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Crosswords Buzz Answers 2018-12-15

Card that’s required for a blackjack
Rancher’s unit of land
Cocktail party conversation
Chuckle in an online message
Doggone it!
Lieutenant or private for example
Female in a flock
Wire material used in screens
Low female singing voice
Animals that are the focus of 39-Across’s work
Large house plus its grounds
Vote of disapproval
Satisfied sound from a cat
Space-saving bed
Person such as 39-Across who studies apes and monkeys
Bit of a minute: Abbr.
Conservative US political party: Abbr.
You have no ___ what’s involved here
Neighbor of Jordan and Syria
Trailblazing 84-year-old English scientist: 2 wds.
Better than ___
Time for two days away from work!: Abbr.
Bratty little scamp
Tie up at harbor
Anti-irritant used in some tissues
It consists mostly of nitrogen
Pen liquids
The sun never ___ on the British Empire
Fermented alcoholic drink
Animal on a roundup
___ Company (square on a Monopoly board)
Allow to enter
___ brûlée (custard dessert)
Sound of a scratchy voice
Gasoline additive made from corn
2006 hit for Gnarls Barkley
___ and hearty (in good health)
Small required bet in a card game
Possible boxing match results: Abbr.
Alliance that Ukraine and Georgia are aspiring members of: Abbr.
Omar who starred in Love & Basketball
Having no doubt
Patrol car driver
Sweet onions from Georgia
Gotcha that makes sense: 2 wds.
Phrase that shortens a list of people: 2 wds.
Corollas and Camrys for example
Boy’s opposite
Yanks quickly
Person who’s no brainiac
Vaults for valuables
___ High Council (group in Star Wars movies)
Doorbell-ringing cosmetics company
Where a man’s Adam’s apple is
Gaze at lewdly
Hamm who’s in the National Soccer Hall of Fame
undulating like hilly land
one looking for hidden kids
like an underinflated tire
post-teens period
giving to, as homework
what flat irons do
made an impression
Athlete with the 1999 guide ‘Go for the Goal
Folklore monster whose name means ‘goat-sucker
Cream alternative
What might precede a parachute jump
Captain Morgan and Admiral Nelson’s
I got you
Dog jog
Attempts to remove some barriers
River with Victoria Falls
Wave function symbol in quantum mechanics
Having someone’s thoughts in mind?
Revolving toy
1988 security guard comedy
Prefix with god
Jazzman Earl
Cardinal point?
Put away for later
Like agliata sauce
Where you might go downstairs for drinks
Dir. that’s also a suffix
[That makes me mad!]
Program opening?
Didn’t think about
Product with six fruity flavors
#1 hit for the Jackson 5 and Mariah Carey
Role for Hugh O’Brian on TV and Kevin Costner in film
Tailgaters’ tote
Shade akin to cerulean
Enthusiast’s purchase
Wet cloud
Bandwidth unit
Maker of the MDX and RDX
1983 comedy/drama about a stay-at-home dad
Remark of envy
Arguing with God, for example
One of several French kings
Sort who entices others to follow
Assigning stars to?
Congratulatory start
Science subj
Attendance abbr
One method of locating schools
United, e.g
Apt surname for an acupuncturist?
By Jove!
What’s ___?
Setting of a 2000s Comedy Central police show
Let off
Locale for Cubans
Silly me!
Some Winter Olympians
Nickname of Doménikos Theotokópoulos
Political designation: Abbr
Nova Scotia’s Cape ___ Island
Crop deity
Operation Red Dawn defender
Mono, e.g
Overseas worker, perhaps
Some family folks, informally
Nickname for Ulysses
Entered response
Some 58-Across contents, in brief
Ward with many awards
Instrument producing angelic accompaniment is back with a handful of notes
Taken for granted, sad muse goes to pieces
Proportion of rations
A little bit, nearly all, the whole lot!
Tympanum for one who doesnt play from music
Check change, sister!
Support in favour of young animal?
Raw material for pig production?
A change for Claud, belonging to the Duke
Between fifty and a hundred American leaders desert ship
Cleverest part to be tackled by experts only
Alarm felt when edition part ruined?
Property as fixed
Unbeauty spots!
Denied break-up? Really!
Borrower and lender
Box for collecting specimens operating by spring
Bit of a boss – like the Mona Lisa?
Man of the world with an urbane finish
Raver lost or merely hiding
Most embarrassed and much affected by the sun
Old story – about a foot?
No steer, presumably, can escape this flowers scent
The belief of a revolutionary in the company
In ignorance
Artists stand
United States
In a somersault
Turkish pipe
Not in any place
Hot spring
An anaesthetic
Insurrection is occurring in the arena
Sticks on which many a noted score is based
Will it prevent death or deal a fatal blow?
At peace, having discharged a debt
Temporarily secures a levy, we hear
Im taking a long time to make this representation
Daniel who wrote of French adversary
To put many first in a game of chance
A horses nay
University showmen?
