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Crosswords Buzz Answers 2018-12-9

When I was your ___ . . .
At the summit of
The Green Hornet’s sidekick
Candle-making substance
Word-guessing game in which certain words can’t be used in your clues
Running ___ (going wild)
It would help when guessing tomorrow’s lottery numbers: Abbr.
Sigourney Weaver sci-fi film of 1979
ABC World ___ Tonight With David Muir
Coal Miner’s Daughter singer with a cookbook titled You’re Cookin’ It Country: 2 wds.
Trio of kings in a nativity scene
Kaitlin Olson’s role on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Two of a kind
Supreme Court justice Sotomayor
If I ___ the Circus (Dr. Seuss book)
A Good Man singer who wrote Mother Maybelle’s Cookbook: 3 wds.
Lisa Simpson to Bart
Number that resembles an upright infinity symbol
Birthstone that’s often milky white
No longer young
Shall I pour you ___ of tea?: 2 wds.
9 to 5 singer with a Dixie Fixin’s cookbook: 2 wds.
1960s rock star Hendrix
___ room (personal space)
Close like a wet suit
Tel ___ (city in Israel)
Tortilla chip dip
Bird that can reach six feet tall
___ out (apportion)
Come from ___ and far
Perch for a ventriloquist’s dummy sometimes
Total amazement
Electric cars don’t use it
Describes in a way that makes sense
Company that was hit hard by the video-game crash of 1983
Word that can follow fairy or folk
In memoriam write-up for short
Gwendolyn Brooks or Robert Frost for example
I Love It rapper West
Word that closes a prayer
Small-___ life
Gives permission for
Counting calories: 3 wds.
Type of beast who’s the main villain in The Spiderwick Chronicles
King ___ (Shakespeare play)
Hawaiian island separated from Oahu by Molokai
Comfy outfits at a sleepover for short
Accepted a marriage proposal: 2 wds.
To the ___ degree (without limit)
Damsel with very long hair featured in Tangled
Without delay: Abbr.
Red Wings and Blue Jackets group: Abbr.
___ phone (landline alternative)
2017 Pixar film with an all-Latino cast
Popeye’s love interest ___ Oyl
Fighting on a battlefield: 2 wds.
Word that can follow crash or swan
Decide not to include
Decide in advance
___-bodied (physically competent)
___ Diaz (Brooklyn Nine-Nine detective played by Stephanie Beatriz)
Spread made by Smucker’s
___ little confused (Can you explain?): 2 wds.
window shutter
given permission
intense happiness
given to speaking untruths
fast talker
where Elvis rocked in 1957
semiprecious stone
Cranky baby’s need
Inspector Gadget’ antagonist
Starbuck’s order giver
Brown ___
Best seller subtitled ‘The Grammarphobe’s Guide to Better English in Plain English
Pomme de ___ (French for ‘potato’)
Part (of)
Part of U.C.S.F.
Cryptid of the 91-Across
Cordial relations
Gave two big thumbs down
Cryptid of the 115-Across
Kids’ TV character who speaks in a falsetto
Adler in Sherlock Holmes stories
Freshly painted
Talk like one smitten
Singer Del Rey
Cabinet selection?
When crepuscular animals are active
Cryptid of 105-Across
Jersey and others
Asian territory in Risk
Surgically remove
Inventor Otis
Am not!’ rejoinder
Smallish batteries
With 68- and 74-Across, J. K. Rowling’s first screenplay, with a hint to three pairs of answers in this puzzle
Indulges in to an unhealthy degree, briefly
See 62-Across
Of service
___ bleu!
See 62-Across
Northeast state sch.
Meas. in a T.S.A. carry-on rule
Failed the class
Perfumery oil
Barbie’s strawberry blond sister
Kingston bro
Real Madrid vis-à-vis F.C. Barcelona
Creation after the Indian and Eurasian plates collided
Total hunk
Tape or patch
Happy Birthday’ writer, maybe
It’s not your fault
___ rap (music subgenre)
Word before and after ‘say
Penne ___ vodka
It borders Iceland’s eastern coast
Event not intended to be repeated
Bricklayer’s tool
Weather-controlling ‘X-Men’ character
Gaelic’s home
One with a backstage pass
Fast time
Sort with a stiff upper lip
Capital of Kazakhstan
Squeeze (out)
… ___ they say
Cupboard with open shelves at the top
What old army buddies might discuss
Far out!
Like Bob Dylan’s voice
Remember the ___!
Medical discovery of 1928
___ Johnson a.k.a. The Rock
Corp. mogul
2007 #1 Alicia Keys album
Narrow down
In a perfect world
African grassland
Cent : U.S. :: ___ : Sweden
Return letters?
Blue Book value decreaser
Housewives and househusbands
Voice-activated device since 2014
Nota ___
Mother of the Virgin Mary
Be beholden to
Like a top-rated Michelin restaurant
Junior in the Football Hall of Fame
Real: Ger.
