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Crosswords Buzz Answers 2018-12-16

Actor Idris of Luther
Initials for a sandwich with a crunch
Father in baby talk
Boorish oaf
Brazilian city with a huge Carnival celebration for short
Major test
Less is ___
Brewery product that might be pale golden or brown
The Breakfast Club actress Sheedy
Queen of All Media whose estate is called The Promised Land: 2 wds.
___ Mateo California
Endangered Species ___ (1973 legislation)
Main ingredient in Oodles of Noodles
With 33-Across King of Pop whose estate was called Neverland
___ G (Sacha Baron Cohen character)
Actress Gadot who plays Wonder Woman
Tampa ___ Rays (baseball team)
See 26-Across
In that place
___ out a meager existence (barely survive)
Class where you’d dissect a frog for short
King of Rock and Roll whose estate was called Graceland: 2 wds.
Birthstone of October
Grow fatigued
Writer/actress Waithe who was in Ready Player One
This puts me ___ disadvantage: 2 wds.
Stag or doe
Purple minus blue
Shallow’s opposite
Night Night ___! (Sesame Street book)
Waistband part through which a belt is threaded
Aaron who dueled with Alexander Hamilton
Drill sergeant’s command to relax: 2 wds.
Muscular strength
Actress Taylor of American Crime
Part of the foot that’s an anagram of elation
Shaft that connects two wheels
Radio and TV personality Carson ___
Actress Schumer who was nominated for a Tony in 2018
Millennium Falcon commander ___ Solo
Government agency that monitors TV obscenity: Abbr.
Howard’s best friend on The Big Bang Theory
Order ___ carte (choose menu items individually): 2 wds.
What an emcee speaks into for short
Last ___ Standing (Tim Allen sitcom)
The Simpsons character who lives in the Springfield Retirement Castle
Listening organ
Harsh substance in some cleaning products
Makes a lot of forward progress: 2 wds.
Fiber used in body armor
Go downhill in Aspen or Vail
It may feature a Windsor knot
Was the person who put a party together
Give us this day our daily ___ . . .
Type of fencing sword that’s not a saber or foil
Justice League actress Diane
SNL comedian Davidson
While it’s happening like a breaking news report
Large lake bordering Cleveland
Website with customer reviews
like curtains in the wind
cheap-sounding fabric
medical sample
its made when youre trying
is unable to stand
so close!
elegant trinkets
Early wake-up time
Title for Iran’s Ruhollah Khomeini
Herbert of old ‘Pink Panther’ films
Penultimate tourney round
Doesn’t matter to me
Not yet completed
___ moment
Sash go-with
Ancient capital of Laconia
Letters before single, double or triple
Lace tip
Casting doubt on
Lake Volta’s land
The best, informally
Radio/TV character played in film by Michael Horse (1981) and Johnny Depp (2013)
Like some ruins in the Western Hemisphere
8.5′ x 11′: Abbr
Scare quote?
Words of resignation
Topic concerned with hacking and software rights
Put on a few layers
Three-star mil. rank
Pope who supported the House of Borgia
Diminishing returns?
They’re between shoulders
Word with shot or suit
Not abstaining
Much sales
No bid
An end to depend
Head honcho
Resume speed,’ musically
Emailing option
Riddle-ending query
Toward the stern
Its first letter stands for ‘India
Certain tenant
Lex, e.g., in N.Y.C
Going for broke
Sides in Risk
Bette Midler’s ‘Divine’ nickname
Tense periods, for short
Archer of film
Dangerous environment
Easy-to-swallow pill
Food item cracked open before eating
Prized duck
It comes after II Chronicles
Today was just brutal!
Coiner of the term ‘Oedipus complex
Words of denial
All-nighter aid
Sets of plotted points
Shade of pink
Immediately … or where this puzzle’s five shaded squares appear?
Japanese symbol of luck
Largo or lento
Notable schemer
Some dash lengths
Rock stars are frequently on this
Come out
Standard parts of combo meals
I’m good, thanks
E-tail site since 2005
King’s speech?
Kind of year
Calf raised for its meat
Gloucester and Kent in ‘King Lear
Certain bubbly, informally
Final work of Willa Cather’s ‘Prairie Trilogy
Tennis commentator’s cry
Police officer who’s not necessarily on horseback
Play next’ command on a music app
Shade of green
Cowboy’s rope
Here we go again …
Followers of openers
By oneself, in a way
It’s played for half a beat in 4/4 time
Country whose name consists of three consecutive state postal abbreviations
___ spawn (hellions)
Ooh, let’s do that!
Eww, that’s enough!
MetLife Stadium team, on scoreboards
Clear and set, as tables
Scanned IDs
Italian pistol
Gets to
One who cracks the whip?
Plastic construction piece
Serving in a red-and-white striped box
Totally out
Juice brand
Longtime N.B.A. on TNT analyst
Who wrote ‘Some people talk to animals. Not many listen, though. That’s the problem.
