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Crosswords Answers 2017-7-27

Hamlet division
Im shocked!, in a text
The Wind in the Willows creature
___ Town
*Enjoying first-class amenities, say
*One looking to become rich
*Wind speed metric
Any vessel, traditionally
Biblical book preceding Zeph
Big name in lawn care
Bill of Southwest legend
Blender setting
Blues-rock group that grew out of Jefferson Airplane
Canopy support
Civil unrest approaching anarchy
Device releasing particles
Euripides tragedy
Expenditures of time and energy
Fend (off)
Figure kept in the head, usually: Abbr
Figures on CBSs Code Black: Abbr
Galley part
Game animals, for some
Genre for Philip K. Dick
GPS data: Abbr
Have charge temporarily … or a hint to answering this puzzles three starred clues
Historic Normandy event
It may be long, twisted or hollow
J. M. ___, The Playboy of the Western World playwright
Kitchen meas
Legal ___
Like many volcanic fumes
Like most taxicabs
Member of a Great Basin tribe
Mentioned previously
Moving aspect of urban life?
Nabisco brand since 1912
Ogden Nash specialty
One end of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, informally
Out of place, in obstetric parlance
Right-hand page
Sally ___
Seasonal woe
Seek water, in a way
Small bay
Some real estate business
Songstress Lena
Sound in Washington
Split apart
Sports team employee
Strong point
These, to Goya
Things mined in Cleopatras Mines
Tough slog
U.N. Security Council permanent member: Abbr
What might be written to a famous person
Word with can or season
Yet, to Hamlet
Young salamanders
Works for me!
Bow in movies
Capital southwest of Gibraltar
Carbonnade, e.g
Competition begun in the mid-1950s
Crumb claimer
Cujos affliction
Decorate a copperplate
Deli delicacy
Driving-amid-obstacles competition
Dye group
Early birds, say
Equivalent of four roods
Fancy do
Firefox feature
Get on the soapbox
Grounds for a Medal of Honor
Hit the buzzer?
Home to some wild camels
Iron targets
It may be shot in the open
Lacking life
Letter three after 57-Down
Letter three before 15-Across
Like much blues music
Many an emailed document
Mineo of movies
One can perform a giant swing on it
One Israeli out of five
Onetime Edison employee
Paleozoic, for one
Potent java, slangily
Potter, for one
Prussian preposition
Put away
Reactor part
Ready for shipping out
Receptionists reassurance
Repeated five times, a song by 1-Across
Ring outcome
Sea spot
See 50-Across
Set higher standards, and what you must do five times in this puzzle
Shuckers workplace
Solemn words
Spot for MacBook medics
Stadium surface
Stiff 17th-century collars
Stud feature
They speak up
Took for the summer, perhaps
Virtual journals
Was attractive
Opposed, to Jethro
Whiz starter
Actor Humphreys nickname
Arrange again
Asian border mountain range
Become painfully dry, as lips
Beer variety
Capital on the Baltic Sea
Carney or Garfunkel
Cassette recorder spindle
Certain organ donation site
Chases off
Choosing and following
Cold Adriatic wind
Common can material
Conclusion to a fable
Covered with packaging
Creative code anagram
Depletes, as a supply
Displayed drowsiness
Dizzying designs
Dress ending
Drink offered by a caddy
Fade away, time-wise
Fitting or suitable
Flowers in a poetic pocketful
Follow, as advice
Garment label
Gas in a bright sign
Handel bars?
Its a shot with a kick
Jackie of Rush Hour
Ledger maintainer
Like the Who, once
Links score to shoot for
Little donkey
Lying adjacent to
Marriage symbol
Matures, on the vine
Molecular evidence
Not vegetable or mineral
Older prom attendee (var.)
Organs at 34-Down
Palo ___, Calif
Pending, in law
Period of history
Pierce with a stake
Pronoun for a filly
Provider of many colors
Singular blueprint detail
Ski hill transport
Some Greek letters
Something to hatch
Swedish rug type
Talk foolishly
Thespians whisper on stage
Things frequently shipped from Georgia
Thread holders
Uncommon objects
Wild cat with tufted ears
Word after fear or have
Henry and June diarist
Im in indicator
Pretty please?
Put a tiger in your tank! brand
Abbr. near an audio input
Abroad, perhaps
Act the shopaholic
Adopted son of Claudius
Adoptee from a shelter
Baseballs dead-ball ___
Before curfew
Best imaginable
Boers migration
Braggarts trait
Butler, to Gable
Clock tower sounds
Craven who directed Scream movies
Device on an automatic door
Diplomatic skill
Does more than talk about
Dowdy sort
Elder, the first African-American to play the Masters
Entry after Bats on a baseball card
Fastball, slangily
Feature of a viol, but not most violins
Fjord, for example
Furniture unit with safety rails
Home plate umpires concern
Hoopster who starred in Kazaam
In need of liniment
Jets and Sharks of moviedom
Kennel call
Like a fleabag hotel
Many a Club Med locale
Mars, Venus or Jupiter
Marshy areas
Mob turncoat
Neighbors of delts
No longer mint
Opened, as with a box cutter
Overrun, as vermin
Page with viewpoints
Parameciums propellers
Part of IPA
Pinched pennies
Prefix with byte or hertz
Protects, as in a museum
Riveter painted by Rockwell
Salon supplies
Sams Choice, to Walmart
Shoemakers tool
Site of a shipwreck, perhaps
Societal goofball
Source of slag
Stuffed ___ (Jewish dish)
Tacks on
Talent agent Swifty
Telegraphic punctuation
The basics
Up the proverbial creek
Word after NASCAR or deadbeat
Word that can precede the first parts of 17- and 60-Across and 11- and 25-Down
Xs on frat houses
___ Bread (bakery-cafe chain)
Dancing with the Stars airer
Ladies dancing carol count
The Sound of Music song
60s NASA project
Actress Vardalos
Aromatherapy bottle
Arrive unexpectedly
Bad attitudes
Bards evil advisor
Barts brainy sister
Bishops hat
Bostons Mass __
Butte or mesa
Chamber music instrument
Comics bark
Commodities market offerings
Dickensian epithet
Do wonderfully
Draws upon
Fashion editor Wintour
Fiddler caller of rhyme
Folk-rock duo
Freshly formulated
Harpoon, essentially
In base 8
In darkness
Junkyard dog
Library patron
Lifelong local
Like Poe tales
Medal depicting Washington
Milk qty
Most people born in February
No longer owed
Personal bearing
Plaid-pattern fabric
Poise or patience
Public face
Rack up
Rank above viscount
Regarding birds
Sailors patron saint
Simones small
Some swim goggles
Sound of a Maltese or motor
Status follower
Surfacing stuff
Swarm member, maybe
Texters qualifier
Traditional Christmas dessert
What may hit tarps
Will Smith biopic
WWW bookmark
Dawn of the Dead (1978) director
Inka Dinka Doo singer
Lets talk in my office
Oh, crud!
Spose so
The Urbz: __ in the City : video game
U R 2 funny!
*Billboard entry
*LensCrafters products
*Place to land when theres no land in sight
*Upright instrument in a bluegrass band
19-Across boss
Abstruse knowledge
At all
Bordeaux wine
Com can follow it
Come to terms
Compressed video file format
Cultural environments
First of a film series about Damien Thorn
First word of Massachusetts motto
Gershwin heroine
Give in
Hibernation spots
Hollywood family name … and what the answers to starred clues have in common
Irritating inconvenience
It may be nervous
Its often put on a dog
Like many steakhouse menus
Litmus reddeners
London bank?
Main artery
Marines NCO
Mauna __
Motown music
Neptunes realm
Official accts
Opposite of exo-
Parsons of Hidden Figures
Part of FYI
Post-Manhattan Project org
Selling points?
Short itinerary?
Son of Clytemnestra
Sounds of amazement
Specification regarding threads
Stag, for one
Street, in Stuttgart
Switchback feature
Taiwan-based computer giant
Turkish honorifics
Unmannerly sorts, in Canadian slang
Window box plant
Word in many hymns

