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Crosswords Buzz Answers 2019-1-19

___ of Green Gables (classic childrens novel)
Looks directly at
___ stickers (Chinese dumplings)
Gently persuade
___ Lucy (TV classic): 2 wds.
Dick Clarks New Years Rockin ___ (annual ABC special)
Space Oddity singer who cowrote a song in SpongeBob SquarePants: The Broadway Musical: 2 wds.
___ education (class that teaches the birds and the bees)
Bowlful at a Texas cook-off
R&B group that had the hit No Scrubs
I ___ want to know! (Spare me the details!)
Squeal upon encountering a large cockroach
___ chi (martial art)
PepsiCo energy drink
Mend like a broken bone
Recycling reduces it
American Honey group who wrote a song in SpongeBob SquarePants: The Broadway Musical: 2 wds.
Figure out through logic
Planet between Earth and Jupiter
Are we there ___?
What a word from our sponsors leads to
Fruit with Bartlett and Bosc varieties
Number of teams in a game of tug-of-war
Mad Men actor Robert
Bird in the TripAdvisor logo
All of Me singer who wrote a song in SpongeBob SquarePants: The Broadway Musical: 2 wds.
Actor Tommy ___ Jones
Wonderland visitor
Tablet made by Apple
Key thats pressed when a PC freezes
Images frequently shared on social media
Athletic award presented by ABC
Rock band with a lightning bolt in its logo
Pitcher Syndergaard or actor Wyle
Avatar alien race
Overthrown leaders relocation
Lie that doesnt do much harm
Very much: 2 wds.
Batmans head covering
Kick out for nonpayment of rent perhaps
I told you so!
Currency in Colombia and Cuba
You cook things in it
Communicate silently via phone
Action film set in the fictional Nakatomi Plaza: 2 wds.
Brand of antibacterial soap with a Gold variety
Longtime baseball player Caminiti
Everything Is ___!!! (The Lego Movie song)
Father/daughter boxing surname
First ___ (2018 Ryan Gosling movie)
Adobe file format: Abbr.
Device that often has a fast cash option: Abbr.
Actress/singer Salonga
It follows Monday: Abbr.
CPR expert: Abbr.
12-month span
Its freezing in here!
Took illegally
Classic actor Humphreys nickname
North ___ (center of the Arctic)
Females that may get sheared
Three-time Emmy winner Baldwin
Impulsive idea
First word in many fairy tales
Weight training units
Friend of Crackle and Pop
Whirling current of water
Spread that has flavors such as grape and strawberry
Leafleter’s cry
Betrays a scratchy throat
Under tight control
They’re down in the mouth
Fat burner?
Three-syllable woman’s name meaning ‘gift
King of the stage
Not feeling it
Third of a dozen?
Freckle, e.g
Combat sport, for short
Squeeze (out)
Task on a summer to-do list
Actress Jessica
Coat under feathers
What most online passwords are
Becoming’ someone?
Mine field?
G.O.P. grp
Jar filler
Dict. abbr
Sch. in Ames
Start of a cry that ends ‘bah!
Hypocritical grp. at Harper Valley Junior High, in song
Spot for some piercings
Bugs of a sort, for short
What one of the five Olympic rings stands for
Musical title that’s 19-Across spelled backward
2016 or 2028
Original name of Mount Rainier
Chemistry exam?
Sauce brand
Left for
8 on the Mohs hardness scale
One of two poles
Olympic swimming gold medalist Ledecky
Idris of ‘The Dark Tower
Get ready to swing, with ‘up
Film with the tagline ‘The nightmare isn’t over!
Much of the population of Iran
Something to chew on
Parts of some caravans, for short
Stretch for relaxation
Traditional drink with sedative and euphoriant properties
Listen up!
Traditional symbols of royalty
Participate in a speed round?
Where writing is believed to have been invented
Chinese e-commerce giant
Many editorial workstations
School sounds
Stilted performance, perhaps?
Tries to smack
Tic ___ (mints)
Suits and such
In on
King or queen
Was high on
Words of explanation
Check words
Persian word from which ‘chess’ comes
Deal preceder
Landmark 1970s Supreme Court case, informally
4 real?!?
Org. concerned with traffic
Check the root of the word
Charge too heavily…
…and this is a measure of the current charge
A talent for the present
Reduce the volume frequently after the start of the show
A regular beating to make a mark on the skin
Comfortable seats Virginia put in rows
The pigment of various tribes
Gun traps turned round
Having no fear of one getting printed wrongly
Puritans involving the chief in periods of fighting
A trial for an international match
One whose performances are on a sliding scale
Spot for a large breakwater
Get back for example in wet weather
The intention is to protest
Fits gear into different vessels
One has a certain amount of immunity
Establishments that provide a fine meal
Directing the guns, as the instructor is doing
Trifling point to the clue
A private servant for the club fellow
Species belonging to terrapins or tortoises
A quarter of each urban way
Cavalry unit
In good time
Beginning with letters, after which racing away?