Incomplete Oriental holiday
Its used for removing unwanted records
The flavour from the barrel is horrible
Presumably, if theres a security risk, they wont strike
Plane crashing in the Himalayas
Scene of operations where dramatic events take place
An attractively lively state
Its most certain the others will follow us back
More than one electric wire acts as a conductor
Favourable purchase, we hear, is the last word
A short one isnt kept at arms length
What literary people do sounds correct
More stuffy – its the shutter!
Sounds as if the blooming thing is corny material
1991 comedy-drama film starring Gena Rowlands and Winona Ryder
Winner, with Frederick Loewe, of the 1957 Best Musical Tony Award winner for My Fair Lady
US and Canadian Mennonite sect tracing its origin to Jakob Amman
Philipp , Germany defender and midfielder; 2014 FIFA World Cup Final winner
Musical instruction to perform a piece quickly in a brisk lively manner
Chessman of the lowest theoretical value
Tom , 2005-17 Leicester Tigers back-rower; 2008 England Test debutant against France
Nigel , 2010-16 UK Independence Party leader
1966 film drama starring Jennifer Jones and Michael Parks
1955 film drama starring Ernest Borgnine in the title role
The , 2012 action film starring Ray Winstone and Ben Drew
1998 romcom featuring, directed and co-written by John Turturro
Benjamin , 18th-century English inventor of crucible steel
Large colourful deep-sea creature also called a moonfish
The , 1977 crime-comedy film starring Art Carney and Lily Tomlin
US jazz saxophonist known as The Sound who died in 1991
Jessica , Best Actress in a Leading Role Oscar winner for Blue Sky
1911 novel by Edith Wharton
1875 R D Blackmore novel subtitled A Tale of the South Downs
Number of sheets of paper equal to 20 quires
See 6
See 5
Argue about
Nuns costume
Praise insincerely
Unit of time
Propels a boat with oars
Remarkable or distinguished
Set of actors
Dutch cheese
Improved in health
Current of air
Operate a car
Light up
Childishly sulky or bad-tempered
Source of wood
Coffee bar
Code word for the letter K
Guide or control the movement of
Broad toothy smile
Mark ruined satin
Arrive on time to see celestial object
Whip pet
Conscious of a battle to the east
Tries rearranging rituals
Study of cadences
Talented with a drink
Is more than one?
Confused a year with a shorter time
Greeting as lute played
Devours a set recipe
The French politician finds illumination
Takes out small cuts
Verse from Roderick
Crawler, when quiet
Started with sailor
Drama about barge
City for cavorting pairs
Overturn small tablet
Bother at a party
Hard stuff thats a bargain, say
Tell engineer about talk show
Wild capers produce tricky situation
Follow queue
Declare at cricket match
Alans mad about the organ
Student acted oddly
Raw material from forest
Fix chaps on the day
Dish is missing when not there
Nurse translating symbols
Im a moving target
Animal in glasses
Feel kind about animal
Join a religious man
Last performance with artist to the stars
For every boy is individual
Time to change Mali language
Food and very quiet beer outside
Work into soup recipe
Language in another sentence
Maidens assistant
Copy of tapestry
Tailed star
Feline mammal
Plural of is
Period of time
Male sheep
European capital
Womans name
Animals appendage
Of the nose
Military student
Carrying salver
Ancient symbols
Human being
Asian language
Work of art
Pea shells
Actor Majors
Health clubs
Eyebrow shape
World conflict
Medicine tablet
Lung expander
Regulars order
Lower limb
Exercise room
Brief farewells
Coop item
College head
Ocean animal
Free (of)
Pool chute
More hideous
Think ahead
Curved roof
Fortune-telling card
Church bench
Informed of
Clock face
Continually, in a poem
African tours
Address God
Tool hut
Steinbecks ____ Row
Winter flakes
Toaster scraps
Wiggly one
Quite big
French peak
Fall behind
Lamp dweller
Of course!
Very strange
Holds power
Mild oath
Fancy gold fabric
Key ____ pie
Atlas chart
We ____ Not Alone
Female pig
Evolve into
Agatha Christies Murder on the __ Express
Curtain fabric
Pearl Jam bassist Jeff
Dog-__, as a used book
Classic name for a theater
Command on a computer keyboard
Do a sauce preparation job
Wedding employee
One always looking up
42nds second
Food buyers consideration
Polish removers
One of 20 in many books
Pizza party purchase
Stress-free locale, ideally
Global warming concern
Private dining area
Death at a __ (2010 comedy)
Cooling-off period
A, often
Hemsleys role on the sitcom Amen
Hill climber
What happy concertgoers want
Perfect places
Deeply saddens … or delights
Parting sentiment
Little, playfully
First name in late-night talk
Bar association concern
Top dog?