Crosswords Answers 2017-7-26

Chicago simpleton ___ Hart
Esther …
Ken …
Luke …
Sadie …
The deadline has arrived
Yvonne …
2006 Supreme Court appointee
Align the cross hairs on
Ballpark fig
Bidens successor as V.P
Black-tie affair
British pol Farage
Camera type, in brief
Cant stomach
Components of some batteries
Cut, as with a letter opener
Drop in on
Eighth-century conquerors of Iberia
Fills with cargo
Fire drill objective
Fr. misses
General local weather pattern
Go public with
Guys square dance partner
Handles clumsily
Hindu on a bed of nails
In ___ of (replacing)
Keep under ones thumb
KenKen solvers need
Like a merino
Like all prime numbers but one
Like some stock trades, for short
Like some testimony and enemies
Many a September birth
Mineral plentiful in kale
Musical partner of Peter and Paul
Natalie Portman or Gene Simmons, by birth
Need ibuprofen, say
Not genuine: Abbr
Occupies, as a bird does a tree
Often-buggy software versions
On its way
One referred to as my hero!
One to whom you might say Gday!
Ore-___ (frozen food brand)
Play ___ with (do mischief to)
Plays for a sap
Pulitzer winner Ferber
Queen of the Nile, briefly
Rambler maker of old, for short
Reason to earn a badge
Response to Knock knock
Rolling ___ (wealthy)
S.S.N., e.g
Scale unit, in most of the world
Second-most-populous nation
Shelter rescues, e.g
Squeeze moisture from
Stepped heavily (on)
Subject for gossips
Tucked in
Typeface similar to Helvetica
Vegas numbers game
Washington establishment, so to speak
Where Dorothy and Toto are from
Whodunits essence
Witchy woman
Yellowstone has more than two million of them
___ metal (1980s music subgenre)
Be that as ___…
Crocodile Hunter Steve
Your Body Is a Wonderland singer John
Zip it!
3-D test
Aces objective
Agile aquatic animal
All there
Bergens Mortimer
Blue dye
Bookstore section
Bygone hoops grp
Classic cinema
Cowardly Lions lack
Crowning point
Devil ray
Eligible for a master class
Feel bad about
Filling stations?
Good source of fiber and vitamin A
Grassy tracts
Have control over
Hiccup cure, supposedly
Icicle bearers
Initial cost
Inscrutable sort
Joule fractions
Kitchen add-on?
Know somehow
Lacquer layers
LeBrons birthplace
March time?
Menlo Park middle name
Not straight
Onetime colleague of Randy and Simon
Psychic power, briefly
Pump, e.g
Relaxing retreat
Relocation aid, and a description of its progress through this puzzle
Remorseful person, at times
Secy., e.g
Senator in space, in 1985
Space bar neighbor
Spirit of nature
Stressful endeavors
Supporters calls
They go with the flow
They were driven to work
Throw wildly
Tools for duels
Tsp. or gal
Walk all over
Wild guesses
Do what I say, ___!
Mama Cass
1998 De Niro film
2-Downs last name
Actress Arthur and others
B vitamin type
Bearing weapons
Berts sister of literature
Boises st
Browns via the sun
Bruce or Brenda
De-wrinkle clothes
Elevator innovators first name
Emerald Isle by another name
Father on a farm
Feeling of comfort
Friend of Aunt Bee in Mayberry
From a distance
Go shade
Graded, as school papers
Hacked ATMs on dairy farms?
Have some 21-Across
Heavy fishhooks
High IQ group
Insect aardvarks love
Japanese and Chinese, e.g
Keogh kin, in savings
La Scala solo
Lap dog, for short
Last letters
Legendary first name in jazz
Less-than-full amounts for containers
Long shooter
Mexican coins
Moved like goo?
Muslim title for some bigwigs
Not tall
Obviously ashamed
Ownership document
Part of NASCAR
Pigeon sound
Provide a makeup exam for
Provided by mouth
Providers of time-outs, briefly
River in Nebraska
Scottish girl
Senegals capital
Social outcast
Soft baby food
Sterilized sheet material?
Strong, fine-textured cotton fabric
Theyre fleeced without shears
Uses high-tech surgery beams
Vaporized sort?
Vertebrate unit
Wild, as an animal
Word with water or ring
Wall Street extras
Without question
World of Warcraft beast
___-Raq (Spike Lee movie)
1969 Miracle Mets series win, e.g
All steamed up
Amos with the hit album Boys for Pele
Bolshevik bigwig
Cabinet dept. launched under LBJ
Call in a waiting room
Carousel figures
Catamarans canvas
Celebritys go-between
Down-filled purchase
Dubai-based airline
Foes of the Minutemen
Fork-tailed shorebird
Glare reducer
Good to go
Has an outstanding tab
Head-covering sweatshirt
Itching, so to speak
Like a cheap speakers sound
Luau finger food
Mattel game based on Crazy Eights
Microwave component
Mid-December to early January, in college football
More draconian
Neighbors of coffee tables
Net judges call
North Atlantic catch
One may graduate with them
One of 78 in front of you
Pair that reaches the lower calves
Piglike in behavior
Player of the 28-Across in Jefferson in Paris
Pub pint
Q1 mobile phone maker
Reaches a coda, say
Revival shout
Rind-removing utensil
Scarfed down
Seam contents
Sidelines Gatorade server
Site that sells knitted hats
Spots Photoshopped out of school photos
Sprinkle from Tinkerbell
Sputnik launcher, briefly
Stand-up comic ___ C.K
Start of a Clement Moore Christmas poem
Subjects of many tabloid articles
Sweetie pie
Talent show segments
Tater ___ (frozen food item)
They may be in 11-Down
They may say Im With Stupid
Thomas Jefferson, in Jefferson in Paris
Tiny tunneler
Tobacco wads
Unmannerly sorts
Venomous snake with zigzag markings
Voting ___ (Amendment XXVI concern)
Word before vid or lit
Word that can follow the first parts of 17- and 58-Across and 11- and 33-Down
Dont go yet!
Advancing, as a troop
Air pressure meas
Ceasing action, as a troop
Corporate symbol
Desire to scratch
Element #5
Explosive initials
Fruit eater in Eden
Glaciers composition
Gullible accomplice
Heart chart, for short
Helps to a seat, slangily
Hole for a shoelace
Hollywood release
Honking fliers
In the manner of
Licorice flavoring
Metric weight
Move furtively
Narrow shelves
Not far from
Oolong or Earl Grey
Org. with launching pads
Perfect world
Pool hall game
Prepare to propose, perhaps
Pt. opposite NNW
Ran in neutral
Reach an agreement
Retreating, as a troop
Secure again, as a shoelace
Shout of surprise
Show false, as a rumor
Small fly
Steer clear of
Stereo records, for short
Strings of pearls, e.g
Thick chunk
Thick with vegetation
Took place
UFO crew
Urban thoroughfare: Abbr
Wall St. debut
Wristwatch faces
I swear!
Pygmalion playwright
There, there
Too bad we have to throw out this uneaten food
Woman in the Mists subject Dian
__ la France!
Astronaut Armstrong
Behind the times
Bennies band, in an Elton John hit
Bicycle maker turned automotive giant
Bikini tops
Blessing preceder
Bro kin
Chevy muscle car
Christmas encouragement
Condition caused by 31-Across, at times
Conflict with planes
D-Day beach
Darling of baseball
Doing nothing
Earl Grey, e.g
Final bio
First name in country music
Greek liqueur
Hair salon sound
Holey kitchen gadget
Hurls competitive insults
Iona, for one
Kind of collar or jacket
Listen to
Lotion additive
Many a Punjabi
McGregor of TVs Fargo
Mekong River land
Muppet who loves this puzzles four longest answers?
One of Emerils New Orleans eateries
Pet product also used for tire traction
Prickly shrub
Roman poet exiled by Augustus
Rooter for the Bulldogs
Searches for water
Setting for much of Moana
Shrill barks
Sicilian World Heritage Site
Sioux City state
Ski resort vehicles
Small IOU
Snake warnings
Taiwan Strait vessel
Tennis great Monica
Test ones metal
Time-traveling TV character
Trivia quiz fodder
Was positive
Way to go, per Horace Greeley
Word with room or center
Yucky guck
__ Baba

Crosswords Answers 2017-7-25

There will come ___ …
Baked brick
Call balls and strikes, informally
Captain Nemos vessel
Certain office desk setup
Chapel recess
Chef Emeril
Christmas ornament, e.g
Chrysler truck
Comment after a fortuitous happening
Cost to get in
Craft company with a 2015 I.P.O
Defendants entry
Didnt buy, say
Discharge, as from a volcano
Dr.s orders
Emotional state
End of August?
Enthusiastic response to Who wants dessert?
Equal at the start?
Evangelize … or what this puzzles circled squares do?
First female speaker of the House
Fly through, as a test
Frequently going from one post to another
Giga- x 1,000
Gold standard?
Haul on a U-Haul
He said that ambient music must be as ignorable as it is interesting
Highlanders headwear
Hip-hops Kris Kross or OutKast
Hounds hand
House of Elizabeth II
Ibsens ___ Gabler
Is a leadfoot
Isnt rigid in ones ways
It isnt recorded in a walk-off win
Jasons vessel, in myth
Knock dead at the comedy club
Like emotions just after a tragedy
Louisa May Alcotts ___ Boys
Model-turned-actress Rene
No holds ___
Note in the E major scale
NPR segment?
Nuisance in an online comments section
One voting to indict or not
Oral health org
Protective embankment
Puts in a box
Pvt.s superior
Shopping trip one may later regret
Shortening for a bibliographer
Sound of reproach
The Hartford competitor
Title canine in a Stephen King book
Toward the rear
Underside of an 8-Down
Variety show host of 1951-71
Vitamin whose name rhymes with a car engine
Was loved by
What gives you the right to bare arms?
Zo?« of Avatar
___ House (Washington landmark)
Fess up!
If you ask me… to a texter
Life of Pi director Lee
More or less
No ifs, ___ or buts
Sure thing!
___ Well That Ends Well
1975 Jackson 5 hit
Aaliyah hit The ___ Gave My Heart To
Austrians article
Basic skateboarding maneuver
Before long
Blue Jays pitcher Marco
Christian of Mr. Robot
Comic strip section
Construction site job
Do well
Dolphins Hall of Famer Bob
Edmonton NHL player
Fencing weapon
Fish on seafood menus
Gospel singer Adams
Graf who achieved a Golden Slam
Gruff character of fairy tale
Guy, informally
Hit the spot
Industry for Randhir and Karisma Kapoor
Instrumental theme from Beverly Hills Cop
Joins forces?
Man ___ (famed racehorse)
Martini garnish
Morning buzzers
Nasty fairy tale character
Nintendo avatar
Olympics squad in red, white and blue
Out of jail, conditionally
Partners of whistles
Pianist Gilels
Pilot Earhart
Plug away
Rhodes scholar, e.g
Ritchie Valens hit of 1959
River through Sudan
Sarges superior
Scary cry
Slimming surgery, for short
Small stream
SpaceX founder Musk
Squeezed the water out of
Struck with a sword
Tentative taste
The White House, to Teddy Roosevelt
Title boy in a Menotti opera
Tour for drivers?
Tricky stratagems
Trojan hero of a Virgil epic
Washing solution
Wave generator, of a sort
Web address
With pleasure
Wray of King Kong
You must be joking!
35-Across relative
An angler winds up using it?
Artist with acid
Bad signs
Bill of fare
Black, in medieval times
Calypso cousin
Canal or Great Lake
Chest sculptures
Clears, on payday
Committee type
Cyclists requirement
Dermatologists concerns
Detestable states
Doctors org
Dolly the Clones fashion line includes a ..
Endings for billion
Fits snugly
From that time
Have debt
Hit the mall
Indian lentil dish (var.)
It goeth before a fall
Italian volcano
Jar or shock
Meal supporter
Musial who was the man
Not express
One of Columbus ships
Paddle alternative
Pitching legend Paige
Pod occupants
Police car
Port-au-Princes country
Prefix meaning different
Pub missile
Punishing leather strap
Purchase for Verizon
Put on, as clothes
Roasters platform
Secretariats attractive invention is the ..
Sharers word
Shook in fear
Sixth sense
Spanish residence
Streaking space object
Thing that welcomes people
Took a nap
Trues once more
Turkish capital
Tweetys building company makes ..
Type of seed on a bun
Tzaras art movement
Upsilon follower
Wedding cake finisher
Without a male heir
Wood for a whiskey barrel
On the Waterfront director Kazan
Piece of cake!
Training garment
We tried everything
A way to read or wonder
Ages upon ages diagrams
Angry blog post
Atoll features
Backdrop for many ski chalets
Be a partner to Rocky, say
Biblical shepherd
Born yesterday, so to speak
Capitol feature
Car radio button
Champs-Elysees eateries
Classroom helper
Common mirror shape
Cornfield cries
Dirty rotten scoundrels
Dont dash off
Fabric purchase
Fall off, as support
Feminist DiFranco
Furtive attention-getter
Greeted the day
Grid play featuring a short toss
Hallmark buys
Homeowners alternative to gas
Hyde Park carriage
Ill will
Import with a four-ring logo
In the buff
Instrument in much Jethro Tull music
Intangible quality
iPhone display
IRS mileage allowance, e.g
Like a crash-causing PC error
Like par-5 holes
Many a book club selection
Many a Little Leaguer, now
Midafternoon break
Not so demanding, as a workload
Off-road rides, briefly
Old MacDonald, e.g
On the trail of
Place for an urban veggie patch
Pregame songs
President Chaim Weizmann was on its first flight
PVC baseboard, e.g
Random inspection
Sans-serif Windows typeface
Scroll material of old
Sculptors tool
Set of moral standards
Skin treatments at spas
Slow-moving creature
Small-but-loud songbird
Subdue at a riot, perhaps
Supplies a buffet for, say
Swiss painter of Around the Fish
Symbol for an app
Telling it like it is
Two-palms-down signal
Was a fink
When Romeo meets Juliet
Whom Rep. Keith Ellison worships
Word after black or covert
Word in a whalers cry
Yoga accessory
A likely story!
Lets start again
Old McDonald refrain
Aspen or Snowmass
BLT ingredient
Brand of electric car
Cowpoke competition
CPR experts
Dutch cheeses
Electrified swimmers
Epic poem by Homer
Farmers ground
Final or midterm
Find out about
Halloween mo
Japanese monarchs title
Lake near Niagara Falls
Letters after R
Marathon or sprint
Monotonous routine
Pause in the action
People not present
Perform in many cities
Performance thats repeated
Prehistoric reptiles, for short
Request for additional food
School kid
Stimulate, as curiosity
Superlative suffix
The Alps, for instance: Abbr
Tubular custard pastry
Typical kilt wearer
War horse
__ and grill (type of restaurant)
__ out (reaches a peak)
All you can __ : buffet sign
Ask someone else
Casablanca heroine
Dont have __! : Calm down!
In the Valley of __ : 2007 Tommy Lee Jones film
Superstar rapper __ Fiasco
Thatll be enough of that subject … and a hint to solving the answers to starred clues
The Godfather enforcer Luca
Well, gosh
What a shame!
*English Einstein?
*Gdansk gentleman?
*Pack animal carrying a Mexican treat?
*Royal passing rubber checks?
Bic Clic __ pen
Blood fluids
Brand with a Swoosh logo
Butter square
Calculate again
Chicagos time zone
Chirpy birds
Cincinnati team
Crimson Tide, to fans
Fail to enunciate
Farm machine
Feel sick
Fills fully
Fix, as a shoe
French silk
Honshu port
International accord
Just okay
Lesley of 60 Minutes
Lightning streak
Low singing voice
Mailing label abbr
Mailing label phrase
Maker of TimeCutter riding mowers
Metaphorical coin that keeps turning up
Miler or sprinter
More than a melee
On the quiet side, at sea
Ones inflicting humiliation
Painter Claude
Physicist Newton
Police rank: Abbr
Pooh Bears lament
Princess Leias last name
Saline sign of sadness
Shopping to beat the band
Shout of jubilation
Sign of a Broadway hit
Signs, as a document
Spanish this
Stop fretting
Suggestive sideways look
Surrounded by
Ten sawbucks
The Y of YSL
Theoretical matter involved in the Big Bang
Weather map line
Word before maiden names

