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Crosswords Buzz Answers 2019-1-12

Short attention ___
Is in a movie or play
What a kid might catch fireflies in
Tony who plays Buster on Arrested Development
Grouchy elderly man
Help me ___-Wan Kenobi. Youre my only hope
Inventor of the modern sewing machine: 2 wds.
Bottom edge of a dress
This Little Piggy digit
Chemistry journalism or engineering in college
Use money
Type of savings plan for retirement: Abbr.
Mexican dish that might be filled with beef or fish
Homeowners document
Zodiac animal with wool
Really successful movie or song
Actress Longoria who has a fashion line called #SETLIFE
___ Tesfaye (real name of singer The Weeknd)
Upping the ___ (raising the stakes)
State Farm ___ (home to the Atlanta Hawks)
Puts into hock
___ Maria (Christian prayer)
Everyday ___ Winding Road (Sheryl Crow hit): 2 wds.
Developer of the moving assembly line: 2 wds.
College basketball event: Abbr.
Send forth like vibes
___ Burnett OutFront (CNN show)
Dennings who starred on 2 Broke Girls
___ up (absorbs like gravy)
Singer McEntire whose stepson is married to Kelly Clarkson
Every Little Thing ___ Does Is Magic (Police hit)
Legendary boxer who died in 2016
Pain in the stomach or ear for example
Sound made by a pigeon
Drag to a mechanic maybe
Pop singer Winwood
Inventor of the steel plow: 2 wds.
Life is not ___ of roses: 2 wds.
Edges of wheels
Puts into alphabetical or numerical order perhaps
The beginning of the ___
Actress Sorvino who has a recurring role on Modern Family
Person from Jordan or Yemen typically
Inventor of an improved steam engine: 2 wds.
Runs over a bar code reader
Prefix thats the opposite of pre-
I ___ a loss for words: 2 wds.
Break-___ point
Father to a toddler
Weighing a lot
Spy Story novelist Deighton
What burned wood turns into
Send as to another doctor
Singer with the hits Get the Party Started and So What
Home to Mongolia and Malaysia
Cultural pursuits
Music genre for singers who might wear guyliner
___ in the air (somewhat cold weather)
Raw rock
Bone that helps protect the heart
empty rooms
early Netscape browser
Rimsky-Korsakovs first
TV star Ellen
strong and tough
gathering, as sails
Game players?
Bob of ‘Home Again
Genesis patriarch
Grammy-winning group whose name is an homage to the Monkees
___ Reader’s Encyclopedia (classic literary reference)
Squad on a slope
Best man for a wedding?
Sixth of five?
Nickname for Adrianus
Courtroom outburst
In-house service?
___ Croft, comic book heroine
Perform extremely well, in sports lingo
Hawaiian pizza topping
Greta of ‘The Player
Rattle holder
Ironic exclamation of amazement
A scarf might cover it
Annual awards show since 1993
First name in design
Lotion abbr
Roman magistrate’s attendants
Cowboys or Vikings
New York city west of Binghamton
Cubic ___ (synthetic gemstone)
Something that’s secretive
This is too much!
Single, say
Collectible caps
Call up
Pass on
Genre for Oasis and Blur
French Quarter city, familiarly
Ones who help people get their acts together?
States, informally
Music’s Milli ___
Uranus or Neptune
Don Juan
Part of a science journal
Seinfeld’ nickname
Part of an equestrian’s outfit
Sports Illustrated named it #1 in its ‘100 Greatest Moments in Sports History
Stock owner
The list goes on
Oratory obstacle
Horses kick with them
Texas city on Route 66
1980s arcade game
Kind of zoo
Cardiac contraction
Whiles away
Barely registering
Onetime California fort
Judging by
Medium bra spec
Some gym gear
Face difficulty?
One of four in the yard?
Great place for a holiday, perhaps
Force Mary into going out
When did a change in the weather slow down the craft
Vehicle carrying passengers up and down
Live for the team about to go in front
Before lunch there are 26 English characters on the river
Average boy with debts has to be miserly
S.A.S. bully possibly on study list
Fruity sort of bird?
He gets his own back
Creature of speculation?
Darn nuisance getting stuck in the wharf – what a predicament!
Plenty for the members to carry
Makes changes for people in commercials
Cure potential madmen, etc., when I go inside
Get married – untie the knot!
Lie low in London park, we hear
Bonnies partners at the valley with a horse
Hanging about round Wallsend doing some grinding
Its in Oz, possibly, that one is a patriot
Protected against that cockney fellow and 1,001 French
Almost called a cab when troubled
Ruse dreamed up by an employer
Dictionary compiler
Set free
A dour disposition is, to us, hard to bear
A shade of caution
Stupid quadruped
Supplies information for close friends
Imaginary convert to Christianity
Most important mixture of modern paint
Have a look at some impressive matter before going to sleep
The time in which the race was run
Warms up for the opening races
Alterations in the bell-ringers programme
Cheeky, through lacking experience
It may be trained to kill
Go, but not straight ahead
In a hurry to make me paint it
Save up a pound
Pigs cant fly, but one pig might!
