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Crosswords Buzz Answers 2019-1-27

Radiate or a Netflix wrestling comedy
TV hosts: Abbr.
Jet ___ (problem when changing time zones)
Its senators are Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst
Exclamation accompanying a breakthrough
Public radio host Glass or Flatow
They fire bullets
Snug as a bug in a ___
Its so cold!
2007 movie musical in which Queen Latifah played Maybelle
Tic-___-toe (simple game)
St. Patricks Day month: Abbr.
Get the ___ of the land
Boiling mad
___ trial basis: 2 wds.
1990s sitcom in which Queen Latifah played Khadijah: 2 wds.
Kind of Internet connection: Abbr.
Channel showing government proceedings: Hyph.
Emmas role in La La Land
Ugh gross!
Combine mathematically
2017 comedy film in which Queen Latifah played Sasha: 2 wds.
Firefighter or lumberjacks tool
Data for short
Dancing With the Stars judge Goodman
Opposite of old
___ Hand Luke (Paul Newman movie)
Just who do you think you ___?
Medical professionals: Abbr.
Joint that has a cap
Synonym for job that reads the same forward and backward
Actor ___ Diamond Phillips
Stand on your ___ two feet
Rinse off
Comedian Bamford or journalist Shriver
Pastries you might dip in café con leche
Loses tautness
Zodiac sign that runs from September to October
Synonym and rhyme of display
Forrest Gump actor Sinise
Churchgoers shouts
___ It Happens to You (Lady Gaga song)
MSNBCs The Beat With ___ Melber
Cleveland basketball player for short
___ wave (coastal surge)
Rapper Minaj
Sparkly decorating particles
College transcript stat: Abbr.
Young boy
This is the ___ of the road
Club soda or tonic water to a bartender
Me Myself & ___ (Jim Carrey comedy)
Americas Got Talent: The Champions host Terry
Elaborate star-studded party
Grains in an hourglass
Afro comb
Prefix for violent or standard
Cheetah to Wonder Woman
makeup for eyelashes
place to care for sick folks
large, printed handkerchief
practice of having one mate
italian lady
outperform your expectations
emperor in tenochtitlan
Google Calendar, e.g
In addition
Foundation’ author
Hit 2009 movie set in the 22nd century
Cry of exasperation
When Hamlet dies
Unemployed salon worker?
Venusians, e.g., informally
In base 8
Bob ___, 1968 record-setting long jumper
Foreign title that’s an anagram of its English equivalent
Unemployed nail polisher?
Most preferred
Coffee order
Some TV drama settings, for short
Troublemaker since birth
Something paid to a hero
Cosby’s ‘I Spy’ co-star
Jack-in-the-box part
Unemployed men’s clothier?
Wing it
Remote figure: Abbr
Hydro plant locale
Exam scored on a scale of 1 to 5, informally
Designer Geoffrey
___ Live’ (onetime cooking show)
___ tear (sports injury)
Jay preceder
Unemployed educator?
Media inits. before One, Two or Four
Wall Street order
Question after ‘I’m back
Fish in a tank
Article in La Repubblica
Port Authority posting: Abbr
Unemployed loan officer?
Watchdog org. established by Nixon
Salon supply
No returns,’ e.g
Extra! Extra!’ shouter
Repeated word in a 1957 Harry Belafonte hit
Fan noise
Cote call
___ spell
It’s kept in a pen
Unemployed rancher?
Capt.’s guess
More balanced
Popular font
Airport near D.C
Unemployed prestidigitator?
Efficient kind of shopping
Iconic 1950s-’70s female TV role played by a male
Achieve something by merit
Like the lion slain by Hercules
Be short with
Peanut butter choice
Tested the waters, say
Request for an online R.S.V.P
Bluegrass instrument, site with the category ‘Cellphones & tablets
One out?
Came before
___ tea
Sheriffs, marshals, etc
The Mary Tyler Moore Show’ character
Short snicker
Easy ___
President during the Vietnam War
Surgical tube
Like Feburary
Advertise excessively
It’s the truth
Used as a role model
Part of S.O.P.: Abbr
Beauty that’s seldom seen
Suffix with linguist
Okinawa port
___ Rhythm
Spill the beans
Send in a different direction
Fast-food sandwiches introduced in 1985
They go down easily
Brave New World’ drug
Responded in court
Dash gauge
AAA suggestion: Abbr
It borders Ky
You can page through them
Like ‘A Star Is Born,’ several times
A mean Amin
Blackjack combo
Locker room shower?