Crosswords Answers 2017-7-24

Exodus hero
Oh, yeah? ___ who?
Sesame Street Muppet with wings and a magic wand
So thats your trick!
Thar ___ blows!
TiK ___ (Ke$ha hit)
With all ___ respect …
Alternative to a co-op
Ancient kingdom whose capital was Nineveh
Annoying insect
Applying thickly, with on
Back of the neck
Boxer George who lost the Rumble in the Jungle
Brand of pasta
Business for Delta or Southwest
Buyers bottom line
Capital of Minnesota
Carpentry tool
Celebratory shout
Church area
Churchgoers, collectively
Clothing retailer ___ Taylor
Competing with the goal of victory
Daredevil in the Motorcycle Hall of Fame
Effects counterpart
Excessively praised
Fast-food chain with the slogan Live m?¡s
Figure skating jump
Firefighters tool
Fisheye or zoom
Folk singer Guthrie
Fonda or Ford
Former full-size Buick
Green condiment served with sushi
Have a bawl
Helps with the dishes
High no. for a valedictorian
Hobbit played by Elijah Wood
Hyphens longer cousin
I love, in Latin
Lawn section
Less common
Milo of The Verdict
Mo. when daylight saving time ends
Molecule components
North Pole worker
Opposite of a life coach?
Ouzo flavoring
Overnight lodges
Parceled (out)
Pis first digit after the decimal
Playbill listing
Punk rocks ___ Pop
Ramen product
Rarin to go
Small bit of land in the ocean
Sound that a punch in the gut elicits
Taj Mahal city
The G of L.G.B.T
Took the wrong way?
What golfers with equal numbers of squares and circles on their scorecards shoot
Wisconsin city on Lake Michigan
___ Palmer (drink made with lemonade and iced tea)
Back in Black rockers
Bye Bye Bye boy band
Gone With the Wind estate
Rebel Without a Cause star
Smooth Operator singer
Who ___ to judge?
___ la Douce
Amazon Echos personal assistant
April shower?
Assemble-it-yourself furniture seller
Baby shower?
Baltimore seafood favorite
Be partial to
Big commotion
Big shrimp
Bread and butter, for two
Casino, to gamblers
Castile-born folk hero
Cold shower?
Contrary girl of rhyme
Contrary to expectation
Cricket player
Crow cry
Cyber Monday come-ons
Fly catcher
Freight weight
Galley tool
Game that goes into overtime, e.g
Gillette razor brand
Henry VIII had six
Home of the Magic
Honda luxury brand
Incredible stories often spread via social media
Jay of late night fame
Kuwaiti currency
Lay to rest
Long-eared equine
Med. plan providers
Medium for Matisse
Meteor shower?
Minor fights
Missing from military roll call
Neighbor of Isr
Nonreactive, chemically
One of the noble gases
Pizzeria fixtures
Plant with fronds
Pricey winter wraps
Provides with hay, say
Purple smoothie berry
Sacred service
Sauvignon ___
Shooter Shaquille
Shuttle setting
Somme summer
Song or slug follower
Strike caller
Sturgeon eggs
Suspects excuse
They hoot at night
Tightly defined
TVs Curry
Verizon acquisition of 2015
Writer Kingsley
Youngest player to reach 600 HRs
Puerto conclusion
___! It looks like rain!
Angry displeasure
Banned insecticide
Bar Mitzvah locale, often
Bathroom floor material
Bearskin and prayer, for two
Boorish type
British bloke
British tie
Camp shelter
Card game for three
Chimney deposits
Cincinnati pros
City in Michigan
Copenhagen coin
Duelists weapon
Editors mark
Goofed up
Greeks eighth letter
High school VIP
Hitchcock classic
Hoop part
Kentucky Derby barrier
Large marine duck
Lowermost deck on a ship
Lunched or munched
Make amends
Marked, as for a violation
Martian rover?
Mattress type
Narrate over
Nevada tourist city
Not well grounded?
Old-school jazz enthusiast
Olympic event with lunges
Oust, as from office
Perfect, as ones talents
Place for many pictures
Regains consciousness
Started the day, in a way
Taurus neighbor
Thin wood strip
Thing created by bees
Took, as a card
Type of range
Utah city
What an ex gets at a wedding?
Wintry frosts
Wriggly fishes
X, for Denzel Washington
Chance found on the outsides of 17-, 28-, 47- and 63-Across
River spanned by the Brooklyn Bridge
Thats it!
Acknowledged an anthem
Annual green event
Artery implant
Beginning from
Bio that lists survivors
Body shop offering
Bother incessantly
Bowling score sheet marks
Brainiacs antithesis
Bramble feature
Bringing into play
Butcher shop need
Certs purchase
Co-Nobelist of Rabin and Peres
College near Windsor Racecourse
Collins of rocks Genesis
Couch for a couple
Creator of Felix and Oscar
Creature on Wyomings flag
Dennys rival, familiarly
Drops on the grass clients wish
Epps of Shooter
Etchers fluid
First launch in the space race
Flips, as the Poseidon did
Gallery event
Genre with often-depressing lyrics
Gilligan was one
Grad students mentor
Harpo Productions founder
Hold the minority opinion
Holmes who played Jackie Kennedy
Huskies burdens
Knights title
Like a bodybuilder, during competition
Like some mortgages
Lose steam
Many Learjet passengers, for short
Measured off, in a way
Moving companys fleet
MYOB part
Netflix category
No. for an interoffice phone
Not so many
One of five (or six) journalistic questions
Onward in time
Osmond in Nutrisystem ads
Pantyhose ruiner
Part of a bird call
Partner of vigor
Place for a mud bath
Portfolio part
Puts into a snit
R&D rooms
Randomizer in many games
Response to Marco!
Result of a brainstorming session
Shower wall unit
The Seminoles school
Triathlon statistic
Usually deleted email
Wagon trails groove
Weapons for cavemen
Word following road or screen
Wordless performer
Wrigglers in reefs
Year-end card word
) and (, for short
A Great Lake
Abs-building exercises
Absolutely engrossed
And others: Abbr
Argue the pros and __
Barely at all
Baseball players hats
Craftsperson with wood
Dimes and pennies
Doctors open wide request
Fizzy, as a soft drink
Former vice president Al
Grade-school auxiliary org
Had dinner
Heart doctors field
Immigrants island
Jacket lapel flower
Karate cousin
Leave the premises
Long stories
Lose ones footing
Mexican So long!
Mix of metals
Naval noncoms: Abbr
Physical power
Poker pot starter
Slight residue
Small boat thats paddled
Small couch
Switchboard worker: Abbr
Takes a survey
Test-drive vehicle
The Flintstones era
Vapor from a teakettle
Weeding tools
Weighing device
Wise saying
City of New Orleans singer Guthrie
Greys Anatomy patient who proposed to Izzie
Hud actress Patricia
Sorta suffix
Actress Cameron __
Anthology of personal writings … and a phonetic hint to what is literally comprised by the answers of 17-, 23-, 46- and 56-Across
Antlered animal
Big name in field equipment
Brother of Cain
Charged particles
Chinese lap dog, for short
Composer Stravinsky
Computer antivirus brand
Confession to Who broke this?
Dugout rack lumber
Elite group
Final notice?
Flat-topped formations
Helped with the dishes
Highway off-ramp
Home of the NBAs Spurs
Home safety feature
Lennons lady
Lounge (about)
Madeline of Paper Moon
Major Can. city
Make, as money
Man the grill
More than a little heavy
Neon or Freon
Noggin in Nice
Not working
Original Tonight Show host
Over and done with
Oyster gem
Part of a flower
Part of IOC: Abbr
PC device also called a burner
Profits from
Red Muppet
Reverse of a hit 45
Saint Laurent of fashion
Sandwich initials
Shoot the ball, in hoops lingo
Ski lift
Small salamander
Stable father
Status symbol watch
Suffix with legal
Tasseled topper
Thesaurus abbr
Tomato type
Tommie of the Amazin Mets
Totally smitten
Transparent wrap
Treaters words
Walkman maker
Washington Nats div
Where Ali did his rope-a-dope
Wise guy
Wordless acknowledgment
Yannis genre
__ de plume
__ Lingus
A Cabinet Minister (abbr.)
Abnormal breathing
Asian pepper plant
Ball prop
Break a habit, so to speak
Charles Lamb alias
Christian youth org
Coin factory
Computer memory unit
Corner Gas creator Brent ____
Corrosive compound
Currency exchange premium
Due South actor Paul ____
Due South star Gordon ____
Emerald isle
Hebrew calendar month
Honolulu honker
Iconic Cdn. law enforcers
Leg part
Passports, and the like
Pepper partner
Play part
Reclaimed auto
Religious belief
Seeing Things performer Louis _____
Semitic fertility god
Tangerine and grapefruit hybrid
The Beachcombers star Bruno _____
The Border star, James_____
The Raven writer
The Road to Avonlea star Jackie_____
The ____ (Manitoba town)
Villeneuve concern
Wind at My Back star Charmione ____
_____ Diego

