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Crosswords Buzz Answers 2018-12-30

Club ___ (chain of vacation resorts)
Fail’s opposite
What camouflage can help you do
Post-ER destination sometimes: Abbr.
You have ___ of nerve!: 2 wds.
Comic strip dog that’s been made into a Beanie Baby
Isn’t ___ Lovely (1976 Stevie Wonder song)
Diminutive Jedi guru
Irish-born actor who costarred in the 2018 movie Widows: 2 wds.
___-rich-quick scheme
Foulmouthed bear voiced by Seth MacFarlane
___ known as (what aka means)
Rooster’s mate
Muscles underneath a gut
Irish-born actor who costarred in the 2018 movie Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again: 2 wds.
___-down (remark that disparages someone)
Medical care group like Kaiser Permanente: Abbr.
Sergeant Snorkel’s dog in the comic strip Beetle Bailey
Cry from a ewe
___ Jose California
Irish-born actor who costarred in the 2018 movie Hereditary: 2 wds.
___ Jojo (villainous chimp on The Powerpuff Girls)
Past participle of lie
ISP that used to send software CDs to noncustomers
An apple a day keeps the doctor ___
Edward’s adoptive mother in the Twilight series
Integers: Abbr.
Band whose front man was Michael Hutchence
Caribou for example
___ sample (bit of forensic evidence)
Uncategorized stuff: Abbr.
Sound reflection
Old-fashioned way to settle a quarrel
Tyler Perry’s House of ___ (former TBS series)
In the sky
Word that can go after baking or diet
Pistol shooter at a race
Wasn’t despondent
Cradle of Love singer Billy
Pickle flavoring
Flotsam or Jetsam in The Little Mermaid for example
Dr. Frankenstein’s assistant
Janet who was the first female US Attorney General
It may have an icon on your smartphone
Kung Fu Panda actress Lucy who directed an episode of Luke Cage
___ up shop (establish a business)
Game of Thrones channel
___-Man (small Marvel superhero)
Flutter like eyelashes
___-Caps (brand of chocolate nonpareils)
Blacken as a steak
Sent a digital communication to
One of the Big Six movie studios
Guys who are into the hip-hop lifestyle: Hyph.
Gooey trail behind a snail
Li’l ___ (old comic strip)
Fancy dress
Cleanser named for an ancient Greek hero
Difficulty’s opposite
Former presidential candidate ___ Paul
Twelve o’clock high
Frozen snow queen
Fixture on a ski lodge deck
Sound quality
West African capital
Like counting your chickens before they’ve hatched
Going great guns, as business
Come to terms with
Good golly!,’ across the pond
Close enough
Cloaklike garment
Goes around
Hardly a right-minded individual?
N.C.A.A. rival of Duke
To which one might respond ‘Salud!
Superlative suffix
Summer setting in Seattle: Abbr
Reason for an R rating?
McGregor who played Obi-Wan Kenobi
Quaint photos
Cuban or Zuckerberg?
Archie’s pal at Riverdale
Dry as a bone
Largest species of the genus Leopardus
More ready to go
Show stopper?
Pure and simple
Part of the eye where vision is sharpest
Old hand
Maker of the MDX luxury S.U.V
Needing certain ink for a color printer?
Epitome of laziness
Freestyle, e.g
Harbor city of NW France
Went to court, say
It may be right under your nose, informally
Fixture behind the bar
IHOP order
Billy of infomercial fame
Only European capital on both a river and an ocean
Kind of vision
Fit for the job
Impetus behind a paternity test?
Not so far
Straight Outta Compton’ group
The path to the dark side,’ per Yoda
On a Paleo diet, say?
Slow boat
___ Studies (college major)
Big Starbucks orders
Year the Office of Homeland Security was created
Some paints
The world’s greatest …,’ e.g
Capital of Thessaly
Washington air hub
Post-workout activity
Unusually short
Start to take off, in a way
Accents and Sonatas
100-meter and 200-meter
Reaction to a really bad pun
Something you might need to kill
Treat like an object
Really, really needing some sun?
Neighborhood north of the World Trade Center
Weasel’s relative
Beach tops
___ Tin Tin
2003 Economics Nobelist Robert
One’s most ardent supporters
Finisher of cakes
Buy one circus animal, get one circus animal free?
Most newspapers have one
Theodor ___ (Dr. Seuss’s real name)
Stealth bomber, familiarly
Partner of snick
French Alpine river
Root of Polynesia
Mesopotamian mother goddess
Female in a pen
In front of, old-style
Cowboys’ home, for short
It’s more than a warning: Abbr
Street handout, maybe
View from la plage
Aladdin’ villain
City between Albany and Rochester
2017 World Series winner, for short
Something required
Dog or cat transporter
Often-smoked cheese
First lady
Shia of ‘Transformers
Beginnings of fame and fortune?
Some SAT study
Kind of alcohol
___ Days’ (1990s platinum Bon Jovi album)
Anthem contraction
On another call
Hedy ___, subject of the 2017 documentary ‘Bombshell
Woman’s name meaning ‘born again
Installment of a women’s clothing catalog?