Every which way
___ center
Hospital unit
Two-masted sailing vessel
Longtime host of ‘American Top 40
Source of a Boston ‘curse
Defaulter’s comeuppance
Every 24 hours
Normandy invasion town
Marie and Donny Osmond, e.g
It borders Ida
Find with difficulty
Not very much
Produces a revival of
Royal Charlotte’s father
Abbr. in many an office address
Failed, as a cellphone or car to its user
Estée Lauder competitor
Evangeline’ setting
Symbol of change
Young and Simon
Preceder of ‘Do I have to?
Headgear for a knight
Padre’s hermana
Look for
Beethoven’s ‘Choral’ Symphony
Suffix with expert
Code-cracking org
Special gift
1974-77 ITV sitcom starring Bernard Hepton and Ken Jones
Paul , German bacteriologist awarded the 1908 Nobel Prize in Medicine
2003 novel by Alexander Kent
September, 1854 battle in the Crimean War
Seaport in County Kerry, Republic of Ireland, on the River Lee
See 16
Edible marine bivalve mollusc found on the seabed
Ipswich Town striker awarded two England caps in 1980, against Norway and Romania
Ned , US composer of operas Bertha, Our Town and Miss Julie
Trinny , co-presenter with Susannah Constantine of BBC TV series What Not to Wear from 2001-05
The , 1987 novel by Rosamunde Pilcher
US Pop Art painter whose works include Lola Cola and Elephant Seal
Fast-swimming cephalopod mollusc with a torpedo-shaped body
1975 film thriller starring Gene Hackman and Susan Clark
1990 comedy-horror film starring Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward
Elinor , author of novels Three Weeks and The Price of Things
1947 short story collection by Agatha Christie featuring Hercule Poirot
See 9 Across
2012 film comedy starring Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis
Mike , 1964 Olympic 400m gold medallist
Ruth , actress who played Sarah Hughes in 1997 romcom Fever Pitch
R G , New Zealand cricketer who hit 103 in the 6th ODI against South Africa in Cape Town in 2000
See 3
Helmut , scorer of two goals for West Germany in the 1954 FIFA World Cup Final
Intensely painful
Spring back
Spanish man
Make more modern
Twelve months
Pooled money
Salad item
Inadequate, not enough
Sword holder
People waiting in a line
Act of God
Golfers peg
Small frozen blocks
Refuse to leave
Vertical rock face
Canvas shelter
Quiet, angry buccaneer
Marks out of mascara
Not far from one argument
Chief editorial
Mix without the French dynasty
Old soldiers get sign
Dog left to have a look
Procure from strange tradesman
Last word from the cricket?
Everything unknown to friend
Keys disappear
Teas brewed behind
Complain to a bird
Fish with a musical tail
Most employees have to stop
Steps that may be taken
Bean shows sign of life
Authentic sort of earl
Sign up loner, somehow
Not different from this America
Church gets call from shrink
Appropriate side
Lame sort of dinner, say
German boy is happy
Vandalise church after turning deaf
Singer has one platform
The French girl is permissible
Woman finds queen transparent
Tiny part of a cat
Kitty has a good time on the day
Chinese dynasty
Leave-taking word
Game bird
Musical ending
Portable rungs
Physically damage
Schooner part
Fuzzy fruit
Arab chief
Python, e.g.
Take out, as text
Wind toys
Suit garment
Mr. Flynn
At the summit of
Cool, man!
Moral wrong
Stage hint
Golf gadget
Humpbacks kin
Most severe
Walker in water
White ____
____ of passage
Backless seat
Met piece
Snow slider
Barn bird
Fine cloth
Birch, e.g.
Light sniffle
Lofty abode
Starlets goal
Military troops
Atlantic area
Kong, e.g.
Game room
Cup holder
Sock mender
Bambi, e.g.
Frozen cubes
Mines output
Holds title to
Yule drink
High voice
Female voice
Chicago Loop trains
Head flanker
Nursery fixture
The Big Bang, e.g.
Ice cream variety
Ancient Greek state
Kindle, e.g.
Winter vehicle
__ and Ladders
Apartment, perhaps
Potassium __
Prepared for impact
Peter the Great, e.g.
Calendar period
Navajo relative
Main points
Theyre thrown in anger
Germany-based shipper
Tank-emptying gadget
According to script
Burger King beverage option
Dinner order?
Many a character in The Americans
Four years, in some cases
Out of the sack
Jenna, to Barbara
Teen heartthrob
Author Zora __ Hurston
DDEs wartime command
Martini go-with?
Flower in la Seine
Almost-ready software products
Premium beef
Most likely
Todays fortysomethings, e.g.
Empty storefront sign
Sellout sign
Amtrak service
Pin cushion?
My bad
To sum up …
Photo sources
Snowboarder White
Stud location
Green Day drummer __ Cool
Draw forth
Punished, as a teen
By all means!