Action of a ladle
Miss ___’ (2016 political thriller)
Some fall births
Heroes of the Battle of Britain, for short
Freelancers’ units: Abbr
Colorful treat that resembles a rocket
All-Star Mets catcher of the 1990s-2000s
Corner PC key
Tow destination
Scat snippet
Quién ___?
Be conned
With 93-Down, half of a double helix
Skunklike, say
Like TV but not radio?
Old MacDonald’ farm sounds
See 88-Down
Purchase at an African market
Yay, team!
Cause damage
Volunteer’s declaration
Snowball fighter’s protection
Botanical opening
Marriage money
Gifts that one usually bows when receiving
Certain dirección
What stars have
1874 orchestral work by Camille Saint-Saens
City in Rhode Island home to the US Naval War College
John , English poet whose works include The Storm and The Calm
Lena , Best Actress in a Supporting Role Oscar nominee for Enemies, A Love Story
1961 film drama starring Dirk Bogarde and Sylvia Syms
John , actor who played Roper in 1973 action film Enter the Dragon
Ernst , Vienna-born composer of 1927 opera Jonny spielt auf
1992 film comedy starring Mark Frankel in the title role
Franz , 19th-century Hungarian composer of symphonic poems Hungaria and Orpheus
Capital of Nunavut, Canada
See 16
1961 novel by Bernard Malamud
Daniel , author of 1719 novel Robinson Crusoe
University city in S Estonia formerly under Russian, Polish and Swedish rule
Adam , US actor who played Animal Mother in 1987 film drama Full Metal Jacket
Christopher , architect who designed St Pauls Cathedral, London
London-born boxer who fought Rocky Marciano in 1955 for the World Heavyweight title
The , 1984 action film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger in the title role
Evergreen or deciduous tree or shrub whose fruit is the acorn
In heraldry, a pair of wings conjoined
1999 action film starring Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz
2014 romcom starring Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel
1927 film drama starring Clara Bow; the first Best Picture Oscar winner
Largest city in Bolivia
Mort , Canada-born comedian; author of 1976 autobiography Heartland
Very fast
Medium-sized monkeys
Health worker
Machine for weaving cloth
Drinking vessel
Sensitive or vulnerable
Fertile spot in a desert
Punk hairstyle
Persistent and determined
Sweeping implement
Muscular contraction
Face cloth
Twelve months
Shade of brown
Solid fuel
Message sent by computer
Draw up and drop the shoulders
Surface temperature on Mars, say
Map of esplanade
Hear about animal
Bring up doctor to border
Rage definitely gets old
Feeble meat recipe
Dread fare changes
Originally called in one engineer
Dont stand for untruth
First man to find a barrier
Not different from this America
Ours turned bitter
Deal with one outburst
Time out for parasite
Regretted sounding ill-mannered
Sprinters bean?
Drape around cleric
A novel once more
Article thanks to foreign character
Infantile conveyance broke ramp
Story of the foot?
Elbow uncovered with force
Part of Far East
Made off with dairy product
Continue summary
Exchange roles with no-hoper
Put off animal, with time
Pears used as a weapon
Raid failed without water
Father, at home, is a nuisance
Celestial body
Adult leveret
Coat in sifted flour
Born as
Biblical figure
Angry speech
Tiny arachnid
Felt remorse
Military clergyman
Greek letter
Baby carriage
Prod gently
Type of cheese
Carry on
Defeated contestant
Support in crime
Broke bread
Goose eggs
Computer note
Fireplace wood
Lofty abode
Mumbai dress
Taxi ____
12th letter
Sneak away
Snaky swimmer
Shuts noisily
Poor mark
Remove from print
Polka ____
Monastery room
Not as fast
Zodiac Ram
Jewish cleric
More, to Juan
Be ready for
Conical abode
Historic age
Cheese portion
Pigs home
Hobby wood
Tiny particles
Showy bloom
Winged insect
Makes mistakes
Works hard
Refs kin
Or else
Statues stand
Keep safe
Slangy film
Fend off
Rod and ____
Highland kid
Feminine sheep
White ant
One who drenches
Formerly, formerly
Some coins
Newspaper name
School theme
Deep wonder
Third letter
__ for the ride
Woody Allens The Purple Rose of __
__ in judgment
Away from port
Component of a compass
Leave the premises
Pass by, as time
Talked publicly
Difficult to believe
PC linking system
Pole, e.g.
Old toon feline with an alley gang
Pro Football Hall of Fame state
Moonwalker Shepard
Pad starter
Stir up
Early sci-fi captain
Travels randomly
Muss up, as hair
Soup kitchen service
Leave slack-jawed
Shrub with a purple fruit
Lab dish eponym
Workout aftermath, often
Grizzled seafarers
Harmless cyst
Eastern path
You take them at your own risk
Kwik-E-Mart owner
Belief system
Bar assn. member
Strange __ may seem …
Sugar portions
Bookstore adjuncts
Inscription on a spine
Tickled pink
Tijuana toast
Nursery rhyme girl
Snowy sight in Florida
Edible pockets
Carried on
Starts over
Fixed looks
Vague discomfort
They arent pros
More fetching
Some court pleas, for short
Forbes rival
Hindu titles of respect
Party or movie ending
City on the Ruhr
Weekly talk with a msg.
