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Crosswords Buzz Answers 2018-12-22

Black-ish network
Vertical passage for an elevator
Just a ___ (little bit)
Icky sticky stuff
Singer Abdul or Cole
Lawn mower brand that means bull in Spanish
Large-eyed bird
The ___ Scrolls (video game series)
Get ___ lease on life: 2 wds.
Author who wrote the film adaptation of her own Gone Girl: 2 wds.
Lesley of 60 Minutes
You betcha!: 2 wds.
Band with the hits Hold the Line and I Won’t Hold You Back
House in Spain
Author who wrote the film adaptation of his own The Perks of Being a Wallflower: 2 wds.
That ___ what I meant at all!
TV series mostly set at William McKinley High School
Shows contemptuous disbelief
Surge protector inserts
Author who wrote the film adaptation of her own Postcards From the Edge: 2 wds.
It’s east of Europe
Olympic gymnast Comaneci
Bit of wordplay
Barrel of laughs
Treble and bass symbols
Music genre that faded in popularity in the early 2010s
Prodigal ___ (biblical figure)
Fill with delight
Short albums: Abbr.
Not long ___ (recently)
Japanese gesture of respect
Toothpaste brand
Participate in a bee
___ pass (permission to leave class)
German competitor of Porsche and Jaguar
Pest in a dog’s coat
Black spots on silverware
2018 awards ceremony hosted by Sara Bareilles and Josh Groban
Sports venue
Procter & Gamble fabric softener
Like most good basketball players
Restaurant chain that serves breakfast all day for short
Unwanted body fat
Urban thoroughfares: Abbr.
Rug rat
Wolf Blitzer’s employer
___ of desperation (last-ditch attempt)
Retro stereo system: Hyph.
Time is of the ___!
Stare at creepily
Frozen treat from 7-Eleven
Big beer container
Agreeable answer
Marks left by surgical procedures
Maker of musical keyboards
Constellation with a three-star belt
Sigma Chi or Kappa Sigma for short
___ in (slowly introduce)
Season for most network TV premieres
What a great ___! (Let’s do this!)
Put through a strainer
Person who calls fair or foul in baseball for short
added as a supplement
make more sturdy
a little while ago
student apartment building
spill the beans
surrounded with small bushes
Recorded, somewhat quaintly
Got wise to?
Bond order
Court great Goolagong
Taking care of responsibilities like an actual grown-up
Check in the mail, perhaps
Long in films
New York’s ___ State Parkway
Baby food
Traveler’s boarding areas?
Growth medium
Director Lee
Put on
Drinking glasses?
Ahura Mazda worshiper
Slip covers?
Swift quality
Big export of Sri Lanka
Country that eliminated the U.S.A. in both the 2006 and 2010 FIFA World Cups
Flemish river
A.F.L.’s merger partner
Gets one under
José de ___ Martín, national hero of Argentina
Act of noticing
Half Dome’s home
Pragmatist philosopher Charles Sanders ___
You can’t beat them
Protests, but not uprisings?
Some sultan subjects
Literature Nobelist Gordimer
Not the classy sort?
Hartsfield-Jackson code
Surname of father-and-son British P.M.s
Giant Brain’ of 1940s headlines
Small flourish
___ les compliments de l’auteur’ (inscription in a French book)
What some coin purses do
On a fundamental level
How Pee-wee Herman often appears to fans
Not seeing anyone else, say
Talks about one’s job, perhaps
Induces to commit a crime
First female artist with five Billboard #1’s from the same album
It’s what everyone’s doing
Want ad abbr
Title city of film whose mayor is Leodore Lionheart
Squad car
Receive as a member
Birthplace of St. Clare, the founder of the Poor Sisters
James of TV’s ‘How the West Was Won
2000s female teen idol, to fans
They’re positive
Coffee Cantata’ composer
What Brits call an ‘articulated lorry
Return destination, for short
Jack and Mark take no part
Responds to broken crates
Tales about harbours
Gives the little bird a name or names
Doing a key job in the office?
One leaving the string tangled, showing toughness
Service I care for?
Petals come out in soft colour
Bent on getting new hat
Everyone in display which is superficial
Clanger will bring cry of dismay and roar!
Tearing around the rock
Object in favour of trial
The agents are fellow-performers
Royal Navy stew scattered about
Rather be off having a rest
Walks in a military manner?
Resolute under canvas?
Pats logo placed upright on the pitch
King eaten by shellfish makes you crease
Novel place to move to
Swimmer getting out of breath
Taken the wrong way
A stream in the garden?
A missile
Official statement
Alfresco meal
A fur
Not at all
Make up
Help to bring about
This is lodged when father returns with a different plea
He refuses to eat more quickly
Dorothy is after the fairy jewel
Perverse enough to change sides
In government, a skilful piece of work
Non-effervescent spirits are made by this
Spell March wrongly
I would be in the arena on horseback
Not just a description of the black-haired
The way that leads to conflict?
Give notice of a reward for victory, we hear
Ball lovers?
