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Crosswords Buzz Answers 2019-1-20

Pink things around the teeth
Like a deserts climate
1980s sitcom featuring a furry puppet
___ Brockovich
Teller of tall tales
The Murders in the ___ Morgue (Edgar Allan Poe story)
Fantasy series that has featured Josh Dallas and Ginnifer Goodwin who married in 2014: 4 wds.
Birds in a hatchery
Covers with paper as a gift
Company that made the arcade games Gauntlet and Marble Madness
Teens skin affliction
Cross my heart and hope to ___
Mexican food in a tortilla
Group whose music is the basis of the Mamma Mia! movies
Soap opera that has featured Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa who married in 1996: 3 wds.
Phoenix suburb with almost 500 000 residents
Actress Dunham with eight Emmy nominations
Bacon ___ eggs
Addition symbol
Mork & ___ (old sitcom)
Psychiatric ___ (hospital area for mental illness treatment)
Drama that has featured Kit Harington and Rose Leslie who married in 2018: 3 wds.
CSI: Miami actress LaRue
Company that produces the uniforms for the NBA
Emperor who supposedly fiddled while Rome burned
Word that can go before appeal and drive
Go Tell ___ the Mountain: 2 wds.
Cottony item such as a Q-tip
Get to know ___ (slogan of a 1990s automaker)
Ornamental vase
Saturday Night Live producer Lorne
Contemptuous curl of the lip
Swiss mountain range with many ski resorts
Small car made by Kia
Actor Somerhalder who played Boone on Lost
___ and quartered (harshly punished)
Song where a soprano might hit a high C
Indication that batter needs more stirring
Extra amounts paid for using an ATM
Pattern on a rubber tire
Man in the Garden of Eden
Square flooring item that may be made of ceramic
Needs a pain reliever or liniment
Metallic piece of currency
Group that protects peoples rights: Abbr.
Like a car thats never been driven: Hyph.
___ the rules (come close to cheating)
Scottish tennis player ___ Murray
Tree that yields sweet sap
Rapper Kendrick ___ who curated the Black Panther soundtrack album
Madam Secretary star Téa
Small appliances used to put creases in dress pants
Quidditch Through the ___ (book by J.K. Rowling)
Wide-screen film format
Say ___ (pourers request)
Be the appropriate size like a shirt
Boxing match result sometimes: Abbr.
Historic period
Measured with steps
Part of a chapel
Bits of roasted cocoa beans
Lays into
Act over the top
Natl. Audubon Society concern
Copy editor
Going coast to coast, maybe
Like many a distance runner
Spanish pastries often dipped in chocolate
Emmy, Grammy and Academy Award winner
Political strategist
February 13, e.g
Some punches
Yelled ‘S, P, I, R, I, T! – spirit!,’ say
Make toast?
Laundry basketful
The ‘Odyssey,’ for one
Museum curator
The, in Milan
When doubled, a dessert
Toffee-nosed sorts
Sartorial choice for Lieutenant Columbo
O.K., I see
Major California paper, for short
It may have corn on the side
Football line judge
Get situated, in Britspeak
Cell material
Teensy bit
Shoulder muscles
30-year investments, informally
Cartoon style
One of the fish in Italy’s Feast of the Seven Fishes
Monopoly foursome: Abbr
Maternity room nurse
The ___ in love with you’ (misheard lyric in a Herb Alpert hit)
Influence on Castro and Mao
Gendered suffix
Classic song with the lyric ‘I love your kiss
Secret store
Actress Blanchett
How Vito Corleone treated Tom Hagen in ‘The Godfather
Pretty up, as a photo
Geraint’s love in ‘Idylls of the King
Menace with teeth exposed
___ Dinka Doo’ (theme song of Jimmy Durante)
Cognac letters
Baseball scorekeeper
Banking org. since 1933
Ohio nine
Place for a candidate to speak
Stock valuation phrase
What hearts do when things look bad
Website for handmade items
Southwest tribe
In style and letting everyone know it
Twins Phil and Steve who won gold and silver in Sarajevo
Fab Four name
Subject of early genetics research
Letters on some bowling lanes
Duke basketball legend, informally
Draws on glass, say
Frighten (from)
Not yet proven
Occasional aid in crossword solving
Ones handing out cigars, stereotypically
More aloof
Title film character with the catchphrase ‘Very nice!
How cheaters deal cards
One of Goldilocks’s complaints
Some drone missions, in short
Year of the ___ (2018)
Thick rug style
Thrilled cries
Where to get the latest poop?
Teem with
Dress like for a Halloween bash
Up the ___
Hansel and Gretel’ character
___ Valley, Ariz
Moistened finger in another’s ear
Pouch at the bottom of an armoire
SpongeBob’s pet snail
Line at an awards show
Issa who wrote ‘The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl
Talking to a baby, maybe
Moving about
Money in Geneva
___ Bridge (historic span across the Mississippi)
Duane and Reade, in N.Y.C
Years, in Madrid
Poems of admiration
Non-___ (food label)
High chair?
