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Crosswords Buzz Answers 2019-1-13

Small ammo for a kids Daisy Red Ryder rifle
Number thats 4.0 for a straight-A student: Abbr.
Stare lewdly
Note that includes a dollar amount
Thank U Next singer Grandes nickname
Part of a roof that helps keep water off a houses walls
Person who repairs shoes
Handle of a golf club
GoodFellas actor who played Colonel Sanders in commercials in 2017: 2 wds.
Burrito alternative
Title for any of the Knights of the Round Table
Its in bales on a farm
Not still sleeping
Firm refusals
Country music legend who played Colonel Sanders in commercials in 2018: 2 wds.
Attempt to win over romantically
Tax expert: Abbr.
Second Act star familiarly: 2 wds.
Pick up right where you ___ off
The Hangover actor who played Colonel Sanders in commercials in 2016: 2 wds.
Soothing ingredient in some sunscreens
Gave a heads-up to
Best-liked for short
Brewed drink that may be sweetened with honey
How to say yes on Talk Like a Pirate Day
Tough lengthy journey
Most particularly: Abbr.
Actor Kingsley who starred in Gandhi
Brand of pens razors and lighters
Cry on Halloween
Temporary replacement teacher for short
Big fancy party
___ on (hunts in the animal kingdom)
Delta or Spirit for example
Toy company with several recent animated movies
The planet youre on
Musical about the Peróns
How can I ever ___ you?
Longtime NBC news anchor Tom
Presses the wrinkles out of
Hot goo used in roofing
___-inspiring (stunning)
Car for hire in a city
Smiling Face With Sunglasses for one
Less fresh like cookies past their expiration date
New York university that shares its name with a toothpaste
___ got to tell you something
Person who calls penalties on the gridiron for short
Suffix that means most
Word that can follow witch or hover
The ___ Express (2004 animated film)
___ average (better than most)
Gazes at lecherously
Stink badly
___ year (period with February 29)
Run a ___ (keep a bar bill going)
Where the cornea and retina are
what pascals measure
critical investigation
begin hostilities against
seize, by the police
release from employment
Locale for a bottom feeder
Total nerdburger
The Mormon Church, for short
Having come apart
Company with a Roman centurion logo, informally
Name shouted at the end of the ‘Flintstones’ closing theme song
I.S.P. option
At the ice cream parlor, the grand marshal ordered a
R&B’s ___ Brothers
Weak-minded type
Something lost in old literature
Airline to Ben Gurion Airport
Sites with corporate names, often
Low-status, as work
Govt. org. under Homeland Security
The confirmed bachelor ordered a
The crossing guard ordered a
See 46-Across
With 45-Across, focus directly on hitting someone
Accident investigation org
Navigational aid, for short
Actress Aniston, in the tabloids
God, in Rastafarianism
Get ___!
Winds, as videotape
Frequent co-star of Mastroianni
Frozen’ snowman
Question of doubt
How many verbs in Esperanto are irregular
Premium Cuban cigar brand
The amateur singer ordered a
The dental hygienist ordered a
Radicchio relative
Amtrak stops: Abbr
What an auctioneer’s gavel indicates
In a way
Home planet of TV’s ALF
Rapper who founded the record label Mass Appeal
Japanese drama
Slippery, say
Friendly greeting on the highway
Wine from central Tuscany
The Apollo Theater usher ordered a
The pastry chef ordered a
Eastern philosophy
Ocular socket
Simpson with the 2004 hit ‘Pieces of Me
Arthur who composed ‘The Yeomen of the Guard
All out
Without alteration
Filming locale
Places for cheap drinks
And the homebody ordered an
We’ll teach you to drink deep ___ you depart’: Hamlet
Stores with Småland play areas
Fishing sites
Director Guillermo ___ Toro
Elided greeting
One who facilitates self-destructive behavior
Supermodel Lima
Marina apparatus
It can symbolize an open mouth in an 8-Down
Kind of intake, to a nutritionist
See 6-Down
Some narcs
What ‘X’ may stand for
Bad thing on a motorist’s record, for short
First name of the First Lady of Song
Some sights in Oz
Where many Golden State Warriors fans live
Like much of the Western Hemisphere
Along the back
Most foxy
Pres. who signed the Glass-Steagall Act
Rehab affliction, for short
Bulbous, narrow-necked bottles
Lifesaver, for short
Successful presidential slogan of old
___ al-Fitr (holiday marking the close of Ramadan)
Miles away
Fails (to)
Problems of amnesia
Channel with highlights
Angry chorus
Annual science fiction award
Isn’t serious
Family support group
Vegas establishment with a giant guitar sign
Writing of W. S. Gilbert
English facilities
Country singer with the #1 albums ‘Breathe’ and ‘Cry
Follow closely
Females whose gender identities match their gender assignments at birth
Some gametes
Tach readings
Savings vehicle, in brief
A pop
___ rea (intent to commit a crime)
Winter garment insert
Likely to butt in
Pay up?