He stands, wishing to sit
Something valuable from copper mines
Plant for a sycophant
In a small way youll find me prepared to fight
A nymph in the chorus
Animal found in growing numbers
2005 debut novel by Brian Freeman
2006 film drama starring Carice van Houten and Sebastian Koch
See 13 Down
George , 2016-17 Harlequins number 8 formerly at Connacht Rugby
In Mexican cookery, a snack consisting of a piece of tortilla topped with cheese and peppers and grilled
See 7
Distillation product from petroleum used as a solvent
River that flows to the North Sea at Middlesbrough
Market town in the Scottish Borders at the confluence of the Rivers Teviot and Tweed
1987 film comedy starring Warren Beatty and Dustin Hoffman
Don , 1976 Olympic 200m gold medallist
William Shakespeare play featuring the characters Sempronius and Alcibiades
1997 action film starring Tommy Lee Jones and Anne Heche
George Bernard Shaw stage play first performed in 1902
See 22 Across
US golfer; 1978 and 1985 US Open Championship winner
Jessica , actress who played Joyce Lakeland in 2010 film thriller The Killer Inside Me
Colour of unbleached linen
See 4
See 2
See 20
Archipelago of Spain in the Mediterranean Sea including Minorca and Ibiza
Form of precipitation composed of balls or lumps of ice
Sea of , arm of the Black Sea fed chiefly by the River Don
Actor who played Guy in 1997 comedy-drama film The Full Monty
Open and frank
Undergoes combustion
Egg white
Desiring food
Woman on her wedding day
Without hair
Become aware of
Light quick meal
Young cow
Belief that there is no god
Religious journey
Game similar to baseball
Spiritual guide
Difficulty, disadvantage
Hot and sticky
Form of motor sport
Highland games log
Tall thin person
Served very cold
Second drinker has a fund
Last change includes new inclination
Healthy colour in Istanbul
Come in from barren terrain
Ivan flew after article like a bird
Im a moving target
Rubbish in statistics
Whip pet
Notice mole
Cricket teams legs
About poem being in secret writing
Changes as to fodder
Incorrectly cited small laws
Lose argument about the Baltic, say
Bother at a party
For every experience has it
Traitor within fraternity
Lively beer with soldier
Stressed about lock
Rushed out of France
Impersonated dopes, oddly
Sent out with European kids
Motionless form of electricity
The French find Virginia hot stuff
Joined the team
Chap joins new church for this reason
Condition of second gallery
Flowers in sleigh
Weapons from Mars, perhaps
Dish is missing when not there
Dodge an empty space
Turn up on time in position
Shelter from sleet
Hardly sending ton back
Honest about quantity
Yearn for a steeple
Rinses out warning devices
Old-fashioned appointment with daughter
Freewheel by the sea
Phase pets out
New star of painting and music
Melanie has style
Is more than one?
Half-melted ice
Go in
Relating to birds
Shabby articles
Feline mammal
Secret agent
Body of water
For each
Stood for a photo
Radio crackling
Molten rock
From here
Carrying salver
Mr Evans?
Dash, flair
Plural of is
Certain skirts
____ a Gift
Makes like a frog
Let in
Periodical, briefly
Move about
Corn whiskey
Mules father
Vain men
Met in session
Rounding up
Bridle control
Opie, to Andy
Sales talk
Capris locale
Sovereign seat
Before, poetically
Hotel rental
Bring back
Scarlet, e.g.
Part of speech
Hired vehicle
Passes into law
Deadly serpents
Aloha gift
Facts and figures
Zoo resident
Pump, e.g.
College official
Overly enthusiastic
Significant timespans
Silent okays
Parts of wedding vows
Motorists fee
Quit working
Floor repairman
Guided trip
Knitting stuff
Talk amorously
12th letter
Morning brew
Cooks protector
Ancient Greek city
South Pacific islander
Flock of geese in flight
Chocolate maker
Group of actors
Family of 8-Down
Famous diarist
Likelihood of success
__ change
Ritz offering
Award, say
Confides in
Invest, as with a quality
Word reportedly coined in Seuss If I Ran the Zoo
Ideal places
Puts on the right track
Trade talk subjects
Qtr. components
1991 political thriller with eight Oscar nominations
It may be flat
Latin 101 word
Sensitive subjects
It doesnt require a long answer
One may include three kings
Official records
Chinese zodiac critter
Hit in a box
Cartoonist Browne
Party store stock
British bishops topper
Conservatory exercise
Strength, in a 1984 slogan
Gas that glows when condensed
Connected on LinkedIn, say
Family guys
Player of singles
Rodeo competitor
Scary Movie actress Cheri
Correspond, in a way
TY may follow it
Goes off
Like many American workplaces
Pet store sound
1953 John Wayne film
In the way
The Italians call it Mongibello
Pushes (for)
Classic sports cars
Tilters milieu
Eau de vie counterpart
Magicians directive
Asian beef source
Constitution bigwigs
Some Gen Z-ers
Prefix with gram
Maker of the Mighty Dump
Cluster of sunflowers
Disney CEO since 2005
Angling need
Freshwater fish
She, in Madrid
Persia, today
Rocker ____ Young
Rope loop
Saw socially
Most cherished
School org.
