first scored for
Where a soloist joins the chorus
Whole lot
Worst case
Youngest Wimbledon doubles champ (at 15, 1996)
Lil Abner cartoonist
TV sales channel
TV sales channel
French dogs
Less transparent
Make amends for
Pacific island nation
And the following, in bibliographies (Abbr.)
Cookbook instruction
Chefs hat
Simon and Garfunkel, e.g.
Rock trio known for its bearded members
Elementary actress Lucy
Delegate or relegate
Closed social circle
Raw metals
Actor Gulager whose name sounds like a crossword hint
Co-star of Shatner and Nimoy
Pugilists org.
Space ball
Healthy bar offerings
Sooner State city
Like it, grammatically
Elevator compartment
Rachel Maddows network
Part of a royal flush
City destroyed by Godzilla
Radio legend Casey
Indent producers
Green citrus drink
Popeyes son
Puzzle thats more hard than fun, say
Knock the socks off
Psychics power
Time pieces?
Orangutan, e.g.
Deli delicacy
Cruiser driver
French farewell
Mesa relative
Teachers favorites
Ride-sharing lane, briefly
Luxury resort amenities
NFL sportscaster Jim
Play caller … or, when shortened, a hint to 10-, 16-, 20-, 24-, and 36-Down
Zoo doc
Grand ___ (wine classification)
Academic trivia competition
Easy money
R.N.s special touch
Repair shop containers
Patchwork gathering
Not-so-gentle giant
Big name in multivitamins
Score tally (Abbr.)
Determined to do
All-terrain vehicle
Twin sister of Apollo
Sellout show sign
Dabbling ducks
Thin pancake
Salon supplies
Web surfers destination
Screeners org.
How cute!
Gullible type
Letters on a wanted poster
Susan of L.A. Law
R.N. locales
Audible reflections
Speckly steed
Mama bear, in Madrid
Solemn pledges
Prefix with genesis or thermic
Media-monitoring org.
Healthy glows?
Clams, oysters and the like?
Key of Dvorak’s ‘New World Symphony’: Abbr.
Radio station owner, e.g.
Baton wielder
Sounds of passing time
Seething states
Montand of ‘Jean de Florette
Argument at a job site?
Jazz genre
Crosses over
Shop turner
Ample storage space for gardening supplies?
Unruly dos
Flurry of activity
Expressionist painter Nolde
Sportscaster Collinsworth
Richard’s veep
Mil. awards for meritorious acts
Harry who was played by Eastwood
Repeats mechanically
Radar O’Reilly’s job in the 4077th?
China’s Chiang
Ballpark figure
Arctic chunk
Mozart’s ‘Il mio tesoro,’ e.g.
Frantic transmission
___ Moines
Starbucks size
Pessimistic rant?
Dictation pro
Henley Regatta boat
Cake course
Annual photo feature in Sports Illustrated?
Subtler ‘Hey!
Go over like ___ balloon
Connery, whose speaking style is played on in this puzzle
Slide subjects
Cargo capacity
They range from -1 to 1 in trigonometry
Criticizes harshly
What vampires do during the day?
Having nothing appropriate to wear at the beach?
Is for more than one?
Withered witch
Lauder of cosmetics
Capitol Bldg. VIP
Perfume property
General drift
A Simple Plan’ director Sam
Room at the top
Recipient’s reply
Subj. for immigrants
Philosophy topic
Pain in the neck
Pianist Earl, called ‘Fatha
Dentist’s order
Time in the recording studio
Look for again
Glasgow ‘Gee!
Bit of physics
Hurricane-tracking org.
Brit’s alcohol-to-go purchase
Nova ___
Squirrel’s stash
Gin flavoring
Old goat
How ___ the little crocodile…’: Lewis Carroll
Commits a faux pas
Common sitcom rating
Fodder holders
Roll of bills
Fleece feature
Some sports cars
Bit of sweat
Winds down
Soundstage sights
1970 Neil Diamond hit
Anne of ‘Wag the Dog
Suburban shopping destination
God of wine
Gallery focus
Two in Tijuana
Smokejumper’s need
Hindu princess
Hindu honorific
Cessna spinner
Robe closer
Schoolyard retort
Fire pit setting
Elite unit
Like a wallflower
Winter number
Put away
Labor Dept. div.
Dentist’s order
X, at times
Director Lee
Polite assent
Fence feature
Doherty of ‘Heathers
Like some pools
Fly high
Dream up
Fly-by-night bunch
Warm welcomes
Time in office
Get smart with
Climber’s tool
That’s ___!’ (‘Don’t do it!’)
Magna ___
Lay to rest
Portfolio piece
Broncos center Gradkowski
Coverage grp.
___ a Rebel’ (1962 hit)
A Zulu, a meadow, and a wild flower
Absolutely ridiculous nite bank?
African carnivores
Aide or helper
Andean ruminant
Animal all over mum
Aquatic mammal
Arrest topless men, obese
At last splendid beer comes to valley
Aussie river rising in impressive display
Banishes from pubs
Bishop authentic and radiant
Burn old woman in Greek island
Can one help being one?