Toy to keep track of?
What ‘goes to’ a movie star
That’s really important to me
T.S.A. requirements
Some counterculture gatherings
Dismissal, slangily
W.W. II arena
Had a good cry
Like sailors on leave
8: Abbr
Soviet space dog of 1957
No longer bothered by
Manual selection
Eponym of the Courage Award given at the ESPYs
Fed. agcy. founded by 24-Down
___ Beach, Hawaii
Gangnam Style’ rapper
6, 15 and 19 1933 mystery novel by Erle Stanley Gardner; first to feature Perry Mason
Hans , Berlin-born British psychologist whose works include 1985s Decline and Fall of the Freudian Empire
First letter of the Greek alphabet
Word representing E in the NATO phonetic alphabet
Market town in Gloucestershire; meeting point of the Five Valleys
Underworld abode of the souls of the dead in Greek mythology
See 6
1979 film drama starring Ray Winstone and Mick Ford
David , hero of R L Stevenson novels Catriona and Kidnapped
UK benefit introduced by the Social Security Act 1986 that replaced Family Income Supplement
William , astronomer who discovered Uranus in 1781
US state; capital Augusta
Mervyn , author of the Gormenghast trilogy
See 20
The , 1943 novel by C S Forester
1997 debut novel by Delia Falconer
2007-11 US defender at Watford FC from 2004-10
Long-tailed rodent similar to, but larger than, a mouse
Series of games in a tennis match
See 6
Jamie , Ireland and Leinster Rugby number 8 who retired in 2018
C O , Kenya player who took 5-24 against Sri Lanka in the 2003 Cricket World Cup
Sandstone formation in Northern Territory, Australia, also known as Ayers Rock
2011 novel by David Lodge
Tear into small pieces
Asian language
High-kicking dance
Deposit that forms on the teeth
Opposed to
Group of eight
Explosive front part of a missile
Planned beforehand
Contemplate mentally
Stand-in for a doctor
Colour between blue and yellow
Receptive to new ideas
Place a limit on
Pieces of paper thrown at newlyweds
Turnip variety
Use a pen
Mountain lake
Transport favourite rug
Left frayed cloth
Liar forced to complain
Sharp statue design
Decorate with alcohol?
Help make a wager
Friend working on ship
Renditions conclusion
Wonder in drawer
Ores sent out to tender
Regarded as part of the play, say
Mix in prison
Walk like small ogre
Got up like a flower
Fastens around necks
Strange dearth of yarn
Constant inclination is a pain
Tear off at speed
Handle a nice surprise
Life-changing tool
Happy to be told not to start
Time to tear into fashion
Flier right to have a drink
Collapsed around part of church
Wish to reside differently
Tessa returned something valuable
Start playing notes
Dish as ordered by boy
God of zero supplicants
Gap sounds complete
Floor covering
Shoe fastening
Aid in crime
Romantic gift
Sewing material
Muscle pain
Deal with
Domed recess
Thing of value
Dressed leaves
Greek deity
Building block
This place
Cancun gold
Rifle cleaner
Nerve-cell part
Show up
Card game
Ski competition
Winter melon
Cowboys chum
Corn core
Aquatic bird
____ Alive
British sport
Milan money, once
Busy activity
Jazz job
Person who flees
Fireplace switch
Color tone
Fit for food
More risque
Undies item
Naughty tot
Salad leaf
Eucalyptus eater
Saints headwear
Liver, e.g.
Raccoons kin
Yellowish resin
Cattle stall
Aunts husband
Junk metal
Was a novelist
Public persona
Low point
Sailors quaff
Familiar address
Not this
Do again
Group character
Finnish bath
Greek harp
Electrical unit
Sooner, in verse
Famous tower in Europe
European currency
Tooth substance
Swirled, as a whirlpool
Cambodian currency
All over the place
Church leaders
A Great Lake
European city with Big Ben
Its usually spotted in a game
Prolong painfully
Pablos putting-off word
Heat-sensitive patch
1982 Toto hit
Twist counterclockwise, as a nut
Defeat decisively in an annual Nathans contest?
Hardly modest
Hardly quick
Steamed dumplings, e.g.
Oft-mispunctuated word
Plane angle symbol
Alley Oops love
Tribute with bent elbows
Best-liked, in texts
One in line for whats left
For instance
Whale-tale captain
Cutlery causing boo-boos?
Cell dead spot indicator
European capital
Many misses
__ fu
Amer. fliers
Ripped off
Handle change
Actress Peeples
Bird on LSUs seal
Is for all
Apply, as butter
41-Across, often
Explore à la an aging Captain Kirk?
Director Lee
Enough already!
Vague opening?
98, but not 98.6
Bird hunted to extinction by the Maori
Easygoing sort
The boy well-known in meteorology?
California roll ingredient
Bat head?
Cardiffs country
Galileos birthplace
Give __
Last-__: desperate
Greening up
Roleo official?
Actress Sommer
Revival prefix
Some reddish deer
Place to stay when youre out, ironically
Many retirees: Abbr.