Like a painter
Norways capital
Indias neighbor
Bread choice
TV series installment
Fictional clownfish
Johnny ____ of Finding Neverland
Extend a subscription
Ran in neutral
Ships bottom
Make joyful
Yours and mine
Or ____!
Taste or smell
EMTs word
Sparrow, e.g.
Opera song
Oceans fluid (2 wds.)
Scornful expression
Oodles (2 wds.)
Join in
Take off
Green fruits
Male parents
Flat bread
____ moments notice (2 wds.)
Forest plant
Knights title
Tax org.
Robertos two
Space station worker
Stage drama
Musical sound
Bakery employee
Sewing item
Call forth
Discussion group
Small landmasses
Current fashion
Office notes
Make arrangements
Household animals
Poet ____ Pound
Sunset direction
Low grade
Two halves of short Greek aristocrat
Dubious nugget I cooked with cod fat
Wacky small party for eight, perhaps
Roof-tops free energy plugged by Government
Doctor dating honest man finally making a little time for love
Dear Claude meets expectations, somewhat contrarily
Testing hearts – jack, maybe ten
Limp is what limits Dorothy, nursing bad back
Hard work expands support for flower business, as discussed elsewhere
Easy way to load baps, piled high
Will Ss partner put back natural colour?
Army misfit finally wears dress where theres no-one around
In gym class, repeated exercises by good pupil
Waterproof the best item of clothing to display biceps?
Have trouble breathing when doctors round
Character left on water taxi after landing here?
Women in a fix try to find water
Did test engineer need to cover up giant screen?
Like the police, being rude?
Wits witter wicked whist whizz?
Ex-husband following Jesus stuck with new master
Matted thatch needing clods raked out
Maybe all those enjoying Plath toy with her despair
With poise and short of time, agent goes about his business
Come up with ready slogan for oil nimbies?
Bloom for one with yellow look externally
Extra-loud curly style conservationists insult
What might identify an Irishmans last work?
Multiply decimal
Lose cool picture
Glowing coal
Vast crowd
Formal agreement
Trade stoppage
Five-cent US coin
Yellow-skinned fruit
Short period of rain
A smaller amount
Take hold of
East German runner who was womens 400m champion at the 1980 Olympics
Former American Davis Cup tennis player who reached the Wimbledon semifinals in 1974
TV series created by Phil Redmond in 1978
See 41
A book of the Apocrypha said to have been written by a disciple of Jeremiah
1981 follow-up to the film The Rocky Horror Picture Show, written by Richard OBrien and Jim Sharman
Gary ___, former Scottish international footballer appointed manager of Queen of the South in 2016
Island in the Firth of Clyde whose chief town is Rothesay
Marina ___, German skier who won a gold medal in the womens downhill at the 1988 Olympics in Calgary
1975 musical, with music by Marvin Hamlisch, centred on seventeen dancers auditioning for a Broadway show
A Shiah sect whose adherents believe that the eldest son of the sixth imam was the rightful seventh imam
English actress partnered with Vincent Simone in Series 8 of Strictly Come Dancing
Childrens TV series, based on picture books by Rodney Peppé, narrated by Martin Jarvis
Standard monetary and currency unit of Switzerland and Liechtenstein
English actress who played Fleur in the 1967 BBC TV adaptation of John Galsworthys The Forsyte Saga
Primo ___, Italian former World Heavyweight Boxing Champion nicknamed the Ambling Alp
Actress who made her film debut in The Outlaw
1979 single by the Commodores that was their last big hit before Lionel Richie went solo
First name of Will Smiths wife since 1997
Song that provided UK hits for both Guy Mitchell and Tommy Steele in 1957
English actress who played Wendy Woods in the 1987 film Cry Freedom
Administrative district in Karnataka, India, also known by its anglicised former name of Coorg
A run not scored off the bat in cricket
Swiss cyclist who won the 1951 Tour de France
Creatures of the family Phasmidae that resemble twigs
Percussion instrument consisting of a single drumhead of skin stretched over a circular wooden frame hung with pairs of metal discs
Magician, escapologist and stunt performer born Erik Weisz
A housing for a ships compass
Implement used for mixing colours, cooking ingredients, etc
The god of mischief and destruction in Norse mythology
1939 play by Lillian Hellman whose title comes from the Song of Solomon in the King James version of the Bible
The seventh album by Everything but the Girl, released in 1992
Fish also called bummalo
2011 video game that is the fifth instalment in The Elder Scrolls series
Alexander ___, statesman whose reforms as first secretary of the Czechoslovak Communist Party prompted the Russian occupation
American intellectual and essayist whose works include Against Interpretation and On Photography
Historical region in southern Europe also called lo País dÒc
