Crosswords Answers 2017-2-13

Call me ___! O.K., youre …!
Well, what have we here!
1980s cop show that TV Guide once ranked as the greatest TV drama of all time
Alternative to arbitrary governance
Battery for a TV remote
Chandons partner in Champagne
Cut again, as grass
Devour with the eyes
Former Italian P.M. whose name means beloved
French department capital known in Roman times as Nemausus
Horse whose coat is sprinkled with white hairs
How Charles Lindbergh flew across the Atlantic
Item in a golfers pocket
James Earl Jones or Tommy Lee Jones
Like the band Josie and the Pussycats
Metes (out)
Mexicos ___ California
Org. that monitors gun sales
Poem like The swallow flies up / Into a blue evening sky, / Summers small herald
Reduced, with back
Rock and roll has one in Cleveland
Saks ___ Avenue
Shop employee
Smokey Bear ad, e.g., for short
Spanish wine region, with La
State that the Arctic Circle passes through
Stereo control: Abbr
Succinctly put
What the Ugly Duckling became
Words after work or museum
___ Nostra (crime group)
Which came first option
(Award judges) Blue ..
(Creepy crawler) Black ..
(Desserts) Black ..
(Musical style) Blue ..
63-Down, e.g
A possible race pace
Blood or scarlet
Bluetooth device
Chefs thickening agent
Clandestine attention-getting sound
Hurry, of old
It knocked Newtons noggin
It may have a fork in it
Its regularly socked
Not even close to bright
Pack down lightly
Part of WWI
Polynesian staple
Presidential bill-blocker
Property-selling professional
Quartet / 2
Sauna cover-up, sometimes
Seattle, comparatively
Security device, for short
Some campaign purchases
Take ___ (disassemble)
Tanks skin
The start of it is for fools (Abbr.)
Time for a raid, sometimes
Tour bus occupant
Type of bear or explorer
Vestment worn by priests
What a screwball hits
What e-books dont have in them
Where slips are showing
White-tailed marine eagle
Word that ends radio messages
Im with you, brother!
39-Across component
Attic or penthouse
Bits in cyclotrons
Bogart or Bacall
Buffoon, to a Brit
Burger-and-fries go-with
Chefs pinch
Cities with docks
Comics witch Broom-___
Couples banking arrangement
Destines to fail
Discomforting feeling
Englands ___ Baths
Feb. 14 sentiment
Generational differences
Graceless sort
Hot news tip
Like a lace handkerchief
Lunch period, for many
Org. with a DoctorFinder webpage
Party with poi and roast pig
Petroleum refinery byproduct
Piggy bank deposit
Quasimodos request
Rocks Cream or ZZ Top
Scarf makers buy
Scotch aficionados concern
Shoddy hotel
Side voting 61-Down
Sparkling fielding play
Spot for dirty dishes
Stags harem
Supply a staff for
Wild time, slangily
Wingtip-to-wingtip figure
Yoricks skull or Hamlets sword
Horse stopper
Outdoor event provision
Right you !
Belted areas
Designer Dior
Lovin Spoonful co-founder John
Nutrition expert
Poking fun at
PTA and NEA, e.g
Great minds think __
Casual short-sleeved shirts
Chauffeured cars, for short
Collies coats
Office document holder
Signs of impending trouble
Six of clubs, for instance
Skirts sewed border
Stress strongly
Was able to anticipate
With no commercials
__ beaucoup
*Machinists hole maker
*Romantic ideal
*Romantic outing for four
*Track event with batons
Attacking, as the fridge
Congregational Absolutely!
Fannie or Ginnie follower
For services rendered instead of cash
Full of ghosts
High seas bandits
High season on the Riviera
Holiday and Days
Its usually locked after parking
John, Paul and George: Abbr
Knock hard
L.A. Angels division
Meditative music genre
Night, in Naples
Period with 365 d?­as
Period, e.g
Players on the same side … and what the starts of the answers to starred clues can be
Ruby Dees husband Davis
Schoolbook, or much of its contents
Show affection to, as a dog
Stagecoach drivers Stop!
Steinway or Yamaha
The I in IV
The NFLs Browns, on sports tickers
Theater chairs
Under-the-sink fitting
What aces may count as
Adams significant other
Adding to
April, in Agincourt
Auuugust, in Alma
December, in Dorval
February, in Fabreville
Fibre from coconut shells
Fibrous barks
Flavour saving chem
Four, to Fabius
Good, to Gregoire
Jail yard weapon
July in Joliette
June, in Jonquiere
Like an imaginary monster
March, in Matane
May, in Mont Joli
Minimum or minute for short
Ministerial asst
Musicall entertainment org
News agency with global reach
Sail boat
Saint Lucia or Sri Lanka (abbr.)
September, in Sept Iles
Something given (asd a concession)
Suffix for bird or book
Suffix for social or vandal
The R in RPM
Word after old or two
____ Hari
Riveting poster woman
AC stat
Author/philosopher Hannah
Cabinet dept. honcho
Collaborator with Cahn and Sondheim
Cry in cartoons
Hit by a Kentucky basketball player?
Hit by an NFL defensive back?
Hit by the 43rd president?
Hit in Honolulu?
Hit in Scotland?
One of Lincolns Team of Rivals
Pine, e.g
Pop-up-blocking program
Reviewer Roeper
Seconders opinion
Slangy dissents
Sonnet ending?
With a lot of spunk
With plenty of pixels
Amidst place settings for experts
As usual, youve heard this before from the fiction writers and nothing has changed
Can leave champions down in the dumps?
Cats get away from leaf insect – it behaves like a cat
Got upset at school – someone was using them to test the waters
Is this how one would walk through how to upset The Cats besides turning over the favourites?
Its similar to one of those in 12 across calling for school supports
Laidback writer is in the process of changing places – its not a good career move
Most of 24 down is with Government faction
Most of the affectations one associates with sailors or one of those highflyers
Nigella isnt in bowling alley – this suggests a wind-up?
One of those involved in underground movement, for example, recalls writing most of the proposed legislation
Players for a time expect to go on a charm offensive perhaps
Position all players want as an afterthought
Presumably, they have a fire drill down there and of course its an eyesore
Representative centres of Official Unionist cynicism
Sample of Gershwin karaoke is eye catching
School wont make progress very fast with this manoeuvre and how is one expected to read that?
Studious lot, for your information, confused by group
Stuffing in Iraqi bistro is for one of the birds
The writing by the majority leads to acrimonious tension and is bound to turn up the heat
Tormenting cow on fashionable grassland summit
Beautiful queen who ruled Egypt with the Pharaoh
Crustacean such as woodlouse
Empty space between things
Eyeglasses with a long handle
Fleshy fold of mouth tissue
Hitchcocks speciality
Introduce, put in
Latin epic by Virgil
New York railway
Non-military person
Of the European mountains
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