Against a thing, at law
Utah national park
Eager kids plea
Heady quaff
War zone excavation
GI no-show
Achieve success
Farm workers coffee setup near a fence post?
We cant hear you!
Consequence of only getting close?
Enough already!
The Communist Manifesto co-author
Sign off on
Govt. securities
Conks out
Con __: musical tempo
Japanese 7-Down
Dies in this puzzle?
See 5-Down
Pitchers Darling and Guidry
Pilot feeder
Palindromic celeb
Not suitable
First presidential swinger, golf-wise
Org. with minors
Critical ticker valve
Where even termites were welcome, presumably
One who sniffs out good investments?
Tree house
Dragonwyck novelist Seton
Criticize to death
Astronomers aid
Kentucky __, event before the Derby
Trim, as a pic
Painfully off-pitch Jewish diva?
Get all misty
__ woman wishes to be no ones enemy (and) … refuses to be anyones victim : Angelou
Like some memes
Kind of tea
Because I __!
OB/GYN test
Set off
Into shenanigans
The Gift of the Magi gift
Support wear
Comic-Con attendee
Sampling from Quaids vineyard?
Dig deeply
Sleeping bag site
Lab __
Ax to grind
Verdi opera based on a Shakespeare tragedy
TripAdvisor rival
Photoshop fodder
Carpet made from corn husks?
Beach in a classic bossa nova hit
If all else fails
Smartphone options
Pollen-packing petal pusher
Surreal ending?
Dentists directive
Mumbai wrap
Designer Klein
Its played secretly under the table
More than irk
Celebrate wildly
Cause of temporary weight loss?
101 course
1:1, for one
NASCARs Yarborough
Elvis middle name
Moon goddess
Coup target
Power eponym
The Grapes of Wrath character
Defib settings
Big name in ATMs
Radiation source
Thick slice
Fork feature
Margaret Cho, e.g.
Wright Brothers invention
____ potato
Nursery item
Perform surgery
Scored on serve
Cowboys contest
A Baldwin
Office message
Speak indistinctly
Breakfast cereal
Pistons league (abbr.)
Volcano event
Lizardlike amphibian
Cow crowd
Keaton or Sawyer
Teen skin problem
Mountain gap
Actress ____ DeGeneres
Golf gadgets
Shoe spike
Car accessory
Electronic reminder
Squeak by
Beets color
Green Gables girl
Borscht base
Words of understanding (2 wds.)
Indias locale
Fable author
Drummer Ringo ____
Mahjong piece
Length times width
Religious group
Ewes mates
Not closed
____ Moore of Ghost
Victory sign
New York stadium
Golf stroke
Big swallow
Limerick, e.g.
Ralph ____ of fashion
Military award
Sisters daughter
Chiles mountains
Kin of PDQ
Places bricks
All ____ Jazz
Lime drink
Question archbishop entering into new negotiation
How to stop sex addiction? Dont make me laugh!
Bit of sudden worry could provide one
Free the Queen or Knight?
Stupid dons conservative duke cut down to size?
After peeling off, they might give you slippers!
Huge insect chases old lady in Newcastle
English leader must avoid strike in Victoria?
Shows on the telly with vets
I hear he plays in winning group of players
Disturb group of people in the best of moods?
I possibly sell horse (the best one can get)
Ultimately crap citizen: Trump, perhaps
Inevitably, blasted ale leads to omissions, negligence and to errors
Incorrigible bishop tucks into hot dog and beer
Gutless and stupid: The X-Factor must be sent up!
One captivated by wild or garden flower
Rotten cuts making daughter leave workplaces
For villain, hero is one man Tony Montana holds
Childrens publication
Local angry about hotel just off The Strand?
Want marijuana if wife goes away for November
Longs to open little drinks and chill
Temperamental car you and Den turned over
A theorist vacillating could be one
High point of church: having hour for time with the flock!
Retrospective work covering REM and The Boss?
One question asked of needle-user in hearing
I say the infernos nonexistent
Way to embrace little darling
Payment sent
Aubergine (US)
Asian country
Cooking fat
See note
Greek island
Cigarette debris
Desert animal
Casual trousers
Plant such as valerian
Auctioneers hammer
Soft felt hat
Motorcycle rider
Short sleep
Indian discipline
Hit it off well
Touched down
__ See Clearly Now
Dike, Eunomia and Irene
Tired feeling
Intense pain
Italian range
Australian ranch
Jousting weapon
Mace bearer
Jet speed measure
Euphoric state
Beaus pa
U.N. arm
Stout clubs
Mentalist Geller
Summer of music
Proof annotation
Fasten firmly
Plumes source
Cat on a Hot __
Stuffed tortilla
__ a million
Behold, to Pilate
Mythical enchantress
Scottish terrier
Singer Lou
Native Alaskan
Jeweled headdress
Time in the slammer
Yangs opposite
City near San Diego
Fight for air
Photographer Adams
In accordance with reason
Walking stick
Piano pieces?