Dictator loses a point at regimental HQ
Send timing device back
Mischievous creature only partly self-centred
Not complete layer on Greek temple
Strong leader gets the best of an irresistibly funny affair
The deepest the majority have
Obviously no contest for animals
The girl to court?
Route taken outside the bounds of decorum
At home obtained mass of metal
Information given to reporters causes printing employee to strike
Where addition is taught?
The dump could be shown up to be mine
Its state is unregenerate and paying its debt costs life
Maybe a roosting place made with broken cane
Peter catches doctor engaged in wickedness
Dont take the examination lying down, and so pass?
Freed to make a postponement
Frank speaking in simple style
Attack while filming?
Disappear with his change under vehicle
Engine taking doctor to hill
American online news and social networking service co-founded by Jack Dorsey in 2006
1989 novel by E L Doctorow
1977 and 1978 Prix de lArc de Triomphe winner ridden by Lester Piggott
Longest river in Great Britain
Lion in the The Chronicles of Narnia heptalogy by C S Lewis
The , Scottish group whose albums include 1989s Hats and 2004s High
Formerly, a daughter of a king of Spain or Portugal who was not heir to the throne
Actor who starred as Soames Forsyte in 1967 BBC TV drama series The Forsyte Saga
Member of a body of lancers first employed in the Polish army
See 15
Father of Ajax and Teucer in Greek mythology
The , Test cricket series between England and Australia
See 9 Down
Pioneer mail courier and banking service that operated in the western US from the mid-19th century
1965-77 BBC TV childrens programme that featured characters Zebedee and Dougal
1998 comedy-drama film starring Drew Barrymore and Anjelica Huston
See 13 Across
1985 film comedy starring Eileen Brennan and Tim Curry
1980 studio album by The Jam featuring song Thats Entertainment
See 3
See 4
See 7 Across
Substance formed when iron compounds corrode in the presence of water and oxygen
Anthony , prime minister from 1955-57
Flesh of a cow when killed for food
Shrove Tuesday food
Kids magazine
Take into custody
Mend with stitches
Not connected to the internet
Mix a liquid
Amount bet
Very cold period
New member
Landing pier
Communication sent
Branch of maths
Pavement edge
Sixty minutes of time
Married woman
Once more
Small quantity or number
Burning, ablaze
False teeth
Fencing sword
Swinging barrier
This place
A shade naive
Shrink as key wore out
Gladstones son
Beer taken on, on ones own
Arise awkwardly at sign
Field of pleasure
Catch in one trap
Bother at a party
Man of knowledge
Former pupil to yearn to get into shape
Cure using shade
Made off with dairy product
Cat takes to a new plant
Animal in glasses
Prisoner to fall behind
Mother has time for rug
Delighted with name
Energy cant improve play
Witches attempt to leave Midlands city
Fired with fury
Overdue, having time for coffee
Melody right for radio
Look for German weapon
Unusual not to be well done
Chief rioted unexpectedly
Alans mad about the organ
Cool about new bit of intestine
Honest about quantity
Frail for a few days, say
Endlessly regretting destruction
Teaching mother to follow pet
Are back for a long time
Objection to returning tub
Procure from strange tradesman
Produce island broadcast
Id moan about internet address
Count as substance
Fruit thats round, as it happens
Representative time with book
Initially missing?
Group ready to get caught
Race around some land
A great deal of flotsam
Zodiac Ram
Type of cheese
Salad ingredient
Floor covering
Mans name
Make law
Witches group
Milky drink
Radio receiver
Quick look
Seldom seen
Newspaper boss
Of the nose
Punctuation mark
Small fruit
Unlawfully absent
Religious group
Unit of land
Auction item
Did in a dragon
Chimney dirt
Light rings
Italian dough, formerly
Inuits abode
365 days
Salad leaves
Spiral mollusk
Evil one
Ms. Duncan
Golf rental
Actor Carney
Oahu wreath
Malicious person
Multiplied by two
Grayish brown
Mete out
Type of nut
Blue bloods
City auto
Coffee break
Cut of meat
Feudal bigwig
House wing
Flirt with
Ships position
Channel control
Certain poems
Clarinets kin
Got along
Of the nose
Broad smiles
Plant fluid
Have a cigar
Venomous snakes
Great review
Former mates
____ Waited So Long
Baskers desire
Vitamin C fruit
Potassium-rich fruit
Small songbird
In attendance
Country found in 4-Down
Have debts
Fishing boat
Fruity-smelling chemical compounds
Picks up
Continent, abbr.
Rodent with a fruit, e.g.