A seat to put in the sun
Staying power – a mans involved with it
Staff pet? Hardly!
This will indicate the points needed by a member of the orchestra
Loud line – thats outspoken
1947 Broadway stage musical by Yip Harburg and Fred Saidy
Actor who played the title role in 1970s BBC TV series Poldark
See 1
2001 film drama starring Dougray Scott and Kate Winslet
See 16
Harriet , mystery writer creation of Dorothy L Sayers who marries Lord Peter Wimsey
Stacy , 2000 Olympic womens pole vault gold medallist
See 12 Down
The , 1974 story collection by John Fowles
Leslie , Best Actor in a Leading Role Oscar nominee for Pygmalion
15th- and 16th-century Spanish guitar-like stringed musical instrument
Thomas M , author of 1965 science fiction novel The Genocides
Oil city in Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia, on the Persian Gulf
Author of novels A Life and Zenos Conscience
1991 studio album by Queen
See 20
English dramatist whose plays include Restoration comedies The Relapse and The Provoked Wife
Martin Luther , US civil rights leader assassinated in 1968
See 7 Across
Very dry pale sherry from Spain
Best Actor in a Supporting Role Oscar winner for Dallas Buyers Club
See 5
Member of the English political party that opposed the succession to the throne of James, Duke of York
Crissy , star of 1994 film drama Ladybird Ladybird
1952 Western film starring Gary Cooper and Thomas Mitchell
Dead body of an animal
Ultimate, last
Deliver a speech to
Military trainees
Game that ends even
Law enacted by legislature
Residue or remains
Sink a ship deliberately
Added or supplementary
Neither good nor bad
Prima donna
Throat disease of children
Go beyond or overstep a limit
Snooker table cloth
School test
Active and brisk
Old wound mark
Heavily set down cheap drink
Small city for fun
Knock a style of music
Bury in hinterlands
It happened in the Seventies
Now employees have to be obliged
Tin from Tuscany
Beard about organ
Voice, for example
Festival involving a steer
Arrange by type
Changes as to fodder
Overdue, headless and happy
Talk of argon, say
Roused about employment
Aged fool definitely has it
Run off to get receptacle
Pair trained student for 30 days
Mother and soldier caught in enchantment
Level with first woman
Baked item from a cheat in the south-east
Conceals pelts
Outline is almost exact
The French find Virginia hot stuff
Cricketer useful in the kitchen
Birds on strings?
Shopper initially rushed to shop
Hope woman has somewhere to sit
Forest contains raw materials
Dish is missing when not there
Finally doesnt finish a book
Perform in Clacton
Devoured more than seven, say
About to have nothing but deer
Removal includes eggs
Wild road journalist really liked
Slides off and moves furtively
Toboggan has new thrust
Horribly cheat coach
Gasp terribly at holes
Total zero at sport
Terribly evil, as it happens
Rushed out of France
Inferior wine
Sharp blow
Be indebted to
Listening organ
End of Lent
Previous day
Tea-time treat
Molten rock
First batsman
Flying toys
Church seat
Carrying salver
Set of maps
Egg cells
Moves sideways
Sudden movement
Japanese wrestling
As ____ your request
Whitish gem
Go away!
Legal offense
Suit accessory
The Mummy star
Engine noise
Baltic or Dead
Surface fishing
Pass a bill
Confederate soldier
Cavalry swords
Deprive of weapons
Tool sets
Pond-scum ingredient
People ____ Funny
Trouser length
Swedes neighbors
Angels hat
Hot box
Bards before
Rich Little, e.g.
Notre ____
Bogey beater
In dreamland
Kangas kids
Oxen team
Freight barge
Applies a fresh coat
Head: Fr.
Synagogue figure
Atlas dot
Presidential monogram
Certain tires
Product pitches
Influential person
Domingo, e.g.
Tots up
Roofline detail
Host Trebek
Cartoonist Walker
December 24, e.g.
Bet your __ dollar
Male pronoun
Time capsule activity
Staple of barbecues
__ air, as in broadcasting
Concert souvenir
Steinbecks __ Mice and Men
__, myself, and I
Bar order
The Beatles Let It __
Canadas neighbor
In attendance
Hypoallergenic wool
Chinese way of life
Be the victim of a slaying?
Taiwanese drink originally made with milk and tapioca pearls
Sports cheaters
Series of celebratory visits
Squeeze (out)
Fixes, as a pump
Green span
Because it fits
Cats hangout
Prominent parade brass
The Cuban?
Wolf in The Jungle Book
Kicks back
Place for a frozen treat
Response to a welcome return
Apps with errors
Avril follower
Stopped lying
Drained of color
Sharp picker-upper
Put under
Early Melotone Records competitor
Produce aisle option
Turn sharply
Factor in exit velocity, in baseball
Wore thin
Life-saving devices, at times
In a calm manner
Make drinkable, in a way
Two-day trip, often
Deeply devoted
Checkout choice
__ Fire: 230,000-acre Northern California conflagration of 2018
Maguire of Spider-Man
Early lesson
Boat mover
Ballets birthplace, to Parisians
Black Beauty author
__ Fund: org. supporting girls education founded by a 2014 Nobelist
Informal discussion
Side with a dog
Elmore Leonard novel whose title overlaps itself on some covers
Step aside
Sweet Home Alabama band, familiarly
Four-time Australian Open champ
Carne __
Finger-pointing uncle
Enjoyed a roll
Hazardous area for a bicyclist passing a parked car
By and large
Like fishhooks, as a rule
Pen pals plan?
