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Crosswords Buzz Answers 2018-12-8

It’s just one of ___ things
Half of a pair of kissers
Prepared a meal for
TV episode that’s being shown again
You ___ My Sunshine
This Will Be singer Natalie
Substance that makes bread rise
With ___ (effortlessly)
The Story of My Life autobiographer pictured on Alabama’s state quarter: 2 wds.
Made use of a bench
Pasty food served in Honolulu
Ore-___ (frozen food company)
___ of passage (significant life events)
US president pictured on Illinois’s state quarter: 2 wds.
Pilot on Futurama
Container of tennis balls
Stat for baseball player Shohei Ohtani: Abbr.
Suffix meaning sort of
Short sleep
King pictured on Hawaii’s state quarter: 2 wds.
It’s ___ to tell a lie: 2 wds.
Payment collected by the IRS
Wall-mounted holders of spices
Sound from a radiator or a snake
Seeing organ
Sugarless gum brand with an astronomical name
The Fault in Our Stars star Wolff
Los Angeles Clippers coach ___ Rivers
Give it your all
___-haw (sound from a donkey)
Singer Rita whose new album is Phoenix
Type of Japanese food that literally means it is sour
Go in the door
Not on time
Strike while the ___ is hot
Steals a glance at one’s presents for example
Horse that’s less than one year old
Is there anything ___ I should know?
Animal whose meat is called venison
Boston basketballer
Princess-turned-general in the Star Wars series
C’mon be ___ (Do me this favor): 2 wds.
Fit ___ tied (very upset): 2 wds.
Car part with a tread
Hip-hop group Run-___
Chicken ___ king (creamy entrée): 2 wds.
Unable to decide
Idris who plays Heimdall in the Marvel Cinematic Universe
Sound made during a haircut
___ browns (breakfast item)
Fraction of a foot
Baseball great Hank
Jewel-encrusted headpiece
Paper Moon actress Madeline
Continent where orangutans are found
Light haze
___ Clinic (renowned hospital in Rochester Minnesota)
Person in a company’s boardroom for short
Survivor network
The whole ___ and caboodle
green screen
not emotionally involved
hard and brittle
Poppy & Branchs 2016 film
saving to online boards
retired Lakers great Bryant
Finlands largest city
Informal font
Rock climber’s challenge
Out and about?
Symbol created in 1958 as the logo for the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
Ermine predator
It follows directions
Talisa Maegyr’s portrayer on ‘Game of Thrones
It’s a long story
Like ‘Wonder Woman
They’re no good
Doctors Without Borders, e.g., briefly
Open courts
Really clicks with a partner, say?
Film villain with one eye
Access to the slopes
Plot device?
Deep-fried ball of cornmeal
Goody two-shoes
John, overseas
You decide
High in the Andes?
Sarcastic political meme that started in 2009
Vietnam’s Dien Bien ___
Some ‘Lord of the Rings’ characters
Cleansing ritual
Female name that’s the name of a female assistant backward
Forger’s mark?
Color achieved during tempering
Gets along
Word with light or rock
2004 movie featuring a clique called the Plastics
Business end?
Last Ptolemaic ruler, informally
Post masters?
Subject of gerontology
Match (up)
Only three-time inductee into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Second-oldest national currency
Half of a 1980s sitcom duo
John in space
Sea with no land boundaries
Female deer
Moonlight’ actor
2016 WNBA champs, informally
That hits the spot!
Greek letter that once symbolized life and resurrection
Pro ___
Skype or FaceTime, e.g.
Info in many a help wanted ad
Metaphorical prescription
Long division?
Go down
Mila of ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Cool air?
___ plancha (pan-fried)
Out of fashion
High-traffic commercial area
Bridge officer on the original Enterprise
He said ‘I learned to be a movie critic by reading Mad magazine
Dull and flat
2012 Nobel Peace Prize recipient, informally
Double’ or ‘triple’ move
They are determined by earthly revolutions
Nurses go to sort out those in the theatre
Our name could be used to charm
It is returned by a fine artist as the crowning glory
Made to go inside
About a coin of late origin
One who remains or keeps going!
Advanced forms of the aristocracy
Shockingly inflamed, I fear?
A job with the French evangelist
A gift from the same people
More than one tea container runs out!
Theatre employees qualified in first aid?
Long story about the start of the epic
Lacking maturity so could be punier
Falls out as the soldier does when ordered to fall in!
Eloquence in a place of worship
Blow ones friends up
Failed to profit from investment and became bored
They handle the affairs of privileged convicts, we hear
Heading leads to panic when misprinted
Concoct a volume that includes this size of paper
Stringed instrument for which the pitch is raised first
Measure an enclosed area
Prolonged shortage
ÔOn the wagon
Italian city dweller
Tied up
Does he know how to put up goods for sale?
Gun used by those who plunder?
As played by tremulous musicians?
Where one can land by removing ones clothes ?
More than 50 set on beast
Bits of machinery for eccentric people
Sparing some stuff, rug also
Article of clothing in which one might put ones money
Hold back having a break when theres bad weather
Free to let again
Strong dislikes as the result
Law no longer applying to deceased landlord?