Each Dawn __ (Cagney film)
Hawaii Five-O locale
Actress Samantha
Orpheuss instrument
Cut and paste
Skirt style
Sleep like __
Robert Louis Stevenson title
Son of Jacob and Leah
Lingerie item
Serpentine swimmer
A deadly sin
Ready __ …
Port of ancient Rome
Land in Genesis
Muses number
Name tag?
Motorcycling event
Spring month
Move forward
The sign of the bull
Submarine weapon
The American reindeer
Boring tool
Bold as brass
Listen secretly
Large sea
Very many
Root vegetables
Japanese robe
Eagles nest
The sun
Postponement causing aversion
The girl turned paler
Birds having fun?
Naval destroyer belonging to me
Ten dimes laid out as deposit
Making a scene, in which spirits might be produced
See law broken by beast
One who works with a will
Poke gently with a stick
Student leader gets ice cream and cake
Tool observed by poor writer
The strange transience of fruit
Father backed a horse – hes a heathen
Art finalist took in gallery
Serial set in the country
Swift traveller
Animals the queen worries about
Star models posing for great painters
Become established in a Yorkshire town and an Ulster county
Composer butchers composition
Flower for one with false name
Medical officer getting the right parent
Stratagems Rex employs
Symbol in holding company
Church service
Freed of rock-and-roll
Tournament winner
Sheltered, at sea
Society shunner
Terminus of all roads?
Shaw of swing
Trim and tidy
Major pain in the neck
Wine choice
Poisonous snakes
George, to Rosemary Clooney
Barn dance dance
Pumice source
Famous last words
In your dreams!
Bummer!, old-style
Nice summers?
57-Across moms
Laughing scavenger
Part of USPS
Car lot car
Put ones foot down
Cote youngsters
Fast-lane traveler
Chapters in time
Barely cooked
Funny Steve
Edisons middle name
Recipe meas.
Gave a new hue to
Hilo hello
Big rigs
Curved structures
________ Croft: Tomb Raider
At the summit of
More recent
Part of a contract
Bellum beginner
Israels Iron Lady
Pt. of POTUS
Thin board
Place for a figurehead
In the pink
Dear ________ Hansen
Fuzzy Wuzzy ________ bear …
________ von Bismarck
Southwestern Indians
Clean up after diners
Little Dickens girl
Not here
Longs for
Force out
Prized violin, briefly
Sophias homeland
Serenas opening move
Tire buyers concern
Fall flutterer
Rod between wheels
________ 18, Uris novel
God of love
Waterproof cover
Little rascal
Mosque officiants
Go for a dip
Spill the secret
Local theaters, in slang
Had on
Go very fast
City in which quadrennial games take place
Gumbo vegetable
RandB singer James
Japanese soup paste
Fit — queen
Sea cargo weight unit
Statistic associated with plane riders
Threatens to topple
Ken is one
Viking 1 landing site
Fleecy boot brand
Guesses at LGA
Instructive example
Siddhartha author Hermann
Gotten larger
UNLV part
1977 Triple Crown horse
— and Stitch
Stinging hits
TVs Arnaz
Not iffy
Whitewater transport
See 117-Across
Goldie of Laugh-In
Unit of pressure
It surrounds the South Orkney Islands
Twin of Jacob
Secy., e.g.
Jazzy Fitzgerald
Pile of trash
Sacred song
Muscle twitch
Arthurian wizard
Science Guy of TV
Pupil setting
Arthurian wife
Add- — (annexes)
Reviewer of tax returns
Disney World roller coaster
Moniker for a 1970s sitcom family
Go up
With 118-Across, bite-size Nabisco cookie
With 70-Across, Taj Mahal locale
See 116-Across
Statement about the end of each of nine answers in this puzzle
Meyers of Late Night
Ball field coverer
Cara of Fame fame
Canadian fuel brand
Gin flavorer
Burrito topper
Winona of Beetlejuice
Walk heavily
Paramecium hairs
Huge gulf
Cocktail at brunch
Dad, in dialect
Disguised, in brief
Gold-medal skier Phil
On a plane or train
Month, in Spain
Retired jet since 03
Cutlass, e.g.
Thorns in ones side
Favre of football
Starbucks offering
Many a Tony winner
Hits on the noggin
Two-gender pronoun
Utopian site
Email giggle
Bullring calls
Sacred song
Wrinkled citrus fruit
Smile widely
Club game
Bygone Swedish car
Smileys opposites
Inherent natures
Slimy garden pest
Dried up, old-style
Rams partners
Some babes in the woods
Sharp, broken-off piece
Purple blooms
Colonel Klinks camp
Mail status
— carte
Nutrition stat
Sands of — Jima
Big African beast, briefly
Tinkertoy bits
PDQ cousin
Gilbert of The Talk
Fire remains
Join (with)
Join (with)
Between urban and country
Friendly relationship
Letter before beth
— colada
21 Grams actor Sean
Cage, to his pals
City WNW of Paris
R2-D2 and others
Our Lady of churches
Pub missiles
Boise setting
Brand of mouthwash
Outward expressions
Port of Japan
Felt sickly
Words after two or hole
Stuff in gunpowder
Successor of Claudius I
Refrain bit
Title for Ringo Starr as of 2018
78-card pack
Fairground game
As an abbreviation
Bottle of drink?
