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Crosswords Buzz Answers 2019-1-14

Mend a ripped seam for example
How current fashionistas look
Zooeys role on the sitcom New Girl
Disney on ___ (entertainment featuring skating)
Submarine sandwich
Worlds fair for short
With 21-Across 2001 Wes Anderson film starring Gene Hackman: 2 wds.
Start to melt after leaving the freezer
Sierra Mist for one
Corn Belt state north of Missouri
See 15-Across
Number before tres in Spanish
Singer who had the 2014 #1 album 1000 Forms of Fear
Maker of disinfectant sprays and wipes
Grab a bite
Freighters load
___ many cooks spoil the broth
Ringo of the Beatles
Enormously long time
Brand of fuel additive
2018 Wes Anderson film featuring stop-motion animation: 3 wds.
Fruit with green flesh and brown skin
Bugs that might invade a sugar bowl
Actor Kinnear who joined the House of Cards cast in 2018
1998 Wes Anderson film starring Bill Murray
Ball or skein in a knitting basket
Practice your jab and uppercut for example
Run out of power like a battery
Very untidy place
Gets darker at the beach
Roll of grass that a landscaper uses in a lawn
Uses a throne or a sofa
Amazon brand of smart speakers
Unwanted plant
Actor John who was on TVs The Exorcist
Ho ___ (Lumineers hit)
Broadway lyricist Gershwin who collaborated with his brother George
Mary Poppins Returns actor Firth
Movable bridge between a plane and an airport terminal
Makes very tired
Resort with mud baths
Mama pig
Word that can go before fink or trap
More like an oval than a circle
Account associated with a mortgage
Peeples of Pretty Little Liars
Long-___ galoot (what Bugs Bunnys archenemy sometimes called him)
Not worth debating as a point
Food thats only fit for swine
I Love Lucy star Arnaz
Grains in a horses feed bag
Obsessed fans who might get slapped with restraining orders
Moo ___ gai pan (dish with stir-fried chicken and vegetables)
Oversees a kingdom
50 ___ Dates (Adam Sandler movie)
Lay Me Down singer Smith
Silently shows approval
Group thats the size of the Dixie Chicks
Its planted in a vegetable garden
Weightlifters hangout
2018 Emmy nominee Issa ___
Work ___ sweat: 2 wds.
Word that begins the names of many California cities
hungry tummy sounds
clothes cleaners
cuts off suddenly
at hand
Become narrower
Come to ___
Kindergarten fundamentals
Well, isn’t that something!
Genesis garden
Opening for a coin
Facial feature that can be eliminated by cosmetic surgery
Trigonometric ratio
For sure!
___ put it another way …
Rather, informally
Disney World attraction
Walk over
Easy win
___ good example
Increase, with ‘up
Friend of Archie and Betty in the comics
Little piggy
Fashion monthly founded in France
Congers and others
___ ed Euridice’ (Gluck opera)
The 20 in 20 Questions
Speak briefly
Where the belly button is
German auto import
Try to win through romance
Metropolitan ___
Gross’ title for this puzzle
Hit the tarmac, e.g
Skin problem
This, in Tijuana
Hangman’s loop
Having everything in its place
Natural salve
Flow out, as the tide
Insert a new cartridge
Marmalade ingredient
For one purpose only
Architect I. M. ___
Actress Miller or Blyth
Transfer (to)
Romantic setups
Weeklong vacation rental, maybe
Prepare, as mussels
Work, as dough
It helps to know where you’re going
Joint between the hip and ankle
Letter after theta
Capital of Italia
Professional work
Steady as ___ goes
Part in a movie
Filthy state
The Family Circus’ boy
Peter Fonda title character
Give off light, as a firefly
Suffix with lion or shepherd
Marriott rival
Seriously overcharges
Pakistani language
Incandescent lamp inventor
Old, as bread
Surrounding lights
There ___ a dry eye in the house
Tippler’s favorite radio station?
Bills exchanged for a five
Menacing fairy tale figure
Tiny amount to apply
Rink surface
A couple
Jack, perhaps, may carry a friend
Search thoroughly for a firm doctor
Issue of Time is out
A strike in the town is a disaster
Flier has a plan which includes one
Carry on confusing Susan with it
Mole I get roots about – he predicts it may rain
With a mathematical ability, fiery Trueman has a point
Disregard love with German
Silly, aimless girl
Sailor with a poem about a house
Boy with a scar
Mollified top journalist after fit of anger
It may rise or fall – depending on the times
Hoe plot vigorously and create a depression
One may be driven to eat here
GI and Maori engaged, oddly, in Japanese art
Weapon made from a tree on Employment Training
How to make money in a monopoly situation?
The lowest type of dress for mother
Glass acrobat
Horrible, gross, overbearing she-devil!