Mad Men actor Jon
La-la lead-in
Clothing dept. size
Like many an injured arm
Fail big-time
Simple type of question
La., once
Less than hardly
Like much FM radio
Keats and Shelley
Aviation-related prefix
Trolls cousin
No longer fastened
Like positive outlooks
Tennis wear
Oz. and lb.
Hospital reminder, perhaps
Protected side
In the way of
Patience, they say
House of Dana fragrance
Rink star and a Catch-22 pilot
Backyard party centerpiece
Pickled veggies
Enzyme suffix
Like an increase from six to sixty
At some former time
__ we go
Mosque leader
Move like molasses
Soothing suffix for a hot day
Code-breaking org.
Metric weight
Sounds at pounds
Hawthorne cover image
Get all sudsy
El Pollo __: southwestern restaurant chain
Stack again
Boot part
Take the main part
They may be lame
Between-courses serving
Silver, for one
Made a scene?
Why dont we?
Some entrance requirements
Asian island capital
Gives a hoot
Do wedding work
Word said with a sigh
Senate wear
Concern for a tailor
Security guards duty
Solidarity leader Lech
Without thinking
Cause to turn red, maybe
Iraqi city on the Tigris
E in a classic equation
Extended time out?
Abbr. on a bounced check
Rocky outcropping
Collins ingredient
Software pro, in want ads
Name in a footnote
A trusted friend
Inferno poet
New Rochelle college
Tech-heavy exchange
In Search of… host
Lively movement
Pretentious sort
Like drive-thru orders
Marks replacement
Fwys., e.g.
Couture giant
It __ my fault
Hens and heifers
Galley need
__ volente
Hosp. personnel
Press agents goal
Scrap for Rover
30 Rock creator
B-flats in an F major scale
Writing table
Film legend ____ Hayworth
Door joint
Buffalos canal
First garden
Flightless bird
Occupied (2 wds.)
Marsh plants
Skin decoration
Light brown
Snakes ____ Plane (2 wds.)
Peruvian animal
Always, in verse
Army meal
Soak up
____ Witherspoon of Just Like Heaven
Not fake
Marilyn ____
Language conversion
Total amount
Milky gem
Singer ____ Diamond
Roman gown
Building wings
Ghostly garment
Home of the Dolphins
School official
Singer ____ Clapton
____ address (opening speech)
Feel sorry about
Bright thought
Campers home
Chip in
Not shut
Percussion instrument
Bambi, for one
Wallet stuffers
Boat paddles
She, in Madrid
____ to riches
Elm or pine
Land measures
Preachers word
Mother-of-pearl source
Fictional clownfish
Brahms piece
Jacket part
Dated ditty
Vote in
Thorny bloom
Kite feature
School vehicle
Promises to enclose key directions for military commanders
Result of qualifying match league omitted
Openings for private detectives
Toy manufacturer returns from Big Rock
Special man on board meets posh Australian bird
Yankee players loudly dismissed those who quit
State report of prostitute with a football team
Copy Italian author injecting heroin
Charles informally describing Oscars confused state
Still time to leave function
Silent about American bases educational facility?
Most delicate feminine line established
Shoot of tree beginning to emerge
Room in the centre of web
Illegally supply hard drink from the east
United with everyone that is dead
You briefly natter about lawyer
Secretary and detective conceal your Egyptian manuscripts
Evils of factories lacking male leadership
Native Americans go around childrens nursery
Regularly test a Republican leader
Thugs rip out goalposts?
For example run up Swedish rugs
Gushing notes on safety device protecting Roman square
Wobbly toilet seats half missing
Tough academy for independent teachers?
Im enjoying this opening to Lindisfarnes disc
Crib clue compiled for melting pot
Order nothing for soldier
Novelist residing in rural cottage
Process top and bottom of strawberry stalk
Be up for depravity
Henry in game of marbles with actor
Minute passage of stream we hear
Made one
See 12
See note
Quick look
Set up
Indian language
Retriever, for example
Wedge-shaped writing system
Go away! (Informal)
Diving bird
Perkinss killer role
Salve ingredient
Goddess of peace
Ring engagement
Peter Pan pooch
County of northwest England
Rhyme Pays rapper
Ragtime author
Pear-shaped instrument
Start of an MGM film
Phonograph inventor
Slapstick projectiles
Proof word
__ My Party
Like fans
Charged particle
Jurassic Park star Sam
Nantes noggin
Tree protruberance
Play a leading role
Mental lapse
A single time
No longer here
Beatles drummer
Belgian river
Word ending a threat
Provide with funds
Digestive juice
Kazakh-Uzbek sea
Care for
Concert extensions
Marine mammal
Coarse fiber
Multinational currency
Liquored up
Dye type
Found in lakes
Youre __ talk!
Polished off
Chinas Xiao-ping
Make a web
Freedom fighters
Insertion symbol
University mil. grp.
Part of R.S.V.P.
Professor iggins
__ Want For Christmas
Delicious drink
Heros hero?