Be unrealistic
Destiny and fate, e.g.: Abbr
So ___’ (words of agreement)
Under control
Georgia, once: Abbr
Work of a lifetime
Kind of hound
Traditional religion of Japan
Job at a drive-in joint
Not level
Writes in
Homeless children
Language from which ‘dungarees’ comes
Alan of ‘The In-Laws
Turn down an offer
Gangnam Style’ rapper
Royalty-focused grp
1999 novel by Catherine Ryan Hyde
1992 stage play by David Mamet
Larva of the dragonfly or mayfly
2013 animated film featuring the voice talent of Colin Farrell and Josh Hutcherson
2009 novel by Jeff Lindsay
Lavrentiy , Soviet chief of secret police portrayed by Simon Russell Beale in 2017 film comedy The Death of Stalin
Gene , World Heavyweight boxing champion from 1926-28
Jenny , 19th-century soprano known as the Swedish Nightingale
Jules , president of FIFA from 1921-54
Town in Hampshire on Portsmouth harbour
Dmitri , composer of ballets The Bolt and The Age of Gold
See 12 Across
Joss , English singer-actress who portrayed Anne of Cleves in US television drama series The Tudors
Supreme god in Germanic mythology
Coastal city and holiday resort in South Wales
Metric unit of mass equal to one thousandth of a kilogram
The , 1970s ITV drama series starring Robert Vaughn and Nyree Dawn Porter
2003 film drama starring Joely Richardson and Shane Richie
Michel , French marshal executed for treason in 1815
Roman god of the underworld
Genus of flowering plants in the iris family including the flame freesia
Suzanne , 1995 Tony Award Best Featured Actress in a Play nominee for The Moliere Comedies
Town in Surrey containing the field of Runnymede
City in Uusimaa, Finland, housing the Gallen-Kallela Museum
Chief island of the Seychelles housing the capital Victoria
Worldwide traveller
Vivid orange-red colour
Short-legged dog
Travel on a horse
Elected head of a town
Hospital workers
Second Greek letter
Low-lying wet land
Cigar type
Container for straining food
Wobbly food
Mass of small bubbles
Adhesive label
Art of good eating
Used to be
Small round mark
Colourless flammable gas
Blood vessels
Embedded part of a tooth
Improved as a gambler
Feeble meat recipe
Writer depicting void
Stop and apprehend
Room to return and secure boat
Finished six deliveries
Race around some land
Swimmer feeling around
Lion found in galleon
Bit of compartment
Old soldiers get sign
Get a new entrance
Hate being tested, possibly
Language in another sentence
Prudence gets discourteous
Star ready for evening
Officers money
Started with quiche
Reversible hub?
Item moving in the fourth dimension
Loved to bother socialist
Sign up loner, somehow
Ever-changing swerve
Manage firm exercise
Toledo got sacked, sadly
Large order for drink
Danes out of range
Met to compose song
Only a lake
Blessed with not as much
Roman poet
Take into custody
Unit of land
Long fish
Zodiac sign
Helicopter part
Change direction
Deal successfully
Mountain range
Religious song
Smaller amount
Former time
Rocks Billy ____
Spam source
Regretful person
Maxis cousin
Distance units
Vets patients
At the peak
Forbidden action
____ a living!
Flit about
Swit, to Farr
Bitter brew
Garden bloom
Argentine dance
Proceed slowly
Ajar, in poetry
Cowboy-boot gear
Kindled anew
Med subject
Horses colors
Teen trouble
Arden and Plumb
Map graphic
Fender damage
Strong male
Barcelona buddy
Reception room
Finish together
Raised RRs
Garment ticket
Tax inspection
Eat less
Aware of
Speak imperfectly
Salad fruit
Shady bowers
Difficult journey
Estate unit
Meg or Nolan
Dads mate
Extracted ore
Walk up and down
Footed vases
Icicle hanger
Do away with
Kind of bar
Star Wars villain
Split in two
New York lake
Brewers need
In the Land of Israel author Oz
Barbershop tool
Cremona artisan
Skunk River city
Hardly a revealing style
Quiet partner
Domed-top structures, perhaps
Imminent wordplay warning?
Peter, Paul or Mary
Aladdin prince
Astronomy Muse
Disneys Cruella De __
Many a Degas
Oil sources
Is my account settled? ?
Parmenides home
Apiece, in scores
Others, in Latin
Youre looking at one
Sunday Night Football network
Nervous draft choice?
1982 sci-fi film
Mon __!
Field of study
Workbench attachment
Getting on
Scary fairy tale beast
More mean
Film festival entry
Half a luau serving?
French season
Agency that regulates test cheating?
Sched. uncertainty
Really digging
Oldest Musketeer
Became aware of
Kind of guy you can count on
I, Claudius role
A silly stunt may be done on one
Cabinet dept.
