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Crosswords Buzz Answers 2018-12-31

So ___ so good
Person who might catch a drunk driver
Crossword pattern
One ___ time (singly): 2 wds.
He shoots Hamilton in Hamilton
Roam about
Sitcom for which Allison Janney has won two Emmys
Cookie that had a cherry cola flavor released in 2018
First place on Earth in Christianity
The Girl on the Train star who plays the title character in Mary Poppins Returns: 2 wds.
Letters before Enterprise or Constitution
Heads of university departments
Passageway that connects rooms
Jonah ___ (2010 Josh Brolin movie)
Response to a good bullfighting move
Hugo star who plays Jane Banks in Mary Poppins Returns: 2 wds.
Dad’s male child
Do something
What’s going on in the world
Like week-old bread
Energy drink’s container
Spectre star who plays Michael Banks in Mary Poppins Returns: 2 wds.
Lots and lots
Incursion from the vice squad
Highest card in a suit often
The Hills Have ___ (classic horror movie)
Just a single time
Ballpark official for short
It ___ better (words of encouragement)
___ It Be (#1 hit for the Beatles)
Tiny source of nuclear energy
Bohemian Rhapsody star Malek
Edges of streets
Award-winning Dodgers pitcher Hershiser
I couldn’t be ___ of your accomplishments!
Lady Bird director Gerwig
Lightning ___ (Benjamin Franklin invention)
___ been thinking . . .
Casual room for entertaining
Beastie ___ (rap group)
Temporary downswing in the action
I’m ready to help the person at the front of the line!
City in Alaska
Seattle ___ (legendary racehorse)
___ a real nowhere man (Beatles lyric)
Cornflake Girl singer Tori
Fuzz that might accumulate in belly buttons
Just out of the oven
Places to take people who need immediate medical attention: Abbr.
University that five US presidents have degrees from
American tennis great John
Rustic hotels
Bottomless pit
Baby bird
House of Representatives helper
Become smaller like the moon
U-___ (moving day company)
Corporation that supplies Wile E. Coyote
Was teary
Actress Ryan who’s engaged to John Mellencamp
Pirate’s yes
hitting a high arc in tennis
drops heavily
conveyed over water
science fiction writer Ray
updates the kitchen, perhaps
child minders
Exchange after a lecture, informally
Room just under the roof
Base just before home base
Postponed for later consideration
You young people go ahead!
Country between Ecuador and Bolivia
Part of a tree or a book
Lowest workers
G.I.’s ID
That’s so funny,’ in a text
Lack in energy
Dull, as a finish
Begged earnestly
Make a goof
Free-___ (like some chickens)
Punk offshoot
Don’t leave this spot
Cairo’s land
Force to exit, as a performer
Hosp. trauma centers
Broadway’s ___ O’Neill Theater
Puppeteer Lewis
___ Fein (Irish political party)
Either side of an airplane
Traffic reporter’s comment
Plant-eating dino with spikes on its back
Discover almost by chance, as a solution
Hoppy brew, for short
Helper in an operating room
Another name for O3 (as appropriate to 17-, 25-, 44- and 58-Across?)
Brand of swabs
Man’s name related to the name of Islam’s founder
Lead-in to glycerin
Prolonged dry spell
Much ___ About Nothing
Assert without proof
Cry of triumph
Last words before being pronounced husband and wife
Not drive by oneself to work
Cheery greeting
Ares : Greek :: ___ : Norse
Loch ___ monster
Patron of sailors
Kingly name in Norway
___ Bo (exercise system)
Make great strides?
Highest digits in sudoku
Holy cow!,’ in a text
Plant supplying burlap fiber
Kitten’s sound
Spirited horse
Sextet halved
i’ or ‘j’ topper
Dictionaries, almanacs, etc., in brief
Poodle’s sound
Scoundrel, in British slang
What a setting sun dips below
Urge (on)
Who’da thunk it?!
Professor’s goal, one day
___ Jemima
Mexican president Enrique Peña ___
Company in a 2001-02 business scandal
Enthusiastic assent in Mexico
Web address starter
On the waves
Fly high
Notes from players who can’t pay
Bit of inheritance?
The Buckeyes of the Big Ten, for short
However, briefly
The handymans cocktail?
Insolvent cartels in the red
Old performance is precise
Just ahead of you, say, in exciting Open
Finding the answer to lovings a conundrum
Its a little arch to be in time
Type of car to avoid on the motorway?