Winter hat feature
Oratio recta
Creeping ice mass
Make use of
Ornament fashion designer turned into coal
After a year, certainly settle
Diplomacy that keeps one silent
An art form
Anxiety about minute details?
Information from lawyer sought by atheist?
Head back to get a fish
Feeling cold in one’s hands
Made to air broadcast on small wireless
A theatre’s outgoings?
Being hairy thanks to a natural mutation
Smart hotel in Welsh town
Watery stuff he found in drink
Fitting, this means
Almost simple to grab first of the food
Single most relevant qualification?
Stone walls crushed into something extra?
Given shot, daughter does shot
Pants are hiding nothing that’s nasty, I’d guess
A piece of childhood memory?
It’s better to give thanks
Media mogul to continue drinking in pub
Drive cook to see PR expert
Property charge
Used power to wrestle hooligan
Bottle that may be full of slugs
Hold good file
Tea time gossip
A downloadable digital audio recording, often part of a series for which the same name may be used
Self-balancing vehicle invented by Dean Kamen in 2001
World Heritage Site situated on the Yamuna river in India
Wimbledon arena, which in its current form hosted its first match between Tim Henman and Daniel Nestor in 1997
1974 film starring David Essex, sequel to That’ll Be the Day
Full name of the newspaper currently edited by George Osborne
A thief, especially an embezzler
No longer feeling passionately connected to
Jean Todt is the president of this sports governing body
Old-style cigarette filter, or a cigarette with one
Abstract imagery, often in black and white
The ____ Jiang river is also known as the Yangtze
____ starred in the 2002 film Spider-Man and two sequels
Percussion instrument with a circular arrangement of zills
The ceremony at which degrees are conferred
Comic magazine character standing alongside Minnie the Minx in a Dundee statue
Title shared by singles by Amy Winehouse and Rihanna
A tradename for heat-resistant borosilicate glass
DC ____ publish The Beano, in which Minnie the Minx appears
Facility where you may find breakfast, coffee, wine or singles
Traditional epithet of the Republic of Venice
Scorer of 20 goals for England, and their current captain
Form of deism created by Robespierre, intended to replace Roman Catholicism in France
Finnish work of epic poetry which influenced Longfellow’s Song of Hiawatha
The illegitimate daughter of Pope Alexander VI, and the subject of scandalous rumour
Hungarian Prime Minister who was secretly tried and executed by the Soviets
Two-legged dragon used in heraldry
Contracts for assets traded at an agreed price, to be delivered and paid for later
1979 Booker Prize winner for Offshore
“Brexit secretary” replaced by Stephen Barclay in November 2018
Prefix indicating a gland
Vehicle which can carry only one passenger
BBC2 programme for the deaf, shown since 1980, now every Wednesday, usually at 8am
Home ground of Everton FC
Annulment of an agreement or law
Jay ____ was a singer with Bucks Fizz
Baroness Herbert, a granddaughter of Edward IV and first cousin of Henry VIII
South Korean car manufacturer, its name meaning “modernity”
A type of rotating jump in figure skating
Island west of Mull, best-known for Fingal’s Cave
Sitcom spin-off of Only Fools and Horses, following “Boycie” and his family
Title of a 2006 crime film starring Bruce Willis, in which the last word is not an example of the second
Month during which the UK celebrates National Poetry Day
Southernmost city in mainland Britain
Black cuckoo of tropical America
To affect or to behave in accordance with
Goods bought on ____ may be returned if not satisfactory
French phrase of resignation
Irish rock band whose 1996 album 1977 reached number 1
Co-star of John Travolta in the 1980 film Urban Cowboy
Tax usually applied to goods prior to purchase
Takes a previously failed examination
Usual position of Australian rugby union international George Gregan
“If India is not ____, then India is not India at all” (Atal Bihari Vajpayee)
Mainly scientific BBC2 programme broadcast since 1964
A Nazi prison camp for captured enemy officers
Cadbury chocolate bar which is “charged with glucose”
Japanese electronics company which produced the first VCR with an on-screen display
Maiden, maybe follower of John, goes over the top?
Clay gives covering for seed? There’s little good in that
Mansion by lake, housing for top people at ease
Little sign of knight with ruptured spleen
This Roman, inclined to probe, being tactile
The likes of Willy Wonka could make Charlie scoot off
A stone circle to the east, last of a series
Channel with sandy bits regularly spotted
Following distinctive creed could make one so dull inside
Tenner Jean splashed out — for Jan gift here?