Very first ATM password?
Dropped 60s drug
European capital
Fruity cocktail word
Space opening
International economic coalition
Link warning letters
Popular disco era pastimes?
Moves unsteadily
Heads off
According to
Shark hanger-on
Whats __?
Make a mash of
No longer be comprehensible … and, with its first word divided in three parts, a hint to how to read this puzzles title
Young conger
Public commotion
Logicians link
Former gen.s status
Orchestra section
Signs of the future
Running goal
Anything __?
Comedy club chorus
Breakfast choice
… shall not __ from the earth : Lincoln
Atlanta-to-Miami dir.
Love abroad
Half a 60s quartet
Beasts of burden
Spanish ayes
Planet shape: Abbr.
Best Buy buy
They may be shot in rafts
Eyelike openings
Ballpoint, e.g.
Tested for gold, say
Really bad atmosphere
Justice confirmed under Bush 43
Workplace cartridge contents
Basketry fiber
Puffy clouds
Kind of acid in red wine
Turning whiter
Biblical debarkation point
Estrada of CHiPs
Big name in Argentine politics
Night author Wiesel
Flood deterrent
Annoying criticism
Romantic evening extension
Thiamine deficiency disease
It could be a mere nod
Talks from Cicero
Took offense at
What a long week!
Classic OBrien noir film
Nasdaq debut
How many TV shows air
Private nonprofit: Abbr.
Ran into
The Carpenters soloist
Shopping list entry
Calvary inscription
Relatives of bars?
Arabian Peninsula port or its gulf
Least occupied
Come together
Friend of Claudius I
Common opening time
A Visit From the Goon Squad Pulitzer winner Jennifer
Crude gp.?
MLB leader in career saves
Virgil subject
Clunky old cars
Designed to fit tightly
Herb commonly in five-spice powder
Removes forcibly
Mill output
Elementary seed
Fijis eastern neighbor
Cereal grass disease
Bjorn Borg, e.g.
Barely gets, with out
BART stop
Simon & Garfunkels __ Robinson
… __ he drove out of sight : Moore
Shopping frenzy
Ceramic piece
Chefs units (abbr.)
Oahu and Maui
Thinly distributed
Ikes inits.
Lords wife
____ Island
Snaky curve
Sailors cry
Make lively
Not here
Fine fabric
King ____
Slugger Hank ____
Snow melter
Emulate Michelle Kwan
Wallet fillers
Taste or smell
Medical at once!
Church benches
RI time zone
Changes for the better
Lions cries
Picnic visitors
Wall socket
Operate a car
Eyed flirtatiously
Marsh grasses
____ upon a time…
Navy officer (abbr.)
Capri or Man
Mineral springs
Young fellows
Lawn material
FDRs wife
Slender pole
Computer input
Food plan
You there!
Junior, to his father
Excuse me!
Coal receptacle
Dickens title beginning (2 wds.)
Penn or Connery
Persia, today
Leg part
Braying beast
No drugs sign – one seen in park?
Greed – a sin besetting returning soldiers
Port exporting old English hair
Ascertained state of a French region
Mr Donnelly maybe about to see record producer
In time computer memory is flipping dead
Frosty member of parliament?
Sacred syllable in Jewish language conjures up moonshine?
French city risks deposing duke
Transform middle of the road pub
Young animals born in container
Therefore involves qualification in ban
Telephoned confused laddie about start of lessons
Second eleven maybe has reason boarding crazy form of transport
Man sleeping with football teams strikers!
Muse returning from Dakota region
Green colour of a lovebird flying around
Quickly leave church with plunder
Perplexing lout with tacky jewellery
Reportedly gloss over corporation
With skill I stop the growth of vegetable
Lethal advice to tourists in Italy?
Special note on half-hearted crowd
Work on a big new camper van
Very comfortable with healthy excitement
Hard working American leaves film company
Womens collective invested in share market
Dash of turmeric contained in Indonesian island dish
See note
Utterly debauched person
Diesel oil
Big cat
Very drunk (Informal)
Moral principle
In very high spirits
Advanced in years
Sailor (Slang)
Zodiac sign
Game played on horseback
Thin nails
Mata __
Kitchen appliance
Man of many words
Farm team
Variety of fine cotton
Enigma Variations composer
Comedian Foxx
May school event, often
__ incognita
Brief digression
Lots and lots
Result of erosion
Jazzman Chick
Wizard of Oz character
Local lingo
Sect leader?
Whiskey cocktail
Watering hole
Theyre out of this world
Junior rocker
Stormy Weather songwriter
Counterculture adornment
Not __ in the world
One of the Muppets
__ et mon droit
Chosen ones
Author Harte
Acting job
Letter opener
Dike, Eunomia and Irene
1981 Warren Beatty film
Not alfresco
Like the flu
Chew the scenery
Runner Sebastian
Metric prefix
Letters to answer?