Model struck her over there
As dainty as a fairy
Green girl
Moaning about fish and foul gin
Murder two donkeys in a half-term
Find old plane in box
Over-shadowing kissers in EEC mix-up
Hate having to set out after Edward returns
Perfect notion – for a beginner
Baffling! Gave back racket inside
Have relationship with society type?
Fix platform with chap, taking an age
Ghosts – a little rum, perhaps?
Finished jog in swamp!
Those of the conjurors trade?
Ha, without currency, may be spotted, laughing
Low grade cotton – hard as stone
On fire
Of the ear
Examine accounts
Pertaining to the moon
Sea-dweller, having lost head, going off course
Monetary benefit for going back in the mine
How the A.B. trained in front of the staff
Youngster about to press for the operator
In the photograph I spotted a garden pest
Bag holding the last bit of mutton for a bite to eat
A modulation of voice in which to make reparation
Ring a district round the north
Sailing-boat raised in price – what a sauce!
To the writer this is of absorbing significance
Finger damaged by this edge
The manager gets me back to do some relief work
Not a bound collection of testimonials
Part of a publication or series in which sagas may be written
Produce the same bill for a second time
A lightning shock for the chef, but it doesnt last long
They shoot a number in the ship
After the beginning of crime, be quick to punish
Pet, maybe, to fasten up a little
Stretching ones resources for example round members of the family
A press arrangement is scarcely sufficient
Hes habitually full of spirit
1976-80 Wimbledon mens singles tennis championship winner
Chevy , US comedian who played Ty Webb in 1980 film comedy Caddyshack
Tom , Best Actor in a Leading Role Oscar winner for Philadelphia
Title character in William Shakespeare play The Merchant of Venice
1999 film drama starring Anthony Hopkins and Cuba Gooding Jr
Welsh singer and presenter whose credits include BBC TV series Songs of Praise
2018 action film starring Jason Statham and Li Bingbing
August , Pulitzer Prize for Drama winner for The Piano Lesson and Fences
William , prime minister from 1766-68
Prayer to the Virgin Mary in the Roman Catholic Church
Broad-headed fish whose species include the viviparous blenny
Tree endemic to California also called valley oak
Mike , director of films Mr Turner and High Hopes
American mammal with a black and white coat and bushy tail
See 13 Across
Leonard , Liverpudlian actor who starred as Rupert Rigsby in ITV comedy series Rising Damp
Member of a people of Rwanda and Burundi
Islands, archipelago off the north coast of the Isthmus of Panama
2018 family film starring Ewan McGregor in the title role
Coniferous tree with egg-shaped cones and needle-like leaves
US actor who played Darius Jedburgh in BBC TV drama series Edge of Darkness
Otto von , Chancellor of the German Empire from 1871-90
Don , singer-actor who played Gunner Sugden in BBC TV sitcom It Aint Half Hot Mum
1978 stage musical composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice
See 7
See 1 Across
Book of maps or charts
Snooker ball colour
Last Greek letter
Takes refuge
Grain husks
Curved structure
Poor, impoverished
Young goose
Synagogue minister
Staff of life
In that place
Outward appearance
V-shaped stripe
Small amount of money in coins
Group of twenty
Boys and girls
Cutting tooth
Path of a planet
Travel permit
Rupee spent on mash
Conversed about poetry
Ruin in Denmark
Mothers character?
Attentive to wrong part
Yearning for currency
Compliment student with less lean exterior
Admiration for new sceptre
Field of pleasure
A method of being on holiday
Alternatively gone off in a state
Rewarded with conflict
Choose from selection
Daily pressure to copy and run
Girl cared about having a place of amusement
Bemused with creature
Hearsay about organ
Criticise Sunday dinner
Rent trainee out to artiste
Authentic sort of earl
Not returning a great deal
Charge three notes
Perform in Clacton
Look for new rates
Boast about tier
Wooden record
Knock a style of music
Are back for a long time
Liquidised fruit
Praise insincerely
Not at home
US state
Writing material
Gaming area
Flightless bird
Listening organ
Cook in the oven
Gaze fixedly
Black bird
Sharp blow
Watering hole
Foal fodder
Long ago
Flock mothers
Ash or spruce
Going astray
Small gulfs
Dogs mitt
Tuna or trout
Strong beers
Pedros pal
Cut off
From there
That dude
Caesars garb
Fruity refresher
Grow dim
Sheriffs aide
Skin breakout
Bunnys mom
Purple flowers
1930s Olympic bobsledder
Some evergreens
City rollers
Persian ruler
Smurf leader
Pro votes
Winning distance?
