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Crosswords Buzz Answers 2019-1-26

Took home the trophy
Walk with a bouncing step
The Titanic or the Queen Mary for example
Very tall bird from Down Under
The Fosters star Polo
Large brass instrument similar to a sousaphone
Put in an offer for a contract assignment
Food Network star based in New York who has no formal culinary training: 2 wds.
Word that often precedes weeny
Poles that some sailboats have two of
Glee star ___ Michele
Space between two front teeth
Home to Iowa State University
It may whirl on the ceiling
Just ___ water
Food Network star based in England who has no formal culinary training: 2 wds.
Constantly remind
Salty topping for bagels
Furniture chain founded in Sweden
Chew the ___ (gab)
Bird that gives a hoot
Water vapor
What a smoker might use instead of a cigarette lighter
Food Network star based in Georgia who has no formal culinary training: 2 wds.
Putting on ___ (being snobbish)
Primal impulse
___ seen the light!
___ gin fizz (sour cocktail)
Janets fiancé in The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Eraser Mate for one
World Wide ___
Forget to mention
R.L. ___ writer of the Goosebumps series
East African country known for its marathoners
Option for long-term investments: Abbr.
Boar or sow
The main part of a seat belt
Simple thatched houses
Skeptical comment: 2 wds.
Items used for frying
Household appliance brand owned by Whirlpool
So what ___ is new?
___ pal (rhyming term for a female friend)
___ Taylor (womens clothing chain)
Athlete Hamm who wrote Go for the Goal
Quiche ingredient
Document sent via phone line
I thought youd never ___
Bambis mother for example
Crime lab evidence: Abbr.
Mammal whose name starts with a double consonant
Collection of parking spaces
Droop like unwatered flowers
Opposite of true
Alphas opposite in the Greek alphabet
Waxed and ___ (increased and decreased)
Fluffy part of a bunny
Multinational currency introduced in 2002
Security device in modern credit cards
Home for a queen bee
Record a voice-over for
Screw things up
winner of most oscars ever
1970s plymouth coupe
a list in a spreadsheet
lightly forested grassland
member of forbes 400
the end of ccr
They’re better than all the rest
One Thousand and One Nights’ character
Cocktails with Southern Comfort
Pharmacy pickups, informally
Went bananas
Food that’s eaten perpendicularly to how it’s usually made
How’s it hangin’?
Lead-in to science
Much smaller relative of the rhinoceros
Get ___’ (1967 hit for the Esquires)
#1 song at the end of October in 1962
Confection with a hole in the middle
Classic video game hero’s catchphrase
Input on eBay
Lo ___
Party that’s off the hook
Molto ___!’ (positive reply in Italy)
Grocery chain that closed in 2015 after 156 years in business
Kind of moon
Underlying, as metabolism
Big name in weaponry
Short cut that bypasses a canal?
By popular vote
Gets ready for dinner
Start of many a speech
Going off
Actor Giovanni of ‘Avatar
Performed a pas de chat, e.g
Whip wielders, for short
Undergrad deg. for a creative type
Letters for potential college students
Calder Cup org
Relative of aqua
___ World’ (‘Sesame Street’ segment)
Emphasizes forcefully
Composer of ‘The Bartered Bride
Who stabs the beast in ‘Beauty and the Beast
First, in Latin
Curry of the N.B.A
The guy of your dreams?
Workers making preparations to retire?
It comes in cyan, magenta, yellow or black
Bring up, as an old grievance
It’s a Wonderful Life’ studio
U2, e.g
Statement in an old Apple ad
Got misty, with ‘up
Sites of congestion
Hush, now!
Way behind on payments
Dana of ‘China Beach
A sidecar may be added to it
Founder of the Reform Party
___ Fitzpatrick, author of the 2009 best seller ‘Hush, Hush
So ___
Without tradition, ___ is a flock of sheep without a shepherd’: Winston Churchill
___ Genevieve (Missouri county or its seat)
Peculiar street near the mountains
Spirited horse is found in the rock garden
A piece of beef stake holds some hazard!
Its use could replace the handkerchief
Giving publicity to first-class arena
Twelve-inch pace
Say nothing? Just the opposite!
Well-known Victorian watch chain
What the playwright produces shows a particular kind of writing
Dont allow bitterness to remain
The weighing of this will put it out of use
Potters object when disturbed
Big dog will make mother rigid
Irritates pet dogs, we hear
Water creature a printer misprinted!
Make certain a users replaced
Picks up scraps of information from different angles
No apt description of the good diplomat
A scare about eastern cargo
Address given by the clergyman?
Loss of French achievement
Empty the tin in the cask
Wood fragment
Contagious fear
Give work to
Dry inflammable matter
In spite of
Arrive at
Welcome loudly
Glossy black bird
Lack of foresight
Drinking vessel
In confidence
Taken for granted
Send away
Needless reserve
The sword of 2
Dried fruit makes dog rave!
Care to hold receptacle holding gun?
Jingle written by 150 using writing fluid
Curious poker?
Dislike of one rendering
Turn for a breath of air
Extremely true
A let-out for the pilot in a jam?