More certain fears
Be greedy and thus outstrip?
Sort of sound a dry speaker cant use?
For fathead to have a meal is quite an achievement!
Time for a levelling- out process?
Come out of hiding to smash the disguise, perhaps
The quality of having one purpose – to remain unmarried?
Whim of a musician?
Exonerate sailor and find the answer
Cut letter sharp
He plays when hes supposed to be working
Worker could be up to tricks?
Author of novels Campbells Kingdom and Maddons Rock
See 17
H L , Baltimore-born writer; co-founder of magazine The American Mercury in 1924
Capital of Albania
Joint recipient of the 1970 Nobel Prize in Physics for his work on magnetism
Julia Ward , US abolitionist and poet who authored lyric The Battle Hymn of the Republic
Largest island of the British Virgin Islands
1996 film drama starring Al Pacino and John Cusack
Susan , 1985, 1987, 1990 and 1992 World Open Squash Championship winner
Boxer; 1999 BBC Sports Personality of the Year
1986 film comedy starring Adam Baldwin and Mike Jolly
See 1
Any of three muscles in each buttock that move the thigh
English name of 1898 Richard Strauss tone poem Ein Heldenleben
AJ , United States and Sale Sharks rugby union fly-half
See 11 Across
Adolfo , actor who played Emilio Largo in 1965 action film Thunderball
Standard unit of currency of Turkey
See 19
See 13
The , northernmost borough of New York City
BBC TV comedy panel game whose team captains are Paul Merton and Ian Hislop
2009 musical film starring Daniel Day-Lewis as Guido Contini
1946 story collection by Roald Dahl
See 15 Across
Very fond of reading
Our planet
In pieces
Flourish or prosper
In front
New-born child
Vent or aperture
Board game
Maths chart
Of the teeth
Arrears of work
Flow windingly
At the planned time
Large marsupial
Needle case
Percussion instrument
Defame falsely
Tall fur helmet
Noble gas
Female relative
Called after parking accident
Reversible hub?
Devour in one attempt
Swimming in her river
Pinched a shawl
Annoy former spouse after five
Contents hold perfect score
Talented with a drink
Label a game
Set tea out in the grounds
Impetuous complaint
Huge vats are used
Cricket teams legs
Sick of villagers
Verse from Roderick
Procured from begging, otherwise
Aged fool definitely has it
Escape to form union
OK bloke
Drama about sheep
Answer evasively about barrier
Sales involving animals
Harass chap with stick, initially
Tear off at speed
Compensates by throwing a stone
Wonderful fireplace, we hear
Registered doctor has one pin
Honest about quantity
Sculpt exterior with writing
Call for some jewellery
New medal for being badly injured
Animal in glasses
Woman from Esher
Level with first woman
Everything in gallery
A Gran worked with old wool
Symbols of babies take me back
Register a cottage
Sever rusty tacks
Witches longing
Reportedly praise a peer
Old friend gets a stone
Wooden record
Helicopter part
European river
Took unlawfully
Decimal base
Landed property
Prime number
Run off to wed
Mans name
Garden border
Makes airtight
Makes amends
Metal fastener
Phone message
Previous day
Long-haired goat
Opaque gem
Other than
Make embarrassed
News sources
Tide types
Bards work
Hill insect
Family auto
Fight back
Arctic plain
Jazz job
Upper limb
Washed away
Sacred song
Brewed drinks
Tiny bite
Noahs boat
Daisy kin
City trains
Give a response
Lambs ma
Fixed routine
Food fowl
Fine house
____ trip
Constantly, to a bard
River mouth
Far from wet
Adams abode
Napa and suede
Plant juice
Snaky curves
Lemon beverage
Pass the ____
Sock pattern
Annual book
More peculiar
Covered decoratively
____ public
Small mallet
Certain clubs
____ Got Tonight (Seger song)
Gossiper, at times
Roofed porch
Coarse material
Promo producers
Cornered, as a raccoon
Folk tale
Dictionary entry
Tavern quaff
Neighbor of Ger.
Three strikes
Wide st.
Joan of Arc, e.g.
Before, in poetry
Within a deadline
Seafood entrée
John Lennons widow
short-tailed lemurs
N.Y. baseball team
Place in custody
Minor earthquake
Popular restaurant review app
Object of devotion
Canine squeals
Top that turns
Fictional brother with a green hat
Like some snowsuits
Lacks the wherewithal to
Vacant, as positions
Sets free
General whos the subject of the 2012 biography All In
Org. whose employees may have to lift 70-lb. bags
Country star at age 13
State secrets
You got that right!
Puck, say
Bouquet __
Resting place
Raymond James Stadium pro
Some stingers
Took off, slangily
Nice, for one
Holy smoke
Lines of thought?: Abbr.
Long on-screen
Hits hard
Bad thing to catch
Mirror image
Have trouble with chess?
There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact author
Gain competitor
Frequent Robert De Niro co-star
Bar supply
Portrayer of Nero in Star Trek (2009)
Skateboard moves
Bright lipstick color
President who had 15 children
Subarus named for a NYC area
Measly amount
Jake Tappers channel
Court official
Camp nurses item
Gael or Breton
Piano trio
The elephant is its national animal
Game with a colorful deck
Marketing limitation
Faces a jury
Alleged perps denial
Driver, e.g.