In other words …
Dip popular at Easter
16th-century council site
African country with rich uranium deposits
German auto
Dock setting
Mothers Day destination
Talk acronym
Ice arena
Copper, e.g.
Mideast nation
Fleshy fruit
Oahu greeting
Middling (hyph.)
Having rows of holes
Made possible
Sunrise location
That lady
Sell to consumers
Makes a hole
Sends forth
Paddle a boat
Common skin problem
Feudal estate
At any ____
Confederate general
Octobers stone
Actress ____ Davis
Beaver construction
Do again
Fruity refresher
Psychics phrase (2 wds.)
Pencil ends
Nervous strain
100th anniversary
Not working
Wise birds
Get up
Astronauts gp.
Door feature
Marsh plants
Lobe location
Canine comments
Carry around
Excuse me!
Young boys
Pearl producer
Hawaiian garlands
Giant wave
Royal domain
Roast host
Fork features
Adored one
Must, informally
Like honey
____ Valley (vineyard site)
Congressman (abbr.)
Horses chamber
Canyon effect
Gather crops
Poker term
Fit of temper
Stuck-up one
Nebraskas neighbor
Loch ____
Altar response (2 wds.)
Reddening of skin due to very thematic content
Innocent-looking child sat in front of Polish revolutionary
Article about a southern Irish town
Merchant ships officer has high-performance vehicle to run
Land beside house in German forest
Address of Rue Simons building?
Springtime by the end of February, unusually
Hoped to get answer, like some churches?
Mishandle a tiller, sadly leading to end of boat
Change from GMT, when in China
Another setter was in tears after newspaper lost acceptance amongst the young and hip?
Bands first organ stand
Exodus of the giraffes
Man rules out 8 and 13, say
Possible result of a drop in holiday time
Some Greek characters wanting others beheaded
Sense in which Señora would be incorrect
No longer means to buy wife a male Manx cat
Sports facilities providing very cold beverages, but no large cups
Twice caught one flirting with master artisan
Raised female wildebeest in this country, as a form of self-defence
Pie contaminated with dirt leads to angry hotels hurried complaint
Relating to chain of islands where male carries étui around
Internal organs of ten different birds
Second coffee? Third of morning
Going to bed, leaving note: Getting sleepy
Old woman with comic role as 14s other half?
Sticky seedcase found in 50% of Mexican dishes
Donkeys cry
Butterfly larva
Light brown
Backless sofa
Armoured vehicle
Type of petrol
Theatrical company
Make possible
Underwater vessel
Almond biscuit
Chirping insect
Break in continuity
Church service
1964 number-one hit single by Mary Wells, written and produced by Smokey Robinson
Gemstone associated with Coober Pedy, Australia
Celia __, British actress who played Marianne Bellshade in Bergerac
A port and resort in Emilia-Romagna on Italys Adriatic coast
See 54
Director whose films include The Omen, Superman, The Goonies and Lethal Weapon
Province of Canada whose capital is Winnipeg
Morrissey compilation album released in 1990
Former name for Tuvalu
Sam ___, director made his film directorial debut with American Beauty in 1999
The scrophulariaceous plant Verbascum thapsus
Sitcom written by Carla Lane that featured the Boswell family
In Greek mythology, a nymph spurned by Narcissus who pined away until only her voice remained
1945 Leo McCarey film starring Bing Crosby and Ingrid Bergman
African country whose capital is Kampala
A string with a metal weight at one end used to determine verticality, depth of water, etc
The capital of Turkey
Novel by Charles Dickens that begins on Christmas Eve, 1812
1946 Frank Capra film starring James Stewart as George Bailey
The worlds first commercial jet airliner to reach production, made by de Havilland in Hertfordshire
A colour print made using the silk-screen process
Protozoan of the phylum Rhizopoda able to change shape because of the movements of cell processes
See 37
Irish-Australian bushranger hanged for murder at Old Melbourne Gaol in 1880
Michael ___, Sri Lankan-born Canadian writer whose works include the Booker-prizewinning novel The English Patient
Food fish of the genus Centropristes with a long spiny dorsal fin almost divided into two
See 17
Spanish city in the southern zone of the Madrid metropolitan area whose football team played in La Liga between 2004 and 2016
1961 hit single written and recorded by Sam Cooke
The short-lived perennial herb Anethum graveolens
Teenage high school student whose alter ego is Spider-Man
1897 play by Edmond Rostand based on the life of a French dramatist and duellist
New Zealand city that hosted the 1990 Commonwealth Games
Geometric drawing toy developed by British engineer Denys Fisher and first sold in 1965
A signal, such as a siren, indicating that an air raid is over