Cricket clubs
The White House, naturally?
Hut gone – it will make things harder
Art involving shells, perhaps
Not-so-young tree
The supporter is assisting with more food
Strips animals, say
The team go in and in France go out
A number go away but are closely attached
Kind of flute only heard on playback?
The dryness of air moving with tidy changes
Captured nine porkers at reformatory
Put in a seat for a sovereign
Fleecy little Dickensian gets up to court
Plainly without sparkle?
Going back, father concealed insect pest
Certain of treasured memories
City on the River Elwy in Denbighshire, Wales
See 19 Down
1991 novel by Norman Mailer
Richard , comic actor who played Moss in Channel 4 sitcom The IT Crowd
1989 comedy film starring John Candy and Macaulay Culkin
Best Actor in a Leading Role Oscar nominee for Moneyball
Northampton Saints rugby union wing; 2012 Samoa Test debutant against Tonga
Director of films The Ghost Goes West and It Happened Tomorrow
Name from 1992-98 of Astana, capital of Kazakhstan
Muse of lyric poetry and music in Greek mythology
See 8
Frank , stand-up comedian; host of BBC TV series Opinionated and Room 101
2015 romcom starring Amy Schumer and Bill Hader
State capital of Utah, US
See 13 Across
Second letter of the Greek alphabet
Port and resort in Lazio, Italy; site of Allied landings in World War II
2005 novel by Peter James; first book in the Roy Grace series
2011 Cricket World Cup winners
Liverpudlian actor who played Harry Cross in Channel 4 soap Brookside
Friedrich , German scientist after whom a scale for expressing the hardness of minerals is named
Actress and presenter; Mandy Dingle in ITV soap Emmerdale
See 11 Across
Superficial or slight
Deliver a blow to
Middle of the day
Metal money
Art of shaping bushes
Coarse jute fabric
Gaseous element
Reflection of sound
Try out, experiment
Pith helmet
Laughing Australian bird
Wander from the correct path
Narrowly-avoided collision
Guessing game
Without heat
Golfers cry
Whats out, melts
Somehow enrol recluse
Tease tribe endlessly
Cry when I design
Angry buccaneer loses head
Originally called in one engineer
Favourite dog, say
Talented with a drink
Nod back at academic
Complete space with flag
Bird at two parties
Prevalent around valley
Composer sounds more correct
Are back for a long time
Some poetry from Roderick
Mother has time for rug
Stop a woman with a hand
Conscious of a vigil
Pears used as a weapon
Inside, holding racket
Guide a bullock
Last change includes new inclination
Supporter of photography?
Rent is increased, we hear
Sailor ruined date and subsided
We sat around – hard work
Course right for vessel
Honest about quantity
One editors requirement
Endlessly regretting destruction
Wild woman within cover
Low-flying bird
Won over for the present
Level with first woman
Alternatively have a paddle
A drama about flotilla
Range of former shelter
Argumentative sportsman
New rates for rents
Hearsay about organs
Collapsed around part of church
Like a family
Copy of tapestry
Solitary figure
Chest bone
Born (as)
Domestic animal
Extinct bird
Floor covering
Animals foot
Alert, conscious
Camera stand
Calmed down
Passenger ship
Nocturnal creature
Previous day
One propelling a boat
Listening organs
Domed recess
Helium or neon
Country path
Its polished
Noisy dozer
Arctic house
Mariners yes
Out of the wind
Most sad
Scout group
Sharp blow
Back in time
Occupies a pew
Prepare tea
Dundee native
Produce a molar, e.g.
Showed contempt
Pod dweller
Nosy type
Fluid rock
Chalet hanger
24th letters
Changed colors
____ out (make do)
Poor-box donations
The lowdown
Iron block
Under ____
Calendar unit
Be situated
Chicago trains
In dreamland
Hooting bird
Tie again
Puff, e.g.
Foxs dance?
Big beyond belief
Be in hock
Dollar bills
Soap opera, e.g.
Hemmed and hawed
Ships pronoun
Service cost
Arden et al.
Got hitched
Forage grass
____ Gotta Be Me
Storm consequence
Agriculturally viable
Maleficents pet raven in Sleeping Beauty
Biblical ark builder
Selection process including the Sky and the Sun
Anna of The Emoji Movie
Lip-syncing accompaniment?
Me too
Bingo center square
Hasbro game that requires twisting and pulling
Spacewalk initials
Ready for fumigation
Metaphorical low area, with the
Gathering tools
Film dialect that uses subject-object inversion
1990s gaming release, initially
LOTR initials
Visitor center
Course with fruit, perhaps
Sure-footed critters
Licorice, e.g.
Commented on EweTube?
Ironically, designation for the fourth film release in a classic sequence
Remove the zest from
Record no.
Tablets brand … or, cutely, what they treat
Saves for the future
Hardly taciturn
Andalusian city on the Costa del Sol
One in a conflict, maybe
2017 hit comedy about a womens weekend getaway
QBs protection, in football lingo
Type of gland
Where I-35 and I-80 intersect
Symbols of thinness
End point of the Noble Eightfold Path
CBers opening word
Golden __
Decisively outraces
Begging to be picked
Two and one, for two
Trapped, in a way
Old-style dope?