Hair protein
Capital of Zimbabwe
Brass or bronze
Years of youth
Ancient Greek coin
__ rea (criminal intent)
Company emblem
Sufficient, in verse
Holy journey
Weak spot of Achilles
Medical practitioner
Groups of twelve
Indoor footwear
Wet weather
Something offensive to look at
Local charity organisation
Figure of speech
Large city in Illinois
The East
Pavement edge
Bird to measure plant
Sit on mud awkwardly and get off
Press club
Dance band leader meets everybody
Exaggerate term of imprisonment
The loud beat changed quickly
My bases, perhaps, in ambassadors residence
A little lower – a little lower than the knee
Top tennis player, so we hear, is to step down
Animal not quite in love with film star
Pitiful tea bellman prepared
Start to cross leg, perhaps shin up?
Animal to upset King Arthurs city
Burden a person usually carries
Its mixed in a pot to drink
Making a racket, one is thrown out
Painful exclamation suppressed by the French is disreputable
Landseer unlikely to paint this sort of picture?
A miser deployed lots of soldiers
A grizzly youngster?
Sporting venue taking an age to erect
Criminal fight with swords
Observe a defect
Thailand, formerly
System of values
Parker of Daniel Boone
Highest point
________ Kea, Hawaiian volcano
Deeply engrossed
Stine scary-book series
Folklore being
Sign up
Early actor Ayres
Sioux dwellings
Shopper stopper
Splinter group
Sever suddenly
Paint coat
Taj Mahal site
Night before
Infamous Roman emperor
Demi or Dudley
Black and Red, e.g.
Dutch cheese
Greeted the day
Becomes an ace at
Message board messages
Governor Landon
________ Vallarta, Mexico
Opposite of splayfooted
Former Mets stadium
Across: prefix
Grasslike plant
Shade trees
Wise one
Sacred symbols
Love, Italian-style
Subatomic particle
Greek cross
Dromedary feature
Enter, as data
Hindu classes
Frozen princess
Carpenters tool
Change for a five
Enthusiastic reviews
Houston of Texas
Some wrinkles
Fortunetellers card
Bog material
Important period
Computer acronym
Supplemented (with out )
Bursts forth
Person, place or thing
En ________, as one
Greek letter
Church feature
Folklore being
Water vapor
Mild oath
Poems of praise
Marxs ________ Kapital
Changs twin
Big — whale
Person copying another
Straight-ahead view
Dandy sort
That raving guy is lying! ? [1958, 1999, 1983]
Regret a lot
Mythical ship
Compass dir.
Growing field
Franklin brought a certain continents nations back together? [1972, 1979, 1983]
Very reactive element
Actor Ely
Assist an unwise fugitive? [1965, 2002, 1961]
Like cold fish
Muscular jerk
Organic compound
Castle encirclers
Join others in the attack
Poetic foot
— long way
Effortless progress with zero snags? [2017, 1999, 1980]
Certain scroll key on PC
— Dhabi (emirate)
Mr. — ( Fantasy Island host)
Kings and queens hold agave liquor dear? [2013, 1966, 1958]
High peak
Revered sort
Cantata kin
Dirt clump
Ph.D. or MBA
Allergic reaction?
Citys main business section during a tornado? [1982, 1967, 1965]
The Everly Brothers — Clown
Bovine cry
Old Fords
Rigg made Rooney go Wow! ? [1957, 2000, 1982]
Many a seized car
Honest prez
Revered sort
Messy stack
Bitter brew
This puzzles long answers each consist of three of these
Actor Gulager
Keystone lawman
Move upward
Heckling cry
Fresh beginning
Mother of Helen of Troy
Love deity
Chest organ
Choir voice
Test facility
Gobbled up
Actor Lloyd
Less sweet, as wine
Gobbles up
In-favor vote
JFK, e.g.
Grassy area
Moms skill, in brief
Epithet for Tarzan
Most recent
Sorbet alternative, for short
Shine up
Broody rock genre
Japanese dance-drama
So cute!
Beer bubbles
— -ching!
Slim fish
— -Blo fuse
NYSE debut
Of ears
Jaunty tune
Modular part
Katy Perrys I Kissed —
Toy truck maker
Wise guy
Cola biggie
Actor Epps of Shooter
Ora pro — ( Pray for us )
Root beer brand
Filmmaker Pier — Pasolini
Niles home
Stephen of Ondine
Suffix with play or faith
Kick out
Debt slip
Chou En- —
Soho stroller
Roman 350
Sufficient, in poetry
Lamarr of Comrade X
Ticked (off)
Prefix with botany or biology
— Little Tenderness
Lightest coin
Actor Griffith
Dol. parts
Farming tool
Barn percher
Slip- — (mules, e.g.)
D.C.s land
Silent OK
Santo —
Audiophiles storage item
Danny of Ruby
Wrap, as a weak wrist
Papas partners
Activist Hoffman
Final letters
Chemical suffix
Over There composer
Kevin of Silverado
Pitcher — Wilhelm
Central Sicilian city
Golden — (senior)
Hey … over this way!