Fragrant resin obtained from tropical trees, such as those of the family Burseraceae
A white poisonous crystalline powder used as an insecticide, weedkiller, and, in low concentrations, in treating scabies
The common bird Parus caeruleus
The simplest alkane and the main constituent of natural gas
Salt found naturally as chalcanthite
The specific name of modern man
Song originally written for the 1970 film Lovers and Other Strangers that was a hit single for the Carpenters
Soccer player who won 112 caps for the USA and had spells at Rangers, Sunderland and Manchester City
The first man to hold both the 100 metres and 200 metres world records since fully automatic time measurements became mandatory in 1977
Genre that originated in Chicago in the early 1980s represented by songs such as Steve Silk Hurleys Jack Your Body
Horse narrowly beaten by Red Rum in the 1973 Grand National
1976 film starring Margaux and Mariel Hemingway
Laurent ___, French former racing cyclist who is one of only five riders to win the points classification in all three grand tours
Soldiers serving with the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps in World War I
The head of certain autonomous Orthodox Christian Churches, such as that of Bulgaria and Cyprus
Vasco da ___, Portuguese navigator who discovered the sea route from Portugal to India around the Cape of Good Hope
Gearwheel tooth
Baby elephant
Bar bills
Coffee vessel
— about (circa)
Salty expanse
Chills and fever
— avis
Drivers aid
Superlative suffix
Protractor measure
Actress Lucy
See ya!
Old salts
The Bells author
Sea, to Henri
Periodical, for short
Belt holders
Summer cooler
Alice waitress
Fortress on the Thames
Pearl Harbor site
Stage show
Docs bloc
Give temporarily
Use a ray gun
Bygone jets
Talks nonstop
Sandwich cookie
Chew (on)
Sandpaper type
Uneasy feeling
Towel material
Jai —
Hoedown site
Unforeseen problem
Vichy water
$ dispenser
Scots denial
Spikes warning
Shrill bark
Type measures
Magnificent array
Ruin the veneer
British insurer
Be on either side of
Rowboat needs
Dog bane
Actor Epps
Swift horses
Dont Cry for Me singer
From the area
Writer Brookner
Moved slowly
Oxford VIP
Stage signal
Danson of The Good Place
Writer Susan
Keats, for one
Crunchy veggie
Ready to go
Party worker
Log chopper
Tough wood
Sand substance
Snowboarder White
Some surreal art
Ham it up
Work byproduct
Less common
Broad way
Nevada neighbor
Clint Eastwood film
Friend of Harry and Hermione
Like lemon juice
Conducting needs
Informal talk
Peter Fonda film
Back muscle
Flamenco cry
Popular nut
Fuel gas
Movie ad
Fills parts
Eastern monk
Much of N. Amer.
Hoop attachment
By and by
Return of the Jedi creature
Miss by __
Hit the sauce
Writer Runyon
Type of western
Florida resort
Guitar Town singer Steve
Showed off
Matisse or Rousseau
Painter Mondrian
Paint poorly
Barrel slat
Sickeningly sentimental
Its A Wonderful Life director
MacLachlan of Twin Peaks
Vast expanse
Get ready for battle again
Humidor items
Pompous and showy
Madonna role
Slow, musically
The I in ICBM
Prickly pear
Dizzying pictures
Before, to Byron
Director Preminger
The K of RKO
Simenons detective
Capital of Togo
Author Bagnold
Greek counterpart of Juno
Moist droplets
Mother of the Valkyries
Japanese novelist Mishima
Daredevil Knievel
Nerve network
Middle of Caesars saying
Zamenhofs language
Influential person
Where the Mets played
Leave orbit
__ Lanka
First Lady of the Screen Shearer
Female relative
Rose oil
Clintons attorney general
Night spot?
Gas used in balloons
Capital of Cuba
Female ox
Portuguese currency unit
Its built by a spider
Ungenerous behaviour
Spanish music
Dam-building animal
Late meal
French cheese
Measure of medicine
Fruit for nippers?
Extremely short park official an unfamiliar figure
Uncommon and not at all well done
American tug
Upset if such a bloomer is revealed
Islanders upset by nice pirates
They fly although they are powerless to do so
A dish from the Wild West?
Dig in the dirt for food
Inexperienced with cunning garden pests
Do what chickens do with old soap?
Girl rebuilding yacht
Opposed to profit in a way
Seaweed in the National Gallery
A girl sounds pleased about followers
The world has a change of heart
Railway covered with cubes of frozen carbon dioxide
Water regulators producing fury in pubs
Mean attempt to follow friend
Land transformed into sea
Exclude fresh bread
Marine creatures ignoring hot land
Clothing found in Durham river
Casual girlfriends tend to go out at night with flighty types
Caution butcher for selling lots
Couple of pirates set off
Cut in credit for middleman would make you sick
Cuts a rough diamond perhaps and is investigated for online fraud
Decides to use toads swimming around top of pool
Derbyshire rejects heresy by Swift
Devotedly missing love from cuddly one
Educationalist retires in impoverishment
Find oneself up the creek, acres from where the stock can be found?