___ and done
Some like __ hot
Barbers Adagio for Strings is in it
Hits with a charge
Kerry Washingtons Scandal role
Jukebox opening
Villa-studded Italian lake
Salon boards
One taking things literally?
Part of a football game-ending tradition
Rear attachment
Worked together
Nailed, test-wise
Rabbit ears antennae, e.g.
Pixie and flip
Wheat whackers
Washington team
Goat-man of myth
Rocks below bridges?
Cabinet member under Dubya
See 43-Across
Clown Prince of Hip-hop Biz __
Boards around the house
Rocky Mountain rodents
With 39-Across, Listen up, lads
Ones sniffing out trouble
Reactor meltdown site
Old cooking show with a Creole theme
Gotta split!
Unthinking, as a mistake
Spanish steps?
Fruity refreshments
Staved off
Larger, as a sum
Like gnus
Draft choices
__ de guerre
Macbeth and Otello
Puts down new roots
Standard deviation measures
Baseball family name
Salon stuff
Retailer specializing in youth fashion
Impromptu competition
Golfers yardage book data
Bar food
Theres no doubt about this
River to the Black Sea
Why, sure!
Conventional writing method
Little House antagonist Nellie __
Digital camera insert, briefly
Steve of Foxcatcher
Like wetlands
Alumni newsletter word
Nasty cut
Office notes
Night twinkler
Singing voice
Highly skilled
Name word
Greek god of love
____ Cardin of fashion
Love, Italian-style
Baking places
Flax product
Was sore
Foot digit
____ metal
Sty sound
Always, poetically
Tiny amount
Coastal birds
Comic ____ Martin
Second largest ocean
Droughts lack
Seouls country
Negative contraction
Not active
Stir up
Wooden pins
From Oslo
Bullring shouts
Group of crooks
Sunburn remedy
French title
Magazine VIP
Parking timer
Make a selection
Garment part
Like heavy rains
Squirrels treat
Thorny blooms
Surprise attack
Charged atoms
____ Fitzgerald of jazz
Neck area
Farm unit
Reducing in length
Danson or Koppel
Naughty child
Elbow location
Squeaks by
Mamas boy
Play personnel
Songstress ____ Turner
Diner patrons
More unusual
Roman emperor
Peacocks pride
____ of Man
Mediocre grades
Yoko ____
Ancestors lost English refrains
Examined for teaching qualification
Jailbird cunning to return mob loot
Regretted being offensive in speech
Porpoise goes ha when excited
Toy containing chip with unknown amount of data
One arranging music speaker, picking up right-hand box
Uncouth fellow bet on golfer to get Masters win finally
Lady in US presidential scandal, reported by name
Historical building was leaning
Natural aptitude on the fiddle
Fall ill by regressing into fear for livelihood
Mostly accurate summary
Canine upended shopfront then urinated as parting statement
Method of estimating distance travelled round sports arena before touchdown
Tough, except with children
Sealing cracks in air-conditioning, result is soothing
Person avoiding work is less tense
Told to sell bicycle
Boa devouring tail, or so our representation shows
Incidents suppressed by eleven Tsars
Doctor is rich but arrogant
Legless giant getting stared at
Rip dead hedging off tree
Limb wrapped in limb – its heating up!
One who watches over you, missing nothing unusual
To hell with Britain: rejected honour
Strong wines lifted mood
Royal residence
Zodiac sign
Female sheep
Symbol of surrender
Stopover place
Waste container
Free from restraint
Chat (Informal)
Inquire deeply
Small snacks
Canal boat
Cut of beef
As one
Baked product
Porridge ingredient combined with milk or water
Director whose films include Taxi Driver, Raging Bull and Goodfellas
Number one single that was the final Atomic Kitten single to feature founding member Kerry Katona
Silvio ___, long jumper whose silver medal in 1928 remains the best result of a Haitian at the Olympics
London Underground station on the Circle and District lines between Embankment and Blackfriars
State of Germany whose capital is Kiel
1858 book by Frederic W Farrar subtitled Little by Little
1996 Walter Hill film, starring Bruce Willis, Christopher Walken and Bruce Dern, based on Akira Kurosawas Yojimbo
1894 novel by George du Maurier that gave its name to a hat
Region of Zimbabwe, between the Rivers Limpopo and Zambezi, whose chief town is Bulawayo
Director of the films A Streetcar Named Desire, On the Waterfront and East of Eden
Faint constellation between Ursa Major and Cepheus, also called the Dragon
Smokey ___, singer, songwriter and record producer whose real first name is William
1972 hit single for Australian rock band Python Lee Jackson featuring vocals by Rod Stewart
Group whose albums include Dirk Wears White Sox and Kings Of The Wild Frontier
Terry ___, former England football manager nicknamed El Tel
See 25
See 52
See 55