Crosswords Answers 2017-7-23

Born Sinner rapper J. ___
Dont ___ hero!
Please, Ill handle it
Sure, sign me up!
Wasnt that fantastic?!
Why are you looking at me? [4]
Will you let me have a taste?
___ and animals are free (party slogan in 1984)
11th-century campaign [4]
17,000+-foot peak near the Equator [4]
1940 Disney release [3]
Act on a sudden itch to be hitched
Agcy. that oversaw plants
American-born Jordanian queen
Band members main squeeze? [4]
Band members time to shine
Bleeping government org.?
Borgia who was an illegitimate son of Pope Alexander VI
Capital accumulation
Certain fire sign
Channel setting on many airport TVs
Cheap cooking implement
Clothing associated with Hillary Clinton
Copse makeup
Cut, Paste and Print
Dance craze of the 2010s
Dave of jazz [4]
Decoration for an R.A.F. pilot
Even (with)
Flip out
Flowers native to damp woods
Frankincense, e.g
French word between two surnames
Frequent Bosch setting
Fruity spirit [6]
Gets cheeky with?
Grp. with a mission
Guinea pig relative
Having as ingredients
Healthy [4]
Home of the Gallatin Sch. of Individualized Study
In public
Inits. in some parlors
Intl. commerce grp
Inverse trig function
Is from ancient Rome?
It may be seeded
Its inspired
Lewis ___, 1848 Democratic candidate for president
Like many pools and highways
Like some lawyers work [4]
Like the Greek god Pan
Like the Salt Lake Bees baseball team
Like, forever
Long range
Make airtight, in a way [4]
Mater ___
Message from the marooned
Monsters moniker
Move to protect the king, say
Much-swiped item
Musical talent
N.F.L.s Jaguars, on scoreboards
Naval noncoms
Nightshade family member [5]
One doing routine office work, informally [5]
One leading the exercises, for short? [4]
Ones from Mars
Org. behind the Human Genome Project
Original Veronica Mars channel
Others of ancient Rome?
Pedagogic org
Pioneer in computer chess
Poor Peoples Campaign organizer, for short
Praises highly
Prized possession [5]
Pulling off bank jobs [5]
Put in stitches
Rabbits foot
Rhyme scheme ending a villanelle
Roger who battled 13-Across
Sandwich inits
Short trailer
Singer Bonnie
Singer of a famous bath time song
Sugar suffix
Swamp swimmer
Take home
Teddy Roosevelt targets
The Big Pineapple [4]
They begin trading, for short
Title character in a 1943 French novella [6]
Toner cartridge contents
Took a breather
Totally LOL-worthy
Trophy figure
Try to sink ones teeth into
Unit around one foot?
Vain, temperamental sort [7]
Vote for
Whats lost in Paradise Lost
Where It. is
Woman who took a roll in ze hay in Young Frankenstein
___ song
Cannery ___
State of doubt (Beginning)
State of doubt (End)
State of doubt (Middle)
The ___-Bitsy Spider
Alpha follower
And others, briefly
Award for 7-Down
Back street
Bear in the sky
Book after Genesis
City in Nebraska
City near New Delhi
Cut into a trophy, e.g
Death notices
Employer, often
Epoxy kin
Fail miserably at the box office
Fishy organ
Gold, to chemists
Hades river
Home owners document
Horse guiders
It can make a Jaguar run
Lacking vitality or power
Lazy ones sin
Like a screened-in porch
Like some fingernails
Made, as a putt
Medieval menial worker
More contemptible
Nell, mistress of Charles II
Old home on the prairie
Previously, to poets
Relative of 29-Down
Robert who starred in Jaws
School paper
Slangy word for a sailor
Some degrees
Soon, long ago
Supreme deity
That partner?
Tribal fetish
Type of Latin music
Uses ones brain
Villains foe
Wear a long face
Weight without its load
All the Things You ___
I, Claudius emperor
Its about time!
Now! in the OR
Oceans Eleven caper
Adopt, as a stray
Chows down on
Clipper trio
Colorful parrot
Crank up, as a vintage car
De Niro movie with the line You talkin to me?
Degs. for suits
Dissenting voter
Drink often ladled from a bowl
E-magazine since 1996
Emus New World cousin
Fair in ones dealings
Freighters destination
Gently twist the arm of
Give a raspberry to
Highlight at a 31-Down
Holy aura
Leave off the list
Like Motown, to young music fans
Many WBA wins
Minnelli of Cabaret
Needing extinguishing
Not exceeding
One in the bleachers
One of a handymans set
One of the Indy 500s 200
Park pond denizen
Party tray tidbit
Patches, as a fairway
PC company that acquired Gateway
Performance with sopranos
Place for a mural
Places a gag order on, say
Publicity person
Radio Citys architectural style, for short
React to the cold
Reunion group
Scatter, as rose petals
Seismographic events
Selection in some polls
Short theater productions
Shrivel with age
Silk Road continent
Sitcom costar of Farrell and Farr
Skatepark fixture
Something a gossip cant keep
Sounds from a pigeon coop
Spheroid hairdos
Spice Girl who wed Beckham
Spot in the bleachers
Spring phenomena
Stable offspring
Superb, slangily
Talk trash about
Thorny situations
Too curious
Toon squeal
Touched terra firma
Two-toned marine predator
Unbeatable grade
Utmost effort
Waters of early TVs Beulah
Without exception
Absolument pas!
As You Like It forest
Caught ya!
Dr. Oz Show studio
I wanna do it!
Liberal pursuits
My Fair Lady heroine
Silas Marner author
110 Across land since 1991
15-year CBS series
64 Down setting
Absolute ruler
Actor McGregor
Air defense org
All riled up
Anchovy holders
Anticipated landing hr
Balloonists basket
Boggy area
Certain bow ties
Cold-cream additive
Composer Erik
Composer Vivaldi
Convex navel
Cornhusker city
Crude abode
Delete from a drive
Descriptor for this puzzles nine lands
Distinctive air
Draw __ in the sand
Dreaded task
Drink brewed outdoors
Ending for million
Existing: Lat
Fiscal subj
Fish at a brunch
Frat letters
French shout
Functioned as
Gelatin garnish
Goes (for)
Gulf War ally
Hair-color factor
Hankers (for)
High nav. rank
Hindu teacher
Homeric epic
Hydroelectricity agcy
Just sat
Kentucky potable
Land about as big as Rhode Island
Landscape medium
Leprechaun land
Lottery picks: Abbr
Many Louvre works
Multi-day prayers
No longer a secret, perhaps
Not well-thought-out
Novelist E. __ Proulx
Oldest 110 Across land
One end of the Khyber Pass
Overpoured, perhaps
Pastors nickname
Peg in a pros pocket
Piece cut from a cheese wheel
Potatoey appetizer
Potential voter
Prefix for economic
Prepare, as leftovers
Pretzel topper
Raison d__
Red Cross birthplace
Rest a while
Retail development
Reunion group
River of Orl?©ans
Roman hills complement
Shaped like lasagna
Smallest 110 Across land
Spot for slots
Starts the show
Tear to the ground
Trail everyone
Trio times three
Typical workweek start
Upper Volta, today
Visibly angry
Warm welcome
Whats heard after All those in favor
Wind-up watch part
Worlds largest 110 Across land
Zero, in soccer
Zoe of Avatar
Marines Hymn city
The Chronicles of Barsetshire author
The __ llama, / Hes a beast : Nash
__ wont work
20 hundredweight
2012 Best Picture
46-Across in English
65-Across, in Japanese
Adored object
American flag component, e.g
Anti-DWI org
Artist Magritte
Assembled for a cause
Baby swan
Backyard chefs equipment
Backyard chefs stick
Barn units
Beech family trees
Blog feed format letters
Brainstorming process
Brought up to speed
Brownish grays
Bugs that roll
Captain Hansen of Deadliest Catch
Change course suddenly
Clapton on guitar
Climate-disrupting current
Connecticut coastal tourist town
Cooks in a pan
Creating compelling characters, for a writer
Curveball relative
Cuts a little
Enter stealthily
Fallback plans
Father or son actor
Fern seed
Floored it, say
Fraction of a joule
Funny couple?
German candy brand
German composer Carl
Get under control
GPS displays
Gramps mate
Has no restraints
Have as a client
Hawaii County seat
Holes a very short putt
In said fashion
Is obligated to
Kabuki kin
Kipling title orphan
Leads astray
Less trustworthy
Letter closing
Like a jaybird?
Long-necked bird
Looks after
Lowly laborer
Lyrical works
Mass group
Math function
Northeast Nevada city
Notes from a loser, maybe
One way to start
Pasternak heroine
PC scrolling key
Petrol station sign
Phrase of individuality
Piedmont wine area
Plot device in TVs Fringe
Posh hotel amenity
Pound sound
Rd. often named for a state
Red or brown brew
Render useless
Seal after peeking, say
Secret rival
Sensory organ
Set for repairs
Sizable piece
Slender swimmer
Small amt. of time
Sneaky stratagem
Some Olympic trials
Sorority letters
Specifically designed poem
Starts of feuds
Strongly longing
Suffix meaning country
Sunday paper pile
They often follow also in dictionaries
Timberlakes old group
Title character inspired by Hearst
To wit
Tolkien tree creature
Tom Sawyers aunt
University town near Bangor
Western Nevada city
Wonder Dog of comics
Word often used before old
Working on the task
__ Island Red: chicken
__ Lackawanna Railway
Dust Bowl Troubadour Guthrie
Fantastic Voyage rapper
Into the Great ___ Open
Lets go crazy, lets get ___
Love is all around you, love is knocking outside your door band
Not So Soft DiFranco
Spirit Brit Lewis
___ It Is (To Be Loved by You)
86 Huey Lewis Stuck With You album
All-American Rejects This is the ___
Beatles Two ___
Black Crowes Only ___
Bob Dylan The ___ Me
Bobby Blue Bland If I ___ Called You Back
Brown and Townshend
Counting Crows ___ Begins off August and Everything After
Death metal focus, perhaps
Drug-addled rocker
Dylan lyric And the wind began to ___!
English bad boy Doherty
Hall & Oates album ___ Yeah!
Iconic Black Sabbath ___ Man
Janis Joplin classic
Kind of jar in front of bar band
Like John and Yoko on Two Virgins cover
Like Paul Simons Evening ?
Listener might have a short attention one
Lostprophets So sick of waiting, for us to make ___
Magic Dick of J. Geils instrument
Marilyn Manson The ___ Show
Metal singer Shamaya
Queen I Want ___
Queens of the Stone Age ___ by the Ocean
Rancid Give em the boot, the roots, the ___
Ricky Skaggs ___ Stranger
Sarah McLachlan Surfacing smash
Smash Gin Blossoms album ___ Im Sorry
Soft-rocking Murray
Spacehog ___ Kisses
Stage outfit side effect
Stones I ___ red door and I want it painted black
Story of the Year Anthem ___ Dying Day
The Used single ___ Awkward
Timberlake smash ___ River
W.A.S.P. The ___ God
What diva did
What entertaining band will do
What fan does when tall guy finally sits
What Kate Bush did in Your Lap