Common potato chip flavor, in brief
Hybrid tourney style
Worker at a hosp
Waterloo’s home
Something up for grabs on a fishing boat?
Director Lee
Rules, informally
Quavering sounds
Rating somebody?
The Supreme Court and the Muses
Zoroastrianism’s sacred text
Author of ‘The Joy Luck Club
Barbara and Jenna Bush, to Jeb
Exams for future J.D.s
Traveling from coast to coast, maybe
Car sticker fig
Do you ___?
Part of A.M.A
Medicinal plant
Part of S.A.S.E.: Abbr
2016 Grand National winner ridden by David Mullins
African republic; capital Mogadishu
Torquato , 16th-century Italian author of epic poem Jerusalem Delivered
Charles , American modernist composer of the four movement A Symphony: New England Holidays
Region of eastern Ethiopia
1964-66 Cheltenham Gold Cup winner ridden by Pat Taaffe
Basic monetary unit of Haiti
Small wingless blood-sucking insect noted for its power of leaping
Sven , IBF Super Middleweight champion from 1998-2004
Dave , California-born modern jazz pianist and composer whose albums include 1994s Just You, Just Me
2011 novel by Jeff Lindsay
Reformed criminal and assistant to Father Brown in stories by G K Chesterton
European republic; capital Rome
Asian kingdom whose capital is Kathmandu
The , 1958 stage play by Brendan Behan
Stefan , goalkeeper; Borussia Dortmund 1997 Champions League Final and Rangers 1999 Scottish Cup Final winner
Norman , Liverpudlian actor who played Herbert Brown in 1958 film comedy Carry on Sergeant
1976 Olympic mens 1,500m gold medallist
Unit of area equal to 100 square metres
C M , England Test cricketer who took 7-50 against Pakistan in Birmingham in 1978
Town in Scotland; administrative centre of Midlothian
2006 novel by Daniel Handler
Graeme , cyclist; author of 2003 autobiography Flying Scotsman
In heraldry, the colour red
God of thunder in Norse mythology
Kitchen device
Boarding establishment for feline pets
Rounded line
Plant type
Medium-brimmed hat
Long to possess
Lump of gold
Walk heavily
Examine or investigate
Be in earnest
Young bird
Support fixed to a wall
Reference book
In spite of everything
Hardly any
Spectator, witness
Rooms upper surface
Inner planet
Go up to organise dances
Drab sort of writer
Peer in real trouble
Somehow entrap guardian
In total sobriety as well
Bird in another nest
Ticket price sounds reasonable
Making a point about hole
Refurbished with pelt
Ties up venue
Honest old writer
Decorate with alcohol?
Range of former shelter
Were off to get jug
Hearsay about organs
Call for building material
Panes smashed by tree
Recorded with lead
Put off animal, with time
Barn designed for grain
Suggest having beer with member
Wilt as doctor finds zero work
The others relax
Collapsed around part of cathedral
Retailer sounds more disgusting
Fleas fly? Not true
Sluggish at interchange
Supply new crate
Pressure points in seats
Overburdened with a word
Mother or father
Sea eagle
Paying passenger
Animal hair
Shoe fastening
Facial parts
Cereal ingredient
Domed recess
Church benches
Action word
Bridge coup
Luna ____
PC operator
Auto for hire
Newsy bit
Plant again
Tijuana title
Work groups
Monkey suit
Shooter piece
Spicy sausage
Tale opener
European snakes
Maui garland
Broad-antlered beast
Razor sharpener
Rogerss prop
Full of gaps
Not fat
Make less wild
Em or Bee
Game tally
____ Woman
Wallet fillers
Jerky joint
Marshal Wyatt ____
____ bloomer
Brunch drink
Thick pad
Possessive pronoun
Supporting beam
Ribbed cover
Masculine address
Sooner than, to a poet
Out of ____
Fake hair
Harris film
Tropical fish
At no time, to poets
Sneaky one
Store handout
Sudden thrusts
Warty critter
Cooking skewers
Flat hill
Hearty food
Hardwood tree
Infants shoe
Sajak et al.
Automotive dud
Volcanic fluid
Arab chieftain
Pups cry
Tit for ____
River in Scotland
__ in judgment
Run, as colors in the wash
Pertaining to the past
Traditional Spanish dish
Shoe leathers
Heir, often
Close to closed
Salad veggie
Its M stands for Motoren
Ashtons spouse
2002 Friends Emmy winner
French monarch
Off-season at a nudist camp?
Stock female roles
Caribbean getaway
Dollhouse Christmas decoration?
Reveal, poetically
Sale limitation word
Early Indo-European
Silver and gold
Defrost in the microwave?
Cubes for cooking
Longtime Dolphins coach
Reggaes __ Kamoze
Ham, to Noah
Two, for most folks?
English critic Kenneth
Worker in a garden
Apple variety
Capital south of Vienna
Links prop
Broom-__: comics witch
As Time Goes By pianist
Aha moment sensation?