Fish would be in newspaper, going back
Little creatures in trunk road restricting vehicle
We wouldn’t like Felix, our bishop, being drunk with ale
The French group set about constructing tax booth
Flash yellow buttocks briefly appearing
Gladiator’s first to go with old-style sword
Message opposing workers’ rights in African languages
Ceremony — head getting old is slowing down
Odd spaces for accommodating a hundred and one old chests
Old judge uses gun to protect house
Short person losing head admits no shame, according to the Bard
Jellyfish — some did cause stir
Lowly worker is evil-doer, not American but English
Stretch out in comfortable chair
Pertaining to hopes, when very good and reasonable
Most clever in examination, copper coming first
Animal, one buried in Meath hill
Flower for woman who posed as a prostitute
Tower that is ruin outside home
Exceptional care needed with user manoeuvring surgical instrument
Running water interrupting game in Southampton, say
Very small stream is bad, soak being needed outside
Board game to explode?
Artiste, one missing out, gets awards no longer
Excellent new oil or mayonnaise
Money for eg petrol, not initially going up
Do much more than sniffle
Dear ___ or Madam
Centers of activity
Title for a Turkish military leader (var.)
Written poetic tribute
A cookie brand
Simpleton, old-style
Russian ruler of old
Approximately (3 words)
Shrewd or sharp
Computers core, briefly
Like many Halloween decorations
Scrooges statements
Black road substance
Pension start?
Lady in court?
Accuse, as a politician
Necklace gem, sometimes
Dashboard stat
Angry and then some
Brinks vehicle (2 words)
Red veggie
Business encounters
Thing to wait in
Large Down Under fowl
Make a big jump
How to drink hot cocoa
Bendy exercise
Comic book impact sound
Four score and seven years ___ …
Question of identity
Slender, Asian long-tailed monkey
Dry, white Italian wine
Not in active use
Adjust a lens again
Sociable soaking spot (2 words)
Major constellation
Birds bill
Painful to the touch
Baltimore or Nashville, for example
Tachometer letters
Town of Italy
Con job
Rain-delay cover
Did you say something?
Letters on some military jets
Hindu religious instructor
What to do at your lemonade stand
Sly plans
Overacts, in a play
Fourth mo.
Something to fall back on?
In a 24-Across way
Acquire a wintry glaze (2 words)
Horse strap
Prefix meaning half
Prefix meaning new
Joke, to a comic
Posh fitness center
Both prefix
I __ the opinion that . . .
It matters to me
Once __ a midnight dreary . . .
The Simpsons barkeep
The Sound of Music song
After the buzzer
All fired up
Allergy treatment injector
Apartment ad abbr
Artist known as Jean or Hans
As well
Bag tags
Bakers supply
Be abundant
Became irate
Because of
Began, as a lawn
Biological duplicate
Blow ones top
Body of precedents
Book before Proverbs
Book jacket blurb
Branch of Islam
Brewpub designation
British baby buggy
City near Lake Tahoe
Closest friends
Coffeehouse orders
Collapsible headgear
Common computer typeface
Contended (for)
Cope with change
Couture monthly
Create seams
Darken or lighten, say
Did nothing
Dont think about
Dumbos wing
E-tail membership plan
East Asian peninsula
End of some hammers
Financial advisor descriptor
Finish with
Finnish telecom giant
Flag down
Former Corvette roof option
Girl in Wonderland
Greenish blue
Having unpaid bills
Hidden hazards
High-tech marker
Hobby store buy
House of cards and wheels
Impediment to progress
In vogue
It means recent
June honorees
Kimono fabric
Kitchen implement
Kitchen vessel
Lends a hand
Long-legged wader
Lose traction
March master
Metallic bar
Minting process
Moore of films
More abundant
Mulch material
Mystical warning
Mythical lifter
Name on the cover of A Farewell to Arms
Natural balm
Nautical poles
Neighbor of Pakistan
Nursery furnishing
Oklahoma city
Orange juice material
Orlando-area park
Overrun (with)
Parks it
Partakes of
Patio appliance
Periodical, for short
Personal quirks
Planetarium roof
Plant in traditional Chinese medicine
Polynesian carvings
Prefix for legal
Prefix for virus
Public Citizen cofounder
Puff-snack brand
Queen of Olympus
Reject rudely
Respectful address
Rocky Mountains line
Romantic song for dancing
Rotisserie rod
Russian royal name
Secure at a pier
Shakespearean general
Shakespearean monarch
Shakespearean teen
Shears sound
Simple drawing of a person
Sing singly
Skiing category
Strikes out
Sushi seaweed
Tampa neighbor, familiarly
Tango move
Thinly spread
Throw off course
Ticked off
Tiny quantity
Tiny wood fragments
Tulsa sch
Turn to compost
Typical Everest guide
Unlikely, as odds
Upscale retail chain
Vertical transportation giant
Violin pins
Water carrier
Whispered summons
Wild West movie
Without question
Workout counts
Yellow canine of comics
Hockey shot
Birthstone before topaz
Goldmans partner
Oaxacan water
Actress Suvari
Famously Auto-Tuned rapper
Move before taking off
Really top-notch?