Shad delicacy
Gumbo ingredient
Playwright Chekhov
Feudal domain
Actress Fisher
Person who’s happy to go bust?
___ Ski Valley
Repair, as a metal joint
Certain product of pyrolysis
Classic Chrysler
Highway gunk
Silent communication, for short
The golden rule, e.g.
Italian wine town
Carries away
Nursery rhyme seat
Motor ___
It can come in rolls
Like chemotherapy drugs
Adaptable sorts
Big things for megalomaniacs
Telephone buttons that lack letters
Acts like a helicopter parent to
Massimo who wrote ‘The Goodbye Kiss
Adding and subtracting
Until now
Opus ___
Make wealthy
Robert who pioneered in electronic music
And if I don’t?
Poughkeepsie campus
Value system
From Swansea, say
Eleniak of ‘Baywatch
Capital on the same parallel as Seward, Alaska
Original Beatle Sutcliffe
Having many fans … or needing a fan?
Bit of forensic data
See 22
Low-altitude communications satellite launched by the US in 1962
1995 biopic starring Leonardo DiCaprio and David Thewlis as Arthur Rimbaud and Paul Verlaine
Rugby union flanker; 1985 France Test debutant against Argentina
Capital of the Sultanate of Oman
Roman goddess of agriculture
Dave , author of 2013 novel The Circle
Island in Indonesia; capital Denpasar
See 10
See 9
The , 1986 novel by Mary Wesley
Market town in Lincolnshire noted for its annual Flower Festival
Pair of short cloth gaiters covering the instep and ankle
Mike , actor who played the title role in films Waynes World and Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
Thomas , English economist who authored 1798s An Essay on the Principle of Population
In weaving, yarn woven across the width of a fabric
1957 novel by Nevil Shute
1990 film thriller starring Kiefer Sutherland and Julia Roberts
Egyptian god of music and pleasure
Tony , snooker player; 1989 British Open tournament winner
1949 film drama starring Kirk Douglas and Marilyn Maxwell
North American freshwater fish such as the white
Ruth , Secretary of State for Education and Skills from 2004-06
1971 film thriller starring Jane Fonda and Donald Sutherland
River forming part of the border between Azerbaijan and Iran
Part of the hand
Line of people
Drinking vessels
Heavenly messenger
Set of ideas to explain something
Shed tears
Make less heavy or burdensome
Unfavourable circumstance
Threshing implement
Following in time
This place
Railway engine
Reward, remuneration
Store of weapons
Intense pain
Abandon at the beach
Notice blemish
Shape of cricket in London?
Strange dearth of yarn
Rage about clothing
German boy is happy
Leaf-chewing creature
Dog returned to supreme being
Wonder inside drawer
Choose to veto, possibly
Expensive-sounding animal
Ours turned bitter
Complain of grand plan to hide love
Fish with a musical tail
Secures site poorly
Get gun out a bit
Instrument to fix stair
Unusual not to be well done
Venetian prince has daughter to avoid
Long story about a gas
Promise to put pressure on sill
Tried working, exhausted
Final use of salt
Nothing but affection
Lower terribly crude note
Tessa returned something valuable
Instrument using argon
West and East combine in dessert
God of the roses
Called for a step
Sewing material
Ruminant mammal
Game bird
Musical ending
Small lump
Indian ‘guitar
Seldom seen
Prose narrative
Thing of value
Body part
Greek Cupid
Ladder part
Purse band
Fraziers foe
Regal topper
Slangy film
Play taps
Had ham
Turn right!
Kitchen gadgets
Leered at
Beat walker
Out of range
Is sick
Seek advice
Printer supply
Set on a peg
Pig abode
____ Canto
Marine plant
Mambos kin
____ a living!
Jewelers glass
Leg hinges
Jar rim
Having handles
Does beau
Mosaic square
We ____ Family
Macaw, e.g.
True to fact
Bakery gizmo
Female monarch
Rovers trick
Witchs hex
Eggy drinks
____ of the Apostles
Agenda part
A mustelid
European peak
Aerie chick
Narrow path
Dales kin
Lead on
Gets hitched
Rowboat need
Form of communication
The Secret ___ (1911 novel)
Type of pasta
Pontificates like Isocrates
Docking site
Double daggers
Red State grp.
8 for O, e.g.
M*A*S*H actor
Like bachelor parties
Autumn color
Tea party host
Pie company exec?
Bad brunch review?
Find new quarters for
Winter fall
Film units
Michelangelo masterpiece
MSN competitor
Cooking fat
Guadalajara girls
Neighborhood with meat purveyors?
Air freshener scent
Performed, in Shakespeare
How surprise party guests should arrive
Yours, in Tours
Doc bloc
Momo author Michael
ATM code you rotate regularly?