Farewell to a bargain, we hear
Pin cut Dens lip
Aquatic animal
Mountain range
Conceited person
A measurer
Close inquiry
Feign illness
Understanding thats becoming popular
Middle Easterner – Gershwin, say – rasied IQ
Gives away?
Propose to men in a disturbed state
Fifty stick around, looking far from pleased
Its used to lift – or bring down
He ensures he has a nap standing up!
Apparently I want a lot in the same place
Light entertainment to repeat, perhaps
Its not a false description
Delias perfect form
As Samson was when shorn of his locks?
Demand for miners after a strike
Possibly altering a figure
Customs spurned by nudists
Put down some money
Craft losing many wise men
Impressive thing to wear
Take a turn in the air
Girl next door?
As a wine it comes up to a blend of china
A portion for each
The way things go?
Growing source of money?
South American republic; capital Santiago
The , 2007 novel by Robert Harris
Joe , author of stage plays What the Butler Saw and Entertaining Mr Sloane
Full-bodied golden-coloured sweet sherry
II, King of England from 978-1013 and 1014-16
Smallest quantity of an element that can take part in a chemical reaction
R S , England Test cricketer who hit 104 against West Indies in Bridgetown in 2009
See 21 Down
Katarina , 1988 Olympic figure skating gold medallist
Calvin , president of the US from 1923-29
State capital of North Carolina, US
Irwin , director of adventure films Five Weeks in a Balloon and Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Iain , late author of novels The Business and The Wasp Factory
One of a number of prophetesses in ancient Greece and Rome such as that of Cumae, who guided Aeneas through the underworld
2005 film comedy starring Will Smith in the title role
The , 1966 novel by Kristin Hunter
Thomas , author of 1843 poem The Song of the Shirt
British steamed suet pudding containing currants
Jacobean tragedy by Thomas Middleton published in 1657
Actor who starred as Bobby Gold in 1991 film drama Homicide
Capital of Sardinia
Another name for the kneecap
Pik , South Africa Minister of Foreign Affairs from 1977-94
Spotted trout named after a character in 1841 Charles Dickens novel Barnaby Rudge
See 6
Major religion
Assumed identity or character
Conforming to established views
Wanting too much
Unique or remarkable person
Norse god
Not one or the other
Of little importance, trivial
Wooden shoe
Very large snake
Stipulated condition
Garment worn in the kitchen
Vegetable type
Move in waves
Period of darkness
Close friend
Steamy smell I would pursue
Use a shroud, say
Agree with the head
Sprawl on glue, accidentally
Drive pins round
Inside, holding racket
In favour of dependant being bold
Grey ale drunk with enthusiasm
German has a French weapon
Remain and support
Gibbon said to have something small
Betting on a spring
Imagine being armed, possibly
Attempting to remove registered drawing
Missing clothes with some vinaigrette?
Sinners lost outside pub
Follow pet
Foreign character has a laugh with record
Nice landing, whirling at hoedown?
Show mode off
Run off to get receptacle
Refurbished with hair
Beam at fish
Raged about classification
Chucks slob out
Talk of argon, say
Plump for new top
Vote to sound like a horse
Help (oneself)
Signal assent
Living room
Miniature tree
Health farm
Partially attired
Canine mammal
Greek letter
Country and western steps
Public protest
Animal hair
Shaft of light
Type of element
Negative answer
Biblical book
Marco ____
Not hollow
Wheel part
Office clerk
Gauchos weapon
Most fleshy
Ornery tot
Pride animal
Public disclosure
Personal pronoun
Jotted reminder
Feel ill
Make like a horse
Brooks sound
Boxers do it
Yet, in verse
Wind direction
Furry rodents
Absorb knowledge
Earrings place
Prepare for print
Luxury spot
Bagel topper
Metered lines
Fatty liquid
Trig ratio
Unruly crowd
Street talk
Medicine portion
Cash register
Mosque priest
School ball
Roof beam
Masonry tool
Yangs opposite
Very cunning
Minimum pay
____ of Wight
New driver, often
Red shade
Cavalry soldier
January gem
Organic fertilizer
Steady look
Holiday log
Sooner than, to bards
Osaka cincher
Listen to
Like desert terrain
Lines of work
Monopoly purchases
Armed conflicts
Tilling tool
List of mistakes
More like the desert
Spa attraction
Loch ____ monster
Parks who wouldnt give up her bus seat
Jewel box item
Colored eye part
Cartel acronym
Prizefight venue
Brits Later!
Version to debug
Recall ability
Blew like Etna
Black as night, e.g.
Well-groomed guy
__ XING: crosswalk sign
Noteworthy period
Removes, as a cork
Nowhere close
Places to swim
Geeks cousin
Fodder storage site
Hauls with effort
Japanese warrior
Right back __! : Me, too!