Frozen summer coolers
Propel, in a way
Words to live by
Biblical prophet
Grab a bite
Type of plane
One at a family reunion
Geek chic?
Minor player
With 130-Across, weekly U.S. magazine with a cryptic crossword
Beat out
More cunning
Underwear catalog?
Aslans land
Juno and the Paycock playwright
Combat zones
Most letters, nowadays
Tiny insect egg
Cyst of no concern
Cinderellas coach?
Con artists
Suffering from stress-related weight gain?
__ tissue
Scout group
Author Bombeck
Victim of a fabled upset
Drink suffix
See 94-Across
Back-to-school time for many: Abbr.
Gremlins and Pacers
Abandon at the altar
Filthy quarters
Duds, old-style
Kournikova of tennis
Novel ending?
Mushroom stems
Went deep at the park
Pipe material
Bank contents
Early American home
Ready to serve
Contents of el mar
Be a bundle of nerves
Radio host John
Society page word
The E in E. & J. Gallo
Strapped-on accessory
Nave seat
Phelps broke his gold-medal record
Skater Harding
Because of, with to
Copenhagen native
Confirmation, e.g.
Norse god associated with storms
Jam ingredients
Andean wool source
The Crucible setting
Letters after I?
Jazz pianist Blake
Common sense
__ show
Soft drink brand since 1924
Elevator innovator
Cartridge holder
Colorful blocks
Flexor muscle, informally
German title
Before long, quaintly
Some tides
__ One: vodka brand
Lucrative, contractually
VW hatchback
Friend of Pythias
Appliance maker since 1934
Grandparent, often
Wyomings __ Range
Former #1 LPGA golfer Lorena
Goes after
One of the Baldwins
John in London
Garlicky sauce
Chewed persistently
Former name of Myanmars most populous city
Asian celebration
They may empty in a brawl
Actress Plummer
NATO alphabet letter after Romeo
Cara of Fame
Bangers partner
Gym site
Skiers aid
Put in a position
Sympathetic sounds
Done, in Verdun
Jared of Suicide Squad
Where Cork is
Dudley Do-Rights org.
32-card game
No longer working: Abbr.
Tiny particles
Serpents sound
Send payment
Actress ____ Bancroft
Bangors state
Popular steak cut (2 wds.)
____ Moines, Iowa
Paid attention
Fender dimple
Anchorman ____ Rather
Moscows country
Peacocks pride
Brothers sib
Table supports
The ____ Strikes Back
Most delicious
____ West of Hollywood
Little devil
Desire for food
List-ending abbr.
Three-movement composition
Make lovable
Many (2 wds.)
Main artery
Divorce city
Mediocre (hyph.)
Climbing plants
Messy fellow
Nasty looks
Carrying weapons
Coal source
Pittsburgh footballer
Advanced gradually
Not far
Painter Salvador ____
Thick slice
Skirt length
List of choices
RR stops
Sandwich shop
Enlightened ones words (2 wds.)
Bridge seat
Papas partner
Smoking device
Indian attire
Ready to pick
Female ruler
Pedicure subject
Gasoline, in England
Movie star
Starchy tuber (sl.)
Birthday greeting
Butters rival
Bird of peace
Just starting another nice pint – drunk? I must be!
See you are demure interviewing odious Soviet leaders
In an inoffensive way, Earl breaks up crazy gathering
Loves great – The End
Wife and son drinking beer in country
Lazy way to cut down on changing gear?
Me and my flipping family must tuck into seconds
No problem to go around 18 ton transports
Bit of gyration when on ladder? Its eye-watering stuff
Republican involved in Times Corporation gaffe
Violent offender that court banged up
Banana a fiver? That has saved canteen!
Pop singer with Limp Bizkit prefers Britain to Germany
Libretto I rewrote for one in rock
Right bit of trouble with northern element
Silicon found in concoctions for spots
How about this island? Grand present, eh!
Regret punching Conservative and Liberal, causing pain
Dying of cold
Silent revolutionary holding small signs up
Where hookers head to score crack and bit of coke
A boxing match round
Clumsy jerk: GET IN LANE!
Break with first of snooker shots
Tired and broken
Quiet as a spent campanologist on drugs
My menu is fantastic, full of this ultimately
Maybe inject horse and very old ram outside hospital
Those who might guard doors wont open doors
Something of a tosser?
Strike ball heading for net or try a pass?
Is the setter beginning to get old, mate?
French emperor
Heavy metal
Animal feed container
Artificially-high singing voice
See note
Rich person (Informal)
Lose as a penalty
Sharp division
African spear
Ultimate consumer
Manner of walking
Christmas song
Jasons ship
Christmas delivery
Lion King baddie
Dividing membranes
Biblical land
Capital of Kazakhstan
It picks up readings
Old manuscript marks
Zodiac sign
Rabbit fur
Small French coin
Conductor Dorati
Cirrus or Cumulus
Star Wars, initially
Actor Williamson
One hundredth of a drachma
The Land of the Blessed
Stretched to the max
Fast and exciting, musically
Adeste fideles, e.g.
