Crosswords Answers 2017-2-11

Deliciously Different sloganeer
Her ___ (Miss Saigon song)
How stupid am I!
___ a broken heart: Dickinson
1973 Tony nominee for A Little Night Music
2007 N.A.A.C.P. Image Award winner for Inside Man
Barrymore and more
Be a wannabe
Challenge for a barber
Clip, say
Contractual problems?
Covers with some rolls
Deducts from
Distinctive features of tamago gohan servings, in Japanese cuisine
GPS generation: Abbr
Have no accomplice
High-rise pants and horn-rimmed glasses, say
Its way over your head
Just deserts for misconduct
Key figure in saving New York City from bankruptcy
Language traditionally written without spaces between words
Like a zebras mane
Like some catches and crashes
Lovesickness, e.g
Netted, in a way
Not miss ___
One of two party leaders
Part of many a submarine
Power-packed engine
Resident of the Corn State
Response to Not now, often
Salted away?
Satiny quality
Ship or plane part
Short write-ups
Shouts heard at a rodeo
Something needed to raise the bar?
Squats strengthen them
The end of Caesar?
Things weighed in pounds?
Treat eaten with a spoon
Unit of rain or ice
Wharf workers grp
___ comparison
…she loves ___
Cant Fight the Moonlight singer
Im up for it!
The Blacklist org
Alec Waughs little brother
Alight in an Asian island capital?
Allen Telescope Array org
Anaphylaxis treatment, for short
Andean grazer
Attack that brings the war to a close?
Authorization for the exterminator to employ rodenticide?
Bad for growing
Blushes, e.g
Boxers Mayweather and Patterson
Canary confines
Capital on the River Lagan
Chiromancers study them
Christie, e.g
Co. in the Dow since 1979
Colt, later
Comes into existence
Craft services spread?
Creed makeup
Crusoes profound companion?
Cup before the barista fills it?
Depicts in hieroglyphics, e.g
Diverse ecosystem
From Machu Picchu
Geometric crescent
Gloucester glassful
Goldas defense minister
Hajjis deity
Home of eight runways
Insignificant bit of prestige?
Island with a population of about 100 million
Join an exodus
Kennedy and Lincoln: Abbr
Language family including Arabic and Hebrew
Lauren Bacalls Key Largo role
Masterwork by a French painter?
Most common Vietnamese family name
Munch subject
Owl utterances
Perfumed pouch for counteracting odors from outside?
Philosophical question
Prince Harry, in 2000
Proscription from a chef who cant stand eel?
Queen Annes line
Rockets great Ming
Sharons TV co-star
Spot for a guest
Submissive sort
Sustained popularity
They fall in fall
They live in a hole in the wall
They make the coffee
Theyll help you get your balance
Theyre easy to catch
Top trump in skat
Union Elevator Works founder
Valuable trump
Without missing ___ (confidently)
Aerobics class word
Baby of a bald bird
Baseball slugger Pujols
Blunt fencing foils
Book inserts
Clickable desktop symbol
Dep. opposite, at airports
Foot measure
Groups of countries in a special alliance
Hairdos that dont live up to their name
Having the required skill
Heavy beer drinker on Cheers
Hindu gurus
Houses for clergy
Is a consumer?
Jungle primate
Like a thick, deep-pile carpet
Lisping Louies favorite B-movie weapons?
Little pig (var.)
Long-running fight
One who died for a cause
Opposite of lose
Origami sheet
Outcast of long ago
Print shop measures
Proofers never mind mark
Quiet Excuse me
Raised seam or skin mark
Rhyming piece of work
Russian leader up to 1917
Section of glass
Slowly crumble from weather
Small Java program
Small lock of hair
Sound that breaks a hypnotic trance
Spinning woodshop machine
Stan of superheroes
Teenagers facial disruption
Tennis great Kournikova
V-formation creatures
Violent dance pit
What all great inventions begin with
What Lisping Louie did while idle?
What Lisping Louie would do when being congratulated?
What to do in a long line
White coat that could give one the chills
Word between single and married names?
. . . your point is?
For gosh ___!
Git ___ (words to a 22-Across)
Harry Potter reporter Skeeter
Lords a-leaping count
Superfood berry
10-point Arial bold, say
1950s presidential campaign slogan
Answers, on Jeopardy!
Baggage-screening org
Banshees laments
Becomes inedible, maybe
Carried in a sack
Consequence of oily skin
Displaying intense anger, maybe
Emoticon arc, for short
Figure in a sum
Filmdoms Italian Stallion
Flirting, in a way
Gets slippery, as a road
Hoovers agents, for short
In a poor manner
Left the sack
Like good scotch or cheddar
Mental misstep
MLB or NFL team
Name in lightweight metals
Nickname for 47-Downs portrayer
Nobles estate
Number of Ws in this diagram
One of rocks Van Halens
Part of a Scroogian outburst
Participates in the rioting
Patrolling a neighborhood, say
Porcine tusker
Pres. Davis side
Puck or checker
Reindeers relative
School attended by Prince Harry
Sing like a sparrow
Stray on the range
Surfboard nicks
Target of John Dillinger
The FBI may have one on you
Tuxedo shirt accoutrement
Typeface similar to Helvetica
Vivian who played Ethel Mertz
Wasnt in the lineup
Wiretappers plant
Word on a picketers sign
Words that may be irregular
A bit more than three light-years
Give a new handle to
Lisa of Friends
Movie job
Raise an auction price
Safari chiefs
Target of modern mapping
Vicu?±as cousin
Composer Schubert
Crunchy Hawaiian treats
Summer picnic dish
A Visit From the Goon Squad Pulitzer winner
80s Portfolio designer
A newspaper might open one to the public
Advantageous jumps
All-time top-selling trio
Alternatives to handlebars
Arabic word for friend
Beverage bought in Britain
Bodies, in biology
Botanical extension
Brand extensions?