FICA benefit
Unit in Ohms Law
Costa del __
Female antelope
Looked lecherously
Suffix meaning living substance
Not yet on the sched.
Like many churches
Adaptable truck, for short
Barbershop parts
Batman and the Boy Wonder, e.g.
Thief at a fertility clinic?
AA and AAA, e.g.
Takes from a deck
Do Ya rock gp.
I see
Starry-eyed agreement, often
Area below the abdomen
Leslie of Gigi
Holders of roasts
Nasty group of directors?
Like Dennis the Menace
Part of Q.E.D.
Bit of baby talk
Leg bone
Old will?
Work (out)
Stadium for a boxing match?
Journalists covering a spicy story?
Wood preservatives
Farm refrain
Spocks father
Firm employees: Abbr.
Bone on a menu
Some NCOs
Time at the inn
Cleopatra killer
Choreographer Twyla
Without delay, as payment
Advil target
MLB scoreboard abbr.
Homes built indoors
Like a flimsy excuse
Backstage theater workers
An MRI may reveal a torn one
Fiddler on the Roof setting
Bind, in a way
Asian sea
Mil. bigwigs
As a result of this
Chinese currency
Modern address
Commonly used saws
Gullible sort
Cut out
You lose a lot of time, __ people : Marian Anderson
Dog tag datum
Close-knit group
Injured, in a way
Drummer Ulrich
Am __ late?
Hang loosely
Place for an honoree
Collection of heir pieces?
Blunt blade
Wikipedia policy
Words indicating a delay
Thomas associate
Euripides tragedy
Criminal Minds agcy.
Some Olympians, nowadays
Leafs central vein
Two-time Tony winner Patti
Zeno, notably
Bullion unit
Natural fertilizer
Hungarian wine region
I wasnt expecting you
__ we forget
God with a quiver
Hardly haute cuisine
Large South American rodents
Easy paces
Saddle-holding bands
Tiny messenger
Keats, in a Shelley title
AT&T and Verizon
Dept. of Justice bigwigs
Opp. of legato, in music
Humane org.
On the disabled list, say
Without __: riskily
Farm females
Not to mention …
Came down
Vaya con __
Bit of heckling
Andy Capp cartoonist Smythe
__ blue
Box tops
Mexican snack
Hooded snake
Most frigid
Chefs measure
Race the engine
Droppers word
Purple flowers
Slippery creatures
Mete (out)
Butterfly catchers
Freshwater fish
Actress Sophia ____
Athens country
____ Vegas
Quebecs largest city
First in a series
Limas land
Certain hockey player
Stallone role
____ code
Jedi master
Japanese, e.g.
Wood spinner
Ocean current
Monsters loch
Bowling woe
Rocker ____ Cooper
Newspapers and TV, e.g.
Skin design
Alias abbr.
Drivers ____
Robin Hood, e.g.
Trinitys boyfriend
Bar bills
Tennis, e.g.
Soap ____
MTV feature
Artists tripod
Greek philosopher
Japanese warrior
Scarface gangster
Synthetic fabric
Wed on the run
____ hygiene
Astronauts gp.
Give forth
____, humbug!
Bid completed by telephone
Next to island retreat owned by old scholar
Leave quickly without sons stuff
Form it with stone cut irregularly
Its an expression of dissatisfaction with support in footwear
Suddenly appearing to blend into space close to Bert
Fellow graduate kind, on reflection, to small bird
Look for an expert on France
One dealt clubs and hearts essentially needing diamonds
Welsh soccer star describing those in attendance at Levantes opening game
Not auspicious for peace keepers before conflict with Germany
Left complete with note in converted attic
Note to Kenneth destroyed after knight leaves to get married
Girl stripping off somewhere in France
Go public in trial
Disastrous for soldier trapped in overturned vehicle
Fellow penning work about old lift system
Confine some Gujarati militants on the way back
Not easy to understand French article on Settle
Book by Thackeray primarily set in town
Made up of parts from books found inside? Thats fantastic I say
Catch up, absorbed in abridged record of informal alliance
In subjection and still tolerant
Offhand about high quality description of most planes
Find guilty when new girl is discovered with Conservative in bed
Pilot bird endlessly seen on rocky peak
Sententiously brief American politician in charge after a bit of luck
Georgia has something to drink and a piece of upside-down cake
Starts to talk with Australian noting guttural local intonation
Small light boat
See note
Chief journalist
Flower cluster
Beyond reform
Great pain
Group of singers
Ornamental carp
Big bellowing voice
Fortified wine
Cutlery item
Rising star
Instruments of war
Cry from a crib
Plain people
Defensive ditch
Hunter of fiction
Radiotelephony response
Confused impression
Merciless one
Polish president Lech
Folk singer Phil
Japanese emperor
Golf ball position
Korean statesman
Procession of automobiles
Sadats predecessor
Island at the mouth of the St. Lawrence
__ operandi
Wild duck
If __ a Hammer
Eleniak of Baywatch
Wood measure
Best Actor of 1958
Far partner
Some bird calls
Leave out
Race distance
Got away
Former British colony in Africa
Throw the dice
Handle without care
Ancient Greek geographer
Clergymans quarters
Sigma follower
Behind schedule
Greek mount
__ ever so humble …
Crab part
Tennis ranking
Fast food order
Greek vowel
Heat unit
VCR button
Beethovens Third
End of __
Flight unit
Scarletts home
Prima donna
Island guitars
Sound upstairs
Very nearly
Be present
Attack from hiding
Largest of the Channel Islands
Famous public school
Leave out
Wall paintings
Prima donna
Protective headgear
Belgian capital
Exceed in importance
London airport
London rail terminus
German capital
Yellow part of an egg
Riotous feast
Negligent about failure
Bird for a magician
Quarrel with some popular guests
Everyone thats left has finished
Common name – name of a girl, we hear
This girl sound in the pink
Much fine wood?