In contrast with
Narrow-bladed swords
Do in a bit
Winter Paralympians equipment
Legal pros
Jersey Shore rockers since the 70s
Visored military cap
Companion of A-Rod
Works on programs
Where some subs are fixed
No-parking area
Literary France
Lang. test for top students
Cajun confection
Skincare brand from the Greek for beautiful wax
Fast flight
Engaged in
Explorer da Gama
Latch (onto)
Arles article
Piece of TNT?
Glamorous ____ Hayworth
Eves guy
Periods in history
Letter after gamma
Half (prefix)
Not liquid
Mamas spouse
Drinks like a dog
Oh, give ____ home… (2 wds.)
Aid and ____
President, e.g.
Meat-filled pasta
Impossible to fill
Formerly called
Lash locale
Toledos lake
Wind direction (abbr.)
Horses home
The ____ Office
Urban drainpipe
Way out
Car for hire
Romes country
French female
March date
Must have
Highland Scot
Squirrels homes
Bread spread
Recline lazily
Prompt (2 wds.)
Grating sound
Florida bay
Opera tune
Childs resort
Recipe measures (abbr.)
Computer key
Long fishes
Honking bird
Star Wars character
Actress ____ Keaton
Go in
Gets up
Recipe verb
Long period
Car part
Work up
Figure skaters jump
Shoppers aid
If not
Seeded breads
50p? Heads or tails called for match
Caught by tracer bullet? Thats bitter
At last Vince Cable is sacked following democratic fiasco
Henry longed to be married
Broker runs out of silver
Urban plan encounters pitfall, Spooner reports
Mob assembling – its a jungle, Elysées evacuated
Provided piece FT carried: May finally shows a way out of EU
Hired gun running amok round British city
At home, beginning to browse old Times file
Building right over frozen land, river having melted
Thats odd; half of Lausanne retired after sun-up, naked
Stormy isnt regularly taken out for a secret lovers meeting
Having improved Centre Court, changed winning forecasts
Inexperienced medic turned up in maritime conflict
Between the sheets, cuddling Romeo; too much Montague blood?
Possibly old-fashioned senior ministers making a spirited display
Training session in which the players look the part
Manufacturing that Tesla micro just in time
Digging up former husband, upper-class member of the Campbell clan
University accommodation erected in top capital location
He authorises US involvement in espionage work
Some guffaw at erratic swimmer
Reportedly conned Stallone to host glam BBC show
Incredible six-pack seen on Purdy when stripped
English team was first to be banished
That (Dialect)
Promotional description
Vex playfully
Citrus fruit
Dried grape
Church dignitary
Run away to wed
The Devil
Former French coin
Trade stoppage
Sailing boat
Yearning for the past
Cook in an oven
Arctic animal
Hampshire village that is home to the National Motor Museum
Scottish actor whose films include Trainspotting, The Full Monty and Angelas Ashes
German author, poet, screenwriter and satirist whose best-known childrens book is Emil and the Detectives
The final opera by Richard Strauss
American singer-songwriter and political activist best known for her songs Little Boxes and Morningtown Ride
The main character in Neil Gaimans 2001 novel American Gods
Ancient Phoenician city that is the legendary birthplace of Elissa, or Dido
Month whose birthstone is the peridot or sardonyx
Atoll in the Indian Ocean that is the largest of 60 small islands comprising the Chagos Archipelago
Oil painting by Édouard Manet that caused shock and astonishment when it was first exhibited at the 1865 Paris Salon
South American country whose capital is Quito
Climbing palm of the genus Calamus whose tough stems are used for wickerwork and canes
Roman ___, Czech athlete who won the decathlon gold medal at the 2004 Olympics
Scottish actor whose films include The Flight of the Phoenix, Braveheart and Waking Ned
Another name for the goatsucker, from the harsh noise it makes
Beetle from the Curculionoidea superfamily that feeds on crops
English band whose founder and only constant member was Mark E Smith
2005 animated film about a group of pigeons in World War II
English actor whose TV series include Casanova and Bouquet of Barbed Wire
Area of Oxford where Morris Motors was originally founded
The soft fibrous tissue lining the inside of the rind in citrus fruits
A spongy substance made from certain fungi, used as tinder, in medicine to stop bleeding, and by anglers to dry off dry flies between casts
English actress who played Catherine Howard in the 1970 BBC serial The Six Wives of Henry VIII
In Norse mythology, the ash tree that was thought to overshadow the world, binding together earth, heaven and hell with its roots and branches
Large fish of the family Carcharhinidae, characterised by a nictitating membrane and a heterocercal tail
In computing, a character or set of characters in an instruction that specifies the action that is to be performed
Canadian TV series starring Paul Gross as an an officer of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police
The last UK top ten hit for Hermans Hermits, from 1970
Basketball player who was the first Puerto Rican national to play in the NBA
