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Crosswords Buzz Answers 2018-12-29

American ___! (animated comedy)
Super Bowl scores: Abbr.
Felt sore
Were you raised ___ barn?: 2 wds.
NPR host Glass
Replaceable part of a razor
Supreme Court justice (1986-2016) who once served as notes editor for Harvard Law Review: 2 wds.
Opposite of follow
Cast a wide ___ (search broadly)
Eggs in sushi rolls
Slang term for tattoos
Make inquiries
With 38-Across Supreme Court justice (2010-present) who once served as supervising editor for Harvard Law Review
___ the dust (died)
Inlet that’s smaller than a gulf
Suffer from the flu maybe
Place to sit and sweat
She ate the forbidden fruit
Rock band with the 1987 song The One I Love
Bound ___ determined
See 25-Across
Green Book actor Mahershala
Waikiki welcome gift
Piece of concert sound equipment
Actress Wasikowska
Actor Johnny who has starred in eight movies directed by Tim Burton
Supreme Court justice (1994-present) who once served as articles editor for Harvard Law Review: 2 wds.
Cute eucalyptus-eating marsupial
You are just ___ much!
___ Sremmurd (hip-hop duo)
Information gathered by a spy for short
Solid round object
Psychics claim to have it: Abbr.
Radio knob
Queen Elizabeth’s only daughter
Word before entry or processing
It’s combined with copper to make bronze
Beer or wine for example
Not crazy
American Housewife network
Lewis and ___ Expedition
Ring over an angel
Pop singer Brickell
US government group featured on Netflix’s Narcos: Mexico: Abbr.
Thor’s father
Blotch on a shirt
Twangy like Neil Young’s voice
Wooden support for a tomato plant
Let’s play it by ___
Be untrustworthy
Sturdy shade tree
Blossom that hasn’t opened yet
Classic Hollywood actress Gardner
Japanese money
Cartoon style from Asia
White House assistant
Red Delicious for one
___ Day (unofficial end of summer)
It hit me like ___ of bricks: 2 wds.
Beef or chicken for example
Break ___ a million pieces
Jane ___ (Charlotte Brontë novel)
Vegetables found in pods
Get ready for short
___ sweater (piece of winter clothing)
93-year-old actor Holbrook
hairdressers activity
long-legged rabbit cousin
island in northern Canada
like a Teflon coating
password management app
things done over and over
album covers
First digit
Beam at?
4.93 milliliters: Abbr
Purchase that usually ends up in the trash
Two stars, maybe
The job’s not great, but I can pay my bills
Ordering aid
Mortgage agcy
Flinch, e.g
Rejection of a monotheist
Take a dive
With all one’s might
African tree with hanging fruit
Full of twists
Palindromic file extension
Oil source
College division
Showed elation
Like ogres
Not flush, say
One with his or her head in the clouds
Ranch alternative
Highland bodies
Fine dining no-no
Cry over spilled milk, perhaps
Essays of ___
Mobile home designation
John, abroad
Function not intended for seniors
Up there, so to speak
Saves, e.g
Snack usually eaten outdoors
Exclamation from a weary employee
Poison, I see, ___ been his timeless end’: Shak
Celestial animal
Deg. from Kellogg
They’re tops in the theater
Some kick-around wear
Man’s nickname that sounds like two letters of the alphabet
Starting point
Fantastic means of travel
Natchez and Delta Queen, for two
Subject of the 2018 biography ‘The Shadow President
Pair that clicked in film
I could use some help
Statement no
California’s ___ Woods National Monument
Constrained, with ‘in
This, for one
Spec for some bargain tix
Direction of a ship
Ford acquisition of 1999 and sale of 2010
Ark unit
Main dinosaur in Pixar’s ‘The Good Dinosaur
Counterpart of the Roman god Sol
Triptych Bleu I, II, III,’ e.g
Bad thing to find in your refrigerator
One gets shared a lot
Plays at work?
Meas. for a steno
Beat it before former Prime Minister leads the band!
Out of bed? No? Return above
Herb that confuses a thousand painters
Take a chance on doctor in storm
Bends letters?
Upset upset idler
Tips over a spades depth
Sleight-of-hand conceals a number
Takes food from the East, cooked
Gal in confusion put straight
Displaced duet have a point for study
Bad diet paper boss revised
Proverbial saving time – umbrella time
Poles have expression of pain at winter feature
Ruling, verging on ridiculous
Smeared grease under brown overalls
State clearly four-metal arrangement
In stripes, no longer green
Intends to give me short answer
Maybe raise about a thousand soldiers to join them
Admits to 26 being out
It amuses kids with a kind of rule
Big birdie brings a smile to golfers face
Can, in season, be dashing
Remain below and withdraw
Late from West End yard, perhaps
Line for worried priest
Senior member makes do with foreign currency
Small band play part of Patriotism
Deserve to be near confusion
Less frequent
Take in
Joyous song
White ant
Cloud formation
Past cure
Put in
Presumably theyre not associated with open arrest
Has the possibility to show strength
Feast consisting of leguminous food and nothing more
A humorist shows good sense
A counters upset by the mistress
Mend the chair? That could be a teaser
Army unit going to the East placed in a grave position
When filled, they vanish altogether
Fabulous bird petrified on the shore, we hear
It shows a marked rhythm coming from the drum, basically
They are used for smoothing out documentary records
Steam up when this is reached!