Super server
Carbonated drinks
A Prayer for __ Meany
Water down
Neighbor of Turkmenistan
Fifties auto feature
Sung in Tyrolean style
Male hawk
Priestly garb
__ de Lune
Concerto finale, often
St. Teresas place
__ Like It
__ Need (Temptations hit)
Woman of distinction
Swamp snapper
Where Canterbury is
Searcher for minerals
Flute player
Cains brother
Naturally grown
Cutting down expenses
Capital of Norway
Lively dance
Rich, luxurious
At a reduced rate
Musical drama
Zestful enjoyment
European language
Wear away
Jousting weapon
Favourites about to show pace
Arab and Scot producing tumblers
Airman coming from Scandinavia to Russia
More for the actor in a crowd scene
Strained, having neither won nor lost
Tempt with some different ice-cream
It takes a turn for the better
Settled differences and put on lipstick etc.
Tokyo, strangely, is a city in Japan
Capital person settled in manor
Use live explosive thats had to pin down
Ragtime for Cinderella
Studies, mostly stupid
Normal colours?
Heather – a girls name
Words that should be used to make address right?
Open – and finished on time
Journalists work may be definite or indefinite
Blow friends up
Weight carried by expert without delay
Mistakes made with flowers
Without weapons, like Venus de Milo!
Look alive! Weigh cup soundly!
Boredom of nun going mad in eastern island
Nothing appealing is postponed
Vehicle taken right across Manchester, initially
Jellied meat mold
Third man
RBI, e.g.
TVs ________ and the Man
Florists giveaway
Rally segments
Ancestral symbol
Formerly, formerly
Healing plant
Intelligence agent
Paid out
Stable staple
Alphas opposite
The Sprats, e.g.
Barley bristle
Rub it in, in a way
________ pin and pick it up …
Lawyers gp.
Cruel creep
Owl-and-Pussycat utensil
Good listener?
Vast nation
Sp. lasses
Two-finger piece
Helium, for one
Front of the ship
Florences river
Right-hand man
Go off course
Fibula partner
Made tracks
Pt. of YMCA
Lacking class
Takes steps
Mall stall
Cooler cooler
Ward off
Shouts sharply
Caesars being
Pt. of AT&T
Ancient market
Mao ________ Tung
Hops-heating chamber
Prefix meaning all
French connections?
Bleachers feature
Biblical twin
Sikh spirit
Itll grow on you
I problems
French monarch
Alfonsos queen
Highest low tide
Tapioca source
Composer Satie
Days ends
Temporary currency
________ Island
Goes for the gold?
Very: French
Etchers need
Dogpatch daddies
Fizzle out
Tostada relative
Canonized nun of Assisi
Blind as —
Run- — (rap trio)
At the crest
Ticklish doll
Prefix with 53-Across
Result of an error in DNA replication
— Enuff (1986 top 10 hit)
Pantry pest
Put back to 000, perhaps
You Needed Me singer
Hit song whose title means kiss me a lot
Klutzy guy
Commas indicate them
Vientiane native
Im cold!
Reactions to baby pictures
Tree cultivated to feed silkworms
Instant, in some product names
Guinea- — (African country)
Month no. 10
Giant statues
T.Sgts., e.g.
Edible fungus cultivated in felled logs
Spanish muralist Joan
Acorns, e.g.
Notion, to Gigi
— and bred
Bygone U.S. gas name
Output of R.E.M. or Nirvana
RandB great Marvin
Hematite, for one
Hex- ending
Crop further
Hang on —
Spyro — (jazz band)
Former JFK carrier
What a discovery center may be
Ukr., Est. or Lith., once
Chicagos business district
Qué —? (Spanish greeting)
Wallach of Article 99
Get mellower
Beverly Hills Cop star
Runaway short-story writer
Really love
Perlman of Hellboy
Fancy affair
Statement about the bird hidden in nine answers in this puzzle
Detroit-to-Toronto dir.
Pindar works
Fitness pioneer Jack
Roof edge
Equine beast
Cager Curry
Swab in a makeup kit
Gift stick-on
Carmen and Elektra
— me? ( Whadja say? )
Tribal figure
Talk to flirtatiously, to a Brit
— sleeping dogs lie
D-backs, on scoreboards
Vintage car
Novelist Ferber
Big name in life insurance
Police officers sickout
Letters on a radio switch
Vegan staple
Quaint formal letter opener
1961-68 defense secretary Robert
Competitor of Chanel
Org. dues-payer
Edged (out)
Ceremonial routines
Cabaret director
Ravens cry
Hows that?
Egyptian god of the dead
Summer, in Brittany
Tuesdays With Morrie author Mitch
Kobe sashes
Big Apple sch.
Nos. on bank statements
Slow down!
In a smooth, lustrous way
Studying secondarily, with in
Mixed college squad
Pal of Hook
Litigious sort
Truck processions
Bridal vow
Relative of an I-beam
— -Rooter
Egyptian — (cat breed)
Dont fall for that!