American comedian and actor who played Scott Calvin in the 1994 film The Santa Clause
The only person to have won the Cheltenham Gold Cup, Champion Hurdle and Grand National as both jockey and trainer
Former England striker who had two spells at Tottenham Hotspur
Isambard Kingdom ___, English engineer who designed the Clifton Suspension Bridge and the steamships Great Western, Great Britain and Great Eastern
In Egyptian mythology, the jackal-headed deity who conducted the dead to judgment
A short coat for a baby
Horse that won the 1990 Grand National
Giacomo ___, Italian early Baroque composer, noted as one of the first composers of oratorios, such as Jephte
Comic book superhero created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger in 1939
The Monkees last number one hit in the US
American TV series starring Miley Cyrus
The marine animal Heliopora coerulea, which produces a massive skeleton of aragonite
The seventh sign of the zodiac
Play by Victoria Wood first performed in 1978
Paul McCartneys first and only UK number one as a solo artist
70s sitcom that starred Pauline Collins and John Alderton as Clara and Charles Danby
1759 satire by Voltaire subtitled lOptimisme
Joseph ___, English actor who popularised the role of Clown in many Pantomimes and Harlequinades of the early 1800s
The capital of South Australia
Poisonous evergreen Mediterranean shrub or tree also called rosebay
See 6
Queen of Persia whose story is recounted in the Old Testament book that bears here name
In anthropology, a clan or group that believes itself to be descended from a common ancestor
Metric measure
Spanish girlfriend
Legislative group
Small pooch
Reach, as new heights
Buckeyes sch.
Dealers foes
Hide-hair insert
Round Table titles
50s Ford
Work yet to be done
— -haw! (rodeo cry)
Selfish driver
Lo-cal beers
Flightless birds
Sailors chart
Ex-senator Sam
That girl
Inventor Nikola
Vitamin stat
Baseballs Roberto
Yule quaff
Chew out
Quiver contents
Imposed a levy on
Fixes socks
Enters, as data
Wee bit
Harrow rival
Daughter of Lear
Beat it!
Cattle calls?
Lupino of film
Pet rodent
Maestro Toscanini
Skiing spot
Chinese-food request
Yarn unit
— -di-dah
Cartoon frame
Hit one out of the park
Detox center
Brunch fare
Dawn goddess
Tank filler
Hose woes
London gallery
Taj Mahal city
Upper limit
Spikes warning
Minor criticisms
Kick in
Grant —
Dull finish
In the area
Table scrap
Geom. point
Put away
Attention-getting call
Bauxite and galena
Flutes and bassoons
Doves love
Tip off
Like llamas
Rams mate
Caustic stuff
Binary base
Golf feat
Nymph chaser
Store events
On this spot
Spock player
Lined up
Arm art
Marquee name
Saloon bill
On the boat
Ways to go
Take to the impound lot
Bikers invitation
Without break
Aloof quality
Land of the lei
Mount Hood setting
Cooking vessel
Lumber worker
Sheds tears
Like Loki
Reduced amount
Contented sound
Free from risk
Sanctified one
How Sweet __!
Door opener
Sauls army chief
Very wicked
Great Lakes whitefish
Vintner Ernest or Julio
TVs talking horse
Norse god of mischief
The Bartered Bride composer
Sister of Anne and Charlotte
Rude one
Pavarotti, e.g.
Mandelas org.
KGBs Cold War foe
South African province
Avecs opposite
Veggie meal ingredient
Egyptian queen
Alerting light
Time of day
Doggone it!
Polks predecessor
Eastern European
Carbonated quaff
Paul McCartney band
Hannibals men
Ransack and rob
Church book
Snow runner
Quartet quorum
Barnaby Jones star Buddy
Egg pouch
Eisenhowers boyhood home
Corks place
Star Trek: The Next Generation counselor
Homer Simpson exclamation
Rowdy of Rawhide
Jazz style
Phoenician god
Eleven for Yvette
Happening every eight years
Required by etiquette
Cheerleaders routine
Lots and lots
Make lace
Aladdins treasure
Scottish lakes
Defense acronym
Persona non __
Examine closely
Join forces
Sheet of ice
Mal de __
Regalia item
Asian prince
Piece of work
Exceed in importance
Bluish-white metal
Retail outlet
Staying power
French capital
Material for violin strings
European language
Antipodean country
Boy who never grew up
Louis Armstrong nickname
Afternoon nap
Ring of light
One or two dairy products
Trouble in Naples is not hurting
Man in formal evening wear
Pickpockets? Detective inspector has second thoughts
VIPs sea trip producing no reaction
Money for guardian appointed by court?
Take this if put out
Goddess appearing in this island
Scottish leader with horse problem
Sermon translated by an old Scandinavian
Fly from coloured container
Meals provided for governors?
It brings a guy down to earth
Need to cultivate first garden
Tin makes alloy wrong
Sugar plums, perhaps?
Bird beginning to peck sweetheart
Refinement, for example, in eastern weapon
Regret having broken mantle
Sweet, with hair swept up?