Car Talk network
Mystifier Geller
Chest bone
Artist Yoko
Job for AAA
1960s univ. radicals
A few
Be in control
Asian desert
Extravagant collar
Apparently innate behaviour
Don’t worry
Delight in another’s misfortune
Recurring theme
Run away
Pastry dish
Town dweller
Put down
Having a different view of earth, for one?
After end of Advent everyone’s in debt and putting on fat
Neat place to get milk
Tried really hard but not starting to get gold etc
Reference work including the end of many old beasts
Doing this, niggles England’s tailender rudely
Note officer attached to poet
Protection provided by pawn in gambit
Soldier, say, follows Russian NCO
Out of sorts opera star gets the bird!
Girl starts to slip under stool in eatery
How Delia may describe the Spanish country?
Instrument hurt girl during broadcast
Very sad when one’s late
Robust measure taken about blue movie with many cuts
Famous prize briefly in possession of one proud mum
Issuing magazine about Tirpitz – initially in German
Was a servant at Eton whacked?
Giving knowledge training guidance and tuition primarily
Going north and south girl breaks posh car’s tracking device
Having this wisdom, sets out what crew should do
A jolly smooth hunk introduces start of this play
For the pub trendy old man gets clothed in good material
Come out, as printer arranged
One might repair paintings on shop floor, finally
Support the Queen’s composer
Steps left out for reptile
There’s a lot of tape around old patient
English wrapped in endless cloth what French put on their sticks
Breaking golden rule could find this cheat done
Run through quaggy peat, otherwise enter therein
Grand present sticks in trees
Initially pernicious and harmful being ill-gotten gains
Lofty lines on reserve force
Balancing box, eg, such is nailed to the mast
May, in the past, showing intensity of feeling
Dudley Do-Right’s vessels stick close to waters around Quebec
Prepared son in unusual hype about entering degree
Crooked account concealing demand for payment
Untangling this tangle would leave Romeo glib
Harvest turned around but for what’s left in inlet
Old school inscription that’s familiar to Celts
Shut up over well-balanced source of sugar
Papal edict sent electronically that is not bright and breezy?
Miss tucking in a navy woolly
Postgrad able to make free ingredient for beer
Fancy man in Grenoble craftily producing pink flower
Electroplated support (penny spent) is a feature of fair mug?
Upper-class folio on dull study of transport?
Come back concerning damaging wrong?
Wrap up engraving on particularly rounded branch
Rampant spruce overshadowing English plants
Last in Utah, decent having ceded what’s core
Landslide in this year in Libya
SNP’s intention is to corral a mob apart from leader
Reference lexicon on papal treasury’s image maker
Appointed to represent unfortunate lad over article
Test elfin yak on base?
Stop from holding the reins one in French compartment
Places to stay could be fresh and exciting extensions?
In Bantu it is not about symbol next to adjective
Death-dealing African voodoo priestess accepted for ordinary
Rev supporting what implies very soft particular piece
Macron’s embarrassment extended by one who grants wishes
Abbreviated, this single-currency agreement is a bird
The right-hand page of an open book
Withdrew or diminished
2004 album, and a single from it, by Natasha Bedingfield
The island of magicians in Gulliver’s Travels
Official minutes of proceedings
Bird of prey which may be booted, fish, snake or harpy
The Greek goddess of discord, and the name of a jumping spider
1999 film starring Adrian Edmondson and Rik Mayall, with a title presumably inspired by a 1966 comedy film
Skin disease causing a flushed appearance
Made without machinery
Nathan Zuckerman is the fictional alter ego of US novelist Philip ____
A contribution of work or information
A German town hall
A French vineyard or group of vineyards, especially of high quality
Tool used to remove weeds or break up soil
Milvus milvus, a bird of prey easily recognised by the shape of its tail
General James ____ died in the hour of victory, over the French at Quebec in 1759
Mythological hero of the Trojan war, a cousin of Achilles
The first European explorer to reach India by sea
Actor who played Police Chief Martin Brody in Jaws and Jaws 2
1982 Hot Chocolate single, reissued in 1993 and 1998
Type of cabbage with curly leaves
“Fate cannot harm me, — I have ____ to-day” (Sydney Smith)
The Taj Mahal is located in this city
Rank from which a soldier might be promoted to Hauptmann
Malaysian fashion designer noted for handmade women’s shoes
Alloy of copper and gold used in Japanese decoration
Boat which, as a dugout, may be called a pirogue
2001 single by Sophie Ellis-Bextor
An area which foreign aircraft, vessels etc may not enter
Equilateral quadrilaterals
Informally, a historic state which included Goa
Patronymic name for Hercules, also a genus of Australasian moths
1994 hit single by The Brand New Heavies
A baton used by a constable rather than a conductor
Information gathered, prior to any processing to remove anomalies
Egypt, Syria, and North Yemen confederation, 1958-61
Worldwide manufacturing company, founded in 1920 by brothers who owned the Puerto Rico Telephone Company
An Ursuline or Poor Clare
Irish town on the River Boyne
Grain for grinding
The introduction to a discourse
1975 Booker Prize winner for Heat and Dust
Detective fiction writer who dismissed W G Grace with his only first-class wicket
Italian island whose Blue Grotto attracts tourists
Dutch footballer who won Champions League titles with Ajax, Real Madrid, and Milan
“[. . .] if a monster were out roaming northern England we’d have seen it on the ____” (An American Werewolf in London)
German model who was the face of Armani and Chanel Cosmetics
Harassed or pressured
Forename which originally meant the same as Lily
The unit for measuring doses of X-rays
Prefix denoting the windpipe
Jack ____ wrote On the Road
“But you forget, sir, you only bought the property a year ago, and the ___ on your baronial castle is scarcely dry” (Pirates of Penzance)
Arthur ____ is the only black player to win a men’s singles Grand Slam title other than the French Open
To improvise music, usually in a group
Vaccine which some people believe causes autism
Guitar variety
Suitable to the task
Stick with a toothpick
Computer image
Miss Piggys neck warmer
Justice League outfit item
Sopranos solo
Duck and punch
What ___ can I say?