First opening scene mixed-up by those defining the parameters around The Gate
French occupation of Libya starts with double cross
Gem dealer confused over whats on top of moonstone
Grounds for listing airports near decisive summits
Harbour around Point – God knows where that is!
Has no home in Sheikdom and thats a record
Ill at ease at a wake? You wont relax if you do that!
In a slavish way, Liberia originally provided the song for America?
In spite of piano stool lacking a lot
It holds the line around park to ward off intruders
Its going to be tight in new Dart
Old newspaper raised the issue of responsibility
One of those things from church roof
Part of The House reveals everything targeted by those flighty types in the travel industry
Place for raising some of the quintuplets
Place of honour perhaps for Patricks equivalent in Wales
Points finger at current clubs taking drugs
Recognise cream is not in date
Relative welcomes finish by forward
Rendezvous with trains coming off main street
Roots of old revolutionary Rising
Serving a university thats plainly on the rise
Sobers up giving a miss to pub for wine lovers
Superpower provides key to Crimea suffering
Taoiseach content with the natural border between Ireland and Britain, for example
Tasteless plot – youd expect to get better if you were in it?
Throw into bottle or pot?
Type of network for gangster and those folks with nothing scheduled in Montes Alpes, for instance
Consider the … of the field, how they grow (Bible)
Abnormal sac containing fluid
Alarmed, fearful
Ancient two-handled jars
Bowl-shaped strainer
Catastrophe, tragedy
Clumsy and ungraceful
Cuts open and takes apart
Dull persistent pain
Fish hawks
Freshwater mammals
Giving way
Gustav …, Austrian composer
Imaginary horses
Its red on the Welsh flag
Making a mistake
Metric weight
Notebook for rough notes
One side in a game
Part of a plant that contains pollen
Physical or mental power
Postmortem examination
Prosperous, wealthy
Rubber for removing marks
Somewhat hungry
Strip cut by a scythe
Strong black coffee
Substance found in potatoes and cereals
Thin, clear soup
Trees of Lebanon
Unknown or unspecified amount or number
We offer a hundred thousand of them
Egyptian paper reed
Bad headache
Strike or work to rule
Restaurant worker
— Khayyam, poet
Not alive
Area around a cathedral or church
Something accomplished; heraldic shield
Flammable gas
Occur at the same point
BBC summer concert
Designed for living in
Not assignable to a particular cause
Person who leads or inspires
Abominable snowman
Fragrant tree or shrub
Type of car
Ancient trade route to China
Support; object used on stage
Head of a US state
The passage of boats on rivers, lakes or canals
Afternoon nap
Stage sets
Royal son
Simplified language
Fruit; rude sound
Give (a house) a good going over
Average; unkind
Relating to the rules of language
Mutually exclusive
From the late Stone Age
Test setter
Being from outer space
Fast-moving stream
Chart of the year
Lack of religious faith
Royal residence
Average in amount
Greeting; undulation
Illegal drug
Marine crustacean
Famous French cathedral city
Look at thoughtfully
Aircraft’s tracking device
Attention-grabbing behaviour
Young woman entering society
Situation offering no way forward
Forceful, passionate
Base frame
Uncontrolled excitement
Signal for (a taxi)
Nobel-winning physicist
Savoury jelly
Free (someone of something)
Republic’s head
Italian city
Resist; disapprove of
Occur as a result
Supernatural creature
Clean with abrasive
Greek physicist
Artificially stimulated
Beginning to develop
Caught sight of
Show disapproval
Indian currency
Physicist; temperature scale
Nobel-winning physicist
Stamped; moved
Involving much effort
Aromatic resin
Church official; tree
Japanese drama
Backed pound like this economist
Group of Scouts put on uniform for assembly
Stay in contention with endlessly enthusiastic whippersnapper
Unfairly achieve desired results on woodwork placement scheme?
Skimpy costume a greatcoat conceals
Broadcast for church service
Points for attention if holding company changes direction
What’s techy up to, struggling to input data quickly?
Capital street parking wholly in front of shopping centre
Chance event in which criminal traps one lot of detectives and headless coppers
A universal god: that nameless thing with unknown power
Deacon is excited to become a bishop
Urge that man to chase wife
Film Queen Elizabeth II?
Pass round semi cooked goose
Let out advance payment to shrink
Heard course of travel cut short, not having a spanner under one’s car?
Monster? Er. . . Run in the opposite direction!
Audible row avoided: a source of visible upset
Joiner placing typical suburban house by cut-off settlement
Police fine deceitful son brought to court
Encourage users with ear twists
Old king’s private, large hotel for taking in Olympics?
WC Fields’s first turns as comedian
Potentially dangerous competition that sounds like a charity fun run!
Woman’s pro-European statement?