U or I
Bad humor
In case
More upset
Bunyans tool
____ se
Road bend
Stepped down
Agricultural worker
Like old streetlamps
Anchors ____
50s sci-fi film
Cereal grain
ER worker
Ships mast
Brunch item
Not difficult
Christmas song
Lose power
History chapter
Mud lover
Born in the ____
Piano key
Storage devices
Forenoon, abbr.
Cowboy competitions
Activities on April Fools Day
New Hampshires neighboring st.
Soft leathers
French title for Mrs.
Suitable, slang
Actress Vardalos
Chapel vow
Fine apparel
Bird that gives a hoot
Stock horror film servant
Came down and spoiled the picnic
Open __ night
Persistent ache
Ski resort feature
Self-defense spray
Fey of Date Night
Window section
D.C. pro
Yard sale caveat
Bar for circus swingers
Tire, with out
Controlled Substances Act org.
Hyde Park buggy
Madison Ave. pro
Main point
Lincoln or Ford
Poker variety
Lawn service company that merged with TruGreen
Fairbanks resident
Period of prosperity
Windy City train org.
Heartthrob in the band One Direction
Fuzzy green plant that grows on rocks
Common Sense author
Down Under bird
Make pure, as sugar
Maker of Aspire laptops
Young fellow
Show up at
Winter hrs. in Minneapolis
Beats by __: audio equipment brand
Chinese menu assurance
Volunteers words
Reynolds Wrap maker
Grocery chain letters
Rigid beliefs
Church instrument
Obama Education secretary Duncan
Garment label
Aced that test!
Horse riders strap
Writer Ferber
Actually existing: Lat.
Summer pitcherful
Biblical song
Whacked gift holder
Links standard
Coerced payment
Citrus peel
Puts away dishes?
Animal welfare org.
Eurasian border river
Tomb Raider heroine
Iraq War armament: Abbr.
Big name in tires
Lose ones marbles
Jamaican music genre
Paper jam site
Nuts and bolts
Sir __ Newton
Give ground
Red Sox great Garciaparra
Practice piece
Razor brand
Spark, as an appetite
Grad. degree for teachers
Landers of letters
Driving range barrier
Lightly cooked
Camping need
Wonderland girl
Toaster ____
Bloodhounds clue
Aria singer
NYC time zone
____ Gras
Passed effortlessly
Tell secrets
She, in Nice
Chicks comment
Sheiks wives
Pres. before HST
Florida metropolis
Grooms vow (2 wds.)
Goodbye, in Paris
Navy officer (abbr.)
Carnival attractions
Lymph ____
Eat formally
In abundance
Squirrels treats
Track down
California valley
More frigid
Newsman ____ Rather
Metric weight
On purpose
____ Fitzgerald
Adams abode
Singer Diana ____
Nail polish shades
Bus money
Tavern orders
Pick up
Chem., e.g.
Dusk, to a poet
Caesar, e.g.
Turn aside
Rip apart
Give a right to
Until now (2 wds.)
Send forth
Be abundant
Pain reliever
Yearly publication
Afternoon parties
Greek deity
Refreshing drink
Dogs name
Gentle animal
Mete (out)
____ trading
Serious plays
Monte ____
October gems
Laid bathroom flooring
Bridle straps
Computer info
On the peak
Loch ____ monster
Corn piece
Feel regret
See 8 Down
Pug died when stuffed with nuts and stodgy food
With 1A, pre-decimal coin discovered in Lancaster
More ghastly Russian spies getting the Queen to eat a certain amount
A good time to be a Harry and score a full round?