Online forum VIP
Original Nashville Now airer
Animal house
University of Wisconsin city
Methinks …
Blood system letters
Elegant carousel rider?
Eggs, to a biologist
Pay attention
Neeson of Silence
Tablet download
1983 Michael Keaton role-reversal movie
1836 battle site
Delta rival: Abbr.
Here will __ me till the break of day : Shak.
Common practice
November birthstone
Due cubed
Bit of racket sport equipment
Vacation twosome, perhaps
Acquired, with by
Get more points than
Enough already!
Backup military org.
Heroic Schindler
Play the piccolo
Covert __
Lily variety
Cant do without
World __
Part of ADA: Abbr.
Tidy sum
Lingerie top with spaghetti straps
Triple-jump element
Calendario starter
Dress like
Roles for young women
Movie clip
Large wine cask
Not get everything you want
Done, in Dijon
Desktop image
Far from talkative
Get everything you want
Pec neighbor
Approx. 5.88 trillion miles
Really peeve
In unison
Like nail polish being blown on
Playing hooky, say
Carpentry files
Queen Sugar co-producer
Place to keep things
Business end of a cutting tool
The Mod Squad hairdo
Rise dramatically
PlayStation 4, for one
Lexicographers concern
Venn diagram regions
Pewter metal
N.Y. tech school
Fed. agents
Tombstone lawman
When repeated, rock group named for the villain in Barbarella
Skin flick
Dance track, often
Falling apart
Like goals not attained
Doctors order
Real puzzle
Arm-leg connector
Delivery process
Sour cream blob
Stalagmite sites
Ritz-Carlton alternative
Soothing ointment
__ mater
Fight with seconds
Rapa __: Easter Island
Turkish dignitary
West Asian capital
Wound cover
Caffeine-rich nuts
Exam monitor
The NBAs Hawks
It merged with Coors in 2005
Norse prankster
__ fault is that?!
Got up
Tune sung alone
Western natives
Act the blowhard
Sleek, in car talk
Lawn problem
Woolly mamas
The Waste Land monogram
Plot device?
College teacher, for short
Divas song
Leased again
Steak, e.g.
Mumbai dress
Memorable periods
Wipe away
Amtrak depots (abbr.)
Cry ____ River (2 wds.)
Hanging ornament
Boxing great
Certain poems
Water mammal
Illegally made booze
Neithers companion
Zodiac sign
One ____ time (2 wds.)
Teamsters rig
____ roll (2 wds.)
Defeated ones
Carpenters tool
Off kilter
Successful book
Machu Picchu native
She, in Paris
Cats weapon
Religious song
Picture takers, for short
Artist Henri ____
Malt brews
____ Fitzgerald
List-ending abbr.
Ancient Egyptian king
Songstress ____ McEntire
Golf gizmo
Short skirt
Stroke a guitar
Large artery
Easy gait
Journalist ____ Sawyer
Go onstage
Pained sound
Sings alone
As the ____ flies
Largest bird
Mules kin
Not here
Lincoln and Vigoda
Man or Wight
Voice range
Con game
Show boredom
Baltimore time zone (abbr.)
Abrupt European national is scruffy individual
Lacking a natural ability to eat seconds
Parties hard to display money
Actor Earl breaks shoe in on-line clip?
Following hail, large area becomes slum
Charlie getting on with order to produce ring, unexpectedly
Get away with cuddle, oddly lacking happiness
Supports ecstasy being taken in pubs
See live part of brain
Jumping bail, in case judge factors in readings
Caused to be loved as death approached, an unspecified number lost
Associate reported control switch for stove?
Reliance on unstable ship
So I must welcome king
Club for Green Party leader, say
Data about universitys ranking
Gold blocks present in repository
Orange Republican in line for missile launchers
Delight in predilection to go topless
See what is written in heavy print
I say Reach out, and relax in this
Framework of report is enthralling rector
Emergency stop crossing river – poor Declan is trapped
Proposes key food additive
Poles pursue the Parisian around Paris, primarily providing protection for photographer
Be left at home by husband, with weary back
Eliot concealing difficult low periods
Screen question prior to opening of enquiry
Best to eat large carp
Greek cheese
Religious address
See note
Rice dish
Frozen rain
Large seabird
Church vault
Organ of hearing
Transition to an earlier event
Arm muscle
Woman with a temper
Mobster Diamond
Ballpark figures
Way out
Stable mate
Miss by __
Star of Lyra
Practices, as a trade
Rush headlong
Concerto __
Beach resort
Bellini opera
Bridge expert Culbertson
Singer with the Blockheads
TVs Warrior Princess
Thin veneer
Heart of __ (Blondie hit)
Without success
Novelist-screenwriter Eric
Graph line indication
Was a go-between
Window division
Convent residents
Architect Saarinen
City on the Irtysh
Transport for Tarzan
NZ neighbor
Fancy marbles
Practice pugilism
Celestial phenomenon
Large chunks of cheese
River wall
Devon river
Best Picture of 1958
Italian author Eco
Seine tributary
Ordinary writing
Underground conduit
String quartet member
Most pathetic
Singer Campbell
Large antelope
It may be common or proper
Need You Tonight rock group
Parade stopper
Word with pepper or paper
West Indies, e.g.