Scottish dance
Professor iggins
In any way
Christmas decor
Poet Teasdale
Christmas decor
Uttered sharply
Gas pump rating
Hellespont victim
Colorado ski resort
Disc co.
Ultimatum phrase
Sicilys second-largest city
Assumed name
Common sense?
Big ape
Ricks love in Casablanca
Light gas?
Singer / politician Sonny
Little for Luciano?
After delivery
Prefix with European or Chinese
Opposite of ja
Russian prison
Novelist France of France
Carafe quantity
Samsons betrayer
Rigid social classes
Latke ingredient
Become narrower
Calcutta coin
Uncle in a Chekhov play
Rock singer Turner
Famous Bruin
Church council
Tone of voice
Wax light
No longer fresh
Gain knowledge
Capital of Burma
Cooked egg dish
Paper size
Glossy fabric
Own up
Make sorrowful
Ridiculous pretence
Domesticated polecat
In addition
Cure found in the Algarve
New chap sure to buy something
Clergymen or board members Di dismissed
Bar returns from riotous feast
Smooth learner enters the ring
Join the military for silent activity
Money we got back for nut
Tools needed for a quarter of the deck
Capital city taking back a famous inventor with love
Majestic and terribly large
Wild dog kept in a building overseas
A sign that visitors arent welcome
Ships officer with many sailors
Plant not wanted by small daughter
Book thats difficult to endorse?
Capital invested in Joan of Arc casually returned?
Unfortunate result in province
Song arranged by Carlo
Did save, somehow, as recommended
They wriggle in a creel sometimes
Pet for Dorset leader in Dorset resort
Ladies to gather round, being cut off
Showing taste in unusual material
Confer with confused player
Jills partner gets alien garment
A ring thats in the sea
Geoffs beginning to wander in a small wood
The first man a woman married
1960s Carnaby Street look
Sound from Humpty Dumpty?
Composer Schifrin
Afghanistan neighbor
Actress De La Garza
More than
Gershon of movies
________ fell swoop
Ashcan School output
Freedom, for short
Tolkien creature
106, Roman-style
Furnish with firepower
Baker of jazz
Long (for)
Gin flavoring
Words of understanding
Get dizzy
Early anesthetic
Matched pieces
Down in the dumps
Banned pesticide
Year: Spanish
Part of APR: abbr.
Fare reductions?
Navigation system
Lover of Narcissus
Auto attachment?
Aerie nester
Poet Whitman
Gambling game
Caustic solution
Pavlova role
Faunas counterpart
Pompeii overlay
Pianist Templeton
Author Maxim
Filet ________
Familiarized (oneself)
________ Macabre
African junket
Part of RSVP
Gloucesters cape
What Tweety Bird taw
Hoops great Shaq
Tower of London bird
________ lazuli
Carmen composer
In a naive way
Pacific greeting
Port on the Seine
Paris underground
Evita character
Onetime jet-set jet
Muse of poetry
Sacred song
Window sticker
Laundry pairs
Egg on
Star Turner
James Bonds school
Pacific greeters gift
Granola morsel
Halo sporter
Nest nuggets
Had no being
I wanna try!
Cameo, e.g.
Lend — (pay attention)
Poi source
Participants in a guided discussion
Longtime kids nature magazine
Spanish for bear
McDonnell Douglas jet
Thelmas cohort, in film
Use an entryway
Velvet or Hallow ender
— hop (jitterbug)
14- to 18-year-old in a British youth association
Source copy: Abbr.
BTW part
You, in Berlin
Road given a no.
Pop-rock singer Simpson
Kind of sheet metal
Border illumination on some smartphones
What bran provides, to Brits
Basso Pinza
Outfits anew
No voter
— culpa!
Slender nails
Large cosmological aggregate
Imams God
U.S. tax org.
Berlin article
Ejected lava
Waste time
Party game
— not lost
1980s TVs Remington
1966 Wilson Pickett hit
The I of 75-Across
Show up for
Farm female
Abbr. for those with only one given name
Mil. unit
Tooth anchor
First extended stay on the International Space Station
Spiny plants
With 103-Down, didnt know at all
Radio knob
Loin steaks
Put in order
Writer Franz
Y athlete
Annual Arizona football game
New York City fashion-industry agency whose name is apt for this puzzle
Shoe fillers
Conical tent
Comics Kett
Sommer of Hollywood
Lauder of fragrances
Asian nation
TV title alien
Natal lead-in
Yukon maker
Avian-based skin care product
To a smaller degree
Botch it up
Biochemical sugar
Erma Bombecks The Grass Is Always Greener Over the — Tank
Actress Ortiz
Pick up on
1998 Winter Olympics city
More direct
— terrier
Sweet white wine
Word after film or play
Frank topper
Musician Brian
Vowel, e.g.