Pricing word
Furry talisman
Insurance may cover one
Handymens transports
Maddux in Cooperstown
Like paper clips
Valuable rocks
First name in early exploring
Lake in four states and Canada
Chinese ruler until 1912
Minor flaw
Perfect season spoiler
1983 Mr. T comedy
Multilingual assistant
Parabolic path
Read Across America org.
Personal preference
Sleeveless garment
Eden dweller
Plow-pulling animals
____ McEntire of country music
Prophetic sign
Australian bird
Liberal ____
Bucharests country
Those who fib
And so forth (2 wds.)
Nordic capital
Tehrans country
Time unit (abbr.)
Isnt, slangily
Not indoors
French brandy
Agra attire
Tyrannosaurus ____
Cookie cooker
Bakery worker
Nevada resort
Liquid measure
Hunted animal
Reviewer Roger ____
Become narrower
Texas shrine
Stroke a guitar
Kickoff gadget
Trips to the store, e.g.
Fellow leading actor
Lumberjacks tools
Small vegetable
Actress ____ Moore
Horses hair
Spanish waterway
Slugger Hank ____
Catchers glove
Comes closer
Ecuadors neighbor
By mouth
Breathe rapidly
Psychics phrase (2 wds.)
Actor ____ Baldwin
Ocean currents
Governmental bureaus
Indias locale
Magazine item
Belonging to us
Put forth
Company (abbr.)
Dancer ____ Kelly
Corp. head
Uncovered regular 1950s song?
Detest British rule after a duke absconds
Room let out on a shaky basis?
Regularly used shore leave to dance in port
Impressive course cut short – one might be shaken by it
Its sometimes used when smoking fish
Fired, say, about hosting fool thats stopped papers
Island, in part, a must-see from the east
Precise law of old?
Chopped wood put back in hearth
Saying English butter must contain stuff
Clot takes time, a frantically confused person?
Toff by unopened coach offering piece of cake
The cause of 2 abandoned cars?
Temporarily confused thing before item
Contact boss over publicity hes put first
Suggestive of handout covered by revenue
Breed fish, relinquishing all rights to visit restaurant?
Courts holding girl about possible output from needles?
One in three, otherwise one of two
Country apartment with no entrance to get through
Composure when modelling perfectly flat cap?
Slagging off old dictator in a series of notes
Dickens using US port to abandon maiden number two
Rag found in middle of ratatouille – cheers
Are lass and lad almost striking a pose?
Climbing rodents and shrew
Withdraw extremely remote flag
Crop up
Cockney, for example
Assist in a crime
Grow worse
Marine crustacean
Serene joy
Soft drink
Complete change in direction
Set apart as sacred
Slightly open
Lead singer
Catch sight of
Keith ___, newspaper columnist and author best known for his 1959 novel Billy Liar
The smallest county in the Republic of Ireland
In Greek mythology, son of Daedalus who flew too near the sun
See 53
American TV Western series in which Clint Eastwood played the character Rowdy Yates
1997 film starring Jim Carrey as lawyer Fletcher Reed
The first Plantagenet king of England
1975 film sequel to the 1969 Western True Grit starring John Wayne and Katharine Hepburn
Hollywood actress born in Hampstead Garden Suburb in 1932
Stage name of Marshall Bruce Mathers III
A shore bird of the genus Haematopus
Landlocked African country whose capital is Juba
Formerly, a knife for cutting or thrusting
Novella by Henry James, first published in Scribners Magazine in 1888
See 30
American actress and singer born Concetta Rosalie Ann Ingoglia in New York in 1938
The largest city in the Chubu region of Japan
Name by which King Charles II of England was known
American actress, singer and dancer who played Kathy Selden in the musical Singin in the Rain
German manufacturer of pistols carried by James Bond
Market town in the Cotswold Hills whose residents include Rebekah Brooks and Jeremy Clarkson
Region of Asia disputed between India, Pakistan and China since 1947
A small boat whose name is derived from Hindi
In baseball, a division of the game consisting of a turn at bat and a turn in the field for each side
Words on a cake eaten by the heroine of Alices Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll
Substance secreted by the pharyngeal glands of worker bees and fed to larvae destined to become queens
Plant, also called eddo, cultivated in the tropics for its large edible rootstock
Winners of the first two World Cups in cricket
Pen name of William Sidney Porter
Barbara ___, English sculptor made a Dame in 1965
Latin word used in formal correspondence for the previous month
Maiden name of Emily Bishop in Coronation Street
The tropical shrub Cajanus cajan, cultivated in tropical regions for its seeds known as pigeon peas
Best Supporting Actress Oscar-winner for her role in the film West Side Story
Variety of China tea flavoured with oil of bergamot
George ___, English novelist, caricaturist and illustrator best known for Trilby
Country whose capital is Kiev
Section of Aaron Coplands ballet Rodeo covered by Emerson, Lake & Palmer on their album Trilogy