Majestic beer brought up
Range of notes in Tosca, Les Miserables, etc.
Members of an industrious group of musicians
14 down and 19 across in The Heart of Darkness perhaps
A snobby character with title is wrong
Add a touch of sparkle as Judge Russell is up first
An ideal state for more work?
Bit of uplifting Liza Minnelli wonderful for the drive
Brigadier general dismissed badgering before now
Came to terms with a type of gluttony
Confronted by what the barista serves up
Directing The Office, for instance, is moving
Do a U-turn as man of the cloth could be Irish
Drink consumed in Sierra Leone
Far out womens organisation in several countries on one landmass
Father in hospital for first biopsy and feedback from echo test perhaps
Force in Maine novel provides a type of mystery
Half change direction at university in Cork and split!
He is off the throne in Split
In part, consider a venture that appeals to dancers
In the last resort, a person of interest to someone with access to The Capital from the city overseas?
Its a trial getting out of Australia or America
Its most important Claret served around mid-evening
Leave a recital in part of the musical faculty
Lightweight type among freethinkers
Money is right to remove leading power in Alps? In the past, the English, French and Russians campaigned against it!
Old dance buddy almost narcissistic on the radio
On foot of the other economic strategic summits
Part of the problem in trusting one of those making their own dough
Passage from sample of chain letters
Penny has a rule changed for the tug-of-war in the middle of the continent
Playful swimming type loses head with ceramicist
Protects Queen Victoria from Albert, Lenny and Clare
Serious type enters a rave
Some mouth organs an issue for Odin
Song and dance witnessed in the abbey
Suffer from the heat, as theres no Corona in Monte Carlo
The personal importance of Freuds holiday plans, in a manner of speaking
Theresa Cook is a producer of hurley sticks
To be precise, without the introduction, its not fiction
Ushered in, as involved in subtle deception
Apprise, notify
Bar or banister
Blueprint, sketch
Devices to signal danger
Distinctive way of pronouncing words
Document showing legal right to a property
Exact copy of written or printed material
Expelled, booted out
Expressions of praise
Forgive sins
Hidden, covert
Illness, malady
Investigation to enhance the store of knowledge
Lend an ear
Mixture of two or more substances
Moored a ship in its allotted place
Of the greatest importance
Office or chest of drawers
Opinions formed with little or no information
Passage below ground
Person owned by another
Place of worship
Relating to the mind
Rubs out
Science-fiction creatures
Set of clothing
Sign of the common cold
Story, anecdote
Study of stars and planets
Supplant, replace
Tiny piece
Up to the time
Very lightly cooked meat
Young female
Optical archiving medium
Paper book cover
Nevil —, novelist and engineer
Type of bacon
Appearing more special than is the case
Status of a national of a state
Famous beauty
Including a wide variety of things
Last imperial dynasty of China
Small orchestra
Horse genus
Relating to the USSR
Large fruit
Large fish
Pupil staying away from school
Musical note
Tedious circumlocution
Destructive precipitation
Me personally
Wildly fast and energetic
Making (a problem) worse
Type of quadrilateral
Menacing, foreboding
Leg joint
Ancient Greek city in Turkey
Long narrow hilltop
Tall-spiked plant
Pleasing sound
Military action against guerrillas
Too full of enthusiasm
Study of the mind and its functions
Fit for a monarch
Endlessly, forever
Previous; abbot’s deputy
Undesirable effect in flash photography
Having to report (to)
Bright red mineral
Trashy, vulgar
Observable event
On the other side of the page
Forensically question
Completely illegal behaviour
Kind of sponge
Accepted, implied
Wicked, criminal
Table tennis
Morally good quality
Person or nation subject to another
Loss of life
Command; tidiness
Polite; non-military
Relating to mystical knowledge
French restaurant
Card game
Violent criminal
Medicinal unguent
Short daytime sleep
Mythical sea monster
Photoelectric cell
Horse’s pace
Before the present
Pavement edge
Ancient measure of length
Bridge-like structure
Speech defect
Strong-tasting bulb
Orchestral composition
Unit of weight
Device winding in rope
Scottish biscuits
Fellow socialist
Singing entertainment
Cross between species
Set, band
Top surface of a stair step
Letters inviting a reply
Charge keeper: better player rounding one
Function in city on island
Very brilliant newspaper chief in comfortable position
Grub right inside burning liquid
Show a bit of a fork poking me
Usually one tucks in kid after prayer
Cowardly message, layers behind it?
Face hairs in cuts of meat?
Dance jacket
Contrary way to pay songwriter, possibly?
Grace, perhaps, but no heart — superhero!
Lift to reveal flaps
Hammer slowing down, we hear, working despite action
Delicate kick about right for vodka, perhaps?
Look to pen verse fast?
Shoulder behind rugby forward, character in check
Tragedy perhaps, one ripping off accommodating Yank
More than one server watches others returning
Game: Nazis against Communist
Fixing outside broadcast, man is unexceptional
Often it is scattered on couples, primarily
Genteel pursuit planting seeds, they say?