First name in late-night talk
Shower components
For calorie counters
Predictor, sometimes
Conduct may have it on either end
Bright star
Data plan number
American workers
Counted (on)
August hrs. in Augusta
Breakfast food mentioned in court in My Cousin Vinny
Green bean
Its Your Space sloganeer
Cocktail garnish
Art Deco designer
Space observation
Pie __
Left carefully, with out
Tick off
Luxury auto
Carpentry joint component
Bae or boo, to former generations
Pound parts
Playwright Chekhov
Prosciutto di __
Some bills
Amazing Grace figure
Highly regard
Fruit served with prosciutto
Spin, say
Storied bear
2018 White House visitor from Qatar
Kids curriculum
Garden veggie
Suddenly turn
Messes up
100 Years…100 Movies org.
Battleship success
Breakfast or dinner
Count (on)
Common skin problem
Singing voice
Most sensible
Kitchen tool
Long tale
Must, informally
Refs kin
____ Francisco
Bath powders
Hollywoods ____ West
Love (Ital.)
Bottle top
Recent (prefix)
Small arrow
Tomato sauce
Sarcastic writing
Very much (2 wds.)
Venomous snake
Harness part
Marco ____
Comic ____ DeGeneres
Brief review
Heavenly dish
Showers frozen rain
Stinging plants
Cutting tool
Provides workers
Las Vegas groom, often
Phone number prefix (2 wds.)
Or ____!
Eves mate
Put into effect
Idaho neighbor
Dolls cry
Story line
Debtors opposite
Auto type
James ____ Jones
Poor farmer
Walk leisurely
Doctors org.
____ system
Marathons, e.g.
Sisters daughter
____ of humor
Atlas items
Healing plant
Singer likely to have been attractive to George, according to Careless Whisper
Head of Radio Four, posh, hired junior banker
Band leaders of old time electronic rock becoming more distant
Bomb-makers factories
Dutch superstar band leader Willy
Confusing punters and boxers?
Band retired with Charlie in limo
American carmaker losing one dollar
Sorry band getting plenty of oats in Hackney
Being solvent, popped into Jerusalem brothel
Times featuring English bishop; its rather seedy
Praise from the east is minimal, initially, for doctrine of mind and matter
Marcel chewed over a toffee
Bubbly European female, passionate, embracing Southern church
Ridiculously vain hat ruled unacceptable
Salt-marsh plants also cultivated in this place
Root out; England opener, silly prat in embarrassing exit
Odd way to lead, as Joe would for The Clash?
Knuts taking in unknown island, right where they make Turkish delight
Understanding part of 10,10,10?
Piano band playing rumbas with awful din reportedly getting top marks
Current Lord Lieutenant supporting judge friend in danger
Honk with laughter about helium (though it might need nitrous oxide)
I cry a river; in charge, having the same pressure
Say adieu to band cherished by Ms Blanchett
Leader of indie band grabbed by groupie, one with laddered hose?
Succinct lawyer
Seafood starters of Oysters Rockefeller upset band
As a whole
Beam of light
Right of possession
Golf peg
Pull a face
Curved path
Into error
Baked dough
Not generally liked
Male sheep
Tip over
Fairground ride
Figures of speech
Autumn month
Beast of burden
Region and former province of France between the Vosges mountains and the Rhine
Italian composer whose works include the suites The Fountains of Rome and The Pines of Rome
American actor whose films include Some Like It Hot, Spartacus and The Boston Strangler
Play by Henrik Ibsen first performed in December 1879
See 27
Settlement in Argyll and Bute, Scotland, on the eastern shore of Loch Fyne
Handsome youth in Greek mythology who was loved by Aphrodite
American jazz drummer hired to play in Tommy Dorseys orchestra in 1938
Very hard brittle bluish-white metal with the atomic number 76
Bird also called a green plover or pewit
British music hall song written by Charles Collins, Fred E Terry and E A Sheppard for Harry Champion
French couturier who popularised trousers for women
A set of transparencies of facial characteristics that can be used to build up a picture of a person sought by the police
Instrument formerly used to measure the altitude of stars and planets and as a navigational aid
Nicolas __, British-born director whose films include Dont Look Now and The Man Who Fell to Earth
BBC soap opera first broadcast in February 1985
The Greatest ___, 2017 musical film starring Hugh Jackman as P T Barnum
See 43
Romanian former ice hockey and tennis player who managed Boris Becker from 1984 to 1993
Ethiopian athlete, winner of two gold medals at the 1980 Olympics, known as the Shifter
The largest city in Louisiana
Play by Harold Pinter first performed in April 1960
Dutch actor who played replicant Roy Batty in the 1982 film Blade Runner
Former manager of the French national team who managed Rangers from 2006 to 2007
Small seabird that is the only member of the genus Halocyptena
Character in the BBC sitcom Blackadder II played by Patsy Byrne
1922 silent film starring Rudolph Valentino
The tree Ficus benghalensis that has aerial roots that grow down into the soil
1988 film starring Mel Gibson, Michelle Pfeiffer and Kurt Russell