Argument about limits of load in place Columbus set sail from with 1A
Time as defined by Einstein in a certain formulation
With 1A, one who painted Mother Cradling Son
Frequently leaving Suffolk resort, most depressed
Bandits regularly thrash around, which is a bit off
With 1A, ones rather timid with Arabian state
Allude to snaffling cigarette end to make spliff
Cleared up as routine do got out of control
Statement showing companys not in the red – quite the opposite
Middlesex and Derbyshire openers stumped by cricket commentators complaint
Senior citizens love an afterthought
Cook bean, which would be a treat for Homer Simpson
With 1A, type thats used in nasty letters
See 11 Across
One of the Beatles is to become less appealing on the radio
Harry possibly supported by Decs presenting partner, which is incongruous
Kills time essentially with distance runner on evening shifts
Star playing Lady Morgan
Minute number one
Fish in the corner
With 1A, Ancien Régime giving command
68-reg Kuga, for example, with stripped gold interior, thats exchanged at midnight
Mates larking around under canvas in books, with 1A
One has certain rights to cover such a shelter with water
Time had by 1D with 1A
Confronts what youd expect to see in a regular haunt with 1A
Watery fluid in said space
Constant rivals in Glasgow, with 1A
Something recorded by 26, for example, is a mere trifle with 1A
Wont dance in more established area with 1A
Marine mammal
Day before
Solid fuel
Small blue flower
Place of worship
Like better
Edinburgh landmark
Old shabby clothing
New Years Eve in Scotland
Gentle push
Hit hard (Informal)
In the midst of
Dutch cheese
Model of excellence
Hidden boundary
Burn with hot liquid
Lion King villain
Male cat
Supplies with staff
Playwright Levin
Classic theaters
New Years Eve topper
Shepherd of rhyme
Bed linens
Tan and Irving
Hosp. areas
Bach compositions
Unuttered alas
Norma —
Rich cake
Geese formation
Honolulus isle
Law firm principals
Away from WSW
Rwandan people
Going together
Celestial bear
Squeak stopper
French 101 verb
Deli loaves
QBs goals
Like venison
Belgrade resident
Nile queen, informally
Now, on a memo
— pro nobis
Red Planet
PBS journalist Bill
Pre-college exams
Common title start
Send forth
Abrahams wife
Bond rating
Practice, theatrically
Viennese pastries
Berlins country (Abbr.)
— a Rebel
Jazzy James
NFL great Johnny
Eggnog sprinkling
Egg on
Not even one
Greek vowel
Fifty Shades of —
Small crown
Min. parts
Inert gas
Russian range
Wild fear
Comic strip unit
Mineral suffix
Glacier makeup
Casual shirt
Annual celebration
Day after 19-Across
Violets cousin
Adams home
Friend of Frodo
Things to make on 19-Across
Dyeing tub
Make a choice
Place to park
Nebraska city
Musical set in Argentina
Gave a score to
Ohio or Mississippi
Anchors delivery
Short putt
Nixons veep
King of France
Tenement worker
Historic time
Scouts water container
Shirt parts
Nodding, perhaps
Like some questions
Wise teacher
Company thinker
Put in other words
Sewing aid
Eat late
A bunch
Martini garnish
Sky sights
Chop down
Time for a revolution?
End of __
Inner beginner
Music group
Painter Magritte
Bird bill part
Kitchen drawer item
Ask peremptorily
They have to be paid
Book before Nehemiah
Actor Wallach
Sister Carrie author
Radiation unit
Strike site
I __ Kick Out Of You
Planting site
The King __
Bulgar, e.g.
Dough drawer
Attracts buyers
McGregor of Trainspotting
From an earlier time
Tots transport
Lock part
Pier, in architecture
Spirit of Persian folklore
William and Harry, e.g.
New Englander
And others, for short
Claret, e.g.
Auditing time
Gave rise to
Make reparation
Daltrey of The Who
Multimedia device
Steel beam
Pioneer talk show host
Stairway to Heaven singer
Sampras of tennis
Govt. agent
Moving gingerly
Not as experienced
A house __ a home
Lend a hand
Use unwisely
Mates kin
Author Dahl
Title role for Jodie Foster
__ me tangere
Be in a huff
To be, for Caesar
Twinkle, sparkle
In words
Receive willingly
Small bird
Artists workroom
Become visible
Game bird
Fine penmanship
Small island
Take small bites
Long dagger
Work hard
Deposit that forms on teeth
Brown sugar
Twice the amount
Prepare for publication
Mythical river of the underworld
Principal notice inserted in border in front of flower
Poor diet Tom has skipped
Naughty children in The Simpsons
It may be taken in court and in boathouse
RN choose new vessel
Spot, so we hear, for fish
Split up northern river
Contest for gun-runners?
Delight in good shelter
A member of the opposition in Victorian times?