What engineers use to twist motorists!
For example about the right amount of work
Disconcerted, having left harbour
Liquid assets, as far as worshippers are concerned
Not a purveyor of plasters for sore feet!
Kind of armour – it has links with the post
A capital Trojan hero
Light meal produces a slight quarrel at home
Kind of brooch arrived with the ring
Where a small dog might sit or drink
Harold Pinter stage play first performed in Frankfurt, Germany, in 1959
2006 film comedy starring Sacha Baron Cohen in the title role
Ali , Oman goalkeeper at Wigan Athletic FC from 2011-15
See 1
Tenth letter in the Greek alphabet
Sammy , Chicago Cubs MLB player who hit 179 home runs between 1998-2000
William Shakespeare play subtitled The Moor of Venice
1992 comedy fantasy film starring Kim Basinger, Gabriel Byrne and Brad Pitt
Motor racing driver; F1 1999 Australian GP winner
Paul , 2011 F1 debutant for Force India in the Australian GP
Annual herb related to hemlock that causes nausea when eaten
One-act play by J M Barrie published in 1913
The , 1988 film thriller starring Clint Eastwood and Patricia Clarkson
Co-author with George S Kaufman of 1937 Pulitzer Prize for Drama winner You Cant Take It with You
1986 crime drama film starring Bob Hoskins and Cathy Tyson
See 4
See 15 Across
Noel Coward stage play that opened on Broadway, New York, in 1925
See 13
1951 adventure film starring Stewart Granger, Walter Pidgeon and David Niven
Any of a family of stringed instruments that preceded the violin
1994 film drama starring Jodie Foster in the title role
See 5
Short growth of beard
Toy figurines
Museum official
Igneous rock
Italian wine
Midday meal
Of the kidneys
Risky or critical
Driving hazard
Big cat
Roman gown
Devoid of text
Church gangway
Professional cook
Group of footballers
Hire car
Cast worth using
All Ed ordered was serving implement
About to have nothing but eggs
All right for a Greek character to have animal
First-born tree
Drink of character, say
Originally called in one engineer
Perched during conversation
Secular place
Cricket teams legs
Poet loses right to residence
Devours a set recipe
Changes nowadays past improving
Talented with a drink
Sole shone, quietly deficient
Started with sailor
Nod back at academic
Bechamel? Impudence!
Concerning a boxing match
Perfect score contents holder
Time mare becomes less wild
Round bees, terribly fat
Fish right inside channel
Gap sounds complete
Get back to mere problem with journalist
Swore badly, having deteriorated
Overdue, having time for coffee
Copy of tapestry
Laid-back face
Notice eastern agent
Ivan flew after article like bird
Partners painting
Field of pleasure
Trap in the middle of court
Low-flying predator
Sharp statue design
Calm queen seen running round
Contributor performed rondo
Stop cooking with European paste
Tuna-mad relative
Made off with dairy product
New case for experts
Nobels prize
Large spoon
African animal
Church official
Born as
Put down
Decimal base
More domesticated
Less good
Milky drink
Watch part
Catch sight of
Relating to birds
Nocturnal creature
Pasta coating
Parents sister
Type of cheese
Playing cards
Mechanics, for short
Move to and fro
Buzzy place
By what method?
Tulip tree
Part of a phone number
____ Newton
Miles/hour connector
Song for Sills
Grease job
Adult goslings
Friends opposite
Muhammad ____
Defeat soundly
Ball queen
Harness track
Curly ____
Feeling your ____
By means of
____ There Was You
Shade screens
Dined at Mels
Cornflakes, e.g.
Caustic chemical
____ and cons
Kentucky ____
50/50 share
Team cheer
Gold fabric
Wayward ice
Lambs dad
Cold-weather ailment
Holiday log
Eng. neighbor
Island event
Eye problem
More brazen
Main dish
For fear that
____ cords
Sail poles
Facts, briefly
Italian money, once
Mont Blanc, e.g.
Atop, poetically
Rocker Stone
Act like a dragon towards treasure
Fold in garments
Described in letters
Yves St. Laurent fragrance
Theater guide
School assignment
Hebrew letters
Poisonous plant
Actor Omar with three NAACP Image Awards
007s watch, in the later films
Sent to, too
Independent African country since 1960
Santa-tracking acronym
Jennifer of Pride and Prejudice (1995)
Line erasers?
It carries a charge
Stable attendant
Half an ouchie?
Genre with ad images
Stores with a blue-and-yellow logo
NYC subway line
The Divine Comedy division
Tablet since 2013
Title line after Gray skies are gonna clear up
Actress Aimée
Sites with masked workers, briefly
Delivered a screed
Man is condemned to be free philosopher
Thou follower, often
Butlers classic line
Its first letter often means more than one
Echoic phrase from a WWI marching song
Smallville name
Gay opening?