Maincrop potato variety originally imported to the UK from France in 1850
London hospital founded in 1721 by a philanthropist who had made a fortune from the South Sea Bubble
Novel by Mary Shelley subtitled The Modern Prometheus
The king of the fairies in medieval folklore
Former Australian batsmen who has scored more runs than any other Australian opener who never scored an official Test match century
John T ___, central figure in a 1925 trial related to the teaching of the theory of evolution
Another name for fructose
Popular houseplant with tough, sword-shaped leaves
Phrase that entered popular usage after it was used by Cabinet Secretary Robert Armstrong during the Spycatcher trial in 1986
Country whose capital is Kabul
Football pundit who was assistant manager of the England team from 2012 to 2016
City on North Island, New Zealand, noted for volcanic activity
The largest island of the Netherlands Antilles
The capital of Armenia
Brazilian Formula One driver who was world champion in 1981, 1983 and 1987
Former Aston Villa, Bolton Wanderers and Trinidad and Tobago defender killed in a car crash in 2018
Home ground of Queens Park Rangers
Epic 1847 poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow subtitled A Tale of Acadie
A circular temple in Rome dedicated to all the gods, used since 609 AD as a Christian church
Lucas ___, French international left-back who joined Everton from Barcelona in 2018
The state capital of Texas
A small strip or cube of pork fat
Minor prophet in the Books of Chronicles who composed a history of King Rehoboam
Slopes regular
Pumpkin relatives
Spring meltdown
Cooking fuel
Poseidons home
Satisfied sigh
La Scala solo
Fine spray
Fruity rum cocktail
Author Wiesel
Eves third son
That girl
Awesome, dude!
Trojans sch.
Forget-me- — (flowers)
Paris art museum
Athletes woe
Point maker
Op-ed pieces
Actress Ward
Aspiring atty.s exam
Fall bloom
Formerly called
Hand signals
Video game giant
Hosp. section
Fed. food inspector
GI dining hall
Learys drug
Patty Hearst, for one
Feed-bag morsel
Outback bird
100 percent
Barbers offerings
Learning ctr.
Common title start
Museum-funding org.
Profs degree
Pride and Prejudice suitor
Pear variety
Peter Fondas beekeeper role
Male deliveries?
Partially mine
Genealogy chart
Neighbor of Leb.
By way of
Sgt., e.g.
One or more
Underworld bosses
Bushs successor
Turn away
Transport to Oz
Curators topic
Epochs kin
Raptors home
Gamblers secret
Flag creator
Surgery memento
Get snug
Haitian island
Bowler, e.g.
Circle section
Sub weapon
Piece of land
Alarm sound
Sexy Beatles girl
Bakery workers
Tragic king
X-ray units
Met shows
Eves opposite
Manor settings
Penny prez
1998 Winter Olympics site
Phoebe of film
Choir group
Singer Placido
Metal sources
Bakery buy
Letter opener
Sports figures
Mustang holder
Gaming spot
Nickname for Eric
Stevedores, at times
Short jackets
Print unit
Snoop group: Abbr.
French cop
Con job
Floor covering, for short
1000 grams
Company division
Carmens toreador
Reed instrument
Less cluttered
Metal bar
Chamberlains doctor role
Like italics
Chief Norse deity
Be busy
Give sparingly
I, to Claudius
Jazz style
Author Jong
Gunwale attachment
Silver, e.g.
Revolutionary War battle of 1777
Kingsley or Martin
Pop musician Lofgren
Short letter
Pear variety
Tibetan religious leader
Always existing
Its just one thing after another
Business abbr.
Ring-tailed animals
Fine hairs
To go for Frenchmen
Poet Marianne
Soft roe
Sieben plus eins
Become bitter
Oscar winner Davis
Hit it off well
Ten Commandments
__ a Kick out of You
Infernal abyss
Actor Dom
University mil. grp.
Book of Changes
Ottoman empire founder
San Antonio mission
On again
En __ (as a group)
Star Trek crewman
The World According to __
Swiss heights
Vinaigrette ingedient
Mountain lake
Ate lavishly
Republic of Ireland
Canvas shelter
Breed of dog
Able to read and write
Beer maker
The devil
Throw out
Saint has to go on horseback or walk with big steps
Looked deeper, perhaps
Warmer cockney animal
Is present as a race finishes
Woman with others on a mountain
She is entertained by the queen in Surrey
Fit to sail in other ways, possibly
Flooded a laundry
Aerial used by social worker before queen turns up
Its the most expensive, darling
An opportunity in the interval
Set out and set about finding six performers
New Escort model is a tight fit!
Tool seen in small insanitary dwelling
The right animals for worthless people
Giggles start to interrupt dreadful sad song
Beg for change in net rate
Managed church and western farm
Run away from pudding, say
Someone setting out unto a star!
Let heat sort out a sportsman
Look for no revolutionary Americans
Animals found in a shop and a store
Swindle that may be taken to court!
Gather a large amount
Expressions of gratitude and disapproval are forbidden
Backbiter gives moral version
Ballad about a recipe for a foreign wrap
Boss resigns with the arrival of The Sun
Charges Irish for getting out of fisheries
Divorce lawyer concealed in retrospect what the barman is capable of pulling
Eliot gets out of lifeboat in swell?
