Crosswords Answers 2017-2-10

Im telling you the truth
NewsHour airer
Peanuts alter ego
Sexiest job of the 21st century, per Harvard Business Review
You know so-and-so, too? How about that!
After Tetris, the second-best-selling video game of all time
Alternatives to plugs
Assent for 61-Across
Bout of feeling sorry for oneself
Certain barrier to entry
Co-star of Some Like It Hot
Comedian with the 2016 memoir Born a Crime
Concerns for sociologists
D.C.s ___ Memorial, site next to West Potomac Park
Directors cry thats said with a pause
Docs subscription
Does some hosting, briefly
Enemy of ISIS, with the
Epiglottis, for one
Europes Gulf of ___
Fold, in a way
Graze, for example
Historic isle in the Tyrrhenian Sea
Its hardly a breath of fresh air
Lamb, e.g
Librettist for Verdis Otello and Falstaff
Navy enlistee, informally
One involved in job cuts?
One might be made with a handshake
Ones whose assent is 26-Across
Oscar-nominated actor who has written several humor pieces for The New Yorker
Planning to, informally
Practice for combat
Run low on juice
Seducer of Josef in Kafkas The Trial
Seek refuge at
Stat for David Ortiz
Tended to, as a baby
Top go-to
Waiter outside a seafood restaurant, maybe
Wardrobe item for which Obama claimed he was unfairly maligned
Good Morning Starshine show
Slaves of New York writer Janowitz
*It led to Batistas overthrow
*Monopoly token choice
*Really abysmal
*Tootsie Woodleys best friend
*Where to view Calders Vertical Constellation with Bomb
1974 role for Marty
Believer in the Great Pumpkin
Bradys bunch, familiarly
Checks, as ones figures
Civil rights activist Baker
Dark marten
Dollar drawer
Family who brays together?
Feeling superior
Get smart, in a way
Haggard title
How dogs kiss
Jason who played Lucius Malfoy
Last remaining bit
Mammal whose young is a cria
Man in the second rank
No Child Left Behind dept
Pessimistic prediction
Pieces for one
Plain of Jars location
Roy Rogers part
Sei diviso per due
Site for a flying start
Some company jets
Storybook villains
Titan, for one
Window closer, at times
Woolworth Building architect ___ Gilbert
___ the kill
Before of old
The Flintstones time period
10-Down weapon
Artistic light touches
Bold observer on a beach
Busy bee in early April
Creature like Shrek
Crowned headwear
Drivers licenses, birth certificates, etc
Easy swinging gait
Emulate a shocked persons mouth
Enjoy a hot bath
Entertainers Stone and Stallone
Extensive, drawn-out attack
Fizzles out, as a fire
Gets on a train
Hang, as curtains
Largest Norwegian city
Minding not just your own business
Much in the same vein as
Much-longer-than-usual film
Nepals capital (var.)
New England fishes
Nose divider
Noted British race course
OK to Johnny Law
Removes skin from
Set ___ (plan for an accomplishment)
Some church renditions
Starchy pudding stuff
The definition of secondhand store (Part 1)
The definition of secondhand store (Part 2)
The definition of secondhand store (Part 3)
TVs McBeal
Type of sign or its gas
Typical 10-Down dwelling
Used a cab
What a comic strip lightbulb indicates
___ over (hardening)
I pass, in poker
Lovely meter maid of song
Sleigh Ride sound effect
That is to Caesar
Winning ___ everything
52-Across denizen
Act rudely in line, say
Bellhops workplace
Belt-driven auto parts
Blue gemstone that exhibits asterism
Brown dog breed
Compass lines
Degree holder, informally
Facebook calendar entry
Food court frequenter, say
Franks pal in the comics
Grab with a cocktail fork
Group of groupers, say
Home-brew vehicle, perhaps
ID on an IRS return
Instrument for Broadways Phantom
Iraqs principal port
Is a good Samaritan to
Just get by
Kinshasas land, formerly
Legume used to make hummus
Lollipop leftover
Necklace spheroid
Of major concern
Place for a cotter pin
Place for steaks and chops
Playmate of Tigger
Prudent judgment
Reggies rival for Veronica
Road crew goop
Seek help at the reference desk
Sherpa, to a mountaineer
Shops with scales
Some bedroom sharers, for short
Soup kitchen offering
Starbucks vessel
State decisively
The Clinton ___
The upper femur is part of it
Tidbit in chip dip
Wears a puss
Word before football or rock
___ bull (kind of decree)
Bocelli or Caruso
Book by Sherwood Anderson
Dres music
Fall wide of
Stormy Weather singer Lena
Aaron Burr, __ (Hamilton song)
Pocket rockets, in casinos
Seven Samurai setting
Tour group
Wonderfilled treats
A to B, musically
Abbr. like Srta
Bit of a spreadsheet
Board posting
Breed thats a someday anagram
Brits bullion coin
Celestial figures
Certain Handel bars
Clearance, possibly
Does the pitching
Flash of energy
Inscrutable ones
Largest city on the Mississippi
LeRoy Neiman subject
Major lumber user
New Mexico attraction
Nietzsches self-disrespectful thing
Ramshackle boat
Rice + broth concoction
Role for Natalie and Julie
Scrap or scrape
Softest rocks
Soprano role since 1935
Step in Rio
Stylistic expressions
Theyre at the bottom of 37 Across
Theyre at the top of 37 Across
Thoroughbreds ancestor
Thousand __, CA
Time open: Abbr
Vera Miles, in Hitchcock
What a certain grinder can remove
What surrounds some spreads
Where a cap is kept
A Midsummer Nights Dream ?