Chrysler Building architect William Van __
Pointed at, perhaps
Thats unfortunate
Ford contemporary
Based on observation
Two-bit boxer
One with a rooting interest
Short sibling?
Kitchen bulb
Soft shoes
… which __ was irksome to me : Shakespeare
Three-part region, per Caesar
Media industry worker
Left of center?
Greek-style yogurt brand
America, in Acapulco
Autos advertised on You Bet Your Life
Its a dirty look
Holders of staples
Confucian path
Site of an 11-Down yogurt plant, the worlds largest
M*A*S*H role
Doesnt allow out
Draft choice
Pointer or point
Hybrid jumping sport with a landing target
Lacking heat?
Survivor-take-all investment scheme
See 40-Down
With 39-Down, unconventional
End of a line in the sand, maybe
Sang for an audience of one, sometimes
Gridiron numbers
Dispensed amounts
Winner of 82 PGA Tour tournaments
Dont think so
Spanish waterways
Italian recipe word
Fords Crown Vic, originally
Foe of Chiang
Recipe units (abbr.)
Into pieces
TV repeat
Division word
Wave top
A Great Lake
Works on a tan
Letter after gamma
Church walkway
Quick tempo
Certain dogs
English tavern
TV host
Thomas Edison, e.g.
Sub shop
Long-legged bird
Slight error
Colorado ski resort
Frogs kin
Artist ____ Picasso
Summer drinks
Surrealist painter Salvador ____
Map book
Enthusiastic review
Actress Della ____
Pub drinks
Add sugar
Circle segments
Limas locale
Moscows country
Explosive (abbr.)
Early settler
The Diary of ____ Frank
List entry
Jazz singer ____ Fitzgerald
Famed boxer
Garment part
Graceful tree
Small pest
Physics, e.g. (abbr.)
Benefit from a will
Genesis locale
Building wing
____ Falls
Bicycle part
Comic ____ Martin
Snaky letters
Suds maker
Explorer Marco ____
Woeful cry
Medicine portion
Boorish American is historically a rich Republican leader
Tread in Tiber having being drained enough
Seeing dagger in Caesars back twisted
Old relative forgetting Latin for cat
Dubious cult infiltrated by The Independent quietly
Finds shelter for youth stabbed by nameless maniacs
It could be stuck between pages of fashionable collection
Maybe fish spear lacks tip
Pity Nero. To lose power when rebuilding reputation
Philosopher has a change of heart … there is a god
Wicked types hampering the Spanish forces
Picks woven carpet to cover interior of villa
Distribute a fair amount according to reports
Lost hope after pater consumed by wish to join daughter
Shackle soldiers traversing river
Proposition of article has Rome shocked
Transport rich ass in time to see Colosseum unfortunates
Defences of troops are ultimately submerged by rising Tyrrhenian?
Rock shelter almost completed
Fleet sails west into foreign territories taking their capitals
No interlude perhaps during vulgar social event
9 Across and son needing joint command on galley, say
Write piece about oneself being an emperor?
Vessel in underground channel has section removed
Servant crosses overthrown city nearly speechless delivering note
Mid-range hospital in forest could be found by seaman
Made progress organising sprees with family leader
Delay broadcast about criminal
Person who announces absolute ruler
Suggest flower of Italys the best
Climbing part of tree-lined Aventine to make escape
Greeting arrival from the heavens
Cereal grain
Pasta tubes
Temperature controller
Swampy tract of land
Close at hand
Force 9 wind
Three-hulled vessel
Loud horn
Female sheep
Rub out
Reverse side of a coin
State of perfect happiness
Compass point
Renounce, deny
Highly-infectious disease
Small quantity of spirits
A disease of the eye in which pressure within the eyeball damages the optic disc
Popular song by George and Ira Gershwin originally written in 1928 for an unpublished operetta entitled East is West
1915 novel by W Somerset Maugham that begins with the death of Helen Carey
The innermost of the three membranes that cover the brain and spinal cord
1955 poem by Allen Ginsberg that was the subject of a 1957 obscenity trial
American boy band with which Donnie Wahlberg found fame
City in Michigan that was the birthplace of General Motors
A member of a class of ancient Norse warriors who worked themselves into a frenzy before battle
A container, often made of papier-mâché, filled with treats and broken as part of a ceremony or celebration
The wife of William Shakespeare, to whom he left the second-best bed in his will
1986 Roland Joffé film concerning the experiences of a Jesuit missionary in 18th-century South America
Sweetener made from the leaves of a plant of the sunflower family commonly known as sweetleaf
Unit traditionally used to rate the energy output, and hence destructive power, of nuclear weapons, whose symbol is kt
Metal whose chemical symbol is Ag
The butterfly Vanessa atalanta
Novel by Sir Walter Scott that forms, along with The Black Dwarf, the first series of his Tales of My Landlord
Billy ___, Ringo Starrs alter ego on the Beatles album Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band
Oscar-winning 2006 computer-animated film featuring the voices of Elijah Wood, Robin Williams and Hugh Jackman