Bull leather
Ending for major
Conn. hours
Inferior mags
Someone — problem
Tony winner Minnelli
Writer Blyton
Huge heads
More, in music
Psycho co-star Janet
Dog in The Thin Man
Bidding site
Common battery type
What You Need rock band
Injured-arm supporter
Actor Paul
Left the bed
Kin of a tulip
Once, once
Mater lead-in
It lingers in the mouth
— annum
Bodily band
Benes on Seinfeld
Author Haley
A lot like
Rub oil on
Future louse
Bismarck is its cap.
Realm of Oedipus
PalmPilot, e.g., in brief
— Tower (Paris sight)
Agenda part
Like an oval or rectangle
See 107-Across
— latte
Disneys Little Mermaid
Become a parent to
Fence door
Swiss painter Paul
Really small
Berlin article
Water, to Somme folks
Inc. cousin
— latte
A done deal
Billiards shot
Large stringed instrument
Sport whose players wear bibs
Respected expert
Outfit cleaning outfits
Loan sharking
Lottery type
Large volcanic crater
Pastoral work
Spiny plants
Hopeless situation
West African nation
Capital on the river Jumna
Talk about a long story
European gripped by bad splenetic disease
Negligent first couple of reports by teacher
Idiot husband wearing golf trousers?
A child star upset with all in chorus?
Strange old jerk pursuing old flame
Awfully indecent and best-limited inclinations
Couple I encountered from the East?
Chances of dying do soar at the front
European dominance upset grasping American leader
Relish October’s final on which the cup rests
Investment minister has secured in error
Miss when in Madrid, part of Essen, or Italy
Release hawk on Lahore’s outskirts
When one might suffer an awful shock?
Instrument animal knocked over
Good performer’s excellent service
Side with a band that’s heard
Chap with letters after name welcoming graduate
Position that Oscar holds? Deputy
Those who press to see the Queen in restraints
African playing the piano all round India
Kind of second-rate pants one must wear
One likely to snap at those driving over limit
Child host ordered to become washing-up helper?
Cocktail party at centre held by midget
Showcase sample of pop in Underworld song
Rhubarb served up following a cold ham
Do drugs lead to untold sadness and woe ultimately?
Thomas Hardy novel or a quote from Gray’s Elegy
Antiphon sometimes sung during a eucharist service
Home of the Port of London’s main container facility
Proverbially, still waters ____
2016 horror film about a man with 23 personalities
Tundra, steppe and savannah
Description of copy protection or some naval patrols
Pat and ____ is a 1952 romantic comedy starring Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy
German theologian who resisted Nazism
Place providing care and recreation facilities for those not fully independent
A Riley ____ was a more conventional-looking Mini
The “Sprint” version of this event includes a 5km run
“… and they sewed fig leaves together, and made themselves ____” (Genesis 3:7)
On the left bank of the Colorado river, the most visited area of Grand Canyon National Park
____ fish live in the upper waters of the open sea
A golf club used for some approach shots
This genus in the mint family includes selfheal
Benjamin Britten’s operetta Paul ____ is about a giant lumberjack in American folklore
1983 Ryan Paris song, inspired by a 1960 Italian film
Middle English name for a type of salamander
A ceremonial entrance to the City of London until 1878
Donations by ____ were the basis of an Oxford museum
The first airline to use “Speedbird” as a call sign
19th-century convoy of US pioneers
Dorando ____ finished first in the 1908 Olympic marathon, but was later disqualified
The slow section of a Hungarian csardas
New Mexico city best known for a UFO “incident” in 1947
To make a howl-like sound with a trilling quality
A Japanese dish of soya beans in their pods
In The ____, Donald Norman writes: “If I were placed in the cockpit of [an] airliner, my inability to perform well would neither surprise nor bother me. But why should I have trouble with doors, light switches, water faucets and stoves?”
Drummer in the Jazz Messengers, formed in the 1950s
The snowman in a Christmas song first recorded by Gene Autry in 1950
Run faster than a rival in the home straight
The ____ mountains are the highest range in the Carpathians
The plant sweetbrier; also the Canterbury Tales prioress
As a colour on web pages, another name for cyan
Curing an addiction to alcohol
Graham James has been bishop of ____ since 1999
Another name for a duvet
Greek letter on the UK Supreme Court’s official badge
Permanent bending of fingers, experienced by about 20 per cent of people over 65 in the UK
1963 comedy film about a race for stolen cash
“… we never really die; we continue as part of ____” (George Lucas)
A figure skating jump not named after anyone
A scapegoat
Physicist best known for his uncertainty principle
A 1950s and 1960s series of spotters’ guides for children
Indication that swimming is dangerous, or an outdoor shooting range is in use
Georges Gilles de la ____ described the symptoms of a “maladie des tics” in 1885
Vyacheslav ____ was the USSR’s foreign minister during the Second World War
Letters on a flag also showing the cross of St George with a blue border, and a crown and anchor
On a radio, the A in AM
A colony of white ants
Gilbert and Sullivan’s song A More Humane Mikado has many references to “innocent ____”
From Afrikaans, a name for a tree snake
Maurice ____ was a French painter of cityscapes, especially of Montmartre, where he was born
In chemistry, a base that dissolves in water
11 elements are ____ at room temperature
Ancient Greek city on the island of Santorini, abandoned after a volcanic eruption
The fibre used to make hessian cloth
Derbyshire’s gully runs into Yorkshire opening bowler
Stories about Catholic churchgoers
One disrupting US President will get returned on time or early retirement
Figure of speech over in a new schedule
Ordinary member in cut coming back earnestly
One who’s made a proposal married again
Victor’s against more than one rowing in Shetland springs
Scratch before squeezing a head on spot
Pulls punches, relieving pressure
Harsh notes one’s omitted around Christmas poem opening
Taking extra time and time again bent over
Sage Henry also known as Mark
Unarmed soldier miles to the rear
Suit includes unusually neat fur
One hint of departure poll to be considered further
Worker behind tackles one having a long snout
See this writer with poet take away business card
Excellent backing put across song subjected to criticism
Two experts, both caught out supporting Greek mythological sisters
Intervals excessive overlooking a considerable tenor cast
Wee statuette? Fig leaves!