John ___, British broadcaster who read the first BBC television news bulletin in 1954
Novel by Ernest Hemingway set during the Italian campaign of World War I
In the Old Testament, the second son of Adam and Eve
English author, best known for his Jennings series of childrens books
American inventor and industrialist who made mass-production of the revolver commercially viable
Song from the 2001 film Kate & Leopold, written and sung by Sting, that won a Golden Globe
The Boomtown Rats fourth album, including the singles Banana Republic and The Elephants Graveyard
1975 film directed by Terry Gilliam and Terry Jones
A drug that relieves pain
One of Alexandre Dumas Three Musketeers, along with Porthos and Aramis
Theory that increases in population tend to exceed increases in the means of subsistence and that therefore the population should be limited
City in Orange County, California, that is the site of Disneyland
See 54
Omnivorous mammal of the genus Procyon
The part of the alimentary canal between the stomach and the anus
Russian skater who was the 1988 and 1994 Olympic Pairs Champion with partner and wife Ekaterina Gordeeva
A continuously reiterated musical phrase
A wine steward in a restaurant or hotel
Italian dish of veal lined or topped with prosciutto and sage
Former BBC Weather forecaster who graduated from Reading University with a MSc in Applied Meteorology in 1999
Tube by which bilaterian animals transfer food to the digestive organs
An extensive grassy treeless plain, especially in South America
German city that is the leading administrative centre of the Ruhr
Mediterranean umbelliferous plant with liquorice-flavoured seeds
Radio, TV and film series of crime dramas about LAPD detective Sergeant Joe Friday and his partners
Organisation concerned with the preservation of historic buildings and monuments and areas of great beauty, founded in 1895
A 1968 Top 10 hit for Don Partridge
French city that was formerly the capital of the Duchy of Lorraine
Actor and director whose films include Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and The Sting
Trinidadian all-rounder who made his Test debut for the West Indies against England in 2004
Walt Disneys middle name
A common name for the drug phencyclidine (PCP)
Song from the 1925 musical No, No, Nanette, with music by Vincent Youmans and lyrics by Irving Caesar
Protective outer garments made of a cotton fabric treated with oil and pigment to make them waterproof
A measure of processing speed, consisting of a thousand billion floating-point operations a second
Comparatively short narrative poems such as Hermes by Philitas or Ovids Metamorphoses
The large Australian flightless bird Dromaius novaehollandiae
Play by Thornton Wilder set in the fictional community of Grovers Corners
Market town in Scotland on the River Lossie that is the administrative centre of Moray
American TV series set in the 1960s, initially at the fictional Sterling Cooper advertising agency
Copier part
Sanford of The Jeffersons
Sweatshirt variety
The Raven maiden
Off-roader (Abbr.)
Burn with steam
Khan title
Moonstruck star
— -la-la
War god
Praying singer
TV actor Prinze
Business mag
Dagwoods lady
Chic again
Neither mate
Actress de Matteo
— -de-France
Red Square figure
Last (Abbr.)
Sister of Moses
Restaurant fan
Sports venues
Not as small
Admin. aides
Plant firmly
Pay stub abbr.
Floral rings
Chess piece
On the train
Composer Prokofiev
Crude cabin
Rental contract
Canine cry
Bonns river
Threw in
Corn serving
Movie houses
Hat edges
Nabokov novel
Puccini works
Very long time
Counted (on)
Western flick
Sentrys weapon
Cannes milk
Linguist Chomsky
Check-cashing needs
Swirly prints
Lucys brother
Scrooge, for one
Biscotti flavor
Quick taste
Mess up
Chess piece
Asian entertainer
Battery unit
Spade, for one
Driving sport
Band blaster
Siss sib
Fare carrier
Pageant topper
More reasonable
Thatcher creations
Informal talk
Straightened up
Place for some blackbirds
Weavers creation
Poet Khayyám
Sewing aid
Foundation author
Lot action
Lott from Mississippi
Now you listen!
Indy auto
Drop in
Arm art
Game piece
City on the Rio Grande
Llamas cousin
Pencil part
Crocs cousin
Reviewer Roger
Night fliers
Game caller
Dieters no-no
Cribbage marker
Vaulted alcove
Part of Q.E.D.
Belgian songwriter Jacques
Venetian boat song
Folk singer Mitchell
Anxiety or discomfort
Calculator figure
Home for Heidi
Golfer Sandy
__ Aviv
In view
Spanish gold
Deceptively plausible
Western writer Zane
Kind of monkey
French film director Chabrol
New Look designer
East African capital
Seed covering
__ the picture!
Region south of the Sahara
Actor Alda
Traditional knowledge
Fall, e.g.