Danish physicist who won the 1922 Nobel Prize for Physics
Popular song by Harold Arlen, with lyrics by E Y Harburg and Billy Rose, originally written for the Broadway play The Great Magoo
See 41
Central American country whose capital is Tegucigalpa
1976 hit single for Dr Hook
1958 novel by Graham Greene set in Cuba
The opening track on Led Zeppelins fourth album, released as a single in the US and in Australia
Luis ___, Spanish film director who collaborated with Salvador Dali on the first surrealist films, Un Chien andalou and LAge dor
1990 film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger based on the Philip K Dick story We Can Remember It For You Wholesale
English critic, wit, and caricaturist whose works include Zuleika Dobson
See 51
Online social networking service founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg with fellow Harvard University students
1965 single and album from a film of the same name featuring The Beatles
A person dedicated to a monastic or religious life
See 2
US writer whose novels include Burr and Lincoln
The initial movement or ascent of a rocket from its launch pad
1865 play by Henrik Ibsen about a priest
German composer who wrote the music for Bertolt Brechts Threepenny Opera
Country whose capital is Ankara
A rodent of the genus Sigmodon
Technical name for a squint
American singer and actress who played Coco Hernandez in the 1980 Alan Parker film Fame
The study of the sources and development of words
A member of a people who occupied the southern coast of Canaan listed in Genesis as being descended from Ham
The state capital of Tennessee
A corrugated steel military shelter of semicircular cross section
Port that was the capital of Norway until 1380
Hindu god who with Vishnu and Shiva constitutes the triad known as the Trimurti
The capital and chief port of Papua New Guinea
BBC2 childrens programme whose presenters included Brian Cant, Johnny Ball and Janine Sharp
In music, a brisk lively movement whose name means joke in Italian
An excessive accumulation of serous fluid in the intercellular spaces of tissue
Organ that contains the vocal cords
Musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice about the second wife of Argentinian president Juan Perón
The capital of Mali
See 9
An unfertilised female gamete
Irish republican political movement whose name means we ourselves
The tree Tectona grandis of the East Indies that yields a hard resinous yellowish-brown wood
Target at a fiesta
Refer (to)
Park official
Wild scuffles
Greek mountain
Actress de Matteo
Wise one
Hosp. workers
Bird (Pref.)
Mr. Disney
Exhausting ballroom contest
Saxophone range
Pre-diploma hurdle
Stop — dime
MLB stat
Daring Knievel
Fr. holy woman
Make over
Greek liqueur
Hardys partner
Sneezers need
Night flight
Curry and Landers
Heroic tales
Mineral suffix
Gin or poker, e.g.
Under the weather
Recognize my voice?
Classic theaters
Try out
Shock partner
Oklahoma city
Actor Kilmer
John of Saturday Night Fever
Very long time
Genetic stuff
Corn core
Soul, to Sartre
O. Henrys specialty
Grown-up nit
Celtic tongue
Celestial bear
Jupiter counterpart
Flamenco cheer
Golf prop
Tire filler
Car take-back, for short
Touch on
View over
Art inspirers
Made a choice
Dancer Castle
Reaching a high point
Private room
Put away
Low wages, figuratively
Basilica part
Fall flower
Straighten out
Lowly farmer
2016 Olympics host
Sphagnum source
One-time capital of Alaska
Back biter
Script makeup
Auto ding
Ship pole
Do over
Ritzy home
Cheat at hide and seek
Antigones father
Friendly señorita
Chestnut case
Boxing ring border
Good judgment
Triton orbits it
DEA agent
Forks over
Sentence ender
Babys toy
Illinois city
Mob member
Theater boxes
Set off
Mo. neighbor
National emblems, perhaps
Windsor Forest poet
Pineapple-growing island
Soprano Gluck
Was beholden to
Down source
Customs officers concern
Roman writer of comedies
Symbiotic plant
1985 US Masters winner
Pharaohs land
Body part
Film director Howard
Wallach or Whitney
Jewish scriptures
Food for cattle
Downy fruit
Lamb Chop operator
Yuletide leapers?
Fully developed
Uttered sharply
Start of Caesars saying
Peter Pan pirate
Auto maker Ferrari
Group of elephants
Exert restraint
Small circus performer
Brest milk
Southern region of Spain
Celtic language
Mediterranean wind
Billiard stroke
Tough wood
In a wise manner
Cornmeal concoction
Change at Heathrow
Lawn neatener
Photo finish?
Most accessible
Popular dog name
Chew like a beaver
Winners award
Lab animals
Welles character
Auld Lang __
Jazzmans cue
Walked heavily
Dike, Eunomia and Irene
Plausible but fallacious argument
Ballerina Markova
There is Nothin Like __
Make a point
Boca __
Sound quality
Struck, old-style
Terrorists weapon
Childrens game
Swimming stroke
Turn aside
Small crustacean
Punctuation marks
Burning fiercely
Light meals
Supernatural being
Dairy product
River mouth
Famous public school
Artificial gems
Root vegetable used in salads
Academy award
Lack of red corpuscles
Humped animal
Hard work
Mark left by wound
Inferior supporter precedes superior
Erupt suddenly on holiday abroad?