Glass of NPR
Meat safety org.
Column counterpart
Eyeball cover
Study of every body?
Scratching a New York governors back if he scratches yours?
Nine-digit no. issuer
Angsty genre
Track event
Most likely mag in the waiting room?
Sharknado channel
Peace activist Yoko
Cook onion rings
Busy teens social dilemma?
When you vote, usually
Actress Bacall
Six-pack muscles
Ridiculously Photogenic Guy, for one
Peaks, briefly
Consequence of mo money, per Biggie Smalls … or whats afflicted the theme answers?
Tabloid twosome
HBO, e.g.
Still a contender
Minifigure toymaker
Hence …
Enjoyed a recliner
NYC hub
Linked, as devices
LOL, I cant even!
Paddington Bears home country
Santa ___ (hot winds)
Martin of Ed Wood
Indy sponsor
Car ad abbr.
Capital near pyramids
Words mouthed to a camera
White and wintry
Little Miss Sunshine actor Paul
Dadaist Jean
Times and Trafalgar: Abbr.
Crescent moon points
2-D calculation
Cartridge contents
Flip-flop grippers
Fed. fiscal group
Howards 41-Down novelist
The Christmas Song co-writer Mel
Show-___ (braggarts)
Antarctic admiral
See 36-Down
Shakespeares foot
Site of many lashes
L.A. athlete
City northwest of Miami
WWII menace
Simone Biles awards
List with entrees
Give off
GPS suggestion
Some gametes
Pigs digs
McMuffin ingredient
Low sound?
Additional or further
Answer found in favourite fuel
Apply fixed rate in personal banking code
Asking her out is withering experience
Bears gathering in reserves
Belonging to us
British coins
Compos mentis
Conservative, posh, cooked pork cuts
Controlled police division going bad
Corrupt salesmen incognito?
Divorce in Croatian city finished
Downward arc
Drunken roisterer is bully
End a relationship
Feel for criminal, perhaps?
Fibrous plant material
Firm in time makes money
Greatly frighten
Have doubts about
Invented word
Legal statement gets Edward ruffled
Legendary voyager
Meat servings
Money from church supporting author
Old traitor, finally contrite, to give speech
One drinking too much? Thats rich!
Passenger finally entering smart train
Pounce when bribes accepted with love
Princess in Bosnia breaking glass
Rational content of tedious anecdote
Relate or belong
Rich police officer promises to pay
Science of heredity
Scientists cite negativity holding up biological constitution
Some courses that we have?
Some quasi-renewed rock singer?
Son with sullen expression to hold forth
Speak pompously
Stitched in folds
Teapot feature
Theres extra in Newham or Egham
Theres trouble in Porthmadog
Thin cord
Virtuoso using note finally with vibrato?
Volcanic gem
Wickedness terrible in heroic sailor
30 Rock character Lemon
Dang! is one
Every Child, One Voice org
Star Wars extra
The Plague city
2000 Subway Series stadium
24-hr. conveniences
A whole bunch
Amplifier knob (Abbr.)
Any of six annual bestowals
Big name in canned tuna
Blow ones stack
Brit. lexicon
Bug B Gon maker
Canaan, in the Bible
Catchall checkbox
Combustion residue
Contents of a circular file
Cornerstone abbr
Developers measure
Dots-and-dashes plea for help
Exchange verbal jabs
Find work for
Flow like groundwater
Fraternity Xs
Free-speech org
Garb for Kavanaugh
Give a hoot
Give, but expect back
Got takeout, say
Gradually weaken
Greeting accompanied by a lei
Guthrie at Woodstock
High school freshman, usually
Hollow surgical device
Its stored in clouds
Josephs many-colored garment
Just sitting around
Language learned by seminarians
Like a haunted house
Local trains many
Low, sturdy cart
Luau strings, briefly
Maglie, the loser in Larsens perfecto
MLB executive Joe
Moisturizer additive
Mosquitoes, to bats
Opposed to, in dialect
Orderly formation
Oscars or Super Bowl
Part of a 3-Down
Place for an otoscope
Place to cybershop
Prefix meaning trillion
Prime Cuts dog food brand
Prom queens topper
Publicists creation
Q-tip material
Regret bitterly
Repair bill component
Rewrite, as crossword clues
Riding apparel, e.g
Shoot from a concealed spot
Singer Mel, nicknamed the Golden Fog
Some sorority socials
Somewhat, on a score
Stock exchange membership
Suffix with photo or thermo
Tabloids twosome
Tend to the sauce
Test the weight of
Trendy antioxidant berry
Two-thumbs-down reviews
Unattainable dreams
Vodka brand from the Netherlands
Wags quality
___ hall (campus hangout)
Lose impetus
Professional charges
Programme for a definite course of action; strategy
Circlet, small crown or garland: of the head
Athenian Greek of old
Pyrenean region known for its creamy sauce
Pluck; fortitude
Questioned the truth or validity of; disputed
John — (1912-92), US avant-garde composer
French name for Aachen, Charlemagnes capital
Scottish island, largest town Rothesay
Easily finished, thats all there is to it!