Smash hit at concert hall to arrive at club
Now end is in sight for inequality at last
Inactivity that may follow love-in
A little laughter observed about bishop in yesterday’s news
Mark a short distance in front of a large animal
After lie, briefly show true colours
Stew over answer to a contentious question
Drawing with help from supporter, keeping client involved
Regularly fall over some ice
Feast loudly with salsa dancing
In favour of miscellaneous couple going topless with me and others?
Arrive in the nick of time and make the grade all right!
Europeans holding positive vote retained something like CAP
Children’s game that may hint at golf?
Pave the way for power with revolutionary decree
Caught in fight after turning up for boozy event
Top year rearing horse, the largest animal of its kind
Two different rings encircling first moon of Jupiter
Red-light woman?
Artist to become held up by unexpected gift
Powerful leader celebrity’s half upset
Forge bars or girders, primarily, yielding this metal in different form?
Piece of rigging from sea holiday?
Series of trees
Great success due to Republican’s New Model Army
Canteen dining attendant clearing out last of scampi with courage
Presenter entertaining me with gag in the final stage
I don’t like that second husband coming in back door in nonslip footwear
Kit’s packaging lays prepared for future skipper, perhaps
Improved aim, seizing opportunity after dismissing opener
Fancy a fruit Tango opened by servants
Fellow accepting National Trust’s role of responsibility
Live current activated signal
Hotels in opposite directions
Nose cone briefly splitting and breaking in next to no time!
Hit for army band?
Crust and bacon rasher together in foil cover?
What was injurious to ‘Ancock?
Dutch American expats may
Extensive supporting cast
Some gathered plane tickets for out-of-this-world destination
Carries out hit-and-run attack: the main details
Gym miles to the west of ruined Welsh castle
Method of cooking cabbage that’s caught on
Prophet’s book, as prepared for a Mass
Public’s tune did best
Backed party, of course?
Knocking shop people ultimately thought to stop visiting repeatedly
Mysterious girl with hat, cape and lamp
Sub for Palermo finally delivered up ball with cross
Sometime earlier in the day, first of semi finals?
Dictionary one lacking interest, not quite as complex?
Road turned north past a delta — and so did railroad
A natural habitat, maybe, different from new zoo, etc
Expert in tongue disease joining hospital department
One can serve starters: seasonal food?
Online dealer; as announced
Legendary runner outwitted ace in Olympic venue
Large green stone beneath a plant
Legend in game, but not going down a treat in Milan?
Have fewer computers to manage
Which you need a head for?
Plain white robe assumed by Roman boy coming of age
I shout approval
Over there. More than half realistic
Violenter occidere, obtruncare
Haud, nullo modo
Let him listen (pres subjunctive)
A woman scorned? (ppp sperno -ere)
I celebrate with an egg!
Exturbare, agere aliquem a patria
Shift that out, or I buy?
In all other respects; “ego ____ laetus hoc uno torqueor”
We have sprung up (deponent)
Evidence of physical atoms: (statues’ hands worn away) by the touch of frequent worshippers: saepe salutantum ____ (Lucr. 1.318)
Weight, seriousness (abl)
Laedit, polluit, contaminat
Defendants are in houses
We all love Latin: omnes amore linguae ____ afficimur
Dessert at another table?
Caro me servat, stirred to strike camp
Something smooth, refined, polished
Caelestes obsecro
Bees surround 99 peaks
You’re wrong, not on the right track
Let him go (to lunch?)
Big blue
Boléro trio
Count on me!
I think and __ to several subjects: Shak
Je désapprouve
A quarter from now
A.A. Milne served in it
About 10 minutes of silents
About 4.2 millimeters
Avengers common accessory
Cast piece
Cast piece
Circle of action
Common ending meaning prosperity
Course in mythology
Cursed royal, possibly
Deans scene
Deity wearing a rayed crown
Entertainment named for their original sponsors
Fashion derived from a rock subculture
Find irrevocably
Flips, for instance
For which venom is a metaphor
Galapagos sunbather
Good with devices
Goodyear Airdock locale
Gorges are carved over them
Grammar police, for instance
Having locked up
Hiking obstacle
Holders of musical saws
It ends up as lead
It may be self-directed
Its between Suffolk and Kent
Kettle Corn __ (2018 yellow-and-white debut)
Lead-in to radio silence
Managing without, at last
Mouth off, maybe
Not candid
Noticing things
Nursery supply
One making a grand exit?
Pretend one is 1?
Princess Margaret Stakes venue
Provider of Wimbledon coverage
Region of Cabernet Franc
Sacred objects, from the Ojibwa
Send elsewhere, in a way
Senior in Williams English class
Smithsonian GeoGallery specimens
Some stamp-pad inkers
Spinning center
Spiraling hieroglyphs
Stag counterpart
Take in
They may carry a lot of weight
Theyre fantastic
Toads, to 1 Across
Wash as a prospector might
Water in Floridas state song
Where Washington was first inaugurated
Without __
__ go
Crime novelist Christie
The Crimson Tide, for short
Gentle knock
Anyway, afterward …
Baldwin of The Boss Baby
___ had it!
Possess, in court
Sch. near Harvard
Unmortgaged, in court
Right back ___!