County reduced planting locations
Egypts river would be nothing without Egypts capital
Thai leader held by Japanese leader yields weapon
Toleration for animal breaking cane
Conductor seen in the morning behind a tree
Attempt to send fliers back
Manchester footballers not united?
Hen thats red with black spots?
Simpleton handed rude letters
Her calling could be attractive but perilous
Toady – one who moves slowly
Gas in mine one detected
Look at these shopkeepers
Boast about wooden shoe
Put forward expert holding dud parts
Thorough girl and boy turning up
Sort of diet that is offensive
Famous aristocrat entertains part-time soldiers
A rodent, being shy, rolled up
Governors, we hear, suffering from tedium
River forming part of a modern European border
A fraction of the characters in Caravaggio tableau
A Gemini freaking out with whats at the end of 1 across
Annes in trouble looking after the children
Bringing them all together from the start with macaroons and ginger nuts
Connection for return Irish address in place
Curses fieldsman with no life
Difficult for daughters to get rid of guest
Dog unit isnt finished with a member of the Nightshade family
Draw map thatll give the Dubliners a boost
Expose legislative type of ban
First-class miner says nothing as a form of self-defence
Foreign party amidst the Mediterranean cypresses
Getting to summits in Venice, Edinburgh, Nice and Turin? Its cut short by Tube bearing in mind the flow rates!
How to make an impression on boxer losing the head? Adjust to a heavier weight division perhaps!
Individual providing investment opportunities in Ireland is a native of New York
Its some regular Goths speech in the vernacular
Just cant see it, as its difficult to get the picture
Lost in building with mouthy type
Make public and give out about how long the broadcast takes
Manages to leave fun and games to Kitty
Mid-afternoon in Nevada out in the front porch
Miss sea off Algiers
Not easily convinced those with a sore throat find this is a problem
One of the swifts hasnt got the gene for breeding
One of those from The Hill involved in vigilantism
Pay out for former writer-director
Pops off proposal, in a manner of speaking
Ran away from warden to take the plunge
Report work in a sweatshop with vulgar type
Ridge of rough attached to the wood thats very likely to burn
Sets up nightspot on square with borrowed capital
Sounds like something Thomas said to one of those telling tales
Spends a lot of time hanging about overseeing The Ring
Strong dislike of housemaids scattering ashes
Theres no way out after this old police force retires a relatively small handful
This noble is short and informal with a teacher reflecting on good books to be reviewed
What a plumber is looking for when there are no objections in job description
Whats on the breakfast menu isnt one for the soldiers?
At one time
Band of rainbow colours
Blank areas
Brace, pair
Daily or weekly publication
Desire for drink
During the time that
Feeling of strong liking
Financial statements
Garden tools and card suit
Globular organ
Greek island and type of lettuce
Heavy nautical rope
Imaginary line around the Earth
Incapable of sustaining life
Incontrovertible evidence
Long pointed weapons
Lustrous structure in a shell
Model of excellence
Monetary resources
Not making any noise
One exercises dominion
Or else
Order not to do
Other than
Precise, not vague
Really, genuinely
Serious lung condition
They live solitary lives, avoiding people
Thin fried slices of potato
Toothed cutting tool
Undo, unlace
Wholly and completely
Place of detention for military prisoners
Compulsive, all-consuming
Thing inserted
Strew about
NI in full
Undecorated; clear
Imagine to be guilty
Story published in parts
Expelled foreigner
Sword with curved blade
Heraldic silver
Part of government department dealing with a particular activity
Such as ‘British’ or ‘French
Organised team supporter
Pardon, absolution
Mark over some German vowels
Such as gnu or eland
Rules of language
Shapeless lump
City of south Wales
Ancient Italian
Assumption for planning purposes
Very foolish
Connecting conductor
Liquid that destroys bacteria
Skilful management of national affairs
Aircraft’s velocity with respect to the earth
Valuable thing
Not trustworthy
Substance such as hydrogen peroxide
Taxonomic group
Qualification, proviso
Make longer
Make untidy
Not suitable
Selected passage
Strictly, precisely
Harmful action
Walking route between floors
Ornamental garden area
(Of corn) not yet reaped
Surface of the skin
Process of getting round something
Revoke (an order)
Impressive or persuasive orator
Sources of illumination at front of stage
Data manipulation program
Not at all interested
In an unspecified location
Corpse; relics
Settlement, remittance
As early as possible
Take into custody
Language of southern Africa
One on blades or rollers
Almond paste
Of heroic proportions
Fruit with hard shell
Home for a pet
Any immense number
Medieval weapon
Female deer
Carnivorous mammal
Steering bar
Heraldic red
Shining in the dark
Sewer’s protector
Greek letter
Major river
City of London building
State of inactivity
Leisure activity
Gaping wide open
Small Scottish farm
Internal organs as food
When Barnet manager let the side down?
Alternative band added clause to include new musician for handling crank?
Score twice for final outcome
Energy powder knocked back for striking effect
Obsolete former colour (no longer used)
Awful, flaky model’s a creature of legend
The end for, eg, Speedy Gonzales, small and mischievous
Ally using encryption to conceal weapon pointed towards west
Poorly rates unknown substitute
Access divinity programme
Heading off, speechless with anger, having taken it?