Lowly workers
Perrys creator
Guys partners
Given up
Actress Berger
Adam Bede author
Magnetic induction unit
Succulent plant
Affaire dhonneur
Choice foods
Irish county
Greek goddess of youth
Language of Pakistan
Bryologists interest
Veer out of control
Player of an old instrument
Belgrade inhabitant
Below, for Byron
Rough and husky
__ de Lune
Slow movement
Arab boat
Letter opener
Eight in Essen
Boxer Max
Join forces
Very pale
Walk with long steps
Relating to sight
Puzzling questions
Salt solution
Chinas Great Helmsman
Red Indian style haircut
Card game for four players
Speeded up
Toy bear
Road-surfacing material
Freedom from guilt
Religious festival in spring
Narcotic derived from poppies
Musical speed
Cheese might be said to produce this
Pre-date form – thats bureaucracy
Little Toms digit
Intend to be average
A game babes play with everyone
Divine drink that may produce trance
Goddess making hen eat
Bells heard in battle?
Point to small pudding or potato
Material, by the sound of it, moved to fro
Bugs in religious groups?
Bad arts seldom produced by great painters
Italian city partly up a dual carriageway
The shape of a cricket ground
A poser about musical dramas
Regales again and withdraws
Feathers or fruit seen on time
Walks seamen drop off?
Nonsense makes a Norse god run
Reverie lasting 24 hours?
Hide at one time in California
Blacksmiths blocks needed about five new nails
Choices of tools
Man, for example, Ill hear
A gathering of the fathers in Trent, for example
A job for a detective following 6 down briefly with cuckoo
A medical condition got up someones nose perhaps in nation state
A wake-up call for team sacrificed by Alma Mater
Amongst headbangers in bar
Behind the counter at the banks or in the public house
Bit of breakfast undercooked served up with crackers
Bitter – British type of beer mostly filled to the brim
Blew out by that man arresting paramilitaries starting the dynamiting
Brave getting off river boat in violent disorder
Confirmation of mass meeting
Could be the means to a marriage of convenience for those joining union in the presence of the Father of the Chapel
Cut of endless fish taken home by fishermen around end of pier
Doctor tries to have a look at the paper again
Drunk beer from Switzerland that will blow your head off if its loaded
Eased off headwaiters with spirit
Eastern warrior reflects spirit in revolutionary Asia
Get lost in Tibet? A mistake!
Gorilla throws away log from the animal house
Guard, engineer, nurse, butcher?
Have the nerve to read novel
Horrified dropping hi-fi system
King Lear loses ring in the cabbage patch perhaps
Local criminal isnt finished putting pressure on American city creating excitement
Most of the Irishmen in new craft coming off the motorway perhaps
One of the family characters in background admonished
One serial adaptation of Living in the Middle East
Orchestra to open with church cover, for the most part, by one of The Hothouse Flowers
Part of the Felixstowe beach synonymous with surfing
Pointed the finger at copper involved in new case leading to detention
Secure a demonstration within study
Snob blended amidst characters with dope
Some gorgeous lavender found in The Balkans
Test try?
To divert assets from workers home is not on
Turns up, Ireland has a gent with no heart in charge of The House
Visible landmark overlooking The Abbey, the Pro-Cathedral and The Spire
What court entertainer is capable of coming back in state carriage
Allowed to enter or owned up
Battle and London Square
Black and white animals
Concede, give in
Control, restriction, curtailment
Curt, terse
Day named after a goddess
Deface or break
Dish made with durum wheat dough
Evil, malevolent
Fluid to protect an embryo
Give a value to something
Go on
Goat with silky hair
Group of states under the control one authority
Helical shape
Immediately following
Large predatory feline
Long, narrow ranges of hilltops
Minor actor in crowd scenes
Perform surgery
Pleasant heat
Postscripts, supplements
Recipients of medical care
Request the return of a defective product
Second Greek letter
Small harpsichord
Small marks or flaws
Spicy pepper sauce
Standard of perfection
Those with the same status, rights, etc.