Ernie goes crazy for this girl
Soldiers dance
Large loan requested by Antony for Noddys friend
Complete western part of golf course
Robins last missile may be pinched
Birds – they pick up heavy weights
Provinces concerning charity
Get a man to change colour
Kates cooked meat
Gleaner prepared to grow
Is Elvis rocking?
Disgruntled Russian leader enters without clothes
Eccentric is a dealer in dogs
Duck with bits of orange and spice
Take a rest, possibly being idle now
Ape an old historian
Male teachers dont start getting flowers
Composer employed in hotel garage
Introduction of naval vessel thats not so old
Nigerian capital
1963 role for Liz
Pub pints
Words from a fed-up employee
Comic-strip possum
Brothers & Sisters star
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes author
Attorneys gp.
Make unhappy
________ bucco, veal dish
Court great Andre
Words after woe
Galveston singer
Impressively large
Recent: prefix
Writer Ferber
Popeyes Olive
Polo or Hatcher
Actress Cicely
Influential public speaker
Lhasa apso, e.g.
Fast-food item
Enough, to Yves
Day divs.
Israeli statesman
Tapestry novelist
In the doldrums
Terra ________
Appear to be
Tall tale
One of Bart Simpsons sisters
Sinai Peninsula gulf
Soviet labor camp
OPEC commodity
Pay ones fair share
Paris pronoun
Unfinished business
Melt together
FBI employees
Stallones nickname
Restorative retreat
Cruise ship room
Coach Parseghian
Fallon predecessor
Home equity, for one
Parka feature
New Age singer
Famed advice column
Bobble the ball
Looked over
Fort Worth coll.
Inside info
Appellation origin
Time for the news
The Mideasts ________ Strip
Pal Joey novelist
Fairy-tale brother
Oolong and pekoe
Ward of Hollywood
Pronounce poorly
Ginger cookie
Future cpl.
Like Abner Yokum
Store away
Out of Africa author Dinesen
TV angel player Cheryl
Bus costs
Equestrian arena
Puccini song
Trumps first wife
Case yet to be cracked
Rocker Bonnie
Major port of Japan
Oceans main body
— Jose
Quality Inn alternative
April 1 gag
Flinch from fear
Roving sorts
Danish port city
Hockeys Bobby
Internet automaton
Central California city
What may develop between eHarmony members
Ballet attire
In the dumps
Reebok rival
Gift label
Carry out
Psychic gift
Other, to Gabriela
Top-secret govt. group
Not colorful
1980 Lennon-Ono album
Second half of an LP
Its the end of —
Vetoes, e.g.
Defunct U.K. record label
Boxed stringed instrument
Part of FDR
Six Flags amusement park in New Jersey
Capped body part
Morning Joe airer
Specialty of Sophocles
Its south of Rwanda
Issues a ticket to, e.g.
Stans old film partner
Its first part is Inferno
Has to have
Wiggly fishes
Lists one by one
Slalom curves
Fish snarers
Tasty tidbit
Ballplayer Martinez
Lhasa —
Putting target
State of rage
Lawn base
BBs, bullets, etc.
Florida islets
Hanukkah menu item
Geometry calculations
Cut! caller: Abbr.
Diurnal hooting bird
Raging blaze
— -garde
Give a boost
Be admitted
The father of lies
Potential binge-watching buys
Heavy sword
Lowly laborer
Ring legend Muhammad
El — (Pacific current)
Most sour
Grads gala
Start all over on
Got 100 on
Three trios
Toady (to)
Like tossed dice
Kind of wasp
Part of BLT
MLB stat
Ending for bass or ball
Dumb Dog musical
52-card sets
Win every game of
Not just short on
Helmsley of hotels
Add scent to
Salutation on a June greeting card
Do penance
Liquid oatmeal food
While furious
Valuable qualities
Caribbeans — Islands
Chuck Berry title girl
— -Ca-Dabra (1974 hit)
Popular fishbowl fish
Gaunt quality
Neither fish — fowl
Chinese thinker Lao- —
As a result
Had life
Trams load
— delighted!