Log on, meaning enter resource initially
Key allowed to be held by banker
Virgin Mary in France possibly playing nation’s part
Jet in America over the hill, unswerving
Hormone is not reproduced in the heart
Criminal stealing perfect earthenware
One length cuts simply put together
Greene novel inspiring plaudits originally, stand on the table!
German city contributing to business, energised
Alien craft — first of scientists steps in
Early pain starts to creep onward, lasting into childhood
Reeling initially in private, I validate wrong rate of change
Biscuit with salt, excellent thing
Comedic skill in it, I’m ingenious!
One complaining about front being removed from pet shop
Blue square
Struggle to maintain company that runs on-line?
Lay one on authority
One moaning about sensitivity in buccaneer
Modified starch often in fried breakfast?
Underwear, very old, is good for you!
Elegant wings of starlings filling nest
In repose, Bill wears yellowish-beige bloomers etc
Runner made redundant, perhaps, or estate manager
Article, iron, to keep in boiler — cold, troublesome thing
Tick, one exploiting cat?
Belligerent comic revises gag
A sub in form of transport that’s dated
London station takes us into school
Vegetable stew in soon, cooker is hot inside
Flying around island, one briefly dumping fuel, say?
Furniture item, rope binding pedal?
Weaken county where standards may be lowered
Margaret, pioneering female Conservative, and European giant in business
Disaster initially in erasing new measurements
Native American swiftly tethering horse
Still producer turned up before artist
Wrong bottom on sponge cake
Topless femme fatale, English goddess
Drunk was illuminating
Unpopularity of detective, with relish arresting female
Row to the left missing a joint
Country couple I’d come after with anecdotes
I can act, it appears, cunningly?
Yank and I with small horses go easy with stick
Girl with no primitive instincts turned to God
Is preparing to speak out, causing hurt
Crazy plan gone into by military assistant
Everything in place for learning lines
Primitive way to stop tree production
Sneaky of the German, breaking free
Drawing on papyrus in Grecian exhibits
Treatment for effects of alcohol perhaps boy knocked back neat
Veteran playing eg at Lords
With effort, get to like travelling to the city
Not surprising bats dwell on Mars
A refusal to keep diary, or something similar
Alternative international body pinching name wanted by police?
Instructions for course in leisure centre, one with gym
Web designer’s starting price not publicised?
Even bits of tabloid can be heavyweight
Foreign department one enters if desperate
Waking after locks triggering alarm
Exceptionally slow start building floor
Planned bid for contract halted
Satire developed by comic hero
One struggling to be heard over sound of submerged bridge
Journalist taking friend around old pleasure craft
Caravan finally turning up on private land
Girl I can be seen with often
Insula sub Oceano summersa, vel montis in Mauretania siti
Caesar ____ in proelium 23: he lines up his men
Pars vaccae quam tenet una virginum mulgentium; fecundus quoque
She-goats; quae quidem animalia non misit amator
Viri maiore ferocitate; sharper (nom pl)
Volucres (quattuor) inter quas numerentur gallinae Gallicae?
Retines rectos in tumultu? Or among the men kept apart in hiding
Mons iuxta Olympum; vel corporis partes durae
Die secondo mihi misit duas amator meus
Die primo mihi misit amator ____ in 22; priced me out!
She stitches
(Vide quoque 19) Die primo accepi 19 in ____ sedentem
He constructs. Dux aciem ad proelium ____
Undecim cantatores qui undecimo die advenerunt
Quinto die anuli ____ dati sunt; tamquam si Midae tactu affecti
You (s) would be silent (impf subj)
Si ____: if you are sensible; (Plautus Casina 838 inter alia)
Possis dicere illas mulieres vel illos nobiles hoc facere (dance/leap)
Sexto die: anseres ____ parientes
You (pl) are being earnestly asked
I can hear clearly; o tympanistae duodecim, silete!
Nos agricolae sumus: agros ____
Septimo die hi septem natantes advenerunt
Wretched, sad; ____ sum quotienscumque illos tympanistas 14
Illa mihi aliquid vendidit; ego ab illa ____
Daughters of __ (feminist novel)
I beat people up sayer
Je refuse!