Mike underneath Georgia having sex
Pool player of the month has work with champion, nothing less
American at the rear gets derisive cheer in state
Standard disc is striking
Pole by himself supplying old-fashioned spread
Very boring moderation for a Madagascan
African rhino turning up in say, stream before yours truly
Newspaper has to pass on fine material
Figures going around on Russian adviser
Dissolute period? The opposite, time for prayer
Cross-shaped connection one’s seen in opening
Like some parties in sea around Malta
Finally back garden plot gets cut
Soprano Eleanor is sharp, concerning the wind
Headbands given by number close to Midwest state?
Bounces a toe to music
Vermont syrup stuff
Catch rays
Track shape, often
Non-pedigree dog
Not pro
… for a ___ pittance
Rock in mine walls
Adult tadpole
Forced indoctrination
Hair application
Bering Sea bird
Skaters figure?
Omelet ingredient
Sailors sail there
Dennis the Menace is one
Pigskin holder
Slant or prejudice
Thing to teach a dog to do
Noahs ship
Planet No. 3
Pair of dice halved?
Collectors collection, perhaps
Chemical used in building materials
Wise guys?
Current emotional state
Land measurement unit
An untruth
Very excited
Someone similar to you
Make mistakes
Break, as a horse
Burial chamber
State absolutely
Prefix with trooper
Like the hand of a magician?
Mean look
Emanating glow
Dyeing method
Unknown quote source, for short
Buck in the woods
Young goat
Butterfly-catching device
Affectionate greeting
Recede to the sea
Fierce anger
Short joke
A mouse!
Title for scientific Mr. Newton
Have a pickle
Thing on a burned coal
Sewing machine operator?
Thing lying outside the shower (2 words)
Sight the target
Formerly, to a poet
Less wet
Snake that does math?
Thing washed daily
Shrek, for one
Bears home
Bendy exercise
Unpleasant destiny
Defeat by a hair
Atlas part
Give it up!
Not __ watch!
Photo sessions
Whos there? reply
71 Down for some jrs
Acknowledge, in a way
Adept expert
Advil alternative
Aim (to)
Alabama city
Ali portrayer
All arranged
Annapolis sch
Autobahn vehicle
Belgian diamond center
Big do
Bland writing
Broil or bake
Burma neighbor, a while back
Bus ancestor
Casablanca character
Casino ball game
Chapel structure
Chocolate shape
City near Düsseldorf
Connects logically
Consultants customer
Court reporter, for short
Crows color
Cry from a crib
Cultural spirit
Cut corners
Day trip
Decides on
Delicacy of demeanor
Divas performances
Dont partake of
Editors Out
Elucidations, briefly
Evil deed
Expression uttered weekly
Eye-level organ
Fallen angel
Feeling remorse
Female fowl
Field of expertise
First and youngest
Frat letter
Freeway access
French diarist
Garden entrance
Gator kin
Geek Squad customer
Gems from Australia
Grandson of Eve
Group of pundits
Grumps grunt
Half of the only married couple
Hold up
Household fuel
In __ (as found)
Indias first prime minister
Interjection of indifference
Japans national sport
Jockeys concern
Labor Dept. grp
Land on the Red Sea
Leisure diversion
Lloyd Webber musical
Manufacturers assortment
Memo directive
Mexican money
Micronesian nation
Necklace holder
Nick of films
NL West team
No benevolent boss
Nonprescription, for short
Numbered work
Occupy pleasantly
Only American-born woman
Only British Prime Minister (1940, 1949)
Only South American
Only three-time honoree (1932, 1934, 1941)
Opposite of ja
Page number, in printer lingo
Part of 39 Across
Phasing-out Medicare ID
Pic purchased at a parlor
Picassos homeland
Pleasant change
Post-joke query
Prefix for physics
Primatologist Fossey
Pro __ work
Punxsutawney groundhog
Racing sled
Raucous noise
Recent annual visitor
Reference updated annually
Render pulpy
Revered object
Right-leaning letters
Road runners
Samsungs headquarters
Santa __, CA
School support grp
Seat of government
Sight from Seattle
Singer Orbison
Skill at speaking
Small-scale people mover
Southeast Asian language
Stanley Cup awarder
Story spreader
Student hurdle
Summer Games org
Taken to court
Tampa tackles, for short
Temple scroll
The Emerald Isle
The Hobbit hero
Throw with force
Toothed tool
Tosses in
Try out, informally
TV news hour
Type of girder
Typically one-name family members
Unenthusiastic assent
Wall bracket shapes
Water __ (dental gadget)
Western wine region
Winning streak, so to speak
Working for
Worlds largest peninsula
Wrench (away)
Youngest woman
One place to catch Snoopy
Russian head, once
Film attraction
Blood giver
Field of Dreams state
Went super-fast
This is my story, for one
Gray soldier
Salmon type
Cob growth
Slam with humor
Clarinet or oboe, e.g.