Diminutive hero of several English folk tales whose name was used by Charles Stratton in P T Barnums circus
American soul singer who died in a plane crash a month before his biggest hit, (Sittin On) The Dock of the Bay, was released
Jockey who rode Snow Knight to victory in the 1974 Derby
A very short sleeve on a garment
A strap-shaped membranous outgrowth at the junction between the leaf blade and sheath in many grasses
The Cambodian communist party which seized power in a civil war in 1975
Character in the Matrix film series played by Keanu Reeves
In music, a brisk lively movement whose name means joke in Italian
Industrial city in NW Spain that is capital of Asturias
Current affairs programme that caused the resignation of George Entwistle as Director-General of the BBC
An opinion or doctrine contrary to the orthodox tenets of a church
In Britain, another name for hawthorn, cowslip or marsh marigold
The northernmost county of England
Nastassja ___, German-born actress whose films include Tess, Cat People and Paris, Texas
1953 John Huston film, written with Truman Capote, intended as a parody of The Maltese Falcon
French city that was the ancient capital of Brittany
Chairman of the Financial Services Authority from 2008 until its abolition in 2013
1996 album by Beth Orton
English actor whose films include Women in Love, Castaway and Gladiator
Birds of the Old World family Coraciidae
A long sleeveless outer vestment worn by a priest when celebrating Mass
Of an angle, lying between 90 and 180 degrees
The sixth-largest city in Israel
The dwelling place of the principal gods in Norse mythology
Industrial city in Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany, on the Danube
Chest muscle
Nov. honorees
Citrus drink
Sloths home
Nile bird
Away from SSW
Campus mil. group
Lisas brother
Apr. addressee
All in the Family spinoff
Sea, to Henri
New Deal agcy.
Lisa of the Louvre
— the season …
Roman 1051
Upper limit
— Rica
Fish propeller
Very long time
Exactly what I wanted to hear!
Melville captain
Pudding variety
Pirates potation
Theater box
Sign before Virgo
Thunder god
Bump into
Glaziers sheet
Author Ferber
Mediocre grades
Painters motion
Golf clubs
Riga resident
Computer whizzes
Feelings, informally
Online auction site
Bygone fliers
Lukes teacher
Mess up
ISP giant
Numerical prefix
Director Craven
— carte
Hissy fit
Corn recipe
Karaoke prop, for short
Most demure
Beer ingredient
Palm starch
River to the Seine
Singer Guthrie
Contrite one
Urban haze
Police trap
Top celebs
Espresso order
Cash in
Powerful bunch
Geologic period
Oscar hopeful
Tofu source
Spaceballs director
DNA triplet
No idea what to do here
Clumsy fellow
Breathing tube
Young fellow
Olympics saucer
Reunion girl
Silly one
Quiver item
Czech writer-statesman
English counties
Corrida star
How Rome wasnt built
Mahershala Ali film
Techs place
Opinion opener
Go pieces
Arthurs son
Mahershala Ali film
Physics particle
Middle: Abbr.
Indias Gandhi
Statue setting
Takes a breather
Old autos
Sub system
Fly high
Machinery part
Merino mom
Sister of Osiris
Speeders downfall
Dishonest one
The south of France
White poplar
River through Hesse
Under no conditions
Took advantage of
The King and I locale
Vanessa Redgrave film of 1968
Mack the Knife singer
Forrest __
Florentine farewell
Irish county
Literary snippets
Linguist Noam
__ kwon do
Midday meal
Large prefix
Looked happy
Take care of
Place for discussion
Do business
Cartoonist Al
Colorado ski resort
__ la vista
French bean?
German film director Riefenstahl
Walks heavily
Comedian Mort
They may be served with caviar
Buenos __
__ Believer (Monkees hit)
A day in Rome
Brit. fliers
M*A*S*H star
Paper quantity
1982 Disney film
Aegean island
For men only
Take __ Train
Guys partners
E pluribus __
Medical manipulator
Best Actress of 1987
Hold onto
French nobleman
Hard wood
Rigging supporters
Sleepers woe
Years between 12 and 20
The __ near
Defeat decisively
__ gratia artis
Animation unit
Putting right
In those days
Way out
Collector of shoreline debris
Royal Engineers
Thin fog
Machine for lifting
Greek wine
Roman god of love
One who makes a will
Court entertainer
Bakers dozen
South American country
Cricketer at the crease
Paved garden area
Dried plum
Young horse
Composer returning part for unmarried man
Noise made by weasels father
Turn away from state capital in Tennessee
Everyone plants seeds outside, producing trees
Tureen I transported in train
Island in a secret estuary
Old kings and queens from Stroud
Hard missile in public school
Keep tabs on timepiece
This may be quite an old thing
Sibyl is confused about article for North Africans
Something used by dentist or doctor badly
Speak, for example
Young swimmers playing old tapes
Warned about treadle
Some photos may be spicy
Girls left with fools
Unwilling cattle run wild
Writing about ropes
Beat with stick
Root cause of vehicle decay?
Bearing on the arts broadcast
Want about 25 sheets of paper
Revolvers waved initially by cads?