Clothing store suffix
Compact contract
Competitor of St. Pauli N.A
Cooper creations
Cutting-a-rug figure
Dom P?©rignons winery
Drum heard in Shankar recordings
Ella Fitzgerald Award recipient of 2014
Extended period, hyperbolically
Get out of bonds
Give wise remarks
Governorate across the gulf from Somalia
Groom at a 2009 Kardashian wedding
Group with the Our Wild America campaign
Iroquois copter, to soldiers
It has a Candy Corn limited edition for Halloween
Jacks, for example
Make a bed that youll soon lie in
Mountains or heaps
Moved items on a page
New Age reading material?
Northern Cyprus money
Often-squelched thing
One-on-one request
Original Soft Spread purveyor
Perform perfunctorily
Popular college course?
Pouty pose
Pressing to the max
Primordial blame-shifter
React to a riot
Revealing ritual
Samurai hairstyle
Skeptic-stunning success
Some Softsoap stuff
Sports laughers
Suitcase part
Term often applied to Hemingway
They have to be docked
They take things in
Total heat of a thermodynamic system
Treat with orange pieces
Turned about
USAF superintendents
Veggie-burger alternative
Word on the African nation list
Looking at all sides …
Making AIDS History org
The Barefoot Contessa Oscar winner Edmond
1776 battleground
30-Across in America
4-Down in France
Arboreal Amazon monkey
Brand in many a Moscow mule
Bug zappers?
Busy Las Vegas area
Car in a King title
Carrier to Beijing
Cell notice
Cooler tenant
County in Ulster
Crew tools
Ed. basics
Edsels father
Fuchsia cousin
Georges, par exemple
Green Smoke product
Mark for good
Metaphor for obvious protrusion
Multi-purpose shortening
Nada : Nogales :: __ : Reims
Patriot target
Poker telecast equipment
Pommes frites seasoning
Question at an alumni gathering
Scrapple ingredient
Second-largest Middle East country
Slap spot
Some broken pegs, or where theyre found
Sushi bar appetizer
Theyre high on the Scoville scale
Theyre sometimes black
Tijuana addr
Tiny, in a tiny way
Title of respect, in Tokyo
Weisz of The Constant Gardener
Word with leg or elbow
Assuredly …
Dont you love farce? My fault, ___ … (Send in the Clowns lyric)
Get a little closer sloganeer, in the 1980s
The Bride Came ___ (Bette Davis movie)
Adams of Arrival
Bill Withers hit of 1972
Call to ___
Canine dad in Disneys 101 Dalmatians
Circle meas
Culture of East Africa
Deighton who wrote The IPCRESS File
Dispensers of wisdom
Genesis fratricide victim
Hall of rock
Honeyed spirit
Its cracked by cryptologists
Like some drones
Like some glitter
Loading dock platform
Math subj. where tangents are relevant
Musical whose Roger is modeled after Puccinis Rodolfo
Mysterious radar blip, for short
Name on many furniture assembly instructions
One end of a sectional sofa, often
Pejorative label for a staffer at an Apple Store Genius Bar
Politician whose tenure is ending
Prompt with the index finger
Savonarola in 1497 Florence, e.g
Slip into a closet, maybe
Solo instrument in Brittens Six Metamorphoses after Ovid
Sound made by lions and tigers?
Soup-in-an-envelope brand
Sport in which touches are registered electronically
Take to the links
Thing denounced by a 52-Across
Throws from outfielders, often
Torch-lit party, often
Where many French classes convene
___ mess (British strawberries-and-cream dessert)
20 down is a revolutionary thats a problem for The Hearing
Accommodated those with big heads and made a lot of noise about it
All around address in African country with weapons
Answer to car levies its said leads to strikes
Bring up article to offend a foreign detective – and get some help from the angels
Buggy grabs red or green tops with a bit of application
Called on one of those keeping a grip on boxer in the gym from top division
Characters in episode allowed to sell drugs
Containing Barcelona within the centre circle, for instance
Couple of thousand linked to a forefathers squeeze?
Demanded pals get off rope ladders
Efforts of jockey in Ascot
Enthusiasm of French parent
Foreign politician in setting up charter gets direction from church
Get rid of the dry white wine – its way passed its best-before date
Granny Smith hasnt anything to address
Had expectations of hothead setting up depot briefly
Hazards in muddy gardens
Its covered up by Politburo administration, of course
Lock up escape artist from one of the canals?
No intent in Tinseltown to reduce speed
One of the burglars gets half of 25 across
Parent at Harlem riot gets to call the cops
Prepare future generations for type of air coming off spring
Red or blue lodge?
Run out of geraniums for paintings
Some friend is horrified by whats handed to them on a plate
Stock of cold beer holding heads that tantalise
Superior to commission on the radio
Theyre passed in the house by the banks accountants
Author of Pride and Prejudice
Japanese form of ritual suicide
Japanese word for a pleasant savoury taste
Made sounds like a dog
Muhammad …, former boxer
Placed in peril
Separates and goes in different directions
Small beetle, crop pest
Times between acts
(Scottish) family group
Back to front
Container for cut flowers
Defining more clearly ??” war on drowning (anag)
Father of Beatrice and Eugenie
Felt uncertain
I am to blame!
One who checks accounts
Rocky Mountain High singer-songwriter, d. 1997
Rub clean with a circular motion
South African antelope ??” Sudanese city
Very feeble