Condensed outline
Eastern sea creature sheds tail in spring
Equine control straps
Fake diamond emblem
Fry, Stephen, initially given attention
Garden shrub
Haynes on the move spotted animals
Hold your horses? These will!
In this case lives in valley
Irish national symbol
Is obliged to be in South Ascot
Mentally quick
Mild mental disorder
Pulsating laser is close
Put in position? Indeed!
Reduce to ashes
Senora falsely offers motive
Son is spy producing summary
Spread out from
Swimmer in ocean and lake
This person may go downhill fast
Travelling bag
Unspecified sum of money ones obsession?
Use chair
Views supple student in pirouette
Winter sportsperson
Without feeling foolish?
Yorkshire land feature
Beloved novelist Morrison
Ben-Hur or Troy
Talk Radio playwright Bogosian
___ fair in love . . .
___ the season . . .
Abel who discovered New Zealand
Abrupt dissolution, as of a partnership
Add bling to
Afternoon receptions
Airport queue vehicle
Any of the Ivies
Arboreal dwelling
At lunch, say
Be sweet on
Berry of Cloud Atlas
Big fuss
Brian who co-wrote Heroes with David Bowie
Bridge support
Cafeteria carrier
Catchy part of a pop tune
Cockpit readings
Common sign during a 1973 shortage
Cookie with flower designs
Crunchy lunch, for short
Debaters focus
Deles opposites
Engage in a cover-up, perhaps
Fall off, as popularity
Find attractive
Force out of office
Go ___ (flip out)
Grunts and groans
Gumbo veggie
High-speed scene
In short supply
John on the Mayflower
Johnny, the Man in Black
Lange of Crashing
Lap dog, informally
Long-winded sort
Minuscule amounts
Mix with a swizzle stick
Part of a drummers kit
Pencil-and-paper game
Places to buy, sell and trade
Places to graze
Plant with fronds
Plaything thats skipped
Plead innocent to
Pursuers of AWOLs
Quinn of Elementary
Racetrack nail-biter
Rap sheet letters
RAV4 automaker
Riverbank frolicker
Robert who played Quint
Rooms with recliners, often
Ruths retired number
Saintly aura
Salary limits
SAT part
Sax smaller than a baritone
Sci-fi escape vehicles
Sign of sorrow
Singer with the 2004 hit Burn
Small town on a campaign trail
Smelling of suds
Sparkling wine town
Suitable for cacti
Sycophants reply
Tempter with a pitchfork
Tennis great Laver
Vertical part of a stair
When the NYSE bell is rung
Word in cake mix ads
Yes rock genre, for short
___ Lee cakes
___-bah (pompous sort)
Expressing love
One who speaks excessively
Nasal aperture
Sloping mass of loose rock
Trials tribulations
Offensive remarks
Shopping container
(Of pasta) firm when eaten
Slices of bacon
Game on a green
Aggressive display of military force
Large bottle
Very unpleasant
Old stableman at an inn sterol (anag)
Small north Pacific salmon
Compass point
Six-stringed instrument
Compared with
Festival after Lent
Balm ointment
Eye infections
Siberian river flowing through Yakutsk
Hamlets castle?
Yugoslav and US tennis star, rival to 10 6
German tennis star, winner of 22 Grand Slam titles
The loser in the 2018 World Chess Championship
See 5 Down
See 9
See 11
See 24
Another name for pulse (vegetable)
Polish city, host to the 2018 Climate Change Conference
Render __ the things that are Caesars : Matthew 22:21
What one should make, if life gives you lemons?
Island in French Polynesia
Paul __, French Post-impressionist painter whose works include The Bathers
Egyptian god – or the Thames in Oxford?
US author, academic and activist and former vice-presidential candidate for the Communist Party
See 10 Across
Rhodesian prime minister 1964-1979
Magnus _, reigning world chess champion
Railway terminus in north London
Member of a Muslim ethnic minority suffering persecution in China
Dutch football club based in Amsterdam
Susanna __, co-anchor of Good Morning Britain on ITV
Incompetent European involved in dance getting a smaller amount
Accounts produced by one with a tree
Quiet royal at home with monarch vile to unusually shy person
Tool returned with hesitation by Southern plunderers
Ask for second object initially legal
Chaps in article by expert likely to cooperate
Delicacy originally frozen cut into cubes
Ringleader, extremely unpopular, with man in the country
Willing to get bling, I go off
Chap leaves fruit
Remarkable occurrence involving a class covered in mud
Runner-up, male, still drives badly
Man ” one with quiet Scandinavian
Container used for a month by worker with hesitation
Inconvenience for fool in hospital with the French
Entertainer provided for every class with hesitation
Left with worker with hesitation, new lamp
Leaves out refuse containers
Cool Conservative on mound with journalist
Short man, cold, with abdominal pain
Position of one in a teetotal duet, possibly
Urge the woman, 50, to get large outer layer
Flowers and moss slob abandoned
Compulsory recruits reason against film text
Ones in concert with man having sworn
Complicated lesson about one feline
Ringleader sick in Indian state identifying ape
Punter less ill
Fabric concealed by many Londoners
From him, Id get insect