Tracks, paths
Unit of time
Widespread decline in trade
Former gold coin
Lack of confidence; anxiety
Correct; respectable
Recall past events
Keen on possessions
Existing forever
Divider of joined buildings
Drinking lots of alcohol
Keep silent
Annual marking of Thames birds
Saying of a prayer on another’s behalf
Indian dish of yogurt and cucumber
State of uncertainty about the future
Matter settling out in fluids
Violent robbers
Unit of heat
Relating to a two-hundredth anniversary
Remove bends from
Coarse type of grass
Individual delivery of a dramatic role
Undercover operation; wound
In solitary confinement
Surgical procedure
Agreement; colony
Ballroom dance
Grow less light
Remembrance (of things past)
Mortise counterpart
Pancreatic hormone
Shy embarrassment
Country bordering Nigeria
Irritable, peevish
Put at risk
Heavenly phenomenon
Dried petal mix
Unsteady, unstable
Manchester musical institution
Son of Prometheus connected with Greek flood myth
Member of criminal group
Simulated holiness
Attributable (to)
Entertain or celebrate lavishly
(Of a garment) very close-fitting
Resounding, ringing
Death through sudden discharge
Very clever move
Serving as a sign
Kind of free composition
Very unpleasant
Course of treatment
Severe suffering
Building put up against another
Holy person
Barely adequate
Skill; cunning
Intentional; think carefully
Hearing membrane
Water nymph
Strange, bizarre
Dine at home
Of low rank
Deep resonant sound
Melvyn —; Billy —
Police trainee
British Overseas Territory
Athletic event
Immature insect form
Act or speak awkwardly
Form of poem
Type of washing machine
Disliking foreigners
Stupid person
Wander aimlessly
Start (a cigarette)
Fall headlong
Greek island
Take (power) by force or illegally
Very bad — being sanctioned, losing head
Caught in withdrawal with English soldiers — time for agitation
Think about new name for herb
Only crag around that’s home to fine raptor
Remarkably ungodly Titans must be destroyed
Press function that’s very crowded
Tangle of limbs — frogs slip, now shedding skins
Woodworker hasn’t to criticise log
Influence of Austen novel not working? See “Sense” rewritten
Spotted millions too much under control
Make new assessment concerning girl dead after eating uranium
After stone’s removed, red guy perhaps is infectious
Importance of manservant being reduced outside upper-class
Wizard’s more angry about church resistance
Battle’s appeal perhaps is a test of strength
Generosity of Ayrshire town about English home Counties
Keeping French company in hand with a big Spanish house
Show contempt for society and banal sentimentality
Magnanimous in one’s real nature, beset by selfish desire
Energy in river gets less after its start, characteristic of the plain
Former role in Goethe, hard for female to get everything out of
Making up earlier public relations lie about ecstasy
Husband’s in French resort area with specialised group
Horseman heard to pine from day to day?
Some wire electrician put in again
Elegant literature allowed in ghastly best seller?
It went with the need to recompose at the end of a score
Youthful bachelor, rather bashful, avoiding clubs
Barbican may defend this sketch by English composer
One who travels up Amazon, say, but velocity’s small
Gold rush in the air for part of the summer
Bank employee follows mint guide to future developments
Pull out a lot of pages
Excellent rate when moving waste
Shout about arranged coalition bringing parties together
Worried nearly all fish escaped into surrounding area
Sailor losing pounds eating unknown biscuit
Ordering of ten omelets is annoying
Demanding information during flight?
Almost one hundred and fifty in boat’s cabaret
Killer beheaded hen
Insane commuter upset out of all proportion
Announcement broadcast about gallery being given millions
Note: habitual drunkard chap is known to a few
Eats last of meals outside back in gloom
Composer with work mounted in Tuesday’s programme
Naively unsure, but not about small muscle smarting
What will support some flyers showing signs of ageing
Everyone initially pursuing beer in pins in contract wording?
Unity keeps a number in good condition
Teenage drugs circulating in one group
Hold up a reptile — one giving birth?
Properly European count seen around this in Rome?
Driver having to go round old noisy drinker
Having no home, the first two thrown out will be idle
Obtain returns in main train
And expensive in Paris for one who’s eating out
Nick? He died an important person
Cast line after tench, missing those in the middle
County town demolishing church compound
Force member to rip off firm
Sommelier eschewing one non-alcoholic drink
Foolish master quits in a manner of speaking
Old lady and tiny kids perhaps mentioned underwear
Big cat’s back so fluffy, but not the tail
Decorate without being clumsy
I slipped over having run on track
Solid artefacts round cathedral mostly broken
Girl with old male expert dispensing tips for global dating status?
John, wanting a single, is available
Young, shallow, vacuous Arabian country reporter
Athlete, once in US, New Orleans sent back
Chris, compared to Saviour, is thus eternal
About to come in on air, playing instrument
Prepare for something unpleasant — heavy metal?
Joint talk pompously put on my page
Head cook touring India
Clearly defines island, now for development
Berate beastly male following an offensive four-letter word
Help air surrounding earth in atmospheric enhancement
Labour baron sacked after powerless ‘Iran Empathy’ broadcast
Inferior small bore going around
Weight of news in digital form?
Rebel worker buried under refuse
Squeaky-clean, thanks, committing no crimes when on the outside
Stew over author regularly in a difficult situation
Fool about with musical in hedonistic existence
Scandinavian, not the first to hold golf club
Turn and streak for an audience
Time to enter gorge, say
S/he made (it), often seen on items of art
Chains: catenae
Cantor, filius Calliopes et Eurydices coniunx
Deus qui a Rip Van Winklio laudatur
____ volente: DV, God willing
Nos argentum ____: we snatch the cash
Titter ye not’, Frankie Howerd saepe (ne + pres. subj.)