How much 1990s music was released
Fine, rare violin
TiVo predecessor
Got ready for print
Hearty steak
City on the Rhone
Tour leader
High-speed Amtrak train
In the — of (amongst)
Derby, e.g.
Not odd
Trig ratio
Legal wrong
Sharif of Lawrence of Arabia
Certain sac
That vessel
Cashew, e.g.
Ambulance gp.
Thrown away
Word for word
Hippie period
Technological problem
Close of day
Set of documents
Echo of the past
Figure skating jump
Guiding spirits
Morning moisture
Demanding, like the Queen’s partner?
Attend Congress or get out of town
Bigoted Illinois artist involved in defamation
I want attention in the morning, man admitted
Small court writ in article about to go out?
Tread softly after awful char’s periodic digs
OK, let’s get ready to hitchhike!
Late president behind on time
Ham possibly putting Come Together over the air
Catch around about so long
Declining November temperature going beyond 40s?
You must get out of big tree
British port and spirit
Nettle I chop back on island peninsula
A disposition to pinch soprano, but not there
Truth drug Bojo has GP give Nigel (at last!)
With a wedge, you’ll get many holes in one!
White House soldier going round facilities
Continue to talk French art with East African
Song everyone gets in Michael Jackson album
A miserable cold
Fish that’s full of bone-strengthening vitamin
Article I type up under pressure, at great speed
Yes I’m fat and I’ve far to travel
It might help one to get off horse
Sleeping after bit of strenuous exercise
Peak hot time of the day
Quiet chap with a salty wife “saint” beds
Rag and bone
Cheers top side that stands tall in the east
Wily players caught out by Native American in Colorado
Page missing, a print’s damaged? Head for toners
University head away, brothers crib in medical examination
One from Longchamps keeps poor horse that’s not ready
Correct wine put on
Fruit dish
“Tootsie” not much of a trail for listeners
Partner in lawsuits strengthened chambers
Dash following a group of spies
Soldiers touring country’s capital
Old record behind attachment to vehicle
Short summaries of mostly impressive, large volumes?
Final garment off, leaving male amidst embarrassing situation
Continuous music, say encountered in courts no longer
Mythical devil always recalled in one paper
It’s forbidden to eavesdrop on unionist
Call numbers up after acting unanimously
Joints as before the French stuffed under lorry
Residence for one in group causing disturbance
What’s ready in Acre port, tiny coins given out in change?
Favourable votes set up? Enough said perhaps
Indian out caught getting a zero, about to go in ten
Those in New Year showing redness in the face?
Picture captures strong tie
Flowers cut to pieces
Poisonous stuff in newspaper optical device shown up
Deliberate deception upset engaging Italian
Lizards in one school given arsenic
Mostly rush around on unsprung Moscow wagon
Reptile struggling alone
Just time for new amphibian
Beetle that was sacred in ancient Egypt
Sicilian dish usually including aubergines, celery, onions, capers, raisins and vinegar
Suite for piano, considered Isaac Albeniz’s masterpiece
Alliterative Scots name for a hanging clock with exposed pendulum and weights
Faye Dunaway’s co-star and producer in Bonnie and Clyde
CAMRA’s Champion Beer of Britain five times
Deborah ____ has been a Dragons’ Den investor since 2006
To place things close together or side by side
To convert from liquid to vapour and back again
Descriptive name for realgar, an ore of a toxic element
Words attributed to Caesar, crossing the Rubicon
“Our people grumbled for more ____ and washing machines” (Russian ambassador, in Doctor Strangelove)
Many ____ are produced with Penicillium roqueforti
This is an unanswerable question for you to think about
PDQ ____ is a composer invented by musical satirist Peter Schickele
An adjectival meaning of “desert”
Based in Switzerland, the world’s largest food company
The most common ester in wine, also used to decaffeinate coffee beans
A number used to indicate the position of a point
Surface-ripened cheese, named after an East Prussia town (now called Sovetsk)
Ornamental loop, originally intended to prevent loss of a weapon in battle
The capital of Niger
International agreement negotiated in the 1960s, intended to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons
Foodstuff used in pina coladas and some curry recipes
____ and the Trossachs National Park was established in 2002
George and Ira Gershwin’s I Got ____ was written for the musical Girl Crazy
The gravitational equilibrium by which the earth’s crust “floats” over its mantle
Gary ____ played Winston Churchill in Darkest Hour
“The ____ from the palace has the brew that is true” (Danny Kaye, in The Court Jester)
Coastal drowned river valley, such as Milford Haven
Contested at the 1912 Olympics, a variant of some throwing events, possibly favouring ambidextrous athletes
Card game in which you may have to lie
The part of the throat above the larynx and oesophagus
1980s pop movement which included Duran Duran
Wading bird named after its feeding technique