Some taxed holdings
Be a flincher
Garfield, famously
Emerge as a factor
Candid conclusion?
Multivitamin ingredient
Likely to spook
Not crying
Gives a hand to
Feel concern
Rene of filmdom
Dignified and somber
Intersecting board groove
World Baseball Classic squad
Pretend not to notice
Aahs counterparts
Small burrowing rodent
Wrench type
Food holder
Wide-mouthed pitcher
Video chat enabler
Absolutely not
Make drunk
Author Jong
Ballet wear
Could be worse
Thunderstruck feeling
Captain or private, e.g.
Cordwood measures
Heavy metric weight
Followed a curved course
Walk as if drunk
1-Down detector
Actor Stamp
Clark of comics
Austrian peak
Mai ___ (drink)
Old type of warship
Nearly rainless
Golf mounds
Test out
Cultivating tool
Darjeeling and others
Fancy, as a gala
Corrections agent?
Chap or bro
The ___ Purple
Hi, somewhere
Nutritious beans (var.)
One way to be free
Gold rush city
Marginal mark, sometimes
Part of a flight
None better rating
Then go-with
Bugle call maker
All types encountered in this trade?
Ask model
Astronauts here taking small step
Bats are able to develop
Bidding event
Cheaply-made beer in tea?
Coconut plant
Constituency likely to be held
Crooner in clubs in Germany
Distinct period
DIY ale
Edible flatfish
Escape in this car perhaps
Fish and fruit only
Form of oxygen, found in atmosphere
Gas round region
Gathered lad with Petes insane
Girl retains a right to pillage
Highly detailed
In folds
Italians once resettled on Mars
Line used by car company
Long time inside after attack
Marsh or mire
Mike entering bar for dance
New Testament book
Newspaper king beyond help
Old Romeo in service muddled situation
One stands to win this easily?
Pearl met Dicky here for date?
Please pay in full
Public sale brings university into battle
Raid and plunder
Rogue to trick coppers
Root wed seen in southeast
Run of books
Sit for an artist
Smooth head shaved close
Stockholm native
Subsequently occupying an extension
Suit bag
Suspicious about English being tired
Tread heavily
Twelve bottles of wine
Winning girl with small son banks hundreds
Now ___ here!
Sesame Street lessons
Snowbird singer Murray
Thats the truth!
The Balcony playwright Jean
___ good turn . . .
25-Across serving, sometimes
8-Down great Lindros
Air rifle ammo
As an upper limit
Backpackers burden
Blarney Castles locale
Breath-freshening gum
Budget managers concern
Cause of sniffles
CBS correspondent Cosby
Cell dweller
Closing credits listing
Deli salad ingredient
Election night development
Enthralled by
Eva of Ghost Rider
Former British Prime Minister Tony
Free of clutter
Got off the fence
Hustlers game
Ill-mannered sorts
In a frenzy
Indescribably delicious
Its supported by rigging
Junkyard corrosion
License prerequisite, often
Like a headline typeface
Like an illegal hit, in football
Lowly laborer
Macintosh image
Means of identifying electrical wires
Mechanics billing unit
Model in a bottle
Obsessed whaler of fiction
Oil additive brand
One seeking asylum, perhaps
Pasta or potato, to a marathoner
Piggy bank feature
Pin a medal on
Place for refuse
Politico Gingrich
Pop the question
Post-ante activity
River to the Missouri
Runny French cheese
Showroom item
Side in a turf war
Sire, biblically
Sleep in a 36-Across, say
Slow on the uptake
Songwriters org
Squalid state
Stanley Cup org
Start of many limericks
Swipe, as a purse
Taboo, to a tot
Take off after
Talking animals in The Far Side
Toy that inspired several movies
Tunnel sound
TV mag listing
Untouchables head
Use a gunsight
Weather map line
Wild West legend ___ Bill
Words of approximation
Wrapped up
Wright Brothers home state
Xerography powder
___ room (place to play 61-Across)
___ War (South African conflict)
Dominant undisputed leader
Dart; dash
Approve; rubber-stamp
TV Western starring Clint Eastwood (1959-65)…
…and the location for many Westerns
Bantu language closely related to Zulu
Haunt: own
Strategy: volume of old stage scripts or sporting tactics
Ladys fingers; gumbo
Be acquitted or escape with little or no punishment
Colt or filly
Collection of Dickens short pieces
Referees call in football and rugby
African nation, capital Accra
S American mammals: Linnaeus and Hoffmanns being the only extant species
Not in the frame; losers
Foremost Greek warrior at the siege of Troy
Savoury for which Melton Mowbray is best known
Greek holiday island in the Ionian Sea
Count; fall back
Anyone ___?