Harsh-voiced bird
Most unsightly
Beethoven opera
We __ amused (Queen Victoria)
Canterbury saint
Greek a
Absyssinian cry?
Hair style
Cautious persons concerns
Russian parliament
San Remo salutation
Care for
Bump off
Australian state: Abbr.
Badly dealt with
Countryside walker
Curved structure
All people
Fought with swords
Material for violin strings
Indoor footwear
Fortified wine
Bind tight with clothes
Sodium chloride
Come to the destination
Morning meal
Judicial penalties
Capital of Kenya
Trainee officer
Female horse
Have some training – or play golf
George is happy but not completely – with a Japanese entertainer
New gadget has to be labelled
Tablet broken in struggle
Ten past two
Bird making some fine music
Given credit, has coins
Large groups of birds around Lands End
Strange child, with better than even chance
Lure from apprenticeship
Thrills if Leicester is rebuilt
A guests endless complaint
Reds to revolt in this county?
Marine mammals confused men at sea
Wine left at sea
A shoe, in a manner of speaking
Kept being shy
Contracts made while taking in a card game
Ready for sleep, having dined heartily?
Someone using tap – or whats needed in it?
Get cast adrift in boat
Tent patched up after deductions
Start chopping wood for money
Dickens Drood
Poker payoffs
Lionized person
Weight lifter
Actress Sorvino
Scotsmans calling
Hyde Park push
Overly preoccupies
Mutant Ninja of cartoons
Stir up
Letter flourish
Loosen up
Playful teasing
Kiwis extinct cousin
Indian soldier in the British army
Drum majors walk
City on the Rhine
Oregons capital
Hard-hit, old-style
Biblical witchs home
Dunn and Ephron
Commune in Holland
Fern cells
Old hands?
Quickly, quickly
Personal qualities
Most highly seasoned
Get out of sight
Explorers calling
Box for buttons
Pola of the silents
Toad bump
Tear apart
Tunnel effect
Minute amount
Nobody ________ but us chickens
Mandela and Rockefeller
Jury, e.g.
Auto pioneer
Literary monogram
Burns (in ones mind)
Plowmans calling
Flimsy, as an excuse
Stage whispers
Trinity author
English popster Leo
Earth pigment
Nary a soul
Musicians calling
Philippine knives
Tour leader
Diminutive endings
Glaziers inserts
Most raucous
Compact group of mountains
Let out
Setting of intervals
Evening prayer
He voices his ideas
Garden pest
Spring event
Kelly of morning TV
Dry as a bone
West Indies isl.
Much of the Western Hemisphere, with the
Accuse of misconduct in office
Aloe —
Base for some dressings
Tiny sand bit
Kiln, for one
Group of shorthand pros throwing dice?
— all been there
Fork out
Russian news agency
Monet works
Besides that
Take a hammer to ones Mexican coin?
— -Cola
Part of LED
60s protest
Study every method of seizing defaulters property?
Small knapsack
— Island (immigrants gateway, once)
Pull back (in)
Andrew Lloyd —
Command to list a teams players?
Last Stand general
Watergate senator Sam
In want
$$$ source
Particular style of rounded roof?
Rail support
Implied wordlessly
Sticky — (tough spot)
Jazz instrument that tightens your face when you play it?
C.S. Lewis land
Tropical kin of a raccoon
Rumple (up)
Betray by selling out
French circle dance
Greek philosopher who never overtook other travelers?
Earthy shade
Sea marker
Locating a city in Alaska?
Fuel additive brand
Lao- —
Entre —
Inaptitude for music
Rejection a president issues with no doubt whatsoever?