Invalid pleads for a change
Plaintive cries are heard in the principality
Cat upset by bat
Couple of heads of department under observation
17 across makes a show of leaders with numerous ideologies
A Scott Joplin genre from America thats popular with all the characters, rises and falls
Advice from this old man, he plays one, etc., to cater for boxer (4,1,3,1,4)
Al Capone doesnt have ale with chicken
Asian man and American woman on island
Awful citing over starting harassment and getting impatient
Bar coding primarily in Cloud working with engineer
Big Wheel with short fuse produced by Dianas relative?
Dummy found in stretch-limo delivered
Ease off the sea miles and get into shape
Expose acts thrown out of cabarets
Father includes piece of fiction from old childs game
Get out of appointment with Jack in The Post (4,2,31,3)
Giant of Italian Renaissance hasnt got one
Given a break, model offers to provide a case in point
Intros to One Week Last Summer for the fly-by-nights
Its an outrage to do business starting revolutionary conflict
Keep to yourself going in and out of retail chain
Long John Silver was taught in Irish schools reportedly at one stage
Make a case for advocate
Maximilian admits taking refuge in capitals Square associated with mathematician
Medallist rejects small job on the paper
Old stager misses alerts from a mans best friend
Part of the skeleton found at the end of 8 down
Place to make up American skunk
Relative goes on with no ego
Serb leaves Sorbonne in the middle of the day
Similar to 3 down and thats useless
Sleepyhead doesnt count sheep by stone wall?
Some characters overwhelm a referee going over to sheepish type
Stealing starting off by moving slowly and carefully
The bar discovered in Delaware
Theres no VAT in Tel Aviv – thats just morally wrong!
Trim at the end of June is as pretty as a picture
Trouble about first novel set in The Maze
What The Police created on The Bill
Whips up bit of mayo to go with head of cavolo – its a salute to Italian cuisine
Ability to think rationally
American cupboard
An artificial language
Austere or strict
Beautiful youth loved by Aphrodite
Beauty is said to be in the eye of the …
Believe to be guilty
Calibrating to a frequency
Curved or spiral shapes
Earthenware dish for cooking and serving food
Grade, step or award
Hand out food and drink
Head of a newspaper, say
High wind
Hint to help the solver
Hole for a shoelace
Hundredth anniversary
Kindly or non-malignant
Least risky
Military land forces
Old Nick
On a floor above
One deciphers
One inspires or guides others
Pacific and Atlantic
Poorly balanced or matched
Praised insincerely
Removing a substance from the surface of a liquid
Set free
Set in from the margin
Strike back
Sweet baked food
They connect heads to bodies
Underwent a change
Unit on a list
Untamed or undomesticated
Images, representations
Having a disappointing ending
Loop in embroidery
Official sanction or approval
Edible crustacean
With a gradual reduction in speed
Rudolf —, ballet dancer
Admin system of a communist party
Friendly understanding between states
Ready to begin a race
Mineral spring
Wit, liveliness
State of inactivity
Required, needed
Line of major geological fault in Scotland
Fame, respect
Feller of trees for wood
Infused drink
Late 12th-century English king
Inflicter of retribution
Discarded garment
Light umbrella
Scottish council area and former county
Within or into a vein
Top of a wave
Speak or act evasively
Bohemian dance
Childish sulkiness
Introduce in addition
— Degeneration, eye problem
Unit of volume
Inventive or imaginative power
Items added at end of a book
Machine powering pneumatic devices
Book of synonyms
Variety of cigar
Disturbance to radio signals
Technical equipment
Walk noisily
League, alliance
Wars of the Roses partisan
Longing for the past
Express disapproval of
Round building or hall
Renovation; revival
Coincidence or unrelated events
Suffocate, stifle
One making a copy by coating a mould with deposited copper
Rubber-like substance
American pit viper
Smug, uncritically self-satisfied
Opera by Verdi
Remove (troops) from a conflict
Fire-breathing monster
Residential course for obese children
Sheer, precipitous
Force out
Set of all letters
Small duck
Enrico —, physicist
Desert convoy
Poisonous element
Go to see
Publicly ridiculed
Fastening pin
Give life to
Faith; care
Group; strip
Formal union
Public fighting
Heretical follower
Large reference book
Overhanging part of roof
Duration; extent
Wooden hammer
Famous vampire
Modifying word
Goods vehicle
So Electra, being displaced, settles elsewhere
Tories inform country to snub new stars
Net profit finally extracted to void margins
Bulbous item — suddenly reveal one held between legs
Take courage from sniper eliminating Guam’s leader
Restraint shown by landlord in fraudulent scheme
Breathtaking idea?