Crosswords Answers 2017-7-22

What is ___?
___ Fancy has been quelled: Longfellow
1950s song syllable
Actor Hunter or singer Hunter
Airport monitor
Ankh-holding deity
Application to a cut
Attempt to establish an online connection
Awesome successes
Baby blue, e.g
Be adequate for
Big role for Liz Taylor
Big-box store founded in 1946
Bistro offering
Bit of sports fan paraphernalia
Biting words?
Budgeters concern
Cartoon avatars on Snapchat
Certain social media notifications
Competitor of Mt. Olive
Confident to a fault
Cry of exasperation
Descend upon en masse
Dodgers pursuers
Does not disturb
Drive like hell
Exhibit flexibility
Fail to be
Home to the Museum of El Greco
Lead female role on Netflixs House of Cards
Lieutenant of 1970s TV
Like H-U-M-O-U-R
Major port near the Persian Gulf
Maker of hospital cuts
Manual sequence
Michael who directed The Insider
Monastery head
Much-mimicked entertainer
Ocean areas
Over and under, e.g
Pouring ones heart out at a coffeehouse?
Radiance, in England
Rockefeller Center muralist
Seminary study
Sensitive conversation topic
Shore line?
Show for which Laurie Metcalf won three Emmys
Single-serve coffee holders
Slip preventers
Smoother, now
Snapchats ghost, e.g
Some athletic footwear
Sports stick
Sportscaster Rich
Sticks in the mud
Sweepstakes exhortation
The ___ Store
U. 2s?
Wearer of an H-inscribed hat
What some caddies carry
Word before or after green
Words next to an X
Consider that a gift
If U ask me…
The Hound of the Baskervilles milieu
The Nazarene writer Sholem
Totally wicked!
1000 milligrams of vitamin C, e.g
ABA member
ABA members
American marsupial
Astronaut Cooper, familiarly
Aussie runners
Bay State seeks costumed cheerleader in a kilt
Bear in the air
Before, in poems
Bit of cocoa
Brooklyn hoopsters
Bunch of steps
Cal Ripken Jr., notably
Chopin composition
Clashes between cattlemen
Comfy slip-ons
Corner joints
Counterpart to trans
Derby derriere
Diamonds, e.g
Dog also called a Persian greyhound
Elizabeth Is house
Encircled by
Far and away
Fixes badly?
Fly off the handle
French silk
Fries, say
Future CEOs degree
Geometers diamonds
Girder type
Gooey treat
Grammy-nominated 2011 Lady Gaga song
Gush wildly
Has a knack for
Headquarters of the Siberian Cossacks
Heart of Dixie seeks vinyl-loving hobo
Hero by another name
Hitching hope
Ho Chi ___
Hold capacity
Invoice verb
Japanese paste
Jargon ending
King Abdullah IIs home
Lacking movement
Land of Opportunity seeks newly relocated merchant to increase competition
Last word of many a Trump tweet
Legal claim
Lets up
Like many music releases
Listless feeling
Lusty woodland residents
Marked for inclusion
Mother: Prefix
Mountain lions
Muse of astronomy
Nice friend
Not-so-skimpy skirt
Nyctophobes of sci-fi
Off in the ozone
Palmetto State seeks dumpster-diving vigilante
Passes through a membrane
Pelican State seeks hired thug for shallow body of water
Photographic film coating
Piracy haul
Political cartoonist Thomas
Portofinos surroundings
Potential plant
Pre-med prereq
Priestly Dumas character
Problem for Bourne
Queen who established the Spanish Inquisition
Reacts to a heartthrobs appearance
Remote location
Renewable promises
Salt facility
See 126-Across
See 47-Across
Seller of tie-in merchandise, often
Sharons Cagney & Lacey co-star
Shaving aisle brand
Ship made of wood from Mount Pelion
Show Me State seeks feline computer expert
Singer Stefani
Skimpy skirt
So far
Some Japanese spirits
Spruced up, perhaps
Stand-in schedule letters
Successfully resist temptation
Sunshine State seeks restroom attendant
Tanning spot
Theyre worth 6 pts
Top of the Egyptian pantheon
Traffic cop?
Turn a blind eye to
Volatile Sicilian fixture
WaterSense program overseer, for short
Ways with nos
Weight-to-height ratio, for short
Winter blanket
With 53-Down, salve additive
Zhivagos beloved
Let me think …
Psycho setting
Approximation words
Army bed
Biblical suffix
Bros sib
Called a cab
Car battery parts
Chatter endlessly
Choir member
Christianitys savior
College instructor (abbr.)
Cornells city
Decisive moment
Drifting chunk of ice
Far from tidy
Fortune-tellers cards
Frequently, in old poetry
Geographical measurement
Group character
Gun a motor
Had a phobia
Ham it up, in a theater
In a piercing manner
In a wise manner
Kermit, notably
Large coffee vessel
Like occupied bathroom stalls
Long, slender fish
Longest river in Europe
Loosen up
Male or female
Modify to fit again
More sudsy
Mother x 2
Mother x 3
Must, slangily
Negative Quebec vote
Network type
Note on the scale
One with trying times?
Only partner?
Oral traditions
Park and Fifth
Quite small amounts
Ready to come off the line?
Reversal for a driver
Romanian money
Rubbed raw
Single squad car
Sleepers breathing problem
Smoking wood
Soda container
Table scrap
Takes legal action
Tall Aussie bird
Teamwork inhibitors
Tina of TV
Whine and cry
Gay city in a Porter song
Me too!
1993 peace accords city
Aircraft and pharmaceuticals, to the U.S
Balboas creator
Batting coachs concern
Bay of Fundy phenomena
Be a wheelman for, say
Book titles place
Cant tolerate
Center ___ (hockey rink area, and a hint to this puzzles theme)
Chain whose product names may include umlauts
Comes into play
Components of many board games
Dealer in hot property
Dennis the Menaces dog
Ebenezer Scrooge and Scrooge McDuck
Eject, like a volcano
Electronically scored Olympics event
Exchanges vows with
Groening who created The Simpsons
Gum or rubber
Hazardous household gas
Horror director Craven
Howling mad
Killer serves
Land bordering the Caspian Sea
Letters on a chit
List-ending abbr
Loch in tabloids
Log splitters hammer
Make sure of
More, on a score
Mouse-controlled image
Oscar night rides
Outdoor fish markets attribute
Outlaw Clanton
Part of a Cub Scout pack
Preminger who directed Exodus
Reduced to bits, as potatoes
Rob of Parks and Recreation
Ryan of Barry Lyndon
Sch. near Harvard
Secretary of State Tillerson
Showoffs on stage
Singer James who was portrayed by Beyonce
Some portfolio holdings, briefly
Some toothpastes
Sprayed in self-defense
Stick around
Tend to the batter
Textile from Chantilly
Ungrammatical words of denial
Unload, in a way
Urge with flattery
Viking artifact, e.g
Wall St. debuts
Warren Buffett and others
Wines and dines
Angels & Demons locale
__ steals my purse steals trash: Iago
1990s faddists aloft
A beaver once topped its label
All Access streamer since 2014
All-purpose solution
Ancestor to all
At least once
Autograph request, often
Barricade of a sort
Betraying nervousness
Bk. records
Counter conclusion
Dr. Oz, genealogically
Excitation exclamation
First pronoun in O Canada
Floral section
Frequent buyer of cucumbers
Frequent droppers
Frequent theme in Japanese pop culture
Go no further
It might be driving on your head
It resembles X
Just enough for enjoyment
Kind of kernel
Legalese future tense
Let go, on a farm
Lets the outside in
Metaphor for a blabbermouth
National park including Mount Whitney
Nose __ ( offering)
Not much of a sport
On the contrary
Opposite of in the dark
Person who sounds vinegary
Place that might be wrongly entered as ATLANTA
Place to place a $2 place
Pronounces by exhaling
Purveyor of the Lilys Blackboard blog
Radiated visibly
Source of campaign financing
Splinter group
Spot in the Dutch Caribbean
Subject of Mailers The Fight
Symbols of Minnesota
They might hold regrets only
Unglamorous preparations
Visionary in vain
Wander off logically
Weekly pub regular, perhaps
What might follow a misstatement
What runs through strikes
Will hazard
Word on a buffet restaurant window
Word seen twice on Ptolemys constellation list
Worlds fifth most populous island
Breakfast at Tiffanys director
The Great British Bake Off airer, initially
44-Across, in Andalusia
Actress Thompson of Creed
Bichon __
Boggy biomes
Briefs brand
Bus meets, e.g
Campbell of the Scream franchise
Company with Its what you do ads
Crunch and others?
Denzel Washingtons directorial debut
Epic salvo of social media missives
False pretenses
First black U.S. Congresswoman
Forbidding contraction
Gigging group
Hair extension
Hidden away
Illicit collection, perhaps
Instrument often made of African blackwood
Iraq War concerns, for short
Israeli foreign minister during the Six-Day War
It began in 2010 with the Tunisian Revolution
It may be jammed
Legendary Shawnee leader
Lifts up
List with sides
More bizarre
Nonprofit that won a 2007 UNESCO Confucius Prize for Literacy
Old doctrinal Lutheran movement
One fed on the street
One remaining
Pit stuff
Posh Peace!
School squad goal?
Separated seed from
Shakespearean interjections
Sharp pang
Spread on the table
Spy-fi employer
Suffix suggesting wiggle room
They win audiences over bit by bit
Tours to be?
Uncertain utterances
Veal __
Vishy __, World Chess Champion before Carlsen
Watched carefully
What you might pass, but cant fail, in school
Where charges are entered at the bar
Where I-15 and I-80 meet
Word with bank or board
__ beef
__-nez glasses