Tall, tapering pillars
Eat away (at)
Sheetlike gray cloud
Requiring no cables
Ad — per aspera
HBO host Bill
Pick by ballot
— avis
Shrine figure
Feel malaise
Rapper — Azalea
Wifes title
Butter slice
Suffix with benz-
Mommy or Daddys sis
Loose coat
Novelist Hermann
Actor Sloane
Drop in again
Flowerlike sea polyp
Scots denial
Vidal of hair care
Bert who played a lion
Drink a bit of
Besides that
Ave. crossers
Trudeau of Canada
Baby beds
Ayres of Holiday
Prefix with acoustics
74-Down in egg whites
Poetic always
— de Janeiro
Small, silver fish
Sheepskin boot brand
X minus two
Like blood
Go wrong
Campers, for short
Warming in hostilities
Particular issue
Bagel variety
Go in circles
Long skirt
Green prefix
CEO or prez
Diary author Anaïs
Part of ESL
Product of amino acids
Word before Kat or Glue
Coll. entry exam
Baseballs Vizquel
Preceders of xis
Preceder of tee
Year, in 46-Down
Brothers, e.g.
Jennifer of Friends
Redgrave of Atonement
Cpl., for one
Resistance unit
— -wee Herman
More wacky
GM security system
Cosmic bursts
Party invitee
To and —
No kidding!
Carpet nails
Paper printer
Cold treats
Musician Tennant
Hedge shrub
… boy — girl?
Umpires cry
Winter worry
DOJ division
Turn aside
Sum of sums
Small personal computer
Put right
Change of order
Modern Siam
Annoyingly persistent
Want to hold fool back when keeping dry
Some twitcher hears ostrich-like bird
Mineral found in veins?
Flipping time machine is missing — blast!
Son on horse crushing head of Colorado beetle
Red jag, say, outside pub with a blonde in the front
Many consider Honister to be such a difficult place to be
Informed experts caught in dreadful congestion
Most passionate lutists played with energy
Crack cocaine set out
Layer toiletry oddly
Practise with an awkward animal
Turn over a bun
Valuation of corrupt men’s assets
Attack from male hiding in a thicket
Catchphrase is a big hit primarily before end of election
Southern Asian class briefly tours a north American city
Forgetting starter warms a meal
Happy sister carried uniform
Warning device has to emit light in tree
. . . is what it will be if the typist doesn’t get a shift on
In broadcast Dylan wails I’m an old singer
More than one joker restricts King being played
Artist portraying small vessel going around lake on hill
There’s some white in this paint
It’s awkward being left in Paris
Odd number of players performing for 30 days on film
American woman who once won Wimbledon
Cause something to happen suddenly
The “bit in brackets” in the title of a No 1 hit for Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel
Too densely populated
The equivalent of a knockout in judo
Chris ____ won at least one grand slam singles title for 13 years in succession
Main residence of French kings in the century before the revolution
Charity whose motto is “Giving nature a home”
Author who said “What is an adult? A child blown up by age”
Matt ____ won eight swimming golds in the 1988, 1992 and 1996 Olympics
Anything that can go wrong will go wrong
Final name of a former game show hosted by Michael Barrymore
American sports league in which the Toronto Raptors are the only Canadian team
That which a cereologist would study
Material produced by erosion or decomposition
In school slang, to be a lookout
Stage name of English comic actor Arthur Jefferson
Knead clay for use in making pottery
Host of 23 Down, in two stints, for approximately nine years
A sausage originally made in Bologna
Chinese rice porridge
Sitcom in which Chris Barrie played the manager of Whitbury Newtown leisure centre
Piece of furniture whose name derives from an Arabic word for a raised platform
Former Haitian president known as Baby Doc
Amazon’s virtual assistant, since November 2014
A Norse bard
Abnormally low count of a white blood cell
One who studies aquatic plants and animals
One seeking distraction from unpleasant reality
Travelling groups of dancers or other entertainers
Pertaining to the pigmented part of the eye
Humulus lupulus, the fruit clusters of which are used in beer-making
Author of Crime and Punishment
Sudan’s second largest city, across the Nile from Khartoum
The first Ukrainian woman to break into the top 10 rankings in tennis
Inflammation of the optic disc
____ passports were first issued to refugees from the Russian civil war, in 1922
Mr ____ is Captain Hook’s bo’sun in Peter Pan
F1 driver who became the youngest ever world champion in 1972
To set up, or to demonstrate
What Britannia had in her left hand on the original reverse of a 50p coin
Sea shell sometimes used as a wind instrument
Relating to a sea or lake shore
Under Ramsay MacDonald, the first female cabinet minister
Former game show based on noughts and crosses
Capital city of Belarus
A traditional “tagging” game of school playgrounds
Wrapped up like some larvae
Greek letter which means “sum” in maths
The ____ was a 2000 crime thriller starring Ryan Phillippe and Benicio del Toro
Bowmore is on the coast of this Islay sea inlet
The reverse solidus of typography
A lament or slow musical piece, from a type of Ukrainian folk music
Thinning agents
Amelia ____ was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic
Preparations made from this mushroom are credited with various stimulant and health-giving properties
Rastafarian first person plural
Simon ____ hosted the Radio 1 Breakfast Show, 1988-93
Any plant of the Pisum genus
This is missing pocketbook for machine which screws up?