Athlete who won the javelin and 80m hurdles at the 1932 Olympics, and under her married name, three US Women’s Opens in golf
“Finding bad ____ for what one believes for other bad ____ — that’s philosophy” (Aldous Huxley)
Sherlock Holmes made his first appearance in ____
Village at the southern end of the Pennine Way
Sea stack in the Orkney Islands, first climbed in 1966
Bette Davis starred in this 1948 film about journalists covering a wedding
Beast captured by Hercules in the fourth of his labours
A theatre’s ____ bar serves interval drinks
This is often recommended as a good way to pack a formal jacket in a suitcase
The title of this Somerset Maugham novel is a quotation from Twelfth Night
To pass, survive or win, but only just
Sword with a sharply pointed blade, used to pierce armour
What Hansel and Gretel left behind (unsuccessfully) to help them find their way home from the forest
Lack of bonhomie
Sculptor of the bronze David in Florence’s Bargello
Human beings have five ____ organs, two in pairs
____ law was a legal code, often equated with the exclusion of women from inheritance
Ferrero product which apparently uses a quarter of the world supply of hazelnuts
European nation whose flag has blue, black and white stripes
Baroness ____ wrote the Scarlet Pimpernel novels
Glam rock band whose Lonely This Christmas was the UK’s Christmas No 1 in 1974
Media slant
First of a games three-in-a-row
Put teeth into a sandwich
And now, without further ___ …
Farmland measurement
Young adult
Jazzy 1940s musical style
Body, mind and ___
Moving manufacturing process (2 words)
… and ___ the opposite shore … (2 words)
Like wet ground
African snake
Casey at the ___
Card with three main dots
Life is ___ a dream
Be quiet!
To this point
I see a mouse!
Welcome ___ (front door greeter)
Youre it! word
Numbered musical composition
Well, ___ be!
Used a loom
Rooftop direction device
Say yes silently
Sopranos solo
Like hipster stores
Turn right donkey
Cheerleaders scream
Pre-release software version
Mid-March day
Years of lives
Cooperative action
Domestic cat
Worshipped celeb
Washroom fixture
Picture representing an app
Opposite of false
Moray, for one
___ I? (polite question)
Prune branches
Boars home
Rock packed in a mine
Pick up on
Bering Sea bird
Yellow vehicle
Fireplace bit
Love ___ neighbor …
Making wagers
Hearing organ
Move back and forth, as a dogs tail
Take a stroll
Spanish squiggle
Practice boxing
Stalk prey
Blackthorn berry
Worse than bad
Start a card game
Future embryos
Cert alternative
Scarlet literary hero
55 Down personnel
Actor Kilmer
Actress Dame Diana
Actress Thurman
Air monitoring org
Ancient light source
Apples or oranges
Apt. designations
Astronomical bear
Attire for Santa
Averse to mixing
Avid fan
Barbadian pop music icon
Baton Rouge sch
Boston hockey great
Bottom of a brook
Bring to mind
British serving pieces
Buy and sell
Call for help
Call it a day
Camped out
Certain manual reader
Chefs tall hat
CIO partner
Clock-setting abbr
Composer Bacharach
CPOs employer
Creative skill
Cry of triumph
Debt note
Demand to a boaster
Dermal needle work, for short
Detailed plan of action
Do more than surprise
Doesnt allow
Driveway material
Early third-century date
Egyptian snake
Electronic toll device
Erstwhile channel selector
Extended story line
Family nickname
Fashion mag
Fast tempo
For safetys sake
Frat letter
French Mrs
Grab a chair
Greek salad topper
Gymnast Mary __ Retton
Having no corners, say
Heavy hammers
High-altitude formation
High-tech movie FX
Horror film
Hosp. unit
Hula instrument
Iowa area on the Mississippi
Italian wine center
Japanese bedding
Keel over
Keep moist, as a turkey
Keeps from ranting
Kids observation game
Kind of chicken
Legislative center
Like __ (very quickly)
List shortener
Literary contract provision
Longstanding developmental debate
Magnet, vis-à-vis iron
Mexican money
Modeling material
Most igneous rocks
Much too familiar
Muscle fatigue
Musical appreciation
New England school, for short
New __ Wales
Newest American Leaguers
Nonprescription, for short
Ore layer
Overact to extremes
Pal of Harry Potter
Paranormal glows
Piece of lettuce
Prefix for center
Put away, as a saber
Quarterfinals complement
Recliner part
Recycling container
Reliable expert
Repel, with off
Required to justify ones actions
Restraining order
Salt amt
School near Windsor
Scottish body of water
Seinfeld character
Sgts., for instance
Singer/pianist Jones
Slalom site
Slow walk
Small bucks and does
Son of Seth
Sort of slight swallow
Spouse of 50 Across
Start of some memos
Structure at some Winter Carnivals
Summer weather stat
T-shirt size
Tax table no
The Situation Room airer
Thin porridges
Third largest planet
Tierra rodeada de agua
Timely benefit
Tough on the nose
Tungsten alias
Two pills, perhaps
Ultimate purpose
Umberto Eco novel
Use a pulley to lift
Very unconventional
Whats common to the five longest answers
Whom Liverpools airport is named for
Willy Wonka creator
Wishes undone
Word often following further
X-Files agent
__ culpa
__ de Cologne
Hype up
Singe on a grill
Start a billiards match
Rocket front
Like ready fruit
Cliffside nest
Timothys favorite rap song?