Wages vote taken round Scottish town
Means to cut film after opening
Likeable chap becomes swing pioneer
Noteworthy vicomte, perhaps round bend, needs year to deliver hymn
Little booze from non-drinker getting round in
Good Scots side sets standard
One ancient ruler the other king backed
How long it takes to cook in can
Blue joke appearing first warrants severe action
Stand in science class to give answer
Prescribed treatment unfinished we hear
Church no longer involved with conspicuously virile chairman
Book, given hype, outsold historic novel
Outrageous incident follows outside broadcast
Enlightened state houses five in north country area
Score after six balls exceed allotted time
Fragrant stuff poet brought round, wife slicing potato
Sewer, new one, made ridiculously large inside
Terry for one feels lie-in occasionally needed
Hero outside left understanding or seeking profitable partnership
City revolutionary the writer cripples?
Edict that binds you and me?
Worker, way back, engaging volunteers before delivery
Restriction of authority conversing about an investigator
Certainly no song for a wake
Quite attentive to personal hygiene
Cover with mosaic put up to promote Greek goddess
Porridge makes good person strain so as to be sick
Real party animal, one often stirs the muck
Old age impaired one settled here in Rome
Three card players in silly feminine attire
Runway, one seen between flights, ahead of take-off?
Admiring area in appropriate manner, circling a hill
A storage unit with two round feet?
Musical comedy number upset one tenant
Forecast unlikely to require insight?
Leading lady in protest accepting short audition
As some layers, over six, on Greek island that ships uranium
Relentless non-resident wanting vote
Open about amount of work experience
Dissolute Dan, guy with a thirst in time to slake it?
My line used in Shakespearean theatre
Transport insured with Korean money to carry silver
Old politician, East German, in vulgar and degrading place
Old plane into spins becoming ever faster
Flame puts one group in dangerous situation
Hot tureen needs stir in addition to that
Explosive case of vehicle appearing over crest
Female not true after having rebuffed Brown
Minute man flanked by two aces in republic?
Ruling that Frenchman must come in for good rest
Current despondency interminable in White House
Ladies obtained in marriage with an embrace for me
Rabbits who enlivened TV programme?
Win over millions after westward attack across sierra
Siberian city’s written matter, with adequate binding
Vagrant outclasses no-hopers
Plant spread easily in awkward position
Crook’s dabs on phone
Relatively buoyant container with loose lining
Tourist’s first hold-up, one believes
Unbalanced shot bags ferret
Dispensed with for duration of broadcast
Mark close to bedside put off alarm
Basic quality ultimately needed in lackey
Drawing, not good, featuring current pioneering drug
A qualified teacher, retired?
British artist leading religious school forward
Most haughty French novelist from foreign parts
Alternative therapist in love course
Had understood
Area in public building conforming to Islamic law
Women’s best classes used to be
Tree-trimmer perhaps the type to make Christmas speech?
Scrap box for article in sale
Early magistrate turning up the day before queen
Material from journalist qualifying for booby prize?
One’s introduced fake coin in US (fifty imported)
Runs through and stabs heartless Dickensian master
Frenchman behind bars, Republican held by priest in Dickens
Set upon course of action, ring up
First couple of children always bringing happiness
Had enough for rail, nothing more
Verge to trim, about to be overlooked
Divitiae (also a plural noun)
They came down to: “____ locos laetos” (the Elysian fields, syncopated form, Aen 6.638)
Redeo, regredior (deponent)
Second king of Rome, Romulus’s successor (Livy 1.18)
Pavidus metue, verere
Me ____: I am sorry, I repent (impersonal verb)
We are loved
An eye-witness, qui in iudicio proferatur
You (s) bring forth or forward
I give you (to a husband?) with a dowry
To the latter, not the former: non illi, sed ____
“Please release me”? Or a more serious religious piece
Malus, peior, ____: superlatively bad
Himself? Herself? Themselves? Definitely
Id quod venditori datur ut aliquid ematur
Illud ____ fit: that often happens
Praebet, donat
Te servent alio modo qui res contorquent (pres participle)
Is qui res gestas narrat
Frange; burst, destroy
Danger; deadly peril: mortis ____
Is qui morbos invalidorum sanare possit
Innermost, close associate
Voce magna et aspera (adverb)
Fierce, terrible; ____ Ulixes (from Trojan viewpoint, passim in Aeneid)
Taurus, qui aratrum trahit
Streisands Funny Girl husband
Hangouts with multiple TVs
Quaint picnic pastime
On hand
Urban agriculture establishment
Name on the Fed head list
Sharp appetite
On the night __ the pending battle . . .: Whitman
Most tender
Run for potential customers
Air Frances 2003 Smithsonian donation
Brads Drink (1893), today
Grummans vacuum navigator
Nancy Loves __ (book collection of comics)
Surface for a 32 Across
Participated slyly
Stop for a Corsica ferry
Limits of negotiation
Stays home
Metaphor for uncommonness
Right to decide
Mercury or Mars, many years ago
Doesnt use
First roomie, often
Hernandos -ando
Fiddler on the Roof performance
Subject of the 2007 bio The Animated Man
Committee meeting assignment
It dropped its cursive-writing requirement in 2015
Subjects of multiple Beach Boys tunes
Goal for many aspiring pickers
Protested to a veterinarian, maybe
Make up
WWII Dambusters employer
His cross is on the Union Jack
Frosty glaze
__ water
Tracts without solid footing
10000 W. __ Avenue, 60666 (hubs address)
They get Emmys every year
Word from the French for brewhouse
Pragmatists anathema
Vote (for)