Gent is full of it and can go forth
Redolent of English case
Stay for opening of Parliament
Charles and one Commonwealth economic association
Discount place pictured by McGill? Time to enter
Flourish of letter with frame circling
Pleasure carrying about Mr Tumnus or his ilk
Potentially big lad or I should be shut up
Troparion about parent who’s close?
This African language we hear in railway junction
Pilot is stumped continually being contracted
No more chop chop, poppycock
Our town represented as a dead cliché, for example
Black stuff left in barbie box
Unusual ancestor so far wonderfully decent about note
One intake of undergrads ultimately pay attention
Deserted rescue vessel west of promontory poses a mystery
Bugle-call at GI’s burial is piercing
You say this on finding His Eminence outside before show
City understanding what constitutes warning
Birds gather moving south as far as poss
Disco may pass drug test
Comparatively sparse portion of land fenced off by Bishop
Small pet cut item of tack
Moniker for the very tall (?) child who chases up centre-half
Prompt monarch’s up above PA
Flipping pound reduced wealth and shilling stops in the past
Save blade on plough — accepted and established routine
Glass is more readily filled by Chaplain
War poet troubled about bit of miracle fruit in LLL
Practice head-rhyme, say, with everybody going for repeat
Yard accepted conclusion previously acknowledged
Predator in the main features in “An Inspector Calls”
Peer to give special edge to exquisite huntswoman?
Shop dished out soups favoured by Asians
Are you ordering me to?
Friends fellow
I Love Lucy landlady
Read em partner
Same as above, in footnotes
Shaq Attaq hoopster
Yeah, sure!
2/3/19, for Super Bowl LIII
Abacus parts
About six trillion mi
Address for Hitchcock
Adored ones
Almond color
Anatomical pouches
Aquarium fish
Arthur __ Stadium (US Open venue)
Artist Magritte
B, to Niels Bohr
Be compatible
Behind schedule
Big name in brewing
Breakfasts or lunches
Briny expanse
Brits 54 Down
Brits subway
Brittany city
Brown songbirds
Buy __ (believe)
Carbonated beverage
Chance spectator
Chanel of fashion
Civil engineering project
Cleos craft
College military grp
Contract negotiator
Country singer Rimes
Cupid alias
Current setting in DC
Davis Cup org
Do not exist
Dog harness attachment
Doing nothing
Doing nothing
Draw __ in the sand
Dutch South African
Electric cars
Elhi support group
Employee at many 1 Down
Fenced-in farm area
Fictional Frome
Fight off
Finds a job for
First acrylic fiber
Flee, so to speak
Foot of wood
Form an alliance
Former employer for both Apple founders
Former-attic dwelling
Frat letters
Generator production
Get wind of
Groundhog, at first or at last
Have a sit-down
Healthful resort
How you were raised
Initial advice for a snoop
Italian master poet
Jasper of abstract art
John Deere logo beast
Judges workload
L.A. school
Lendl of tennis
Longstanding misconceptions
Looks to the future
Masters at one-liners
Maximum production rate
Milne marsupial
Minimal progress
Minimal quantity
Ministers nickname
Mississippis state flower
Moral principles
Not exactly, conversationally
Not quite shut
November honoree
Obtains from effort
Old West caravan
Old-style Awesome!
Overly inventive person
Overwhelm with one-liners
Paycheck deduction
Play place
Poetic preposition
Poor review
Prefix like ante-
Pro __ (proportionally)
Pronounce poorly
Prop in Road Runner cartoons
Put off
Python cousin
Ranch strays
Rio beach
Rugged rock
Seller of flat-package furniture
Sikorsky of aviation
Sit for a portrait
Slate, for short
Slow leaks
Slow tempo
Small sums
Something to shampoo
Speed limit legislation
Springtime period
Stare at
Stick fast
Struck down, in the Bible
Surveyors measure
Target-shooting sport
Tequila cocktail, for short
Theyre shouted loud by a crowd
Think-tank guys
TV news time
Urban renewal target
Very long time
Wall bracket shapes
Was a cast member of
Web-crawling software
Well-worn pencil
Wharton awards
Where MDs and RNs work
Witch hazel, e.g
Written reminder
__ Nevadas (Mount Whitneys range)
Club rule
Hendrix at Woodstock
Who knew!
Walled Spanish city
Biblical source of free fruit
Garfields sidekick
Oman neighbor
The ___ of the Rings
Damn Yankees woman
Enjoy gravy to the max?
Told ya!
Win on Weight Watchers?