Stuff swept away in a downpour
Every 24 hours
Lipstick slip
Big name in transmission repair
Christians — Creed
Pop singer Vannelli
Trio after Q
Telephone connections
Antique item
Dialect suffix
Shoulder frill
German linking word
Dr.s study
Senator Feinstein
What trig often is for calc
Grind, as teeth
Sites of bliss
Game plays
Ending for press
Big heads
T, in Greece
Hybrid bus. entity
Fond du —
Roman 56
Spread out
Three-hulled craft
Screw thread
Long journey
Trade show
Handsome man
Get away
Affectedly cultured
Sweet missive about me is dross ultimately
Silver Lining band’s having a boozy musical party
Country inn — a great building
They might be tall drinks served after Tango
Conservative article by editor given some stick?
Flasher in coat I’d sadly seen by river
Run-of-the mill president Angolan leader upset
Partner declared winning position on board
Heavy Yank scoffing the last of goulash
A smell hanging around: perhaps, credit youth?
One’s in competition with East German exile
Old car bishop must get out of to wind up?
Infant’s small problem Penny’s ignored
Son tucking into nut pastry and Boost?
Unpleasant sort of sailor snatching paintings
Noble legion in want of bit of leadership
Freedom fighter maniacs petition to change
Music producer of Heart?
One provides reception food to follow minute iced starter
Sort of book with some horrific scenes: rejected!
Military volunteers sent north nail assault
Sick with a kid that’s fidgety, perhaps
Corporation complaint: register it as not incorrect
Support worker seen on public transport
One on horse is possibly Democratic carpetbagger
Sign of danger: Tory embracing Balls and Labour leader
One making hits popular by the Blockheads
Ramshackle town best-loved by half-cut lags
English singer associated with Love and Muse
Hazardous place one might take their rest
One’s willing to acquire new extra handle
Ditches cheap jewel after losing temper
Provided absorbing translation of Racine synopsis
Amazement with heartless JFK shooting, ultimately clamour and distress for Americans
Star soldiers are taken in
Trap in dodgy Danube area removed
Girl showing how DLA could be obtained
Deal in three parts, oddly
Letters from Egypt, for instance
The Prince and the Frog was organised by American
A thrusting virtuous man Mike Pence making an impression
Alto and a tenor seen in public previously
Love bit of luck for tennis champion
One terribly boring fat man?
Richard’s holding soft and individually fitted footwear
Enthusiastic about a firm stocking navy coat
Taught registered nurse in Kent resort when retired
Stomach’s upset alas, after starters of oyster and mussels
One special philosopher showing suspicion
One acting Chief Inspector on TV irritates
Digger from zone in part of Galilee picked up
Seaweed coming from rising loch froth in Scotland
Food from the east, possibly just a trifle oriental mister rejected
One is tense engaging acting medic, foot specialist
Brain cells many deep, needing treatment
After Bishop’s replaced priest, army chaplains turned up in secret chamber
Forecast given by royal servants you once ignored
Jacob, for example splitting two notes on organ in part of US
Grab place in rock to see a gigantic fish
A right shower said to be put on trial
Some instruments ruin a group aiming for harmony
Some boots and a light shoe
Kitty over on vacation digs type of soil
Keenness shown by guard leaving hospital
Intimate Pole embracing another Pole
Fruit soon beginning to appear
His latest (2018) novel is Middle England
A Braeburn or Tydeman’s Late Orange is such a fruit
Peninsula forming the western part of County Galway
Claudio ____, Chilean pianist famed for his absorbing master classes
Cavalry soldier fighting with a curved single-edged sword
Form of pasta traditionally served with ragu bolognese
Cambridge Footlights star who later played Patsy’s mother in Absolutely Fabulous
Athenian courtesan who induced Alexander the Great to set fire to the palace of the Persian kings at Persepolis
The ____, 1 Across’s portrait of the 1970s
The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah band’s Death Cab for ____ was an Elvis Presley parody
Meaning of the “clearway” road sign
The smallest European rodent, for which old tennis balls with a drilled hole make good nests
Edward ____ wrote Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
Germany’s northern state which borders Denmark
One quarter
Argol, the acidic deposit on the inside of a bottle of port
Soft fresh cheese with the consistency of thick yoghurt
Suburb of Brussels where Erasmus lived, or Belgium’s most successful football team in European competitions
Numbers such as 512, 2197 and 8000
Avoider of military service, such as Donald Trump
Godfrey ____, “arguably the best wicket keeper the game has ever seen” according to Wisden
Court with a reputation for harshness, abolished in 1641
Quick recovery wish