Flashy promotion
Turn topsy-turvy
Water-testing digit
__ With the Wind
Map app path: Abbr.
Cantina condiment
One making a living in government, briefly
Small piano
Knockout drink, in old gangster movies
Puma rival
Australian gem
So last year
Cafeteria staffer
Heredity carrier
Some __ time : Not now
RR stops: Abbr.
Dressed like a judge
Mozart work
Arrange in advance
Like singing sans instruments
GoPro product
Judge __ : Stallone film
Sleep acronym
Lennons love
Red planet
Whos there? reply
In quick succession
Emphatic type: Abbr.
Fit to be tried
Puppys barks
Orangutan, e.g.
Swedes neighbors
Kissing at the mall, for short
Actor Cumming
__ rage: bodybuilders concern
H.S. juniors exam
Numerical prefix with -pus
Self-affirming retort
Bye Bye Bye band
Large political spending gps.
Rice noodle soup
Trumpet mufflers
Veggie in a pod
Sheer joy
Jeremy of The Avengers
Often-twisted joint
Washer cycle
Whirl on one foot
Hunter constellation
Plumbers problems
Air quality concern
Frostys corncob accessory
Autocorrect target
Budgetary excess
Give or take suffix … that can be added to the end of 18-, 23-, 51- and 60-Across to form a sort of set
Islamic nation
Complexion woe
Shoppers delight
Slugger Hank ____
For both sexes
Available to anyone
Honest ____ Lincoln
Initial stake
Movie house
Plenty (2 wds.)
Viennas country
Snooty person
Contradictive contraction
Fork prong
Sycamore or oak
Laundry appliance
Emotional stress
Sun-dried brick
Genesis woman
Urgent request
Like summertime tea
Puts on
Hearty soups
Industrious insects
Author ____ Asimov
Synagogue figure
Comic Tim ____
Born as
Finnish baths
Is unable
In ____ (late with payment)
Future fish
Printers measures
Land unit
Circular current
Washington, DC time zone
____ Bunny
Horse feed
Having rows
Ships rears
Innings number
Single time
Broadway hit
Between continents
Film legend ____ Hayworth
Former (hyph.)
Ran across
Honeydew, e.g.
Turn aside
Art ____ (20s movement)
Flower plots
Tax inits.
King ____
School gp.
Lions with puma savaged musician
Low born idiot
Old and excellent letter to Greeks
Drug agent is attracting suspicion in plant
Eros Ltd corrupted senior citizen
Sceptics position at border saving lives
Writer producing horror working alone with large pad
Might one look for cheap timepiece?
Boost to follow express delivery?
Uncomfortable week in a hospital room
Busy time for law breaker after lip given in church
Perfume discovered in Emilia-Romagna
Vibrators given benefit though losing charge
Shot in cricket match for decisive run?
Concert lover spurning first impresario
Drastically affect completed objective
Disorganised broadcast on genius news boss
Masculine one left to bed Greek bastard
North country area includes very serene place
Restrained element breaks away
Case for Shakespeare with identical opening word?
Man somewhere in New Zealand or town in Durham?
Crudely darn beige twill
Alumnus from brilliant university seen in crowd
Interest in a time zone
Cleans up under chickens, wasting two hours
Scandinavian right to entertain new ballerina?
Garlic sauce Danilo Alvim had regularly
Medieval weapon
Bird of prey
Australian island state
Wholesale store
Operatic song
Unit of length
Writer, scholar
Underground storey
Professional cook
Garden tool
Additional runs
Asian cookery ingredient
Crockery item
Seaside structure
TV or radio series
Sheeps coat of wool
Not at home
Snooker stick
Actress Farrow
Blue Bloods network
Fireplace residue
WWII sub
2001 computer
William and Kates daughter
Lawyers org.
Catos 502
Noahs landfall
Garr of Tootsie
Berliners cry
Hog haven
Quartet doubled
Ellas style
iPhone voice
King of Judea
Right angle
Ive Got — in Kalamazoo
Sneaky sort
Secret matters
Candle count
Violin piece
Bird (Pref.)
Somewhat (Suff.)
Caught ya!
Dutch exports
Woodwind players
Really annoy
Sound system
Donors beneficiaries
Rum cake
Venetian-blind part
Vitamin stat
Story lines
Caesars Behold!
Evergreen tree
Perrys creator
Cash drawer
Forum wear
In the direction of
Does the mambo
Blade actor Snipes
Christine of Chicago Hope
Alias abbr.
Now, in a memo
Sitar music
Ger. neighbor
Mahal preceder
Gardner of film
Pen tip
Mailing need
Pub game
Bring to bear
Protractor measure
Brown tint
Move carefully
Tofu source
Winter weather phenomenon
Wrongful act
High-stepping aids
Cats poet T.S.