Cipriano de ___, 16th-century Franco-Flemish composer noted for his madrigals
Industrial city on the River Avon
Tottenham-born singer who won an Oscar for Best Original Song for Skyfall
Arthur ___, American tennis player who won the mens singles at Wimbledon in 1975
In German legend, a siren said to lure boatmen to destruction
Pat ___, Australian tennis player who won the mens singles at Wimbledon in 1987
Generic name for any syrup made during the refining of sugar cane
Australian rock band formerly fronted by Michael Hutchence
The derived SI unit of electric charge
Station on lines 4 and 10 of the Paris Métro in the 6th arrondissement in the heart of the Left Bank
Bobby ___, US chess player who was world champion from 1972 to 1975
Queen who was the last of the Stuart monarchs
1990 film starring Robin Williams and Robert De Niro, based on Oliver Sackss 1973 memoir of the same name
Doo-wop song that was a big hit for The Crew-Cuts in 1955
English racing driver who won the Formula One World Championship in 1976
Nontechnical name for a hordeolum
Aromatic shrub that is the traditional flower of remembrance
Tony ___, manager of Blackburn Rovers from 2017 who has also managed West Bromwich Albion, Celtic and Middlesbrough among others
1990 film by Luc Besson about an assassin
Louise ___, Woody Allens second wife, whose films include Take the Money and Run and Bananas
Rod ___, journalist who is an associate editor of The Spectator and former editor of BBC Radio 4s Today programme
The only American-born driver to win the Formula One World Drivers Championship
See 9
Mr. Disney
Dickens girl
Latin love
Garfield dog
Ostrichs kin
Activist Parks
Mideastern strip
Today rival, briefly
Japanese pond fish
Kangas kid
Include for free
Celtic priests
Make invalid
Dennis of NBA fame
Capote nickname
Tolkien creature
Striped fish
Wee bit
Flamenco cheer
Pay for
Military no-show
Morning moisture
Sea eagle
Put on
City district
Mine, in Montreal
Garments for dashing people?
Head, slangily
Dutch cheese
Iguana, for one
Roll call reply
Big-screen format
Audio portion of a film
Edmonton player
Hunter in the sky
Bar bill
Count start
NBC weekend show
Cartesian conclusion
Genetic stuff
Capitol VIP
Time to come
More embarrassed, say
Sheltered at sea
The King and I role
Actor Clive
Hardly any
British party
Grove fruit
Foot part
Lay waste to
Literary plantation
Checkout line count
Light lunch
Give over
Party snack
Right away, in the ER
Santa suit color
Campaign pro
Nevada resort
Tooth coating
Citi Field team
Famed riveter
Wall art
Bible dancer
Theater unit
Farm females
Stingy ones
Spoke wildly
Meringue base
Moon of Saturn
Just for fun
Tough spots
Lined with elms
Paradise Lost figure
Yellowish tan
First odd prime
Tribute VIP
Nome native
Twin raised by a wolf
Fade away
View obscurers
Circus star
Goes downhill
Long skirt
Sch. for priests
Language of Iran
Walk through water
Launching areas
Steinbecks To __ Unknown
White oak of California
Become immovable
Political cartoonist Thomas
Preserved, as fodder
Heyerdahl raft
Multimedia device
Shin bones
Whitman or Disney
Biblical marriage feast location
Tally mark
Billy Joels __ to Extremes
Considered in detail
Tend to the weeds
Chinas Xiao-ping
Capital of Peru
Pesto ingredient
Tasmanias capital
Rhododendrons relatives
Burkina __
Dickensian Heep
Game-ending pronouncement
Grey of westerns
Longer in the tooth
Meter reading
Neural fiber
Barbecue entree
Ask for
Madame Marcos
Wheres __?
In the past
Link with a space station
Former Big Apple mayor
Spanish mackerel
Firefighter Red
School furniture
Debussy contemporary
1993 Peace Prize winner
Small offshoot
Othello villain
First murderer
German car
One of these
Gaze intently
Long-plumed bird
Edible mollusk
Fabric stiffener
Conductor Toscanini
Muslim who knows the Koran by heart
Longtime Boston Symphony conductor
Young sheep
On ones own
Look after
Norse god of thunder
Calendar abbr.
Italian wine
Given admission
No longer valid
Wear away
Underground passage
In fact, truly
Italian child
German measles
Connected row of houses
Floor covering
Chess piece
Birds making orrible noises?
A lamp etc. – possibly part of a table setting
High level?
Pair in trouble given 50 or 30 days
How to cook minced meats?
Valiant energy in new choir
Dressing bird with last of stuffing
Insult hardly worth mentioning
Paint a textbook
Snake given by important person to the queen
Very much out of shape
Carry on designing stripes
Artist given plates for salad ingredients
The dining room is a shambles
They resist difficult puzzles after work
Dont take a holiday
Disreputable loud chef tails off
Seat for one in charge of meeting
Spoil ruler with means of identification
Lofty is beginning to tower over everyone
Never mind – the pests are inside
States repeatedly broke treaties
She finds local employment
Quick railway providing uniform for servants
Three times the amount of rubbish covering lake
Israelite leader some confused with Samaritan leader
Lions living together in sin?