Granite, once
Wales second city
Consumers sticking point
Foodservice giant in the Fortune 500
Muckrakers target
They may carry bubble gum
Any city
Heavy duty
Honeysuckle found in forests
Cell dweller
Claimant to paranormal powers
Range northeast of Provo
Display derision
Crawled back and forth, perhaps
Pop __
Hangouts with multiple TVs
It means sharp
EMT supervisors
Printed disclaimer
Already established
Doesnt punch, but close
___ We There Yet?
Place to drain threes
Like Floridas gables?
Type of auto lights
What dull acts do?
Hauler in the harbor
Movie part
Areas filled with conifers
Topics or issues
Gambler in action
Without qualification
Nautical measurement
Military chapeau
Org. of defenders
Four Seasons employee
Bank offerings
Like racehorses
U-turn from none
Merry little tunes
Heated coal for fuel use
Best-of-the-best groups
Friends character
Fit into the schedule
Redenbachers activator
Unemotional one
Uracil locale
Features of tricky decks
Hearing organ
Didnt order out
Game show VIP
Reindeer kin
Same for me
Actor Mineo
Historians period
PI kin
Fancy pen holder
Currently being born
Many ER images
Stories of times past
This puzzles flood-buster
Examines by feeling
Hand-y trickery
Like car accessories
Mail carriers beat
Samantha of filmdom
Sassily saucy
New prefix
Musical ___ Mia!
Now thats ___ nice job
Double-wides place
Great doings
Outdoor trunks
Bathysphere guy William
Stirred in
Book review types
Place for drills
At a crazy pace
Theyre picked from
Chop off, as a branch
Walk heavily
Bout of shopping
Having variations in pitch
Trial recorder
Comedic bit
No longer gigging, cut
Former VCR maker
Last mo.
Believe it ___…
Darkman director Sam
First ___… (Washington description)
Get out!
Meet the Parents co-star
Moonstruck star
Steppenwolf author
100:1, e.g
1950s flop
A pop
Aid for an umpire review
All atwitter
Bacchanalian revelry
Big screen stars
Bill in a till
Brings in
Browned, then simmered
Burnett of CNN
Car window sticker
Celestial bear
Chefs topper
Circus horn honkers atop choppers?
City on the Mediterranean
Comedian Fields
Court order
Creative Christian
Cruet contents
Cry for a coloratura
Danny of the Celtics
Dolorous state
Dropping the ball
Drumstick part
Dry run
Earring style
Elite crew
Enjoy Alta
Exam for jrs
Feature of Japans Matsumoto Castle
Feline sign
Film genre
Forest quaker
Give up
Go for the gold at the beach?
Gregarious group?
Gymnasts performance
Hides from view
Hindu god of thunder and lightning
IMHO relative
In that case
Involved with
Is nuts about
Jazz aficionado
July 15, e.g
Junior, to senior
Keats creation
Kids rhyme starter
Lab safety org
Lennons lady
Like Antarctic winds
Lily variety
Lounges for lampooners?
Lunch invitation
Made a stack out of
Make a vow
Make fizzy
Malady that might afflict a melancholy mooer?
Marsh emanations
Mount Kilimanjaro?
Musical pause
Noted name in fairy tales
Org. with wands
Painter Veronese
Park activity
Part of STEM
Pat of The Karate Kid
Phoenician port
Plain font
Plains Indians
Plight of the poor
Prez after Harry
Prime purchase
Pursuit of a patsy?
Razor brand
Record an audio book
Rectors assistant
Reduce a staff, and make seven squares in this puzzle smaller, in a way
Remnant of a 1054 supernova explosion
Russian crepes
Sarcastic alternative to Fat chance!
Scrunchie, e.g
Search for water
Seedy bar
Seeker of an honest man
Sellout show sign
Senator Murkowski
Shaving tool
Sing the praises of
Sister of Meg, Jo and Amy
Soup with sushi
Sprite Zero, e.g
Subjects to abusive initiation
Supper bud?
Swell treatments
Swill slurpers
Teensy bit
Texters Much obliged
That guy
Thomas or Milton
Tito Puente specialty
Tool at the table
Top-row PC key
Track wagers
Trio at the O.K. Corral
Tuna variety
TV detective Peter
U.S. Open stadium dedicatee
Use of Bullwinkles understudy?
Venomous snake
Vexatious sorts
Yemenis neighbor
Yoga pose
Young panda
___ mater
1960s dance
Account for
Communicated with paper boy
Criminal group
Crossword compilers? Dogs!
Doctor is European, producing study
Domestic heater
Foot digit
Frank is old writer
Good man on ship shows strain
Hear twin might be naked
Heater thats cooler for car
Hinge needs repair — Arabs comment?