Halloween costume hair
Prefix with potent
Oompa ___
Hannibal Lecters bean type
Accurate, in court
Getting-in-shape aid?
Pronoun in a 2016 slogan
Stop, in court
Midmonth date
Two-time Super Bowl champion Samuel
Pretty please?
Smoggy city meas.
DUrberville girl
Everything, in court
Actress Lucy
Obedience, in court
And so on, briefly
Industry mogul
About 60 percent of humans
___ choy
Text message status
Pleasure boats
Cigar residue
Indian tourist spot
Off-road transport, briefly
Lady Gagas debut album
Catch wind of
Diarist Frank
Religion founded in Persia
As a companion
Back in Black rockers
Doc Browns DeLorean, for one
Type of lab dish
Morning grass cover
Utah ski resort
How fortunate!
Out of style
Pays to play
Painter Kahlo
Setting for many Van Goghs
Anti-trafficking org.
Fareed Zakarias network
Anxious condition, briefly
Tries out
Ways to go: Abbr.
1998 Sarah McLachlan hit
Biblical spy
Justice Samuel
Nile dam city
Ice cream quantity
Quaint hotel
MLB semifinal
Mental fog
Omaha Beach assault time
Parks on a bus
Well, lah-di-___!
Tolkien tree creature
News feed inits.
New Mexico’s Cerro Pedernal, for one
Bus map indication
Recharges one’s batteries
Person of Paisley
Bitterly sarcastic
Kate Middleton’s sis
Suffer public humiliation
Centerpiece of King Midas’s Thanksgiving feast?
Purplish stationery?
Dietary restriction
Really, Holmes, you are a little trying at times’ speaker
Clean copy
Light racing boats
Pair in an ellipse
Alfresco art
Colt in a canyon?
Superior, compared to Ontario?
Martinique mate
Amazon biz
Composer Stravinsky
1999 Nas album
Salon acquisitions
Paths of punts
Golf legend Walter
Poet on Italy’s two-euro coins
Mask features
Doctor’s listing of serious wounds?
Prefix with fauna or culture
Pipe down!
___ Lingus
Irksome flyers?
Rage Against the Machine specialty
Thin as ___
Speaks croakily
On this spot
Galatea of the Spheres’ artist
Minor quibble
Assorted stuff: Abbr.
Assets for inventors
Jeong of ‘The Hangover
Puts one’s chowder in the pot?
Survey of the kids?
Bat-making machines
Pen plaint
Legal scholar Sunstein
Chatty starlings
Timber wolf
Can’t abide
Leader buried in Santa Ifigenia Cemetery
Features of Ziggy Stardust’s Easter eggs?
Challenge for a cleaning woman?
Bring to the ground
Hold forth
City about 36 miles north of Cologne
Breaks ground
Home of Iowa State
Irene of ‘Zorba the Greek
Head in Haiti
Should that be the case…
Traveling trio
Bus. sch. study
Tree of the Cascades
Made sense
Respectful salutation
Toll rd.
Some auditions
Dividend, e.g.
Counts’ counterparts
Sportscast snippet
Worry about
Tarot deck suit
Lunchbox treat
Gull’s cousin
Finishing stroke
Ed Norton’s wife
Hoosier State hoopster
Uncomplaining bunch
Joey of *NSYNC
Soap brand since 1926
Perform lutzes and axels
Boarding site
Yalta Conference attendee
Number on a black ball
Ret. prof’s title
Product of clay compaction
Ranch crew
Antique store proviso
Carpe ___!
Comparable to a beet
Heroides’ poet
Irving title character
View with astonishment
Big name in network hardware
The Jets, e.g.
Met pieces
Offer of assistance
Mill materials
Low part
Gives a new look to
Smart guy
Clickable text
Arrogant attitude
Place that may suit you
Dashes off
Looks good on
Untrustworthy sorts
James Joyce novel
It means ‘fire bowl’ in Japanese
Smallest nation in the European Union
Claim against property
Tourist destination of Uttar Pradesh
Exploding cigar sound
Visibility lessener
Thunder sound
Hook helper
Till stack
Mexican money
Important time
Action word
Black cat shows energy
Bring forth
British tennis star we notice coming in
Call up woman to receive approval
Crazy (informal)
Crazy Ivan too gets warm reception
Cruel person
Disdainful look
Disturb broken lunettes
Doctor sees distressed duke bandaged
Dress pie after cooking and break up
Endless complaint from garden visitor
English story sent up to delight
Expert flyer to trap rook and land
Female among fishermen
Feminine pronoun
Field measure
Four-winged insect
Goes on board
Lower rank includes English cricket side
Mad criminal robs Ken
Make ecstatic
Moving about meant carrying correct change
Ms Baker unfortunately joins ship
News boss after party gets walloped
One in selling gives rant
Prophet pens new insult
Read out challenge
Rebound after impact
Reduces as written in orders
Rodent grabs seconds for pudding
Send down
So-called fat Mr Checker?