Clubs seen by that female singing star
Any problem with the word coming out of opposition?
Auden left unsteady, messy place
British surprise soldier in Welsh cardigan
Certainly remove rat with Grace
Challenge borders on the danse macabre
Characters from Lewis, Cotton Club and from Shetland
Child produces main course with no sauce
Cuts to a disturbance produced by pariah
Dance off starts with coordinated entertaining and has a rhythmical effect
Embraced by James Lee Roberts back at the ceilidh
Get going without it for Christmas drink
Get the message, Earl is travelling to Spain
Get to grip with most of 13 across
Inkling of whats in splendid eatery
Keep in mind hotel is not modern and not finished – and thats possibly a view widely shared!
Knight sends back German dish from Italian kitchen
Knocks over container with the French port
Leo is no longer in the lineout for company
Making a comeback – Sting and The Police at the Centre locally? That aint going to happen!
Making fun of staff consumed by wages
Most of the literature previously in America
Motion picture released in time provided exposure for The Rock
NATO in trouble with Russia, for one
Note in a composition by one who got an education in England
On all sides and bottoms of the boat
Put in jail for article on hearing? Get Charleton, Smithwick or Morris to look into it!
Relative cover-up in referendum a myth
Run deal freely with clean money?
Sample of layer in dermis of skin
Sample of the T-bone steaks or chicken box
Some characters alongside a leadership to do the business
Some endless retraction by milk producer in Eastern Europe
Stitches up The Nelsons, for instance, to get her
Supports county leader and ones position – is it Labours?
The cost invested in wildlife environments
Took advantage of local motorway connecting Limerick, Kildare and Dublin
View of ruffian losing the head with peer
Woods alarms the golfers on first two at St Andrews
Acquired, attained
Alloy of copper and tin
Assign responsibility for misdeed
Atrocious, awful
Bush country of Australia
Comfort, rest
Covered with a movable screen, a window perhaps
Declamatory, ostentatiously lofty
Demonstrated or depicted
Desire to satisfy a need
Dignified, sombre
Divided up
Draw towards oneself
Expelled, booted out
Extent from side to side
Flashes, sparkles
Free from dirt
Friendly, helpful nations
Fully grown animals
Handy, practical
House at the entrance to grounds of a mansion
Lists of names
Of most recent date
Power to recall
Protect by taking out a policy
Put into, bank account say
Shelter, protection from danger
Snow vehicle and heavy hammer
State of misfortune or affliction
Strove to achieve in the face of difficulty
Struck lightly
Thin slab of ceramic or slate
Turn down
Underwent a change
Upholstered seat with a back and arms
Famous sculpture
Outer layer of citrus peel
Removable engine cover
Lavish compliments on
Marine gastropod
Costing a lot of money
Card game
Stranded, helpless
Robbery on the high seas
Holiday greeting
Abnormally quick to react
Soft Italian cheese
Reflecting the official line
Large country house with lands
Cry of pain or despair
Traditional songs and dances
Short period of relief
To the best of my understanding
Seeker after success
One dying for their beliefs
Power of movement
Go for and bring back
Inexplicable things
Like mixed schools
Seashore pebbles
Hunting cry
Picture, conceive
Make biased or distorted
Road surfacing material
Without added sugar
Device producing synthetic speech
Compositions in a mainly dreamy style
Steal; hit
Hot cooked start to the day
Encroach on (a right)
Persian rubaiyat writer
Erik —, French composer
Study of consumers’ needs and preference
Other than
Believing all people are equal
Leather factory
Italian drinking song
Mexican peninsula
Put on clothes
Not typical of anything
Italian city, capital of Umbria
Sincere, very serious
Object much prized by enthusiasts
Strong breed of dog
English county
Tropical fruit
Early Beatles song
Lack of concentration
Lord —, British physicist giving name to the scattering of light that makes the sky blue
Fond of drink
Imitative representation
Combined spear and battleaxe
Film theatre
Abdominal pain from wind or obstruction
Not suitable
Wealthy business person
Shapeless lump
Expose to danger
Pass (time) in a specified way
Divide (into parts)
Vitally important
Entertaining story
Ten-cent piece
Take (responsibility)
Prickling sensation
Road surface
Sewage container
Girl’s name
Bearing excessive load
Impose (a tax or fine)
Father or mother
Dutch city
Expecting, hoping for
African desert
Part of a jacket
Street of stabling
Limit firm replacing golf in area
Thwart European concealing British weakness
Foxtrot follows this contribution by fine choreographer
One in black, Parisian mother briefly hugs old vessel
Protest with a thug defending work closure
Agitate to acquire right support in Derby?
Men on board rave about Elizabeth’s old cavaliers
Exact use oil rig might be put to?
Cardigan’s gesture of indifference
A boy opens chart with another boy, poorly suited
Like some dynasties at home with money, so I’ve heard
Phone about island rally
Opposite case that’s set out for customer in shop?
Gold dish at front part of range?
Grass covers daughter with worker in flagrante
Romeo pursuing county’s first citizen
Top Mediterranean island showing hostility
Study involving apartment ten’s collapse
Withdrawn do-it-yourself recipe for tongue
They convey good wishes regarding sects abroad
Sick young conservatives having to stop passing round pot in camp
Carried round keys in the past
Morph image grotesquely using this old copier?