I’m going to show and tell (dep.): Cicero dixit ‘testificabor
Vivamus in hac expectione: let’s live in ____
Works: praesertim nunc illa in quibus obesae cantant
Suddenly a hawful ‘message’ harrives, Cat. 84.10
Cachinnans in horto ____: she stood in the garden giggling
You may go in (more polite than imperative, get in!)
Leafy, a common gender pres. ppl. acting as an adj.
I desire (more emotionally charged than ‘volo’)
He shakes fearfully, quomodo puer canem ferocem videns
Law (3rd n.) and, occasionally in comedy, a soup
Little things grab little minds: parva leves ‘prendunt’ animos, Ovid Ars Am. 1.159
A breeze (1st f.) or golden things (2nd n.)
They were gazing (at something)
Non ____ tibi: it’s not unknown to you, a dative const. and litotes, you know full well
Climbed (m. perf. ppl.) or a climb (4th)
To trust or believe (with dative)
To know: intellegere et noscere (novisse)
____ Londiniensis cadit, cadit, mea matrona pulchra
For a bird (3rd f.) belonging to Grampy (2nd m.)
Ancient visitors in an A&E series
What a surprise!
Add GPS to a Model T, e.g
Aid in getting a grip
Amphibian expression
Angstrom-diameter thing
Brief hitch
Bumpers extension
Cant catch a break
Certain surname sharer
Code covering continental shelves
Cornucopia contents
Data since the FDR era
Designation in IRS forms
Determine a going rate
Digital wallet no
Drive-thru directive
Enthusiastic RSVP
EuroBonus carrier
Expert posers
Expressions of arguments
First Maria in The Sound of Music
First with regular inflight films
Flopped, funds-wise
Galsworthys universal refreshment
Heartfelt feeling
Ironclad designation
John Glenn, in WWII
Key combo starter
Make cutbacks in
Mannered comeback
Membre du clergé
Military band
Mystery venue on wheels
Name from the Latin for woman in charge
Naval power since ancient times
OCasey contemporary
Olympian dubbed Lightning
Ox tail
Part of an office stack
Playwright admired by Voltaire
Quasi-Italian intensifier
Real poser
Refuse backup
Ride for quite a while
Single-use coffee containers
Something lacking freshness
South and Western Australia
Southeast Asian shish kebab
Spring-arrival celebration
Stage __
Tennis pro who became a clothier
They keep track records: Abbr
Use for the first time
Virginia delegate in 1776
What a Persian cats face resembles
What can be seen from Syracuse
What fills some shoes
What surrounders
When live NHL, NFL, MLB and NBA games might be watched
Where to rise above it all
Withdrawal from a deposit
Wooden platforms
__ courtesy
__ patch jogger (type of trousers)
Smoothing tool
Spanish appetizers
This guy walks into ___ …
Cupid, to the Greeks
A Passage to India woman
Point of intersection
Fashion arbiter
Task list heading
Chipped in chips
Number cruncher?
Capitol Hill probe
Modern prefix with -flake
Selmas state: Abbr.
Frosts a cupcake
Like an aloha shirt
Letters in a return address?
Summer hrs. in D.C.
Rifle attachment
Back in time
Baja resort, informally
Chinese leader?
In ___ fell swoop
Tempeh protein
Appreciate life at leisure, metaphorically
Dostoyevsky classic
Gulf of Bahrain nation
Do the Mannequin Challenge, say
Book after Joel
Was a prelude (to)
December 31 and others
Shelter with a flap
Peephole users
Former Speaker Gingrich
Greek cheese
Persia, now
Aimless person
Cosmetician Lauder
Flat hat
Toothpaste box org.
Black tea
First Hebrew letter
Ranees wrap
Of a polar region
Layette shoe
Corporate shuffle, for short
Giant author Ferber
She met the Mad Hatter
Starchy luau tuber
Crunchy lunch acronym
Ova by the pond?
Least safe
Place to buy a mud mask
Budget, in brand names
Frankensteins assistant
Certain kitchen appliance
Big Little Lies airer
English ___ spaniel
Words after Hi, honey
The Commuter star Liam
Law firm figs.
VIP often toasted with green beer
Property deed
Mumbo jumbo
Chopin composition
Down the hatch
All over again
Catch ones breath
Aggressive dog
Some PCs or printers
A large bee surprisingly pleasant
Adolescent brewed green tea
Band helper
Bird getting into your head
Blasphemy from goatherd
City score without ball
Come into being
Developed in accepting reward
Dote on
Emerge in sari — sensational!
Evergreen tree
Flightless avian
Footballer one hoping to retain title
Get expert round buzzing hive
Golf supporter has drink reportedly
Golfers peg
Harry the hubby?