Frame missing from Afro-American musical instrument
Grace in trouble describing someone from Athens
Hand over key to a car
Have a go at another sketch of retiring prison officer
Hound flighty type after bad start
In a manner of speaking, describes the US for example as a free state
In times such as this one, a training plan for those leading part of the army
Jack Russells relatives in R?th Chairn produced unholy rites about sin
Lamb stew can be soothing on the lips
Last word from world-beaters drunk in the public house
Looking for justice in Geneva going crazy meeting resistance
Material for McDormands first Oscar will grow on you
Missing graduate from department went to hell in a handcart perhaps
Nigella drops in for kosher?
One line from 16 down is banned
One of the suckers among the swimmers found in 3 down
One of those whose roots is in Homeland left Fair City for Dallas
Party pledge to old lady with no husband
Proven?al farmhouse in part of pass – a mountain retreat
Report of what outgoing house worker, the loser, might ask for in the station
Revolutionary conversational piece doesnt end in argument
Sample of Pinot Grigio was produced in America
Selection bias by the banks in the red and in the black
Sends up colourful type in charge of drink
Showy plant with lasting flourish visible in all borders today
So far, one presumably has big shoes to fill
Some upsetting criticism lamented by charity
Take back whats lost in troubled Crimea
Take no notice of slap in the face
The trappings of royalty found in Algeria
Walk unsteadily along Dodder
Wax lyrically about Persia on the rampage
All of ones assets after death
Amiably, pleasantly
Any one of two
Burning superficially
Casual short-sleeved top
City road
Decline to accept
Decorative column standing out from the fa?ade of a building
Deep holes in the ground
Destroyed completely
Dying thus, one leaves no will
Equine housing
Essential substances found in mini vats, oddly
Explain the meaning of a word
Explores for minerals
Funeral procession
Hat, for Texan oil magnate, say
Holds the attention
In a short or curt manner
It forms reefs in warm seas
Lake or pond
Metric measure
Moveable barriers
Noise from electrical interference
Pastry cases with fillings
Perception by eye
Pinpoint the position of
Put down or leave something
Reserve to draw upon when needed
They steer ships in and out of harbours
Tripped, faltered
Withstand, oppose
Severe privation or suffering
Concerned chiefly with one’s own interests
Sergei —, Russian composer
Link between the eye and an observed object
Land bordered by the sea
— Cocktail, incendiary device
Consequences of an unpleasant event
Breed of cattle
Mutual linkage
Lethargy, somnolence
Words of encouragement in adversity
Artistic work
Belief in a future utopian period
Sound intensity
Unpleasant discharges
In a situation beyond one’s understanding
Membranous sac
Sweet with honey and nuts
Openly hostile
Unit of magnetic field strength
Breakfast cereal
Garment for wrapping; muffler
Major river of Asia
Initiation, prompting
Small county
Scandinavian country
Company worker
Rental vehicle
Music genre
Splendid, expensive-looking
Process used in semiconductor device fabrication
Rise and hover in the air
In a state of disorder
Equivalent in seriousness (to)
Emerging from an egg
Shrub yielding indigo
Infuse slowly into the mind
Not as bright
Competence of experts
Wrap for exposed electric wires
Respiratory condition
Line of zero latitude
Cheerful, friendly
Advantageous beginning
Good time-keeping
Australasian tree
Water plant
Vigorous cleaner; device for purifying gases
Tending to intrude
Jotter; computer
Protection; justification
Greek letter
Drive out
Small chicken
Hind part; remnant
Get better
Four score and ten
Wall scribblings
Alcoholic drink
Most strange
Addition to a book
Religious recluse
Later part of day
Academic award
Bird enclosure
NZ native
Lying on top of
Imposing doorway
Greatest height
Scheming; designing
Old Greek coin
Marketing slogan
Beg, implore
1760 yards
Vessel has slate on lip
Settle down in Arsenal’s opening match
Calm down, please: official’s inside
Modish poem contains a line on worker, perhaps without style
Doctor knocked back drink, once again dispatched everywhere
Confidence bound to be picked up
Clouds having been formed containing radioactive element, note
Novel with fantastic genre to flog in bulletin
Abnormal sort of water in Derwent’s banks
Send on deployment of troops, say, following Thirty Years War?
Used to give support, at first
Depict resistance fighters on edge, retreating
Condescend to listen to EU citizen
Crazy whirl upstaging enchanting event?
A lot of craft to satisfy a welcoming crowd
Venomous man, a day tripper
Hinder false advertiser, one offering advice
Make unclear, short publicity text
Heartless fool screening film in old age
Admitting depression, crooks joining church recover
Subject promises to settle coastal area, being quarrelsome
Vain Englishman and American crossing river
Mobile phone with charm and a reluctance to innovate?
Agreement to embrace John? Nothing is impossible
Crustacean luckily protecting back bones
It’s almost the end in sentence
The writer’s to offer books without forethought
Singular art including most blue
Person managing to seize one unoriginal type
Kid by cool water experiencing heat
Awkward son went off the straight and narrow
A French ass, say, mostly loud and clear
Reader’s issue with English agreed by school
Unnatural profit, in a way, with vodka and beer?