Spread out
Steam room
Sun article about a session in spa
Sustained applause
Team with pace to avoid tackles
Walk through water
Whipped dessert
Who boasts a disturbed heart?
Word from ever-beloved
And others, in a bibliography
The Conners network
The Lord Is My Shepherd is one
West Side Story heroine
What, me worry? magazine
___ Girls (Gene Kelly movie)
Almost every play, in arena football
Arboretum feature
Ballet finales
Before the bell
Blast furnace input
Canned meat popular in Hawaii
Cause of skids, in winter
Chris Bermans channel
Comics menace
Consequence of a beaning
Conspirators plan
Crosses to bear
Dairy cows casual top?
Distressed jeans fabric
Drink followed by a chaser, often
Editors reversals
Erroll Garner classic
Fathom or furlong
Fruit in duck sauce
Gamblers opponent, at a casino
Gender-neutral pronoun
Give the heave-ho to
Glossy cotton fabric
Goods in a Christmas decorations heist?
Greeting card feature, often
Gridder-turned-actor Merlin
Ham, to Noah
Hard to rattle
Home plate, slangily
IBM-compatible PC of yore
Imitative, in a silly way
Indonesian vacation isle
Iron-fisted ruler
Jungfraus range
Like a tarp, when not in use
Macbeths burial isle
Makes a patsy of
Misanthropes emotion
Morsel in a deviled egg
Mythical meanies
One chip, perhaps
One in a smoke-filled room, for short
Performed superbly
Piece of rock concert gear
Place for an ICBM
Place for spackle
Plagiarized No. 1 song?
Plain of Jars land
Port southwest of Algiers
Ranking Ottoman
Ready to be served
Said No contest, say
Sailors saint
Satyric stare
Sauce with gnocchi
Saxophonist Getz
Server of Duff beer
Shade similar to buff
Shells, but not linguini
Socialite Paris alien cousins?
Soil containing humus
Taylor of American Crime
Tithers percentage
To any extent
Took under ones wing
Trebek or Sajak
Type in all caps, online
Warmed up for the headliner
Weaken, as support
Wear a long puss
Wine from Moscato bianco grapes
Groups of connected pages on the World Wide Web
Was contrite about
Crave something belonging to someone else
Measure of noise intensity
Hair styling device
Geometrician of the 3rd century BC
Japanese religion
Corrupt males (anag) French author
Male deer
Members of a male religious order
Texas city linked to a 1993 siege and massacre
Camp out
Brains news
Relating to a densely populated area
Erroneous belief
Hot chilli pepper connects both (anag)
More unpleasant
Eight-legged creature
Electronic detection system
Town on the north shore of the Mersey
The second book of the Old Testament
Predatory seabird also known as a jaeger
Ohios capital city
Pacific 2 separating Sakhalin from mainland Asia
A resident of Tashkent?
The __, 2 separating the mainland Scotland from Lewis and Harris
2 separating Cuba and Mexico
2 separating mainland South America and Tierra del Fuego
The __, 2016 film starring Idris Elba, released in the UK as Bastille Day
2 separating Siberia and Alaska
The Russian currency
2 separating New Zealands North and South Islands
A narrow passage of water connecting two seas
An element, a god or a planet?
A tool used by fire and rescue service for forcible entry
2 separating Oman and Iran
South African trumpet made popular (if thats the word) during the 2010 World Cup
Style of language in which Mr Collins wished to inform Elizabeth Bennet of the violence of his affection?
Whither Hamlet would have Ophelia go?
Beach in Dorset
Tidal 2 separating New Jersey from Staten Island
Irish county in Connacht
See 18
Waterproof garment from a popular company grabbed by scoundrel
Father with ring left in charge of light-hearted activity
Teacher ill, cocoa spoiling pastry
Woman, small, I have found to be avoiding the issue
Old equipment used by a male ” one with Japanese art
Not plural, its strange
One bit returned with a bone
Restaurant customer making noise with hesitation
Mediocre male being lazy about dressing initially
Something done about university sale
Young Scout ” one about to be found beside the French booth
Swindle involving secret batch of cards
Condescend to include second plan
Vehicle ” Conservative arrives with one ahead of time
Bat noise
Segregation to a lion is difficult
Fashionable popular guy initially chilling
A conflict with egghead, not ignorant
Proof of purchase provided by creep, it turned out
Beast of burden left with the French mother
Character I nag to pick up garment
Having eaten dove, rude eccentric
Limping Northern man having mourned
Bachelor with one Cockney mate supplying porcelain
Made progress in Lent
Ringleader, ill, finding barrier
Marine crustacean Rob lets out
Interrupt public speaker with word of annoyance before the French
Sticks held by American escorts
Drink companies first to advertise