Me no __ (punny pan of I Am a Camera)
About 15 ml
Adjectival ending
App development step
As recently as
At all
Be rootless
Bee nectar source
Beverage made from berries
Blanks out
Book reviewers, briefly
Calls for
Canadas Freshmart chain
Certain combo key
City thats a near-rhyme to 15 Across
Clothes line
Color of autumn leaves
Colorado Plateau formation
Colors of autumn leaves
Coming-of-age novel pioneer
Creator of the first radio network
Display disappointment
Electronic screener
Eminent odist
Entitled successor
Exclamatory endorsement
Expound upon in writing
FDA category requiring Drug Facts labeling
Full-time player
Gene __
Get off the ground
Interrogative endorsement
Its in charge in the RSA
Literary sister of Olga
Luther Burbanks California home
Marine standard
Medieval boss or subordinate
Miami tourist, often
National Caramel Mo
NBC show in its 67th year
Northeastern National Heritage Corridor
One extremely well-fixed
Passive personality
Pillow fight sound
Plays hard
Propel or perplex
Rock climbers challenges
See 42 Down
Setting for Shakespeares Globe theatre
Shaws Will ye-oo py me fthem? speaker
Shipped free, for short
Skywalker Ranchs county
Small projection
Snappers selection
Solar surrounder
Southwestern bungalow
Sports group thats a UN Permanent Observer
Strength of character
Testing group, for short
The E in the NYSEs EL
They typically sit near conductors at concerts
Under canvas
With 65 Across, Xbox part
Withdraw oneself
Word from the Latin for unfriendly
Wrangles with
__ white
Pupil of Socrates
Field of expertise
Gate fastener
Column type
Told fibs
Fool me ___, shame …
Nerds fave Tom Hanks film?
Spring mo.
Like the devil
Some pizza orders
Agatha Christie, for one
Try to get more stock
Groovy! kin
Moderate place for a nerd?
Lambs call
Opera specialty
Police car attachment
Seafood item
Scouts construction
Shoe bottom
Catlike carnivore
Professional copyist
Graham or Preminger
Eggs, centuries ago
Nerds biggest regret?
Bonkers way to run
Tennis players necessity
Super Bowl, e.g.
Tibetan mystery
Charges for boarding
Typesetters type
Roller coaster part
Galaxy near ours
13-13, for example
Group of eight
Like the Matterhorn
100 sen, in Cambodia
Always, to Shakespeare
Empty talk
Like an old lady
Chide children
Hog havens
Your turn, on CBs
Causes a bottleneck
Family-vs.-family war
Prefix with bell or found
Chinas continent
Butchers discards
Become rancid
Homer Simpson says it
Medicine used in tests
Ominous omen
Yemeni port
Not straight
Time to remember
Road hazards
Well-armed creatures
Brad making movies
Foolish dolt
Nabisco cookies
Ballot reader
Make a pin prick
Walking on eggshells
Words with depend or step
Blow off steam
Picnic pests
Literary before
Fifth, for one
Baryshnikov nickname
Be a hoarder
Sharp prong
Pol’s supporter
Like some management
Agate’s cousin
Busy time for Santa
Mediocre sheets?
Unit of a VI-pack?
Pres. for 12 years
Jaguar features
The Age of Anxiety’ poet
Club base
Rumor has it…
Landlord’s income
Conrad who walked on the moon
Jingle Bells’ contraction
Take care of dirty shawls and scarves?
Radius setting
Some radio stations
Can. neighbor
Chris who plays Captain America
Trial episode just received by a TV exec?
Salon stuff
Honi soit qui mal y ___
Summon up
Tale teller
Luncheonette list
Satchel on the mound
Capital founded as a gold rush camp
Lech Walesa, before he became active?
Beam of light that never dims?
Nymphs of the mountains
Joan’s ‘What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?’ co-star
Within, in combinations
Princess topper
Ukr. or Est., once
One carrying twin daughters?
Luckless fellow
Garden shed item
Draft card org.
Unconvincing-sounding cadaver?
Business with projected revenue?
Nog ingredient
Critics’ concern
Gondola setting
Fruitcake bit
Christmas, in Cremona
Home improvement, of a sort
Moral authority
French article
Turning tool’s tailstock?
Song whose refrain has been prefixed to nine answers in this puzzle
Former BP subsidiary
Namely, in other words
Hog holder
Carols, e.g.
Rx amounts
Hand warmer
Target for an Apple Pencil
Go Tell It on the Mountain,’ e.g.
Let earth receive ___ King
Crop up
Results of excessive stress
Without modification
Capitol Bldg. worker
Mirror fogger
City southwest of Madrid
Be that as it may
Big Apple paper monogram
Motorist’s turnoff
Pie nut
Halt!’ to a salt
Euro divisions
Slap in the face
Resort facility
Christmas carol
Third day of Christmas gift
Significant stretch
Cord part
Highland tongue
Seventh Ave. subway line
Calendar entries
___ Row (London’s tailoring street)
Disney film set in Polynesia
Get sidetracked
Forum wear
Scratches (out)
Volunteer’s offer
Army of the Potomac commander
Far-ranging seabird
Offered intimations
Keys in
Hangs loosely
Looks after
Passing piece
Remini of ‘The King of Queens
Scarlett’s home
Bigot’s lack
Hard work
Specs with a handle
Will You Love Me Tomorrow’ singers
Like the G’s in gingerbread
Bowl workers
Hammer target
Hr. part
Affleck of ‘Surviving Christmas
Chess grandmaster Mikhail
Popular Christmas gift
Rachel of MSNBC
Helping hand
83-Down make them
Look forward to
Covers ground, in a way
Fireplace stuff
Stocking stuffer
Rose garden pest
Speedy planes
Do the wrong thing
French vineyard
Back chat heard in the beginning
Beware sailors in Beatles old club
Bill holds round loop
Bros performing The Planets?