Personal independence (2 words)
Tina of 30 Rock
Make an incision
How much wood ___ a woodchuck …
Acorn, eventually
Old-style Cool!
___ on Down the Road
Busy airport
Old Italian money
Formerly, to a poet
Wrestling surface
Straight up, on maps
Cranberry source
Infant transporter
Dollar overseas
Color property
Big hunk of dirt
Secluded valley
Historical time period
Extremely excited
Just a ___ (slightly)
___ and the Tramp
Slant or prejudice
Farmland unit
Garden dirt
Type of horse bit
Westminster, for one
Thing to swim in
Vehicle for hire (2 words)
Perfume feature
1 on the Mohs scale
End of a church
Spelling contest
Stop-sign color
Bering Sea bird
Boaters paddle
Find a purpose for
Not safe, in baseball
Tree decorated in December
Collectors collection, sometimes
A Christmas Carol cry
Boy Scout tool
Based on reason
___ I? (question)
Neithers partner
Durable dark wood
Sandwich part
Something to buy in, at Costco
Carpet buyers calculation
Emanating glow
Birdbath organism
U-turn from bad
Psyche component
Mamma Mia! quartet
No man is an island writer
Street rep
About 2.2 pounds
AdolesCENT phase
Airplane __ (cellphone setting)
Apt rhyme for 6 Down
Arguing vehemently
Arthur __ Stadium (U.S. Open venue)
Artist Chagall
Aspen attire
Australian actor Eric
Battery pole
Be boastful
Be insistent about
Be relevant
Beach volleyball airer
Big name on Dirty Harry posters
Blu-ray purchase
Bostons airport
Built up, as interest
Carded, informally
Carrying a grudge
Certain Summer Games setting
Childs plea for permission
City north of 27 Across, informally
City southeast of Mount Rainier
City that might be ONION in a cryptogram
Common bake-sale sponsor
ConCENTrated study plan
Corp. bigwigs
Creator of the Finches
Cropped up
Crude one
Crunchy ice-cream ingredient
Cutting down on the donuts
Data on tickets
Daycare attendees
Desolate regions
Despicable character
Destructive sprees
Did absolutely nothing
Drop gradually
Durable game-show guy
Easy basket
Established first
Exert, as influence
Exotic smoothie flavor
Expected outcome
Explanatory lead-in
Far from charitable
Farming major
Feline, to Tweety
Ferris wheel compartments
Fish with an iridesCENT stripe
FluoresCENT art medium
Formal confession
Former CIA head Panetta
Former Comedy CENTral host
Gladiator star
Goes public with
Gooey-middle chocolates
Hi-__ monitor
Homers boy
In a way, casually
In support of
Initial lessons
Institutions offering admissions
Inventor Whitney, as an undergrad (!)
Iron source
Italian sonnets end
Job-related move, to employers
Less humid
Look impolitely at
Loosens, as a 35 Down
Major blood vessels
Male turkey
Mooring place
Music genre prefix
Nest-egg letters
Nonwoven fabric
Off in the distance
OK Corral nickname
Oscar actress Hathaway
Parks of civil rights history
Pet pest
Piece of a place setting
Pilots of 89 Down
Place for protons
Polishes, as prose
Port of Yemen
Prefix for van or bus
President at the biCENTennial
Pretzel shape
Princeton athlete
Provide for permanently
Rancho beast
Rubber duck, for one
Rude remark
Sailors means of asCENT
See 75 Down
Serpents sound
Ships backbone
Shoemakers supply
Singer portrayed by J.Lo
Six Day War hero
Small advantage
Smartphone image
Somali-born supermodel
Spiral-horned antelope
State of vexation
Strange sightings, for short
Strong drain opener
Sushi bar beverage
Taboo, to 17 Down
Teen comedy stock character
Temporary, as a committee
Texters incidentally
Toaster-oven setting
Turkey neighbor
Untrustworthy ones
Unwilling to compromise
Urban renewal target
URL punctuation
Violinmaker of Cremona
Waiting for Godot character
Walks heavily
Wavering effects, in music
When shadows are shortest
Wipe clean
With 21 Across, Italian auto
__ Canaria Island
__ firma
Fake med
Deep-___ fishing
European mountain
In the neighborhood
… ___ gloom of night …
KGB rival
Gut-stuffing too much
Sonnet ending
Coin in Cancun
Too dry
Skiers transport
___ king
Blue-green shade
Out for the night
De-grime oneself
Claim No, I did not!