Tree ring statistic
Nickelodeon explorer
Break a promise
Man cave, perhaps?
Protest gently
Annan once of the U.N.
(Im mad!)
Bridle strap
Readies for publication
Moral police?
Rose in price
Are we there ___?
World Cup cheers
Like sashimi
Bag groceries as a pair?
Beneficial berry
Minute opening
Demanding standard
___ be a pleasure!
Lose ground?
Herb added to havarti
Musical silence
County near London
Howl at the moon
Fashions Saint Laurent
Stretch ___ (long ride)
A, in the Torah
Classified rectangles
Become cohesive
Teen favorite
Streep of The Post
Like some tennis courts
Best period, period!
Grain tower
Bucket of bolts
Its P stands for pancakes
Broken in
Out of kilter
Sparkling rock
Tattered attire
Mani-pedi board
Sherpas job
Dadaist Max
Elaborately dressed up
Marine eagle
Takeis Star Trek role
Richard of Chicago
In hot water
Black shaker filler
Kitchen range
Rotates with a buzz
Because I ___ so!
Intermission preceder, maybe
Not just text
Minerals in veins
Polite guy
Boosts may inflate them
Took a tram
Tyrannosaurus ___
Ace journey made in times past
Almost broke cover
Caught cleric with diamonds in Split
Cheat at cards and make a pile
Destroy completely
Dog had pig brought round
English royal dynasty
Evil area in Bastille
Family describes 50 firings made here
Firm supports unoriginal types
Flinch or cringe
Follow secretly
Go after
Guiding light to join Tories?
Henry was one incredibly dour after time
In canal, a motorboat, scene of Mexicans fighting
Let out — or sublet maybe?
Lethal drink knocked back roused drunk
Maxims dog in empty pub
Met punk in a mess with matted hair
Moscow citadel
Nuts like Mr Yeltsin ultimately seen here?
Optimistic pub arranged to have food
Phobia appears in wildlife area
Potters oven
Process involving choice when leaderless?
Pursue husband in legal action
Remove monarch with a heartless order
Reserve some still water
Rugby union back in top that’s garish
Sets of steps
Shrill cries when Yes LP playing
Shrink back in horror on meeting snake
Signal fire
Small lake
Sozzled saddler runs in tights
Split with cathedral in stern manner
Texan battlesite
Ultimate net value is adjusted
Vote or ballot
Wise saying
Ah-oo-gah horn
Manoeuvre, for maneuver
Moses novelist Sholem
Ol Man River composer Jerome
___ as directed
___ looking at you!
___ luck?
Abbr. preceding a founding date
Alexa-enabled speaker
Baja Californias land
Bit of cartoon art
Bit of URL punctuation
Boot one
Bricklayers burden
Burst into flower
Cardiologists tests, for short
Cartoonist Addams, informally
Consumer protection agcy
Contestants payment
Crackers targets
Demonstrate clearly
Did a washday chore
Fingerprinting fluid
Fort Worth sch
Geometry calculation
Get bronzed
Glaswegians accent
Go off the script
Grapple, in dialect
Hair annoyance
Half a bucks rack
Huck Finns ride
Humphrey who played Spade
Is just right
Japanese dog with a curly tail
Jellied or smoked fish
Johnny Cashs Sue, e.g
Joined with Super Glue
Just ___ (not much)
Kangas baby
Keep an appointment
Like permed hair, vis-a-vis unpermed
Like photos taken from drones
Like sashimi
Lob trajectories
Luxury hotel amenity
Moon-roving vehicle, for short
Most sparsely furnished
Moves stealthily
Namesake of a Colorado peak
NO U TURN, e.g
One to hang with
Order to a marksman
Patron of charitable societies
Philatelists book
Place for tips
Places in size order, say
Popeyes tooter
Santa ___, Calif
Sch. near Harvard
Skateboarders jump
Sound of a tuned engine
State emphatically
Strummed instrument, for short
Sullivan who taught Helen Keller
Supreme Court member, e.g
Surrender, as territory
Symbol for an angle, in math
Title for McCartney
Tribute in rhyme
Truman who wrote In Cold Blood
Vichyssoise veggies
Where to place a microscope specimen
Word after horse or soap
Zero-star review
___-mutuel betting
Make oneself visible; step up and take action
Combustible heap used in certain funerals
Sharply disagreeable; offensively irritating
Sacred music piece featuring voice(s) and orchestra
Irish river, historic battle scene of 1690
Dethrone; take forcibly
Genuflects, from the old Chinese; bows and scrapes
Ionic sin? (anag)
Come into view; hover
Wind monitor in which Force 8 is a gale
Measure of someones weight in relation to height
The Venerable –, the foremost Anglo-Saxon scholar (673-735)
Feelings of allegiance; fidelity
The —, nickname given the London Bridge Tower
Branch; spin-off
Aldous Huxleys vision of a future dystopian society (1932)
End of the line; railhead
Imply; suggest
Burgundian city of gourmands: mustard
Caledonian lake, often open to the sea
1A broadcaster
Doogie Howser, M.D. co-creator Steven
Lux musician Brian
My Name Is ___ Lev
Save it!