Warned bad lad about damaged tree
Locate nuns settled in Cornish town
Lift is warm outside
Little workers getting article about saint
Id come to be cured by doctor
Mistake about a garment
Stretch vessels in river
Soak poets at sea, as it were
Making a grade one drink
Officer in prison riot reveals venomous creature
Country song about people
Injury resulting from fight with sweetheart
Language that comes in for some slating
Boy has little time for this county
A place in Italy for the locals – it is around Calabrian capital with a fragrant disposition
Caddie to finish reading tirade wandering off course
Characters alongside a nuisance from college
Charlie Buck needs no introduction to Van Dyke, for one?
Construct a case for most of those in 14 across and 9 across
Degradation in the same way English workers can be found in arrears
Drew on career with Marvel
Every ounce of anger in Vogue
Gas fitter drops rates for the present
Gathers together in college setting up part of the orchestra with tenor from school
Gloria in dress? Thats a first!
Infamously dismisses Mayo as godless
Made an intervention to put Bill away? Thats shot down!
Mistakes engineering on Rolls Royce for the gold standard initially
No sense in messenger offering the start of an idea
One of the offspring produced The Guard
Popular victory with a short racket brings up offensive attack thats crosses the line
Proof from Germany divides suspicious Venice
Remove snow from crows nest on top of the mountain
Renaissance guy perhaps – playing all the characters in Shakespeares plays, for instance
Reserves losing the head with approaches from other clubs, for instance
Reverberations from foreign visitor ban
Rooted to the spot after church backing for seventh heaven?
Rows with co-authors losing touch
Sample of bootleg demo reviewed by lippy type
The property of the gentry in England and Ireland
Thistle developed around Gulf is the least significant
Women left unwelcome hint
A natural fibre
Airbus A330 or A380, say
Christian hermit or recluse
Copy, simulate
Dependable, honest
Detain under suspicion
Express eager enjoyment, interest or approval
Glowing, lambent
Goals, objectives
Having a natural aptitude or skill
Healing institution
Is in store for
Journey over water
Military assistant
Mollusc and first nuclear-powered submarine
Move towards
Neither hot nor cold
Not far away
Orange edible root
Passage between the pharynx and stomach
Passage for the liquid secreted from the eye
Performs exceptionally well
Remove weapons from
Resulted, followed from
Sawn wood ready for use
Slow-moving vehicles
Smoothed with heat
Thin sheet that surrounds body parts
With everything or everyone taken into account
Written laws
(Of door) slightly open
A score
Uncontrollable fear
Seeing other cultures through one’s own
Metal working technique
Musical speeds
Cut down; hill
Common house plant
Be sure of
Large stomach
Surfers’ activity
Powerful attractor
Walking like soldiers
High legal authority
Moralising lecture
Start (line) in from edge of text
Disorderly retreat
Gauche — after time play fewer roles?
Given food — or a hat!
Warning doctor in front of Northern Ireland Conservative
Supporting daughter, means to cross river
Regret trick, sending out son
Describing part of car raised unexpectedly in northeast
Republican one backed in Nevada city
Finally gets sweet juice from part of plant
Before game, referring to male in plot
President’s gamble, ignoring odds
Small brick carrier in trainers?
Substitute with good reputation
Like carrier not in correct path
Purveyor of nonsense botched weld: drat!
Suggestive of embarrassed-looking love, provided for time
End row for a change? That’s amazing!
Part of operetta, mediocre, uninspiring
Building material firm, new, supported by Greek island
Reformer left university over article? Right
Island story’s beginning with Biblical boat
Referring to British measures, air mile, pint at first changed …
… inch also, recollected guy
Girl received by Managing Director supplied with staff
When classes show items worth having
Difficult situation in street our group brought up
In bag, a recommended seaweed product
Vessel settled — on board, crew starts to bail out
Turns back, having no time for puzzle
Return for one challenge
Humourless fast leading to a meal
Ready container filled with women’s material
Dubious in nature, containing hint of confusion?
All left needing to escape poor area
Newspaper hurrying to provide holiday option
Every answer not right, sadly — puzzle’s last occasion to celebrate
A lot of significance in match
Major counting exercise involving body responsible? It’s generally agreed
Ancient priest, theologian, absorbing a lot of damage
Stoppage of trade thus restricts business degree
Head of Government keeping nothing hidden, getting minimal coverage
French author switching couple of characters shows courage
Evidence of burning stairs, with one about to enter
Place its said for great deal?
Wanting the best position in race after turning up
Fine rain and shelter will be limiting to plant
How the solver’s performance may be judged — ready?
Surface belly up?
Monarch establishing a line?
Asian holiday spot entertaining English may be Indian
Identify indefinite number in view when men behave badly?