Idea from the two-speed writer
Intimidate female on farm
Joins the competition?
Joke about new crew
Justify ones inclusion in old scheme
Large sea
Light again
Member on foot in grotto explored
Moor by river bank
Naval vessel
One has no reason to want it!
One in underwear produces art
Pack away
Poor grade in Berkshire university
Rational behaviour
Row or level
Scholarly paper
See dry rot crippled warship
Shape wood or stone
Small fish
Small man swallows it
Some goes to waste in store
Stated, put into words
Swimmer struck in the side
Take up with an old flame?
Tool in church lies abandoned
Unclothed (informal)
Unexpected ending in Oliver?
Works in oils
Wreckage of canoe in sea
Buenos Aires musical
Good ___ (1966 Young Rascals hit)
People composer Jule
Rock the cradle toy
Thats clear
The Rocky Horror Picture Show devotees, e.g
Act in an absentminded way
Altoids container
Any 64-Across member, to another
Apply hastily, with on
Apportion, with out
Artful dodge
Beatty of Deliverance
Bishops address
Boeuf bourguignon, e.g
Boggs in Cooperstown
Bump off
Channel with highlight reels
Cheeseheads state (Abbr.)
Contribute, as to a fund
Creative problem-solving, stereotypically
Criticizes harshly
Desert boot material
Dr. ___ (Austin Powers foe)
Early decaf brand
Exams using Snellen charts
Exercises done on mats
Far from ruddy
Form a scab
Formation similar to a butte
Gate receipts
Go hither and yon
Had a yen
Hardly long-winded
Having no slack
Home of college footballs Bulldogs
Hunger for
In itself
Jimmy of the Daily Planet
Joan who sang at Woodstock
Journey segments
Kennedy Library architect
Leather-lunged singer
Light salad dressing phrase
Like a highway overlook
Like a new recruit
Like Death Valleys climate
Like Lindys 1927 flight
Long in the tooth
Lose zip
Maple tree yield
Mardi Gras city, familiarly
Marvel Comics superheroes
Occupy the throne
Of value
Owning a 4.0 GPA, say
Parsley serving
Part of a kitchen range
Plantation in a Mitchell novel
Pumice, in fluid form
Quitters contraction
React to a tongue depressor, perhaps
Record over, perhaps
Rode the bench
Scratch the surface of
Six-legged drone
Six-pack unit
Snidely Whiplashs expression
Spys gathering, for short
Tailors measurement
Tel ___, Israel
Tibetan bovines
TLC part
Typeface similar to Helvetica
Unfair and unbalanced reporting
Wild guess
Adapt to a new environment
Mischievous fairy
Scottish mountain
Mythical horse/man
Noisy, lavish party
Likely winner
Male swan
Ill will
Projection used in a mortise joint
Physiological need to drink resists hint (anag)
Contestant losing by a large margin
Young cow
Constellation on the celestial equator giant hunter of Greek mythology
Intoxicating drink
Guglielmo __, radio inventor
Ancient Arabian state – or a brand of cat food?
Exercise regime combining dance, yoga and martial arts
Robert Louis Stevenson novel featuring David Balfour
Evelyn __, author of Brideshead Revisited
Roman emperor, 117-138 AD
Private college once known as the Boston Conservatory of Elocution, Oratory, and Dramatic Art
The Last __, 1980 film starring Catherine Deneuve
Ancient Greek name for the body of water between Turkey and Ukraine
Type of wheat
African carnivore known for its laugh
Arthur __, author of Swallows and Amazons
Country bordered by Yemen and the UAE
Robert Louis Stevenson novel featuring Jim Hawkins
Instrument for smoking also known as a galyan
See 12
See 2
Algae that grows into underwater forests
Dance mentioned in Bohemian Rhapsody?
Maurice Sendak book about a boy called Max
Multinational organisation facilitating police coordination
Fictional sailor from Baghdad
The __, historic name for Kincardineshire
Film series based on characters created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby
__ Hazard, Chelsea footballer
Spoil one occasion involving marine
Quiet mimics in forms
Potentially dangerous activity involving two men with trout and eel, possibly
Runners initially in South Africa eat fish
Soldiers secret
Set of drinks provided before the queens game
Eccentric got us to show vigour
Girl ” first to memorize opera song
Officer confusing poor Carl
Man with volunteers outside at yacht meeting
Ten, new, I somehow weave together
Man taking time with mothers dish initially inside for festive meal
Northeast journalists required
Left with rag, they disturbed sloth
Second flower becomes sullen
Lake and river rose unexpectedly
Eccentric out in it is teaching
Ground meat eaten by mum in cerise
Assisting with serving
Bread, mine, is given to volunteers
Very thin person having leeks, not surprisingly
Male in county with show-off, a writer of music
Former partner, about 50, gets goals and cries out
One artist upsetting person selling writing materials
US citizen spoiling main race
Paintings first given to Eastern performer
Torch is disturbing bird
Nobleman in New York, almost
Stuff from ravine
Directions given to woman to follow