Get some shut-eye
Like some early space flights
Deceitful person
Old horse
Fuel from bogs
Fill with wonder
Ear parts
Miser Marner
Japanese cartoon films
Make suitable
First performance
Sauna site
Finger count
Bol. neighbor
Significant event
Cloth fold
Dry areas
Chopping tool
Workout count
Half of a sextet
Sinking signal
Soda choice
— go bragh!
Grinding item
Star Wars heroine
Eye drop
Violent weather
Game cube
Croutons place
Apollo 13 org.
In the thick of
Fancy party
Ray-gun sound
Feeding time need
Outback bird
Galileos birthplace
Heads of hair
Aint She Sweet? composer
Abba of Israel
Rockies resort
The Man Who Fell To Earth director
Jim Carrey film
Gandhi title
Ran out
Makeshift shed
If only!
Barley beard
Broad bean
Japanese shrine gateway
Arizona attraction
Film genre
The Taming of the Shrew locale
Tangle up
Take for granted
Asian language
Is indebted to
Be dejected
Author Calvino
Mountain on the Gulf of Salonika
Not so crazy
Like peas in __
Third son of Adam
Arrive at, as a solution
Spoiled child
Artificial language
Primitive fellow
Hereditary ruler
Cold weather wear
Billy Joels __ to Extremes
Spiral-horned sheep
Figure of speech
Parting words
La Chartreuse de __
Golfer Sam
Speak derisively
American evergreen
Reindeer herder
Desert streambed
Hokkaido people
Mother of Horus
Compulsive desire
Drove back
Mosque officials
Soeurs sibling
Moon of Mars
Fairly recent
Rum cocktail
Take care of
West Indies magic
It smells
Jazz singer Laine
Brass instrument
West Coast zone
Showing no expression
Large city in Illinois
Comply with orders
Zodiac sign
Once more
Dutch cheese
Lazy person
Breathe in
Trading ban
Transmission line
Complaint caught by the aged?
Are Europeans allowed to dance round them?
Tutor taking meal with singer and actress
Hes simply a nursery-rhyme character
Marijuana for the informer
Fierce woman in river
Old politician responsible for treble Poor Law reform
Boss putting blunder right
Dark sort of thing!
Transparency of a bit of playground equipment
Greed displayed by girl taking pudding
Score two less
But its work for the dramatist
Grey coat designed in class
Animal going round a shopping precinct
High-level conflict
Get Italian food over one
Drooping duck by Italian river – or African river
Its warbled in Los Angeles
A drink for a horse
The early shift may be tough
Overcoming punishment
Carriage seen in Portugal and Austria
Quick ships
Interrogate part of the cooker
Land in the water
Band loses the head after 26 across is disappointed with the foreign old standard
Come across place for right terminal
Does the boring work and finds the crude material? And thats lucky!
Engineering a bizarre rise is getting less difficult
Guarantee offers assurances to leaders husband
Haughty answer to diatribe about capitals rate of growth
Hot items from auction returned by workers heading off
Isolated without lost member of staff
Its a dour novel for those listening in
Its about one of the Turners the ophthalmologist has his eye on perhaps
Its fairly harmless whats in the First Amendment
Let go a hammer smoothly
Making a contribution secretively to the salty stew
Marco Polos got no morals to pen
Militarily pull a fast one on Trump?
No pilau pot dish for all the people
Nora is overwhelmed by parents with one view
Patriotism without the patois in Meath
Pound – one of the symbols of old European country?
Pre-election promise to charge Nick
Prepares to travel around afterwards with those from The Kitchen, helping the dishy types to dry out
Providing a terrible sample at the airport
Put down unfinished pasta
Relaxed, popular class for a student
Rival to nice little Italian lake outside Roman capital
Save hide disposing of something sticky
Turns up, soldier caught Lincoln taking cocaine for a muscular condition numbing the pain
Writers admit it is suitable for publication
Antagonist, opponent
At a higher level
Boat used to scoop out mud etc. from the bottom of a river
Casual top
Cut-off trousers
Divides in two
Expressed gratitude
Flexible, springy
For protection against the elements
Goal, objective
Hearing organs
Hellenic republic
Listens and pays attention
Long narrow furrow
Manana to the Spanish
Message received and understood
Musical notes equal to two quavers
Noisy toy and noisy snake
Notice or comment on
One with exceptional ability
Put a product through a series of stages
Relating to tiny particles
Required something essential
Requiring little effort
Robber at sea
Sample the flavour
Search for water with a rod
Set of performers
Small light boats
Thoughts, notions
Topics, ideas, motifs
Unit of speed at sea
Unscrupulous or disreputable person
Using needles and wool
Wrote ones name on
Capital of Greece
Unconscious response
Unable to pay one’s debts
Keepsake, souvenir
Syrup tree
Move slowly
Moving; in contact
Drinking vessels
Sacredly obscure
British admiral
Naked above the waist
Eagle’s nest
Tale to gain sympathy
Foul; standing
Confused mixture
Drive out
Cause of bad reaction
Weasel-like mammal
Zodiac sign
Extreme suffering
Perform extremely well
Metallic element
Great crime, yet minor, in some way
Time to secure such a hotel room?