In an orchestra, these instruments are sometime seen both left and right of the conductor
Asian river on the banks of which the ancient cities of Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa flourished between 2600BC and 1900BC
Inhabitants of an ancient kingdom of northern Mesopotamia, maybe living in Assur or Nineveh
One of Tom Stoppard’s “dead” tragicomic characters
Seat of Florida State University since 1857
Hic ____, “here lies” on a tombstone inscription
Pictorial logic puzzles also called griddlers
A nickname for Melbourne or Sydney, first used by Australian aborigines
A preface or preliminary matter
A quack
Display stands with shelves for small objects or ornaments
Frederick ____ & Co, publisher of the Observer’s series of books and Beatrix Potter’s tales
1960s French cinematic movement with a simple underrated style, and sometimes dogmatically political content
____ Arantes do Nascimento is better known as Pelé
Winner of the 1957 Nobel prize for literature
Canadian prime minister after whom Montreal’s international airport is named
A female foreigner, in French
David ____ was the tenth Doctor to travel in the Tardis on BBC television
The Ballistic Missile Defense Organization
A proposed slogan, “Browns, Seasons, Thickens In One” was supposedly the source of this product’s name
What a player leading 6-5 and 40-30 has in tennis
Pen y Fan is the highest mountain in this Welsh national park
Composer born in Dresden (a district of Stoke-on-Trent)
Writes down music
A business deal, or a set of related changes to a database
Charles ____ directed the 1953 film version of 34 Down
1951 novel by Nicholas Monsarrat about the crew of HMS Compass Rose during the Second World War
From the Latin for “shoe”, another name for slipperwort
It helps to maintain one’s dignity or prestige
1936 poem and documentary film about a postal train
Breed of large white beef cattle
Lives in basic and unaccustomed circumstances
The chief Norse gods dwelling in Asgard
The capital of France’s Aveyron department
Thomas ____, whose Summer’s Lost Will and Testament contains the song Spring, the Sweet Spring
. . . against __ of troubles
Green or black beverage
Never mind
108 Across commodity
84 Across, e.g
A UK alliance
A word with you
Actor Leto
Advance, as funds
Alaska city
Almighty, in 53 Across
Ape researcher Fossey
Apple, but not HP
Argentine coin
Aviation prefix
Baby elephants
Bag fastener
Be philanthropic
Beginning on
Bets first
Boggy areas
Book on the Celebrate the Century stamp sheet with FDR
Brain scans: Abbr
Bring in a crop
Cause that King dedicated his life to
Central city with a scale
Composed for voices
Composer Carmichael
Controlled a ride
Coral island
Cowardly Lion portrayer
Decaf brand
Democrat who introduced the King legislation in the House
Disneylands Main Street, __
Dugout furniture
Early Ford rival
Edible bow ties
Eggs: Lat
Empire State college
Enduring phrase from a 1963 King speech
Farming science
Female elephants
Fixed lunch for
Flea market relative
Flier to Rotterdam
Foolishly giddy
Founded: Abbr
French elementary school
Gave the go-ahead
Give shelter to
Golf pro Ernie
Got up on karaoke night
Grand __ Opry
Grp. that Qatar recently left
Guided in the direction of
Gym handout
Hamlets girlfriend
Has as its capacity
He signed the King legislation
Heavy hammer
Hedge plant
High fashion monogram
Hiking trail
Humpty Dumpty-like
Impolite look
January date designated to honor King
Karate levels
Kind of girder
KitchenAid alternative
Lara Croft portrayer
Like some forest floors
Limo rider, often
Little bit
Little troublemaker
Long-term savings option
Metaphor for emotion
Mosque leader
Most arduous
Move like a snake
Much of Mongolia
Mule, for West Point
Nightwear, for short
Off __ tangent
Old-school cheer
One of Canadas First Nations
One way to pay bills
Oreo shape
Paper tissue layer
Part of FDIC
Pear variety
Pizzeria staple
Place to buy squeaking bones
Professional trade org
Raucous fight
Relieve, as thirst
Republican who introduced the King legislation in the Senate
Respectful title
Roof support
Rustic retreats
Science major
Secluded valley
Send secretly, for short
Shakespearean king
Shrank back
Site of the 50 Across speech
Six-Emmy Alan
Soft projectile
Solemn ceremony
Sound from the soothed
Source of sugar
Source of wool
Spreadsheet array
Studying closely
Successful legislation
Suffix for star
Surface extent
Sweet Sixteen party honoree
Takeback, briefly
They may be underfoot
Traveled on
Veggies in fried rice
What Huck Finn called a stretcher
Where Napoli is
Wife of Jacob
Wine city near Turin
With enthusiasm
Work crew
Workshop grippers
Wrap up
Yellowstone grazers
__ arguments (courtroom rituals)
__ tai cocktail
Greek salad veggie
What gives you pause?
Hushed Hey!
Frozen princess
Gallic goodbye
Low female voice
___ of March
Green energy type
Seattle forecast, often
*Thats more like it!
Mamma ___!