Dalai ___
Spirit or liveliness
Yucatan natives
Famous cookiemaker
Tests the weight of
Dispatched, as clowns?
Directory listing
Whiskey type
Rayed garden flower
Confer attachment
Forest requirement
Read digitized data
Powerful engine type
Spiders home
Boat mover
Go kaput
The scholarly life
Mudwrap place
Maximizing suffix
Esteems greatly
Sit down heavily
Powerful emotion
Top-rated 1968 submarine film?
Sweet pod
Diminutive being
Indistinct, as eyesight
___ and terminer
Caustic, as a remark
1 billion years
Specialized lingos
Best dairy farm appliance?
In ___ of
One of Henrys eight wives
Ultimate skating entertainment?
Sheepdog type
Big club
Caribbean getaways
Old Jewish scholars
On the loose (with at)
Comedian Sandler
Like recycled bottles
No longer in
Immobilize, rodeo-style
Apollo maker
Buddenbrooks novelist
Producer on a farm
Toward the center
Land in the water
Wag a finger at
Couple quorums
Be rewarded for sowing
Gel in a petri dish
Trending thing
When Brutus was violent
French flower
Restroom, cut
Alien on Strand presents case
Bird, fish and insect
Brazilian dance
Cheerio — earl flew out
Chosen people seen in these lectures
Cinders, initially in shoe, causes gossip
Climber in training area
Dance a doctor held in South Africa
Donkey found in casserole
Dukes flanking English girl as stated
Experimental shelter Peron set up
Green vegetable
Household pest
In addition
Indoor footwear
Jewellery item
Lamp cover
Leave mad man in high condition?
Lover boy, pushed over, is wounded
Magnify general changes
Meat pin
My tea brewed to be substantial
Naval soldier
Part of immortal soul too?
Pay collecting article in Frasiers city
Peer outside entrance to Lords in coat
Problem ship entering sound
Public outrage
Pushy promotion from pushy people
Runner allowed to enter rearranged heat
Seafaring Republican in American state
Shoe salesman returned after blunder
Some ambush a deputy in gloom
Spit in the food?
Swell or expand
True: sea strangely cold
Ultimate shoes made here
Uncertain given war when beaten
US Pacific port
Vote in
Wild equine
Wit appears in Ibsen sequence
Are you hurt? response
Bang Bang rapper Nicki
Caught ya!
Cheap Thrills singer
Do it or ___!
Humble rapper Kendrick
My schedules open
No ___, no foul
Spy vs. Spy magazine
Whoda thunk it?
___ Song (Taylor Swift tune)
2008 presidential also-ran
A handshake may seal one
App thats a scourge to cabbies
Baseballs dead-ball ___
BMW competitor
Boot a grounder, say
Brand name reintroduced by BP
Brief moment, briefly
Calls from a stockyard
Catherine of Home Alone
Clad like many superheroes
Collection of scenes
Early lessons
Electric cell inventor Alessandro
Feature of a dress shirt
Fit for the job
Flightless Aussie bird
Frasier Cranes sitcom brother
Go to seed
Heavy metal band named for a bacterium
Hide-hair connector
Humble response to Nice job!
Irish Roses lover
Irving Berlin musical about a socialite ambassador
Keystone lawmen
Kunis of Bad Moms
Like a superheros archenemy
Lions or Tigers or Bears
Long. crosser, on a map
Lyrical lines
Marathon souvenir shirts
Moes Southwest Grill order
Mutant superheroes of comics
Needing no Rx
Needing sharpening
New Zealand tongue experiencing a revival
Nick Charles mate
Of ill repute
Off base with permission
Officiated at Fenway
One in the clink
Ones in distress, in old movies
Outburst of laughter
Part of a dogs paw
Play to the balcony
Plays for a pawn
Precursor of reggae
Recover from a fainting
Request prior to an anthem
Scleras place
Sewing machine innovator Howe
Shopping with virtual carts
Sony or Universal
Supplies with a crew
Tabrizs land
Terse summons
The Beatles meter maid
Uncool sort
USS Constitution, notably
Vacation isle off Venezuela
Wearer of a conical cap, once
Whence the phoenix arose
Where Kim holds sway
Wine with a sparkle
Word before wave or basin
___ Beta Kappa
In, or of, the previous month
Lumina (anag)
Daughter of Zeus, goddess of youth
Site in Bavaria of an annual festival of Wagner operas
Fungoid delicacy of Frances Perigord region
Scratch left by a glacier on rocks, or a streak or ridge in muscle tissue
Model: epitome
Greek goddess of fertility, equivalent to the Roman Ceres
Section of the Requiem Mass
— Lendel, former world No 1 tennis player
Book-keeping record…
…and one of its two major concerns
Of the lily family, plant used in balms and as a food additive
Barmitzvah, for example
Whorl of sepals, a plants natural cover
Spoil an opportunity (for someone)
Batting: not working
Tributary of the Mississippi in Texas and Louisiana
Unbeatable foe: ruin
Cornwalls county town; also a town on Cape Cod
Highest point; culmination
A powerful current that carries a man to a haven, per van Gogh
Ambush actress Dahl
Before moving on …
Beyond singer Bridges
Gonna pass on that
House party?