Stocking material on vehicle for city
They look east, certainly
Relative is a pawnbroker
Eloquent person with year in chapel
Station us in school
Look, try force twice to end session
Is adolescent able to eat here?
Ruffle little stream after opening of fishing
Exuberance in Brazil’s first city
Profanity of son becoming tedious
To be very angry is the fashion
Congenial diner fly worried
Sweat, drinking small quantity in bar
Who’s rich, hiding someone at Elsinore?
Girl finished tidy bit of bowling
High (ouch!) in fat
Route one should follow? Excellent
A street in New York is unpleasant
One way to hide fluorine, in mashed guacamole
After moral offence, monarch is collapsing
Everyone intervenes between female and male — who takes the blame?
Write this in!
Brace specially, to toss this?
Old walls may be so, I contended
Singer to sing endlessly, entertaining you and me
Large number with time to get therapeutic treatment
Animal gripped by hunger ate lots
Member of guild, fellow suffering a hangover?
A monarch heard one making accusation
Group with holy books, including cardinal
Sort to get words on to paper?
Contracted publicity person being engaged impressed again?
The old man, deserter, is within month wanting secession
Female attached to Henry — one of six better ones for him?
Very brief unnamed communications — MPs will have got them
One may need skill to interrupt excessive drinking session
Feature of many a wedding vehicle followed by people
Times man, one who could produce lyrical lines
During breaks office assistant’s provided meals
Deny access to Tyneside region?
Foreign author’s verse can’t, if translated
Some black liquid knocked over — one’s foot may get stuck in it
Plant needs fluid, one sinking slightly
Leader of meeting regarding someone who brings forward proposal
Piece of music composed enthrals a daughter
Gangster and idiot — one’s not kept a diary
Artist presenting birds, first of them diving to the bottom
Noisy fellow supporting scheme
Maybe like a fresh racket sounded after others
Respect source of information — Democrat not right
Sin of fool turning up in something hairy
Support for underground workers
A new winding road bridging river in country
Weak insect caught by mischievous child jumping up
Minister in charge involved in endless change
Bishop pays attention — how many commandments omitted “Paradise”?
The water for a water gun
Ginger ___ (beverage)
River inlets
Ark builder
Worthless cloth
Creamy tan color
Dressing like a judge
Prepare water for tea
Chinese cooking pan
U-turn from well-behaved
Indian religion
Abbr. on an lawyers card
Battery fluid
Mountain creature of myth
Floater in the ocean
Tuna holder
Be it ___ humble (2 words)
Wreak havoc upon
Get married
Cookie that has three parts
Words with precedent or trap
Type of tree
Cut down blades?
Catch, as a thief
Boxing legend
Brilliant thought
Glove material, sometimes
500-sheet unit of paper
Much ___ About Nothing
Quick little kiss
Seeks answers
Thats disgusting!
Mythical Greek god of war
From a fresh angle
Not quite stereo
Offered for sale
Eureka! kin
Opera feature
Martin of many Hollywood films
Hens creation
Change ones auction offer
Computer image
Like desert ground
Friend of Spock
7 4 outing, briefly
Breezy greeting
Dear ___ or Madam
Apple part
Archery wood
December 24th is one
Boxing match
Sedan producer
Grow older
Prefix meaning new
Toy on runners
Remote abbr.
Idyllic, imaginary, beautiful place
Clothes lines?