No republican initially changing sides? He won’t
Blooming head of theatre and choir take off
It helps musician to grin, with funk playing
Entitle army corps to pull back holding detainee
Note what’s up in the papers?
Frank, mostly sensible, is running
Pretty female making an impression
Go crazy, in a spin
Castigate attempt at humour, to a degree
Go off northwards after car, I hear
I’m not interested in female item of clothing
Maybe what could make inventor pour ale
Inclusive approach gets old man aboard Britain’s new vessel
Children’s writer’s block has no end
Throw up, at first, on new drug
Goddess, we’re told, is like a carrier of blood
One learner guided around in class is ignorant
Loveless letters penned by thick aristocrat
Pragmatic criminal in court takes fellow in
Echo behind cattle car
Kind of leaves a prison in this way
Responding with original, moving chapter
Not dressed in rubbish fabric
Two versions of small figure to placate
Eats meal briefly, in rush
Regularly in toupee? You must be joking
Fine spinach dish? Unfortunately — not!
They may surround the head doctor introduced to new team
Best time is past to crack joke: start of evening
Free entertainment is announced in formal document
Happens to find shot youngster
Better run away from hedgehog, monkey!
All one can hold in one hand, but not second: that’s irregular
Prolific source of money around City
Point about phony exercises: the “low jump”?
Loudly regret security arresting tricky partners
Interrupting fuss pots, judge rises
Instinctive to maintain vehicle in ultimate condition
Tack in prison, badly defective
Trader’s reminder to fiddle with cash
Cooler? Greek sounding enthusiastic
Two books: choose the slow burner for the title character
Landed, welcoming Society of the best sort
Liqueur summary provided
Hard wood, protection for nut once
Exactitude of pair having executed verdict
Back untrained gentle, brave men to have succeeded in conflict
Spring roll initially put in for sale
Porter’s egocentric rambling wasting time
Flowering shrub providing garland for religious leader’s hotel
Wicked and wealthy, not husband material
Chemist has sticker across uniform
Made circular gold sleeper
Refuse to shorten brisk walk
You (s) weep aloud, lament a lost one; pectora ____ you beat your breasts
Burdens, cargo; pondera
An actor, or the farce he plays in (not necessarily in silence)
I withdraw; reduco, revoco
Narramus, dicimus aliquid factum esse
Litus, ripa
(Two words, with 6d) “Angues | ____ ____” (Aeneid 2.204-5) the snakes lie on. . ..
A Roman mouse without French muttering
Affectus, vel gaudio vel dolore; ad alterum locum ductus
Invitus fui
Bonus, melior, ____, degrees of goodness
(Two words, with 7) Sea-snakes coming (vide 18, 6): fit sonitus ____ ____ (Aeneid 2.209)
Operatic poem?
“Quid ____?” How are you?
Stella, sidus
Something battered and bruised
Vide 18: . . ..the sea
Vide 1: the briny (abl) foaming
You (s) copy (deponent verb)
Nos illum egimus; ille a nobis ____ ____
Eg Sicilia, mari cincta
Alter geminorum caelestium qui nautas curant
The furthest parts (n pl); omnia ____ pati to suffer all the most extreme pain
____ Capitolinus, ubi templum Iovis Romae videbatur
Silent woman, make a change!
Don Quixote descriptor
I Loves You, Porgy, e.g
Made in Chocolate Town sloganeer (c. 1950)
Nutcracker movement
Remember the __ (Abigails 1776 advice to John Adams)
Appear at odds with
Apprehend à la Spider-Man
Become crusty
Best Actor Oscar role just before Amin
Bug-shaped gem
Capital founded by William Penn
Charleston-era luxury car
City that sounds like a shoe stat
Collection from some claims
Common square-dance attire
Compound Nobel worked with
Crane compartment
Create a simile around
Deadlocked situation
Eagles, for short
Flowchart connector
Grapefruit ancestor
Hall of Fame manager at the 2000 Olympics
Has the effect of ice
Health-care category
Hebrew glottal consonant
Insignificant one
Intro, in journalese
Isnt thrown by
Its website has a Know Your Rights section
Kept ahead of
Key in some shortcuts
Lady Gaga studied it at NYU
Landlords concerns
Literally, badger dog
Long post, quite possibly
Maturing mosquito
Metroplex moniker
Mot dans les noms de bistro
Not a major thrust
Novelist with a Moscow monument
Number lines
One not with you
One way to a chalet
Picasso rival
Plot imperfection
Plum cousin
Points of view
Puccinis birthplace
Quest in Twenty Thousand Leagues . .
Refuge for daytime sleepers
Shelleys nightingale
Smooth finish
Spark for an argument
Specs category
Stand out
Straightens out, in a way
Toy kite material
Translation complication
Typical IKEA purchase
Venerable Milwaukee brewer
Vital bit of fertile soil
What some laws limit
What some see in an eclipse
Word on Spanish stop signs
Prince Harrys bride
Big tea vessels
Spot for gloss
Palindromic 1976 compilation album
Stinky Le Pew
Pop star Grande, to fans
Group of puppies
Red-headed comedian, after being 57-Across?