Fine grains in damaged crates — badger us to turn up
Is leaving Muslims to gather stones for protection from harsh light
Point in article on City almost entirely based on hearsay
Success gaining attention about British drinking venue
Studying around University is falling a lot
Strange upturn in passion in middle of week
A number really like working with computers?
No opening for idle fool
Big name in speakers
Min. fraction
Go down, as an elevator
Watch ___ step!
The way, to Lao-tzu
City in Italy
Suffix with small
Have all rights to
Tool for piercing
Head swellers
Cutting remark
Country near Iraq
Gear sprocket
Not as intense
Computer whiz
17-17, in scores
Prescription amount
U-turn from rosy
Store opening time, often
Hoover is one
Valued possession
Small, sandy island
Snap, Crackle and ___
Act gloomy
Guaranteed to work
Hotel housekeeper
Scooby-Doo, Where ___ You?
Take a short nap
Leftover food crumbs
4 p.m. British drink
Unknown writer, briefly
Computer memory unit
Partners of aahs
Formerly, to a poet
Meat and vegetables meal
Playfully noncommittal
Wine cask sediment
Thing for an actor to play
Eastern sultanate
It makes a house fancy
Tenn. college athlete
Terrific rating
Become man and wife
Swinging part of a fence
Zulu Time, for short
Three in Roman numerals
Device for pressing
Title winner
Engine lubricant
Turn right, horse
Better writing?
Tax pro
Tie tightly
Easter egg colorer
Pellets and arrows
Fly like an eagle
Meat rotator on a grill
Length X width
Pasta also called risoni
Round hammerhead
Used a chair
Govt. Rx watchdog
Dear __ or Madam . . .
Quantum jump
Take your time
Treble symbol on music
Very, very soon!
You __ have bothered
1770s patriot Hale
401(k) alternative
Alternative to Sears
Be obligated to
Beauty parlors creation
Bring to a conclusion
Cavalry sword
Checkers players demand
Cold War adversary: Abbr
Come into view
Computer support person, for short
Day before Fri
Drag-race vehicle
Draws, as a magnet
Egyptian snake
Extra auto tire
Family room
Halves of quarts: Abbr
Highest cards in poker
Hour after midnight
In dreamland
In first place
Indicates assent silently
Insect-blocking window insert
Internet commerce
Lacking the skill
Little bite
Longstanding quarrel
Make angry
Makes a mistake
Midmorning hour
Midnight bubbly rituals
More quickly
Neglects to
Nile queen, for short
Not on time
Old anesthetic
Part of the eye
Parts of plays
Person going out with another
Person who stares
Pie __ mode
Post-midnight colorful sky explosions
Pre-midnight numerical ritual
Rain boot
Recycling receptacle
Rental contract
Response to a childish dare
Roads that often cross aves
Rusts away
Santas laughing syllables
Scooby-__ (cartoon dog)
Sgt. or cpl
Ships distress signal
Shows to a seat, slangily
Snuggle up
Speech givers start, for short
Stop-sign color
Subj. for recent immigrants
Successful dieters
Summer hrs. in Pa
Tossed in the trash
Was thinking creatively
__ and cheese (lunch pasta dish)
__ for (choose)
__ the occasion (come through)
__-cone (icy treat)
San Francisco weather
Grows dim
Boxers arsenal
Big name in cornstarch
XOXO alternative
Folk musics Guthrie
*Vessel in a Tom Clancy thriller
One with flaming pants, presumably
New lawn sign
Cheers to 2019! is one
Government-issued ID
*Aww-inspiring pairs
1963 Oscar winner Patricia
Inner circle member
Highlanders family
Zodiac lion
*It isnt straight from the udder
Common cough medicine flavor
Hertz competitor
___-cross applesauce
Ready and willing partner
*French for end of century
Best Buy array
Kick out
Cry after messing up big-time
Forum garment
Restaurant feature for insiders, or what the starred answers first 3-5 letters comprise?
Wonder Woman foe
Bouillon brand
Are likely (to)
Homophone of 18-Across
Let in
Messy room, informally
Sets loose
Light verse poet
Sticky stuff
Like a restless night
Up in the air
Grant knighthood to
Night of anticipation
Californias Big ___
It might not get you where you want to go
Font similar to Helvetica
Less than enthusiastic
Does a recyclers job
Biblical vessels
Prepared to play, as a violin
Solar or lunar event
Fidget spinners, e.g.