Increased in size
Irish girl has boy put out
Largest Canary island
Leave out cover in employees case
Love makes an entrance we hear
Lug one about in passenger area
Maybe mud found in English pie section
Mostly hard wood
Move Whistlers new painting back
North London borough
Opinion of Aslan too?
Pub clear in Herts town
Radio broadcast key for crew member
Second taxi returning with King and Queen
Skip over
Slope or lean
Solemn vow
Some sweetener I fetched in holiday location
Start to feel stiff and cold
The Iliads locale
Weather in Poivres is temperate
What library promotes in Berkshire town?
$5 bill, slangily
Anna Karenina author Tolstoy
Having fun ___?
___ gratia artis (MGM motto)
___ we there yet?
Address Congress, say
Ancient Germanic letter
Arquette of CSI: Cyber
Beans in succotash
Become inedible
Cabinetmakers tool
Cake often made with little or no flour
Catch in a sting
Chancy way to fly
Change for a 1-Across
Childs retort to Aint!
Color similar to salmon
Container for oranges
Cookbook author Martha
Cooke who sang Chain Gang
Daiquiri fruit
Delight to the max
Dickens lad who asked for more
Did a 10K
Discoverer of Christmas Island
Disney dwarfs refrain
Dynasty after the Qin
False testimony
Firmly asserted, as rules
First, as a voyage
Flavor of some Coke
Frequently, to a bard
Generational divide
Greek alphabet ender
Griddle item in a stack
Guy of the Food Network
Has a hankering
Insect mentioned in High Hopes
Koi, for one
Korans language
Last part of a horse race
Like a challenging 10K course
Like a filibusterers voice, perhaps
Like pickle juice
Like the taste of venison
Magnetite or stannite
Many a power rock band
Match at a card table
Minuscule amount
Network for telly watchers
Off-road rides, briefly
One of a Monopoly pair
Part of DNA
Partner of desist
Periodontists deg
Pre-Easter buy
Prove ones fallibility
Recent ROTC grads
Runny French cheese
Sax lower than a tenor, for short
Series of related posts
Shapiro of NPR
Shooting marble
Sing with nonsense syllables
Single guys home
Sleep, informally
Steve, the Crocodile Hunter
Surveyors calculation
Take home the gold
Torontos prov
Treatment for minor burns
Turn informer against
Underworld bigwig
Vichyssoise or borscht
Volunteers offer
Where an old woman of rhyme lived
___ Hopkins University
___ mode (in fashion)
Providing double security
Farm vehicle
Hold firmly
Brewery product
London rail terminus
South African currency
Majors successor as PM
Experienced sailors?
Refrain from talking
Binary digit
Several (anag) Brexiteers
Play parts
Author of The Descent of Man
Killer of a king
Go on all fours
Distinguished divided
Prince of Darkness
Enjoying a winning streak
International agency no cues (anag)
Nautical map
Hamlet was one
Fluid in a plant
Contested republic between Albania and Serbia
Frédéric __, composer after whom Warsaw airport is named
Bob __, comedian after whom Burbank airport is named
See 21
Ava __, film star whose hits included Show Boat (1951)
Lorna __, Richard Blackmores romance of Exmoor
Václav __, politician after whom Prague airport is named
Pierre __, politician after whom Montreal airport is named
Ethiopian king after whom a holy town and its airport are named
Kenyan politician after whom Nairobi airport is named
The debut novel of Gustave Flaubert
See 22
The capital of Colombia
__ Martí, politician after whom Havana airport is named
J.R.R. __, author of The Hobbit
Iron Age people of eastern Britain
US corporation known for creating cameras that developed their own film
Conrad __, founder of a hotel dynasty
Latin name for the Day of Wrath in a requiem mass
Politician after whom Johannesburg airport is named
2009 film directed by James Cameron
The capital of Eritrea
Georgette __, author known for her Regency romances
Software platform owned by Oracle
Broad-minded European lot returning before tirade
Siblings nurse
Act firmly and increase speed
Colonel backing friend in the area
Lean and bony Gaul ran off
Copied, it made it complicated
Strange graduates dance
Severe redhead surrounded by mess
Writer of song words having upset Cyril first
Almost offend one originally naming hormone
Copper left in the Kent area with a royal, not religious
The woman, loud, beside pitch ” a French one with man from football club
Were told feebly once every seven days
Fool heard beside river with garments
Helpful hint given to Penny with the French drink
A Celt more disorganized ” hes not punctual
Lock for jewellery item the French initially tried
A street in New York, unpleasant
Green, it ruined number
Person offensive online initially taking register
Call man about a bypass
Drink, new, given to the German with perforated vessel
Gifted volunteers ” two men
I meet lots rearranging Christmas decoration
Cutting tool needed for tea at home was picked up
Useful, he left quietly, almost packed
Seed companies head
Art turning up with the German dealer
Small girl holding one utensil
Southeast man having carried chair