Squad car driver
Neat drink request thats also slang for Neat!
Man-mouse connector
___, Dewey and Louie
Tattooists supplies
In Bruges actor, after being 57-Across?
Send a friend request to
Hot gossip
Cobbler tins
Not bare
Venus Williams sister
One of four in a chess set
___ you sure?
Doctor Strange actress, after being 57-Across?
Modern-style Duh!
Pranksters sugar substitute
Sister of Helios
British backsides
Used to be
Euphoric states
Constantly given similar roles
Ushered to the door
Here, to Henrietta
Lotion additive
Botanical ring
Actor Beatty
Pay attention to
Be in charge of
Shape, as Play-Doh
Nobelist Wiesel
Straight, for short
Alliterative jewelry company
Neither snow ___ rain …
Away from your teams basket
Harvest machine
Sunday Puzzle network
Already watched
Carpe diem language
Go me!
Singing ability, metaphorically
Work hard on
Leaves grill marks on
A labrador retriever color
Upper limits
Garfield dog
End-of-semester stressors
Well, well, well …
Glad to hear!
Black Panther, e.g.
Eves garden
Short size, fashion-wise
In the same vein
Rent actress Rosario
I havent the foggiest
Join an email list, say
___ Canyon National Park
Many a get-rich-quick scheme
The Handmaids Tale airer
Rung on a ladder
Mahershala of Moonlight
Well, ___-di-dah!
Paul’s partner
He introduced the Beatles to America
Rodeo contestants
Polygon calculations
Erstwhile Apple player
Sure-footed Alpine climbers
News report about numismatists and philatelists?
Take eagerly
Engage in silliness
They toss and turn when you toss and turn
Old Tokyo
Extremely soft, in a score
Burden for a bellhop
Leaving already?
Play with matches?
Nebraska tribe
Magazine container
News report about Ben & Jerry?
With skill
Magazine contents
…____ woodchuck could chuck wood?
Physical, say
Home of the Herald
One with will power
Lyric poem
Ding or dent
Machu Picchu people
Janis’s husband in the comics
Newsmagazine report about Wisconsin?
Old PC monitor
Is it worth the risk?
Impossible dreamer
Newsmagazine covering wildfires?
Complicate a lifeguard’s rescue
NYSE overseer
Turn back
Raggedy dolls
Fine with Moe and Shemp
Lots of laughs
T-shirt orders
Palindromic Prussian
Dragonwyck’ author Seton
News report about an NFL pass defender?
Hooch holder
Least green, maybe
Small racing car class
Played first
Farm female
Penny prez
Sinatra, at times
Arboreal reptile
News report that’s not fake news?
Fur fit for a king
Birthplace of Jules Verne
Starbucks order
Suit component
Fake gold
Simba’s love
Show sudden interest
Second word of many fairy tales
Lady’s man
Mormon church initials
Pasta suffix
Tannery sight
Enough!’ in El Salvador
Makes hot
Now, until the break of day, through this house each fairy stray’ speaker
He sang ‘Beauty and the Beast’ with Celine
News report about a budget authorization bill?
Went for a part
Former fast flyers
1973 title role for Pacino
Thicket of trees
Nation between Benin and Ghana
Sheepish reaction
Sighed line
Beano competitor
Friend ___?
Victor at Gettysburg
Crooner who played a singer in ‘The Godfather
Coded messages
Bradley who was the first Joint Chiefs chairman
Starting pitcher’s goal
Gatwick banker?
News piece about the Pentagon?
Calf-length dress
Needed AAA assistance, perhaps
Neutral shade
Locker room shower?
Song dedication, e.g.
Head lines, for short
Recipe direction
Author of ‘The Mammoth Hunters
With competence
Clearly not for youngsters
Soft ball brand
Less welcoming
Sides in a perennial battle
Sound of a tomato hitting the floor
Glass on public radio
Elevator handle
Key error
Points in the right direction
Syrupy desserts
Tommie of the ‘Miracle Mets
Scarcely any
Reddish brown
Moreau in the movies
George was her straight man
Bald baby
Coarse clothing
Interlock locks
La Classe de Danse’ painter
Borrow ___ from (copy)
Good, in Grenoble
Indian tourist city
Short move
Picked ___ (quibbled)
Cooped (up)
Pickpockets, in slang
Thumbs-down vote
Google link
___ Believer
24-hour periods
Album playing on journey is pain
Both hands up at this time?
Bowler perhaps in with Atherton
Brat eager to reform as shining figure?
Cant sort out difference in tone
Creative sort in Dire Straits mostly?
Do with great enthusiasm (informal)
Exclude old man in comeback
Firm with new scam
Freight of carbon on Jasons boat
German city
Girl in Berlin the Artful Dodger?
Guard portal thats moving
Have great time, but not in village?
Human body section
Join forces?