Rapids transit
Endeavor maker
Changes actors
Washed soap from
Stupefies or awes
More tight-fisted
Space cadet on Earth
Cherrys pit
___ time!
When Timothy takes risks, hell …
Antelope hunted by crocs
Of practical assistance
Emperor after Claudius
Triumph in a certain contest
In and of itself
Removable organs
Toot ones horn
How Mae West broke Timothys heart?
Poster hottie
Pie a la ___
Pennsylvania port
Answers of approval
Something owed
Blasting compound
I could go for that!
___ it or lose it!
Polished mosaic floor
Arts go-with
Machete handles
Carriage drivers strap
Bed for an infant
Move, as drapes
Diamond hurling stat
Common opener
Boat harbor
Cool, retro
Legendary music label
Cords from sheep
Like some twins
Bards night
Cocktail specification
Neck warmer
Vocal quality
Blend in the kitchen
Jutting rock formations
Pro Jazz fan
Placed in a grave
… little can ___ long way
Certain Greek letters
Banks nightmare
Saturns wife
2001 extras
Cats scratcher
Like nasty remarks
Jewelers supply
Human mole
Get going quickly
25 percent of Cheyenne
Big or little dipper?
Rock deposit
Waterman end
Catch or acquire
Ace in scariest turbulent flight
Anonymous as Clint in spaghetti movies?
At an unspecified future date
Atmosphere destroyed clematis mostly
Attempt publicity drive
Edible snails? Definitely not!
Endless embrace brings troubles
Englishmen seen with duke? Correct!
Exchange views about one tree
Expert grabbing old man quickly
Fetid or rank
Fir or pine
Former tie broken in WW1 battlefield
Fresh peeled prawn?
Girl, quiet, to speak and fade away
Glaswegian at large and unpunished?
Hearty laugh
Humorous TV series
Improve text
In folds
Large snake
London district
Loud noise from river paddle
Mature content of bag emptied
Medicinal measure
Nimble agent nabbing traitor finally
Organic fuel round lake man gathered
Pet worn out in Gwent location
Poorly rated walk
Posted from Leverkusen today
Quick meal
Rogue ultimately splits faction
Sad teen upset in London region
Show taken in as it comes
Sickly sea-dog wants prescribed amount
Space found in A&E: surprised?
Steps in house
Tempter present in disguise
Tyre pattern
University lecturer
Weather conditions
Welsh city
What top plainclothes copper did is rotten
Wide open
With urgency
You are silly backing socialist
Blue Bayou singer Ronstadt
Don Quixote setting
Get outta here!
Get outta here!
Holy fish
Lohengrin heroine
QB ___ (Uris novel)
Sweater Girl Turner
___ big to fail
___ takers?
24/7 cash sources
Appliance owners purchase, perhaps
Atlas datum
Black-and-white beast of China
Carl of Cosmos
Cohort of Clark Kent
Color similar to tan
Day trip
Dressing room door symbol
Driveway sealer
Ductwork opening
Electric sign filler
Evening bash
Exam administered by a panel
Finger-pointers word
Fish caught in pots
Food for bees
Former Indiana politico Bayh
Frescoes and murals
Funny bones locale
Gas in the stratosphere
Give a hoot
Glaswegian, e.g
Go right or left
Goes on a tirade
Hamlet was one
Hill-building insects
Ice cream float ingredient
Island of Arthurian legend
Its eaten by circus performers
Jew or Arab
John of the Sierra Club
Kitchen wrap brand
Kushner of the White House
Lightbulbs, in comics
Long John of Treasure Island
Luau finger food
No longer hung up on
One of three in the Y2K year
Penny or chip, perhaps
Pentathlon part
Perch for a ventriloquists dummy
Place for a bank card
Place for a chemical peel
Poets nightfall
Police, slangily
Privates dining room
Reason to decline an invitation
Reject scornfully
Runners step
Saga featuring Kunta Kinte
Scorpions secretion
Send, as payment
Sets as a price
Shankars instrument
Shelter made of skins
Sports bar array
Stag party attendees
Stink to high heaven
Symbol of absolute rule
Tablet with a multi-touch screen
Take off after
Tenants document
Totally transfixed
Upscale Japanese auto
Venetian blind parts
___ Locks (Michigan waterway system)
___ Martin (cognac brand)
Hispanic word for a wadi or canyon
French Mediterranean port and naval base
TV genre: a product found in bars?