Flow back, as a tide
Actress Sorvino
Emotional poems
U-turn from strong
Without self-control
Fully grown nits
Calligraphy supplies
Put down, as carpet
Place with jetted tubs
Button-down garment
Humble residence
Moby-Dick captain
My country, tis of __
Pet annoyance
Thats too bad
The Big Apple: Abbr
601, in Roman numerals
A Great Lake
Adds at no extra cost
Bagpipers skirts
Bits of dust
Black bird
Boulder or pebble
Breakfast and dinner
Breaks sharply
Cairos nation
Casual conversation
Catch sight of
Ceramic holders for flowers
Change for a five
Chart-topping songs
Chimps and gorillas
Clocks wake-up sound
Clothing tag
Coffee-making machine
Complete collections
Elephants tusk material
Extend a subscription
Extremely impressed
Fasten together, as papers
Fold-up beds
Follow __ leader
Football throws
Innermost apple parts
Letters after ems
Line of stitching
Looked without blinking
Mail away
Make fun of
Marathon or sprint
Minor mistakes
Money paid to a landlord
More factual
Prefix meaning against
Prince Williams mom
Private eye
Probability stats
Rung of a ladder
Sandwich cookie brand
Scarlett of Gone With the Wind
Serving of butter
Sharp door knock
Sign of the future
Stand up
Take on a date
Thick cord
Touch on the shoulder
Toward sunset
Unwilling to give up
Very convincing, as an argument
Walked heavily
What a teller dispenses
Wild animals den
Windshield coloring
Without a worry
Writing tablets
__ Academy (Annapolis military school)
__ in (introduce gradually)
__ Moines, IA
The color of honey
Part of a litter
Poker variety
Tiny Pacific nation
Truth or ___
Intro to physics?
Finishing off a French test?
Publicity, slangily
Walk in water
Four-letter words
Bloodhounds favorite tune?
Houston, in rap slang
Mickeys canine pal
Alabama march site
___ to capacity
Landlocked Asian land
Architect I.M.
Where injured astronauts are treated?
___ prof.
Cameo stone
Capital of Jordan
Chopin composition
Blender brand
Useless to a sommelier?
Kind of panel
Tweeters Then again …
Premium channel, briefly
Venue for the take-one-leave-one jar of this puzzles theme
Kournikova of tennis
Inn drinks
Violate a peace treaty
Speckled horse
New Deal prez
Narrow streets
Delta of Venus author Nin
Elbows on the table?
Agenda of life goals
Prior to, poetically
Bleed in the wash
Ivory Soap co.
Pod legume
Tolkien ring bearer
Arizona neighbor
Beavers blockades
Anthropologist Fossey
Identical ___
Nancy, e.g., in Nancy
___ the night before …
Lechers look
Bronzeness from fieldwork
Mall map message
Mud wrap site
Autograph seeker
Superman foe Luthor
D.C. bigwig
Maya Angelou, for one
Makeshift cat dish
NYC subway inits.
___ Diaries (middle-school series)
Emperor after Galba
___ I lie?
Aquatic mammal
Fabled fliers
Brown buildings?
Harry Potters mark
Olin of Chocolat
Bumbling sort
http: address
Teachers org.
Reverent wonder
Burnt’ Crayola color
Shake shop offering
Grand Coulee, for one
California-based sneaker company
New York theater award
*Period of Egypt’s history known as the ‘Age of the Pyramids
Largest one-digit square
Kilt feature
California congresswoman Waters
Midterm or final
*Gridiron gambit
First three community cards in Texas hold ’em
Retort to ‘Am not!
Hannah of ‘Splash
Subcompacts from Kia
It’s all good,’ or a hint to the starred answers
Small songbird
Sandwich layer
*Apple analogs to PCs’ Alts
Diamond dink
Professor’s protection
By its very nature
Unspoken feeling
*1970s gymnast nicknamed ‘the sparrow from Minsk
Business letter opening
Cooled before sipping
Make a mistake
Thickening agent
Lens cover, of a sort
Narc’s org.
Take a pup from the pound, say
Place for a family photo
Punctuation mark longer than a hyphen
Reached base feet first
McKellen of ‘X-Men
Easter findable
Neighbor of Homer and Marge
Country singer Judd
Fleet of warships
Names or nicknames
Afresh, in Latin
Restaurant kitchen worker
Summer shirt
Sky box?
Gen-___ (1970s kid)
Skin care brand
Compass needle indication
Peeper’s aperture
Some 39-Down wins
Pres. on a dime
British sailor, slangily
Spewing lava
Backbone bone
Bridge designer
They’re picked by the picky
Sanctioning assn. for pro pugilists
Baseball’s Brock
Cover completely
Lyft competitor
Kept in check, as enthusiasm
Make certain
My Life Would Suck Without You’ singer Clarkson
Colorful aquarium fish
See 58-Down
By way of
My word!
Piercing tool
With 53-Down, decorative garden feature
Airship beginning to become soft
Annoyance from Republican in trap after tea
Barrage balloon
Clubs goon in cloak
Commotion in field
Communicate with
Daughter is girl getting sack
Device in trees to vary
Difficult struggle in Sussex town
Disaster as large taxi capsized in river
Eating utensil
Fahrenheit or Kelvin in two-way split?
Female officer commanding us makes central point
Gateau from Africa — Kenya?