Counting as influential
Crackers are not sumptuous
Dinner course
Doctor brings in nothing on average
Elaborately decorated
Engine right inside old boat in east
European nation
Fresh horn covers one animal
Fresh Supertramp content
Grind away in bar in central Greece
Hangmans rope
Increased in size
Insect ruined decent pie
Lacking flavour
Large herbivore
Low storey
Make ecstatic
Man being one is extremely lithe
Man leaves one country for another
Many-legged creature
Needing meal, find pub in the heavens
One leaving whole sheeps heart in dish
Pair seen with one boy at lock-up
Planet almost consumed in flood
Points board accepts as defensible
Power generator
Raging beast devours men in cellar
Redesigned Seattle ship is dull
Rude at home having stolen nuts
Savage, finally deceased, brings delight
Sea-girt land
Some butter from shop attendant
Some emigre was shot up?
Sound or credible
Thoroughly soak
Touch lightly
Unattractively thin
Underground chamber
View church property
Wear down
Beg pardon . . .
Giant novelist Ferber
Its about time!
A Bobbsey twin
Affirm to be true
Airline with kosher meals
Answer an e-vite
Art who played Norton
Banded mineral
Bushel or peck
Components of gym sets
Cover with droplets
Did a face-plant, say
Did the Iditarod, say
Dixie bread
Duck foot feature
Ed of Roots
Edith who sang La Vie en rose
Element in meteorites
Enjoy the kiddie pool
Fails to keep up
Fasteners on trunks
Fieri or Lagasse
Fixes, as an election
Flip chart support
Full of sass
GOP candidates, collectively
Hat, slangily
Have an anxiety attack
Having the know-how
Hayworth of Gilda
High-five sound
Hold in high regard
Intensify, slangily
Jack or hammer
Layer of huge green eggs
Like hens teeth, so its said
Like some fingerprints
Little shaver
Many a Groucho quip
Many a summer temp
Monica with three French Open wins
More than just suggest
One way to pay
Out of a job
Oysters home
Penurious state
Place for a Brazilian wax
Place to build
Pregame scoreboard posting
Quench, as thirst
Ranis wrap
Realty ad figure
Recyclable container
Replaceable smartphone part
School founded by Henry VI
Serengeti equine
Sharon of Israel
Smooth musical transition
Spray-on salon treatment
Stare salaciously
Stridex target, informally
Sulfur dioxide quality
Swiss Army knifes many
Talks like a tosspot
Telly network, with the
The Cratchits Christmas fowl
The Florida Keys, e.g
Threw into the mix
Uneasy feeling
Unenthusiastic, as a response
Unsettled issues
Wing it onstage
Workbench 18-Across
World leader who was a KGB agent
___ torch (luau light)
Indonesian holiday destination
Strong, fit and active
Diverting activity
Reveal the true nature of
Ancient unit of length
Crushed by grief
Profound engrossed
Owing thanks (to)
Become less important
Incriminate by unfair means
£10 notes
Stolen arrested
Month thats autumnal in Oz
Hold responsible
Corrosive liquid
Private members club on Pall Mall
__ Tower, a London landmark on the Thames
Jennifer __, star of Friends
One of the great 6 – from the USA and Greece
The capital of Jordan
The capital of Cameroon
__ Alley, star of the later seasons of Cheers
1992 erotic thriller starring Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas
River running through Basle and Cologne
__ Group, an association of research universities in the UK
Television series created by David Chase
A tortilla made of maizemeal, filled and covered in chilli sauce
See 16
A wine storage shed, especially in Bordeaux
See 17 Across
One of the great 6 – from the USA
Community and worship leader in Sunni Islam
See 23 Across
Desert straddling the border between California and Nevada
The uncle of Minnie Mouse
Swiss treatment for nasal congestion
One of the great 6 – from New Zealand
See 11 Across
The heaviest weapon used in modern fencing
Jacobs hirsute brother?
Tidy file possibly revealing loyalty
Fights for remnants
Formerly popular, a Tory, male, with ring on very rarely
Severe old partner with time about to meet me
Quiet phrase being changed, possibly
Bachelor having left one ship almost replete, perfectly happy
For head of organization, 50, I have fruit
Its more superior in smaller particles
A father in cold urban area with the ability to achieve
Small vessel boy returned causing outrage
Salesman with slab finding lizard, e.g.
Strange boy getting a fiver out excitedly for the probable winner
One in business having rant
Relay Den arranged for one of the Channel Islands
Fellow, shorter, providing carnation, e.g.
European woman, 50, entering university lecturers athletic contest
Tiler, so excited, hangs about
Small amount originally taken before run
Word of farewell from ten after shout of encouragement
A wanderer reportedly getting perfume
Sibling going round home ” thats ominous
Become angry before failure involving sandal
Female expert getting rise having cosmetic surgery
At home teaching showing instinctive knowledge
Branch in bad film
Door wed damaged with tree
Confused pals cue to take pill
In this place, extremely silly unorthodox belief
Tot with hesitation getting snake
Party girl in river, large