Move like The Blob
Resident of Tolkiens Fangorn Forest
Its speed is measured in GHz
Gamers bane
Henchman Luca of The Godfather
Provide up-to-the-second commentary, nowadays
Manning of football
Bird with a snowy variety
Literary Leon
Prefix for adroit
Record sleeve successor
Londons Royal ___ Hall
Bathrobe feature
Like a pre-birth position
Bar soap maker
African nation or its eponymous river
Wispy clouds
My Cousin ___ (Pesci film)
Nose ring alternative
First responders, for short
Jamaican music genre
Wind up or wind down
Alternative to org
Agree that man must enter church
Arms contractor?
Bad speller?
Base and lid broken, put out of action
Bohemian dance
Burns Night food
Catherine, sixth wife, finds fish
Culinary plant
Current tale fantastic Sun tells initially
Dance music with a dotted feel?
Descent of eagle flying around at home
Extent of wallpaper paste
Girl in Bali celibate?
Greek squid dish
Green energy type
Guide ranch animal
High regard
I get men prepared for encounter
Injecting tool
Make runs — twenty
Misery SAS ends explosively
Monk in vehicle one for seafood dish
Most recent
Naval weapon
Needle one that sucks up?
Notes right relating to The Sun
Residences for Sherlock we hear?
Respect is introduced to English backs
Rosemary perhaps housed by Mother Bear
Seconds to grab beer in January events
Security is brought back into store
Sensible man with cold gets into bed
Small sample
User upset? Absolutely!
Weapon in depot or out?
What might be charmed circle?
Wine expert sozzled at rest
Witch is eating good Scots food
Wonderland girl
Wrist ornament
Young salmon
Arf! equivalent
Enchanted girl of kid-lit
Goon Squad game maker
Gotcha! to a beatnik
Great job! at a corrida
Hedda Gabler playwright Henrik
58-Across for a feller
Action movie weapon
Assist in the weight room
Big fuss
Bills depicting Jefferson
Bills depicting the Great Seal
Bit of jocularity
Bit of kindling
Blu-ray player insert
Bone near the radius
Bridal shop buy
Calf-concealing skirts
Call or write back
Carton sealer
Casting directors assignment
Conductor Sir Georg
Dazzling success
Dont use autopilot
Exactly right
Feather in a cap
Felt sorry for
For face value
Foursome in 16-Across logo
Funny pages segment
Gas in a stratospheric layer
George who created Darth Vader
Get mileage from
Group in a turf war
Hammer for John Henry
Homer, to Abe Simpson
Homes in many fairy tales
In days gone by
Lack consistency
Liable to foul up
Lies quietly
Maker of e-tron electric cars
Mid-December to early January, in college football
Miss a stage cue, say
Neighbors of golf greens
New Look designer Christian
Nike, to Colin Kaepernick
Peanut, in Dixie
Perfect for the task
Personal statistics that never decrease
Philbin who hosted Millionaire
Phishers scheme
Portrayer of Schindler and Kinsey
Preposition heard in sermons
Responders with defib units
Ride a boogie board
Ruffled state
Sanctuaries for guys
Sanduskys lake
Sarandon of Dead Man Walking
Scrabble selection
Seismograph display
Shed or shop item
Sinatras blue pair
Small setback
Social Register folks
Spotted equine
Stars nonspeaking 49-Down, perhaps
Strikes text from, perhaps
Swim team event
Totally lose it
Vampires nourishment
Vichy France, to Nazi Germany
West Point attendee
Wine tasters tastes
Word after garbage or data
___ of habeas corpus
Nominally she can only just beat dad
Greyfriars boy?
Trophy worth some cash, essentially?
Much talk of getting asleep
Writers making a fortune around Mile End
Its a matter of keeping cool even when disheartened
Tough, hot-headed, possibly mean fellow
The mien of a broadcaster?
Murphy gets to a top relocation
Is their behaviour revolting?
Little Tonys school
Colourful standard of goodness
One out of eight?
Perform a lovely piece solo
Just the chap to play it again?
It means more to a dead-wrong dunderhead
The toff suffered when prevented from winning
After the years end, a pine can mature
In a race, can it get you nowhere?
Causes some heat by writing on fighting
Originally, points for successfully finishing
Do big ones possess more fire-power?
Turn and leave one learning to be a writer
Refrain from giving a seaman a bad mark
Figure one gets half a dollar
Pitiable quality
The advantage of turning up with a girl
Manage to reach a degree of vegetation
Prohibit bank robbery!