Crosswords Answers 2017-7-21

Aint that the worst!
Do You Hear the People Sing? musical, to fans
Mo Money Mo Problems rapper
Sorry to say …
___ the Virgin (CW show)
___-Ami (Guy de Maupassant novel)
1949 Hepburn/Tracy courtroom film
Add oil to, maybe
Arizona ballplayer, casually
Behind closed doors
Believer in spirits
Bit of finger food
Christmas decoration
Devotee of M?¶tley Cr?¼e or Megadeth
Dr. Evils sidekick in Austin Powers movies
DraftKings competitor
Early Indus Valley settler
Emphatic parental turndown
Facebook Chat status denoted by a green dot
Faddish dance move done to the 2015 hit Watch Me
Formally approve, as a document, old-style
Frequent fodder for crossword clues
Great scores in Olympic diving
Half a Hamilton
Initiation practice
Involved with
Is forbidden to
Island in San Francisco Bay
Jessica of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Lady Gagas ___ It Happens to You
Many consultants, for short
Marcel Marceau persona
Master of ___
Modern requests for participation
Nationalism, per Einstein
No worries
One-named singer with the 2016 #1 hit Pillowtalk
Outbreaks of eczema, e.g
Peer ___
Place for barnacles
Plan, for short
Player of a drug kingpin on The Wire
Polka forerunner
Puts money on the table, say
Quarterbacks asset
Sleep phenomena
Something prohibited by the Ten Commandments
Spike who directed Being John Malkovich
State bordering California, informally
They might be wished for at fountains
This puzzles constructor, for one
Topic in feminist film criticism
Waterway whose construction began in Rome
Waynes friend in Waynes World
What words can do, in an admonishment
Word repeated before to you and you and you, in a show tune
Words from one about to break into tears
___ Martin, French firm since 1724
Dear me! word
Accordion parts
Actors need
Ancient Egyptian boy-king
As a divorced parent, the old king has ..
British bathroom
Burrowing spy?
Butter on a farm?
Class shoebox project
Cut off
Dash gauge
Draw out
Feeling achey
Felt sorry for
Gardening chore
Glass medicine vial (var.)
Golfers peg
Great way to feel
Handsome dreamboat of myth
In track and field, the old kings a ..
Kill a bill
Letters on a Goodyear
Like an ardent fan
Made joyful
Make less stuffy
Marinara and pesto
Members fees
Mil. branch
Narrators asset
Old gold coin
Org. division
Primitive counters
Professional money counter
Room schemes, e.g
Runs out, as memberships
Sammy of the Cubs
Saurons soldiers
Shakers mate
Show to be true
Speaks from memory
Spins the same yarn again
Stat for a closer
Strong Olympic scores
The old king makes his own confetti with a..
The old kings psychiatrist gets him involved in ..
They suffer for a cause
Uninteresting speakers
Vase with a footed base
Very serious
Walked boldly
Water nymphs
Wild guess
Womens hairnets
Word before donna
Yanks Civil War foe
Pants on fire sort
Peace Train singer
Picked complaints
u r funny!
Archer in an overture title
Bea Arthur TV role
Bieber, to Beliebers
Big name in skin care
Billy bookcase brand
Bit of hardware for Rosie
Bratty talk
Carp in backyard ponds
Cast out
Cleanup hitter, typically
Clears, as a drain
Corn Belt city
Dont hog
Drive-thru window pickup
Ernestine player on Laugh-In
Fateful day in old Rome
First daughter ___ Baines Johnson
Form an alliance
From Mars, perhaps
Gasoline brand with toy trucks
Goldfish in Pinocchio
Hoops Hall of Famer Willis
Knights club
Late justice Scalia
Like a season-ticket-holding fan, perhaps
Lyft offering
Marine science center near Marthas Vineyard
Michelangelos only signed work
Myopia-correcting surgery
Name in a footnote
Name in cameras and copiers
Observatory thats home to the Hale Telescope
One-eighth of a cup
Part of an analog watch
Passes with flying colors
Pastoral poem
Picks up the scent of, say
Pies, in slapstick
Place to sell hot dogs
Places for electronic bracelets
Polo of The Fosters
Prez on 1970s silver dollars
Rat out
Reality show for aspiring entrepreneurs
Risking everything, in poker
Room with a La-Z-Boy, perhaps
Rowlands of Gloria
Sedgwick of Warhol movies
Spotlight hog
Starbucks offering
Strand at a ski chalet, say
Suspicious way to look
Tab-grabbers words
The Auld Sod, in poetry
The Great Lakes ___ Locks
Ticklish area, for many
Title for the Kinks Ray Davies
Urban ballgame site
Wall support
Weedy vacant lot, e.g
Word that can precede the first parts of 16- and 61-Across and 15- and 28-Down
Maria singer in The Sound of Music
Sounds good to me!
A Senior Open organizer
Arkansas River city
Bard-era verity
Bk. after Proverbs
Bottom of a strike zone
Capital southwest of Helena
Cartographic dot
Cellular boundary
Claim to praise
Computerized trials
Cranks (up)
Crime novel plot
Cuban beat
Data storage prefix
Dazed states
Displays disuse
Do in 11 Down
Do some lopping
Drop off
He said You are lone ranger
Inventory loss
Jell-O flavor
Kagan colleague
Major concert venue
Maritime: Abbr
Mohair source
On edge
Opted for
Pear-shaped instrument
Polks middle name
Put on airs, perhaps
Remote batteries
Reunion bunch
Skyline constructor
String of seashells, perhaps
Substantial source
Surface to polish
Texas university
Toolbox punchers
Turnpike conveniences
Vending machine reject
Wall creeper
Way back when
Wear down
Whispered line
Windsurfing mecca
Work out beforehand
Worships, say
Wouldnt shut up
__ allegro (tempo direction)
… prologue to the history of __ and foul thoughts : Iago
Its party time! … or a hint to 17-, 24- and 40-Across
2003 best-selling nutritional self-help book
31-Down environment
Air-conditioning sound
Any Boy Scout
Asian priests
Atari release of 1972
Backyard cookout supply
Baklava dough
Big initials in bowling
Big night
Birds that may babble
Bit of 30-Down life
Bulls and bucks
Burglar alarm devices
Car wash item
Chick magnet?
Compensation for an incomplete sundae?
Complain, Dont I get anything to do around here? ?
Crime drama sound effect
Crop planter
Dallas campus: Abbr
Dance performed with passion
Diarist Nin
Distressed sort?
Dutch export
Electronic telemarketing tool
European luxury vehicles
Fives and tens, say
Heads or tails
How gourmands enjoy their food
It may involve cold calls
Jockey controls
Leased, with on
Like a meadow in the morning
Like shabby old clothes
Making slow progress
Medium for much body art
Miso base
Not up
One taking things back?
Psychological wounds
Raring to go
Retired NBA center
Ring legend
River feeder
Rock quarry unit
Stand (one) in good __: be useful to
Territory east of the Philippines
Town house, e.g
Tracy/Hepburn classic
TVs Science Guy
Water nymph
When a restaurant offers its weekly mushroom specials?
Witless sorts
x, in math
Zodiac critter
Subcontract (out)
Some game-box parameters
Singer with the Blackhearts
Sing full out
Sight on many seafood platters
Sch. that gave Richard Gere a gymnastics scholarship
Right on el mapa
Pullers of plows
Progression of numbers with a constant ratio between successive terms … or what 17, 27 and 44 Across feature?
Probable modern-day locale of the biblical kingdom of Sheba
Preposition often replaced with a slash
Port west of Paris
Open, as a cold one
One sharing emcee duty
Old Pontiac with a V-8 engine
Oft-cultivated Andean shrubs
Novelist Rita ___ Brown
Noteworthy accomplishment
Not superficial
New Years Eve ball-drop setting
New Haven alumnus, informally
Negligible change?
Moss or Upton on a runway
Menacing Romeo and Juliet prop
Madisons TV roommate
Machine with a shuttle
Little shaver
Like lots of land in the Mesabi Range, once
Letter opener
Latin dating word
Label for Hall & Oatess Private Eyes
Half of an ironic pair?
It may be icy
Habituates (to)
German car with a lightning bolt in its logo
Genealogical layout
Engaged in
Disappearance site subject to much debunking
Defense Department headquarters
Daimler partner
Common rebus animal
Collegiate athlete from New Mexico
Coerced into crewmanship
Choleric blog posts
Cause of some tan lines
Cartoonist Hoff
Bleeped word
Big-screen Joker of 2016
Bangs but not eyebrows, say
Attention-getting body part?
Aid in scouting pitchers
14 pounds, in England
1,000, vis-? -vis 10
___ 9 From Outer Space (1959 film turkey)
When it rains it pours salt company
Thinly disguised prohibition?
Thumb, for one
Tool with a blade set at 90?° to the handle
Two-thirds of dodeca-
Visual or aural: Abbr
Young seals
___ Cruces, New Mexico