Starpeace singer Yoko
Still asleep? reply
___ said it before …
*No ___ (words of refusal)
*Anglers acquisition
*Certain spiritual practice
*Crew member
*Hoops org
*Its built for computers
*Letters associated with watching films
*Monopoly token
*Necessity for a stage actor, often
*Result of two people with incompatible values exchanging numbers, perhaps
*Something in the end of a shoe
*Sound of laughter
*Take ___
*Where Marco Polo went
1945 conference city
Affectionate way of saying goodbye
And others, to Claudius
Apt rhyme of meet
Arrange beforehand
Author Zora ___ Hurston
Auto fill
Avian murmur
Ban target?
Behavioral quirk
Believer in a deity
Bestowed, as a prize
Biting, as wit
Black ___
Cain and Abels brother
Cantaloupe relative
Ceiling supports
Chicago landing site
City near Iowas border
Classic auto
Coin in Cancun
Comedian Margaret
Copier load
Cup-___ (attendant)
Currently traveling
Cuthbert of cinema
Declares confidently
Delayed for now
Diamond settings?
Dog-walking site, often
Edit menu option
Edmonton athlete
Emmy-winning Delany
Evidence of payment
Ex-Dodger Hershiser
Express approval (for)
Far from experienced
Formal accessory
Franciss jurisdiction
Frasiers sitcom ex
G7 and G20 nation
Go without
Guiding doctrines
Hairy sitcom character
Harsh vocal quality
High point of a house
Horror legend Craven
Immeasurable stretch
Is meaningful
It may be taken in victory formation or in protest
Jemison once in space
Joust chargers
Kaplan on 70s TV
Knight, e.g
Laughing nonstop, so to speak
Left in a haste
Like lite cuisine
Like show dogs
Like some MLB gems
Magical Weasley
Makes mad
Many characters on Jane the Virgin
Masses at Masses
Maximally inflexible
Monarchs period
More blue
Naval garb
Not too much
Noted twins surname
Notorious interrupter of the 1974 Oscars
Novelist André
Obtained another doctors diagnosis
One of Heras sons
One whos adorbs
Ones who are out
Opera program, say
Opposite of basic
Out of bed
Pacifistic sect
Pax ___
Pen not used for writing
Periodic zoo event
Phrase about feeling a strong connection to a particular place, and a hint for substituting letters in this puzzles circled squares
Play areas?
Playwright Geraldine, or writer Ephron in reverse
Poem describing loss
Poison Ivy of the Batman universe, e.g
Porridge ingredient
Ports places
Provide an address
Push forward
Put in some chips, say
Rank below marquess
Red ___ (tree)
Scoreboard abbr. for the Mariners
Series star, for short
Short albums, briefly
Show lamentation
Simian Halloween garb
Sought buried gold, say
Spell check?
Spiced beverage
Split into parts
Steers clear of
Supply, as with capital
That gents
They guard skins in a pickup game
Thunder and Lightning, e.g
Travelers info, briefly
TV show that inspired the idiom jumping the shark when a main character literally jumped over a shark
Untidy types
Vatican City sculpture
Virtual voice
Volcanologists subject
Ward off
Womans name that becomes another womans name if you cut the first and last letters
[I was just punched!]
___ bono
Figure socialists left stoop
A circumnavigation, say?
With part cast, Nolans left elated
The best prize fund around
Soil covering a lot on lakes borders
Confused medical expert claims unionist didnt make it
City resident mostly disheartened by many on the left
A fool escaped from Germany
Anton subtracted from poor unfortunates stocks
Music made with unusual notes
Its the highest sum, on average
Anxiety of Hollywood characters appearing in Coronation Street
Contemptible lawyers left behind without…
…paper Des defaced, perhaps
Tenor doesnt face division
Hot drink I had lacked taste
Man catching rat maybe let it go
Energised Greek partly exposed, we hear
Posh female communist took…
…ideal tot with style back inside
Turning hand over is condemned
Affections of porters left beside entrances
Restrained manner thought well of
Excellent point about lab items
Hangers-on being devilish during replays
Spotted fruit eaten by a theologian
Dreamy pilots have turned back
Money from jobs adding up before tips
An Italian missing the last bouquet
Nice bit of stalk hidden by a flower