Picture maybe in ropy art
Little city in the central Loire, maybe
Man of stone?
Movingly agreeable looking childrens character
Avoid delay, as do journalists getting ahead
Money put into one could have been an asset
A bit of a fight
Hell back a good horse
Ageing, but with an unusually solid head of hair
The part of Mabel, as queen
The one bit of business thats best
Little things that can have ill effects
Depend on getting a soft-hearted response
Very close to ten in a trap
As a rule, its half walled up
Lasting a short time
Punctuation mark
Raising agent
Extra playing card
Loses colour
Cat noise
Young fox
Vapour from hot water
Boys name
Sound of annoyance
Cut off
Empires ruler
View or glance
Burnt remains
Adult male
Nervous and anxious
Football supporter
Ignominy, disgrace
Punk hairstyle
Practises boxing
Illegal act
Formal discussions
Respect highly
Artists stand
Communion table
Skirting board
Sea eagle
Jewel box
Actually denied (anag)
Fruit eaten as a vegetable
Vessel carrying blood towards the heart
No pink inside?
Broad street
Abstract idea
Human bone ten rums (anag)
Natural talent wont emend (anag)
Heavy cavalryman
French anti-ship missile
Brighten up
Least difficult
From end to end
Lead newspaper story
Parents sisters
Loves fashionable, hiding nothing to wear
Marched about, delighted
They ask, are you acquainted with Gods wife?
Cave dweller to try lodge for a change
Scandinavian against topless skiing? Outrageous!
3.14 + 1 + 2.72, right? Initially simple for leaders
Envoy has trouble with green movement
Get extremely dizzy and nervous
Time to kidnap emperor?
Salesman: 50% off ribs and salads, plus special paybacks
Goas very annoyed with travellers
Origins of temperature in great balls of fire
Before overnight vacation, do I bring fancy footwear?
Earth, to make great again, improve atmosphere for starters
Salt and pepper ultimately remain to be shaken
Mama from 1960s at home with Italian astronomer
Standard performance
Japanese game is uplifting when astride pig
Shabby coat? Try new shape
Sun god, hes over 510
Display team seen at Old Trafford?
Key journalist walked in
Company board retains maiden over her elevated understanding
Singers in Spain or otherwise
Foreign items and old books need art venue
Flower areas dry, turning to stone
A vital translation by North European
Dog or blackbird?
Guardians refined sugar
Strike by those who provoke tough questions
fighting to report atmosphere in docklands?
Organic food processor
Way of doing complex scores on page
One records attack being repulsed first
Woman capturing the hearts of both Miro and Genet
Put the men into another formation the last of many?
Checked out clothing and got fresh
Issue thats supertough, oddly
Issue from available supply
Plant thats yellow, say, with an orange head
One who sees the truth about top celebrities
Drop a fellow outside bar
The owner soon redesigned a dull place to live
First farm building that includes everything
Reform made in first-class community of scholars
Muse tends to get moving, when absolutely unavoidable
Relieved after cold is finished
Pull into sensible space for parking items in transit
Adjust position of concrete sign having small omission
Couple indicate boundary for averge children in the traditional family?
Lie flat before running for a quick start
A poem Dante hasnt finished about outrageous stage character
Split is happening as Romeo turns to whiskey
Stupid to get told off over his mess
In haste, fan offered accommodation for Italian chap
African managed to acquire magic rod
What all totally empty reservoirs principally lack
Quiet Portuguese greeting behind copper dome
Destroy secular rubbish
Merit review, including a French films duration
Ill-founded row follows defence group
Building is foolishness
Taurean chap takes bread out
Free toppings delivered to wooded area
Obvious about a bad nuns performance being excessive
New university student has leaderless USA having value
Arise in costume
Sad poet deployed glee first
Toxin involved in scare
The usual flag
Poem, right to left, badly done inside
Blithe farce performed about energy
Woman and writer run off together
Tail off with faulty conclusion? Not clergymen
In pieces, like below
Bin was constructed with timber inside bowl
Landowner puts his rear on some paper
Fixing missing front and final part
Exist partly for interest
Broke nerve and intellect? Oh well
Craze has wild teens fixed
A pity mixed-up state is unconventional
Retire operation, having caught story-teller
Good time to add notes to song
Marxs companion sets directions in front
A crowd holds key to a tiny animal
Stomach gets small with old enthusiasm