One is after revolutionary massage — they’re heavenly!
Commercial division’s directionless
Student of form favoured dog, maybe, following the races excitedly
Identify as communist when union’s being held under siege
Addiction to horse? This gear might be appropriate
Oil company adjusted ratios for better distribution system
Comedy creator previously getting the bird
Tall plant from Tennessee containing spliff
Pub worker maybe taking order for spirit
Dodgy viagra no good, causing severe damage
U.S. weapon China introduced to Vietnam
More dull, crushing bores cornering you in the Louvre
Private meal from which duke’s excluded
Talking rook might be one!
Commercial watchdog to pass judgment generally
Number’s occurring with frequency
Aggravate complaint, swallowing pill regularly
Horse has position behind second in field, being as far from start as finish?
Prominent Greek in favour of America possessing Middle East
Tale of Ratty’s home, perhaps, and where the bread’s kept?
Pointlessly correct to the same thing
Yank stuff in a camera out
Stable worker cornered by rake is a dish
A set of steps with bee in flower
Revised version of Blue Fur Moth — A Practical Guide
Fall on mutual’s holding after rise
Lower arms when queen enters, then you must rise
This setter and latest in endless series of editors getting vintage spirits down
Half of food in kebab’s condemned
Leftist holding a metal event full of despised creatures
Determined leader of Arabs not in Iran’s camp
En masse, holding caps?
Rex’s X-ray perhaps put in this private language
Your lug on top is grubby
Frightfully pacy horse pulled up, seeing rodent
Irish woman set up needles
Beat politician with legislation arising
Staying execution to have a few drinks?
Bring up tiger rug, tattered and munched
Article to knock Brussels — habitual response meant to make one feel better
Drunken tenants had a ball in the afternoon
Not letting up, note decoded?
Ideal state’s ending up with fate in control bypassing human intervention
A thousand pounds on small underwear
Pacific nation head installing alternative technology in universities
Spanish performer runs after dull performance
Tree climber, work very good, picked up amount of money
Woolly right embraced by African nation after rejecting left
“Skip advertisement” pressed by Apple consumer
Stop driving in top gear?
Is in French folk tale collector’s brief to find fabled wolf
Legendary ruler getting racket on ball
No English composer’s works will be fine
A mat? It could be this
Old policeman’s way to block dodgy dealer
Little beast returning from dissolute revels
Problem for athlete with running spikes
Hit big tree
Face of girl guide, a sentimental sort?
Repetitive sound by model of Ford car
Victim of murderer clever in hearing
Where to find crude artwork competition
Stare at both sides of chewy dish?
Inappropriate European’s left behind to make waves
Leeds playing with ball, not getting trophy
Measure of potential fury about a polemical writer
Endless danger with only fried food
Old-fashioned sweetheart’s somewhere in France
Shipment out of top vessel
Celestial fire’s fuel in rising star
I’m leaving Indian dish — I’m grateful for fishy one
Drink in freedom, without hesitation
Rocky ridge with ice is a killer
Eve hard to move with “Love is in the air”
Group ordered to pack kit
Most of toy soldiers in ancient monument
Picked up unappealing fruit
Nurturing, like your old school, or Venus, DRN 1.2
Something poetic, housing historical artefacts, say
Wee beasties
Just now, already
On the inside, eg ____ est hostis, Cicero In Cat. 2.11
Someone disinherited, an ex heir
They went out, imperf. subj. exeo
Footballing genius looks for the harvest
Of the state, ___ publicae
Brought back, PPP abl. plur. all genders
You’re smitten, besotted and full of passion
Suitably, in fit manner, especially of speaking and writing
____ nostrum, the Mediterranean
Great men, top blokes
From my book collection
My thing, rem ____
He was my teacher; eg Naso ____ ____, Ars Am. 2.744, 3.812
Magisterial dais, judgment platform
Crowded, crammed or stuffed, PPP stipo, -are
Three-footed, eg mensa ____, Horace Sat. 1.3.13
Sharp, spirited, eg L Sulla … pugnax et ____ et non rudis imperator, Cicero, Pro Mur. 32
I’ll sew
As if!
I can relate
Just like that!
Last Week Tonight airer
1980s auto from Serbia
A sci. of structure
Artisan affected by high altitudes
Ball contact, in soccer
Bringing inevitable results
Cagney, in Public Enemy
Certain sweet-talkers
City not far from Pikes Peak
Commuter van, initially
Company founded by a periodontist
Coronation location, often
Cousin of -palooza
Depend (on)
Fare featuring wild fruit
Felonious pier group
Given name adopted by the Queen of Funk
Gore debater in 96
High points of meringue
Its served by Air India
Its MD museum displays an Enigma machine
Least congenial
Lecture circuit income
Let heat build internally
Low-voiced outburst
Make barely perceptible progress
Mark after anothers slip
Mere suggestion
Merest traces
Missouri River fur traders of old
More than that
Not deferential enough, maybe
Old Norse name meaning heir
Opposite of claustro-
Place concentrated pressure on
Place to sign up for driving lessons
Publisher of the Plane Sense guidebook
Quantum leap of creativity
Quarter of a city
Record company VIP
Refuse to be baited
Sesame Streets Count wears it
Shuts up
Something Darwin studied in South America
Sound of startlement
Source of ink
Southwests one-time Secret City
Start of many a mechanical invention
Surroundings of many hotels
Switch back
There when needed
They have fire-resistant spiny leaves
They undo deadlocks: Abbr
Theyre very well-fixed
Timberlake wore them as a teen
Tin-pot dictator
Washington ordered it for his first inaugural party
Wear, as some masks
Wine-cooler category
__ Lady of (start of many church names)
Man of steel?