Items listed on a restaurant bill, traditionally at the foot
See 10
Hiding place: squirrel away
Disagreeably domineering
Being very successful or helpful
See 17
Become friendlier; loosen or warm up
Idiosyncrasy: defect
UK seat of learning
Kind of room or suit for a young child
Area of a stadium where people sit, misleadingly
Brown with a yellow or red tinge
Dubious activities
Express contempt for; ridicule
Facial photograph of a suspect taken by police
Flickering light associated with discos
Inform; declare
Brown earth containing ferric oxide, particularly
As I said before …
Black-ish dad
Community actress ___ Nicole Brown
Going somewhere?
Helicopter fruit source
Kill Bill bodyguard with a repetitive name
La Loge painter
Lets suppose …
Lethal Weapon 2 actress Patsy
Mr. Show bits
Other guesses?
Sounds like a plan!
The Sound of Music song featuring solfege
Yours truly has arrived
___ an idea!
1975 inductee into the National Inventors Hall of Fame (103 years after he died)
2018 Best New Artist Grammy winner Alessia
24 Across or 67 Across, e.g
Action film fans sensation
Adidas competitor
Antepenultimate section of Crime and Punishment
Apple pickers market?
Argue (with)
Arthur once on clay
Autopsys genre, aptly
Baltic metropolis
Banking expert?
Became exhausted
Benefits recipient
Big name in skin care
Bloom with rays
Budget ___
Buttercup family plant with threadlike leaves resembling a rodents appendage
Cash-on-demand message?
Chicago-born crime fighter
Clinical research stage
Closing document
Comedic true-crime podcast hosted by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark
Complimentary piece
Destroy, as the patriarchy
Do top/notch work?
Doctor for whom a D.C.-area military medical center is named
Dramatic drop
Educator Braille
Enterprise business
Euro division
Event with many addresses
Fangorn Forest folk
Fellows in factories
Figure in a red fez
Former world chess champion Viswanathan
Fourth little piggys amount
Fries beef, say
Game with a foul line and a backboard
Great ___ (bird)
Hadhramauts home
Hallucinogenic letters
Higgss particle
High point
Hunting garb, briefly
Ikes opponent
Informal contraction
Inner tube?
Invited for a visit
Its-time link
Kay Thompsons brat
Kindled anew
Label for many infomercial products
Late-night cycle initials
Lerners collaborator
Lifted, as wares
Like some milk
Look daggers (at)
Lunar theorist Brahe
Mathematician Poincaré
Meal in which chametz is forbidden
Measure of wealth inequality
Metaphor for an introverts demeanor
Mexican gray wolves
Model home shown in December?
Name in ambient music
Nintendo antihero with the same name as a Nintendo hero except for an inverted first letter
Not fully functional
Nursery container
One of the village people?
Option for treating a refractive error
Perch by a tap
Piercing spots, for some
Plans for ones wedding
Put into a group
Quan Thanh Temple city
Random caller
Rhyming German drink
Royal coups?
Scottish form of John
Screen time for a child, e.g
Scuba tanks hookups
Second lady before Jill
She served as the presidents interpreter on a 2016 trip to Cuba
Shocking development of the 1970s
Soprano who listened to (but didnt sing) Con Te Partiro
Spend some time on the beach, say
Sprite rival
Start of a Jewish folk song
Strength for a Tough Mudder competitor
Subject of many essays by W.E.B. Du Bois
Subject of the laws of thermodynamics
Summit objective
Surfing locale?
Swamped, say
Swarming annoyance
Symbol of Lebanon
Tapering top
Travel guide listings
Turns partner
What comes before all?
When Shylock says, If you prick us, do we not bleed? in The Merchant of Venice
Without heat, so to speak
___ jacket
Pains taking against cut
Derided book a man took from an abstainer
Are they overcooked?
Plant, say – without an insect!
Place backing Miss Right
A hero specified vowels
Dry round Des withdrew
Gains made by a thousand fools
Good guy the last to go
He died, caught by returning storm
Ruling out wet clothes disqualifies top
Modest sort of spar, if neglected
A risk of displeasure during short soak
Bird dog with its lead removed
Bill raised with good reason
Will shorter horse tails do?
Compromises eliminate resentment, said leader
Friends shoot two gutted enemies
Wild lady – lady awed by saints!
Indiscretion is half understood
King in a story raving wildly
Rubbish album Radiohead improve
Point stern Republican opposed by Democrat got across
One runs around with a piece of fruit
Heights topped by a North African
Crikey, a detectives broken this sign!
Evil target from the South is in deep
Chuck takes some daily in error
Free reign oddly lacking around bank
Concert undiminished by electronic music