Crosswords Answers 2017-7-20

Car Talk carrier
A former leader of China gave his shar-peis some exercise?
Attach, in a way
Big butte
Big heart?
Brest friend
Cable ___
Calvin who may have designs on you
Challenging bet
Cheating meeting?
Driving schedule?
Edited, in a way
Edward VII, familiarly
Fictional swordsman
Fly over the Equator
Frequent co-signatory
Half-days, for short
Hitchcock film with Laurence Olivier
Hockey, to Gordie?
How a flamingo may stand
It holds water
It may have a ring to it
Itll never get off the ground
Itsy-bitsy bits
James is keeping me from getting a steam engine patent?
Jennifer of Pride and Prejudice, 1995
Like custard
Low island
Make a scene
Margarine ingredient
Massey of old movies
Member of Ronald Reagans cabinet
Mexican thing
Middle name of Sean Lennon
Mr., abroad
Nation whose flag has a black eagle on a solid red background
Nuke, maybe
Old school dance
One making a row?
Out of ones head
Over-the-counter cold remedy
Paid, as a bill
Place for French lessons
Presidential ex
Princes, e.g
Reaction to sad news
Real downers
Request from the curious
Screenplay directive
Sequel to Angelas Ashes
Setting for an Os game
Shorthand system inventor Pitman
Some delivery drivers plans: Abbr
Southernmost major U.S. city
Top pros
Whats turned up on someones face?
Wound up
Can anybody hear us?
London Fields novelist
The pines, in sports lingo
Tristia poet
Altoids holder
Aware of
Big victory margin
Birthplace of Gerald Ford
Break a yuletide rule
Change for the bettor?
Coil-shaped sausage links?
Corundum, e.g
Couleur du lait
Crew implement
Cuban Missile Crisis org
Cut off
Fare indicator
Garfields owner
He was sworn in by Roberts in January 2006
Highway pull-off attraction
Holyfield rival
Honor for Oslo
Lay out
Lose money
Morphine, e.g
Most of it is filtered these days
Mountain, in Hawaiian
Name in a will
Name on a 2016 winning ticket
Northwest Passage seeker
Number that can never decrease
Only seedy bar in a northwest capital?
Party leader
Patio piece
Pay tribute to
Person dealing with bull?
Primates who specialize in prodding?
Resident of the Realm of the Four Quarters
Revenuers, for short
Roadside chain, familiarly
See 10-Across
Spicy Chinese cuisine
Tear asunder
Trumpet feature
Twins set
Where Katie Ledecky won four Olympic gold medals
Where kids are sent to disappear?
With 5-Down, The Producers actor
Wolfed down too much of, with on
Word with eye or makeup
Yet to be broken
Animal Farm creature
Now ___ was I?
Ta-ta alternative
___ Father, who art …
90-degree architectural add-on
All-singing productions
Apt to yak
Beaker material
Candy purchase, sometimes
Clears of charges
Color changer
Dog with a snub-nose
Early American patriot Silas
Ease off
English county
Feminine possessive
Fireplace activity during seismic activity?
Flying disk
Genetic stuff
Get more ammo
Goof up
Hamiltons foe
Juvenile newt
Kind of viper or 1-Down
Large trucks
Like big farms and great estates
Literary collection
Lotto winners option
Made sense (with up )
Make a margin comment
Makes a moniker change
Mouse alert
Navigators concern
Nighttime flier
Note grouping
Paint or glove type
Papal court
Paratroopers need
Paris thirst-quencher
Rural festivals
Seriously avoids
Skin art, slangily
Some like it hot
Some Monopoly props
Sometimes swampy forest
Stops, as a yawn
Studied cross-country routes?
Swing type
Thermos relatives
Type of believer
Use Windows 10
Valuable avian sculptures?
Vaulted church area
Waterproof sheet
Witchy one
Words from sponsors
Yelps or yells
Yogis instrument?
___ ones time (wait patiently)
Exodus hero ___ Ben Canaan
Ghostbusters gunk
Holy city
The Big Easy of pro golf
___ Hate Me (Spike Lee movie)
___ Only Just Begun (Carpenters hit)
Act the epicure
Add to the staff
Beachgoers acquisition
Beer following a shot
Bit of angling gear
Brandy bottle letters
Cheese at pizza parlors
Civilian garb
Diminutive in rappers names
Elusive Himalayans
Eris path
Fernando of The French Connection
Finish second, perhaps
Flattery in verse
Forty-niners pay dirt
Give a big hair look to
Gridder-turned-actor Bradshaw
Grow like ivy
Harder to believe, as tales go
Herb with a licoricelike flavor
Joggers source of music, perhaps
Just for Men offering
LBJ part
Let out a sigh, say
Like Sen. Sanders
Many-___ (multicolored)
Name in polo shirts
Nodding off, maybe
Number on a driver
Offspring of Gaia
Owner of an infamous cow
Part of a drum kit
Partner of crafts
Popular vodka brand, for short
Prefix meaning modern
Prince Harrys alma mater
Put coins into, as a meter
Quinnipiac surveys
Right on the money
River through Catalonia
Rogue computer of sci-fi
Roll call notation
Sax type played by Clinton
Skein shapes
Sloppy digs
Started a hand
Suffix with lion or baron
Takes measures
Telegram sentence ender
Theme song from The Quiet Man
Turntable need
Unit symbolized by an omega
Useful data, briefly
Vice ___
Went kaput
Went underground, in a way
Where a sailboat may run aground
Where to find Eggo waffles
Woody Hermans ___ Autumn
Word after bitter or dead
___ off (wrote hurriedly)
Any thing
At the moment
Awaiting trial, perhaps
Baby coyote
Banded stone
Big boss at Disney
Billion-selling snack
Boxers weakness
Buy and sell
Chem lab measure
Club for a par-three tee
Crosswise, on a ship
Erstwhile crackers
Exec perk, perhaps
Fashion monthly
Fields of business
Fluctuate greatly
Frequently patched place
From long ago
Furnace setting
Give back
Glide on powder
Golf course machine
Harry Potter class
Insecure feeling
Its expanding Hawaii
Lack of interest
Leave in the range too long
Less-than-straight answers
Lira successor
Mad Hatters server
More apt to sneak around
Non-neutral atom
On the double
One of the least-liked 48 Across
One way or another
Perfect over time
Performers with spoons and washboards
Poker declaration
Review harshly
Russian rulers of yore
Scribble (down)
Sighed cry
Sports, as shorts
Sugar quantity
Syncopated tune
Tapered nail
Tend a tot
Traffic slower
Up to now
Urgent need of action
Water seen in The Ten Commandments
Weathercasters tool
What may hold a driver
With, in Paris
Hard __! : sailors cry
Piece of cake!
Thats right
Too funny!
*Dr Pepper Museum locale
*Felt-covered gaming equipment
*Result of a Merlot mishap
*What may be moved by a fan
1978 misfit comedy … and something hidden in each answer to a starred clue
Actor Davis
African capital near the prime meridian
Ancient Anatolian region
ATM output
Barroom mix-up
Big dos
Bio stat
Capelike garments
Car bars
Certain undercover cop
Coca-Cola Company headquarters
Collar attachment
Daughter of Michelle and Barack
Drops from above
Garage door opener brand
Get moving
Golfer Tseng whos the youngest player to win five major championships
Gone by
Held in check
Home of Aleppo
Jeanne dArc, e.g.: Abbr
Jessica of Hitchcock
Make tracks, old-style
Man or Manhattan
Match play?
Midterm, e.g
Muslim holy man
Nights before
Not as many
NPRs Shapiro
Nutmeg State collegian
One of the faithful
Place to hang
Polished off
Popes and cardinals, but not nuns
Practical joker
Puddies, to Tweety
Reality TV host Mike
Relievers stat
Ring-shaped coral reef
Rocky in a Beatles title
Rubios title: Abbr
Seuss shelled reptile
Shade-loving ornamental
Shave, as sheep
Spot for a Fitbit
Tazo product
Team on the field
Top of a cornstalk
Type in
UPS drivers assignments
Where to find wheels and deals

Crosswords Answers 2017-7-19

Gone With the Wind setting
Made for moments sloganeer
Oh, quit your joshin!
Youre lookin at your guy
___ Restaurant (hit 1968 album)
10 out of 10
😉 or 🙁
Actress Skye
Aint the way it should be?
Antidoping target, informally
Attempted to sell
Attorneys favorite desserts?
Back muscle, for short
Bare-naked Lady
Blue Jay but not Cardinal, for short
Common poster headline
Descriptive of los Andes
Early 2000s Apple product
Flare-up of crime?
Formal toast
Gridiron highlights, for short
Handled, as a case
Hebrew toast
Hold aside for a year, as a college athlete
Informal toast
Institution often named for a saint: Abbr
It has hundreds of thousands of drivers
Its just an excuse
Italys ___ Coast
Japanese toast
Kids nighttime fear
Kind of jacket
Korean War soldier
Line from The Student Prince appropriate for this puzzle
One whos tight-lipped
One with a long sentence
Part of the cabinet that oversees hwys
Partner of trade
Penultimate word of a fairy tale
Prepared to propose
Roger who set a home run record in 1961
Satellite ___
Savanna animal
Second-place finisher, famously
Some plasma TVs
Something to watch on la t?©l?©
Spanish toast
Speedway event
Start of a fairy tale
Supreme Court justices, e.g
Trio x 3
Twenty-one places
Verify the age of, in a way
War ace, e.g
Went out in the rain, say
Where the pews are
Yodelers peak
___ Valley, Calif
Bullies targets, often
Brownie, e.g
Blow away
Bestow happiness on
Be smitten with
Ball bearer
Addictive match-three game
Acapulco address
Shall we?
Love Story author Segal
M*A*S*H extras
I coulda been somebody, instead of ___ (On the Waterfront)
Cool amount of cash
California city nicknamed Zinfandel Capital of the World
Candidates concern
Capital on the Persian Gulf
Christmas evergreen
Deep chasm
Diet-busting dessert
Fade away
FDR-DDE go-between
Film character whose last word was Rosebud
Flea market finds
Free radio ad, for short
Gang domains
Go past the scheduled end time
Happy time for a home buyer
Hard throws, in baseball
Hardly any
Hieroglyphic creature
Hotheads harangue
La Scala highlight
Like some pads
Loons and cuckoos
Lovers adventure
Name in the Fargo credits
Outstanding amount
Passionate god
Personal matter
Planters activity
Popular bills at discount stores
Prepare for a road trip
Renowned Russian ballet company
Sign up
Spaghetti sauce seasoning
Spots in a yearbook photo?
Sumatran swinger, for short
The CPU has direct access to it
Theater honor
Tourists aid
Try to mediate
Turn the page, so to speak
TV panel type
Verb for you
Vicious with a guitar
Victorious shout
Walk destination
Warner Bros. creation
Warning sign
White wine of Germany
Zigzagging course
Clumsy me!
In this way …
Like that would actually happen!
Now ___ seen everything
The greatest of ___!
African chargers, briefly
Airport guesses, briefly
Asian food starch
Automatic selection?
Battery terminal
Beach stuff
Beauty business
Blacksmiths shop
Bovine sound
Brazil tourist city, briefly
Breakfast cereal
Burrito alternative
Calendar notation
Charitable handouts
Courtroom happening
Crazed with passion
Crusoes creator
Dads room, often
Darn things
Desert respite
DNA testers, often
Doggie bag bit
Extremely well off
Firstborn, among siblings
Gales friend Piccolo
Grassy plain
Grounded Aussie
Group known for its brains
Hair color to dye for
How ballet dancers move
Install, as a carpet
It comes after 12 daily
Join the poker game
Kick out of a residence
Kind of alcohol
Landlords due
Marriages, christenings, etc
Massive sports facilities
Natural habitat
Noshers bite
Not in the party?
Not participating
Not yet pledged
Out of gear?
Palindromic dogma
Perignons title
Place for a seaside stroll
Porch items
Prefix with bucks or mansion
Prolonged attack
Protect a document, in a way
Rather or Aykroyd
Scottish Highlander
Shot for a photog
Sign of assent
Sign of the future?
Small salamanders
South American of yore
Spill over
Steps in
Take to ones heart
Wee bit of residue
A Visit From St. Nicholas opener
Darn it!
Inside Politics channel
Not so fast!
Still mooing, at a steakhouse
Switched-On ___ (early synthesizer record)
The deals off!
AFB truant
Apple pie makers gadget
Baristas brew
Big blowout
Boaters knot
Bout site
Boxing biopic of 2001
Cookie in some Klondike bars
Copy center supply
Diamond-studded accessory
Doctoral students exam
Does film splicing, say
Ebenezers epithet
Fictional dog from Kansas
Figure atop a midterm
Freebie with a grilled cheese sandwich
Fruity topping for toast
Fudgsicle holder
Get wind of
Give off
Good amount of money
Grassy area of Dallas Dealey Plaza
Gun shop stock
Hang, like a drone
Have memorized
Herb in BBQ rubs
Household appliance, for short
Lifeline reader, e.g
Like a cold fish
Like xenon or radon
Mahalia Jacksons genre
Melvilles sequel to Typee
Misspoke, say
On a sugar high, say
Page of Juno
Part of a quarter note
Partner in a peace treaty
Password creator
Periods sometimes named for presidents
Pesky insects, informally
Place for a plug
Pop musics hottest spot north of Havana
Proctors announcement
Range significantly higher than 5-Across
Request for a product or service
Reserved part of a lot, maybe
Something ___ (extraordinary)
Sparkling plays on the diamond
Speakeasys worry
Summoned, with for
Talk big
Theyre often loaded
Tough guy
Trees with split-resistant wood
TV program-blocking device
___-mile (freight unit)
All Things Considered airer
Permission granted
90 degrees from vert
Banana covering
Be the proprietor of
Cameo stone
Disallow, so to speak
Disney World park
Eight, in Acapulco
Fancy wristwatch
Felines coat
Felines foot
Fencing sword
Frequently, in verse
Generic canine name
Give __ whirl (try)
Granola morsel
High point
Impatient and anxious
L.A. clock setting, presently
Legendary marshal
Long-tailed rodent
Lowly worker
Nobel Prize category
Not quite shut
Novelist Ferber
November 11th honoree
Old-film cable channel
Pair on stage
Pitchers dream games
Pronoun down South
Quick profit
Road sign symbol
Secretary of State Tillerson
See 27 Across
Sounds of satisfaction
Toss of the dice
Trick-or-treat mo
Was in tears
Water pitcher
With 41 and 55 Across, what 15 Across is
With a take-charge attitude
Regard highly
Qatari ruler
Plains native
Physics particle
Occupy, as a desk
Minstrels instrument
Milks, in Marseilles
List component
Legendary Rhine siren
Law gp. that now only uses horses for ceremonial events
Innate talent
Hardly any time at all
Harbor sight
Go out for a bit?
Full range
French term of endearment
Flan ingredients
Fireplace inserts
Far from polite
Dental alternatives to pastes
Damon of We Bought a Zoo
County near London
Copyright pg. ID
Conical shelter
Computer repair experts
Comfort in grief
Carpentry joints
Broadcasters transmission to affiliated stations
Blue sky color, in Calais
Big name in ISPs
Barbecue accessory
Backspace, perhaps
Backpacking activities
Abounds (with)
__ deal!
Roll along the runway
Run leisurely
Russian Revolution leader
Sharp-smelling air pollutant
Showman Buffalo Bill
Shuttle flight phase
Spectrum shade
Springfield presidential library nickname
Storm direction: Abbr
Swiss army knife tool
Tiny sound
Transmission lubricant
With The, Tchaikovsky work that ends with Waltz of the Flowers
Wolf (down)
Writer of tales with talking animals
__ light: filming tool