Crucify singer Tori
Dilate singer DiFranco
Feed me Whiskas!
Forget about it
Last Battle publisher
Love and Basketball star Epps
Me too
My word!
Tell me the truth
Whats the ___?
*Pride or Prejudice author Austen
*___ no Ted
*Be a seeker, in a kids game
*Bern perfume, as at church
*Browse, say
*Canine foaming at the mouth with rubies
*Dec. 30 et al
*Eschews food
*Feels healthy
*Groups calling stripes
*Highest temperature projections
*Knitting tread
*Landlocked European country
*Longest word in RSVP
*Modern form of you
*Prominent feature of one with six-pack abs
*Repair, as shocks
*Roberts wife on Downtown Abbey
*Scrooge McDuck, to Donald Duck
*Spreads out, as a flag
*Tares into shreds
*Toothless tool
*Unbundled, as hay
1962 title film villain
4 or 5, for a certain H.S. student
Address in a window
Adobe field, briefly
Arboretum specimen
Arrange for Uber transportation, say
Barrier on a waterway
Bit of a joule
Bit split at a plant
Bordered (on)
Brokers employer
Care USA CEO Michelle
Caspian Xs realm
Cautionary leader?
Changes a D to a C, say
Cinematic ex-Green Beret John
CNN anchor Burnett
Coke-seizing org
Competitor on an oval
Computer lab array
Condition treated by AZT
Connects with
Cries of epiphany
Cylinders pair
DCA or LAX projection
Deep spaces
Deer friend of Flower
Defended ones king, in a way
Dish with chopped, hard-boiled ingredients
Dishonor from false charges
Early retirement place?
Elroys canine buddy
Embroidery material
Evidence of dropping the ball, as found in the starred clues and in 12 crossings in this puzzle
Exerted much effort
Explorer of other worlds
Faculty figure
Figure calculated from an income statement
Film with a distinctive alternating two-note sequence in its score
Flowing water source
Former Geo models
Fulfill to excess
Great Basin people
Hank with 755 homers
Helping at Thanksgiving
Heroic spirit
Hill top
Hired henchman
How some stock is sold
In a self-absorbed way
Inspects rudely
Ivy appendage
James who played Harry on Dexter
John, for short
Jumper lines
Kyzylkum Desert site
Lengthy sentences
Like much medication
Like much sushi
Linguistically coarser
Make big changes to
Malcolm Xs birth city
More miffed
Mystery writer Earl ___ Biggers
New Kingdom king
Oft-quoted pugilist
Oregon Trail vehicles
Org. responding to wildfires
Parked oneself
Part of a cell
PBS benefactor
Person who makes a good impression?
President who served as solicitor general
Put on notice
Remove, as a king
Repairs, as socks
Ring master?
See 36 Down
Sets straight
Shakespearean stir
Short time, informally
Show stopper, briefly?
Side-to-side distance
Snow ___ (dessert)
Source of destruction
Stages, as old battles
Subj. of ESPNU shows
Summer Games sword
Territory of north India
The Times Square ball, with respect to changing times, e.g
They might tweet
Those who can help raise peoples spirits?
Those who whistle while they work
Thrash metal band with the album Spreading the Disease
Tireless transport
Toy box?
Trekkies, for one
University of Alaska Southeast locale
Vermilions lake
With 51 Across, leader whose portrait hangs at Tiananmen Square
___ blanket
___ degree
___ Relaxo (The Simpsons spa with a Spanglish name)
___ Valley, Calif
Steel castors back on couch
Exposing or removing beds from
Caring one sank in harbour
Vessels Mr Sinatra damaged
Feeling warm holds her back
Bet with mature communist…
…seemed designed to embrace no ownership of property
Shylock, a sheltered character
Supporters spiral out of control, taking informal loss
Tree possibly concealing opening on a hill
Dinner maybe dispensing with a disgusting sweet
Somebody wanting more succeeding
Real game one made Earl get in the US
Bored Republican is inbound
Supporter stumped by groove
Current medal being worn, say, and one wearing it
A man in a union gave up hope
Stop challenging a traditionalist
Lucky girl has left East Hartford behind
New itinerarys first and last part
Short metal bars – adding lead interrupts progress!
Ingress sort of neat to a high degree
Nuts on a state line, Pat revealed
Clumsy male, like an alien out of Motor City
A hero made a stag behave on time
Clothing importers cutting it out…
…sack an attendant poorly received
One female ruled out a second one
Search everywhere, including a corner
Bruiser back in Slough for a scrap