Leave out
Look into smash in mountain event
Military unit
Most enjoyable part of steep drop
Most exciting part
Most pretty
Mutating mallard duck devours one animal
Oppressive credo Nero used in part?
Plated mammal
Port or sherry?
Set in opposition
Ships load
Sign up
Ski race with gates
Small child in top is constrained
Smartest copper brought to trial
Southwestern city
Stay drunk after knight becomes aggressive
Stepped back: mud outside new Ruhr location
Times: years among US lawyers
Trunk dumped in Barnet or somewhere
Ursa Major
Wrong to accept thanks for blemish
You might pick one small vehicle
. . . ___ I saw Elba
American Idol winner Studdard
Ars gratia ___ (MGM motto)
Cavalleria rusticana highlight
Steppenwolf author Hermann
___ results may vary
Abdul who choreographed Janet Jackson videos
Answers, in Jeopardy!
Apr. addressee
Audiophiles setup, once
Billiards accessory
Blue-haired Simpson
Boggy area
Book-signing purchase
Bugged big-time
Cabals concoction
Campus wall climber
Carnival workers guess
Choose-up game call
Clue board division
Colosseum beasts
Colosseum beasts
Comment to the audience
Corned beef concoctions
Destined for the chop shop
Detectives hints
Disneys Little Mermaid
Doberman or Rottweiler, e.g
DVD version of a movie, perhaps
Dwindle, as strength
Fish-based condiment
Flavors, in a way
Flowery verse
FWIW part
Green Gables girl
Helicopter pioneer Sikorsky
Hollywood go-between
Hostess cake similar to a Yodel
Icebergs extremity
Incense remnant
Jellyfish attack
Kagan of the Supreme Court
Long of Soul Food
Looseleaf divider feature
Many JV players
Mary of The Maltese Falcon
Movie with saloon brawls, perhaps
Museum with many Goyas
NBC series whose name was seen on a license plate
Not carved in stone
Often-stubbed body part
On the briny
Pale or brown brew
Place for a flock
Recording studio effect
Ride hailed from a smartphone
Saintly auras
San ___ (Texas city, informally)
Shepherds pie spheroids
Silverstein who wrote A Boy Named Sue
Smelling a rat
Soothsayers deck
Succulent in trendy beverages
Suffix meaning pain
Suffix with serf or czar
Sulfur dioxides pungent quality
Surgically remove
Takes measures
The lyrical Gershwin
Three-faced movie heroine
Traditional Easter entree
Tree at an oasis
Tree with edible pods
Two cents worth, so to speak
Wed at Gretna Green, say
Word in an eggs order
Year-by-year record
Strip of land with water on both sides
French castle
Isolated urinals (anag)
Gases ejected from an engine
Rapacious desire
Completely full
Person compelled to work for pay in order to survive
One with very long sentence
Smallest amount
Set up
Effect where combined actions produce a greater effect than the sum of individual efforts
Cake topping
Inability to cope with a normal environment
Person who seems extremely funny?
Cunning and unscrupulous
Show to be false
Reduced to a shell
Asian prince or king
Marsupial of Oz
Bridge-like overhead structure
Religious order member
Race with baton changes
An illegal delivery in cricket
Ancient counting frame
Proof-readers instruction to printers to ignore a previously marked edit
Hinge joints between the cannon and pastern bones, especially in horses
The __, comic novel by George and Weedon Grossmith
See 15
The narrator of Ferrantes Neapolitan novels
See 11
Mike Leighs 1977 comedy of suburban manners
Scandinavian city in which Palestinian and Israeli negotiators met following the Camp David accords
Lebanese city divided by the Green Line?
The capital of the Bahamas
__ Abbey, William Beckfords folly in Wiltshire
See 6
See 20 Across
Nickname of Robin Goodfellow?
The Secret __, short story by James Thurber
Love story which won the 2012 Palme dOr at Cannes
Luxury brand of General Motors
Union representing public sector workers
River and country in west Africa
Medical test involving the extraction of sample tissue or cells
See 6
Term, sometimes derogatory, for an Afrikaner
Revolution in art too, surprisingly
The bull reportedly rushed ahead of you and me
How to let her twin somehow give up
Pedigree revealed a long time after row
Platform used by strange sort with drink
Developing our pic, hes elated
Peer involved in the qualifier
Get to deliver a sermon, but not at first
The French songster due out, given leeway
Constable seizing shoemakers model ” one made from synthetic substance
Submissive person given dram too, unexpectedly
Thin guest of Pole accidentally making mistake when speaking
Man originally going most of the distance
Rose presented when Conservative finished
Babys toy alarm
From altar, aunt removed spider
First of walkers in peculiar top hat using track beside canal
Small quantity for upstart entering a single time
Performer rates it badly
Oarsman making noise with hesitation
Single male left in New York ” seriously
Curt copper originally trying quick way
Move to a new place and trace Leo, possibly
A French weir, old, not impaired
Support girl receiving ring and offer of marriage
Sought-after fellow upset too quickly
Tom owes drunken couple
Volunteers turning up with nurse put in an appearance
A small man from the largest continent
Doctor, for example, initially seeing grounds