Invalidate yearbook’s missing article
Running this French cooker at home as before
Girl and boy defend sceptical doctor
Shock sets back belfry every so often
Change in Honduras reduced power in US city
A bad habit masking a Republican’s cupidity
Spot undercover agent
Steer right round close to white plants
New acting chairman, heading off visitor
Weeds, maybe, surround larger space for new versions
Country’s small car with a first-rate lock in reverse
Farm managed cash margins
Duff description of corpulent Santa?
Secretly, for no special reason, suppressing new conflict
Invalid sister keeps everyone up, free with 500 very old papers
Bob’s put forward
Mutually reliant nine pretended to work on time
Stand on banks of Liffey to finish
RAC put up a trophy designed to hold gallons for 25 Down
Sat after work and disputed
Sort of creeper that gets stuck in pipe
Museum’s good way to conserve rarities initially
Asian animal genes turn up in Pennsylvania
Potential killer surprisingly delighted with a shandy
Plotting software in China
Deserve to retain article made of clay
Academic colleague’s caught sitting topless for money
Intend shortly to hide drab innards of plant
Actually, posh learner hides answer, producing poor results
Acre yielded sisal for one
Anger as modern state conceals excavation
Motivate trendy one in TV scene I shot
Endanger trio sheltering at noon
Preserve article in deep container
Thrive with or without a couple of sons
Easygoing fast time touring eastern part of UK
A rook getting stuck in cat’s throat part
Male broaching party’s depressed state
Current TV quiz includes artist, one from Middle East
Be unable to find Scottish island on map at first
Dependable and firm, the moment I left
Chess shows one it can be a game for four
Beg one extra place to be reserved
Shock from head of church shifting a little power to the right
Egyptian leader’s staff in an inn shortly needing parking
Notice second decoration a few have received and worn
Centre for heretics has heart knocked out of legal defence
Grain cost reduced by a penny
Does he give relatively painful advice?
Furiously thump boxing youngster, the latest of many
Elevated construction beginning to bend in wind
One liked no end to take passage in ship
Lost balance, carrying child — safer with this on?
Offer to contribute to very modest gaudy
Regularly take in Hesiod poem
Cryptic threat for member of the Tea Party
Look defeated, seeing bad house prices? Only at first
Wartime signal that would not be misunderstood?
Peaceful offers: “Please take up residence on British farms”
Poet’s program hard to break into in this way
Pauline for one has no way to stop a detailed government plan
Ass: it was almost quiet
Babe she gently rocked, keeping up appearances
Quality of signal in first class
In ecstasy, composer died — really!
Complex situation in meeting as papers circulated
Conflict divides work team in cave
Force adopted by military group is not appropriate
Normal sort of curve on European beauty
Friends, followers (also gen. sing.): consortes (consortis), amici
Five-year periods or boggy morasses or propitiatory offerings
I brandish (vt) or flit (vi)
Oh please! I beg you (think of eg Terence’s fabulae palliatae)
I destroy or I charge in (+ acc.)
____ sacra, Ovid. Met. 4.32: (rites) which are sacred and have been ordered
Shut that door , Larry Grayson, cf. Plautus Mostellaria 425
You lot take delight in (+ abl., dep.)
I become, passive of facio
GF: quae in lecto occentet senem, Plautus Stichus 572
To advise, recommend, urge: cf. hortari, impellere
Such as get XXXs from teacher
They stand, are standing, do stand
Lit., a priest, metaph., a poet (ie priest of the Muses)
I hurry along: festino, propero
Set in place, founded, perf. ppl. pl nom., sing. gen. instituo, ~ere
Baca vitis quae in racemis crescit (1st decl. fem.)
I moved across: trado, traducere, ____, traductum
Hic puerulus omnia vincit
To have seen, perf. act. inf., conspicio, conspicere
Breathing upon (pres. ppl.), Aen. 5.764
They’re going to impose upon
Rather reliable and trusty, sing. nom. common gender compar.
Reins, bridles, and tack
Be wary of the dog: ____ canem
A conjuction which excludes whereas vel implies indifference
A poem begins in delight and ends in __: Frost
All my heart is yours, sir speaker
Heres __ . . .
__ keep
101, briefly
40 Across, to mathematicians
About 13, for NFL interiors
Alma mater for RFK and Tina Fey
Batted around
Bingo space
Cart count
Chaucerian descriptor
City of northern Spain
Close __
Code thats not encoded
Common daycare container
Diversify with small things
Dropper holder
Eurasia, in Nineteen Eighty-Four
Examples, for example
Fair, to Pierre
Feature of many a classical statue
Foursome on a 1983 Swedish stamp
Gone platinum, perhaps
Improbably long
Lapse preventer
Latter-day entreaties
Literary region
Many a public projection
Much-lauded four-Emmy football film of 71
Name of at least eight track stars
Name that means serious
Not present or accounted for
One refusing to settle
One way to measure work
Onetime producer of plastic paddles
Open wide
Paltry pecuniary part
Pay when due
Perfect game spoiler
Pollutant in engine exhaust
Popular shade for window blinds
Popular style on
Reader of the daily Hamshahri
Rings for dinner, perhaps
Scandinavian capital
See 31 Down
Service status
Setting ending in The Artist
Shape of some two-part desks
Someone planting
Something planted with plugs
Swans, in a December song
Symbol of attraction
The world, per Merry Wives . .