NY MLB team
*Common reasons for sneezin
West Yorkshire city
Nothing, slangily
Smell bad
Sows sounds
Narrow winning margin
Road curve shape
Its often heard in elevators
Health insurance giant
*Find agreeable
Filmmaker Michael
Org. that awaits your return
*It balances risk and reward
Later, in 33-Across
Lingerie shade
Im ___ your tricks!
Barely gets by, with out
Buffalo NFL team
Wallowers spot
Truth alternative
So far
Apt end for this puzzles list of starred entries
Abels brother
CtrlZ, on a PC
Wasnt oblivious
Scammers ideal target
___ Friday (office tradition)
Bad smell
Wide missing margin
Turkey or ham
Its a glow
Iditarod coats
Killed, as a dragon
Smell bad
Ice Cubes favorite utensil?
Spa supplies
Caustic cleaners
Use a peeler
Nights of anticipation
Golf shop giveaways
Miss Doolittle
Wall Street character Gordon
Clubgoers needs, briefly
Words of denial
Money ___ everything
Actress Remini
Cry at home?
I had no idea!
Swim teams event
Taj Mahal site
Axle coating
Least mean
Defeated in chess
Honshu port
NutriBullet competitor
Dancing Queen band
Necklaces worn with grass skirts
Pond flower
Eye creepily
Still competing
Other, to Alejandra
Christmas season
A sailor looking up country album?
Admit car damaged in moving?
All set having shaved in advance?
Andean ruminant
Animal student meets Buddhist monk
Approach snooker table and fail badly
Back after a big shock
Banish from Glorious Twelfth
Bird munched morsel
Boy new to ET produces poem
Brushed leather
Business of MPs
Choice delicacy
Concert piano is magnificent
Demonstrators in April weather?
Depose or unseat
Everything in local launderette
Fall into ruin
Free from deceit
Ghost in movies had experience
Girl to blab about love and vanish
Grinding teeth
Gym to welcome outsize model
Housework? Terrible toil captured in photos!
Infuriate someone ultimately with anger stirred up
Intermittent rain
It takes a crowd outside to cause trouble
Kid is influenced, we hear
Lamp cover
Make angry
Map collection
Mastermind in Greene running riot
Medical centre
Press tracks cuts in NHS?
Rest in peace as everlasting
Roundish hairstyle
Shakespearean verse
Sit for an artist
Song of Baudelaire
Spirited lieutenant in voice
Stir up
Straight transgression needs church and Bible study
Think about internet maybe holding answer
Turtle avoiding soft ground
Very impressive
About Me blurb
Anybody home?
Highway to Hell rock band
Hotel Transylvania vampire, for short
Im ___ It (McDonalds jingle)
Mallet Concerto composer Rorem
Slumdog Millionaire garb
46-Down, e.g
Acts the temptress
All there, mentally
Andys radio and TV partner
Banshees land, to poets
Bioelectric swimmer
Bovine Grecian Formula user?
Card game with four jokers
Cash in Kyoto
Cattle brand?
Cause of a face-plant, perhaps
Christian who coined the term A-line
Classic name in instant cameras
Con artist
Cookie in piecrusts
Cost of a gumball, once
Diners Club competitor, for short
Engage, as gears
Fish in fish and chips
Fruit whose name contains a cedilla
Gefilte fish on the wing?
Get by, barely
Go back to square one with
Hang in the hammock
Horse in many a harness race
Imelda with a shoe collection
Irish Roses love
Issue a ticket to
IV setups
Like Carrolls Hatter
Like H.P. Lovecraft stories
Linchpins place
Modify for drag racing, e.g
Moroccos capital
Mountain lion, by another name
Neither gain nor loss
One with a promising future
Out of the way
Palm leaf
Parade honoree, perhaps
Pedometer unit
Pixar movie with skeletons
Place for a flock
Places for plantar warts
Play about Capote
Plaza de Toros cry
Plea to the USCG
Plot hatched by Grumpy and colleagues?
PRNDL part
Quick look
Resort isle off Venezuela
Rice Krispies sound
Rigels constellation
Saw logs, so to speak
Score for a gutter ball
Slangy prefix meaning super
Slip N Slide connection
Sounds of sorrow
Start of a Juliet lament
Starts of lacrosse games
Theyre raised in anger
Theyve gone splitsville
Uncanny ability, for short
Upbeat tune
Use sandpaper on
Vending machine feature
Was a moocher
Windy City business district, with the
Wingtip-to-wingtip dimension
Zoo houseful
___ de plume (pen name)
Sharpness of vision
Isaac — (1920-92), Russian-American sci-fi author
Outlaw; bandit
Deceive; swindle
Nationality of which 64% are Bohemian
N American beaver-like aquatic rodent with dark glossy fur
Orchestral suite by Aaron Copland (1944)
City of New York state; bison, colloquially
Relish or delight; use tongue to eat or drink
Inflammatory, often suppurating skin lesion
Find fee (anag)
Walk uncertainly like the very young
Travelling a route regularly
Jurisdiction of a Father or Mother Superior
Join forces
Divisions; dissenting cliques
Polish dance in triple time
Affectation; self-love
Very common; of little value
Humourless in expression
Being of assistance to someone
See 13 Across
Pertaining to the ear
Charles —, infamous US fraudster
Anyway, about this secretive government grp.s itemized documents …?