Crosswords Answers 2017-7-18

As an aside …, in a text
Thats ___ to my ears
___ a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (1963 film)
Affirmative vote
Bathroom units
Braided Jewish bread
Cartoon character who explores with Boots
City NW of Genoa
Cleverness thought of too late to use
Colonial-era headgear
Cost of admission
Cost of membership
Country singer Keith
Department store founder R. H. ___
Dessert brand
Dessert chain
Dressing up as a fictional character with others
Entrance room where guests wait
Fill to the gills
Flexible contract provision
Floral necklaces
Foretell the future by using a crystal ball
Former inits. for Spike TV
Freeze frame?
Gets back together, as a class
Gives a false story
Good date movies
Had the helm
It can go for a buck
Jazz great Fitzgerald
Latin phrase used listlessly?
Need for tug-of-war
Off-road ride, for short
Ordinary people
Overnight delivery?
Peace symbol
Peter who wrote Serpico
Place to find a pen and teller
Played, as a trumpet
Prefix with tourism
Rounded patch of color on an animal coat
Seating with hymnals
Small annoyances
Southpaw jabs
Stay faithful
Stereotypical response from a shrink
Takes stock?
The Whos Tommy, e.g
TV show that spawned an exhibit at Chicagos Museum of Science and Industry
Wasteful government spending
Wondering Should I? Should I not?
___ Lingus
___ Martin (Cognac maker)
___ Solo
Yoga pose
Woodstock singer Guthrie
Wise guy
Vocal inflection
Ving of Pulp Fiction
Vatican City surrounder
To be, to Babette
Surprise hit
Summertime noisemakers
Stew flavorer
Stately tree
Spot for embedded journalists
Sounds of relaxation
Sound while shearing
Site of King Harald Vs palace
Semicolon half
School near Windsor
Says There, there, say
Puts down ready-made lawn
Prescription unit
Poster holder
Plus column entry
Patellas place
Pastrami sandwich bread
Online referee
Newsstand buy, for short
Office note hidden in four of the Across answers
Nerdy type
Nation on the Arabian Sea
Muse of lyric poetry
Monthly payments, for many
Like many an oath
Jim Croce song I Got ___
IRS employee
Influential person
Hondas upscale brand
Haves and have-___
Got together
Golfs Palmer
Gloomy guy
Ghanas capital
General ___ chicken
Gardener, at times
Foxx of Sanford and Son
Far from talkative
Dipstick wiper
Desktop covered by AppleCare
Debut music releases, at times
Creative spark
Creative endeavors
Coral island
Cockatoo or cockapoo
Club sandwich ingredient
Chew the fat
Checkout item
Catalan painter and sculptor
Buzz-creating promo
Act ___ impulse
1974 Jimmy Buffett hit
Thats terrible!
Turn up the heat!
That aint right
If something can go wrong, it will
Scram, dude!
601, to Julius Caesar
Allow entry to
B.B. Kings genre
Beautys beloved
Become worn away
Beginning or first occurrence
Bridge suspenders
Come in third place at Pimlico
Comical theatrical bit
Currently wear
Electrician on the set
Elevator sound
Eurasian range
Far-fetched, to a hippie
First female
Hoop group
Hotel consideration
How I knew it all ?
How to leave me
Inclined accesses
Kinda funny
King Cole or Turner
Lay on much too thick
Makes amends
Military base truant
Models or tough questions
More asinine
Move ones merchandise
Narrow cuts, as in paper
Needing training for
Neighbor of Ky
Nymphs of lakes and springs
Parasite with no wings
Parts of fences
Pie type
Place to kick habits
Promise often made in church
Quick, easy bookmark
Quite intelligent
Raul Castros brother
Recently released
Response inciters
RR stop
Screening setting
Simple pleasure trip
Slightly damage
Sound made by Homer Simpson
Spy org
Swung around abruptly
Tip the scale
Trainees or rookies
Twisted dry (with out )
Type of Cowboy in a film title
Use for traveling, as a car
Yale and Columbia, for two
Yen fraction
___-wop (old-school music style)
Gorsuch of the Supreme Court
Get to second base, in a way
Fish tales
Falco of Nurse Jackie
Equally matched
El Chapo, in the drug world
Egyptologists find
Dwindle, as public favor
Do well financially
Do a bakery chore
Dendrologists interest
Defied the posted limit
Davis of Do the Right Thing
D.C. wheeler-dealers
Coumadin may prevent its formation
Cost of belonging
Core-strengthening exercises
Changes, as puzzle clues
Cause of writers cramp, often
Casualty in Genesis
Carpetlayers calculation
Boorish sort
Bit of wax on a letter
Bird with an olive branch
Big spender in Vegas
Berts pal on Sesame Street
Beehive structure
All the rage
What ___ thinking?
Air France hub
Excuse me . . .
Draft Dodger Rag singer Phil
Alternative ___ (bit of fake news)
He sang of Alice
Hulk of wrestling
In a heap
Like an uncomfortable mattress, perhaps
Like black ice
Long, arduous journeys
Measuring aid
Move hither and yon
Nickelodeons target audience
On naval maneuvers, say
Part of a movie trailer
Personal manner
Pie cuts, essentially
Pledge paddles target
Pollsters discoveries
Puccini title heroine
Puzzle parts
Rec room missile
Relax in the tub
Rightmost column, maybe
Run, but go nowhere
Seamless transition
Shrubs and vines in a forest, e.g
Shut angrily
States confidently
Take a tumble
Take-a-number supermarket section
Through-the-keyhole glimpse
Verb in personal ads
Weight watchers buy
Wild place, stereotypically
Word processing function under Format
Workplace watchdog agcy
Zubin of the Israel Philharmonic
___ Paulo, Brazil
Couldnt catch a break
I dropped it
Because of
Boggy lands
Book of photographs
Celebrity with a young fan base
Clean air org
Exchange made as a compromise
Explorer __ the Red
HD sets in dens
Impress greatly
Justice Kagan
Little guy
Little pies
Long-running quarrels
Middling How are you? response
Need for water
Network with an eye logo
Noahs vessel
Not sleeping
Not very tight
Olden days
Piece of pizza
Point opposite SSW
Reflexive How are you? response
Rolls down the runway
Sandwich shop
Sink outlet
Smallest in the litter
Smell awful
Snips again
Sonnet or ode
Soup-cooking vessel
That guy
Thing of value
Tugboat sound
Two of a kind
Upbeat How are you? response
Weathervane turner
__ for the course (customary)
Words following a guesstimate
Wildly cheering
TMZ figure
Thing, to Tom?¡s
Thin coin
Stepped (on)
Sportswear designer Ellis
Spanish girls
Sound of cymbals
Soothing gel ingredient
Sought-after private of film
Sis counterpart, and sometime rival
Simple thing to do … and what each starred clues answer ends with?
Red ink item
Puts two and two together
Puppy sounds
Playground fixture for two
Pesky one
One-named Mask actress
Old anesthetic
Oklahoma city
Official forgiveness
No longer a minor
Nat or Natalie
Mets star Hernandez who dated Elaine in a two-part Seinfeld
Like fresh chips
Let up
Let off, as steam
Just __ by: barely make it
Insurance giant
Initiated, as a task
Holy spot
Hits the slopes
Hedging response
Heart chambers
Hangs crudely, as a dorm poster
Guthrie of folk
Fierce anger
Eur. realm until 1806
Designer Ricci
Cutting sound
Computers with Apple cores
Classic Ford auto
Charged atoms
Cambridge sch
Billy Joels __ Always a Woman
Beginning of el a?±o
Beau-to-be, hopefully
Bagpipers attire
Arcade pioneer
Animated Disney film with a Polynesian heroine
Actress Deschanel of New Girl
*Pre-euro Dublin currency
*Moons alleged makeup
*Indian spiced drink
My Fair Lady role
Get outta here!