Traditional home of the Byrnes
Unsavory kitchen cluster
What clover might cover
Widens, as arteries
With 62 Across, rehearsal request
No more! relative?
Wading bird
Work units
Extremely cold
Intense star
Thing to shake on
Goal of a summer negotiation?
Crash lander on Earth
Silver salmon (var.)
Drift back to the sea
D.C. legislator
Golf prop
Food scrap
Banned fruit spray
Draws boundaries
Does an autumnal chore
Invalidate, as a wedding
What warms a dogs dinner?
Perfectly lawful
Make official, as a law
Predictors of health problems
Continental cash
Wee carpenter
Stan with the superheroes
Way-old above
Go after in court
Trick-y card game
Bakery chefs class lesson?
Great Lake
Hangout for beasts
Take a breather
Shoelace problem
Dictators employee?
Sound of disgust
Beach bash with seafood
Physicist Niels
___ never been better
Malone on Cheers
Starchy taro root
Flying off the shelves
In great abundance
Comes down kinda hard?
Thing in a cold tray
Word with drum or drop
Just plain dull
Hyperbolic function
Bird in computer network?
Monarchs domain
A photo finish
Cat burglars quality
Beastly creature
Adidas rival
Disgust X 10
Natural color
Pedicure target
Big-time crier
Where are you? response
Inflammation of the ear
Rocker Palmer
Words with bad example
Negga and Westheimer
Dont dele
Buckeye state
Git! kin
Yellowstone creature
Famous moon visitor?
Guy with a doll face
Capital of Japan, once
7 Essential Leadership Lessons from Santa Claus, e.g
La Musique aux Tuileries painter
Symbolic Logic author John
Taste the Feeling brand
The Black Duchess painter
The Walking Dead network
The Wand of Youth composer
They made me
___ midnight, but small thoughts have I of sleep: Coleridge
1959 hit for the Fiestas
1983 title role for Woody Allen
Agreement from an ensign
Alberta hockey player
All alternative
Archaeological discoveries
Arles affirmative
Audiophiles collection
Bamboo muncher
Bat wood
Bookworms, e.g
Budget boarding
Calc prerequisite, often
Caprese salad component
Carthaginian queen who loved Aeneas
Characters in a long-running game franchise
Column style
Country musics ___ Brown Band
Crime reporter
Demand for a simple answer
Diva delivery
Domenico Scarlatti works
Door on a soap opera set?
Earth-orbiting habitat: Abbr
Element that produces a violet gas when heated
Fancy ball with no admission fee?
Far downfield
Fight site
First noun in the Second Amendment
Foot part
Funnel-shaped flower
Get trounced
Gilbert of The Conners
Give fresh strength to
Got together
Great Basin National Park location
Greenish songbird
Guitar great Eddy
Hang loosely
Hero of The Iliad
High school student, informally
Hotel visit
House Beautiful focus
Hydrocarbon suffix
Implement, in a way
Jacobs twin
Jam ingredient?
Junk dealer?
Katzs Deli specialty
Key close to Ctrl
Laps up
Like pie crust borders, often
Litter setting
Longest mountain range
Marbling makeup
Market figure
Meg of The Big Chill
Middle of three black keys
Most avant-garde
One of ten in an alley
Options for the expecting
Pale purple paste
Part of a profs potpourri?
Perfecta, for one
Planet of dragonriders, in books by Anne McCaffrey
Polyhedron part
Post position
Preference between two of the chefs entrails dishes?
President Andrzej Dudas nation
Quartet for Katharine Hepburn
Quinceanera adornment
Quod ___ demonstrandum
Radius neighbor
Recipe verb
Repressive rulers
Safecrackers associate
Seat of Utah County
Shelley work
Shelley works
Sinister sign
Skating event
Soldiers temporary lodging
Spoke candidly
Staff worker
Stage direction in The French Flutist?
Stamina, so to speak
Strong trigger of memories
Suit to ___
Talking unicorn, on an iPhone X
Taylor Swift, for one
The Huns, e.g
The senses, e.g
Theres interest in them
Third son
Three-time Tour de France champion Greg
Trevor on TV
Tricky question
Ultraviolet absorber
Unhealthy appearance
Union pay
Videorecorder from Sony
VIP in the South Dakota diocese?
Waco university
Water from France
Waterway polluted by dumpers?
Wedding words
Wild canine prowling a coastal city of California?
Workplace boon
Years, to Yves
12-inch measures
Abscond with lover
Agree end will be terrible for traitor
Belgrade native
Bitter about the North, hailing from Dixie?
Box someone emptied and scattered
Building easily assembled before cracking?
Crazy (informal)
Crusted dish
Expensive year king held to be tiresome
Flog some diesel locomotives
Fool tinkering with electrics round plug initially
Joke from deep underground
Letter opener?