Temporary substitute; makeshift
Edible animal innards
Thats just not fair!
Thug, Nina (anag)
Extravagantly theatrical; histrionic
Car journey aid: 9 document
Cedar-like conifer but with deciduous leaves
Big blow
$$$ holder
… and if you dont, there will be consequences!
A Streetcar Named Desire Oscar winner Karl
Amelie actress Audrey
Coolio, daddy-o!
Fantastic creatures in a J.K. Rowling title
Gotta Man rapper
Lemon Tree musician Lopez
My country, ___ …
Show me your cards
Superman III actor
We avoided disaster!
You win this round
… a camera operator?
… a computer user?
… a Congressperson?
… a fan of My Little Pony?
… a member of the American Kennel Club?
… a scuba specialist?
… a suitor?
… a toaster?
1 Across dish
1 Across source
1803 Union admission
19th Greek letter
24th Greek letter
Appear (to be)
Archer of Greek myth
Arroz con ___
Balladeer Burl
Bands performance
Bangkok currency
Basketball Hall of Fame coach Jackson
Becomes wiser, so to speak
Believing that babies are delivered by storks, say
Birthstone for many a Leo
Bit of cheese, at times
Book before Leviticus
Captain Ahab, for one
Carry a balance
Carton unit
Cartoon defender of Castle Grayskull
Certain believer
Certain regrowth option
Check the fit of
City thats the center of industriousness?
Code-cracking org
Components in smoke detectors
Cry before a duel
Cuts in a salon
Dark period, in promos
Disney princess cursed by Maleficent
Distort, as speech
Doesnt just ask
Donkeys animated pal
Editorial miscues
Emulate Tom Waits
Eponymous casino founder
Fed. govt. postal service
Forelimb bone
Former GM cars
Four-lap specialist
Gave someone an A, say?
Genre for Say Anything
Glad and then some
Home of Iowa State
If all goes right
Item in some Jewish cuisine
Joints affected by playing tennis
Jolly Roger personnel
Lagoon boundary
Last word of Berliozs Requiem
Legal citation phrase
Legendary, in slang
Like one finishing an ultramarathon
Like the spiciness of cherry peppers
Limerick folks
Long-term convict
Malty brews
Many an Oman woman
Measurement of a brands appeal
Musical instrument played by a buddy of Fred Flintstone?
Neptune on Earth, e.g
Nine Inch Nails rocker Reznor
Non-venomous snake
Norwegian real estate mogul ___ Thon
One with a net income?
Ones giving shots to boxers
Pact signed by prime minister Brian Mulroney
Parks in the National Womens Hall of Fame
Passes on, as stories
Piece piece?
Places, as a bet
Platform for the podcast app Overcast
Political pundit Myers with a repetitive name
Pushes forward
Refraining from having sweets, say
Resembling a beanpole
Richard of Chicago
River formations
Rochesters employee, at first
Rural quarters
Saints city, briefly
Seafood-based topping for chips and bread
Second Greek letter
Seek a miracle, maybe
Send out, as beams
Sites for RNs
Skin-puncturing diagnostic, for short
Slice of history
Small amount
Some IHOP beverages
Sound from a pointer
Stuff of the earth
Stuff of the volcano
Subject-___ agreement
Tail movement
Talk Like a Pirate Day sound
Target of a homeowners trap
Téa of Deep Impact
Texas politico ORourke
They can be bent
They may be just what the doctor ordered
They may get crunched during exercise
Those making a mess?
Totally absurd
Tours of duty
Trailer park units
Trope of Fast and Furious films
Tubes at an Italian restaurant
Two-word principle for expanding on a scene in improv comedy
Went off, in a way
Where to order rounds
Wild ___ (equine)
Word in the opening of the Gettysburg Address
Work in progress?
___ Field (major league stadium until 1957)
___ iron
___ tide
Part of England, actually
Very loud note indeed, love
Game – a score matters!
Indulging idiocys initially really revealing
Aversion for listeners in first place
Woman back in lurid dress
Rice perhaps part of glib Aleutians dish
Working silencer on new piece, in conclusion
Passes made by five Californian models (none rejected)
Bad times beginning around March
Girl taking excellent lecturers place
Vandalism over? Its succeeding!
An expanse of land in a town is diverting…
…a cop near to second and third Fed
Rich, a little man, meant…
…to go aboard a little scruffs cutter
Frantically allotting and adding up
The way to pack in front of haughty statesman
Quarrel about imported goods
Maybe Tom, Chester and Nick…
…line up without James and head here
Bad quality of new satin cape
Turns in tears finally get booed off
Its a paltry act, binding a hand wound
Downhearted girls extremely angry looks
A dwarf – grasping little man!
Thrills referred to by former partner
Hide trouble a stars the cause of
Games given approval after last game
Bug a spy without limits planted