Run off together
Wide go-with
Asian tie
Totally agree
Breakdown to dust
Tribal pole
Batters grip helper
Comical Brown, formally
More than likes
Fuel type
Comedy legend Jerry
Lady Liberty prop
Bug, as a phone
Type of liquor
Masons object
Had on
Pittsburgh-to-Richmond dir.
Make an error
Score count
Been happening
Poetic analogies
Spring holidays
Achilles mother
River mammal
Winged dawn goddess
Finally get it
Express verbally
Former Russian leader
Grants opponent
Big name in fur
Be volcanic
Bout enders
Light truck type
Belonging to the past
Sources of mescal buttons
Come on in here!
Be shy, monetarily
Well-earned handout
Mascara site
Super overt
Over ones head
Baptisms and weddings
Commercial pilots info
Before of old
Emulates a magician
Think tank products
Hmm, Im thinking
Approximately, in dates
End table protector
Harness horse gaits
Intense feeling of love
Bottom-rung workers
Some herbal medicine plants
More like Buffalo in February
TV actress Gilbert
Light, white German wine
Comics asset
Suffix of scandals
God willing
Number used no more?
___ von Bismarck
Graze, e.g.
African grazer
Place to shoot from
Blasting initials
Lot buy
C.S. Lewis’s Mr. Tumnus, e.g.
Wimpy sort
Pack of plotters
Patisserie enticement
Case for a dermatologist
Classic words of disbelief
Still having a chance to win
Cookie cooks?
Bits of hay and straw?
___ been swell!
Woman of the House
Merle Haggard’s ‘I ___ Beautiful Time
Confession catalog
Indian honorific
Oxfam, e.g.: Abbr.
Polo alternative
Abused opioid, for short
Downright daft digit?
Hell is other people’ writer
Except for
Supergirl’s alias
Makes sound
Get to
Play with a plectrum
They were formed by glaciers
Prepare to sail
Bleu blazes?
Lobster pick target
Transpiration opening
Alley with a war hammer
Club charge
Site of Ephesus and Colophon
Retrovirus component
Corp. bigwig
Street ___ (rep)
Art class subject likely to fall off the platform?
Shoulder adornments
Founder of the Shakers
Gives the boot
Violinist Mischa
Two of the Gooding family
Mini marchers
Neighbor of Provo
Made like a fan
Cardiff crab’s grabber?
In support of
Prime number factor
Extra action
Mike of the Buccaneers
Making out in the mall, say, for short
Some unlucky bears
Showed up
7 Up rival
Hades, e.g.
Weighing device in a brewery?
Group checking prerelease scuba equipment for problems?
Temporarily suspended
Spaghetti ___ carbonara
Player’s payment
Poke fun at
Blows off steam
Fit together snugly
Saints coach Payton
White wader
Barbarous bunch
Nation on the Red Sea
FBI file
Better Call Saul’ network
Deceitful doings
It’s on the fast track
Spread, as a yoga mat
Capone chaser
Fly catcher
2017 Heart of Dallas Bowl champions
Low-level clouds
Bright terrace
East of Eden’ twin
Sighed cry
Park activity
Collector of flat fees
High points
Star Wars’ setting
Places for posters
Gutter spots
Tempter of tars
He takes a lot of interest in his work
Discrimination-fighting org.
Strenuous exertion
Ready for the cobbler
Guitar basics
Member of the genus Vespa
Jim who won gold in the pentathlon and decathlon at the 1912 Olympics
Talks nonsense
Radii partners
Like sorted socks
Numbers with no imaginary part
Monks’ wear
By title only
Tree whose tannins are used for morocco leather
Starts disrobing, perhaps
Power sources
Athens aperitif
Bowlerama features
Migraine sensations
Rural ringers
Free of wrinkles, maybe
Recycling candidate
Hit BBC show
Sign on the back
Firmly decided
Place to receive guests
Spiny-crested pet
Like about 23% of the 2019 Congress
Prepare for the fair
Splinter group
Sch. orgs.
Legal matter
Dig in!
Mineral suffix
Chill (out)
Accident victim
Add together
Aromatic herb
Arrest leader leaving Congress in a whirl
Attack Billy?
Blue material gets stomachs turning
Bracelet from Bengal broken
Cabbage variety
Climbing vines
Clued up in law arena
Commit to mind
Corrupt state? On the contrary!