Mail recipient
Man let out is keen
Nurse husband thats released from danger
One assigned to post
One god imprisons later Bible character
One in gym gets meal
Performer in car sets out
Perhaps broken son becomes insane
Plant publication about English duck
Play on words
Poke or nudge
Poke papa with stick
Quiet cat to attack suddenly
Ready-made home
Rise weirdly round us in grave
Rock band training to run away secretly
Slav taken in by Kaiser Bill
Surprise gift
The Chosen One?
Thin on the ground
Tomboy initially trains dog
Towards the Antarctic
Train by repetition
Trio in yard?
Try small drink and idle talk
Wild marjoram
Work at reformulating race tips
Famous potatoes state
Regular or Sicilian order
The Big Board letters
Alfresco eateries
Any Hippie Fest song
Be a noodge to
Best who was replaced by Ringo
Bit of baloney
Bow of silents and talkies
Brown or Rice email suffix
Celeb whos dating A-Rod
City on the Po
Colorful marble
Comfort during hard times
Curtain material
Doctrine suffix
Drier than sec
Dwindles, as popularity
Earned an A on
Easter candy shape
Elevators, to Brits
Emergency treatment area
Feature of brown, but not white, rice
Feature of many T intersections
Feudal lord
Final curtain
Former vice president Agnew
Friars Club events
G-man or T-man
Gangster nicknamed Scarface
Google alternative
Had a bug
Harvey of Family Feud
Have a yen for
Inouye Airport greeting
Islamic struggles
Legendary monster, affectionately
Like an Olympic year
Like off-color humor
Lowly laborer
Marshmallow Easter candies
More than occasionally
More up to the task
Moves too slowly
Movie studio constructions
News parody website, with The
Old card game with a banker
One on a pedestal
Pennsylvania city known for lake-effect snow
Peyton, to Archie Manning
Pickup capacity, perhaps
Pilots guess, for short
Place for a feeding trough
Place to brood
Prefix with lateral
Profs aides
Public radio premiums
Puts on Facebook
Rathskeller serving
Santas reindeer, collectively
Sharpeners creation
Shelled out
Silly goose
Source of rice
Spending max
Stars go-between
Succotash bean
Superstore patronized by contractors
Swinging apes, for short
Tag ___ wrestling
Tasty mushroom
The Emerald Isle, to poets
The Kennedys, notably
Throat bug, briefly
Treats, as a sprain
Tree with quaking leaves
Ukrainian region annexed by Russia
Working parents hire
Up to the minute
Turkish capital
Jagged mountain range
Wind instrument
Recoil bung
Maker of circular wooden objects
Rubber-bladed wiper for removing water
Tip top
Philosophers stone
Camera stand
Powerful wooden weapon used against the French at Agincourt
Flying circus apparatus?
Electrical device fitted in the cylinder heads of an internal-combustion engine
Quick, light movement
Place to get a vehicle clean
Word of appreciation
Escape artist, Harry
Person who cuts flat glass to size
Small position from which future progress might be made
Legally-binding order
Baruch __, Portuguese Enlightenment philosopher (1632-1677)
Arabic name meaning lion
Rock band whose hits include Wonderwall
Kingdom once ruled by Frederick the Great
BBC arts show hosted by Alan Yentob
The __, magazine founded in 1992 by Richard Ingrams
The German for dream
Maghrebi hot chilli pepper paste
Reinhold __, US theologian whose works include Moral Man and Immoral Society (1932)
The Spanish word for shandy
__ Sinclair, author of The Jungle (1904)
A quadrilateral with sides of the same length
The capital of Norway
The capital of the DRC
Japanese art form whose name means tray planting
Miss __, detective created by Agatha Christie
The capital of Mozambique
The river Thames in Oxford
The capital of Chad
City spanning the Bosphorus
The capital of Tajikistan
Mountain range in County Down
The capital of Zimbabwe
Title given to the resident of the University of St Andrews
European trade association whose members include Norway and Iceland
Recess in church design also known as an exedra
Depressed when away, Kim chose to move
Eastern girl not finishing pastry
Recreational activity making groom in band call out
No rod is broken inside
Guys, small, accepting help from girls
Miserable before revolution in recession
First of students in art gallery showing discrimination
Class using shed, say
Fit slave spoiling period of celebration
Remove clothes for a French doctor initially entering ship
Place of seclusion about to be used before pleasant occasion
Unusually young green aunt I found to be musical
Man getting at head of organisation providing fruit
Engineers, large, relieved when set free
Shy bride holding crossbreed
Tuneful interlude originally in some loud arrangement
Title of schoolmaster left with nothing at home getting cut of meat
Angry mongrel
Prisoner originally named with six in county court
A false statement about five existing
Man first on the queens list
Strange blokes initially taking small miscellaneous articles
Undo French one quickly with directions
Searches for discarded items in cages Sven abandoned
Resident of county upset over trophy given to worker
The first woman with others finding mountain
Trendy teenager, initially disrespectful, is to enter uninvited
Made amends for heavyweight interrupting a journalist
Im supporting man supplying material
Upsetting her, my verse