Auld Lang ___
Hostel director Roth
The Soul ___ Itself (Emily Dickinson poem)
Wet Hot American Summer setting
What a terrible suggestion!
___ It Midnight (Fleetwood Mac song)
20-minute periods, with respect to hours
ABC islands resident
Activity involving firing
Acts loquaciously
Amenities at 92 Across
Antiques store items
Aspirants feeling
ATM keypad key
Bamboo consumer
Bert of classic cinema
Blackens, as a road
Bon Jovi of Bon Jovi
Brick in basketball, e.g
By ear
Causes irritation to
Channels by sockets
Checks out rudely
Chemists test
Chemnitz complaint
Circle of former Gaza grp. members?
Clark in comic books
Clergy official
Clothing container
Co. name ending
Collectible dolls
Comedian Perkins once on The Great British Baking Show
Compound derived from a carboxylic acid, often
Conclusion in a score
Contents of a big layer
Coup at the U.S. Open
Criticize a physicians grp.s headgear?
Deep space?
Dense forest being that plays for an NCAA grp.?
Dish for fish, perhaps
Does some grilling
Dos in many 70s films
Everybodys opposite
Explosions in the sky
Facility with many quarters
Festers hirsute relative
Final frame in an alley
Fire an oral health grp.s honking birds?
Flower with grayanotoxins
Food critics passion
Fruity drinks, briefly
Genetic translator
Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Aguilar
Grilled entree
Have antipathy toward
Home of the Knesset
Homers neighbor
Hot rods rod
Impatient chess players cry
Is short
It can be tied with a bow
It can help you go from A&E to E!
Khrushchevs refusal
Leave alone
Legume in some soups
Like some subjects
Livestock creature
Locales in The Corsair and The Abduction From the Seraglio
MacGraw in movies
Manipulates, as dough
Mic holders
Mil. deserters
Molar coating
Naps, in Navarre
Navigational deviation
Nigerian musician King Sunny ___
Nothing mind-blowing
Oaty breakfast option
One in 128 Across
Orders in bars
Oscar-winning composer Previn
Pants pockets place
Patronizes a boutique
Place for a shot in the dark?
Politicos helper
Prefix meaning recent
Prize for completing a Super Mario 64 task
Produced a militant European grp.s alcoholic beverage?
Producer of page-a-day puzzle calendars
Put out, in a way
Recreational space in a hospital
Relaxation locations
Remain in neutral
Rigging supporter
Rogen of Superbad
Round of applause for a traitorous member of a teaching grp.?
Rural roll
Semiaquatic amphibian
Sharp remark?
Shocked, in a way
Shows derision toward college football coach Miles while he works for a bag-screening grp.?
Site of Frances annual Festival of Lights
Skewered item
Some etiquette tips
Square footage figure
Talks back to
Tall and slender
Teri of Oh, God!
Text studied by imams
Those in an order a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away
Tiny particle
Title for Van Morrison
To some small degree
Toward the dawn
Traveling Nick Jr. toon
Tropical hardwood
Tupperware toppers
Unexpected benefit
Unit in a mail truck
United way?
Variety of melon
Ventricles counterparts
Venues for acting members of an anti-narcotics grp.?
Vietnamese port city
Virgin Megastores founder Richard
Website with the motto Sports news without access, favor, or discretion
Went over 100, say
Whistling vessel
Wicked cool poem dedicated to the Summer Games grp.?
___ in stone
___ otter
___ out an existence
___ tide
___ tide
Apathetic character in a film
I’ll be drained after pruning wild plant
Leading lady’s monologue?
Life partner once ran out of nectarines, oddly
Fullback unmans third beast!
Like nine, a number made up
Cure filling veins without healing spot
Metal (copper) hurting short nipper
Extreme cold inside spreading
Orderly goes to hospital in Wales
Development not in line with some housing that’s around it
Now cast, programme is perfect
Insecure cleaner gets tip as extra payment
A girl of note about to thank you
Label outside shirt is old hat
Idea first suggested in May, perhaps, but not taken to its conclusion
Resolute Dutch uncle only?
Polished Conservative sage runs away
Road going halfway to great town
Gala possibly cut short when receiving a shock
Stop punishing a traditionalist!
Insincere judge is ending trial
Clothing one wears reposing after work
A French baby (the last for a minion)
Church controlled by France’s main cleric
Soldiers hearing a scoundrel come back
Train concerning when ally’s back aboard
Pen with another animal about to circle it
Old nomad with children under suspicion
Hot woman turning kind of red