Crown shows very best in design on head
Elves seen preparing snack
Farm animal
Formal written work
Freedom from guilt
Golfers peg
Grave issue — or resolved
I restate complicated thesis
Infant raised to do simple arithmetic
Intact Bible books found in Ireland
King has beer and leaves
Learn capital returned is held by me
Light fills study for childrens writer
Lover married, sadly
Morning break
One in terrible danger in Berkshire town
One picked for concert?
Person injured in TV show
Plants and things that crawl
Salacious stuff
Short cut to get fuel
Shrivelled grape artist is all the rage
Small dried fruit
Small son retains very French accent
Some impromptu dance
Strain or tension
Stringed instrument
Suitor or fan
Support youngster endlessly
This for season among worthy men
US college ball
Wax pencil
Wrist adornment
How Do I Live singer Rimes
In the same place, in footnotes
Mule Train singer Frankie
Sully, for one
This wont hurt ___!
Walking in Memphis singer Marc
Yeah, right!
24-hr. banking conveniences
Advil competitor
Aptly named citrus
Beginning of a decline in quality, in TV lingo
Beverage store unit
Bit of tomfoolery
Cats nine, its said
Caterers vessel
Clevelands lake
Cobwebby room, often
Cohort of Kent and Lane
Computer-linking technology
Depot posting, for short
Derby competitors footwear item
Disney character who sings Let It Go
Disreputable doctor
Doctors application to a newborns bottom
Dye in temporary tattoos
Emanation from a heat lamp
Feedbag morsel
Fudge the facts
Grandpa Simpson
Groundskeepers tool
Hogwarts professor Severus
Home to 9-Across and 23-Across
Homes for drones
Japans Prime Minster, 1941-44
Johnny who sang at Folsom Prison
Joint with an ACL
Last half of DINK
Laurel of old comedy
Leave nothing to chance
Licoricelike flavoring
Like hardcore fans
Like midtown Manhattan
Lobs path
Made like a goose
Mail caught in filters
Motel employee
Much AM radio fare
Navel buildup
Nicollette of Dynasty
Northeast Corridor express train
Of the flock
One of Cubas Castros
Perrier competitor
Places for flocks
Played the market
Prados city
Prefix with pilot
Pull up stakes, slangily
Reach a high point
React to a sour taste
Richard Nixons religious affiliation
Rob of 90210
Scullers sport
Share a border
Shirt depicting a rock star
Sing like Ella
Sistine Chapel ceiling figure
Sistine Chapel ceiling figure
Spiky-haired fad doll
Still-life fruit
Surgery sites, briefly
Teamsters rig
Turner with eight Grammys
Wetlands wader
Wind-formed hill
Word with ear or tube
Yankees great Jeter
Year-end celebrations
One who deals with an authors affairs
Coarse moorland fern
Professional criminal
Excessively fond
Scottish girl
Gain knowledge
Offensive insulting
Looking back
A high ball
Pass through
Attributes (to) rib cases (anag)
Eat away
Come off the fence?
Dig in
Without success
Distributed the cards
Cat (abbr)
Character played by 13/4 in a 1991 film by Ridley Scott
Flowering shrub for which the 13th hole at Augusta National Golf Club is named
William __, hero – if thats the word – of Evelyn Waughs Scoop (1938)
Mickey __, author who created Mike Hammer
Ralph Waldo __, essayist and philosopher
Actor who starred in Cutthroat Island and The Long Kiss Goodnight
Actor who starred in Bull Durham and The Lovely Bones
2017 film in which Gary Oldman plays Churchill
See 15
Hawaiian island which includes Honolulu
Character played by 15/20 in a 1991 film by Ridley Scott
The brightest star system when viewed from earth
US state and river
Irish province
__ Park, home to the Earl and Countess of Wessex
See 13 Across
Oscar-winning writer of 7 & 23
J.C.T. __, hero of a series of childrens novels created by Anthony Buckeridge
Active volcano on the island of Hawaii
The Importance of Being __, play by Oscar Wilde
Name given to a peninsula that includes Yemen, Oman, Qatar and Kuwait
See 5
Snake of the family Viperidae
See 17 Across
Stalemate involving European interrupting father beside canal section
Dreaded female listener, journalist
I cut a robe father ordered for someone in a routine
Runs from large snakes
Nail man tries to deal with
For every boy and man its private
Some popular genius, big
Exterior, old-fashioned, seen by the queen
Food is supplied by me at dance
Shy fellow interrupting attempt, extremely unhelpful
Vessel used by a Conservative ” he shows flamboyance
Damaging one car, gang posed for a competition
Saint taking journey ” thats a big step
Lettuce given to established journalist, pampered
Submissive doctor ” one meeting the French
Repairmen in a theatre initially making minor improvement
Correspondence for characters
Dogs swallowing Eastern remedies
Morally correct eccentric hit Alec
Revolutionary from Cheshire bellowing
Hated exam ” indeed
Mexican food till rota changed
A male with the Spanish in loch, unidentified
Unwilling to give unruly Celt a turn
Shoe repairers? Nonsense!
Genteel umpire ” popular man
Graduate with grandmothers fruit
Guard fed up before finish
Spoiling rugs, a sweet substance
Picture burning in post office