As You Like It ?
Hamlet ?
Twelfth Night ?
Alcove near the chancel
Berkeley sch
Bing provider
Chincoteague females
Collision repair franchise
Drawing toy in Toy Story
Explorer who named the Pacific Ocean
Fleece finder
Fluorine or chlorine
Food chain letters
Great white cousin
High priests
In perfect order
Its taken in schools
Lipo target
Name on the cover of Fear of Flying
Newsworthy couple
One keeping track of court proceedings?
Pribilof Islands locale
Simple marine plant
Simple wind
Some expirations
Stage of grief
State tie of New Mexico
Swaddled one
Tech sch. that filed for bankruptcy in 2016
Tennis nickname
Tool in a legendary electricity experiment
What a round increases
When to call, in ads
Word on a movie ticket
Chicago and Jersey Girl studio
Put on the dog or scaredy-cat
Taste the Feeling cola
That your opinion?
The Muppet Show percussionist
Your majesty alternative
Airborne offense
Apt rhyme for sip
Bobby who sang Mack the Knife
Bragg or Bliss
Brilliance stats
Call screener on Frasier
Campaign commercial request
Charge after a failed Breathalyzer test, briefly
Emotion at a magic show
Ewes youth
Fertility figure
Fruitless fuss
Funnel-blossomed flower
Germophobic comic Mandel
Grasp the punch line of
Hamlet or Ophelia, by birth
Home for koi
Home or bed suffix
Humorist contemporary of Mark Twain
Its first rental fleet included Model Ts
Like a flamb?© dish
Meat in a blue can
Nashville vocal quality
North India state
Not perfectly vertical
Oldsmobiles final release
Oniony garden herbs
Ooh and ___
Party game with a list
Piece at Popeyes
Plumber in video games
Prone to bumbling
Salespersons minimum goal
Sippy cup holders, often
Smoothness symbol
Some distance removed
Squid liquid
Sticks out of sight
Sturgeon-supplied spread
Subject of Lennons Woman
Sunbathe excessively
The Bee Gees genre
Theyre not quiche eaters, supposedly
Town-painting color
Type of mortgage, and a description of the first four letters of 20-, 36-, and 42-Across
Came down hard on political party flipping over Ulster calls for silence – it has a bearing
Carries on with plays and leads under pressure
Classy type of duty to switch from leaders of mature years
Couple of fools from the heart of Nottingham responsible for hit after hit
Escort finds article pessimistic – its what youd expect a bird with big eyes would do
Finish 19 down to get wind of recovery
Have just about enough of Tweet from central lobbyist
Head honcho in police department gets note with reprimand
How is darling pleased with the amount of the sweetener?
Is terrible? Is wrong? Is seductive!
Its about what the secretary will do to confirm a password
It?s a tonic to work in the museum covering what I?ve not finished
Kiss model with long stride coming down the mountain
Nerve of guarantee covering foreign party
Number on account is associated with debts of resolute patient type
Polish detective outside school offering opportunities to ring stations
Produced Hustle and Sherlock Holmes, for example
Protestor opts out or is back in?
Provides a good view of Bill leaving benefit for Spike
Revolutionary paramilitaries welcome peace summit on top of Clare Island
The Mexicans, for instance, have been in California for a long time
Turns up in the middle of The Mikado broadcast from Osaka first – that should suit Mrs Fujimoto
Wants to empty residence of rice
Enclosed piece of land or area of endeavour
Making a great effort
Scene I set up for the relatives
Strong and bright, colour perhaps
Thin slices of bacon
Violently fast stream of water
The Guardian – Quick crossword No 14,590 – Feb 10 2017
The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,117 – Feb 10 2017