Grass-cutting tool
Hungry in Verona out with American
Irish male name
Irishman among these Anglicans
Lieutenant on westbound chopper gets lift
Maliciously disapproving
Mike in Exeter might be exceptional
Military action
Move to music
No fun in strangely unfamiliar posting abroad
Number in team catty
Organise to get artist up mountains
Overseas post system
Phone user
Pottery fragment
Praise highly
Public commotion
Put in order
Reaping hook, cruel, used by 50 English
Rocking teen vamp some sort of artist
Romeo leaves to shorten meeting
Scandinavian outside clubs or disco?
Send away
Some prelate disappointed or delighted?
Speak pompously
Spoilt little brat put on display
Supporters ribbon
Sweet baked food
Tall building has collapsed by the way
Traitor interrupts Old English talk
Trustworthy news boss in bed with the French
Visitor left article from Paris in vehicle
— Waltz, the signature song of Patti Page
— beat, a syncopated rhythm widely used in rock music
1973 horror film starring Deborah Walley and Paul Carr
1992 film starring Al Pacino and Chris ODonnell
Andrew –, American chef and television personality
Any of a genus of plants of the mallow family often having lobed leaves and solitary bell-shaped flowers
Capital of Bahrain
City near the southern end of the San Joaquin Valley, in California
Coniferous tree
Genus of plants and shrubs with clusters of very small, brightly-coloured, four-petal flowers
Heraldic star with wavy points
Horace –, character created by the writer and barrister John Mortimer
In the Old Testament, the second son of Jacob and Leah
Ingemar –, Swedish alpine ski racer who won two gold medals at the 1980 Lake Placid Olympic Games
Largest city in Scotland
London West End theatre
Musical based on the play Green Grow the Lilacs written by Lynn Riggs
Novel by Edna OBrien, published in 1972
Port on the Atlantic coast of Brazil
Psychoactive alkaloid used as an experimental treatment for drug and alcohol addiction
Republic of Ireland county
Son of Leontes in Shakespeares The Winters Tale
Synthetic fibre characterised by its ability to recover its original form after stretching
The hero of stories by G.K. Chesterton
The muscular third stomach of a ruminant animal
The sixth planet from the Sun
Ulysses S. –, the 18th President of the United States
West Saxon abbot of Malmesbury (639-709)
Aint happenin!
Big Blue
In-betweener Pontiac model
It follows . . .
M*A*S*H soda brand
Toy Story sheriff
Accident prevention org
Aerialists safety gear
Arthurian paradise
B-17 or B-29
Bad dancer on Seinfeld
Be out of sorts
Be the cause of
Beverage from southwest France
Complete range
Cravens nightmarish street
Cry ones eyes out
Cuddly Star Wars creature
Dessert wedge
Diminutive, in rap names
Drawer of the short straw
Dusters need
Expect eagerly
Extremely, slangily
Felines four
Fit to be tried
Florida senator Marco
Four-page sheet
Geologic time period
Have yet to pony up
Hill of Moneyball
How the cheese stands
In better condition, to a coin collector
In the loop
Industrious sort
Inserted coins into
Its lot is the scene of tailgate parties
Joy of The View
Karan of fashion
Landlocked African land
Latin word on U.S. coins
Launderers appliances
Like sucraloses taste
Lionel train purchase
Lose a staring contest
Many a Mecca native
Massachusetts cape
Novel on a Kindle, e.g
Number in first-sequel titles
Outward appearance
Parlor artists pic
Place to score a turkey
Proofreaders copy
Puts out of sorts
Puzzle with pictures
React to an injection, perhaps
Rust or laughing gas, chemically
Salk contemporary
Schillers ___ to Joy
Sharp left from Ali
Sitting atop
Snapchat participant
Sponsors spots
Sport with clay targets
Staple in Cajun fare
Start to stink, perhaps
Steed stopper
Stud farm operator
The thing hanging from your palate
Thunderstruck emotion
Vice president who resigned
Volcano near Palermo
Way to read or think
Where states meet
White weasel
Wonder Woman, e.g
Words to an old chap
Zingers at roasts
Abusive to a hothead, madly rash
On paper, perhaps, its abrasive
A complaint at the apiary?
She has the master key
Bad character or chicken-hearted flier
Michael took a girl round the Academy
Holidays spent touring resorts?
Take the plunge with a girl on the quiet
Broken romance
Be thought tipsy
Theres grain in this country area
Many ships (five in any case?)
Though light, means a great effort for the woman concerned
Poem Tennyson had no heart to compose?
Quietly take the available seat on the left
Drive off
Instinctive feelings, albeit brief
Came down and got the fire going
Abroad, youll find me in the money
Cutthroat, maybe
Port can make you lithe!
Home of Jordanian capitalists
Of such fish, for instance, you may read in bed
Being so nonchalant sounds a bit scary
Given strong support when stranded?