I ___ dead people (The Sixth Sense line)
Oiche Chiuin singer
Pass the ball to me!
Scrubs people: Abbr
Ships of the desert
Shop ___ you drop
Sister Carrie novelist Theodore
Thats a good thought
What fun youll have!
Wise Up singer Mann
1961 Patsy Cline song whose lyrics reference the Alamo and Lips so sweet and tender like petals falling apart
1978 No. 1 hit for the Commodores, and an alternate title for this puzzle
1986 memoir whose fifth chapter is titled A Fool in Love
50 shades of gray, e.g.?
Absorbs, as info
AC/DC member?
Actor Auberjonois of Benson
Aggressively audacious
Anti-apartheid playwright Fugard
AP Bio class letters
Arctic swimmer
Assists illicitly
Auto from Ingolstadt
Balance sheet listing
Berkeley universitys athletic team
Best effort, informally
Blockbuster format
Bombing comics feeling
Businesses rescued by Jon Taffer on Paramount Network
Carb-rich dish
Ceiling installation
Cheri of Scary Movie
Citation abbr
Close, as a winter coat
Closest to nothing
Coffee ___ (brewing appliance)
Console with a CX40 joystick
Consumed voraciously
Contented utterance
Contest on horseback
Cook-books filling?
Cookie containers
Coors drink introduced in the 1990s
Curie who coined the word radioactivity
Decisive victory
Device used to map the surface of other planets
Discontinued iPod
Disorganized mound
Dress nattily, with out
Dunder Mifflin receptionist
Electric blue relative
Ernie putting on a front nine
ESPN basketball analyst Brown
Famous stargazer
Fantastic beast
Football star for Santos in the 1960s
Formally yield
Former name of the carrier now known as Envoy
Foul temper
From square one
G-strings, e.g
Got gussied up
Gulf Coast city thats home to Ca dZan (winter home of John Ringling)
Guys, in surfer-speak
Having left port
Hilty who played Glinda in Wicked on Broadway
Hostile territory
Illusionists offering
In a scanty way
In the style of, on menus
Insensitive sort
Issa who plays Issa Dee on HBOs Insecure
Jazz great Laine
Jump on the ice
Keeps all for oneself, in drug slang
Kristoffs reindeer companion in Frozen
Like fugitives
Like liquid nitrogen
Look after
Minor minder
Mummies homes
Musical groups?
Narcs operation
Neckwear holder
Not proscribed
Note passed around in Amman
Offenbach offering
Orange sushi topper
Pertaining to hearing
Plants or animals using secret passages
Postwar ___
Presently occupied
Products with big Black Friday discounts
Psychologist who wrote Beyond Freedom & Dignity
Public bathroom array
Red-haired kid of kid lit
Remove, as a rind
Require an erasure, say
Residue from a blaze
Result of a sac fly
Rhyme or reason, e.g
Right of way?
Rock music player
Scanned feet
See somebody?
Self-grooming creature
Size of a lot, maybe
Special talent
Successor to the Nissan Stanza
Tested the weight of
Top spot?
Trim blades with blades
Unreliable informant
Using more subterfuge
West in films
What a burglar may trip
What a retinoid treats
Whats the deal?
Without a ___
Womans name that often starts with An
Woolly mammal
Word reference that can list material in non-alphabetical order
Worked on ones image?
Would-be stars CDs
Ye ___ towne shoppe
Yonder fellow
Youngster in a pouch
___ diagram
___ Expressway (part of Interstate 94 north of Chicago)
___ Killam, alum of both MADtv and Saturday Night Live
Mischievous sort of trick by page
Buzzer sounds are filling plants
Its provided by Nick, so…
…contained gambler should…
…land a post with Dennis, perhaps
Story about river depth put about by a swimmer
A playwright horse boxes depressed
Contemptible types taking to pruned plants
Encouragement kept pal excited!
Genuine leader of medieval kingdom
A man wearing cologne possibly gaining power
Make a university cross with some herby drink
A flower grows, having many uses
Sharp edge of gilt cross Rex dropped
Hanger-on opening his mouth
Bill caught Des up, its agreed
Heavy water to use or misuse
Band from city stateside get angry!
Witty remark made behind beasts
Frenchman wanting premier to continue
Play up to torment fifteen
Shall we say drunk mapmakers look sound?
Albert and Leo cracked all right!
Agent disheartening candidate feels bad
Food show, short, sounded long
Short answer from fraudulent healers
Lifts taking king and crime fighter up, its said
A character like Duke shouting?
Caregiver making one love wine
Actor edges into shot, causing delay