A needlessly pedestrian person
When struck, shes apt to flare up
Listener twice in terrible arrears
Juliets dad put Alec straight
Barely discernible Roman numerals
Its played with effortless artistry
Impresses enormously with music centre songs
Comes down and pays up
Repetitively points out one for a foreigner
Carried a letter or two
In astronomy, unable to change a foregone conclusion
Possibly feeling no end catty
To jump is hot work
Beastly bit of polyglot terminology
The kind of orange Adam never had?
Villa site in Glastonbury
Ones holiday in the balance?
Little lady from Belize
Appeal humbly
Snake poison
Punctuation mark
French bean
Alcoholic drink
Zodiac sign
Short axe
Naming word
Welsh rabbit
Utter tearfully
Raised edge
Animal skins
Natural surroundings
Board game
Distinctive character
Rehabilitation, in short
Shore bird
Jeans fabric
Vicious dog
Finger or toe
Grind teeth together
Hot and sticky
Like, resembling
Fish type
Dark period
Ring of light
Metallic element
Ballet dancers skirt
Using bad language
Strong wind down the 20 valley
Robinson Crusoe author
Senior member of a group
Im a notable nut (anag) Cape Town feature
Being nosy
Rapidly becoming popular online
Removed mimicked
Lack of assertiveness
Snake (like an abacus?)
Spanish princess
Scottish valley
(Get a) tan
British island known locally as Ynys Môn
In a violent frenzy
South-west US state
Norwegian dramatist
River running from the Swiss Alps to the Mediterranean
Abstain from eating
Two talk wildly about one measure for power
How rifles may be carried by soldiers not wanted in retreat
Its players react competitively after every match
Its clear a band used awfully elaborate lighting fixtures
Multinational organisation exists, working for total agreement
Understandings seen as target, using visual aids
Reason, for example, moneys held back therein
Give a hand to musician taking a bow no bravo at first
Capital family possesses invested in South Africa
May, in past, by taking British out, showing strength
It monitors movement of liquid resources we had over one period and most of another
King and queen, perhaps, reversed course of action
Narrow window for research publication
Again connect the cart and a convertible thus
Recruits demolished Sing Sing
Feature of stern father is bottling up love
8 in lively dance
Placates wild animals, feeding them vegetables
A ruling in hearing is bringing accusation
It takes the lead as French land on time
Highlight popular young hero
One dreadful scene eclipses another in process of aging
No opponent has drink minutes before end of game
Its spotted in exotic cacti, north of a lake in South America
Whats used to pay twice for dental coverage?
One name of prophet, as I repeatedly recollected
Damage sign in grass
Express disapproval over what splits TV dancers costume
Advocate of drink followed by drink
Foundation degree by half-sibling
Torment and ecstasy in finest surroundings
Aware Cult with New Order produces discordant shriek
Drew back while accepting first parts of national curriculum, as agreed
Juliet is in France to fool around
Study cut back at pit
Broth Im blending contains something to provide protection
Short time to gather in an ethical way
Giant bike missing rear end works
Eat starters of New Orleans shrimp hash
Hip with second replacement
Organ damage on vicars insides
Knock out in the manner of French marsupial
Deliver an ultimatum about hiding part of the moon
German satirist treated stomach problem
Cry tears regularly becoming dry
Urge head of board to provide transport for young
Professed nothing reasonable over time
Touchy feline climbing on bit of roof
About to get freebie for retirement
Preclude loud vomit
Fish glide across the ice
Small, quiet Liberal speaks and chokes
Hot and uncommonly thick heir is one hoping for a free ride
Austen novel left around, then developing into something cheesy
Large group of actors put on air
Unknown Member of Parliament in government is crying loudly
Pirates weapon sliced young woman
Father with name that causes alarm
Comes close, partially within earshot
Black blade gets beast
Excellent option
Youngster with ape developed a pulse
No Remainer caught starting a chopper
Implement found in stream around the borders
Spin around Italys top city
Receptive, Robs strangely missing outside
Unintelligible writer inside peculiar male tribe
Seething, indicate temperature threshold
Lad improved in stature as a rabbit catcher
Virginia has too much kirsch, initially, and spirit
Poem, English, to block EU manoeuvre
Alternative victory song, by the book
Clean sties in a new way
In an opulent way, as something may be deserved
Follow male first to get a screwdriver, say
Finished pier design, starting to go off
Chap new to magical group
Sarah is making something hot
Insurance mistake somewhere in the field
Amuse oneself as an artisan
Ventilate front of atrium using a tree
Animal has right to a bit of chicken
Illumination is lone arrangement during darkness
Porridge tub makes a feature for the garden
Pinch your old form, being furtive
Without any members getting inebriated
Local green, having tea, say
Shouts in expression of gratitude
Dropped everything in marsh
Composer overdid removal of intro and finale